Five Dock 203

203 Parramatta Rd Five Dock NSW 2046

Five Dock 203

Our Asian girls know what you want. They will make you have the unforgettable sex. Their beautiful faces and sexy body will make you feel hot quickly and enjoy their soft skin and the high ranking service. Ask nicely, you will get extra unbelievable sex experience.

Don’t wait because the pussy is so wet and need you to put it in.

Rates: 20 Mins $ 65, 30 Mins $ 80, 45 Mins $ 100, 60 Mins $ 150

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Tel: 02 9747 0696

Address: 203 Parramatta Rd, Five Dock

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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

22 Responses to Five Dock 203

  1. skinny pig says:

    this place is horrible for the same price you can go to kellys asian flowers the girls there are better cleaner rooms etc

  2. Mixture says:

    Is lily still working here?

  3. Horny Mike says:

    Seen coco the other day we both showered before hand but soap and water didn’t make her pussy smell good. I to now have a dose of clamydia according to doc hope the drugs work. The bed shower carpets and the ancient towel I was given were all filthy first and last for me. If you want a std go for your life. Asians@ Smithfield cheaper and girls cleaner.

  4. Darren says:

    Shitiest place and ugly sluts!!! Rude . I saw three ladies all in their 40’s when I asked to see more the receptionist literally swore at me and told me to fuck off!!
    Asian Mafia! Don’t waste your time guys..

  5. Ben says:

    I’ve seen coco before and I remember it was a pretty good service. Great tits and nice phat ass.

    Also anyone remember Helen ? I saw her a few times, nice pretty face and nice body with a cute butt, very good service, not sure what happened to her. Not sure if that std story is true, I remember her doing everything with a rubber.

  6. Jack says:

    Warning fellas! 150$ might be cheap but not worth getting std. Went there twice, had coco. Fantastic service. But started feeling funny, checked with the doc and found I got chlamydia. Lessons learnt!

  7. Chris says:

    Had a good time with Coco (second time), she loves her work and is one of the girls that makes sure you leave with a smile on your face.

    She gives great head and then just fuck’s like she is having a great time, lots of positions, enough talk and sounds of encouragement, that drive you on without putting you off your game.

    Will see her again.

  8. SexSamaritan says:

    I’ve always wanted to know what this establishment was like. I drive pass it each time and checked out their webpage to see the line up.

    Turns out the photo they use on there page are gravure or AV models – for example, Tina who’s advertised as Korean is actually Mikie Hara!

    Hope this helps!


  9. Punter 333 says:

    Anyone tried this place in Mortlake?

    link to

    Phone: 02 87573839
    Shop 33,86-88 Tennyson Road Mortlake Mortlake NSW 2137

    website looks alright.

  10. LoL!! says:

    Don’t even bother went there on Sunday. Didn’t have a choice of girls. Went in with Coco worst experience ever. Villawood would have been better

  11. miller says:

    I went to 203 on Saturday night, heard about this place from a friend, turned out to be better than i expected. The rooms are clean but its Asian girls only there , the lady there recommended me miki a short slim Chinese lady probably in her early 30s with a 8 ish face out of 10, since the rest of the ladies are busy and i went with her. Miki have nice pair of tits a good attitude i like her bj too but no nature french tho, she provides great service. I would definitely visit again.

  12. Jerry says:

    What can I say? They got me good! I got done harrrrd! Went there at about 12am on a Friday asked for a quickie (20 mins $70) I asked to see the line up, the lady insisted she would give me the best one and avoided the line up and sent me up for a shower. When I got out of the shower I saw the chick I was shocked. She looked 50 and her nipples were bigger than her titts.

    Now I usually have erection problems in the sense I have a constant hard on all day long but even on this occasion I could not get a hard on, we tried for 20 mins hj and so one but no good. When I walked out I was scratching my head thinking wtf just happened? Lol it was good for a laugh but I won’t be going back there again.

    What’s more is the chick I had wasn’t even on the roster. The roster is prob fake lol

  13. Joe butter says:

    Hey fellow punters, went down to 203 five dock the other night and want to share my experience.walked in thru the back door, where I was greated by a Chinese guy and lady, they told me to sit down and wait. They stood at the desk watching me and talking about me in Chinese for about 5 mins, I was just about to walk out but then they brang out the only available worker, coco. She was ok nothing special, they asked how long I would like to stay, there website is MISLeADInG they ask for more money, I told the guy your website says its this much, he replied what website….. Anyway I payed, went in showered, was giving a dirty towel. Got on the bed coco was very saggy, I w expecting more as many people said she was recommended, she has a lot of saggy fat on Herr, huge nipples which is s turnoff! Hahaha, she gave me bj, then rode me for about 1 minute and said you get up and fuck me. Did my thing, blew, shower and left. Never to return EVER again! Give this place a huge miss guys!! I paid for 45 mins, got charged $30 extra then there site says, your only alout to cum once. And I was told to shower after 15 mins… I payed for 45 min and got 15……… No Need to say more!

  14. Blotus says:

    Coco has ‘A couple of huge breasts’??? So she has four!! I’m heading in: be like being down on the farm. Heeyaaa!

  15. Francis says:

    CoCo is highly recommended, She has a couple of huge breasts. : )


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