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  1. John Bigco k says:

    Was at MH yesterday. In meeting room, One GILF grabbed my cock & let me finger her arse. Incredible. What a slut! Another “lady” pointed to her arse. I think she was indicating thar she does greek. Wow! Did she have big tits. They were nearly popping out of her top. What a slut! Well they are all sluts in these brothels. Met a few more MILFs & GILFs. Great selection of old overweight women. LOL.
    I picked Emma. When Emma came into the room, I was towelling myself dry. She started to DFK while gently caressing my cock & balls. Very very nice. Helped her remove her clothing. She possesses a very solid build. Nice juicy ass. Firm, round & smooth. Just like a rosy red apple. BTW I’d like to fuck her big juicy ass. Didnt ask if she does anal. Get a bit self conscious asking for greek. Anyone out there done Emma’s asshole? TBH I really liked her body. Was getting horny just looking at her luscious body. Got on the bed. Her BBBJ was very sensuous. One of the best BBBJ i have had for ages. It is amazing how most WLs are average when doing BBBJ. Emma is top notch in that department. Other recommendations for great head at this place are Nadine & Pip. I did DATY & rimmed her asshole. My tongue kept going from her cunt hole to her corn hole in one long wet swoop. Then back again. Kept doing this for quite a few minutes. Think she was enjoying it as she orgasmed a few times. BTW Emma’s asshole is beautiful. Was a pleasure to look at & to tongue. Some women have assholes that like like they were attacked with a chain saw. Got on top in ’69 position. Ate her cunt … then ate her arse. My cock was rock hard in her mouth. She was really going to town. Her oral skills are fucking awesome! She orgasmed quite a few times. Think I was turning her on. And …. then I came. In her mouth. Got off & started DFK. Was hardening up again. Inserted a couple of fingers in her cunt. Slow at first then hard & fast. She squirted. Put on a dom & pounded her pussy. Was really turned on by her body. She came a few more times. Finally blew. Was knackered but satisfied. Well i had an awesome time. She did too. I could tell. Her love juice had soaked the sheets. Wow! What a session. I highly recommend Emma – just for her BBBJs. I rate her BJ a 10 out of 10. It was that good. I’ve rooted about half of the current MILFs & GILFs at MH and the next best BJ exponents are Pip, Darcy, Vicky & Nadine. I’d rate their BJs as an 8/10. Boom boom.

    • Stud Meister says:

      Well i saw Chanel last week. Really nice looking. Great body beautiful skin colouring. BTW I like dark girls. Her service was excellent. Have noticed tbat she turns up sporadically. Most probably works elsewhere.

    • StudMeister says:

      Well i saw Chanel last week. Really nice looking. Great body beautiful skin colouring. BTW I like dark girls. Her service was excellent. Have noticed tbat she turns up sporadically. Most probably works elsewhere.

    • Ratt Moronko says:

      This is the same copy and paste story from several times last year.

    • Legend says:

      Nice review. This is more like it. Need more reviews like this which are detailed & informative. Well done fellow punter. Unfortunately mostcomments criticise any decent review.

    • Bullshit Alert says:

      Bullshit alert , bullshit alert

      What a crock of shit


      • The instant classic says:

        You certainly get some creepy attention round here Emma haha. But having known you 8 years i can confirm his ” fantasy ” is BS.

      • Newbie says:

        Ha. Yeah cumming 7+ times in one session is clearly fiction. Although I have spent time with the lovely Emma and I can vouch for the fact that’s she’s great fun is NOT bullshit. Especially when she wears the gold dress that makes her look like the Oscars statue. Mmmmmm.

  2. Wobert da Bwuce says:

    My first ever visit to MH. Was there on Saturday. Was given a tip by receptionist to pick Nadine. Paid for 30 minutes. She is certainly a little darling of a thing – adorable looking with a delightful booty. BJ was pretty good. Pretty face, her eyes nose and lips just what I like, and she looked good. She is eurasian. Blonde hair & i think her eyes were blue. IMO a very good looking woman. After playing with her body , kissing it all over including her pussy & asshole. She got on top for cowgirl, and she made some gorgeous sounds and wiggled on me like a speared fish till she came. Got into usual round of positions and all in all a very nice experience. Sex was covered. Not quiet , but not screaming pornstar type , but incredibly cute, not to mention the body on her. Pretty good considering she has a child. That is what she told me. Could be BS. I feel she is the kind of girl that will get better when she sees you weren’t just sweet talking her and return for more. Looking forward to some more time in cutie-pie heaven with little Nadine. BTW i read on this thread that she does anal for an extra $100. I never asked her so i dont know if that information is legitimate.

    • John says:

      Nice review. Have also seen Nadine on a number of occasions. Yes, she has that X factor. No glamour but there is an element of sensuality about her. And her BJs are very nice. Soft & gentle yet absollutely sensuous.

  3. ian says:

    does anyone know when darcy works

  4. Slammin Salami says:

    Well Chrissy sure let fly !!!! and good for her on that note BUT already like the wandering bison of the old American plains these GILFS go from place to the next grazing off our wallets Do us punters a favour let some younger ones have a go make room RETIRE

    • Chrissy says:

      If you want young girls Salami go visit Cleopatra’s, Jingle bells geez there are more brothels with young WL. I’m not a brothel hopper what so ever! Worked at AH on and off for 11yrs thanks. You know we’re mature aged and that’s why we are so busy! Most men especially under 30′s prefer experienced WL who know what they want and I quote by clients I’ve seen don’t want a star fish that’s telling her client no you can’t touch that or don’t kiss me ect ect! But hey what ever floats your boat baby

      • Tom Cat says:

        So , Chrissy if you are so good, why leave AH go to CT, then , go to GP, and you are no hopper LMAO

        • Chrissy says:

          Pussy cat if you had of read my previous post I was 11 yrs at AH left there after being spoken to rudely by new manager Ingrid after not putting up with her shit for a few years after her mother sacked her! I won’t be treated badly after 11 yrs of loyalty and hard work! I then had 6 months off
          work travelled overseas then went to CT! Unfortunately I was not happy with the environment so resigned. I was offered an opportunity to join the great team of quality WL and accepted! Anything else you need answered lol

          • Ratt Moronko says:

            Ingrid is an ice user and Amanda is a bi-polar wreck.

          • Old Punter says:

            Clearly you are an uneducated and misinformed moron
            I have known the owners for many years and have a lot Ng standing respect for them and their establishment
            If you want to go on with you crap take it elsewhere.
            Save you negative and derivative comments for someone you actually know

            keep the forum for what it’s meant to be

      • Slammin Salami says:

        There is a difference between young mature WL’s 35/45 yr ……. And relics of better days gone past .. I do ask that you tell all your over the hill wok mates from RCT, Maggie’s and Amanda’s/Miss Heavens to come join you at Gentleman’s Paradise for two reasons firstly the younger ones can get more shifts and secondly we don’t have to sit there and hold our last meal down while we are introduced to mutton dressed up like spring lamb

        • Slammin Salami says:

          Also why you left CT maybe the split is less the hours are longer and you didn’t like the local clientele’s ethnic origin at night time …

          • Reagan says:

            You hit a raw nerve there. Hahaha. I’ve asked a few of the WLs at AH/MH why they left CT & all mentioned the “attitude” & consequently the behaviour of a certain ethnic group played a big part in moving on. Terms such as derogatory, arrogance, disrespectful, impolite, rough were common place.
            BTW Salami, i like your reviews & comments. A refreshing change from wartboy & the fake RZ. IMO you are being a bit harsh with Chrissy. I prefer an older woman as i’m well over 50. And i’ve been with Chrissy both at AH & CT. Always found her service was top rate. For a GILF, she scrubs up well. Drive around Parramatta, Blacktown, Penrith etc & she has a better body than most young girls. LMAO

          • Chrissy says:

            Thanks Reagan GP opens Monday
            On Whitting looks amazing

          • Newbie says:

            Any idea of rates at GP Chrissie? The website is particularly unhelpful at the moment.

          • Chrissy says:

            Hey Newbie same rates as FC

          • Newbie says:

            Thx Chrissie. Might come in tomorrow for a look. Wear something sexy and I might even stay a while. ;-)

    • Super Moderator says:

      You are banned!

  5. Slammin Salami says:

    LMAO ,,,,,,, Ive noticed of late our mild mannered receptionist Alexis is starting to spend a shitload more time answering punters needs than the telephone …… Money wins everytime ( well she does give a fantastic BBBJ )

  6. jones564u says:

    I see there is a new place opening in AH old place called gentlemans paradise.
    Does any one know any thing about it as it advertises the same as MH. It opens 16/1

    • Ahab da Araab says:

      Jonesy, what is it gonna be called?

      • jones564u says:

        gentlemans paradise, google it.

        • Ahab da Araab says:

          Thanx jonesy. Most likely “paradise” will be full of old overweight boilers. LMAO

          • Henry says:

            Yep an losers like you will have to go an pay to root tham LMAO

          • Ahad da Araab says:

            Yep. Aint life wonderful. LMAO

          • Tim says:

            Au contraire, it appears that much of the top talent at Riverwood are going over to the new Whiting Street establishment. GP are going to be offering only 8 ladies per shift, and quality control is of paramount importance, according to my source.

          • beli da says:

            Which ones have gone over from riverwood Tim.

          • Tim says:

            The plan is for the ladies to adopt new names, so they won’t be recognizable from the GP web site. I don’t want to name names at this point, as they may still have shifts booked at Riverwood. All will be revealed starting Monday.

          • Chrissy says:

            Ain’t no over weight boilers at GP! Try miss heaven’s or what is the other name? Oh yes Forbidden City! Where everything is forbidden…

        • Julian says:

          Tim why post under Forbidden City , just post under Cougar Town . And If Chrissy is the cream of the top , you are one loser , what she must be close to 60 , and yes I know she’s going saw her last week and I quote ” give me yr number I’m going to Gentleman’s Paradise . Fuck no she’s dangerous

          • Chrissy says:

            Yes I am going to the new establishment at the newly renovated Gentleman’s Paradise starting Monday 16th! All you fake arse names that owners, and 95% of jealous, vindictive WL hide under are totally pathetic! Does it make you feel good to make false information regarding me! I have worked in the industry over 18 years on and off and I can swear on my kids and granddaughters lives I have not ever been diagnosed with an STD! I have 3 monthly health check ups including swabs and all blood tests with the same Dr over 15yrs (Dr Jarved 02 9627 4212)
            All you former employers of mine all know my real name call him! Does it make you happy Ingrid to put someone down that gave over 10 years of loyal service. That made your establishment tens of thousands of dollars over that period because I sure did lots with my money I took home weekly after doing Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday double shifts then leaving Thursday afternoon! I lived there to work and then went home to my family feeling emotionally drained! Physically drained absolutely shattered for the next 3 nights only to go back the next week to suffer the same! You and your WL have the gall to put me down!! I was told directly by the totally reliable, won’t repeat to anyone what you tell me!! Your my sister I’ll always be here for you! I’ve got your back! One and only SUMMER! Yeah Ingy you can trust summer with your life! Like the day you asked her to meet you near AH and you told her lease was running out get everyone’s number so TRUSTING SUMMER CAN STILL BE LOOKED AFTER! I’m over all you people! I treated all you girls like my sisters, I considered you my family away from home as I was working for lying manipulateive owners making them money! Never cared giving me back to back jobs without as much a 1 min break! You don’t give a shit how much pain I was in! Lol you are pathetic! Also why hide behind a fake profile everyone! Have balls and own up to your pathetic crap! Guess you were jealous I was making awesome money, or was it the extensions I got because I don’t fake my service like most of you robots! Maybe it wasn’t that I got you in for a double! As you all know that have ever worked with me I am very choosy who I take in with me as I pride myself on giving my clients my 150% the best service and walking to the door after time is up to see them smiling and looking like they had a great experience with 2 ladies that are not fake arse bitches who only do the job for the extras! Which was often talked about the next time my clients booked me again and again and again lol
            So for all you gorgeous men out there, that saw me on regular times! My clients who followed me to CT come see me and all the other WL That respect their job and treayMonday till Thursday from10.00am till 6 pm cal

          • Dr ? says:

            I’m having trouble with Chrissy,s rant as If a doctor would give out a persons health record over the phone. He would lose his career.
            Also you can bet that after 18 years of service, Chrissy would most definitely have herpes which has no cure.
            Sadly the majority of working ladies do have herpes.
            Just remember guys that it only takes a kiss and you could be exposed to this non curable disease.

          • Chrissy says:

            Julian you must be delusional if you saw me last week idiot! I have been working at Couger Town and sweetie we were closed last week only returned this past Monday! So much crap talk!

          • Julian says:

            Chrissy you old hag , yes ct was closed till the 9th ,,, that’s why wls that I’d seen frm ct were at MH for the week

          • Big O says:

            This is all hilarious.

          • Chrissy says:

            Look you like giving lip Dr…I have spoken to my GP and if AH or whatever there name is now they change so often as this is the only establishment I’ve worked in the last 11 yrs besides CT who have all of my 3 monthly checks as unlike AH they keep records of all health checks so if I haven’t been diagnosed with herpes by now! it just might be taking its time to kick in must just be lucky hey! Unlike the call I received from Summer a good 6 months after departing AH apparently there was a cylmidia out break and over 20 girls were tested positive and had to be treated with 5 shots of penicillin! She said it was so embarrassing they had to put notes in
            Waiting rooms informing clients of the out break! Maybe you were the Dr treating these poor WL

          • Tom Cat says:

            Chrissy you still haven’t told us why you left AH come on fess up LMAO

          • Julius Seize Her says:

            Chrissy, you reckon 20 WLs at AH had chlamydia!!! That’s BS!!!! If true, i’d be pointing the finger at Slamming. Hahaha.
            BTW WLs should be getting checked fortnightly. Every 3 months is useless!!! In fact it us outrageous, dangerous & scandalous!!!!!

          • Chrissy says:

            Julian you must be mentally challenged I have not stept a foot in Miss Heavens and would rather starve on the streets then be in that place… Pfttt idiot

          • Julius Seize Her says:

            Chrissy. Read my post again ya farken dumfuck! Never mentioned Miss Heavens. Moron! I said AH. Get your eyes checked.
            I’m off to bed. It’s late. Good night

          • Tommo says:

            Chrissy you haven’t stepped in miss heaven’s because they won’t have you back isn’t that true you idiot

        • Legend says:

          So GP will be staffed by the “best” talent from CT. Most likely a few from AH (viz MH) will also be there. More of the same? LMAO. Only time will tell. Find it unusual they are only having 8 per roster. There are more than 8 rooms at Whiting St

      • Super Moderator says:

        You’re banned too for being a dumbass, jackass!!!

    • Ass Hole Buster says:

      Just checked out the website. Opens on Monday 16th January. Notice they advertise “mature” women. Bet half will be regulars from Cleg St. Most probably the same owners. Will have to check it iut. LMAO

      • Slammin Salami says:

        Its the person that owns Maggies at Parramatta she will probably send all the chubbers and WL’s that should be pensioned off over OR >>> Gather up a small stable of quality slim good looking milfs and kick arse ( mind you I find that hard to believe )

    • Slammin Salami says:

      LOL ,,,,,,,,,,,, With a new place opening Nicole and Candy can extend their overdue retirement …. They can work day and night and try picking off a few despots at both places
      When you think seriously about it there isn’t enough top shelf Caucasian Milf to spread over Maggies , Gentleman’s Paradise Riverwood ,Victoria’s Secrets and Clegg St
      There are some serious dud roots going to happen till the sort out comes

  7. The Really Big Lewbowski says:

    Wanted to start the New Year with a big bang. Wanted a double bunger! Hahaha. Wanted to fark 2 moles in their bungholes. Yeah! Turned up yesterday & asked receptionist that i wanted a filthy no holes barred PSE 3some. “Fatty” and “Fatso” were recommended. Quite a few others were also recommended. Wont name them however 6 Cleg St regulars will know who they are. Both are “overweight” and saw their 40th birthdays years ago. I like fatties! LMAO. For starters they towelled me dry. DFKed both BBWs while they groped my cock & ass. These gals know what they are doing. Fatty goes down on me. I boned up. Fatso was licking my ass so I spread my legs so to provide better access. I didnt object when she spread my ass cheeks apart to rim my asshole. Stuck a finger or two into my asshole. Felt great as the other milf was slurping on my stovepipe. She told me to get on the bed. She pulls out a BIG dildo & starts playing with her clit & pussy. Number 2 milf was sucking my knob while i watched the show. This is where things started heating up. The “skinnier” one of the 2 BBWs grabs the dildo of miss big tits & shoves it up her own asshole. WTF? Then she inserts 2 fingers in the other’s cunt. She came. Then 3 fingers. Then the whole fist. Well miss fat tits had one huge long orgasm. I shoved my throbbing cock in her mouth while she was cumming. Then into the other WL’s mouth. Suggested they get into a 69 position. TBH I get turned on watching 2 women eating & rimming each other even if they are both old & fat. I approached Fatty from behind. First the pussy. Fatty was still sucking Fatso’s clit while fingering her pussy. After a few minutes, Fatso squirts a lot. I got really turned on by that. Lubed up & inserted my cock into Fatty’s willing ass. Fatty puts her hand up Fatso’s pussy. Shit. It looked great. Fatso came a few times. Love juice was everywhere. These sluts arent acting. After composing ourselves & a few Swipes on my cock, Fatso sticks a finger up my ass. Hmmm i liked that but my cock was still limp so Fatty starts sucking me off. Fatso asks me to get on all fours putting my chest flat on the bed with my ass sticking in the air. OK let’s see what happens next. Well she went to town on my asshole with that big dildo. Her hand is pulling my dick which had now gone limp again while my ass was being fucked. TBH I am a dirty fat sleazy leb so i admit liking a WL using a strapon on my ass! LMAO. Fatty gets underneath me & sucks my cock. I bone up. Time to change positions. I ask Fatty & Fatso to get into a 69 position. Watched them eating each other out. I put my rock hard throbbing cock into a pussy & pull it out for the other to suck. Did this a few times. What sluts. Happy new year! Fucking fantastic. Having already ass fucked Fatty it was time to do Fatso’s asshole. Meanwhile Fatty is fisting herself & talking dirty. Well this was all too much. After a only 2 or 3 minutes i unloaded into Fatso’s ass! It was a big load. Then Fatso sucked my cock. Fark me! ATM. Then Fatty gave me a quick suck as well. Awesome stuff. BTW the whole session was bare back. Will do this again but with different WLs. Will get Pip & Vicky for a 3some next time. Wont be for a while as it is expensive. Love Fucking sluts up da ass bare back. I’m a class act. LMAO

    • Lebo Zucchini says:

      That’s an awesome review. I reckon that the WLs you saw included one or two of the following: Paloma, Pip, Candy, Abigail, Isabella, Mona, Mandy, Justine or Emma.
      I once had a FMF session at AH a few years back. It included Dena (cant remember the other gilf’s name – aussie or kiwi, big tits, big ass, sloppy body – she did EVERYTHING. She left about 15 months ago. I think her name was Jamie???). It was fucking unbelievable. Had booked them for an hour so i blew about $600. Had just had a good win at the Casino. Dena was a black girl with huge tits & huge ass. Totally out of proportion. A bit cartoonish as one punter had once described her body in a previous post.
      What those two did was like a porno movie. It was a real lesbian tryst. They sucked, licked, fingered & fisted wach other’s holes. I did the asses & pussies of both moles without a condom. I dumped my load in Dena’s asshole. Grrrrrr

    • Super Moderator says:

      To Lebowski.
      You are BANNED!

  8. rod says:

    has anyone been to see angelina and is she worth seeing

  9. Slammin Salami says:

    Went past today and ended up seeing Tessa Always great service she seems to get better with age as I have seen her on and off for many years,,,, rockin body great BBBJ ,,,, I bet most of the WL’s wished they looked as hot as her

  10. Slammin Salami says:

    Great roster on today Im wanting Jagger I been trying for a test run for ages but she went on holidays

    • Salim Mahagaaaaaah says:

      What’s Jagger like? BBBJ? What’s her body like? Not another overweight pot bellied middle aged single mum?

      • Slammin Salami says:

        Jagger is hot and gives a top BBBJ …. She was busy so I didn’t get my chance I now recall I did see her at the old Amanda’s I couldn’t recall her name but when I passed her in the hallway while being led by Tessa to my room I definitely recalled her mouth blowing me

  11. DonkeyCock says:

    Visited yesterday. Met a few WLs in the reception room. Couldnt remember most of their names. Most were overweight & ordinary looking. The one I selected was chubby, about 50 & buxom. She had a pretty face & a wicked muschievious smile which is why i picked her. The body was average. Definitely middle aged.
    When she undressed i was starting to wish i was not there. Well she went down on me & it felt pretty good. Well i was starting to feel glad i picked her. She motioned me onto the bed. While she was suxing me, she slipped a finger in my arsehole. Not used to that but i tolerated it. Looked like she enjoyed doing that. Then i did DATY on her. She came quite easily & often. Then i slipped one then two fingers into her sloppy wet pussy. She had a couple of shuddering orgasms. She also squirted a few times. Then i inserted 3 then 4 fingers & then the whole fist. A couple of more shuddering orgasms. Fuck it turned me on. Then i fucked her ass. She didnt complain. Didnt bother with the pussy. I’m pretty sure she had a few more orgasms. Crikey this woman seems to orgasm every couple of strokes. Incredible. Will definitely see her again.

  12. Curious says:

    Does Pip’s ass really smell? I’ve met her in the Reception Room & i’d like to pick her (pretty face, huge tits & she does anal according to some punters) but havent because of blokes saying her ass stinks. Nothing worse than getting into doggy position & then copping “that” smell. Turns me off. Lose my fat straight away. Session is over

    • Tim says:

      I last saw Pip in August for a 1hr session, including daty and pegging. Everything went well; she proved to be outgoing and friendly, with no evidence of a lack of hygiene. She is at the top of my list for a repeat when I come back to Oz next week. I don’t know if the negative comments concerning her are the result of either some kind of a personal vendetta, or
      simply the misfortune of catching her on an “off day”.

      • Roving Loser Cheers says:

        its RZ the tranny boy that posts this crap about bethany and pip plus a whole lot more troll crap almost every day . its all just pure trolling

      • Roving Loser on that Doggy Ass Smell says:

        Nice try PIP , but too many punters and where there’s smoke there’s fire , phew it stinks down there hehehe

        • Hondo says:

          Well you go by the right name ..Also many others.. Fuckhead feed your mother her lunch you dickhead she is hungry..

        • Roving Loser says:

          hey RZ it wasnt pip its wartboy. why have you got it in for pip and bethany and some of the other girls here? i notice you never put shit on other brothels. you must be a customer of miss heavens and for some reason you harbor a resentment for the women here. you a customer from here or an ex customer for sure

          • Ham3 says:

            Hey Roving Loser i am not Wartboy but good to see you are trolling the DickHead RZ. To the gay boy i am not PIP either you fuckwit. As Roving Loser said you must be a customer that has an Axe to grind maybe didn’t get what you thought you might have been going to get after reading the Bullshit on this site. But you’re probably some wanker that doesn’t even go to MH. Otherwise you would know that Bethany hasn’t worked there for over 12 months you idiot. Cheers you DickHead

          • Sexy Sam says:

            Or the troll could be an ex employee who got fired. Or it could be a current WL at MH who doesnt get along with Pip. Maybe one or more of her regulars stopped seeing her & started seeing Pip instead. Women can get very bitchy. We all know that. BTW saw Emma during the week. Boy does she give awesome BBBJs. Also saw Pip. Her ass doesnt stink as someone always claims. Had her in doggy position. No smell. Pip also gives great head. Nice big tits
            Merry XMAS
            PS none of the BS “happy summer” from that wanker Bill Shorten. How pathetic. Political correctness gone mad. He makes the other fuckwit, Malcum Turnballs, look better than he is. One takes about innovation. What innovation? And the other moron starts every sentence with “malcolm turnbull”. Give us a break. No wonder Pauline is becoming more popular by the day.

      • Curious says:

        Thanks Tim. i’ll pick her next time. I think a lot of the negative comments emanate from the same idiot who posts under a dozen different names.
        Merry XMAS

  13. Roving Dickhead says:

    Gotcha attention haven’t I, here it is as promised RZ’s wife selfie, EAT IT dick head lmao, i LOVE SAUSAGE Cheers RZ

  14. Wartboy says:

    Where have you been RZ? We all missed your BS reviews. You are one sad fuck! Have a miserable XMAS & a poxy NY.

    • does she take it up the ass ? says:

      try Kartier for a DP xmas special, get her to let you strap her small dildo on and fuck her in both holes , your cock in her cunt, her strap on (on you) in her ass, funniest ever, but she goes off like a rocket

      • yikes says:

        are you serious dude ? how much ? I’m getting a mongrel just thinking about this

        • does she take it up the ass ? says:

          i pay 220 for 45 min , extra 50 for DP special. Kartier is a real slut :—) if she could lick her own ass she would

          • Yahoo Serious says:

            Kartier, eh? DP with a dildo. Interesting. Does she take cock up the ass too? A few weeks back some punter claims he did Kartier BB in all 3 holes. Dont know if it is true. TBH Half the posts are BS, so one never knows. I do know that at least half of the MILFs & GILFs provide a greek service. I should know as I’ve porked them up the khyber pass. I reckon at least one third of the WLs provide greek for no extra charge while the rest charge anything between $50 & $100 extra for anal.

          • longing for long wood says:

            yes Kartier takes cock anal bare back , big sloppy asshole, can’t get enough of it, and you can tell she aint faking. but beware i caught a dose of STI from this joint, was either Pip or Bethany , never could tell, did both in one week all holes bare back. And other dude, yes Pips ass does emit a bad smell

          • Ham3 says:

            To living for the long rod not the name u posted this before i have been seeing pip for 2 years one of my favorites i have never court anything from her but Bethany left AH not long after you’ve original post if you are the real punter an not a troll. Makes me wonder if you even go to MH because. BETHANY hasn’t been there for at least 12 months since just after the original post. Which makes me think she was the one with the STI. But i have noticed people commenting about BETHANY in the last couple of months knowing she hasn’t worked there since not long after you’re original post got to make you wonder what Bullshit people are POSTING

  15. Pong says:

    Hello gents, I’m interested in trying this place but I only want to see listed by lance-A-Lot, does this place honor bookings or is it take your booking just to get you through the door then give the first available girl? also any suggestion on who to try first

    • Horny Bastard says:

      Pong. Suggest you rock up after 6/7. There will be about 25 WLs available. In the Reception room, ask them what they’ll do eg BBBJ (a couple only do CBJ which is BS), anal, lesbian 3somes etc. About 50% provide greek. Of all the WLs on today, about a third provide a bare back service.
      We all look forward to your review

    • Da Beast says:

      To mr pong.
      If you want a filthy PSE, try nicole, paloma, candy, pip, tessa, sarah, kartier, jade, jazz, abigail, heidi, summer & bridget. IMO Bridget is tbe best here. Mid 50s but has a rocking hot body. Face is weathered.
      If you want GFE, go for Vicky, Nadine, Hayley, Erika, Mandy, isabella, jacinta or chanel.
      Most of the WLs listed above do greek & all do BBBJ. Quite a few do BBFS

  16. hairysnow says:

    Heres me story chaps. Today got me self a brown shower from candy. awesome. she a good sport. made me blow hard. nice solid stools. much better than nicole who gave me a gastric shower. no blow with nicole. wanted my $$ back. bitch wouldn’t oblige. not seeing nicole again.

  17. Slammin Salami says:

    Hey guys has anyone met Holly as Im going for a root later and would like a heads up Otherwise it will be Charlize or Angelina both are great in the room except Charlize uses the raincoat for cock sucking her plus is she fucks like a women possessed

  18. Zorro says:

    After watching the cricket last night at Homebush, my mates & I went to Miss H. Been here before. They paraded about 12/15 milfs & gilfs. I picked Abigail. Tall redhead. Huge bazookas. Nice body – full of curves. Think she is beautiful. Will be brief as i’m knackered. Had a big day.
    Appearance: 7/10
    Presentation: 8/10
    Body: 7/10.
    BTW Love women with luscious curves & big tits
    BBBJ: 8/10
    Sex: 8/10
    She is very uninhibited if ya knows what i means. LOL. She has beautiful tits & a big luscious ass. Loved tonguing her ass and pussy. Very clean. Will definitely see her again. Still thinking about it. Still have a stiffie. LMAO

  19. BackDoorJohnny says:

    Just looked at today’s roster. Listed are 12 WLs that i know provide anal. I love inserting my frankfurter up a gal’s ass!!! BTW there are over 20 WLs rostered today half of whom are bush pigs. LMAO

  20. Bulk Bogan says:

    I’ve noticed that Bridget has only been here on 2 days since her much heralded comeback. Didnt last long

  21. Vergs says:

    Hi guys, im from NT. Just want to know about this place you been talking about? I’ m heading down to plumpton to visit a family. Im interested to see this nadine and other girls. Thanks.

    • Pecker Head says:

      Vergs. It is $160 for 30 mins. Look at their website. BTW read the whole thread to get an idea of who does what

      • Vergs says:

        Thank you pecker head for you reply where is exactly this place man….! Sorry just gettting itchy to see this girls. Cant wait.

    • PeckerHead says:

      The address is at the top: 6 Cleg St Artarmon.
      It is in the next behind Bunnings. Not far from the M2 off ramp at Artarmon. We all look forward to a detailed review. BTW you’ll be introduced to each WL in the reception room. I always ask if the BJs are BBBJ & if they do anal. If they do anal, i always ask if that is extra & how much. Candy & Nicole provide BBBJ, BBFS & BB anal – and no extra charge. They are amongst the oldest WLs there which most probably explains why they are so popular.

  22. StudMeister says:

    Turned up during the week. Was given a tip by owner and both receptionist on Nadine. Paid for 30 minutes. She is certainly a little darling of a thing – adorable looking with a delightful booty. BJ was pretty good with ball tickle/light scratching. Pretty little face to be sure, her eyes nose and lips just what I like, and she looked good. After playing with her body , kissing it all over including her pussy & asshole. She got on top for cowgirl, and she made some gorgeous sounds and wiggled on me like a speared fish til she came. Got into usual round of positions and all a nice experience . Finally i dared to try side saddle doggie and she was looking totally cute and sounding like a little sex dolly having fun. During this bout we stopped for a slight breather , and she asked me why I didn’t book an hour? I answered , That’s a very good question Nadine! And I assured next I should, and I will too. Not quiet , but not screaming pornstar type , but incredibly cute and adorable sounds from her , not to mention the body on her , so yes , those 3 things will get me back for an hour next week . I feel she is the kind of girl that will get better when she sees you weren’t just sweet talking her and return for more. Looking fwd to some more time in cutie-pie heaven with little Nadine.

    • Bronson says:

      By drawing his game with Fabiano Caruana comfortably, Wesley So clinched victory in the 2016 Grand Chess Tour. In the penultimate round, the only winner was Viswanathan Anand who used a great novelty to beat the luckless Veselin Topalov. Two of the greatest chess players of all

  23. Horny Old Bastard says:

    Nadine is a real energizer bunny in the cot. Great body , breasts seemed real but the attack from her mouth onto my tackle was so passionate and ferociously wonderful , i didn’t know what planet I was on at the time. She is certainly a lively little package that delivers the goods , except for kissing. Not much class but sure communicates in the way i like: tongue, fingers, ass & cunt. Woo woo. Cowgirl wild stuff, breasts bouncing , groaning , squealing fun sounds from her , seemed real, she loses herself completely, wonderful to watch. Thought i would try and take control in some mish but she was bucking so fast underneath with perfect pussy control , I had to keep pulling out , too close to blowing several times. Some great doggy on edge of the bed . She really started wearing me out, so got her to lick my balls for a rest and it was so good she made me blow. No girl ever made me lose it that way before . magic feeling as she does it right near the base , Ka-bloooowie. She was worried I didnt wanna cum that way and thought I might be disappointed. no probs I assured her, plenty of of fucking and sucking was had to make it awesome session for me. Wow, a pocket dynamite of pure mischief, passion energy and fun. Next time 1hr for sure, blow 2 times easy. 10/10 girl, great little body, no tats, a bit overweight, short & nice boobs. Highly recommended.

  24. Dejected says:

    Went here last night for the first time & i booked one of the WLs based on the reports posted in this thread. First the good news.
    * plenty of off street undercover parking
    * rooms are very nice
    * was offered a drink while waiting
    * place was easy to find
    Now the bad news.
    * when the WL came in I just knew I had blown my money. LOL
    * she was nice to talk to & extremely friendly however her body didn’t turn me on i.e. she was on the porky side
    * she tried everything on me. She even stuck a finger or two up my asshole while sucking me off. I just couldn’t get it up. I was so embarrassed.
    * BTW her BBBJ was pretty good. LOL.
    * i declined her offer for a 69. I cant go down on fat birds. Sorry it’s just me
    So i walked out with my tail between my legs.
    On my way out, about 8 WLs were waiting in the hall outside the reception room. Fuck. There were some good sorts amongst them. Two had realky big tits & trim bodies.

    • Hard says:

      Never book a WL sight unseen, what is one mans boner on sight is another mans bag on the head job. Always meet all the Wls available and chose what appeals to your eyes! BTW does any WL here do golden showers ? I love drinking piss!

      • Big Bad John says:

        To HARD. Pip, Nicole & Candy definitely do. Best to check with them when being introduced in meeting room. If you are in meeting room, ask Tessa, Jazz, Abigail, Nadine, Xanthia, Paloma & Jade. I’ve been with all of these WLs & i reckon they would help you out with your particular request. They’re all fairly uninhibited. LOL if you know what i mean.

    • Big Bad John says:

      To Dejected. I had to laugh at your predicament only because i had a similar experience. It is not funny when it happens to oneself but is funny when it hapoens to others. You wont do it next time

  25. Peter Pecker says:

    Had not been at MH for quite a while saw i popped in yesterday. In meeting room, one of the “ladies” pointed to her arse indicating she does greek. Another GILF grabbed my cock, unzipped my trousers, pulled it out & sucked my now rock hard prick while i fingered her arse. Incredible. What a slut. Then the door opened & the WL just laughed before introducing herself. Then met another MILF. Great body. Short blond hair. Tall, big tits, solid build, pretty face, nice smile & pleasant manner.
    I picked her. Her name was Emma. When Emma came into the room, I was towelling myself dry. She put the glass down, started to DFK while gently caressing my cock & balls. Very very nice. Helped her remove her clothing. She possesses a very strong build. Petite, lithe, lean – none of these terms describe her body. Nice juicy ass. Firm, round & smooth. Just like a rosy red apple. TBH I really liked her body. Was getting horny just looking at her luscious body. Got on the bed. Her BBBJ was very sensuous. One of the best BBBJ. Returned the favour. DATY & rimmed her asshole. My tongue kept going from her cunt hole to her corn hole in one long wet swoop. Then back again. Kept doing this for quite a few minutes. Think she was enjoying it as she orgasmed a few times. Got on top in ’69 position. Ate her cunt … then ate her arse. My cock was rock hard in her mouth. She was really going to town. She orgasmed quite a few times. Think I was turning her on. And …. then I came. In her mouth. Got off & started DFK. Was hardening up. Normaly wouldnt happen but she just turns me on. Inserted a couple of fingers in her cunt. Slow at first then hard & fast. She squirted. Stream went right into the air. HOOYAA BABY! Put on a dom & pounded her pussy. Was really turned on by her body. She came a few more times. Finally blew. Was knackered but satisfied. Well i had an awesome time. She did too. I could tell. Her love juice had soaked the sheets

  26. Kwan says:

    I’m an Asian student who’s never had sex until i went to Miss Heavens. I have always wanted to change this fact by seeing a WL but never had the guts to do so. With exams finished, I finally decided to man up act on my desires & took a train to Artarmon (after reading reviews here. BTW the original thread is now gone which is very unfortunate as it helped in my decision making process. This place is fantastic. Upon entering, the manager was very friendly. She directed me to the reception room and not long after one WL after another entered the room & introduced themselves. Some told me what their specialties were. I picked a slightly chubby middle aged asian chick with blonde hair & big boobs falling out of her top. Candy was very friendly, enthusiastic and had a bubbly personality. And huge tits! Upon learning it’s my first time, she told me she was going to give me the works. At that stage i had no idea what i was in for. LOL. BTW she suggested i book for an hour & i did. After a quick shower, we started off with DFK & BBBJ and licking of various places (like my nipples, balls & arsehole). She allowed me to daty her and touch just about any part of her body including her cornhole. After the BBBJ, DATY & 69er (which i like very much), we had sex in various positions and she allowed me to choose whatever position I wanted. We did that for a while but eventually she said it was time to make me cum. She gave me more BBBJ and then mounted my rigid cock. As was on my back. I looked & noticed my dick was in her arse hole. FUCK ME!!! It looked awesome (BTW i have had a lot of wanks with thar image in my head). She was facing me & her legs were spread wide. She slowly moved up & down on my cock. It looked awesome & felt great. I videoed that part with my iPhone as a lot of punters said Candy likes to be videoed. Again i have had a few wanks looking at that video clip. Then she got off my cock & sat on my face allowing free access to her delicious juice. However unfortunately I was not able to cum due to first time (and partly due to masturbating too often that day!). When time was up, I had a quick shower and she sent me off telling me to stop jerking off for a few days and come back again & see her. I will!!! I like the anal part. Next time she said she wanted me to cum in her arsehole. Oh before i forget, she never offered a condom & all 3 holes were bare back. Overall I had a fantastic time. thanks Candy. I now have a bucket list of WLs i want to fuck up the arse. From the reviews, Nicole, Nadine, Abigail, Darcy Paloma, Pip, Jazz & Isabella take it up the back passage. Can anyone confirm if this is correct? Can anyone recommend any other WLs at Miss H who do greek?

    • cheekyman says:

      this is possibly the best review i have ever read. i dont even live near the area and i want to know more info about that lady and your experiences! what are the prices. too bad it will be trolled

      • Tim says:

        Cheekyman. I myself have seen Candy on numerous occasions. If you are looking for a PSE experience, then Candy is your gal. BBBJ is available as is BBFS & BB Anal (no extra charge). She does anything & everything – lesbian 3somes, dildos, strapons, rimming & a couple of punters claim she does DPs (?). She loves being videoed. Likewise Nicole – same deal. Abigail, Pip & Paloma are other WLs if you are looking for dirty PSE session. Again same deal. Nadine is more GFE & is extremely sensuous. Anal is an extra $100 & sex is covered. Hope you write a review. Price for 30 minutes is $160. Heaps of parking as 6 Clegg St has covered parking for at least 30 cars.

    • Pip @work says:

      Kwan, you are full of brown shit dude. All lies. Candy does not take is bareback up the ass or the cunt. She will do bbbj but not to completion. Especially since all the bad health checks and STD’s at AH over past 9 months, Amanda has introduced a much stricter code of practice. Only true part is your wanking stories. You’ve likely never even been to Mss Heavens you asian BS artist. So fake, so easy to spot your BS. Your story sucks you typical asian male wanker , maybe you should go fuck your hand, assuming your little asian cock fits. How do I know all this ? I work here. My question for you Kwan, why do you asians all have little cocks ? Is it to match your brains ?

      • Tim says:

        Pip@work or whoever you really are. I noticed you didn’t rubbish my earlier comment. Why because it’s all true. Fancy picking on poor Kwan. The poor guy writes a great review. I have noticed that you attack anyone who writes a decent review. WTF do you mean when you say Candy does BBBJ but not to completion? Kwan never claimed he blew in her mouth. Many others have. LMAO. Candy is a good sport & a great slut. She’s one of my favourites. BTW there is nothing in Kwan’s post that does not agree with anything i’ve done in the numerous sessions I’ve had with Candy in the past few years. I’ve fucked her in all 3 holes bare back at least 20 times in the past 24 months.
        And i know your (Pip@work) review is all BS. You are the same troll who keeps fucking up all these threads. You are not even Pip, you scumbag

        • Pip @work says:

          Tim, i didn’t reply to you , as personally , i get offended by dumb ass asians. I work here, i talk to / with Candy every day sweetheart, i know you internet trolls like to fantasize and talk it up. If that gets your cock hard for your boring wife all good to you darling. But stop the BS. If you have a real desie (and a big cock) come by the shop tomorrow or Friday ‘Tim’ , you and I and Candy can do a triple , we will show you what we do, and what we won’t do. Identify yourself and i will give you a little extra , do you like a finger up your ass Tim ? or would you like Candy to strap one on and fuck you stupid Tim ? Maybe a golden shower Tim ? Will you swallow Tim ?

          • Henry says:

            Pip @work you are nothing but a troll who obviously works at MH why not your real name slut

          • Tim says:

            Well thanks for the “offer” but no thanks. Too expensive. Had you & Candy once in a FFM session. You both ate each other’s cunt before i fucked both of you in the ass! It was an awesome session but too expensive. Now if you two want to meet me in a motel (like Nicole does), then i would consider it. BTW everyone knows Candy does BB in all 3 holes. That’s no secret. That is common knowledge. That’s no fantasy as I done all of Candy’s holes bare back. And there are a few other WLs at MH that i’ve done likewise i.e. BB in all 3 holes & CIA. Heck one WL does ATM too. And 3 of the current crowd do DPs. You know whom i’m talking about. Hoot hoot!!!!! Please stop trying to act proper. We punters pay you to behave like dirty sluts & to perform improperly. Hi five, baby!!! Oh & BTW i know you aren’t Pip. You are that stoopid troll whose only pleasures in his miserable life are masturbation & posting crap on this forum. LOSER!!!!

          • Bill Short One says:

            Well Pip, obviously Candy does tell you everything. Hahaha. You dumbass! I’ve done Candy BB in the mouth, the pussy & the ass. Like dumping my load in her asshole.

          • Craig says:

            Ignore Pip@work. It’s not Pip. Just that stoopid troll who is preserving his virginity for his “sole” mate. LMAO

      • George says:

        Looks like Pips troll is back how are you low life

        • Bronson says:

          Pip@work is the RZ ladyboy troll, same writing style

          • i like Pip says:

            Bronson good call, Pip@work is a give away. Think were stupid Pip. Everyone knows Pip’s a bare back big fitted slut no holes barred, just needs to alleviate that hairy arse smell problem

          • Samir says:

            Does Pip’s arse really smell? Was gonna pick her the other day. Was desperate for BBFS & anal. Picked Candy instead

          • Steve says:

            Does Pip charge extra for anal? If so, how much extra? Quite a few here do anal for no extra charge.

          • Bronson says:

            Extra $50 for anal for Pip, extra $100 for lesbian full cunt licking with any other WL , she likes Nadine, extra $100 for brown shower, Ive done all of above

          • Steve says:

            Thanks to Bronson for that info

  27. Slammin Salami says:

    On my way to jam the salami into Alexis …. cant wait for her to wrap her luscious lips round my cock for her top deep BBBJ ….. Nice tight sweet pussy too she never need lube this Milf as she enjoys her work.If you haven’t seen her do it !! Rates on the must see list which few WL’s make these days

    • Ernie says:

      Salami, enjoy your visit & look forward to your review. I know she is attractive & has a nice figure. Have you seen Hayley or Erika? Highly recommend Erika. She possesses a stupendous rack!!!

      • Slammin Salami says:

        Ernie tell me something Erika is she round mid 40′s redish hair full bodied but not fat Aussie lady with a really big rack and an infectious laugh

        • Ernie says:

          To Slamming S. Erika is aussie. Dark hair. She told me she was 51. Big firm boobs. Medium height (about 5’6″), fair skin. IMO she is only a few kilos overweight. She only works on Sundays. She is a single mum.

          • Slammin Salami says:

            Thanks Ernie I am pretty sure it a WL I used to see many years ago in a private situation,,,, am looking forward to seeing her and catching up If not she sounds like a good pick anyway

        • Larry says:

          To Salami man, a red head with a huge rack? I think you must be thinking of Hayley. Depends on what you define as “red”. She has huge tits!

          • Fabio da Fabulous says:

            Larry. It could also be Justine. IMO she is in her 40s & has very big juggs. She’s hardly ever rostered.
            BTW i noticed Bridget is back but she’s never on the roster. WTF? LOL

    • Pips Anal Selfie says:

      Hey dude, check out PIPs hairy smelly ASSHOLE if youse are into ANAL – these old battle-axes love it up the CLACKA, Go Nicole for the all you can eat buffet , CUNT, ASS, CIM and BROWN SHOWER experience. Don’t go Bethany – STD Queen. Eat it maate lmao, cheers

    • Slammin Salami = Alexis says:

      Drumming up you’re own business Alexis hey. There’s a reason why you work behind the counterl. Does gono ring a Bell

  28. Frank says:

    Saw Erika on Sunday. First time i have ever met. Really nice session. BBBJ, DATY & 69. Sex was covered & i forgot to ask if she does anal. BTW Great rack & nice body. Very pretty face & very pleasant to talk to.

  29. Jeffyff says:

    When I Google 6 Cleg St. Artarmon I also get:




    • big banger says:

      Cause its Amanda Heavens , now Miss Heavens, you dumby. 6 CLeg is an old address for an ASIAN low-life brothel that got repeatedly busted by cops for illegals. So beware. Amanda moved here about 3-4 months ago from 60 Whiting. Same old fugues though lmao.

  30. Slammin Salami says:

    I saw a new one called Angelina size 8 very slim euro excellent little fuck great BBBJ and she is fresh faced true newbie …. not an air head either

  31. ian says:

    went there last week saw darcy 10/10

  32. Hard says:

    Called in here last month saw Nicole, BBFS all 3 holes finished with CIA.

  33. Lance-A-Lot says:

    Just started going to this place a few months ago.
    Have seen the following:
    Layla – what an awesome body for a milf. Tanned all over. Soft skin. Nice ass & beautiful boobs. Had a very enjoyable 69. BBBJ, DATY. Sex was covered. Asked for anal. Not provided.
    Tessa- another milf with a great body. BBBJ & DATY. Sex was covered. Didnt ask greek. Big fake tits
    Candy – big boobed asian. Everything was on the table. A fireracker. BB in all holes. No extra charge for anal.
    Erika – beautiful set of big luscious tits. Very attractive face. Good body. Loved receiving oral & being rimmed. Great 69, BBBJ & DATY.
    Nicole – oldest WL i’ve rooted at Miss Heavens. Slim body, big bolt ons. A chatterbox. BB in all 3 holes. No extra charge. Asked me if i would see her outside. The offer was i pay for the motel room & we’d fuck for hours. Only cost would be the motel room. Well i knocked that offer back as i’m nearly 60 & would lose interest afterblowing my load. She’s pleasant but lacks class.
    Nadine – extremely sensuous service. A good looker with a nice body. Sex was covered & greek was $100 extra
    Pip – overweight, huge tits. Great BBBJ. Didnt have sex as I came in her mouth.
    Vicky – short petite filipino with HUGE tits. Pudgy around the stomach. Great oral skills. No sex as i blew in her mouth.
    Isabella – nice session. Very sensuous BBBJ, DATY, 69. Sex was covered.
    Had anyone been with Hayley, Abigail, Mandy or Paloma?

    • G-Man says:

      Hey dude , this is Amanda Heavens – now under Forbidden City

      Try Paloma, horniest bitch ever, will photo you fucking her cunt / ass / cum in her mouth.

      She has the biggest clit I’ve ever seen, about 2 cm , and she squirts all over the room

      Loves cim and swallow

      No extra cost

      Eat it

      All true

  34. Luther says:

    Popped into Clegg St the other day. Now called Miss Heavens. Was a long term regular of AH. Was introduced to quite a few WLs. Some good ones to choose from. Decided on a WL named Ella. I found her attractive & she came across as sexy. Others may not. Remember: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Paid for half-an-hour just in case my judgement was wrong. Nothing worse than spending a lot of dollars on a dud root. Anyway, Ella was awesome. My session was one of the best I’d had in recent times. DFK, her wandering hands playing with my block & tackle, great BBBJ, 69. She knows how to suck cock. 10/10. Getting a boner just writing about it. Well she loves receiving oral. And she loved getting her corn hole rimmed & tongued. I managed to insert a finger in her asshole. Up to the second knuckle. I dont think she enjoyed that. At one stage i was tonguing her love button & was gently & slowly fingering her G spot with 2 fingers. She came big time. Her luv juice squirted into my mouth & onto my face. That has never happened to me before. Wow. I persisted with my tongue & fingers. She just squirted & squirted. Simply amazing. The sex was with a dom. Asked for anal. Not available. Would’ve loved to do her ass. Just beautiful. Overall the session was 8.5/10. BTW during the sex which was in missionary position, she kept DFKing me. I think she enjoyed what i did with her. I will definitely see her again. It was an unforgettable experience. It was GFE with a hint of PSE. Would like to hear from other punters who have seen Ella.P

  35. jones564u says:

    Closed. Now is Miss Heavens which was Amanda Heavens

  36. Kingxxx says:

    The worst service i ever had, completely waste of time, and money, it’s just a KPS, and if you have any complaints about the service, they respond that your time has finished, and if you don’t leave we call “Police”.

  37. Hero says:

    I visited this place yesterday and can describe it as;
    - Poor reception customer service ( Attitudes ).
    - Girls not happy ( Service less than average / Waste time ).
    - Pricey compare to other places ( $ 170 ⁄ h ).
    - No air conditioning ( Sweating ).
    - Back again ( No ).

  38. Commando says:

    Did my day recon past here prince your on the money but the girls do look ok shame they don’t smile 5/10

  39. John says:

    Complete waste of time. Girls appear to be held captive And very unhealty un hygienic place

  40. prince of Parlours says:

    went there now three times the first time was ok but now the Korean girls look like they are being held captive price is to high service is to quick and I could get more bang for my buck at Artarmon hotham st give this place a miss until the price comes down

  41. Cassanova says:

    Not a Bad Setup. Good selection of WL. Very friendly & Professional Business.

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