Minto 12

13 Lincoln St, Minto NSW 2566

P: 02 9603 2582

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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

177 Responses to Minto 12

  1. Curiousguy182 says:

    So it’s a dog box of a place. Shitty little brothel never commented in the 5 years I’ve been punting. But now I’ll be going thru all the places I’ve been or visited sick of bullshit reviews go in and feel robbed afterwards.

    Went inside to look at the girls. Like most pushy cheap Asian brothels. They whizz me straight in a room. Refusing to show me other girls. When I said I’ll come back later. I had the door way blocked and the girl started negotiating… mate she would have to pay me too fuck. I’m a solid bloke and a swift move towards her she didn’t move. Eventually I push my way out. And the older Asian women was a little nicer. By that I mean she didn’t block the door. Has happened to a mate aswell when he had a browse. The Aussie they always put on looks like she would swap rock rather then cash probably making it a little more convienient for herself. These “25-29 slim body girls” are actually like 40 plus junkies.
    Don’t waste your time boys.

  2. DontHavaLife says:

    hiding deranged females desperate to find out what coworkers doing. pathetic i see you hiding behind phone looking fuked up in head yuk sick thing. reading, writing reviews got a huge crack in skull. creepy stalking witch

  3. Ray says:

    Yo guys anyone know if any of the girls do anal? I know the asians I’ve seen don’t, but I didn’t get the chance to ask Lexy. Anyone know if Lexy or anyone else does anal?

    • Cougar lover says:

      Lexi definitely does anal.

      • Ray says:

        So you are a poo puncher Cougar lover?

      • Big G says:

        Will lexi do a BBFS for extra,s? How much?

      • Jimmy says:

        To Cougar Lover. How much extra did Lexi charge? Have seen her a couple of times but didnt know she provided that service

      • Lexy says:

        Cougar lover you are talking shit. I am Lexy and I DO NOT NOR HAVE I EVER DONE ANAL. And whoever said I charge $50 extra for that service is also lying through their keyboard.

        I no longer work at Minto. So please save the pretend sex stories for the next worker you become obsessed with.

        Yall have an awesome day.

        • Lexy says:

          I am not working any more. Back to nkrmal life for me.

          • Annoyed says:

            Back to normal life but still posting here huh? I’ve known plenty of wls that publicly claim “I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that” and totally change their tune when offered extra $. You may very well be right, but for Cougar Lover to be branded a liar by other members based on your testimony alone is pretty rough.

        • Legend says:

          So Cougar Lover is a BS artist? Sprung!

        • Lukeyboy099 says:

          Hey lexi how can I get in contact with you outside of work

      • Lexy says:

        Cougar Lover. . Who are you actually ?

        This is Lexy and I have never done anal.

        For you to say I definitely do i figured you must know something I dont about me? Can you enlighten me please? When did I start definitely doing anal? Because apparently I wasnt there!!!!

        I dont do anal and you are lying. I wonder what makes someone want to make up lies about my ass and hkw i DEFINITELY do anal?

        You didn’t even just exaggerate.. you wrote DEFINITELY like an expert on my service suggesting you yourself had done anal with me.

        Funny thing is.. any one who I have seen.. actually in person and not in dreams like yours.. will tell you I DO NOT DO ANAL.BECAUSE I DONT LIKE IT.

        You have an awesome day there in make believe land.

  4. The Muppet says:

    Yeah I’ve slept with Lexi at Lincoln St Minto. Can confirm she in the PT/body builder. Received a great BBBJ before she covered me up and rode me. Good GFE before play with missing and mutual masturebation too. Can recommend.

  5. Rover says:

    Just wondering. Has anybody fucked Lexie and what was she like

    • dfsdf says:

      anyone?? lexi anyone?
      ive done mimi – older, she was only ok.
      and bella – really enthusastiac, very loud and fake moans and lots of energy. great root.

      • cheekyman says:

        dont even know if this a troll or not anymore…
        prove it, how does she look like?

        • Bronson says:

          its that idiot RZ using bronson now. yoyo is slim attractive late 40s loves a big creampie, she really goes off when you give her a massive creampie

      • Lexy says:

        Bronson or who ever you are.. i understand that you are clearly a sad little man.

        You write about me being smelly and how you can hook up DP for other customers like your fkn some kind of retarded hugh heftner wannabe.

        I obviously have never met your lying ass before because not one thing you said is correct.

        Have yourself a wonderful day.

    • cheekyman says:

      only sceptical cause some other guy stole your username above. thanks for the review. who else have u slept with in minto 12?

    • The real Bronson says:

      All the bronson. I’m the real bronson

  6. Joe says:

    Saw new aussie lady robyn wednesday blonde mid to late 30s great service felt comfortable she wants to please god stuff punters

  7. Ray says:

    Haven’t been here for a while. Is there any new girls with nice tits and ass that know how to fuck? Best I’ve seen so far is probably Lexy. But I really want to see a new young girl with good assets and good in bed.

  8. chinchin says:

    when i came here just old ladies yoyo service is shit, ladies to old

  9. nathan says:

    YoungGun, this place is the best place,
    beautiful young Korean, Chinese,
    Hong Kong and Thai girls, great

  10. tom says:

    Mick, I went to 67a Christina rd.
    Villawood too, you’re right, nice
    young girls, I had a good time, I’ll
    be going there all the time from
    now on.

    • YoungGun says:

      You’re pathetic mick aka tom aka 67a Christina Rd admin. Try reading this losers comments in a Chinese accent, makes it a whole lot funnier….

  11. steve says:

    I’ve seen a girl named
    Yoyo, 50, old enough to be
    My mother, our you kidding,
    Really, ready for the scrap heap

  12. mick says:

    I went there about a week a
    Go, seen yoyo, middle age
    No good, if you want a good
    Time, go to 67a Christina rd,
    Villawood, nice beautiful young
    Slim girls, Chinese, Korean and
    Thai girls

  13. peter says:

    Speed, I went there last
    Week, you’re right about
    Yoyo, I wished I went somewhere
    Else, I’ll never go back there again.

  14. speed says:

    Hey guys, this place no good, I’ve
    Seen a girl named Yoyo, middle age
    And a big ass, no good at sex, I left
    Unhappy, give this place a miss.

    • WartBoy says:

      Yoyo is ok, i used to see her ,she loves a creampie. she would cum hard with any punter that filled her up with jizz. i could hear her go off while i waited, then she would greet you with cum running down her leg from the last dude. anyway we both went to the STD clinic together when i caught gonorrhoea, dont know who i got that from but i had to tell her because i had been filling her with jizz. dont worry punters this was years ago

  15. the king says:

    Who has a bigger ass, a fat ass
    Wombat or yoyo

  16. piss off says:

    Fuck you ivan, why are you fucking
    Blokes up the ass and giving them
    Head jobs, all so copping cocks up your

    • ivan says:

      Piss off…Hey,COCKROACH…im spending time and money to meet you…the black and white i have of u is grainy but enough to id u…u live under a rock up on the north shore…u gotto go..its my mission now..see u COCKROACH…soon..

    • Seek says:

      Went here last Friday morning. Was shown to a room with Angel. Nice compact asian with enhanced titties. Fun to be with. Stripped off and we got on the bed. She commented how cold it was and wanted a little cuddle first. Didn’t mind me running my hands over her ass. Then she started getting me hard, first with her hand as I sucked her big nips. Then on with a rubber and bj for a little while she enjoyed me playing with her snatch. Moaning and giggling. Then she asked if we jiggy-jiggy now? I was ready and she spread her legs, had a nice tight pussy. She kept up the dirty talk and made sure I banged her hard. She cleaned me up and gave a reasonable massage (no oil) and nice kisses and cuddles to leave on. I’ll be back. 90 half / 160 full hour.

    • Djb says:

      I’m in much the same boat as you (mid-twenties though) and I don’t really venture too far east of Blacktown.
      Given the ‘dubious’ style of counting amongst the local establishments you’d be hard pressed finding some around your age.
      I’ve found 18/19 usually means 25, and if you wanted a girl who was actually 18 you would have to ask for something that would get you arrested.
      Penrith I’m not too sure about, but you could try 8 carnegie over in Blacktown, you really have to wade through the shit (and put up with turd receptionists) but they usually have a couple of girls around that age.

  17. jeff says:

    I like asian girls

  18. killer says:

    Is there any korean or japanese
    Girls working there?

  19. asian guy says:

    Does mimi still work there,
    Can anyone tell me

  20. asian guy says:

    Nice clean place, good service and nice
    Girls, asian and aussie girls

  21. asian guy says:

    I like sexy judy, good in bed,
    Makes me very happy

  22. asian guy says:

    My american friend likes asian and aussie girls,
    Any age

  23. asian guy says:

    I like little kiki and feebie

  24. asian guy says:

    Asian sexy girls,
    Are beautiful

  25. johnny b says:

    To you ivan, do not threaten my mate big karl again, i mate is a six foot 2, weighs at least 110 kilograms, think twice before you threaten anyone

  26. marco says:

    I have seen sexy gorgeous busty sandy blonde girl called judy today.boy what a great time I had with her today.great oral and great sex in all positions.we even rocked the bed.she allways wears sexy clothes and sometimes wears a school uniform.i wish I went to her school.i have seen judy heaps of times but today was the best time in my life.she allways gives great service very bubbly person and a down to earth girl.i allways leave completely satisfied.thanks judy for another great time today.yoyo can u give judy more days there so I can cum more times every week.thanks judy I will be back for more and more.xoxo

    • Jon says:

      6 posts
      0 warning points
      Went here sometime in August (when i happened to be in the area) but its taken me a while to get to posting the review. Read about this place on Parlour Pages and gave it a try. Its located opposite the Ingleburn train station which is an industrial area and relatively quiet. Went in and was presented two girls – cant remember the first girls name but when Melanie walked out i knew i wanted her (asian (Vietnamese i think)). Dressed in only a black bra, panties and high heels with a big smile on her face and long hair – she had me hard at “hello”. Paid for an hour and was lead to room (clean and practical but not uxorious) and had a quick shower and was met by Mel as i walked out. Stood between my legs and started necking me for a while and then laid me down and got undressed. Proceeded with a nice relaxing massage with plenty of nipple rubbing on back action which went on for about 15 mins but i could not take much more so i turned around and went for her nice (firm not big but ample) breasts which i loved. She was responsive and made the customary moans and groans while rubbing my now hard as a rock penis with her soft thighs. Slipped on the dom and did the missionary and then went for a variety of different positions – standing up against the wall, with her heels on in bed, scissor, etc etc. Overall a great experience and i will be going back if i am in the area again. Mel works Tuesdays and Fridays.

      • Richie says:

        Who is work today?

        Last time I saw the thieland girl, she is young, her name is Bebe . Very good! I want to see next week again!

  27. big karl says:

    I saw judy tonight !
    She is very good servis!
    She soo good!
    Sexy and frendly.
    See her please!
    You will be happy very much.?

  28. big karl says:

    Me better than you, i’m big and strong, too much for little girl

  29. big karl says:

    You can’t handle my big cock

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