Moorebank 5


Unit 47, 5 Kelso Cres Moorebank 2170

P: 02 9601 6685

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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

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  1. Big Willy says:

    Went to this place last Friday.
    Greeted by an amazing Asian Lady easily in her 40’s. Massage was really great.
    She had an amazing set of jugs that you wouldn’t believe. I had to go for the rub n tug as I just couldn’t stop thinking about them. Sorry, forgot her name. I think Coco or something. She is sexy for an older lady.

  2. Ryan k says:

    Looking for some SOLID BAREBACK SEX
    just broke up
    This place has any bbfs?

    • Dannynob says:

      Doubtful bro – I’ve been heading here for years. Mostly MILF and older ladies, sometimes they’re new to the industry but they ain’t fucking stupid – which is what you’d have to be to smash some random asian cunt without a rubber. BBBJ is usually available for a bit of extra dosh though – had plenty of bitches slob the nob and swallow a load for as little as $20. There was one younger girl from a while ago (Jennifer I think?), poor bitch was desperate as fuck, she’d suck and take a facial for 10 bucks. Either way, just don’t be a dumb fuck and root without a rubber lol

  3. Adamx says:

    Anyone have a recent review on this place ?

    • Allan says:

      How many girls are working? On their web page are just two grandmas..

  4. happy boy says:

    Went to Kelso Pl on Saturday and had Jessica. She had a great personalty to start. slowly work me up with a slow hand job . Jessica has large tits for a china gril and had my balls between them at the same time licking my cock head.Then a slow head job using her thoung rapping it around my cock filling her mouth with her saliva and what came out my cock. Making a moth full sound she became faster.Now I had one finger playing with her wet juice clitty then I used the pussy juice to wet another finger slide it into her ass hole. She giggled one finger in her pussy
    another in her ass.Jessica then swung around ask to give her a good fuck . We started with slow missionary style, her legs were in a wide V like a pair anteners.I ask for a doggy she has one best ass to see doggy style. I now was really thrusting my cock into wet pussy and Jessica groaning on when she gave a couple loud pussy farts. Now she was vibrating and holding on to the bed. I pull out then gave the ass a fuck for a try.Then I blow my load off. After I pulled out and laid back Jessica gave another great head job.Be back

    • happy camper says:

      Happy boy
      Yeh great… Go for everything bareback… Nothing to lose if you get a fatal disease, you will leave with a big smile after all that risky action. Great man

    • Ali says:

      It sounds like the owner of the brothel expirence. LoL

      • Pal says:

        Dreamer, you know you are a dreamer
        Well can you put your hands in your head, oh no!
        I said dreamer, you’re nothing but a dreamer
        Well can you put your hands in your head, oh no!
        I said “far out, what a day, a year, a life it is!”
        You know, well you know, you had it comin’ to you
        Now, there’s not a lot I can do

        • Jaaaamie(puke) says:

          When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful
          A miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical
          And all the birds in the trees, well they’d be singing so happily
          Oh joyfully, playfully watching me
          But then they send me away to teach me how to be sensible
          Logical, oh responsible, practical
          And they showed me a world where I could be so dependable
          Oh clinical, oh intellectual, cynical

          There are times when all the world’s asleep
          The questions run too deep
          For such a simple man
          Won’t you please, please tell me what we’ve learned
          I know it sounds absurd
          Please tell me who I am

          I said, watch what you say or they’ll be calling you a radical
          Liberal, oh fanatical, criminal
          Won’t you sign up your name, we’d like to feel you’re Acceptable
          Respectable, oh

          • Pal the Cuck says:

            Goodbye Pal it’s been nice
            Hope you come off from smoking ice
            Tried to see your point of view
            But everything you write looks like poo

            Goodbye Pal, go to hell
            I highly doubt you are sane
            Feel no sorrow, feel no shame
            Reading your words is a pain

          • Pal/Andy/Andrew says:

            Sorry Jaaaaamie puke puke.. I’m not going to continue helping you prop up a failed site by continuing inane dialogue with a twit like you. Yawn , you are so boring I wish you and fucking Cheeto to drop over some time – a steep cliff that is. Love and kisses from you former mate and sparring partner ?????

          • Peter T says:

            Lol, Looks like Jamie is the winner and Pal you have finally conceded that you truly are a loser. I won’t miss your inane comments.

        • Pennywise says:

          You’ll float to Pal , you’ll float to….

    • Piddles says:

      Pal always claims he’s fed up with this forum but always cums back. Like a boomerang. He’s like a bad smell; he just wont go away

    • Ali Khan says:

      I see Jess before a lot of times. She has big tits a nice juicy ass. She always gave me BBBJ. Always great 69s. Always do FS & anal with condom. She a good fuck

    • Bill Short One says:

      Happy Boy. Read your review. Now i know why you are happy. BTW any other WLs there that do anal? Also was it all bare back or covered?

  5. Ejt says:

    Hi guys
    Wanting to go tomorrow, are there any slim sexy women on tomorrow that do bbfs ? Thanks

  6. ryan says:

    i feel the person “musn” is working at this place, just seems to be replying to everyones comment and also knows more about this place but never writes a comment themselves… hmm….

  7. Mike says:

    What days does coco work and how much for a double

  8. Ivan says:

    Any reviews on saturdays girls, anybody ever tried Helen ?

  9. Repli says:

    Which girls work Sundays and what are opening-closing hrs


  10. pride says:

    Any bbfs girl on Friday. appreciate advice

  11. Ivan says:

    Hey mates, does anybody know the name of the girl who works Monday’s, chubby girl with glasses ?

    Would be appreciated.

  12. Ivan says:

    What girls work on Wednesdays ? any reviews on them

  13. John says:

    Any huge tits Asian woman working in here?

  14. Michael says:

    Hey mates, what girls work on Thursday’s

  15. bob says:

    Just me or do i always get ladies with huge stomachs, left once and i felt sick. Can anybody recommend the good days and what decent girls work when
    Thanks fellas

  16. rob says:

    So guys looks like Coco dosent work Tuesdays anymore, fuck she was an absolute beast and knew how to suck a cock.

  17. Johnnys says:

    Does anyone know if they offer anal ?

  18. Old mate says:

    Ok so visited last Monday, was in the first room short lady, nice tits and yeah not bad service, i had troubles and finished a minute into head since i am a young fella Lol, went for a second round and had same problem and so she gave me a top notch massage, good enough

    Then i revisited on the Thursday, Friday and even Saturday late into the night, days before were like 7/8pm however Sat was 11:30 or so

    I didnt even get the ladies names, all work hard and do a good job, abit older but personally i love it like that just a fantasy.

    For $120 a hour pretty good value and does the job, will be going back here soon when come back to the local area.

    7.5/10 for me

  19. Tony says:

    I tried this place after reading all the comments. I wasn’t expecting too much but was very pleasantly surprised. I saw one called Lucy…big tits and a great attitude…really into it. Best BJ I have had, took her time and didn’t gag.Then massage and pussy play till I was up for a second one and a very enthusiastic fuck. Top value for $. Everything was clean . Older ladies but this one is really good.

  20. James says:

    Visited today morning after research.
    Coco works hard, nice bbbj and great massage.
    CIM was perfect, doesn

  21. Holein1 says:

    Went for a peep recently…

    Honestly I had the cash which was burning a hole in my pocket – Toey as all hell but place so dirty with 2 filthy woman – aged about 30 – 55 hrs young I left which they got marks I wouldn’t stay!
    Must say I initially rang prior to arriving and they did say on the phone 4 girls working and when I arrived there was only 2 girls 15 minutes later.

    Dodgy, Dirty – Cheap & Nasty

  22. James says:

    Does anyone know what time they open and the rates they charge?

  23. Young Gun says:

    Hour session with Coco, BBBJ till I shot a heavy load down her throat which she gargled and swallowed. Nice massage followed, aroused me again and asked that I fuck her doggy, even managed to slip it in her back door where I blew again. Another massage followed which led to a hand job, now I didn’t think I had a third shot in me, but God damn she found it. I was wrecked! $120 well spent…

  24. Daz says:

    Rolled the dice here 2 weeks ago after reading the posts. Wednesday morning knocked and a older Asian woman 3/ 10 opens the door walks me to a room I ask for another replied no other just me and how long. Figured I here so just pulled the trigger. BBBJ was sloppy wet and professional and pounded her tight small pussy till I blew up her back. then had a shot 40 minute massage and finished with a second blowie and full session All up went 10 over the hour but I’d say for a older ducks she was 6/ 10. Definitely run it again

  25. Jk says:

    Went back after my last bad experience.

    Was greeted at the door by a sexy busty Asian.

    Waited in the room and in she comes 🙂

    She proceeded to give me a head job before climbing ontop.

    Man her tits a perfectbig and real.

    Looks 10/10
    Sex 10/10
    Nice and tight, smelt fresh sexy as fuck man I’ll be going back to bone her again.

  26. stevo says:

    Visited Sunday morning 19/4,
    Up stairs & greeted by Mimi & ushered into a room– 45mins $100 all up
    no offer of pre shower but didn’t worry me she guaranteed i was sunday morning first, tend to believe that as i was there about 10.30.
    There was gfe kissing, daty, covered head & hide the sausage, didn’t mind the titties lubed up for titty fuck.
    Pretty good service, English was good– Showered after.(mimi & me)
    Not rushed & left a happy man.

  27. Jk says:

    Went here yesterday,

    Opted for 15mins $50.

    Walked Into the room, a small Asian came in I lasted down she started to suck my cock, would say about 2/10.
    Door bell rings so she gets up and answers the door and comes back 5mins later.

    She sucks it hard again then I roll her over and pound her doggy.
    Was tight… Then jumped on top and finished off. Sex was 5/10
    Face was fucking ugly 1/10 but body was a 7/10

    Overall cheap but I wouldn’t go back again.

  28. Young Gun says:

    Ok so this place has improved recently, tried Jennifer last week, asked her to masturbate while lubed up my cock for her, she was more than happy to do so before I pulled her legs over her head and pounded her silly.

    Also seen Coco, best BBBJ I’ve ever had, asked her to stop or I’d be filling her mouth, she was keen on that also, but obliged. Bent her over, lubed her ass, slid it in and pounded her while she was flat on her stomach gripping at the end of the bed, she took it like a champ. I’ll be a regular, might try a double next time.

  29. Sam says:

    This place really varies, not the best, but for the price hardly the worst. Check out Jennifer on a wed/Thursday, younger girl, floppy fat tits that are fun to play with and she gives a mean BJ. One of those indo girls with the really big lips and the wide mouth – fantastic for licking dick. I slipped her an extra $20 and we went BBJ for a while till I came on her tits, good girl she got on her knees and licked my cock right up until the climax. Recommended! 🙂

  30. Jimmy says:


    I’ve been going to this place on and off for a few years, and it really varies. Older ladies mostly, but they work hard and so pretty intense shit. Go there on a Tuesday/Wednesday and ask for Koo-koo (or however it’s spelled) – for $75 she’ll give you 30 mins of BBBJ, rimming, etc. I dropped in 2 x weeks ago, had her blow me once then go shower, and blow me again – she’s not the prettiest bitch by any means, but she sucks dick like a champ and is happy to swallow a fat wad of cum, so who really gives a shit what she looks like right??? Lol, I’ve also double teamed her with a mate mine, and she took cock in her ass and mouth like a champ. 🙂 🙂



  31. Young Gun says:

    Don’t bother, went in the other night confident that their website was all shit. Yes it was, no ladies 18-25 as advertised and the receptionist admitted the website was put up to attract customers with fake photos stolen from other sites.

  32. Abdul says:

    Just seen this place as I drive through the area. Does anybody know the rates this place charges?

  33. Anonymous reviewer says:

    The worst, it’s dirty, they leave used doms on display, stinky and old woman


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