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84 Responses to Bodytone

  1. Styx says:

    Had many awesome times in this place but got a huge dud today. New girl Emma. Pushed her way through meeting with bullshit promises. Completely incompetent in session with delusional idea of how much extra are. Said it would cost 100 for bj but I’ve had fs for 50 here( she said 200 for fs I can only imagine how boring that would be) she was bossy in a bad way couldn’t touch anything. Ended up wanking myself off because she was so hopeless at a handjob and no sensuality I couldn’t get hard was just thinking of the money I was wasting. To top it of she bit me. Try explaining that. Run boys run.

  2. Alexr89 says:

    Does anyone know if the Caucasian girls offer any extras at this joint?

    • Mitchell says:

      Some of them do. You can ask. Usually BJ/BBBJ, touching, fngering, bodyslide. Havent had any caucasian do FS, but I usually try to ask whenever Im there.

  3. Mitchell says:

    Had Layla, beautiful turkish-australian. She was ok.

    Had Madison. Beautiful and sexy Canadian! Percect tits! Loved her nipples! She had very good hands! Best hand job ever.

    No other extras or FS for these two though.

    Anyone know if the other caucasian girls do FS?

  4. Sgt. says:

    What’s the prices here

  5. Oz says:

    Anyone been hear recently?

    Anyone know of somewhere that offers a prostate massage?

  6. Stevo says:

    Dees anyone know which girls do b2b?

  7. Mike the destroyer says:

    Went in today, saw Lucy. Long legs, nice white skin, very firm thorough massage and a hot steamy ending. Perky and very fun.
    She’s normally booked out so id recommend booking in advance.
    Can’t wait to go back and see her.

  8. Mike the destroyer says:

    Went in today, saw Lucy. Long legs, nice white skin, very firm thorough massage and a hot steamy ending. Perky and very fun.
    She’s normally booked out so id recommend booking in advance.
    Can’t wait to go back and see her.

  9. Angus Young says:

    Went up the stairs and rang the bell. Gods angel opened the door dressed in a yellow Bikini Hello Angie. The bright yellow material contrasted well against her dark skin.Nice friendly and sexy touch. A good time.. What a day started with Angie for lunch and then Felicity in the Cross for dinner, Us old guys still know how to have fun… I am 56 yrs old and I love the company of young naked ladies Then just to cap my weekend I booked in with Jessie at 28 hope st Seven Hills on Sunday. A good weekend for me.

    • Averagejoe says:

      Been a few times have to say I do have my favorites.
      If you are looking for extras bj f/s
      I reccomend Jackie she is full of fun but also Lola who is a bit calmer some of the other girls I like to see are jemma amanda kimberly place has changed as use to be full of asians but lots more types now

      • Stevo says:

        Does Jackie do extras? I’ve wanted to see her for a while.

        • MrKP says:

          Had jackie for f/s while back but she not do it this time I went which is why i picked her in the first place still good b/j but have lernt to ask girls if they do extra before chose them so not disappointed had jasmine great girl no extras same as amanda lola is older but great f/s rachel was horrible an hour of her wanting to rush and horrible h/j not pick her again sonya was good for banter and extras nearly time for my weekly visit might see if any new girls or anyone reccomend?

  10. Jdog888 says:

    I love this place, my a fav of all time was Stephanie, she was there around the march april of this year. Her Bj was the best i have ever exp, to die for but then getting all up in that shit was incredible….every single time i had her. and shes gone and that my friend, was a sad day for 299.

  11. Stevo says:

    Went today, saw Amanda…ehh, not my cup of tea. No tease on the back rub, and it felt quite mechanical on the other side too. Would not recommend. Might see Jackie next though. She looks really good.

    • Venom says:

      What is with the under developed Asian girl? Isn’t that stuff illegal in Oz? She had heaps of make up on & her hair pulled back, trying to look older, but dudes, the body wasn’t developed at all…… Bad enough getting caught out in one of these joints, but caught out in a joint with that going on — you can cop jail for just being in the premises…… No thanks….. The mama san needs shaking up…

  12. Daniel says:

    Just wanted to know what are some extras I can get?

  13. Stevo says:

    Anyone getting a broken website? Also, any suggestions for people to see?

  14. hutch says:

    Olivia is great does all types off extras. Any info on new aussie girls on what extras they do.

  15. Nathan says:

    I saw Alisha this afternoon she’s the best…. perfect ass typical brazilian ….huge tits gorgeous face good perfume and beautiful chocolate skin. Everything wonderful i’ll try fs next time

    • David says:

      I would also recommend Latoya if you’re after chocolate complexion and some curves. A pleasant personality with a soft touch. Can’t wait to see her again.

  16. Ray says:

    Seen sexy brazilian called Alisha always satisfied me good. Thanks Alisha .will see you again

  17. james says:

    has this place got a rear entrance?

  18. Michael says:

    I had a session with Erin on my 2nd visit to this place and yes, she was amazing. Pretty darn amazing that I had to book her again a week after. Great massage with that yummy little body. Will see her again next time I’m there

  19. Andrew says:

    I have to say Lexie is AMAZING!
    I have been a few times now and will only see Lexie if I go back. She is short petite gorgeous beautiful and has such an amazing conversation and personality.
    I will go back again and again and again just to spend some time with her.
    in fact – I am going to go today and hopefully have those supple breasts brushing over my face and body again.
    She is the best!

    • Stevo says:

      I saw Lexie in a lineup a couple of months back and really thought I should have picked her then, this has convinced me to do so!

  20. Jake says:

    Wow. What a gem of a place. Girls and prices are great, showers in room, good massage table. Also one of the only places ive visited that change their sheets after every job. Big plus for me.

  21. bob jones says:

    Anyone know where French girl Sophie went? she was great!

  22. Daniel says:


    Anyone got a good review for one of the aussie girls at bodytone?
    Someone offering extras like COB/COF or FS etc?


  23. Melody says:

    Hey guys I’m new at bodytone, my names melody! hope you will come see me soon :)

  24. Clifdy says:

    Do any of the chicks at bodytone offer bbbjtcws??

  25. Bill says:

    It’s cheap because the girls are skanks. A couple there that look good. Zoey will do anything for money

    • Stevo says:

      Can you explain more Bill?

    • Lannister says:

      Seems like someone got shut down and is trying to slander one of the girls to me. Lol.

    • Rocky says:

      Yeh lannister is right, probably upset cause he got rejected.. Hahaha. Saw Zoey and a few other girls like Sarah and Seline, they have been nothing but pleasure.

      • Tom says:

        Does this place have showers in the rooms? Does the standard price includes body slides & pussy play? Or that’s extra.

        • Rocky says:

          Yeh they have showers in every room. Those would be charged as extras. Some allow touching, depends on how friendly you are with them =)

      • Stevo says:

        Hey rocky, just curious as to who you have seen and would you recommend them

        • Rocky says:

          Hi Stevo, If you are looking for service and looks, definitely Christine (Thai). Sarah (American) & Seline (Aussie) are great aswell. They seem to have new girls all the time so definitely need a visit soon.

  26. Les says:

    Hi Guys and Stevo
    What’s the best night and time when you get a choice of a few more girls.
    Stevo any reports on the American chick?

  27. Our private apartment in Glen street Milsons point.

    We’re waiting for your call. Phone: 0416239388, 0426467608Ivy

    Today have 2 nice girls ~~

    Hope see you soon^^

  28. crackers says:

    Righto, first visit tonight and won’t be my last. Three girls on tonight, two aussies and a gorgeous Thai. 75 bones for half hour (standard as was first visit) this place is a no brainer, they have themselves a new regular. Stevo are you still visiting this place? Anyone you can recommend there?

    • Stevo says:

      Still visiting, but haven’t been there for about a month or so now. I was gonna go last week, but had a cold, so I gotta get back there. In terms of recommendations, Danniela looks great. The mamasan there keeps her girls in check really well. I’ve still got to get around to seeing American Sarah and Lucy.

  29. crackers says:

    Going tonight fella’s, first time at this joint any tips? Will report back…

  30. Les says:

    Can anyone recommend a busty (fake or natural) girl at Bodytone for a sensual massage and HE.

  31. sam says:

    hey Stevo ,i recently went there and saw lucy , but she was booked so i couldnt get her , but i went the next day and booked her myself cuz she was so cute , and believe me i wasnt dissapointed , she is amazing , she offered 200$ FS , and 70$ BJ , but i was short on money ,but i’ll defenitly take the offer next time , if u go there tell her Sam sent u :P

    • Stevo says:

      Cheers Sam, I’ve definitely gotta book her. This place really gets a wide variety of girls which is great! and it’s so well priced.

  32. Stevo says:

    Has anyone seen American Sarah or the new girl Lucy?

  33. mikegibon says:

    Visited this place on Sunday for the first time and maybe the last. I was shown seven girls on duty, two of which I was told later offer f/s for an extra $200. Anyway, I picked a young Indian girl, very attractive, beautyful body and friendly attitude. But that was all she had to offer really. I paid her $70 for extras which included cbj and minimal touching of pussy. The cbj was amateurish at best, it lasted maybe four minutes 2/10, the hand job was terrible and rushed 3/10 and the massage was poor 4/10. In the end , it seems this place offers the illusion of very attractive girls but no substance. My usual chinese milf at my regular place may not be as attractive as these girls are, but what the hell, they give you nothing. My milf is passionate, still actractive in her early 40s, she kisses with ,passion, gives bbbj and she loves to have sex, while we are having sex, she whispers in my ears ” I want you inside of me”. All this for $140, and she has told me many times in the past not to give her too much money if I cant afford not to. Now, that’s real treatment and affection. Mind you, my comments only relate to one visit and are therefore limited. Cheers

    • mitch says:

      agree with that.
      where does your milf work?

      • mikegibon says:

        Mitch, my milf works a long way from Bodytone. In fact, I work in the west and she works for Pillow Top in Penrith. I will be discrete with her name, but believe me ,most other ladies that work here, while not so young, more than make up for it with exciting service. some are quite adventurous, if you know what I mean. Good luck, I hope you get your money’s worth.

  34. sandz says:

    Hi guys does anyone know where pinky works from bodytone. She’s a Cambodia girl who use to work at bodytone. Please let me know which shop she works at now would be appreciated.

  35. mykobo says:

    Can anyone give any feedback on the Lebanese Layla? Sounds bloody delicious!

  36. Jacko says:

    Anyone know if the $70 for 30min include a nude HE at this place?

  37. Huge dude says:

    WOW. Cant believe this place is so cheap. Went here twice in one week and got Georgia a young beautiful italian, small perkies but nice beach tan body. Othertime i got Sofia, a french stunner. Tall and tan most sexiest french accent ever. Thought id share since i couldnt believe i was paying over $150-170 per 30mins when these guys charge $70.

  38. Big T says:

    Awesome joint, very tidy girls great prices. Never had a bad experience. Will never go anywhere else. The german chick Mia was out of this world. Would have paid double at other joints for her massage.

  39. Pimpdaddy says:

    Went to this establishment recently, saw a Thai girl named Mandy. Hot as hell for a thai girl. Tall, slender and nice white skin. =) Will definitely comeback to sample the other beauts I saw during the line up.

  40. Styx says:

    Nothing worse than this disappointment of a slack massage and a going through the motions handjob and the feeling of gee I wished I picked the other girl. Popped in this arvo got a half hearted massage from the Balinese girl her was so unimpressed didn’t get her name. Nice small parlour though might pop back one day when the Aussie girl is in.

  41. Styx says:

    Can anyone recommend any one here. Was going to pop in after I found it was 110 for an hour. Spoke to the manager she mentioned Mia. Has anyone seen her I’m after a Aussie Euro girl. How much are extras is the 110 just for massage and the HE extra.

  42. Slapnut says:

    Actually these guys are now only $110 for an hour massage … Value!!

  43. Jason says:

    Price is damn expensive

    Full service $250 + the 1 hour massage fee ($160)

  44. Shero says:

    Just had a session with Pinky, a most enjoyable massage for quite sometime, Pinky is a real bubbly girl who loves a chat and provides a quality GF experience. Massage 8/10. Lay of the land for the establishment is you negotiate with the girls, some girls will do more than others which may include BJ and FS. I settled for the massage and HJ. HJ 7/10. Whilst the place is old it’s clean with showers in the rooms, rooms are of good size and house music loud enough to muffle the sounds of others. Over all the place is good, 7-8 girls work from varing places or origin. Asia, India, Phil, Sing and Aussie.

  45. Shero says:

    I’m going today, I will report latter.

  46. Slapnut says:

    looks like they have a website up now

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