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96 Responses to Bodyrotic

  1. Roger debieron says:

    I decided to go and give it a crack. Met around 11 ladies and I ended up with one of the new girls , I couldn’t help myself she was stunning, nice natural d too, her profile online says she’s Australian which she is but she’s got a Latin or meditarían background she’s olive brown eyes and dark hair she was sexy af. I need to go back and ask her could def recomend her

    • Cris says:

      What was her name? I think I know the girl you are talking about – if it was Elise she was born in Australia but she’s an exotic mix of something else. I saw her the other day she is a bombshell , all rounder and total babe. I don’t think the online descriptions are accurate at all. I’ve seen a few from there and not once has the description matched the girl. Few lies i guess to get some guys in.

  2. Noble says:

    Has anyone had the fantasy massage? If so is it any good?

  3. Jay says:

    This place is worth it. 5 star facilities with a great selection of beautiful ladies. Saw Giselle and Wow!!

  4. Dindu Nuffin says:

    I used have a mad time at this place circa 2009 when it was at Five dock. Anna half Japanese half Chinese.
    Big tits and unbelievable looks. Loved hearing her filthy stories about all the Arab and Indian men she slept with outside of work.

  5. Dick John says:

    Went there yesterday, beautiful ladies but fuck what a rip off. $150 for a massage. The girl smelt and she complained it was cold and cracked are few farts. What a turn off. If you have money to burn this place is for you.

  6. jones564u says:

    I went here today for the first time in over 12 months and had a wonderful choice of ladies. Was tossing up between Bella and Summer decided to go with Bella and what a good choice that was. She was fantastic no only on the table but underneath on the mirror as well. With the special treatment she gives you there is no need for extras as I was hard on and was ready with in the 1st 5 minutes and then she just teased me by sight and touch to keep me on the edge until our time was nearly up. I can highly recommend her enough but I would still like to see summer. I am usually a regular at AH but thought I might give it a rest for a while and spend more time and money with Bella

  7. Adam says:

    Lots of lovely ladies here, would highly recommend it. Btw where is Jaime.

  8. jones564u says:

    Does any one know where Jamie has gone? Did she go to far and they quickly wiped her or has she retired. I would love to know if she went private.

  9. Massage Enthusiast says:


    I was wondering if everyone could list the girls that do extras and how much they are cause I can’t go and do that without being finished off.

  10. Plonker says:

    Does anyone know if any of the women here offer full service. Any advice or tips appreciated.

  11. Ben says:

    Where is Sabrina … has she retired? I hope not…

  12. Timbo says:

    Anyone seen Summer lately. I am thinking of going to see her Friday day time but have never been there before. Thoughts recommendations for a bodyrotic virgin?

  13. David says:

    Sophie you appear to be a beautiful person how you keep the men updated wish you worked around Blacktown as I would be knocking on your door keep up the good work

  14. Plonker451 says:

    I’ve been in Sydney for the past couple of weeks and noticed that Jamie wasn’t on the roster. Hope she hasn’t retired because she set the bar just a notch or two higher in a place where it was pretty damn high already. Can’t say I’m really a regular at Bodyrotic but I have seen her 4 or 5 times and she redefines the term memorable.

  15. Pete says:

    Hey Guys, does anyone know where monique is working now ? i just came back from overseas yesterday to find out she is no longer working here.

    She has been working here for years.

  16. rick says:

    Chanel is about as hot as they come and has a wonderful body,nice breasts and a lovely tight pussy.Quite simply you get what you pay for

  17. Greg T. says:

    1 Word- Professional!

    This place is clean, professional with friendly English speaking receptionists.

    Lost of sexy women on the line up.

    You can see the women on the real roster of on their website.

    Has a few asians but looks like they specialise in other natios.

    A must for men with higher taste.

    Greg T.

  18. jones56 says:

    Rick I agree with you they are all great and Jamie is one of the best in recent years.
    But the best of all time was Summer who was at five Dock approx 10 years ago she oozed sex when she walked in the door I’d love to know if she was still working in Sydney. I think she went to Qld.

  19. rick says:

    Dissappointing.If I had enough cash I would live there just purely because all the girls are just so hot.Try Jamie mate.

  20. jones56 says:

    Having been a fan of Bodyrotic for many years today I had my 1st dud.
    Chanel promised extras in the intro but all they were was kiss my tits $50 Play with my pussy $50 or Finger inside $100.
    The rest was quite OK but just one to avoid I should have know they don’t offer extras here during the intro as the cameras are on and most don’t do extra anyway. So result I picked the wrong girl brains were in my pants

  21. Lycan says:

    Harley is young, a little shy and totally gorgeous. Unaffectedly beautiful and very sweet. She said she also worked there briefly about a year ago and just returned. I hope she sticks around for a little while.

  22. rick says:

    No Johno.Never saw Alicia.You will LOVE Jamie

  23. Johno says:

    Thanks Rick looked at the web site with the masseuses she isn’t there anymore, I think I will go with Jamie she is very similar, it’s a shame alicia left did you have the privilege of her, great package

  24. rick says:

    Of course not.Have a look at the website and roster

  25. Johno says:

    Does anyone know if alicia is still there? I haven’t been in 2 years

  26. rick says:

    There are 3 that you could pass.Michelle,Mya and Portia.They are very nice but a little unadventurous for me

  27. rick says:

    Alan,just start at A -Z once a week for a year.$150 Per week and you will have the best experience of your life for only $7,800.Just get a loan mate

  28. rick says:

    I think it best for the girls privacy if any extras are provided we don’t advertise it on a public forum.Just try and visit every girl and find out for yourself .I can’t think of a better pastime

  29. Johno says:

    Did you experience Alicia? A masseuse in 2011

  30. Johno says:

    Did anyone get to try Alicia while she was there 2011

  31. John says:

    I’m not sure of any girls that do extras such as bj or daty there…might be better off with fs place for that but I’m sure there would be…I’m quite content with making sexy sharni squirt, cum and moan with my fingers for an extra 50…nothing quite as good as her pretending to ride me grinding on my leg, rubbing my cock and feel her gushing everywhere…hmmm think I might need to make my way there now getting hard just thinking about it! Jamie is not bad either sexy bod, good massage but I can tell sharni loves her job a bit too much and it drives me insane…for the BR virgins definitely give it a go, happy hunting punters :p

  32. AlanJ says:

    Lads, any suggestions which ladies may offer extras such as BJ or daty ?

  33. rick says:

    mate its erotic massage.Better than fs because its a fantasy with some of the most beautiful women you will ever see.Starts at $150 and if you pick the right girl you will not be dissapointed

  34. rick says:

    Good to hear John.This place is the best in Sydney by far.The girls are all stunning and if you play your cards right the sky is the limit.Afew of the girls will even spend time with you outside work if you develop trust and treat them well.

  35. James says:

    I’ve been a regular at BODYROTIC now for several years and have never had anything other than great experiences there, every single time. I must have seen more than 40 or 50 different masseuses by now. They somehow get just the best of the best masseuses who just seem to be incredibly happy working there, and the facilities are first rate. The receptionists are always helpful with a recommendation here and there and their website is simply awesome, always kept up to date with an actual roster (not like the BS rosters elsewhere) and REAL photos of the actual masseuses!
    I was one of the lucky ones who just happened upon their first ever ‘nude shift’ a couple of weeks ago (a really cool idea where the girls greet the punters wearing only high heels, which put a massive grin on my face) and I was given a BODYROTIC t-shirt which I proudly wore down the pub last night 🙂
    The only problem I have found is that they only have 12 masseuses on each shift and sometimes I have to wait a few minutes to meet the girls because they are so busy, although my last masseuse told me they will be expanding to 15 girls soon.

  36. John says:

    My regular I can’t get enough of is Sharni! That girl makes me nuts!!! Best ass I’ve ever seen in my life and loves to bend over during body slides so you can see her wonderful assets…she gives the most seductive sex eyes on earth and you can tell she loves her job!

  37. Gazza says:

    Hey Punters,

    Can anyone tell me if they got extras like daty or bj from any of the girls like Jamie, Honey, dakota or monique or danielle or from a different girl.

  38. jones56 says:

    Have not seen Armani for years but I always thought there were better she is a little cold. Try Jaime, Dakota, Monique, Crystal and Daniel and the others recommended above no extras but lots of girls will let you feel. Try Jaime for the way she rubs her pussy all over you or if you like a great tease Monique is the one.
    There used to be a lady called Summer at five dock years ago but don’t know where she went she was the best ever she even oozed sex when you walked to a room with her .She would be in her 30’s now and love to know if she was still working

  39. Richard says:

    Hi, has anyone been to see armani and what basic survive does she offer? And is there any extras available ?

  40. Tom says:

    Any dark skin girls working here and of what nationally,cheers

  41. rick says:

    Yeah but I reckon there the best set of bolt ons going.Not really my thing either but summer makes up for it in other ways

  42. lycan says:

    I had been visiting here fairly regularly until the start of this year but was managing to resist the temptation until I saw Rick’s post and look up the photos of Summer on the website. She’s a nice kiwi lass with a generous touch and an amazing bottom. The only downside from my tastes was that she had bolt-ons, as do quite a few of the ladies here, but I know some of you guys like that and if so I’d certainly recommend her.

  43. rick says:

    And the latest bodyrotic hottie is the sensational summer.Yum

  44. jones56 says:

    Also add Dakota to the list of very hot ones. She loves the job and it really shows

  45. rick says:

    Yes mate Jamie is very wild

  46. Jarrod says:

    Rick, i can say that if you see Lara the english girl, you should not be disappointed , she is new to the industry and is willing to learn, i have taught her a few things or two.
    But i cant reveal the names of my double girls as i have also met them outside of work.
    Jamie should also blow your socks off , along with Gemma which i have not seen in a while , she is the large breasted girl …. they both taste nice. I used to go many times when they were in Five Dock in excess of 500 in about 4 years , Some girls have come across to Camperdown while others have moved on.
    April which is the Canadian girl i think , she will also try to please. In these places once you establish some sort of connection anything can take place behind closed doors.

  47. rick says:

    No problem.I have been there probably 100 times in last 10 years and have also had some fantastic service from some absolutely stunning ladies

  48. Jarrod says:

    Rick, as i am a regular punter here, best i do not reveal , out of respect for these girls to which i have had many good times with. sorry mate.

  49. rick says:

    Hey Jarrod.Which 2 did you have the double with

  50. Aware says:

    Well summed up! It’s Grubby, not Gruby!

  51. Ryan says:

    Hey you Aware,
    This site is about punters reviews on these parlours, so far your comments have been reviews on punters comments, do you not know what this site is about.
    Your sarcasm is getting boring, either go have a root or massage and give us your review on your experience or keep your gruby comments to yourself. Mr Smith has given his experience with a particular place.

    Getting back to this site, i too have seen many girls from this place , and if you see them on a regular basis they tend to give more.

  52. Jarrod says:

    i showered with both of them first, and scrubbed them down, just in case they were sitting on your face before. But perhaps you do not like to eat pussy. Anyway , these girls that i had are selective on what extras they do and to whom. A mate of mine asked for both and got no extras.

    The girls that work here are very clean.

    This morning i am going to Spoilers International and then in the afternoon going to a few asian places and perhaps drop in at Stilettos on the way home tonight. Keep you all posted.

  53. Aware says:

    Sounds like many changes are needed. God knows where she sat beforehand!

  54. Jarrod says:

    Hey Lads,
    Had a double massage today.
    Double the pleasure as one was sitting on my face and the other playing with me,and then changed positions, but also double the price , NB prices have increased to $250 per hour , i paid double that price , but i left satisfied. Very attractive girls , but comes at a cost. Needed a change of pussy today.

  55. rick says:


  56. rick says:


  57. Ryan says:

    Vlady, yes you can get good value at some asian places, i like a variety of pussy, variety costs more money , only asian pussy sometimes costs $85 .

    Cant find non asian pussy for $85 for 30min and hot and tastes nice .

    If you like just asian pussy , then you are laughing for $85.

  58. Ryan says:

    Hey Guys, went here yesterday again ,as i am a regular , the girls here are very attractive although you pay what you get. You want quality then you pay for it , it is also a good change from hairy asian pussy to mostly shaven or trimmed pussy here. A change of variety is always good, cant eat the same food every day.

    Paid $220 for the hour and $50 so i can play and eat her wet shaven pussy.
    Then went to maccas to eat , read the paper , gave the young fellow a rest , and went back again to see another girl, sadly cant keep the green notes in my pocket it goes on my young fellow.

    Also managed to get a few tel numbers so i can meet them outside, but i will keep the numbers private out of respect for the girls.

  59. rick says:

    Piko you obviously dont appreaciate quality.Good luck with the cheapies

  60. Piko says:

    this place is terribly expensive and the girls are touchy give it a miss many asians will do it for cheaper

  61. rick says:

    Mate this is a 5 star joint full of the hottest girls youcan ever see.They are all different and have many skills.Get to know one well and you will not be dissappointed

  62. Rickyboy says:

    Does anyone know if go all the way at this place? BJ? Sex? Wanna go there

  63. Ivan says:

    In my opinion, Bodyrotic offers value in the high standard of girls. Its very rare to get a questionable one. I have no idea of “extras” I never ask as I never need them with the service they supply. Some stand out girls are Khira, Honey, Chanel, Natasha, but there are many more. Probably my most regular spot for some time now. $220 for an hour is reasonable in my opinion for what you get and I include in this the high level of ambience and the trouble they go to in order to ensure your privacy.

  64. Frank Sobotka says:

    Nice girls but $220 for a one hour nude massage with hj at the end is really steep. The girl I had got antsy when I touched her butt and told me it would be another $50 to touch her vajayjay. Not worth it in my opinion.

  65. rick says:

    Kimberly,Adele and Jamie are a good start but do yourself a favour and experience them all

  66. plonker451 says:

    It’s strange. A number of posters have said how good this place is but only when commenting on other locations! I have been here twice. Some very attractive women give an excellent GFE and if you are pleasant to them, my experience was that a few extras are thrown in.

    However, it all comes at a price probably the steepest outside of the fetish market. But in my opinion, even at that price Bodyrotic represents good value for the all round experience. So posters tell us more. Which are the best girls? What extras are offered? What are the prices? Would you return for more?

  67. rick says:

    Best place in Sydney


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