Kingswood Massage

4/232 Great Western Hwy Kingswood NSW 2340

P: 02 4732 4564

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  1. Michael says:

    Called today morning asked who was available. The woman said Monica and some other name. I read the reviews and so I called back and made sure I secured a booking for Monica.

    I had a very similar experience to MACS
    She works Tue, thurs, Sat.
    Best to call ahead.
    Definitely will be back. I had a 45 min massage and I went in with a stiff neck. The technique was amazing. Worth every dollar. She looked after my needs and paid special attention to areas that were tense and worked on the knots.
    She even spent some time after the session and worked on the knot in my neck even giving some advice and applying some Thailand tiger balm after. Very pleased with the service and will be back for more.

  2. Qwerty says:

    I had naughty Anna today she is fantastic to look at an to talk to,an those magical hands work in a way that is out of this world I will be back very soon

  3. Dr. says:

    Anyone been here recently? Need some review and suggestions

  4. The bald1 says:

    well its been awhile since i visted the penrith area, for a massage so i thought i’d try head back to here its been awhile. so reading the comments here that nothing really changed at kingswood. i went looking a lil further down i found this place, natural massage clinic 15/513 High St, Penrith next to cash converters. i was greeted by a very cute petite 20 to 25 yr old chinese girl with nice perky tits. i didn’t catch catch her name rarely do. took the 30 min $35 option, started the massage was very firm and actually gave a decent massage. once back was done worked the legs, this started on the prostate. asked what extra’s was told just HE, asked if i can return favour she said yes took close off. so i proceeded to finger her tight lil pussy as she gave me a great HE. all up $80 but i think theres extra’s within once you visit regular. if your looking for somewhere new try this place out. i look forward to reading your comments. happy hunting
    body- 8 massage – 8.5 HE – 8

    • Jeffyff says:

      Do we really need ratbags like The bald1 who posted today at 2.19, 2.22 and 2.26 nearly identical messages relating to Penrith Massage (first two) and Kingswood Massage (third)?

      Back to the cubicle doors brother.

  5. Cj says:

    Hello guys. Anyone been here recently? Any recommendations

    • KidNStrait says:

      Nothing new here. Same old faces. Their service is pretty good but no one new and I am getting bored. The smell of old towels, the noise of traffic and the predictability is getting boring.

      Does anyone know of a different joint with matching quality in the area?

    • Thedude says:

      Thought I would give it a whirl. Tried to book Monica from previous review. Was asked to come in now as she had a booking later. I arrive in about 15 min. Owner was on the phone as I got up the stairs. Left me waiting in the porch for a couple of minutes until she finally let me. Once inside I felt instantly seedy. It was run down and it looked like the girls lived there. Was then told Monica had a booking only linna was available. Linna was some old overweight wrinkly husk of a shell. Just as I turn to leave the door knocks and an old Gent walks in with a booking for Monica. Don’t go without a firm booking.

  6. pete says:

    Hey does a thai girl name Julie still work here. Small girl mid to late 30s. Great massage and more.Cheers.

  7. MAC says:

    I was lucky enough to have a session with Monica this week.
    She works Tues, Wed and Thursdays.

    Mid-30′s, thai, really sexy body, quite tall, slim, beautiful tits (natural).
    A real stunner IMO.

    If I was picky, she face is average and reflective of her age.
    She has to work a lot to support her family back home, parents and daughter, so it’s tough.

    As noted by others, there are two massage rooms with a waiting area and shower facility in the laundry room. The place is dated with paint pealing off the ceiling and old carpet. Up the stairs and press the buzzer on the left. You will see towels hanging outside.

    $50 for 30mins
    $75 for 45mins
    $100 for 60mins

    Nude massage with HE included. What a bargain.
    Based on the posts below, extras can be negotiated with the girls.
    None for me on this first visit, massage + HE is fine.

    Monica is a skillful masseuse. She knows how to work the knots and hit all those pressure points. Worked my neck and back muscles like a pro. Then stretches of my legs and groin, fingers and toes. Amazing, proper techniques.

    Flipped over and she started performing the HE.
    Climbed on the table, spread her legs and gave me an awesome view of her firm butt and pussy from behind.

    She allowed me to play with her pussy, and with her hand technique and dirty talk, I blew my load all too quickly. That view of her pussy when I was spreading it open was just too sexy.

    Next time I will ask if she does other extras.
    Being a first timer, I just wanted the basics and was very satisfied.

    In summary, WOW, top massage, amazing HE.
    She has the body and the skills.
    What a package.

  8. Mark says:

    Anyone been here recently?? Reviews please

  9. MiLo says:

    Saw Lisa earlier this week.
    Had a 45min session with the usual finish.

    Lisa: mid-late 30′s, pretty face, nice body, firm butt and nice set of tits (enhanced). She had nipples that stick out 1cm like antennas, quite unique.
    Does a bit of dirty talk during the hand job (as mentioned in comments below) and will call you ‘darling’ a lot.

    For me, the massage was decent and the HE was great.
    My hands were able to explore and touch her body and pussy.
    Good personality and great to chat to.
    She looks after her body. Smooth skin, healthy glow, very nice.

    Massage: Lisa uses her forearms and elbows most of the time instead of her hands for massaging. Started with back, then shoulders and neck and then finish with stretching of arms, shoulders, back, hands and feet. Pretty much all bases covered. Total duration around 30mins. Also did a massage of my head/hair which I personally wasn’t keen on.

    Compared with Anna, in my opinion, Lisa is more attractive (looks +bodyboand Anna gives a better massage. Both ladies are very pleasant to spend time with.

    Till next time…

  10. KidNStrait says:

    Saw a new girl Sunny there who works only on Thursday. Was told she looks very similar to Monica so booker her in. Nice bubbly personality with a bit of humor and fairly good at conversation and also good massage.

    Time to turn over she offer CBJ which I took. A few seconds later she offered FS which also I accepted but didn’t really enjoy. Very small tits and pussy was quite loose I could feel nothing. Was like humping air. So she finished off by hand which was quite good. I still paid the $40 we negotiated for FS which was a waste but she did ride me a bit n tried a couple of positions so it was fair that I paid her. Was worth the $50 for massage and HJ.

    I am OK with asian chicks giving a HJ but never seem to enjoy FS with them. Maybe because I am Indian and they are genetically too close, hence less of an attraction factor. I usually get great massage and HJ from asian chicks, and crap FS. With white chicks I get crap massage and HJ but usually good FS. This just so you know that perhaps my lack of satisfaction with Sunny was on me rather than her.

    Thanks and have fun bros!

    • MiLo says:

      LoL, I reckon it’s the ‘dom !!!
      Too many HJ’s/BB = no feel when using the rubber.

      I have BB at home and get 10% sensation when using condom.

      Asian is not similar to Indian my friend… with the lights off maybe .

    • Andy says:

      Or maybe it’s because of the dick size. Too small that the pussy walls cant even figure it out where it is :D

      • MiLo says:

        ROFL !!!

        Like throwing a sausage down a hallway !!!
        Nothing but air !!!

        Should have spent the $40 and did it American Pie style… at least dessert is a given afterwards.

      • KidNStrait says:


        Too funny. I didn’t know 12 year olds were allowed on this site.

        • Andy says:

          Jokes don’t take my words seriously mate. They say Indians have small dicks

          • Stevie B says:

            Yeh bro just make racist insulting jokes but it’s ok..ppl should relax eh. Fucken points. Think it’s ok coz ur white. Fuck off amigo.

    • Big Dong says:

      Hey KidnStrait. Her pussy was loose? You didnt the walks? Maybe you have a PENCIL dick. LMAO

  11. MiLo says:

    Had a 45min massage with Anna this week.

    She’s in her mid-late 40′s, Thai, nice natural tits, small firm butt, short and has a mummy tummy. Not really my thing but each to their own.

    Looks aside, she is very friendly and chatty which makes the session very relaxing. Massage is top notch, she knows where to find and gently work on the tight knots in my shoulders and back. Happy ending was done well, with care and not rushed. She was naked from the start and was happy for my hands to caress and explore.

    The facilities itself is best described as an old 2 bedroom unit above/behind shops. Internal fitout is dated and in need of refurbishment. Walk thru the carpark, up the metal stairs and to the door on the left. Signage is hanging by the verandah.

    First time to this place as I was in the area. Will be back in the future to try other masseuse. She tells me it’s popular with young labourers during the week and very busy on the weekends.


  12. KidNStrait says:

    Found another lovely girl at this joint on Friday. Lisa is her name, curvy Thai woman in mid to late thirties. Curvy is a good way. Nice, fleshy, full tits, but not enhanced. Despite being curvy, her tummy is not all gross and saggy.

    Nice firm massage, well trained and knows what to do. When it was time to turn over she did a great job with dirty talk, and kept saying “Fuck my pussy” she even said fuck my wet pussy, look how wet it is and grabbed my hand and rubbed it against her naturally wet slit. I usually dont do pussy play and I didnt go wild when she did that but to those bros that like it, you will get it.

    She said several times “Next time you fuck my pussy”. When I blew my load, I was a very satisfied man. She works on Mondays and Fridays.

    • Franklin says:

      KidNStrait by giving good reviews of the ladies here, you’re making it very difficult for someone like me to decide who to go for lol..

      • KidNStrait says:


        But you won’t go wrong with either Monica or Lisa, or even Julia. This is one of those rare few places where most ladies offer outstanding service. For your first visit, if you really want to narrow down, go for Monica.

        Hope this helps.

        • Franklin says:

          Knowing that any of them would do FS for some extra cash, who would u recommend to choose?

          • Doc says:

            Don’t know if you will get fs first go , but why not try , can only say no. But I would def go Monica, Lisa & Jazmine.Walked past a new girl I havnt seen before . Was told her name was Lena , looked cute ,but was wearing a bath robe so couldn’t tell about the body . Anyone got some info on her?

          • Andy says:

            I have been here a couple of times with Lisa only. Older and curvy lady great hands and massage techniques which I really enjoy. Last visit I asked for FS and was accepted. The service was really sensual and satisfying. Would go again

          • Andy says:

            Would love to try the other ladies being talked about. Excluding monica who would be better choice Lisa or Jasmine?

          • Doc says:

            If you’ve already done Lisa , why not just give Jasmin a go ? She’s very bubbly and gets into it . She did for me , but also saying that everyone clicks different with other people , just see how you go .

          • KidNStrait says:


            Have you done FS with Jazmine? If so, review please?


          • Doc says:

            Yeah mate done fs with jasmine.nothing really to rave about . It was all safe which I like. But my experience she really got
            Into it , loved different positions. Cute lil thing , go try for yourself . Maybe they just love the young meat haha . They all seem to be milfs, not young at all . My favourite was Honey , but she left a while ago and havnt been able to track her down . Maybe someone reading this could help?

          • Andy says:

            Sorry I meant Julia. never been with Lisa or Jazmine

          • KidNStrait says:

            Hey Doc,

            Did you get FS from Jasmine on first visit?
            How much did she charge? Did she offer or did you ask? The position changes: does she do them when you tell her to, or take charge and switch on her own?


          • Doc says:

            It was second time around , she kept saying how fit I looked which just made me want to bang her ,so I hit her up for fs. Big smiling yes from her. Little bit to much lube for my licking , but I took charge with the whole action.

    • Emil says:

      To KidNStrait, Hi there, I ‘ve fucked Lisa a few times before and yes she loves to talk dirty, good body on her and tight pussy. Ask her to tell you some of her past stories, like when she fucked so many guys one night in a Penrith brothel. She is an exciting lady.

  13. Stevo says:

    Hey just wondering where is this place is it near club 202

  14. Kidnstrait says:

    Has anyone had full service with Jazmine? What’s she like?

    • Doc says:

      Hey mate , I didn’t even know
      a jasmine worked there!!
      Have you had a session with her ? If so a bit of a description please
      Wouldn’t mind trying someone different there. I mainly always go with Monica , because she’s great at everything especially massage.

      • AK47 says:

        Have you guys tried Julia in here? How is she compared to others?

        • Kidnstrait says:

          Julia in terms of massage and hand job is on the same league as Monica. Top notch. She is a bit older, shorter and heavier set and has the signs of child bearing. I had no problem with that, but just saying. She talked a bit too much and bit too silly for my taste and the sensual factor was a bit lower than Monica, but that’s just me. Her massage and hand action are pretty awesome and I would definitely go back to see her if Monica wasn’t available. Sophie is also very good just like Monica.

      • Kidnstrait says:

        I did see Jazmine for a 30 minute massage and hand relief session. She is short, chubby and curvy but I like that type. Nice natural big bust. She has a bubbly personality, good with conversation. Of course you get the asian accent but its not at all difficult to have a convo. I like that. She is volutuous and I loved it. The massage was good. Monica and Julia are way better but if you compare Jazmine with any other place I have been to for RnT or even a straight massage, she is definitely pretty good. I only saw her that once and she said “Next time we do full service, only $20 extra”. That’s where my question comes in. I just made a booking to see Anna at 1:15 this arvo. Let’s see how it goes.

        • Doc says:

          Will jasmine let you play around with her , or will she just make you lay there and look while she jerks you off??

          • Kidnstrait says:


            From what I recall she does let your hands wander. As a personal choice I stay away from pussy play. She was OK with me fondling her tits. But like everyone else, I think there is no set rule. It depends on how she feels on that day and with the specific customer (I am guessing). It has been a few months so Ido not recall all details.

          • Doc says:

            Had a session with jasmine , super bubbly and she’s cute to . Always laughing and giggling . A lot of mutual touching, thinking could of got fs if wanted but was happy with rnt. Just hoping there will be some new girls soon I’ve gone threw all to many times lol.

          • Kidnstrait says:

            Hi Doc

            Thanks for the post. Glad you had fun with Jazmine. I want to go back and see her again. How good was the massage? Any more info on the touching?

            Yes I am sure you would have gotten FS if you tried.


          • Franklin says:

            Hey guys looks like u have been here a couple of times so please suggest me which of the ladies would be the best pick for fS?

      • Kidnstrait says:

        Doc, did you ever go full with Monica or anyone else in that joint? If so, what’s she like? Sensual and into it, or just lets you do your thing, or mechanical riding for a bit?

        • AK47 says:

          Kidnstrait do let us know about your experience with Anna

          • Kidnstrait says:


            I havent been back there since Anna. She was very good with both massage and HE. A bit older than Monica and Jazmine. I don’t know what else to say. She didn’t do anything different to Monica, she is a bit more curvy and fleshy which I prefer but the more see others, the more I am inclined to stick with Monica. Unless Jazmine offers FS lol.

        • AK47 says:

          I have been with both Monica and Julia single sessions. No doubt they both do great job, good massags and HE skills but personally I prefer Julia because Monica is a bit on the skinny side for me. I’m more into curvey women. I like Julia’s tits and have been thinking to go for a FS with her. Anyone had a FS experience with Julia?

        • Doc says:

          I’ve had fs with Monica , she won’t do it unless your a regular she’s comfortable with. But also saying that she’s great , doesn’t like when you go to long though and isn’t like a lady that you just pound the fuck out of at a brothel . Probably that’s why I like her.

          • Kidnstrait says:

            Thanks Doc.

            So you can’t pound her and you can’t go slow. What does she let you do then? Is she active as in cowgirl or does she just lie on her back expecting you to finish yourself off?


  15. Thebald1 says:

    Gents just want to let you all know About the little massage parlor in Richmond on market st. I went there today, was greeted by a bubbly middle aged lil Asian woman. Didn’t catch her name, took the the half hour $35 option. She starts the firm massage, kept touching my balls any chance she got. She asked if I like to fuck, I said doesn’t everyone?. She said you like to give me good fuck? I said how much extra $50 so I said yes she goes gets condom. Slides it on with her mouth. Laid down on table and said fuck me hard you give me good fuck. So I obliged, after we done she takes condominium off kisses my dick. Then finishes the massage off. Tells me she only there Tuesday, So overall a great Massage with a full service for $85. Will have to try it again on a different day too see if all girls give same sort of service.

    • nirrad68 says:

      Hey mate do you have the address would love to visit. Mind you love this place especially Julia & Monica.

      • Peter says:

        Can you describe what Julia looks like rate looks & massage out of 10

      • Thebald1 says:

        Hi nirrad68
        I dont know exact address mate i stumbled on it when I was out there. Its just down from richmond records. Near the thai restaurant on the way to maccas or trainstation. Its a little shopping ally way. They have a little massage sign on the street.

        • nirrad68 says:

          Thanks Thebald1 as found the place today. Paid my $50 extra for FS & also found out $20 for HE. Have to say a great massage.
          Peter , Julia is the older Thai in late who works weekends only. She is short & slightly larger lady but by far the best massage in Kingswood. If you want a conversation she is great as English perfect. Has perfect tits & pussy. I just love her.

          • AK47 says:

            Hey nirrad68 does Julia do a full service??

          • nirrad68 says:

            AK47 she did a few years back but haven’t asked recently as enjoy her HE to much. Love to know as may go back for FS one day again. She use to charge just $20 extra.

          • Thebald1 says:

            Your welcome mate, tell me what’s the girls like there on the weekend out of 10? as I only visited there twice now on the Tuesday to grantee fs. But now I know doesn’t matter what day you go.

          • Kidnstrait says:


            Can you please share the address of the Richmond place?

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