Blacktown 8

8 Carnegie Pl Blacktown NSW 2148

P: 02 9621 8868

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  1. Jamie John Jarrad johno johnathan josh Joshua Joshua says:

    Any bbfs girls here?

    • Up For It says:

      There is a ladyboy here wednesdays, here is my experience. We started to make out when we entered the bedroom and slowly the clothes were discarded. She is a passionate kisser and it wasn’t long before I could feel myself starting to get hard. I quickly took her cock in my mouth and took my time working it all the way down my throat. Her cock was on the thick side with a nice head and long straight shaft which I paid alot of attention to. From her reaction, she seemed to appreciate the attention I paid to her cock and in no time she was rock hard.

      We flipped into a 69 and she went to work on my cock while I parted her cheeks and got my tongue in her nice clean hole. After a few minutes of ass play I told her I really wanted her to top me.

      She slowly lubed my ass getting it ready for her cock. She took her time inserting her fingers in my hole to make sure I was sufficiently lubricated. She placed a condom on her hard cock slowly teased my hole with her cock. I felt the head of her cock on my hole and tried to relax as best I could. I finally felt her cock slowly slide inside and totally fill me up. She took her time opening me up before she got more aggressive. She varied her thrusts from slow and sensual to hard and fast. No matter what she did it felt amazing. I could feel her sweaty body on top of mine as she grasped my shoulders pulling himself in and out of my hole.

      After a while I moved to my back,She grabbed my ankles, spread them apart and in one swift movement, sunk her cock back into my hole balls deep. From that moment on she pounded my ass with hard deep thrusts while I stroked my cock. Her cock felt amazing deep in my hole and kept my cock rock hard. I was very verbal while she fucked me which she seemed to like.

      Finally she announced she was close to coming and pulled her cock out, tore of the condom and sprayed her cum all over me. I came shortly afterwards with a nice big load.

      • Fred says:

        If it has a cock – then it is a “HIM” not a “HER”.

      • Bobby says:

        Hey UP FOR IT
        … Well in view of what you did … That makes you a POOFTER
        Are you OK with that ??

        • Bobby says:

          I ask you this UP FOR IT Because i am a POOFTER too! Here is an encounter i had lateley, will share contact details with you just ask xxoo.. We got up to the room, and he gave me a big hug, deep kiss, and had my clothes off in a seconds! By the time he got my pants off, I was hard as a rock, and he was showing a busting jockstrap. He was an incredible kisser and he has a great muscled body that only goes to compliment his cock.

          After a few minutes of bed olympics, he threw on an extra large condom and began to stuff that monster into me. It hurt like hell, but he has a knack for fitting that monster in tight spaces. It was incredible to feel him so deep in me, and the way he pumped away and jerked me off, was the best. I am glad he is in town for the month of March so I can go back for seconds, thirds, fourths,………

          • Bobby says:

            This is the real Bobby.
            This fucking idiot above is having fun stealing my user name.
            I am very heterosexual unlike this poofy fucker above with his fake post at 11.10am.
            Go fuck yourself

        • Up For It says:

          Hey Bobby good to hear we share same interests in all things cock, would love to join you for a 3 way with a ladyboy, we can take turns spit roasting each other. Cheers

  2. Pegasus2026 says:

    Went here two weeks ago on Sunday. Not given choice and as she looked ok went for an hour. Have forgotten lady’s name. Told me she was 30.
    I will be upfront that I get erections and sometimes can’t maintain hard enough to slip it in. This happened that day.
    My positives were:
    Great DATY for as long as I wanted.
    Sat on my face
    Let me lick and tongue her butt
    Shallow anal fingering
    Great natural tits that she loved me to suck
    Uncovered blow job until I came
    Great oral skills
    No choice of lady
    Place smelled of cigarettes
    Would not let me finger her pussy
    Used half a box of tissues wiping away my precum
    Kept cleaning her pussy & butt
    Did not swallow when I came

    In the end I had female body all over mine let me eat her butt, something I like and I blew out the cobwebs

  3. A.A says:

    Finally went in and pretty disappointing, all the girls were 40+ and only Asians. not sure if I went on a bad day (Monday) but I’d probably give this a miss if you want something more than a pump and go

  4. Kyle says:

    Gave this place a try as the webpage looked good and girls hot, Got there was put in the waiting room was asked did I have a booking,I replied no after about a 5 minute wait but felt about 15 an Asian chick greets me and says half hour? I paid $75, Chick wasn’t the best looking but once fully naked & a feel and fondle of her titties and my dick hard it was good, Gave a CBJ and sucked well and ended up doing a 69, Then had a good hard fast ride and I felt her tits need to be cummed on, Hand jobbed me till I blew onto her titties, Might go back again and hopefully score a ride of a Lebanese or Aussie chick next time

  5. A.A says:

    Planning to visit during the next few days, when is a good time to go? Early morning(9-10)/midday/night. Any recommendations? I do like my BBJ but not essential

  6. John says:

    This place is great. $75 for 30mins $120 for 1hr. Majority of the girls do safe safe. Covered service. Very rare to get BBBJ. Overall girls are hot. Ranges from skinny sexy Asians to thick and big boob girls. Whatever suits you best. I’ve been going for a few months and you can just walk in. Pay for the time you wish, shower and get down to the business haha. Blacktown 8 is good. I also think they under the same management as blacltown 40 which has a similar service just less discreet parking. They have Aussie and Lebanese girl but you will have to call and book. Overall 9/10

  7. Sawyer says:

    Saw Kate Thai student, very nice body slim and soft, works on Mondays. nothing special but nice ass and nice pussy with little bit of bush, small tits but good looking small pussy. Did 69 and went on with doggy and missionary for 20 mins, longest humping after a long time, nice girl overall. Treated her with respect as i know she is a student and working her butt off literally to make her life can understand what she is going thru as i am student as well. Anyways body gets 6/10, Covered BJ skills 3/10, Fucking was nice as she hugged the whole session which gave GF experience 7/10. Respect ladies don’t be wild dog because u paid lousy 75$, these ladies are human beings too, may be i going to soft on these ladies as i see there life crumbling down even though they are so beautiful, why god why, why are you so cruel to beautiful people. No wonder i am atheist because nice people are always screwed.

  8. Sawyer says:

    I went to 18 Blacktown 1st was shown 3 girls only one was hot but not too hot so headed towards 8 Blacktown. I asked for Korean girl but was sent a Chinese girl and mamasan thought i would not know the difference. Anyways i sill went with the Chinese Lady (Jenny was her name) and 5 min into the session she asked if i needed another girl and she insisted on 3 some. I thought ok and asked to get the other girl, comes in a small Chinese girl called Cherry. Cherry had nice boobs and ossome pussy but little loose but Jenny was the best her pussy was tight and She stroked me slowly with oil when i was sucking Cherry’s boobs and twisted Cherry upside down for Pussy sucking after 5 min went down on Cherry 1st and on Jenny in the end. Came inside Jenny and she kept riding me until my Junior was down. After a nice 3 some game a nice massage in the end Cherry gave a me nice shower and cleaned me up in the mean time Jenny was outside playing with her boobs by pressing it against the shower glass and kept teasing me for a while. In the end it was my 1st 3 some and it was good. I would definitely do it again and would recommend the same to you punters. The complete session was done using protection was offered BBBJ but i denied as want to keep doing this for rest of my life and not regret for just one time fun. Any ways fellow punters keep safe and happy humping.

  9. Fairmont16 says:

    Dropped in after a long absence as when I ring I am told Anna is on holidays, anyway picked Kaylee if I am correct big tits a bit chunky but I liked want I saw. DFK and she sticks her tongue down your throat, loved her tits and she liked having them sucked went down for DATY after 10 mins I came up and rubbed my cock on her vig, she said condom , I said how much no condom she said $100 I said $50 she said ok, bbfs with CIP. A good root and I was very happy I will see her again.

    • Godzilla says:

      I” used to visit this site, but the girls of late are bearable at times to look at, your definitely playing with fire mate, I’d reckon half those chicks would have some kind of disease, hence why I used slap on xtra jimmy to be on safe side….
      As they say mate “Safety First”.

      • John says:

        Hey honest question , have you caught any diseases from bbfs

        • Genghis Khan says:

          John, TBH most of my visits are BBFS. Never caught anything. My partner in crime has many more encounters than me. And he’s been doing so for quite a few years. We both get tested every 3 months. Like me, he always gets a clean bill of health. BTW there is always a risk when participating in BBFS. You may be unlucky & catch something the first time you do BBFS

      • Superman says:

        An extra jimmy? How the hell do you feel anything let alone put the second dom over the first.

      • RedGhost says:

        You are actually increasing your risk by using another condom as the chance of breaking is a lot higher, condoms are designed to be placed over skin, not over more rubber.

      • Genghis Khan says:

        How can u get a second condom on? Would take ages.

  10. alex says:

    hi guys
    Anyone know wheres tht aussie girl Bella.i really miss tht beauty.

  11. Joseci says:

    Anyone know where chinese tiffany work now from here?

  12. Foo says:

    While I’m here
    I’ve seen this place (and it’s associated brothel) advertising on cracker

    Any truth to the “new management” and “clean premises” lines?

    It’s been a few weeks since I’ve visited and I’ve been pretty vocal in the past about my dissatisfaction with reception/management

  13. Simon says:

    Hi guys, does anyone check No1 Thai therapy massage L1,80 Main St Blacktown how is this place? Does it offer hj,bbbj or fs

    • Foo says:

      Hi Simon
      There isn’t a dedicated thread here but it’s been answered elsewhere on the forum, the general run down is, you can get a HJ here all depending on the girl

      My experience was the only girl I was interested in topping me off wouldn’t go that far, but was kind enough to offer to get another girl who would

  14. alex says:

    hii guys any news about Bella ..that aussie girl.

    • Foo says:

      What do you mean by news?
      I gave her a review a few posts down, but I saw her a few weeks back so I feel inclined to update

      Body – Same (Nice)
      Service – Declined (SEVERELY)

      admittedly it was later in the night when I went to go see her but she was completely listless and un-accomodating

      changing my opinion and would NO LONGER RECOMMEND

  15. Mb says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Victoria or where she works now

  16. Wonny says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Lulu (Amy) that worked here 12 / 18 months ago. She was mid 30s lady. Chinese with poor English.
    Much appreciation to anyone who can send me the right way.
    Heard she runs her own shop but takes the odd customer every now and then.

  17. mb says:

    Met up with honey yesterday, at first she didn’t seem as though she was interested but I tried her out anyway and I’m glad I did. Did the usual thing and had a shower, as soon as i got out she was on her names wanting to give me bbbj and I was great. After a few minutes of that she took of her clothes and jumped on my cock. Did that for a bit than missionary and finished up in doggy. Can’t wait until I see her again

    • Honey says:

      Hey there, honey here. the place at no. 8 is shit. it is all dirty and everything is falling apart. Holes in walls broken lights and taps in bathroom. Even all the linen is stained with holes in them.. And the towels and the sheets don’t even get washed properly.
      FUCKEN FILTHY. Glad I don’t work there anymore. You men need to look for cleaner and nicer women and a cleaner brothel. Honey.

  18. Blake says:

    Not the best place. Went there with a few friends. Everyone had a different experience, especially my friend. Watch out folks. There is a tranny working there goes by the name PARIS. has manly face and deep voice. Friend paid $130 for 45min with Paris he says ‘it’ turned the lights of & sucked his dick, luckly for him he couldnt get a hard on so Paris feel asleep. Friend complained to mangers on duty. Response was, should of came to me straight away not after your time was up.

    Another friend had an Asian called Jenny. Gives the best BBBJ but wants to make you come quick when it is time to fuck. Only let’s u fck once in 45min.

  19. Fairmont16 says:

    Went back to see Anna on Tuesday and fark me this girl gets me horny, after the shower straight onto the bed with lots of DFK and I love her nipples just the right size upright and soft. She then went down for some BBBJ after 5 mins I repayed the favour, she came and was super wet, then in for some action. We clean up and started with a massage, I like a light massage and she does a great one, after 5 mins she starts playing with my balls then says roll over and into BBBJ again I got hard quick, I usaully like a good 20 mins before we get into it again but a few mins of BBBJ she jumps on top. We must have fucked for 30 mins in many positions before I finally came. She wa moaning and very wet the whole time. And Anna came a couple of times as well. Bloody hell this girl is great, have already arranged my Tuesday next week so I can visit again.

  20. Gggg says:

    Shit place and After I come back from this place, all cloths and me are full of cigarette smell. I end up taking few showers.

    I picked girl called PARIS, she is shit. I could better wank at home. Arrogant. She is Malaysian.

    Face 6/10
    Body 6/10
    Service 0/10
    Personality 1/10

  21. Foo says:

    Before anyone else can, I’ll point out my own hypocrisy in coming back here, I was horny and have money and it was late

    Tried new Australian girl here, Bella (pretty sure that’s her name) 18yrs old Brunette

    Face 8/10
    Body 8/10
    Service 8/10
    Personality 8/10

    8′s all around here, her face is pretty (better than average, her service is good (all protected, so I can only rate it so high), her body (is worth singing songs about) firm size 8 with plump DD breasts, I could try describing it further but it’s easier if you just googled pornstar Haley Cummings and your pretty much there

    Would definitely reccommend

  22. Fairmont16 says:

    Was driving through Blacktown so I thought what the hell give it go, went in and asked for Apple, who is the only girl I see here, but she is not working today and is on holidays. Went through the line up and Anna caught my eye, picked her for half an hour and into the room, A cup tits nice nipples and tall must be 5’10 even close to 5’11, I thought she was pretty, she loves DFK and DATY after giving her pleasure I was horny as hell so moved up the bed, she reached for a condom and I asked for BB, she said $50 extra I told her I only had $20 she said ok I had a brain fade and slipped it in bareback and cum hard and lots, I do not usually pay to go BB. I will be back to see her there was something about her that I liked.

  23. Calvin says:

    I went here tonight and let me tell you it was the worst brothel experiences in my life. I forget the name of the girl I had but she was Malaysian, about 5″6, hair had extensions and when we got in the room I noticed she had features like a man. Service was very bad and she spent her first 5 minutes on her phone texting or something. Worst BJ I have ever had, even worse than my first one in high school when the girl gridded her teeth on my **ck. During the sex my dick went down as it felt robotic and her personality was so shit! She finished me off with the worst HJ I have ever had. This is the second time I took a risk coming here and both times I was disappointed. Don’t risk a good night at the brothel here boys, you will regret it. 1/10

    • Fairmont16 says:

      I used to visit this place a lot up until about a year ago, I used to see Apple at least once a week and there was Mimi and Amy, they have all moved on, Apple makes an appearance there once a month or so for one or two days then disappears again. The service has gone down hill a lot since these girls left I aviod the place now.

      • Foo says:

        Yeah, this place really went to shit a couple of years back
        More and more like a barn everyday (in both sight and smell).
        the last time i went will probably be the last time i go, I like Victoria but it’s come to the point where I wont deal with the rest of the animals that work there

        • Horny Toad says:

          Yes, this place is a total shit. Only thing good here is Victoria (but she often doesn’t shower….), Apple and not much else.

          • Calvin says:

            Seriously I would rather have a bat then come back to this shit hole any day. The staff there are so fuckin rude.

      • Robert says:

        Mimi works as Annie at 142 Hornsby Tuesdays,Nice Lady very accomodating.

      • Jack says:

        does anyone know where Apple works now?

    • dingbat says:

      Pretty sure you saw Paris. She is Malaysian and I’m pretty sure she is post op dude.

  24. Foo says:

    Tried the new Australian girl Victoria a couple of weeks back
    Australian, Mid-30′s, brunette, tight bodied (size 6-ish), sunkissed skin
    Gave a really good service and was very charming
    Personality 8/10
    Face 8/10
    Body 7/10 (just a bit of boob sag)
    Service 9/10

    On the downside you still have to deal with the shit bag receptionist/management
    but worth it to see Victoria

    • Hunky says:

      I’ve booked Victoria a few times already. Yes she’s good but she doesn’t shower! Best I’ve seen her done is wipe her snatch. She probably never shower between jobs. She often smells of sweat….

  25. Jack says:

    Any news? Any Recommendations? Any reviews? Anything? Thanks in advance.

  26. Airleg says:

    You guys are hard on Candy, the only white girl I’ve shagged in 20yrs..yes she smokes to much….but I kinda like her little girl vulnerability..she acts tough but every once in a while she shows herself and I can’t help but like her..

    • foo says:

      Yep, I’m hard on candy (I’ve been hard IN Candy as well, lol)
      I’d feel more kindly towards her if she walked into the room on time and didn’t walk out every 10 mins

      • Jack says:

        I’ve been there a couple of times in the last weeks and have called and they said “they’ve never had a Candy” . Which is a lie cause i’ve also been with her. Anyone know where she is now? or a contact number? Would love to fuck her again.

    • Danny says:

      Has anyone seen the young pretty blond girl Mia she used to go by the name ruby ??? Been trying to see her again she was bloody amazing. Thanks

  27. Paul says:

    Went in yesterday. this place is trash. Yeah you pay a low price but the drug culture is so prevalent. The premises looks fairly new but isn’t kept well. You go through 3 fucking doors just to get through, it reminded me of a horror movie. Anyway I got shown one girl, Candy who was clearly on fucking ICE. the way she spoke and moved. I chose her cause her body was actually pretty good. When we got in the room i noticed her face, her teeth were yellow, her eyes were deep set and black and her hair was all messy. Her tits were perfect, and she had a nice little pussy. The sex wasnt bad, she kept talking which was annoying because I could smell her breath but otherwise not horrible. Afterwards some asian chick came in to get her meth pipe and we spoke about drugs, and she openly told me she smokes ice..

    Overall the experience was memorable and for the $90 probably wasn’t worth it, but it was different to my usual experience.

    • Jason says:

      Don’t say that you weren’t warned mate
      Yes, Candy is a horrendous crackhead (along with some of the other girls) (and staff). On the other hand that girl will let you do some really filthy things to her
      I reiterate my previous post by saying I won’t be going back there again. Day by day the place is less and less a parlour and increasingly a fancy crackhouse

  28. Jason says:

    I am through with this place
    Went in late on a Monday evening, was shown a line up off what could loosely be described as “women” (an absolutely appalling batch of dregs), asked if anyone else was available and was met with a firm ‘No’.
    Fine, I though and said I would come back another time, I was then treated to a telling off from a snide little shit of a receptionist
    I’ve come to expect substandard service from this place but this was just out right rude and beyond the pale
    I will never be going back to this place again

    • alejandro says:

      Yes, it is absolutely appalling for these establishment to force people to choose from crap they have to offer,…. They can do that in Communist China but not here.

  29. Batboy says:


    Went here for first visit tonight as my regular at arndell park was closed and drove past #40 and #18 forge both looked busy, when I first pulled up there was only couple cars in the carpark so thought this could be alright, as I get inside some fat or preggers looking Lebo girl with a smoke hanging out of her mouth and looking wacked out says to the mgr I want this one, I’m thinking yuck, so she comes into waiting room trying to get my business saying $95/30mins… I declined so she yells down the corridor he wants Asian, next a decent looking petite Asian girl comes in an I take her for $100/40mins, get into room it looks like a bomb hit it, food packets, water bottles and other crap on side table, she gives me a ratty looking but clean towel and I take a shower, anyways get down to business with a CBJ and 69… Pretty good so far, after a while she then says fuck me, so I’m ready to go in and she puts a shit load of lube in her vag that I’m slipping and sliding everywhere in missionary so go for doggy whilst repositioning I managed to wipe half the lube off my cock and off we go again this time feeling better, eventually finish and then she starts massaging after about 10mins she’s had enough and les on me for another 5 then says have shower I’m tired need to sleep we’re only up to 30mins by now, so have shower then get dressed she’s out like a light with a blanket over her and I walk out, I tell manager and then show him her sleeping, in his broken Chinglish he’s like “oh so sorry we been very busy lately” I explain how I’ve been jipped and ask for the $20 difference back but he can’t give any money back today, then says next time u come I look after…. Sorry but I WONT BE GOING BACK HERE

    • Jason says:

      Hey Batboy
      I get what your saying, that Lebanese woman is not particularly appealing and the rooms (including the waiting rooms) are trashy compared to Arndell Park (that’s what happens when you have the girls living in them) and most of the managers/receptionists are fuckwits, (They’ll tend to outright lie to you, so you see the girls that they want)
      It’s kind of hit and miss with #8 and #40, and it sounds like you definitely missed on this one.
      I would recommend seeing ALL the girls and then choosing, they’ll get in a huff (ignore it), and if you don’t like any of them then leave the place. It’s your money and it’s not worth spending it on substandard women/services
      The key is to be really picky, A lot of parlours depend on guys getting annoyed and choosing the least ugliest girl out of frustration. If enough people just walked out then the owners would have no choice but to pick up the standard.

      *As a side note, I don’t think #18 is part of the same network of parlours, there’s an dopey lanky bastard who runs the place and the quality of women (and service) is total shit house. On the plus side the rooms are pretty nice.

    • alejandro says:

      problem with these substandard Chinese-runned parlours the managers are very very very pushy to the point that they are very rude to clients if they don’t pick any girls.
      The sex business here are now being taken over by these dead beat Communist that try to run Australian business their way hence the standard has deteriorated so far so fast.

  30. Daren says:

    Jason why don’t you educate your mother and sisters who work there to practice safe sex?? ! I’m not coming back on this site again so feel free post your dirty comments to protect your family Buisness. Ur a virus urself which is stopping people from posting their views and comments.

  31. Daren says:

    I use to be their regular customer not anymore since friend of mine was offered unprotected oral and a week later he experienced acute HIV symptoms , he is living a dredful life since as he scared to death and worried if he contracted this deadly std.
    Unfortunately he will have to wait for few more weeks before the blood test will confirms he is infected.
    But guys my advise be careful!!!’

    • Handyman says:

      I don’t doubt your truthfulness, but can you explain why you say your friends diagnosis will take several weeks when a quick test takes 20 minutes and the more certain”western blot” will give a result within 5 days.

      Obviously everyone should take proper precautions as you say, but if you base your warning on supposition rather than fact, that will not benefit either punters, or the woman concerned and could well destroy the business.

      I am assuming that considering your concern, either you or your friend has warned the business and the girl. But specifically, can you clarify why the results are so extra-ordinarily slow to come through? Without that clarification your claim may be doubted.

    • Jason says:

      Bullshit Daren!
      It’s nearly impossible to catch HIV orally and HIV symptoms don’t present that quickly.
      You’re an idiot

      • mykobo says:

        What ignorance.

        Symptoms for Hiv do not present so quickly, are non-specific ( the 3 common symptoms are the combo of a rash/ high temp/severe sore throat). Many people do not present with symptoms at all.

        The only way he can find his status is by testing. In Australia, a hiv antigen and antibody give 99% reliable results at 6 weeks post exposure (UK experts and guidelines recommend this test at 4 weeks) and a test at 12 weeks pretty much 100%.

        Hiv via oral is debatable. There are enzymes in saliva that mess with hiv and I was told that as a receiver of oral sex, it’s negligible risk. Anyone with concerns on transmission should call their state sexual health info line.

        Admittedly, though it is relatively risk free for hiv transmission, you are putting yourself at risk for gonnorea and if sores are present, herpes and syphillis.
        Wrap it up guys and you protect not only yourselves, but also the lady/man and your fellow punters too.

        I’ve noticed Daren fear mongers a lot on this site. If you don’t like sex workers ( who remember, are people too who have partners and families, not all of them are druggies etc) then what are you doing on this site?
        Next you’ll be telling people that taking a condom off after sex is some sort of risk…..

        • Daren says:

          Yes he had a rash that appeared after 11 days with sore throat and fever and lasted about 2 weeks, the rash is the main worry and it was maculopapular , he is also feeling very tired an have a blurred vision . He is now convinced that he got infected but we only have antibody test in Australia which is recommended after 90 days of infection . He got tested after 4 weeks and it was negative. Rash is the only symptom with fever that’s raising our suspicion

        • Daren says:

          Yes he had a rash that appeared after 11 days with sore throat and fever and lasted about 2 weeks, the rash is the main worry and it was maculopapular , he is also feeling very tired an have a blurred vision . He is now convinced that he got infected but we only have antibody test in Australia which is recommended after 90 days of infection . He got tested after 4 weeks and it was negative. Rash is the only symptom with fever that’s raising our suspicion . We warned the staff but they are very rude and not helpful at all

          • Jason says:

            If it’s true then get your Mum to wear a rubber next time

          • mykobo says:

            “We only have antibody test in Australia”
            What bullshit. Australia is one of the world leaders when it comes to testing. Every test I’ve had has been the antibody and antigen test. Accurate. Tell your mate to go visit his doctor and order a full std screening.
            It’s been over 3 months. If negative he’s fine.

    • Glen says:

      Well obviously you are full of shit because HIV symptoms don’t show that quickly and do not show in blood tests till later stage. So next time u try to make a story maybe get some true facts to go withit… Ting Tong.

  32. Since Aussie Candy started working in No.8 Carnegie Pl. Blacktown, we received some complaints and questions about this lady. We do care about every single customers and their feed back. Firstly, we asked Candy to present the lastest health check report, it showed that this lady is very healthy. About the drugs issue, firstly, we must say nobody is allowed to buy and sell drugs in our shop, if we find out any inlegal activities in the shop we will contact the police. Of course, we don’t have any camera in the working room, so we can not control the ladies if they do something with customers in the room, that’s their choice, nothing to do with our shop. However, we have to do something after we received the complaints about the drugs issue. Candy was already took holiday, when she come back, we will carefully decide whether she can come back to work or not!

    • mykobo says:

      If you don’t mind me asking, what is in a health check report?
      Also, good on you for protecting your own staff and clientele by insisting on health check ups.
      It show great management skills.

  33. Jason says:

    Let me add more to this
    I’m (semi-reg) here and at #40 (they share the same staff)
    Aussie girl (Candy) is half decent (when she has had a hit and isn’t falling asleep), try around midday-1 (once she’s had some sleep and brushed her teeth)
    KiKi (if she’s still around) is pretty, slim with a moderate bust (small but perky) a good service in general when you can get her (popular)
    Yuki (#40 on Monday, #8 on Wednesday) CUTIE, plays up the schoolgirl thing in a big way, a really good service, very sweet but doesn’t speak a word of English (so a lot of improvised sign language)
    Lina (#40 on Monday, #8 on Wednesday)(Evenings only) very pretty, does not do and natural services (I don’t blame her), decent service, better company (very charming and speaks English well)

    note- if the car park is packed (more than 5 cars) Leave, you will be stuck with the dregs

  34. Jason says:

    Alejandro isn’t wrong
    the white lady is Candy and shes a meth head/ mental case

  35. alejandro says:

    Went there last night picked a blond Aussie babe. She turns out to be an ice head openly smoking her pipe with the client in the room, halfway thru her pipe she invited another working girl into the room to join her. Room is oven hot won’t turn on air con. All shampoo and body wash bottles are empty. Smelly towel. Turns out WL didn’t shower after last client, had a sweaty smell on her. Other WL keeps banging on the door to ask for lighter, cigarettes, ice pipe, etc. So annoying and distracting. Worst is yet to come – when I was about to come, WL pulled my dick out and insist I jerk off instead as she has to open the door as someone was banging the door wanting to borrow something…. Nightmare…. Easier to just wank

  36. John says:

    Gotta agree this place is now shit got and old chick called yummi tonight so ugly and pushy could not even be bothered getting hard. Charge 100$ for 40 minute special could not even massage’ !!! Fucked up mole would not even give me protected head .. Not Happy at all suggest else where’s

  37. rawaar says:

    Shitty place and lot of pushy asian rejects.. Use your hand guys

  38. Asian pumper says:

    This place is nice but the girls yes can give u nightmare
    A lot of make up
    I went here sat nyt had a young Asian
    Grl her ass stinker like she just done a shit
    Anyways doing doggy style
    Guess wat happens she says ohhhh
    And shit all over my dick diorreah
    It was fucked
    Complained owner said sorry
    Grl just went out of room
    If she was sick YTF. would u come to work
    Anyways that’s my awesome experience NOT

  39. ronny says:

    careful this place. woman took my iphone. she said she did not i dont believe, i was shower and see her put towel on my clothes then pickup again before i finish. never go back this shop.

  40. hankyfranky says:

    was here on friday night and the place was jamming with customers, the buzze would not stop. saw a total of 4 girls. all crap dogs that looked like they been fucking all night. one couldnt even walk, she looked like she was buckled. the reception dude looked like he been smoking shards he was that dopey he couldnt understand what i was asking him. waited a round a bit for others but recpetio was just hearding his cattle in out of rooms. this place is fkd, dirty fkn lowies with smelly breath. one come in and said i very handsome i said to her pitty your not and she laughed and smied as if i gave hwer a comment. my mate fukd a chick from here and he reckons he got crabs from it. careful bros of crabtown.

  41. darren says:

    Folks visited this joint sunday night after coming back from Bathurst and seing the mighty Holdens win AGAIN! Sadly all i seen was some very very ugly ladies shown five and they were all as bad as each other. Mid twenties to late thirties asian ladies sure some had good bodies but the heads were BAD! I know the old saying never look at the mantle piece while you are stokin the fire but even the few beers couldnt make them pretty. I kept my cash and walked out the boss there needs some glasses or it may of been the ugly shift just my luck Least the Holdens won!

  42. Ratchet says:

    this place is rubbish, filled with chinese and hong kong rejects. they pack make up to make look young they all over 40 and the 3 girls i have seen this week had smelly pussys. one girl even wanted f me without the condom. i even did once before when i visit here 2-3 motnhs ago. after i goto check dr the bitch gave me soething. her name is joane or something, be very careful here and the other shop they have 40. my mate goes there and he is very dirty. i go to his hm before, he even take girls there and i see many pictures of girl he does and what he does with them, unbelievable

    • hankyfranky says:

      LOL @ Ratchet.
      I walked in ther one late night a few months back drunk as a skunk and ended up choosing Micky I think her name was. OMG I must have been blind. As we got into the motions I remember looking at her face and i almost FN puked all over it. The stench that came out of it oh man it smelled like something had died in it. I had pumped to rocket V’s before getting ther and I was ready as. I remember I got out of the shower and my little brother was already pointing north. As soon as I sunk it into her she yelped and i looked down at her face and the light shined off it, she smiled at me and I thought I was watching a horror film. I swear she had green teeth and just the stench man that came out of this thing. I reckon she was filled with 1 year old jizz juice that was over flowwing out of it pores. I swear i wanted to puke. Believe me or not, I pulled out, got dressed and walked out. And she’s chasing me saying eek aye eek aye wait wait like it was trying to haunt me. I walked out and called a cab. Cabbie rocked up and asked me how was it… I looked at him and said please bro, take me home I want to cry and shower in metho to get the stench off me. The cabbie didnt understand me and kept asking me sexy girl sexy girl and wanting info on my time. I kept ignoring him then after about 5 mins of the little chinese checker keep pinging at me I snapped and told him that the thing was so ugly and stinky I want to kill myself. He didnt say another word to me!

    • Juggs says:

      Tell us what is exactly is “unbelievable” to u might be normal for some of us…

  43. anton says:

    Does it offer massage as well?

  44. Rippy says:

    I visited this place a few months ago. Met an asian about 25. Very seductive and willing. In the shower she was laying on the bed waiting for me. The look was hot. I dried myself and started to crawl over and she was full on pashing me. I couldnt believe my luck. During the kissing she would stroke my cock really softly and away we went. She sucked my off (no condom) too.

    Overall great service, clean place but I have seen some shabby ones in their too.

  45. Cassanova says:

    gave this place a bell today. nice setup in amongst factories with heaps of parking as the hunter previously mentioned. heaps of rooms and looks like the girls have their own private dens and rooms inside to live in???
    shown 4-5 asians but they were 30+ and pushy. nice tits but didnt tickle my fancy today. tried anita the indian lady. nice face but that was the only thing good about her. it went down from there. not professional, very new, smooth skin but below average body. service was very lethargic like she really didnt want to be there??? face 5/10, service 4/10, body 4/10, tits 4/10, GFE 1/10 [very mechanical]
    Oh well atleast ive ticked the indian root off my list of things and people to do!
    $85 for my pick but $80 per 30mins for the others…

  46. pussyhunter says:

    $80 F/S 30min is not expensive.i been their many times,girls are,shower,parking is is discreat hidden industrial area open 24 hr.they have another one 42 forge street as well but close at 1 am.last visit i met with maree/marea a ausie 19/20 years girl.very hot.easy going.

  47. Tenderrub says:

    Is this a massage joint? We’re the ladies young?

  48. j says:

    pretty good, if only slightly over priced

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