Campsie Massage

Shop 30/5 Sixth Avenue Campsie NSW 2194

P: 02 9787 9227

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  1. Jeff says:

    Other places in Campsie: Cnr Evaline and Beamish streets upstairs. Near Campsie Centre. Mostly 30 + girls with varying massage skills and little English. A few nice looking (but skanky) Milfs who do FS and CBJ. $35 plus 50 for FS for half an hour. Ling is one such Milf (maybe 35?) – has the hairiest Pussy I’ve ever seen though!!! Wendy in a Friday is better. Probably pushing 40 but has a great body and shaved. Better English too. Typically dodgy Campsie experience. Go for it if you are desperate!!!

    • LUCKY LARRY says:

      Went here a couple of times but only old chooks! Sexiest gal was Amanda the boss, but she refused to even do a massage! I suppose YMMV here. But any others had FS here? Or what about the other Campsie shops? All gone very quiet lately.

    • Africanwildog says:

      Is this the place on the corner and have the aquarium across the road??

      • OverIt says:


      • Africanwildog says:

        If yes it’s the one in the corner of sixth and ninth ace then it’s nothing like ur saying ..I’ve been there lately and it’s got plenty of young girls. None are old as stated and give great service for the price .. Go see a girl named Tina or Emily if u want a fun girl and will do fs for the extra 50 from ur 35 per half hr.. So 85 for ur fs seems fair and there’s a good selection I’d say atleast 7-8 girls on choice. Not once did or have I seen late 30s women there

      • LUCKY LARRY says:

        No – it’s further down Sixth Avenue. Shop 30, as the title says. There is no shop on the corner. Only Baili in Ninth Ave and Shop 19 around the corner.

        • Africanwildog says:

          Well it’s close to the corner.. Just up the ramp ?..And only has young girls there and seems well worth what u pay for..not many go there just for massage..

          • LUCKY LARRY says:

            No it’s not, sorry. The shop up the ramp is known as Campsie 19. (19/15-21 Ninth Ave). The subject of this post is shop 30 Sixth Ave., although it’s actually 30/94 Beamish St. To further confuse us, there is another “Campsie Massage” at 48 South Pde.

    • OverIt says:

      I’ll be going! I’m DESPERATE

      • Africanwildog says:

        Have a crack lol. U win be disappointed .. I was Llowed to sit there as long as I wanted and have a full choice of girls. They r open until 10pm I think. And lately I’ve been going back and seeing Tina as her pussy tastes great. Haha.. She does good 69 and love having her orgasm on my face ..

  2. Jun says:

    Decided to take the bullet and try out this place today. Walked in and was directly taken into a small room with a massage table and a chair and was told to take all my clothes off and lay face down on the table. A 30-ish Chinese looking women started massaging my back and trying to chit-chat. Massage was soft and halfway through, the talk of extras came up. 20 for HJ. 30 for nude HJ and 50 for FS, chose the nude HJ. Was basic, she tried to use 2 hands at some points but she just looked awkward trying it.
    Wasn’t a bad experience but I probably wouldn’t go back.

    • Ratbag says:

      There are some OK girls at 19 6th Avenue. Yo yo on a Saturday and Vivian on a Friday. 30s Milfs who give good GFE and FS. Amazingly cheap really $85 all up.

  3. Kan says:

    Thinking about dropping by this place next week and was wondering if anyone can post what extras are offered here and what prices.

  4. Tom Boy says:

    Shop 19 which is on the corner is a travesty. Have been there a few times. High turn over of girls, mostly older and desperate stay on. Mostly poor quality service – cheap and nasty. One girl used to give BBBJ had an STI – yech. Steer clear.

  5. Married Simon says:

    Went there Sunday and met “Rainbow”. No real choice of girl – walked in and was lead by Rainbow into a room and asked how long? I though i would stay for an hour but the next thing she said was “pay now if you want extras” – which made alarm bells ring. So i said half hour with no extras which blew her mind! She kept asking why no extras but after reading the comments below i was sure it would be pretty mechanical. So for the next 30 mins she had to work hard for the $30. The massage (as was Rainbow) was unremarkable and mechanical – will not be going back here for sure.

    Went across the road to the “Thai Massage” place which turned out to be a legit massage place and got what was probably one of the best massages i have ever had sans a happy ending but i did not mind at all. The lil thai girl did an awesome job and really knew her stuff. A bit too young for my liking so would not have taken up here offer for HE even if she had offered it. Will definitely go back here if i want a proper massage.

    • Sydney Creature says:

      whats this across the road thai massage place? can you please direct me there? thanx

    • Barney says:

      I use to see Rainbow every week for about two yrs , u must have rubbed her the wrong way as she was a great girl with fantastic service. Have only been there twice since she left mid last yr and its ok but just not the same as rainbow gave great massage and bbbj.

      • Tony says:

        Do you know where rainbow went??

        • Barney says:

          Alan(guy who manages it) said in December she went back to China and hasn’t returned yet, have her number but its still out of service so am guessing she is still overseas. lemme know if u happen to stumble across her mate?

  6. Nekomo says:

    To clarify for everyone:

    This one on Sixth Avenue also has a back entrance via Beamish St and through the arcade. I’ve been a couple of times. The ladies are older, though the massage quality isn’t bad. 30 and 50 for the half hour/full hour, with HJ, BJ and FS negotiable for extra payment. I believe I paid 30 for BJ both times.

    I’ve since found another one that’s addressed as being on Ninth Avenue, but is on the corner of Sixth and Ninth and the entrance faces Sixth. More rooms, more girls, who are younger too. Cost 50 for the hour long massage, another 50 for FS. Unforunately, the massages are usually bone-grindingly painful.

  7. Junior says:

    Hey guys, I live 2 minutes away from the place and was wondering if tips were required for a HJ ? If so, roughly how much do these girls take ? Thanks :)

  8. desi guy says:

    totally disappointing. i went to have massage, girls instantly offered me hj , i agreed , she started doing it when the clock just passed 12 mins. she was rude. totally crap place.

  9. Indian Guy says:

    i went to this place twice during last 2 weeks. it was so disappointing. Not happy about the service. very mechanical and concerns only about money

  10. yahoo_007 says:

    how long these guys keep their shop open???? is it 24hr or a limited time…????

  11. Joe says:

    Opening times?

  12. PK says:

    Things changed now…….. Under new Management. More organised and clean… Must try.

  13. indian punter says:

    COMMANDO: The other two places??????????? in campsie….

  14. Commando says:

    Sorry just to put the record straight these are shop hopping the rating is based on appearance of girls cleanliness of premises safety and security sorry my past follows me sometimes I have visited. In the past a few places i have had a service but these days it is a quick drive by if u could put a link up where if I see any new places I will submit them for u

  15. Commando says:

    Admin 2 other places here in campsie will let you know the number

    • admin says:

      Great to have you on board Commando. I would have to say that you have overtaken our other VIP’s – Prince of Parlour, Darren & Tenderrub [sorry guys]…
      Just a quick question: Am I right to assume that these reviews are of places that you have conquered over a set period of time? From first impressions I thought you were doing the parlour hopping from shop to shop??? If you are punting and rub n tugging 3-4 times a day then I give you full credit for your ammo & endurance! Thanks Commando

    • ron says:

      call me please

  16. Commando says:

    Ok did my recon here the place stinks of smoke and damp the girls are ok parking is woeful price ok would I come back no not really I don’t like the demands for tips 4/10

  17. Fred Flinstone says:

    I’m an aussie and have been there a couple of times during the day, when its been quiet, clean and cheap. If youre happy with Happy Ending, provide a small tip about 20… you get wht you pay for..its fine.

  18. prince of Parlours says:

    this place is notorious to the asian community lots of asian men hang out there on some occasions the girls look great but want tip tip tip so stay clear unless you can control your hormones

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