Beverley Hills Massage


1/440 Stoney Creek Rd, Beverley Hills NSW 2209

P: 02 9554 4779

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8 Responses to Beverley Hills Massage

  1. John says:

    Hey does anyone know if the AMP next to Cignall in Kingsgrove is any good??

  2. Jack says:

    Michelle is homeless and has aids and needs mentalhelp. She rips offcustomers and doesnt give service and is a full icce user

  3. 52_year_old_Aussie says:

    164a Stoney Creek Road Bexley

    They advertise in the local newspaper, so I decided to give them a try.

    Recent visit, up the stairs and into a big waiting area, not crowded like some places.

    Greeted by mama-san and taken to a room. Startedo to negotiate for half an hour with extras, then remembered that I didn’t have as much cash as I normally do (I had to fill up with petrol), so tried to exit, but mama-san wouldn’t have it. Asked me how much money I had and asked me to show her – only $40. She grabbed hold of it and said OK, then motioned for me to get undressed, which I did.

    I was half undressed when she came back in, picked up my clothes and carried them into another room – WTF? I followed and a minute or so later another lady came in. Helen, Chinese, 30’s and medium height. Straightaway she gets her gear off, good size tits, small nipples and trimmed downstairs.

    She starts the massage, going through the motions, light random hand rubbing. She doesn’t mind me rubbing her legs, arse and crutch. She asks me to roll over and I sit up. I turned over and sit Helen down on the table next to me. Whenever she went for my dick, I brushed her hand away and worked on her instead. This went on for a few minutes.

    Happy ending well done and Helen got dressed and carried on with the massage. Called time a few minutes early, well you couldn’t really blame her, it was after all only $40. It was a Saturday afternoon and they must have been desperate for work. I didn’t see or hear any other punters while I was there?

    I didn’t ask, but full service was probably.

  4. Derek says:

    Yeh I used to go thrre all the time and see Michelle. Loved me to slap her and reat her rough while i fucked her. Then at the end she would think it’s cute toake a puppet out of the condom. She left there now. Dont know where she’s gone. She was a glamour.

  5. 50 year old Aussie says:

    Now called “Oriental Relaxing Massage Centre”, same phone number and address.

    Went there today.
    $35 for 30 minutes
    $50 for 60 minutes

    Clean, good size lockable rooms and solid massage tables. Looks like 2 rooms and 2 WLs, but other room occupied, so only choice was Rebecca. Dark skinned and probably mid 20’s.

    Big signs “No Sex Don’t even ask”.

    Anyway we started and Rebecca was hopeless, random rubbing of hands over parts of my body. Didn’t know how to massage at all. When I tried to touch her legs my hand was brushed away or she moved.

    After about 15 minutes she asked me to turn over and offered a HJ. She said $50 and I asked if that was fully naked – yes $50, you pay now. I suggested $30. $50 – $30 – $50 – $30. Eventually she suggested $40 and I agreed. It ended up that I only had $35 in the wallet. It was that or nothing.

    She got her gear off, dark skinned, B tits with tattoos around her nipples and some other small tattoos. Trimmed pussy. She started in, allowed very little touching and moved away from my as much as possible. After I came, she cleaned me up and then got dressed again, a few more minutes of random hand rubbing and then called time 5 minutes early.

    I was glad to leave.

    I forgettable experience.

    I won’t be going back for a second try.

  6. Spooky says:

    Anyone ever been to the other massage place on Stoney Creek Road? It’s at Lvl1/ 164a Stoney Creek Rd, Bexley. I go here often. Half hour is only $30. Hour is $50. Nude and H/J is only extra 20. Great value for middle of the road massage. I’d be interested to hear other peoples experiences there.


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