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Shop 6/17-20 The Esplanade Ashfield NSW 2131

P: 02 9798 8308

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  1. Robin says:

    Have anyone try this massage,

    Do you guys know whether they off any extra?

  2. Gorro says:

    Careful of this place. They have somewhat attractive girls as masseurs, but none of them know how to give a decent massage, and a lot of them don’t do HJs. This place does not do full service, they only offer massage, and bad massages at that.

  3. mic says:

    this is fuck place. Massage is bullshit and no extra. Never waste your money.

  4. Chuck says:

    I’ve had plenty of excellent normal massages in my life but when I went here I received a normal massage which was one of the worst ever, 2/10. This was a couple of years ago and I’m never going back.

  5. bartlett says:

    dropped in today, 1 lady and 1 t-girl available. had my first t-girl experience. great body to body massage and he/she let me wank her/his (little but hard) cock also. blew a huge load. $85 for 30 mins

  6. Goundy says:

    This place is horrible. Worst massage I’ve ever had was in here. The girl looked okay at first, but gave me a mechanical, unenthusiastic massage, filled with bad vibes and a “I don’t give a f88k” attitude.

  7. Micheal says:

    Just a friendly tip to all the men that visit this place, extras and full service sex are 100% available at this place. But there is a big catch – they are only available to men that are of Chinese background. The owner seems to think that only her chinese customers are capable of keeping their mouths shut and wont tell anyone else that they are getting full service. She is paranoid about loosing her license to operate a massage shop and thinks that if this service is offered to everyone – particually anglo australians – that council will find out and take her license away. She is so strict with this rule that her latest policy is that the girls arnt even allowed to lock the doors to their rooms while giving a massage to a non chinese customer, just so she can walk in at short notice and make sure they are following her rule.
    So if you are non chinese I would highly recommend that you give this place a miss if you are going for extras.
    And if anyone on Ashfield council is reading this, if you want to investigate this I would suggest you send in a chinese male to this place undercover who speaks english as a second language. Dont bother sending an aussie

  8. Andd says:

    Went yesterday there to check. I booked Massage for 30min paid $35. The Girl’s name was Lisa, looks to me like Ladyboy.
    Face 2/10
    Massage 4/10
    Age 30
    Boobs- Didn’t get to touch

    Halfway asked her if full service is available. She said no we don’t do it here. Then I asked her if possible, she asked $2000 for full and $1000 for BJ. I laughed on myself and went to shower.

    I still think that there are some nice girls, whom I have to try later.

  9. Boris says:

    Well. I am a brand new poster here but I have been a punter for 20 or more years (here & o/seas). I have been carefully reading your posts for a few months now so it’s now time to post for the 1st time.
    I just went to this place and it was the WORST F#%&*&% massage in my life. Paid $35 for 1/2 hour (actually more like 17 minutes) of mechanical frustration. The girl looked friendly enough but after some lazy prodding she justfi

  10. Jack says:

    This entire blog is a con…I had the worst massage in my life here today…dont believe anything you read about this place…I can guarantee I will never get a massage as bad as this place…I would have preferred to lose the money then give it to these dogs. Admin you should delete this place as a lot of people will not believe a word of anything that goes up on these pages. I usually get extras for free btw…

  11. Neo says:

    Went in last week. Given some of the previous posts I expected to be in for a treat. Place is a complete waste of money. Mechanical and just boring. Im caucasian but Ive been around Massage shops for years and Ive had more ML’s offer to do anything for a $ than ive had hot dinners. Not this place. They must want the aussie dollar, just not from the white boys lol. The one thing i dont quite understand is that the reason the ML’s offer extras is so they actually get some money for the massage. Strange.

  12. Gdragon says:

    I agree with ya 100% Danny had the same experience! unless mandarin is a requirement which i do not speak

  13. Danny says:

    Went there exactly 1hr ago and this place is a rort.
    They claim not to do HE and even when i called the number you provided and asked even mentioning names of anyone that has worked there they said they don’t do it.

    I do not recommend this place at all…

    Oh and im asian…!

  14. takahashi says:

    Visited this sit place based on the number of reviews here… reasonably ok place. small fairly private. walked in on a late sunday afternoon….. two chicks out the front shop and mamasan one was pretty horrid and the other had a pretty amazing body but the face could do with some improvement. little number from HK.. happen to speak to her language so that made it easier.. pretty normal massage to start off with at the start..(her massage is ok not fantastic but pretty reasonable).. asked me to turn over and massaged my front lower legs….. gave me a massive raging boner a small little white towel had no chance in hell of hiding.. she tries to ignore it. I jokingly said to her look what you have done to try and lighten the situation…and to be honest wasn’t expecting a lot since 15 minutes had passed and it was a fairly normal massage. she giggled and asked what do i want her to do about it. I jokingly said fix it up make it small again! She didn’t wait for a second invitation. Grabbed my harden and gobbled it up and sucked it like no tomorrow. I had the impression this girl LOVES to suck cock and she sucked and licked my cock good. I suggested she show me her ass and nice tits.. and with out a word she dropped her clothes !!! She had a tight body this chick!! Pretty dam decent. Not an inch of fat on her!!!!!! Small A cup tits that’s had implants!! Dropped her clothes and resumed sucking my cock!.. i went to town on her pussy and shoved a couple of fingers in there and just fingered her. got her wet and dripping. Suggested she on for a ride. Didn’t think she would say yes.. but thought worth trying. To my surprise said yes but had to do it on the floor as the massage table would creak and she didn’t want the boss to hear. Laid the sheet on the wooden floor. I looked at it and said no way not fucking you on the hard floor. Lifted her ass onto the massage table and proceeded to fuck her for the remainder of the massage session in numerous position and i can tell you with out a doubt this girl loves to fuck!!!!! and she loves it deep and she loves it big! After a good long fuck which I am sure she came several times.. i asked her to suck me off and finish it.. and she proceeded to suck my hard cock bareback and all until i came. She didn’t pull her mouth away! She just sucked down EVERY single drop of my cum. very very satisfying!!!! sadly i didn’t get her name. Just ask for the tiny little hong kong girl!!!!! She’s awesome!

  15. Gdragon says:

    went there this afternoon, Angie has gone back to china apparently.did a 45min session. there’s a note in the room saying not to remove your underware as no special service is provided. Have you see this Snapjaw?Let us know if you go back there and find a replacement for Angie

  16. Tenderrub says:

    tried angie before. mid 30’s, saggy boobs and soft massage. maybe im fussy but i hate massages that are not symetrical. if they touch my left arm i expect them to walk around and touch my right arm and so forth………
    the place is convenient enough with easy parking but the rooms arent sound proof and there are 2-3 gawkers sitting at the front watching customers (management???) go in and out. angie’s voice was soft and sexy and she was friendly enough but i didnt get lured in to coming back for seconds.

  17. target says:

    I went to this shop Monday try one very young girl tiling,
    Face 7/10
    Age 18
    Massage 7/10
    Service 9/10
    I paid $60/hr $50tips
    I very happy with her worth, I will back again!

  18. Fred Flinstone says:

    I went there once. Crap massage, no extras at all. I’m aussie so i think theyre paranoid about being exposed. prob something to do with their license. shame though coz a cpl of good looking girls there. Feels a bit racist but i guess i get it. If yr aussie, id avoid.

  19. snapjaw says:

    I’ve been here a few times now. The first two times was a couple of months ago and both times the girls never offered anything extra, just finished the massage and said times up. I thought it was the fact that I spoke English despite being Asian.

    A few weeks ago I thought I’d just try again, so in I went and didn’t like the look of the first girl there, the second girl looked nicer so asked for her. Her name was Angie. She gave me a decent massage and near the halfway mark she quietly asks if I wanted a HJ. Of course I wasn’t about to say no 😛

    She grabs the oil bottle and also offers to take her clothes off, again I accepted. She’s got a nice body, B cups, but unshaven pussy. She was ok with me licking her nipples, which she seemed to enjoy. She then got a wet wipe and cleaned my dick off. What happened next totally surprised me. She took me into her mouth and proceeded to give a slow wet BBBJ. I was so surprised, I asked her if she was ok and she nodded. I was totally turned on by this and was rock hard. This went on for a few mins then she got the oil and started with the HJ. After jerking me off for a few mins she even more quietly asks if I wanted to have sex. I wasn’t sure what she was saying so I asked her to repeat. She whispers, “Do you want to make love?” I asked how much… she replied $50. Hmmm, I thought about it and nodded yes in about 2 seconds.

    She produced a condom from her bag and puts it on me. Lays down on the massage table and I enter her enthusiatically. She was tall enough that I could enjoy her breasts with my mouth without having to contort too much, and she felt nice and tight as well. Didn’t take long before I blew.

    Total cost was $35 for 30mins $50 for FS (including BBBJ and nude). So $85 all up.

    Face – 7/10
    Massage – 7/10
    Premises – 7/10
    BBBJ – 8/10

    The second time I went (a week after the first) I picked her again and we went through the same motions. However this time, I asked her to BBBJ me again after having sex in various positions, she was happy to oblige. I was being nice and even told her I was cumming while she was still blowing but she continued and took it all in her mouth, didn’t even slow down. OMG, I was so surprised and it felt so good. She spat in some tissues and I asked her after if she was ok with me cumming in her mouth. She giggled and said it was good for her, wow.

    I did see her again and ended with another CIM.

    The third time I had to wait for a bit before she was available, seems the Asian guys who go there sit in the waiting area after their massage is finished and have a chat. Not sure if they knew each other or what, but they all came out and started talking, had a smoke or whatever, just hung around.

  20. admin says:

    Must have been a newbie or either you looked like a council representative???

  21. Steam says:

    Went today, Alice, Angie and Mandy were on. Got Alice, great massage but nothing else. Sign on the wall saying special services not provided and when I enquired she just about ran out of the room.

  22. Chilli says:

    If you are driving park at the Brown Street Public Car Park, near railway bridge at Ashfield. When you walk out of carpark walk to the right and you will come across a set of stairs that lead to the Esplanade. At the top of the stairs on the left is Anytime Fitness, on the right you will see 1 or 2 medical centres on the right hand side of road. The shop is actually a door or 2 to the right of the medical centre. Basically on top of the car park. You can park if you are lucky on the Esplanade but parking can be limited. If you catch the train, then outside of train station walk right along Brown St. then on to the Esplanade past AnyTime Fitness. Should be easy to get to.

  23. Chilli says:

    Went today, was three asian girls present. All young ok looking. Ask and paid for one hour massage, $60. Ask for extras in the room. $20 HJ, $40 for her to strip. Massage was a bit soft. Service was good. Place was clean and tidy. When I came out of room there were five girls sitting in waiting room. All good looking except for two who were a bit older. When I went to leave the door was locked probably by accident but I turned around and started to joke to the girls about them trying to kidnap me as there slave, before they all started to have a bit a laugh. Spent five minutes or so having a laugh with them before I left. Will be back again.

  24. Stevo says:

    All Good

  25. Timber says:

    Walk in this shop today, nice clean and nice young Asian girl, ask girl name Angie, late 20s, big eyes, smiles all the time, I paid $60 for one hour, massage
    is so-so, but service is wonderful, worth try. When I
    Left, found another 2 young there.I will back try them!


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