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78a Hampden Rd Artarmon NSW 2064

P: 02 9904 7336

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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

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  1. YULI says:

    eah sure Donell aka Hornee Bastard aka Bill Short One how many more bullshit stories do you have in you. Seriously you have got to get a life mate instead of writing all this bullshit.

  2. Frank Love says:

    anyone know where Honey has gone?

    • Bob Bobson says:

      any progress on finding Honey?

  3. Bob Bobson says:

    @Froggy, so some girls do BBFS? I had a bad punt with Bobo. Just weird night club style BJ (music and lights), but was too inconsistent to really be enjoyable. I should have ended it and fucked her by the sounds of it! Any top punts recommended?

    • johnb says:

      Does Jimmie work anywhere else under a different name?
      (not including Sala @ Yokos)

  4. exos619 says:

    what are the rates at this place?? is there a website

    • Jamie says:
      30 MIN – $100
      45 MIN – $135
      60 MIN – $165

  5. Donell says:

    Pal. You’re jealous. Other punters can visit Lulu at 78A & get what i got. Simple aint it? Why dont you go & prove me wrong, ya ficking dumbass moron

  6. Batman says:

    Went to 78A last night. Only 2 girls on: Lucy & Lulu. Lucy was busy so i picked Lulu. Reckon she’s in her mid to late 30s. Trim physique, reasonably attractive. Nice small titties. Only booked her for 30 minutes as i’ve never been with her before. Usually see Jenny, Jimmi, Sally or Pam. Session started off with DFK. She’s a sensuous kisser. She was also manhandling my penis. When it became fully erect she motioned me lie on the bed where she proceeded to give me a gentle, sensual BBBJ. Very nice. Then she got on top of me & we got into a 69. Nice slick beaver. I think she was enjoying the attention my tongue was giving her clit, pussy & arsehole. Gently inserted a finger in her arse while sucking her clit. Well she had a huge orgasm. Was so turned on that i blew in her mouth. There was still 10 minutes left so she massaged my back
    & legs. Verdict? Will see her again.

    • Pall Mall says:

      BatmanJamie… This bullshit is a direct copy and paste.
      Just be factual and don’t bullshit mate. No real punter is into that sort of shit.
      Won’t be back for a couple of days.
      Need to go find someone to spend my cheque on. Thanks you taxpayers.

      • Bargain says:

        Admin, please a hive old post from Misc Review Sydney. It’s taking ages to load.

        • Godzilla says:

          I second that – admin why do you keep old shit dating back years ?? all the punters have either got married or the ladies are now old bags not working as wl’s or the shops are closed.
          Do everyone a favour Jamie and cull monthly like a ladies period

          • reef fish says:

            and the snake get up the table leg smokes pot and because shellfish et octopuses the fish swim to the reefer where they smoke cuttle fish ink suckers of polpetta eat snag od lucy in the sky with diamonds watch rainbow next to pot holders sdfsfff ldgldf wile sninning up nostrol

          • Chad says:

            Batman is definitely not Jamie you fuckin turd Pall Mall/Pal. Grow a fuckin brain.

        • Froggy says:

          Hey Bargain. Update your browser & operating system. Maybe buy yourself a better PC. I’m not having any problems loading pages

      • Batman says:

        Well Pall Mall. If you think my post was a COPY & PASTE, please please please do provide the date of the so-called original? So typical of Pal, etc etc Wartboy, Churchy etc to just denigrate any review. I’m not going to respond anymore to this fuckwit as he thrives on negativity. I reckon 80% of the posts come from him

      • Chad says:

        Pal/Pall Mall whatever the fuck you want to call yourself, you are such a fuckin shit stain on this site. Anyone reading Batmans review can tell its legit. He didn’t exaggerate or write anything that would not be believable for a brothel and yet again you want to rubbish someone’s review. Get a life you fuckin useless imbecile.

      • Froggy says:

        You are just jealous, Pall Mall.

    • Mall Pall says:

      Well batman are you plonk artist ?? as far as I can remember he has done some good reports

      • Mall Pall says:

        Hey Jamie
        why do you hate me so ??
        If you don’t like what I write just ignore it. I ignore 95% of the posts that you write. WTF is the big deal.
        Now you are accusing me of being Pal / Plonk Artist et al.
        I think you get your jollies by trying to get a rise out of me… right ?? Does the truth stick in your craw ??
        Just ignore me and I might / just might go away.

        • Jamie says:

          Mall Pall/Pal I know you are one and the same. You write in exactly the same manner. So fuck off cunt and go crawl under a rock and die.

          • Pall Mall of England says:

            Here he goes the schitz Jamie… the nutter that runs this site.
            One boy with a thousand names that he talks to (himself).
            The idiot that has thousands of redundant post dating back to 2012 and doesn’t have the sense to delete the lot.
            Hey, have the courage to wipe PP site clean starting now !! And when you do I will disappear forever off this site (as Pall Mall / Mall Pall.

          • Pal says:

            im baaack, needing some freebie relief hooked up with a married fag at the gong public toilets, slurped on his lolly thru the hole between the cubicles, blew in my pants same time he filled my gob

          • Jamie says:

            Nice try and sounds like something Pal would do but you are not Pal.

    • Hoss says:

      Well Pall Mall (sic Pal, Churchy, Wartboy etc) says he’ll go away. Promises promises. He likes hanging around this site. He’ll never go away. He’s like a bad smell

    • Donell says:

      Popped into this joint and had a 30 minute session with a milf called Lulu. Any way i think that was her name. The mamasan’s engrish aint crash hot. Short slim body with attractive face. Had an unforgettable session. While towelling me dry after my shower, she went to work on my now rigid manhood. She was fingering my arsehole while sucking my prick. I was still standing. I motioned her to the bed & performed DATY. Then got into 69. Very nice oral skills. She went berserk on my cock when i started to rim her arsehole. Ended up with BBFS & anal. Not bad considering the price

      • Pal is a cuck says:

        Yeah sure Donell aka Hornee Bastard aka Bill Short One how many more bullshit stories do you have in you. Seriously you have got to get a life mate instead of writing all this bullshit.

        • Froggy says:

          To PAL IS A CUCK aka PALL MALL. You are jealous of any punter who posts a raunchy review. I went saw Lulu & I got the same services. KERCHINK!

  7. David says:

    Went on a Wednesday (yesterday) and saw a girl named Sally who apparently they say only works on Wednesdays. She was amazing. 27 years old but looked early 20s, skinny, nice tits (probably fake), nice firm ass, beautiful face. Chinese. She gave a really good BBBJ, deepthroating too, she will make your cock feel like it is in a washing machine (in a good way). Good fuck too, she likes to ride on top. Also does french kiss, lots of eye contact whilst fucking, never rushed the session too. Would go back for her again for sure.

    • wartboy says:

      yeah these young horny girls are great, i had a similar session yesterday , french kissing bbfs lovely, should have washed with mouthwash immediately though, woke up last night my mouth on fire with some nasty infection, started a course of antibiotics straight away. probably Gonorrhea in the mouth with all the filthy cocks blowing in her mouth all day

      • Sugarfoot says:

        Wartboy aka Pal has nothingbetter to do than post crap. Get a life, loser

        • very sick says:

          sugarfoot so you are the disease spreading public health menace , now i have diarrhea up all night vomiting, stop spreading e coli from establishments bums with your BBFS ANAL on your poo covered cock shit eater

  8. Phil says:

    whats happened to this site?..The first 4 pages are full of crap written by the one troll who uses many names and refers to some ads in cracker.There are no reviews here….i think most real punters have quit this site because of the a) lack of real reviews b)to many trolls and c)people bitching about other punters….this site was good,informative and fun but ADMIN doesnt seem to care…they can see that one main troll has fucked this site but dont bar his dribble….so the review i was going to post i will now put up elsewhere…….no more from me…im out of here for good

    • Stiff says:

      Good , fuck off.
      Who gives a shit, admin doesn’t obvioiously. Why should anyone else.

  9. Kurumba says:

    Been to 78A on several occasions. Much better than Amandas retirement home. Don’t know how on earth they remain viable. Best value Bobo and Sandi. BBFS with both but I dont release the DSB inside them. Keep it dry until the exit point. Bobo has a horny body not plump at all. Otherwise she would not get me hard. Have any of you desperado hoons tried Sunni wavy thin hair bugs bunny teeth and C Cup boobies? Looks a bit like an Asian Vampireress! She displays a very hot butt when parading herself and keeps informing me that she gives a hot suck and service. Anyone balled Sunni??

    • CB says:

      Yep. I’ve balled Sunni. BBBJ, DATY, 69, rimming – all on offer. Great value

      • Pal says:

        Bullshit Pall Mall! Can you write an actual honest review?

        • CB says:

          Good one, Pal. True to form! You criticize every review. If it is brief, you want more detail. If it is detailed you screech BULL SHIT! So, you go & see Sunni then you can write your FIRST review of an encounter with a WL! Wow we cant wait. But alas we’ll have to wait coz there’ll be no review from Pal. Pal is an unemployed impoverished moron who still lives with his mommy. His sexual experience is limited to whacking off watching gay porno movies. He has a “thing” (no pun intended) for trannies.

          • Pall Mall says:

            Ahehehheheh your are so humorous.
            From what I can make out from reading his subs is THAT HE DOESN’T TAKE TO FOOLS EASILY.I’m glad you find Pal so entertaining … but alas I can’t lay claim to such a lofty title.
            Also, he likes sensitive, factual reports (without the bullshit gore).
            Judging by all the bullshit reports there are hundreds of fool punters growing worms in there stomachs because of eating girly shit or a whole lot of girls cued up at the proctologists office to have their arses sewn up.

          • Jamie says:

            Pal is a cancer on this site. Nothing more nothing less.

          • Pall Mall says:

            Ahhh Jamie… do you enjoy having conversations with yourself ??
            You me are the only ones here.

        • Pall Mall says:

          Tsk tsk as they say. Guess its one for all and all for one eh boys.
          Actually, its way past my bed time…but wait… the centrelink chq arrived. Might go out to the flicks OR a night of debauchery (gotta ask mum first). She said I have to ask permission before I ejaculate. Stay Tuned Jamie aka connor aka piddles aka CB aka sugarfoot aka wartboy, aka wartgirl ! aka steve aka Michael aka danc aka ???? – Rickapoodie and fandoogalie

    • Froggy says:

      To Kurumba. I’ve been with Sunni a few times. DATY, BBFS, 69, RIMMING & ANAL are all on offer. Weird thing is her pussy is dry & she only lets me lube my cock for anal. Strange. Service is nothing special. Only pick her coz she provides BB anal at no extra cost. BTW she has a big firm juicy arse for am asian MILF

  10. Danc says:

    Has anyone tried Aisa? Looks like she works Monday’s and Tuesday

    Any info would be great

    • Michael says:

      Asia about 34. Small lady. Good BBBJ, knows what’s she’s doing. DATY with finger in her pussy. Likes cock nice and deep but not to hard. Seen her a few times, will see her again for sure..

  11. Danc says:

    Saw Bono, very energetic, great bbbj, a little on the plump side but made up for it in attitude and personality

  12. jjasderaa says:

    Was hoping to see Pamela last Thursday but she was booked pretty solid. In the end was lucky to get 30 mins with May… probably should have gone to the sister shop at 116 Hampden.

    May’s a short girl, mid 30s. Probably Thai, very brown. Huge enhanced tits, lovely arse. Bit of a tummy from a kid though. English is ok-ish.

    She wanted to give a CBJ but no way to that. Mama-san only allowed session for 30 mins due to shop being busy, so I’m not compromising more! Happy enough doing BBBJ but a short up-and-down.

    She was happy enough getting bent over the bed and her arse in my face. Quick go with a dom on and I’m done. In-and-out in 20.

  13. Gray says:

    All the good things that they say about Pamela are true. And then someone.
    I waited 30 mins to see her (grr!) but it was worth it. The best the very best. Count me in as a regular. 10/10

  14. derek says:

    had a fun hour with Jan(?), anyway nice friendly and speaks excellent English, (it’s my oral skills that need improving, seriously I don’t think she got any pleasure at all from what I was trying to do when we 69ed…c’est la vie…)
    sex in missionary with nice kisses and then doggystyle but not too hard as she doesn’t like getting sore so hold back and take it easy if you’re on the big side and then a nice massage/rubdown afterwards…

  15. Zilla says:

    Just finished blowing into “Jimmie’s” ass and pussy and am writing this laying down on the bed.

    Just a few things about this girl:

    – She is fat and not very attractive – Fat nose and very “Asian” face
    – Lousy bbbj…wouldnt go past the knob
    – Wanted lube for her ass…like WTF!? No lube allowed 😉
    – Difficult anal sex…she constantly moves just when it starts to go inside
    – I have previously seen her at 55 yokos as Sala
    – She wasnt dry, a starfish with me or refused dfk ( i dfk to test the waters as many said she doesnt)…either times i had her (she must like the Mediterranean men)
    – Her massage isnt bad and most likely the best part of it (i did have to guide her and show her how i like it…very rough and hard)
    – She asked “condom?” at the start…bahahaha…then asked to “cum on outside?” bahahaha…no bitch!
    – both vag and ass were reasonably tight…considering…
    – She speaks and understands English quite well…she must play it on for those other guys claiming “no english” as she wouldnt shut up…it was as if she was “hitting” on me and i had to get her to suck on my cock to shut it

    Would i go back again..?
    Nah, much better out there

    Maybe for the older 50-60 year old guys she might be a hit, however for a guy in his 30’s she is not a great punt, look elsewhere.

  16. Stevo says:

    Visited today and booked Pamela for half an hour, on recommendations of earlier reviews. On arrival was offered a soft drink because I had to wait 5 mins while she ‘finished’ with other customer. The funny thing was the waiting chair (behind a curtain) was literally outside the room and I was able to clearly hear the grunting and groaning of the climax. Thought that might put me off but it was kind of funny and I was in a horny mood anyway. Anyway, not long to wait and soon enough she came out. Pamela is no supermodel but nice and curvy and very friendly. She would do! After shower she got straight into a really excellent BBBJ while I played with her butt. She sucked really nice and deep and soon had me very hard. A long session of 69 followed while I could get a good eye-view of her asshole at the same time as sticking my tongue deep into it which she loved. In fact, I pretty much ignored her pussy! Her asshole was no gaping thing but clearly used to action and I anticipated things to come. She was very responsive during this time and also did some rimming of my own asshole at the same time. Finally I said it is time to fuck and she slipped on a condom and onto all fours with her bum in the air – what a sight! I was really hard and she started to talk dirty like ‘fuck my bum hard’ and so on. It was great, I was able to really enjoy the doggie position for a few minutes and start slamming it in, but after all that build-up I did not last that long. Great climax and since there was 10 mins left, she offered a massage, which was also firm and terrific. All in all, highly recommended!

  17. Peter says:

    Vistited last Saturday morning hoping to catch Pamela but unfortunately she was unavailable was given Jessica instead mid 40s about 165cm size 8 a plump looking arse and great big melons paid for 45 minutes and we headed to the room had a shower and she helped me dry off while lightly kissing on my skin which got me quicky aroused she must have noticed for as soon as she was finished she straigh away went to engulf ny fella into her waiting mouth after about 5 minutes i just had to taste that pussy of hers and boy was it sweet nice and shaved after about a minute told her to turn around and get on her knees where i proceeded to use her waiting love hole as a whoopy cushion for my now erect and throbbing member she gave a moan as I inserted the first few inches whuch gradually built up to her gasping for air as i pumped more and more of myself into her inner regions i couldnt take any more so I grabbed her melons and ramped up the speed of my thrusting till I blew into the bag still had 20 minutes left so she offered a massage which got me hard again round 2 was followed with more felatio while i ate her slit again until I was ready to cum again which I unloaded into her beautiful set of balloons while she was on her knees overall a great session she is no supermodel but definitely a pleaser and a great cum drencher to add to my list of go to ladies.

  18. Big Boy says:

    Went to 78A for first time in months. Booked Jimmi coz she does anal. Never seen her before. It was about 2:00 PM last Sunday. Here is a rundown:
    1. Nice legs & big juicy firm butt
    2. Pudgy around the waistline
    3. Huge frizzy hairdo like an afro style circa 1970s
    4. Pretty face
    5. Doesnt speak english well
    6. She seemed totally disinterested at first
    7. Went down on her. She moaned (most probably fake)
    8. Fingered her pussy. Dry even after i had tongued her cunt
    9. Rimmed & tongued her asshole. Now she became animated
    10. Got into 69 position. Every time i fingered her asshole, she’d go to town on my prick
    11. Then did BBFS then anal.
    12. Dumped my load on her back
    Overall it was a dud session. Would rate the whole session 5/10. If there had been no anal, 3/10. Pamela who also works here & offers exactly the same services is so much better. Of course neither can compare to 269’s Lulu & April or 751’s Monica

  19. Johno says:

    Has Jimmie ever offered BBFS?

  20. Johno says:

    I phoned on on spec in on Sunday afternoon in December of 2015 and booked Lulu, before driving round to Artarmon.
    I arrived to discover there was no booking and I had to wait for nearly 40 mins butt naked in room with a mute porno going.
    … Finally Jimmie (who was told was busy when I rang) entered the room. She had professionally fizzed hair – unlike her photo which depicts her with dead straight hair. – and a very very hot body.
    Anyway, I paid for an hour and she took me to her working room while I was still naked.
    She looked tired, and I think she had been fucking all day.
    Anyway she told me that she did …everything. Nice start.
    We kissed as we lay back on the bed and kissed some more. I moved down for some DATY. I noticed that she was dry, save for my own saliva. When inserting my fingers, I noted that I could feel every detail of her pussy walls.
    Without lube or natural moisture it felt like canine pawpads. Rough.
    I am sure her moans were scripted.

    Afterward I enjoyed some BBBJ. That was just insanely awesome.

    Then she covered me and rode me and came – again & again. Maybe her script. Anway, I asked for some anal & she said she was about to cum again. She rode a bit & then came.
    She got onto her hands & knees and said anal was doggy only. Foresome who offered anal, she was tight. This was my first anal experience. She told me to push harder. I did and finally I was in. OMG She was warm inside.

    I came into the dom; followed by a massage with a hand held back massager.
    She then pulled me off again for a finally. I noted she also had strong hands.

    I would recomend anytime.

    • Piddles says:

      Johno, i always get BBFS & BB anal with Jimmi. Pamela (she better looking & a better root) offers BBFS but insists on a dom for anal. Weird isnt it? Both girls only do anal in “doggy” position. Again, i find that weird

      • jamie says:

        warning warning if you kiss or go down on any WL that piddles has been with you will get worms, herpes, the clap, warts; crabs, strep throat, and maybe even herpes in your throat and up your nose, yeah you will be banging on the hospitals after hours door for relief from the pain, try explaining to the ear nose throat specialist how you got herpes at the back of your nose

      • johno says:

        Doggie is the tightest for vaginal, and most relaxed for the arsehole. I’m guessing that’s why.

  21. John_Matrix says:

    Worst visit ever. Popped in at 6:10. Told wouldn’t be long. 6:35 I’m finally in the room with the bird. Zero English, flabby belly, goes for a CBJ straight away. It was crap. Try to touch her pussy, no go. Keeps asking “…okay?”. No it wasn’t fucking okay. Asks if I want to fuck after 5 minutes of crap head, I mumble okay. Begin angling her to go on top, she says no and pulls me on top of her. I’m losing wood at this point, and as I slip it in, she facts. Bot a big one, but a solitary audible fart. I withdraw, shower, and leave fucking scunnered. Shithouse and I’ll never be back.

  22. OldSmoothie says:

    Of late have visited this place regularly. Sick of going to 12 Bellevue. Quality of WLs is below par. Alternate between visiting Pam on Thursdays & Jenny on Sundays. Pam provides BBBJ, BBFS & loves DATY & 69. Great service. Always finish off with anal. Oddly Pam insists I wear a condom when doing greek.
    Jenny provides BBBJ, enjoys DATY & 69. IMO she has a beautiful body. No tit but firm butt & tummy. Great legs. Very shapely & toned. Her service is not as good as Pam’s but her body is a real turn on, at least for me. Love kissing & licking her whole body. Love rimming her. Am certain I was the first guy to ever rim & tongue her asshole from her reaction on our first encounter. Premises are clean.

  23. Old Smoothie says:

    Arrived 10:00 AM. One girl busy other still on train. Receptionist says if other girl not here in 10 mins she’ll do me. 10 minutes went. No girl. Receptionist has a quick wash. Into it. Was licking her out. She came a number of times. TBH she came the first time as soon as my tongue touched her clit. Must’ve been years since last having sex. Lol. Anyway, there’s a knock on the door. Girl knocking is the WL. Arrived late. Receptionist says she will finish the job. Tipped her $10. Made her day. Then the WL enters, showers & tells me to lie on the bed. Name was Jenny. Basically no engrish (lol), great body. Nice face. Nice smile. Got BBBJ. Sex was covered. Asked her to jerk me off. Very nice. Blew big time. Some splashed her face. Look on her face was one of utter disgust. Tuff luck. Hazard of the trade. LOL

  24. chris says:

    Hi all,
    Havent heard any lastest news on 78a shop.
    Any recommendations from fellow punters?
    Any new girls working at this shop?
    Thank You

  25. Jimmy says:

    Hi all,
    Does 78A have their own webpage?
    I have been searching for ages but nothing can be found.

  26. derek says:

    went this morning saw a gal called Lulu. she was average height and thin but had nice b-cup boobs. $150 for the hour after I had declined the offer of two girls by the lady that greeted me at the door, i’m guessing that would have been $300 but yeah, I didn’t partake. anyway, Lulus’ oral was good and the 69 we did was ok too although she insisted on tongue only no finger penetration on her at all then she put a ‘dom on me and climbed aboard for some enthusiastic cowgirl. then it all went fake. she moaned and gasped but I knew it was a put-on, esp doing mish when I saw her looking sideways at the clock again and again. sure she was tight and I achieved the desired result but when I finished I couldn’t help but chuckle at her act. I then got a haphazard massage ,where it seemed she just rubbed and squeezed random body parts, for a while before being sent to the showers. I mean it wasn’t bad per se but certainly not the best.

  27. Kedi says:

    Top lady apart from pam.


  28. Batman says:

    Visited Pam on Thursday. As usual her service was good as always. She is polite & has a nice body. Love DATY with Pam. She’s very responsive. BTW she is at 327A on Wednesday & Friday if Artarmon is inconvenient. Have to admit that i’ve never had a dud at 78A.

  29. Steve says:

    Would she look Thai rather than Chinese?
    I saw Jess today lovely lady very friendly and affectionate did not get into additional extras
    But size D false but there is no sign of scar and easy to talk to as English good
    69 great early thirty or late twenties
    Worth a visit but not sure A is available

  30. John_Matrix says:

    Just wondering if anyone could help me identify a girl that works here?

    I saw her there on a Saturday but she was busy. Shortish, short black hair, light skin, possibly half Asian, busty.
    I already had paid to see Yumi (who was awesome) and saw her as I was walking out. Was stunned and couldn’t even think to ask her name. Called the shop but they were no help.

  31. SlickMick says:

    During my lunch break, caught a train from CBD to Artarmon. Booked Pamel for 45 mins. Cost? $120. Booked her sight unseen because of the excellent reviews she has received on this site.
    Well she walked into the room just as i was towelling myself after showering. First impressions were positive. Nice looking with a nice body. Solid for a Thai lady. She started kissing my neck & chest (i was still standing & she hadnt undressed). I gently stroked her lowerback. She is ticklish. I undressed her. Noticed her ass was like a rosy red apple – round, smooth & firm. She bent over. I kissed her ass checks then my tongue accidentally (LOL) slipped onto her asshole. It was nice & clean. Yummy yummy. Tongued her asshole for about 5 minutes. Then i motioned her to lie on her back. Went onto her clit. Stayed there for about 15 minutes. She moaned quite a few times. Every time she was about to climax, her back would arch. Then i slowly penetrated her pussy. She came a few more times. I had to pull out otherwise i would’ve cum. Then back to eating her pussy & asshole. At this point i had not received any oral. She was enjoying my tongue. So i asked if we could get into a ’69 position. No problems. My tongue worked on her ass & pussy. She climaxed in my mouth on a couple if occasions. Love the taste of a woman’s cum.
    TBH her oral was average. Too gentle. Anyway i flipped her onto her back & penetrated her pussy again. After a few minutes, i slipped it into her ass. Nice & tight. Slow & gentle strokes before she ssked me to go harder & faster. I obliged then i blew.
    Enjoyed ny session. All for $120 for 45 minutes. Good value. Money well spent. Will definitely be seeing her again

  32. SlickMick says:

    Went to 78A after reading all the reviews. Had Jimi. Not bad. Premises clean & presentable. Modern bathroom. Got in 69 position. She was not enthusiastic at first but i made her cum a few times she really got to work on my little frankfurter. So good that i came in her mouth. Will definitely go back

  33. marrk says:

    back here sunday a.m…whoa baby…got a new young babe, what a goer! unreal service! a little firecracker! never got her name, but don’t care!

  34. Paul says:

    I been to see PAMELA again,she is so good .Guys she dose the best ANAL SEX like a porno actress.Just bring some extra cash ,if you are normal size $50 if you are bigger $100 believe me ,she will say no that she dose not do big cock butt if you pay her $100 she will, just don’t fucker to hard and not for to long,she dose not like it,stop rest and do it again.goodluck anal fucking.

    • Piddles says:

      Paul, Pamela has never charged me extra for anal. Same goes for Jimmi – no extra charge

      • Johno says:

        I have found the same. I fucked Pamela in the arse for no extra charge at 116 a couple of weeks back – assuming it was the same girl,. She’s a MILF with long nipples like pencils.

        She also loved the anal fingering and rimming.

  35. mr meaner says:

    tried to go here again, I say tried because my credit card was rejected, twice! how embarrassment! mumbled some apology to the madam but they were pretty busy so she didn’t really seem to care about losing one customer. cash next time!

  36. Paul says:

    I was last Thursday ,got this girl Pamela very good BJ deep throat the best .even better was the anal sex she takes it so good nice long stokes doggy style.

  37. mr meaner says:

    first time visit for me today. $150 for hour so same price structure as 116 Hampden. the girls’ name escapes me (embarrassed but I am lousy with names) but she was a cutie. anyhow, the visit was a bit different in that normally you get the massage first then move on to the extras but today after only a brief back and shoulder rub she started on the tickling with her fingertips. she didn’t hold back stroking between my legs and soon she asked me to turn over. some great oral, including a super-fun 69 then she blew me whilst stimulating my prostate and in no time it was like ‘whoa baby’! and I just erupted in a big, big ‘O’…
    after that she gave me the massage/ rubdown which given my state of post-orgasmic bliss, felt heavenly…
    of course I don’t know if it’s always this way here but I rather enjoyed it and will go back for sure.

  38. fool says:

    do they provide other services

  39. John says:

    78a and 116 in this street are the one FS shop?

  40. Commando says:

    Mamma here swaps girls from the other place down the lane so no one new 6/10


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Ashley Madison - Have an affair. Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital Affair
Ashley Madison - Have an affair. Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital Affair
Ashley Madison - Have an affair. Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital Affair