Butterfly Relaxation Centre


790a Pacific Hwy, Gordon NSW 2072

P: 02 9498 8844

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  1. SomeDude says:

    Been to this establishment twice now. The first time I was treated to a rather average massage by a young Thai by the name of Yaya. I paid $50 for a 45 minute massage which only lasted about 30 including the RNT. The massage was very average but suprisingly the RNT was quite good, she measured her strokes quite well. As I only paid the addition 20 this is all I got. The place is kept well for what it is. My second time was with another Thai girl by the name of Pinky. Again I paid $50 for the same service. This time the experience was far better. Pinky does know how to give a very good massage. She is pretty and polite as well. I also got my full 45 minutes this time. But on the RNT side Pinky was a bit mechanical. But as it was my first I will return. Will keep you guys posted.

  2. MAC says:

    I went to this shop on Tuesday for a massage as I had neck muscle pain from a dodgy nite sleep.

    Front entry is on busy Pacific Hwy, right next to the bus stop.
    Rear entry is via the Woolies loading dock area, it’s the last shop on the right as you approach the loading dock. Up the steep hill then up 3 flights of metal stairs. Ring the bell and you’re right in the shop where the girls have their rest.

    A young Thai girl by the name of Kitty answered the door.

    Oh dear… nice body but not very attractive face.
    God was on his lunch break when he created her face.
    The other girl I caught a glimpse of in the resting area was prettier.

    The shop has two/three rooms, is well decorated (not run down and seedy) and a bathroom. The room was quite large, full height walls and solid door, has AC, chair and a side mirror (for checking out the curves as you lay on the table). Disposable paper linen was on the table plus a rolled up towel. The shop’s presentation is definitely one of the nicer ones I’ve been in.

    I had a 30mins massage for $40.
    I asked her to focus on my neck muscles and she did a good job working my knots out as well as massaging my whole body in this short time frame.
    Overall, her massage skills was 8 out of 10.

    She offered the usual extras around the half way mark at the standard 20/50.
    If she was more attractive, or there were other extras, I would have accepted it.
    But given the purpose of this visit (massage and scouting), I passed on her offer.

    She was cool with that and continued massaging.
    We had a good chat the whole time and overall she’s a friendly young lady who does a decent massage.

    In summary, it’s a quiet shop in a quiet location.
    Usual rates, 40/50/60 for 30/45/60mins.
    Appears to be younger girls rather than the mature ladies.

    Will drop by in the future for another massage but I dont expect anything out of the norm.

  3. Steve says:

    Sorry to hear that both my visits were young Chinese though there was an older woman in other room.
    I am keen on cleanliness and this is not unclean but basic and service was massage with fun but standard rnt

  4. Steve says:

    All good massage good on legs ligaments and muscles
    Clean enough spacious room no shower hot towels
    Girl chinese and fun

  5. MAC says:

    Any reviews of this place ?
    Thinking of checking it out as I’m driving by later this week.

    Info from :
    link to sydney.backpage.com

    Address: 790A Pacific Highway, Gordon NSW 2072
    ( Rear entrance and free parking available )

    Mobile: 0411 534 215

    Our Price ( Cash Only ) :


    Open hours: 10:00am–7:30pm, Mon-Sun.

  6. bad-taste-roving-zucchini says:

    Hey are RZ
    Do your own research online instead of others doing the work for you
    They are out there but it seems you don’t have brains to find
    You are lazy fucking troll

  7. Steve says:

    Crackerads has this reopened Sat lights are on haven’t called in yet will update once been any intel on how this joint is or was been closed a while.

  8. Gigabit says:

    This place has a real assortment of ML, from the stunning Kita in evening gowns to the innocent but micro-skirted Candy to the ordinary looking ML who know they have to work that bit harder. Tanya from 346 Lindfield also works here on Wednesday.
    Surprising this place has so few entries, maybe because Gordon is so full of retirees all the punters don’t have computers!

  9. admin says:

    Wow, prince of parlours you’ve definitely been around the block.
    Any standouts that you would like to share & with more details please? Im sure there’s plenty of ppl reading and waiting for your recommendations. Thanks for your hard work!

  10. prince of Parlours says:

    council won one round then it re opened the place is clean and tidy but as for the girls well do a health check after one girl did not look to healthy if you are not sure check the eyes if they look slightly yellow it is mild jaundice form Hep c the risk of getting this is higher with unprotected sex use a wet suit and make sure no kissing


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