Pymble House


1/105 Grandview St Pymble NSW 2073

P: 02 9440 7186

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  1. Abbi says:

    Some of the WL are quite sexy, but that’s where it ends. They are not service providers, just show pony’s that want to scam every dollar out of you. If you want to throw your money away then then this is the place for you. I’d rather watch my money burn then give it to this dump.

  2. Adam says:

    Anyone been here lately?

  3. X says:

    Put a review on this page last night about how bad this place is and the terrible service that they rip customers off with, or should I say no service that I got at my last visit. Funny how it’s conveniently disappeared. Let’s see if this post gets deleted as well

  4. X says:

    Saw Yumi, not interested in doing bj not interested in having sex, all she did was talk for the whole session, luckily it was only a half hour booking so only wasted $90. Total fucking waste of my time and money!

    Have been here several times lately and seen different WL each time, not once have I left satisfied. They lie to your face, the description of the WL and what service they provide is all false, all they care about it getting their hands on your money and nothing else, should report them for false advertising. There are plenty of other places that offer decent quality solid service. Won’t be rushing back to this place any time soon.

    • XY says:

      If you paid $90 and she just wanted to talk.. I’m afraid you’re an ugly motherf****er… :/

      Stick to Porn

      • XY says:

        Yes X your an ugly mother fucker, but my mother still can’t get enough of your cock in all of her holes!

  5. 3am says:

    The quality of the service in this place has really gone downhill, they have become too money hungry and don’t want to offer a quality service, I say this after seeing quite a few of the WL so not just based on one experience. I don’t want to give this place another cent so I Will be staying away for a good long while and give my hard earned money to another place that actually puts effort into providing a quality service. Bye bye 105.

  6. John_Matrix says:

    Anybody know where Jasmin has gone?

  7. BK says:

    Went to this place last night, after 5mins of waiting Sasa comes out of a job comes in to say hello & jumps on my lap rubbing her pussy up & down my leg. Was a bit surprised that she recognised me, I hadn’t seen her for a long time but have seen her a few times before that. She does have a great body, very nice tits, and a very nice pussy & that sex machine look in her face. Was a bit disappointed as I found her service was not as good as it used to be, I understand that she had been working all day & may have been tired, or she probably felt comfortable enough with me to relax, but the bbbj was average, sex was good, asked her to give me a massage as my shoulder was a bit stiff & she didn’t want to do it, she just lay there for the rest of the time. Might have another long test from her again.

  8. Pussymaster says:

    Went to this place the other night and the manager that is normally on at day time (she said her name was Dee)had just come back from shopping buying soft drinks for the place, I was originally seated in one of the cubical waiting rooms close to the back door, when Dee saw me sitting in there she took my hand and come come to more comfortable room & took me to one of the working rooms, the next part is what shocked me, ( she it a beautiful girl BTW). She started getting very touchy feely with me all over my body brushing her hands over my service tool, playing with my nipples, whispering very closely into my ear & lightly kissing me just below the ear, quite erotically. (Started setting some movement in my pants). So I started doing the same back & had no complaints she didn’t back off eather, it got to the point where I was squeezing her ass cheeks, rubbing her pussy, & playing with her nipples, (all from the outside of her clothes of course, then I thought I’d test the waters & go a bit further, I pulled her top forward to look at her tits, she didn’t mind so I put my hand down her top & into her bra & started playing with her nipples, I couldn’t believe it, she didn’t mind at all. I’m sure she was doing this to get me turned on while I was waiting to make sure I stayed & it was probably all staged anyway, the 3 WL were in the rooms busy at the time. After me playing with her nipples with her hand on my ass for a few minutes one of the WL came out of a job, so she walked out of the room to go and bring her in.

    Has this happened to anyone before with her??? This is the first time I met her so I don’t know if I was lucky or if she is like that with everyone?? Has anyone had the pleasure of seeing her in the room. She says she is only there in the morning & day time, trouble is its not easy to go there at that time cause of work, But I think I will be making arrangements to do a special trip there when she is there & see if I get a different experience.

    If anyone has had similar encounter with her please share?…..

    I ended up seeing (shay i think her name was) great service, bbbj & a good firm massage, just the way I like it.

  9. MAC says:

    Any reviews lately ?
    Been wanting to check this place out.
    Website so similar to Hornsby’s.

  10. Dugong says:

    Saw a pretty young student there last week – not sure of name could have been MOOMOO but she was cute. Did an astronaut on her and then gave her 4 cum lasers in the face.

  11. Chris says:

    Do any of you regular punters know if Sophie from 142 Hornsby is working anywhere else? She’s been MIA for 3 months.

  12. Mike Newman says:

    Went here early this morning , all up pretty interesting (read on), was pissed off as i waited in a phone booth little wait room for over 12-15 mins, the rude girl on reception could not speak english at all just waived her fingers at me, she eventually offered me a woman who fair dinkum was about 50-55, apparently only one available. Could / may have been her mum. So i got in room and this asian mother woman couldn

  13. Eric says:

    I’ve been here a dozen times over 3 years and have always had a brilliant experience. Never rushed, always young girls ( 20-30), Coco, Sophie and recently Dodo were exceptional. BBBJ , cat bath really enthusiastic. FS for $90 is great value. I always give the girls a tip min $10 or $20. I will go back here again and again.

  14. roving zucchini says:

    Hi, went to pymble last night, before closing time, no booking just roll up, paid half hour for Sophie (aka miko of hornsby), happy to see each other, start of bit of chatting and dfk, in the past at hornsby, she is one of my favourites, daty was good, but the whole time she was asking why I stopped going to hornsby, dud punt, could not stay focused on the job, finish off with bbbj and cim, quick clean up and walk away so so.
    First visit there, and probably last, and scratch another favourite of my list.

  15. Mike Newman says:

    Went here early this morning , all up pretty interesting (read on), was pissed off as i waited in a phone booth little wait room for over 12-15 mins, the rude girl on reception could not speak english at all just waived her fingers at me, she eventually offered me a woman who fair dinkum was about 50-55, apparently only one available. Could / may have been her mum. So i got in room and this asian mother woman couldn’t speak english , we used hand signs (i thought) , i gave her $60 (3 x 20’s) and she cracked the widest smile i have ever seen – she was over the moon. Reflecting after, i reckon she thought they were 50’s. So i strip off , sit on the massage table and wait another 5 mins, losing patience now, she finally comes in still smiling big time, she gets her kit off , very ordinary body, fried egg tits, saggy nappy ass. Then it got interesting. She looks at me with hungry eyes, and she went straight down on her knees and started sucking me, i thought i was just was there for a massage and wristy. I let her go on and as i got harder i started deep throating her, she didn’t enjoy that. She started gagging. Next , and i was amazed as i thought she was going to run out of the room, she stood up and bent over the table and reached back and spread her ass and cunt cheeks. i couldn’t believe it , so like a good trooper i stuck it in , first i gave her old snatch an absolute workout. i fucked her so hard i was hitting her dead end. Definitely up to my nuts in guts. I kept looking at her asshole, she didn’t mind when i stuck my finger in it so i thought what the fuck. I spat in her asshole and then i gave it all to her ass. Man i went hard at it , my balls were slapping her so loudly. I couldn’t believe how my 7 inches fit in her little ass to be honest. I then blew a massive load in her ass after about 4 minutes of pounding it. As i was watching it flood out she turned around , smiled at me , got on her knees and licked the remaining cum off my cock, eating every ounce of it she could find. She then dressed , didn’t say 1 word and left the room. All up about 17 mins for $60 of some of the hardest fucking i have ever done in my whole life. No words, no foreplay, but i wasn’t complaining. Ashamed i fucked her like that but sort of excited also. Her name ? dunno. Her looks , very average, thin, older , short hair, no tits, saggy ass and bow legs. maybe she had straight legs before i pounded and cream pied her ass 🙂 Going back ? Tempting

  16. uminaman says:

    Has anyone been here lately?
    Seems like this board is getting pretty quiet.
    I see they are close to the train station, are they worth the stop?
    Looking for some petitie girls that can teach me a thing or two and maybe some extras?

  17. darren says:

    Folks you know im a fair person was heading by this place sunday so what the heck i made another appearance. Seen Anne Thai lady early twenties slim shaven average looking. Got a heady without partyhat she was going at a break neck speed to get the deed done. Funny the same thing happened last time i was here it very very annoying. The whole idea about going to one of these places is to relax switch off have a fuck and not think about the shit world outside for a while. She was licking all over the place then she motions for me to put the wand in her. She sat on top and did a half hearted bounce for a couple of minutes then said i should go on top i did my best to delay the man sauce but donated sooner than later. Just wanted to get out of there not happy 2nd time still lousy service. Do the people running these places give a shit that what there providing is crap. There is no other way of describing that sort of service.And to the fat guy who was on the pretend Harley riding to the back entrance who was stuffed climbing the rear stairs you should be next door at the gym save your dough those girls are BAD!

  18. darren says:

    Folks visited this place tonight. Was heading past felt what the heck a couple of schooners at the Pymbull Hotel then over the road to this venue. I should of kept going the pub was full of wankers in Manly shirts after a few drinks i fronted this venue to see what sort of adult service i could get. Three ladies on late 20s to late 30s i chose Lana could be Liliana or there abouts. She was late 20s not super thin but not fat either little bit of puddin but not a bad shape. Ninety for half hour had me shower and waited on bed for Lana to do her thing. On with the party hat for woeful heady the worst for a long time asked for the hat to be taken off wasnt happening so she had just the head of the wand in her gob thats what she calls a head job. So DREADFUL about as much a turn on as listening to opera. Then jumps onto knob and precedes to give me fake orgasms after 2 minutes she deserved a Academy for her loud moaning. Only boucened on me knob so i had to bend her over and slam the fucker in to show her how this whole SCREWING thing should be done. Overall experience not great place was well looked after but this girl wont be bringing in any new customers because if thats the standard they set well there is no point going there they havnt got a clue what its all about!.

  19. Nobby says:

    Very pleasant but expensive no happy ending has anyone else had any luck.


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