Hornsby 280

280 Pacific Hwy Hornsby NSW 2077

P: 02 9482 1099

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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

20 Responses to Hornsby 280

  1. Ammiy says:

    Has anybody visited recently. Any nice girls

  2. Brother In Law says:

    Where did my posts go?????
    Do you only take Negative posted///

  3. Brother In Law says:

    Sorry Lads
    Didn’t mean to be rude.. Have a wine with Jessica and tell her what you want ..

    She’s a good burger .You will have fun on her direction..
    If not I will be surprised, But happy to cope flack if I’m wrong

    B I L

  4. Brother In Law says:

    I Read all this Dribble… Takes 2 to get along.. Happy to see very few Crap comments most likely for Crap Client’s. Not saying always perfect after a few beers, But my experience 99% of the time is Great..
    Positive going in will make you happy going out.

    Unless Nothing make’s you happy.


  5. Robert says:

    Popped in today and saw the delightfull Nicole,skin like a baby so smooth,DATYis wonderfull i would have spent the hour enjoying that but Nicole pulled my head up and on with the show.Absolute pocket rocket we compared our various toys and mixed it up in various positions and capped off with a nice massage and body slide.All round great experience The new owners really are putting in to make this the place to go in Hornsby.

  6. Robert says:

    Called in today and saw Selina,tall Thai girl and very pleasant.DATY is a must very sweet,all round good time. Noticed a Aussie girl working by the name Lolita,slim and attractive a rarity in hornsby palours.Cheers.

  7. Robert says:

    Popped in Friday and saw Selina, tall for a thai girl
    Jessica the owner is getting some nice girls working
    here Selina was great young and firm.

  8. Dave says:

    Well guys, I have been here a few times recently and can highly recommend this place. I had beautiful and young girl on Tuesday who gave great service. She had looked out through those sultry eyes as she sucked my erect manhood.

    The receptionist Jessica was very helpful with selecting the right girl for me. I think now with a new owner, this establishment has improved dramatically. Give it a try.

  9. Andreas says:

    Has anyone tried this place after the new management came into place? it was a crap as far as i know

  10. Simon says:

    280 just got bought by Jess who owns The House.
    All Asian girls now

  11. Jack says:

    Holy crap this place was bad.

    I didn’t read any reviews just saw the place and decided to give it a look..

    Now i’m pretty new to this.. i was under the impression that we get to look at some of the girls if not all the girls and then pick which one we want.

    I got led into the room and tossed some girl that looked like she was 50 and been through multiple child births so i asked to see another, she wasn’t much better so i said nah no good can i look at another.

    The dude look at me and started yelling at me in chinese.. which thankfully from my time spent in china i understood pretty much he was abusing me calling me some white fucker that is wasting his time.. he switchs to english or some mutilated version of it and tells me this no show you take first lady and you pay next time don’t come here again we no want people like you waste time. YOU TAKE FIRST GIRL GIVE MONEY i let you look all girl just this time.

    So i was dumbfounded… i didn’t know what to say to that he slams the room door so yeah i pretty much walked out at this point and apologized for wasting his time.

  12. John Derek says:

    This place is a dump as previously described. Got a fat Asian thing who could understand why I wouldn’t let her near me. Paying up front is a farce. Got none of my coin back even though I got no service. All I got was shafted. Could have spent it at the pub instead.

  13. Jessy says:

    there is enough material going on at this place for a conference…

  14. chris says:

    AMI IS HOT!!!!

  15. John bee says:

    People. Do not bother with this place!
    The door man was Extremly rude, and demanded cash. he offered me the most discusting looking lady ive ever meet threw a venue, im pretty sure she just finished from another dude and did not get cleaned up. Discusting, i told them If they had no other girls i would be on my way, and started to get abused! i was about to knock the guy one but i got to my senses and just walked out, I have never been abused before soo much, and he kept telling me, Pay now you pay now. Petheltic!

  16. darren says:

    Ah Fingers i tell it like it is, if its ROOTED! like quite a few venues around the brown town are well il let everyone know. Theres is nothing worse busting your gut all week to go to one of these places and be completely shafted! Your hard earned cabbage on some pathetic shithouse service. I think the problem is too many asian massage and full service shops. It has brought the bar down from years ago when the anglo saxon Aussie girls used to make a bit more of an effort to do the right thing and do good job. Half these ladies wouldnt get a job anywhere else they are just below par, but in saying that there are a few gems out there but no one is willing to give them up cause they might have Bertie the Humpty Dumpty lookalike come around and get the ladies fist up his arse!

  17. Fingers says:

    While in Hornsby today went for a visit, as to Darren last post Not a Thing has changed .
    So just give this place wide berth as spend you hard earn some were else.

  18. darren says:

    Firstly folks welcome back TENDERUB! Wheres my postcard and I hope you declared those crabs at the airport. Visited this dive wednesday night ol mate give me April early thirties thai lady average body very average head. Got my gear off an attempted to have a shower, a jockey would struggle to fit in there! Used the towel to dry off it had more frays than a a tongin wedding dress. The sheets hadnt been changed for a while and the place was a little grubby. April had attitude and I new I was going to be in for a ordinary time she didnt disapoint. Half hearted blow job put about one inch of the wand in her mouth and wouldnt take any more Really pathetic about as arousing as a dentist drill! After complaining about me moving her hair I told her to lay down while I plugged her she had that are you finished look on her so i told her turn over for doggy. No sooner had i blown my stack she was in the shower. I lay back catching my breath and looking at the ceiling and asked myself why on earth did I end up in this craphole with this shithouse service. $90 for 30 mins $20 for natural polish. That was a complete waste of time didnt turn me on one bit . Folks give this place a huge detour!


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