Kingswood Massage

4/232 Great Western Hwy Kingswood NSW 2340

P: 02 4732 4564

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  1. KiddnStrait says:

    Visited earlier this arvo based on reviews on here. Door was answered by an Asian lady with a toothbrush. This was a bit weird but she was friendly. Premises are spacious, ventilated and clean. Discreet entrance though you can park on road side by the highway.

    This was my first time there, so I asked her name. Surprised to know she was Monica, who now works Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

    Anyway she ushered me into a clean room, I paid up for 30 minutes and she returned shortly after I undressed and got on the table. Definitely a good massage by any standards. She loosened up my thighs, hamstrings and legs pretty good and made my lower back crack. She was friendly, we didn’t speak much but her English was not bad at all. Nice firm, fleshy tits with a slim, firm body and flat tummy. She focussed on my feet, calves, shins, neck and toes…areas that even professional straight massage places ignore.

    When it was time to turn around she started a gently teasing action on the dick and balls, and took my hand and put it on her tits. There was also some mild dirty talk and licking of lips as she worked on me in the gentle fast strokes I love and where every other place I have been to, tend to hurt me at least once. She was perfect in any way and very soon, I blew my load. She cleaned me up, asked if I needed a shower, which I took and she ushered me out just as friendly as welcoming me in.

    All in all, for $50, I have never received such satisfactory service in good premises. The entrance is a bit dated though, however, clean. In fact I paid more than twice as much for much less service at many other places. This will now be a regular haunt for me. No extras beyond HE offered, and I didn’t ask.

  2. joey wales says:

    I remember when this place started in st Marys in a green house behind bare bunnys and the pub across the car park there

    they were only there for about 3 months I reckon bunnys moved them on

  3. Doc says:

    Angus young – what nationality is Lola ? And a brief description please would be nice to . Eg Age, weight etc . Thanks in advance.

    • Angus Young says:

      Hi Doc, Lola is not all that tall and heavy build but well proportioned.Maybe late 30′s, Aussie accent ,definitely not Asian.Good massage and good to talk to.I did not ask for full service on 1st visit.,I prefer to check their hand talents on my 1st visit.Also I dropped into 28 Hope st Sevo on Saturday and saw the new girl Bella. A big girl from China, she has a great 2 handed action,highly recommend her.

      • Angus Young says:

        Saw Cindy today, short and pot belly,about 40.Massage not too special.Lucky I paid the $70.00 for full service..CBJ was OK ,but she got very wet naturally for the full service. She seemed to enjoy that part.Too many old girls in this place ruin the mood when they get out the tube of lube before they let you in.

      • Doc says:

        Hey Angus
        This girl Bella you mentioned at 28 hope st , how big are we talking , because I like bigger girls if they have tits and a ass. Plus will she let you play with her also or is she a bit of a no touching kinda girl ? Because I’m working out near there tomorrow, so any info would be great , thanks .

  4. Paul says:

    Does anyone know when Monica will be back from holiday?

    • kingofkc says:

      Monica should be be back by now. I’m sure its been more than 5 weeks since she left for her holiday. Thats how long she was going for. I plan on going in shortly to enjoy her services.

  5. Tom says:

    Dropped in this morning (Thursday) and was greeted by Lena – a chubby Thai woman in her 40s who speaks VERY broken English. Not very attractive and only works Thursdays. $100 for one hour massage with HE. She offered FS for an additional $40. Massage was rubbish – something Lena tried to apologise for, I think. HE was average. Left reasonably disappointed. Anyone had a similar experience?

    • thatgirl says:

      What are the premises like? Are they clean? Do the girls say what percentage of the money they get to keep?
      Any other details would be greatly appreciated. Thx

      • Doc says:

        Hi thatgirl
        The place is like a apartment above a shop , with discreet back entrance. It’s seems clean to me other wise I wouldn’t keep going .Nice friendly lady’s .ive never spoke to the girls about percentage as its none of my business. Maybe if your close by pop in and ask the owner . Don’t know
        If I helped much ?

      • Kris says:

        Hi don’t waste your time they won’t hire white chicks at this place

        • thatgirl says:

          Really Kris?

          • Depraved says:

            To ThatGirl
            Yes really!!

          • Depraved says:

            To ThatGirl. If you want to go work at a brothel, dont go to the asian ones. Recommend Amanda Heavens (Artarmon), Cougar Town (Riverwood) or Marlenes ( Alexandria). All these joints have more mature women of all nationalities & are well run

          • Doc says:

            They do hire white girls , I’ve seen them there before . Also in a massage shop you can decide weather you want to do extra’s if you like the customer , compared to a brothel , your expected to do full service . Just read some of the comments on these other shops , guys wanting to do it with no condom . Me personally I wouldn’t go to a shop like that . Just giving you a heads up .

          • that girls pimp says:

            Come work for me that girl ill get ya working the streets of the cross

        • Thatgirl says:

          Thanks Doc, appreciate it.

          • Angus Young says:

            You won’t get rich at Kingswood cause its only$50 half hour massage and $70 for full service.. Its been that price for years, probably why you don’t see to many young girls,but they are enthusiastic.

        • Kris says:

          Yep haven’t seen a white chick in this shop for 10 years personally. But I maybe wrong , all Thai girls . They don’t like working with Aussies . So take the fellews advise , if your are serious that it about finding work , check out the Aussie shops first .

      • mark says:

        To that girl, what is your game here? if you want to work as a pro many shopsand wanto have contact details for girls looking for work..try 142 george hornsby….why are you asking on this site/you can ring any shop and speak to the boss who will tell you pay and hours…u are just fucking about or are a guy having a laugh or a women who s fantasy is working as a hooker,,i don’t know but as the add says..JUST DO IT…and if u take it up the arse and swallow u might do well…

  6. narrid68 says:

    Been he numerous times on weekend so made decision to go today to try out Monica. OMG her massage is worth it alright wished I’d gone for an hour instead of just 30mins. If you want a traditional Thai Massage with HE as good if not better than in Thailand then Monica is your girl. Told me she only works Tuesday-Thursday so know what days I’ll be going now. She ran her tongue over every inch of my stomach & nipples while her hand gathered speed. Thankfully she moved as she sensed my eruption. Never before has my cum exploded and landed on my cheek. Monica has a permanent customer now. I wont be going anyway else unless she does.

  7. Paolo says:

    Does anyone knows if Monica does any extra like FS?

    • Doc says:

      Hey mate . Monica still does extras , well has for me . I would just go for the massage she’s that good , but do love the extras too. Great body.

  8. big o says:

    Went here today, got nikki. I must say whwn I saw here I thought here we go. Was extremely uninterested right from the get go. Average massage with light tickling of the balls.
    Was very displeased with what she was doing.
    Stay away guys. If you come here better to go with monica , jazmine, or anyone else for that fact.

  9. Cruzin says:

    Visited Kingswood and had a 45 min massage from Nikki. After all of the reviews of Nikki I thought I would test the waters for myself. I am afraid the hype did not match my experience. Nikki is packaged very well, around 5’7, slim body with enhanced c cups. Negotiated $75.00 for 45 mins ( though I think this is the going rate). Requested slow and sensual massage, for me the massage did not quite make it. Small amount of tickling of the jewels but again not enough for me. During the massage I was allowed to rub her legs but was told quite forcefully that is there the touching ended, a bit of a turn off for meas I do like to touch. With 15 mins to go Nikki asked me to turn over and proceeded to give a good HJ. Asked if the extras was on the agenda and yes bJ with condom for extra $30.00 and FS for and extra $50.00. Opted for BJ but afraid Nikki could not get me over the line, finished off with HJ which was excellent.

    Overall a fair session, I would have liked more sensuality and at least a body rub. Maybe if I frequented more often this may be on the cards

  10. Some Guy says:

    Hey guys,

    I see a lot of chat about Nikki. Can anyone describe her looks in a bit more detail? Is she busty? How about the ass?


  11. SHAGGA says:

    Let me tell u guys today this place is on fire about. 15blokes I see walk then walk back had to make an appointment was sittin in the car watching ppl well about to see Anna a very very nice girl Sophie is working today aswell

  12. craig says:

    Anyone know if nikki is back yet? Thinking of dropping in tomorrow

    • jeremy says:

      i was thinking of trying this place out can you give me your review

      • craig says:

        Went first time on a wednesday saw nikki, when i walked in she was dressed in a corsette, playboy panties and fishnets, tiny petite girl, fucking sexy, paid $50 got a legitimately good massage with some teasing at the end, when asked to roll over she asked if i want special or not, i said i dodnt have any more cash which i didnt, spewing i didnt, so got a good hj while touching her. Best massage experience of my life.
        second time i went was a monday, first girl offered was fat and gross and i said ill be back wednesday for nikki, then i was offered another girl, jasmine, no where near as good looking as nikki but good enough, same deal paid $50 still got a good massage and half decent h/j, wasnt offered any more then that but would have said no anyway.
        oh, and they get there gear off straight away too.
        Do yourself a favour and see nikki on a wednesday.

  13. Guido Hatzis says:

    After reading all the reviews, thought to give this place a try today.

    Went up the metal staircase and rang the door bell, was surprisingly greeted by a short mediterranean curvy brunette named Lola. She took me to the room and offered me 1hr + FS for $140 or $100 without FS. As im not into FS massage I went with the latter. She stripped down and gave me a body to body massage with plenty of teasing, then asked me to turn over and proceeded with a sensual HJ. Massage technique wasn’t the best I’ve had however was relaxing.

    Girl: 7/10
    Massage: 5/10
    Sensual: 7/10
    HE: 7/10

  14. jeremy says:

    can anyone tell me if this place is worth going like is it a good experience

  15. Frank says:

    Just curious how clean are the girls ive always wanted to try one of these places but am worried about the cleanliness of the girls

  16. craig says:

    Anyone know where else nikki works? Saw her about a month ago but i dont go out penrith way very often

  17. dan says:

    seen new girl nikki today great sexy girl best looking around

  18. Thebald1 says:

    I’ve been a couple times now it’s a great lil place, rocked up there today too be greeted by a new girl called Nikki, very cute friendly young petite Thai girl said its her 2nd time there she’s only there Wednesday’s as she lives in city and does 1 day down there. Nice bj Gave full service for $90.. Looks like Wednesday’s are my new day

  19. bigprick says:

    I checked the place out last week. Made my way up the metal stairs..and was greeted by a short Thai woman around 30yrs old. Went straight in and noticed the clean room and fresh towels on massage table. I bargained for a quickie for 50 bucks but she said she had her period. She undressed and took offf her top and just stood in her panties. my cock was already fattening. I felt up her muff and noticed a mound of padding(period pads) so she was telling truth. She said she could suck my cock instead. After a 20 minute back massage she turned me over and massaged my cock and slipped on a condom. I pumped my hips deep down her throat until I exploded in her mouth(condom). Was a good deal for the price but something nice happened on the way out. I saw a tall japanese girl about 27 and told her i will be back for her another time. I wish I would get names as I have no idea who these girls are…I plan to pump that tall japanese bird as soon as I can..

  20. Bunny Boy says:

    Went there last Wednesday afternoon 23/4/14. Saw a young Thai girl early 20′s, didn’t get her name ( I never do). One of the best bodies I have seen in a long time. After a good massage, she told me to turn over and she put her hard nipples into my mouth. Then she jumped on top 69 style, started to give me a CBJ and let me lick her arse, Wouldn’t let me lick her pussy (I tried). Then she took the condom off and gave me a great HE while I continued to lick her arse. $50 well spent, will be the hour next time.

  21. Robbiedevil says:

    Have now been going there regularly for last 15 months. Have seen Sophia, Monica & Julia (just depends when I go as to who I can see). Without a doubt Julia, the oldest on of the girls, gives the best massage (& like most of them) for a few $$$ more you can get f/s but they don’t do it with everyone. So fellas, be nice and you’ll probably get you rewards. Believe me….it’s worth it!!

  22. mikegibon says:

    Went on a Monday. Saw Anna, great massage and beautiful HE. She does f/s when she gets to know you.

  23. punteraddict says:

    Fresh towels always used on the table. Girls arn’t the youngest or slimmest but are always clean and friendly and mostly seem to enjoy what they are doing which makes for a relaxing experience. Have always had a good erotic massage and left happy.
    Good value here. You pay the same and just get an average massage and basic handy at your average chinese massage shop.

  24. JHONNY B says:

    I went here Monday saw a Thai girl with one of the best lookin
    Pussy around was clean smooth and it just looked so good
    Not thrashed out b hangin here n there
    Was a good time will b back
    She said in 2 weeks a new girl is coming from Thailand

  25. Where are they located at
    Is it in with all the shops

  26. Cam says:

    Can anybody give a rough idea of prices and what you get for your money here thinking of going tomorrow

  27. David says:

    Can anyone tell me opening times prices and do they offer naked body slide ?

    • Drew says:

      They are open from 10-6 pm 7 days
      $50 for half hot $100 for the hour , depends who you see here some do body slide , the more you go they get to know you , you get some extras

  28. SHAGGA says:

    Lol UH OH
    U should take your own advice buddy stick to brothels
    Mayb it was a fantasy thing and it didn’t work out
    Anyway went up saw the new grl well same bird
    Good massage. She even kissed me at the start 10am
    She said. I’m first customer sure sure
    Will go back again

    But any1 got any new places.

  29. darren says:

    Thats one Bondi cigar that wont be making it to Bondi!

  30. KJB says:

    Please remove Uh oh’s post and place it in an appropriate spot maybe titled Darwin awards? thanks

  31. UH OH says:


  32. Hammerd says:

    Hearing great stuff about this place, took a quick drive by on way home by work, Honestly can’t see it. Is it that place 4-232 marked behind on top of the restraunt of those metal stairs ? unmarked places are such a bugger. If it is, what door their seems to be 3 up their.

  33. SHAGGA says:

    I went her 6th. Feb wed
    New girl sexy lil accent sounds like she did a bit of study in USA
    Nice size 10
    Soft sexy skin smooth pussy
    And just dripping wet she is a horney minx
    She loves to take a dick hard was a nice tight pussy
    I will have to see her again.

  34. joshhht says:

    what size is Sophi ? is she a big girl? what are her rough measurments? and do the other girls allow f/s?

  35. Robbiedevil says:

    I’m an older guy, in my early sixties, but still very sexually active. Went there 23 December, saw Julia a little Philipino girl I would think, probably in her mid/late thirties. Gave me a fabulous massage, really worked on my neck/shoulders/back & legs. Turned me over and worked me over, while I worked her breasts and bum over, took very good care of me with the nude body slide and finished me off nicely.
    I’ll definitely be going back.

  36. Pussyhunta says:

    Haha sorry to hear u got knocked back
    I saw Anna here a lil bit older but damn she had a pornstar lookin pussy
    Was nice I got to play with it got her hot enough
    Then she said let’s fuck
    Her words not mine
    Good experience will b back

  37. KJB says:

    Ellaborate!!! please! is she a man with hidden hairy balls?

    • David says:


  38. David says:


  39. Peter says:

    Went there today, saw Sophia, not sure if its the same girl as she would be aged in her 40′s, $50 bucks for 1/2 hour, crappy massage but about 15 minutes into it she turns me over and puts a condom on my cock, after a short suck she got on top and rode me. at the end she didn’t ask for any more money, not sure what the go is at this place.

  40. Don says:

    I was there about 7 weeks ago on a Sunday, must have seen Sophia as well. Is she the one currently studying for a diploma and living with her aunty?

  41. Phil says:

    Has anyone been there on Fridays ,

  42. David says:

    I was there on Saturday and spent an hour with Sophia she is great to be with always happy and really looks after you. She only works Saturday and Sunday. I have seen her at another parlor and was great surprise seeing her here

    • Don says:

      yeah, i saw a girl here on a sunday in early September, she said she was new.. i didn’t catch her name.. said she was studying for a diploma and was living with her aunty.

  43. Tom says:

    Tried goin yesterday…called before hand to see if they were open at 3pm…lady answered n said not open til 6pm on a wed….not sure if this is the norm or not n also don’t understand wat she would be doin there for 3hrs before hand but I guess I’ll have to try another day/time

  44. drew says:

    it can be a hit or miss kind of place , i generally stay for 45 minutes which is $75 …

  45. jim says:

    Well after all the good reviews I had to make the trip, although I am not sure it was entirely worth it.
    The place looks pretty poor from the outside although when you get inside its clean and tidy.
    The girl that answered the door wore a body hugging black dress with bulging tits, nice. She took me to the room and after we talked business, which ended up being $50 for massage and h/j, she placed a fresh towel down and left the room, for what seemed too long for my liking, any way! When she came back she started the massage, I asked for hard because I do have tight muscles in my back, the massage was hopeless it was stroking and rubbing mainly on my shoulders and neck, no lower back no arse and no legs.
    After about 10 to 15 minutes she took all her clothes off (nice bod) then she enticed me to stroke her ass and boobs, she teased me and gave me a bit of a body slide but she would not let me play with her pussy or suck her tits. When I eventually rolled over I asked if she gave f/s or b/j she said no then as she played with my cock she told me about all the other girls, their names the days they work and what they do, that’s something you need to hear while you are having you cock played with. NOT!
    The bottom line here is!
    The place is clean and tidy
    The girl was in to it and tried to make it fun and enjoyable, and it was.
    I have had worse and paid more
    Yes I will go back to try other girls
    And Drew I will definitely ask for Monica next time

  46. drew says:

    Visited again today , saw a beautiful thai girl called monica for 45 minutes , great massage all over lots of attention to back neck arms legs . then rolled me over and paid attention to neck again and did a body slide all over ..
    performed hand job while squating over my face so I had the best view
    great girl

  47. drew says:

    Been here a few times and received a great massage , ladies get naked straight away and do get into the massage , I tried going back yesterday ( tuesday ) tried calling to to make sure if they were open with no answer so decided to take a visit , walked up the stairs , waited a few minutes for the door to be answered i could here noise inside , door opens lady who spoke very little english says sit and walks me to waiting area, she walks around in a towel and say 10 – 15 minute you wait .. decided not too and went to breathless instead

  48. Shagga says:

    Nice place saw Sarah she is sexy petite curves in the right places clean good massage n happy ending

  49. jonno says:

    Good place.

  50. Ian says:

    Been here couple times. Access via lane at back and uP metal stairs
    $50/half includes happy ending and nude masseuse.
    I go for light so no idea how good the hard massages are
    Will go back again.

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