Liverpool Asian Massage

1/274 George St Liverpool NSW 2170

P: 02 9734 7679

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  1. J Panties says:

    I am now a regular at this establishment. Not the nicest of places but cheap. Have not been offered bareback services even though all the ladies are old. Maybe i am to caught up looking at the mamasan’s breasts as she does not seem to believe in bras

  2. 7.2 incher says:

    Don’t go to this place!!! Very dirty including the WL which their vaginas smell.

    • Paul says:

      Any do anal or natural fs?

      • Barrman says:

        Paul nearly all of them do FS for extra dollars. Anal costs another $50 on top of FS

      • 7.2 incher. says:

        This place is Bare Back heaven at no extra charge if you’re into that, but it’ll come at a price and I don’t mean currency, in fact most of the time there’s no condom readily available in the room while the WL services you.
        I’ve seen it all.
        Be vigilant.

        • Paul says:

          Thanks for the reply. Think I’ll stay clear. Not worth it, happy punting

  3. Andy says:

    Are Susan and or Amanda still working here, there are no recent reviews, what days and current service please, thankyou

    • Tim the Toolman says:

      I saw Melody today. She only works wednesdays. Great body, small but firm tits. Loved them being sucked and kisses and cuddles all over. She gave me natural oral and f/s for only $75 for the half hour. Im going back soon.

  4. MAC says:

    Paid a visit a few weeks ago on a Wednesday.

    Front entry is via George Street about 5m from the bus stop. Back entrance is via the laneway and up a flight of stairs. You’ll see the flashing ‘Open’ sign in the window.

    First impressions upon entry is: What – a – dump.
    Decorated more like a dingy brothel than a massage parlour.
    To be fair, it is what is it. A brothel.

    30mins for $75 incl. FS
    45mins is $100 and $120 or $130 for the hr. Can’t recall exactly.

    Mamasan greeted me at the door and she must be mid 40’s going onto 50.
    I asked if there is a young girl here. The answer is no, all over 30 yrs old.
    Okay, 30 something I’m fine with

    Into the room, which was quite spacious and a chinese lady by the name of SaSa came in. Probably mid-30’s, avg face and figure. Not much English for convo.

    I opt for the 30mins session as I didn’t need additional time for massage.
    Which worked out well, cause her massage was more like foreplay to the main event. Just light rubs here and there.

    After 10 mins of ‘massage’ we moved into the ‘jiggy jiggy’ and I can’t say it was much better.
    BBJ was good then she added lube to the condom for sex and basically there was so little friction, I wasn’t building to climax.

    Eventually I had to flip her over and hammered it home in doggy position. I came but it wasn’t very satisfying.

    Based on my one time here, it’s a place I wouldn’t go back for seconds unless you’re strapped for cash and want FS.

    • Plonk Artist says:

      I think I’ve been there – but I think the experience was so bad my subconscious has repressed the experience (the shitty experience) or I was hung over. Actually in Liverpool same same just about everywhere.
      Basically its bad when they put on so much lube that there is NO sensation.
      I made 2 promised to myself some time ago.
      No old Asian ladies any more (not that desperate) and NO more half hour massages – both totally unsatisfying. I would rather save a bit more and go for the hour for the treat.
      I like to lead up to the event with a sensual massage, with teasing, rather than slam bang thank you maam.

      • Timmy says:

        Old Asian specifically old Chinese masseurs consistently provide the absolute worse service. You would think from all their years they would know what a man likes but they are just terrible. I had one recently who put hand sanitizer all over my body before she would even touch. Im far from some fat old hairy fuck. Terrible bodies with terrible attitudes. I just walk out any shop now if there is a possibility they will be massaging me.

        • Plonk Artist says:

          Hi Tim understood.
          Presumably you just go for full service without massage ?? For me not that much fun, as its too predictable. I like the anticipation of the unexpected.
          As for the hand sanitiser – I went to have a massage not so long ago. The girl said a lot of the guys are so filthy after work – with very smelly arse cracks that it turns her stomach. Believable.
          Also, a lot want you to use baby wipes before touching the pussy. Probably because some bastards are really unhygienic and dirty, wiping their arses and pissing and not washing their hands. Don’t blame her. I would do the same.

  5. YHA says:

    Is this place any good?

    • Len says:

      No !! Don’t go

      • YHA says:

        Thanks champ. Any recommendations in the area?

        • Len says:

          Natasha Spa at Casula. Pretty girls. $85/hr + $50 for doggy rub haha ( prob touch but no nude).
          OR Miss Massage Liverpool sorry don’t know costs.

  6. leo says:

    Any one know how much 30 min anal and girl available

  7. Mark says:

    Called in at lunchtime,China man receptionist….don’t like that…waited in small room.The place is dingy and dark..girl comes and takes me to bigger room.Nice face and great rack so booked an hour..$150…kissed her but she kept mouth closed…bbbj was good holding her tits as she knelt in front of me..nice daty but false moans put me off…screwed miss,doggy and she rode me hard in cowgirl again acting how horny she was…finished in doggy…massage was ok but overall it was 6…..her name was Amy or Annie I think…nice girl

  8. tony abbot says:

    Off to this place tomorrow. Anyone fancy a double with one or two girls?

  9. Ruby Rose says:

    We will provide you the best, most relaxing, soothing massage Services
    offered are Asian massage,
    deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, four hand massage, traditional
    Chinese foot massage relaxation massage, aches and pains relief, rub
    and tug, happy ending.

  10. Big Mac says:

    Went here recently amanda walks in she is short,chubby and cute
    I asked to see the other girl before i would decide who to see . Amanda squated down next to me and said the other girl was old see me i young and sexy . Only problem was as soon as she squated near me i smelled her fishy pussy which just turned me off and i got out there said ill be back just got to get more cash . Only to never to return

  11. simon says:

    Hey guys i want to try this place, how many girls usually work there? what are the closing hours and how much for full service? E.G if i wanted to stay 40 minutes. Thanks.

  12. Luke says:

    Anyone been there recently and is the girls clean???

  13. Bill says:

    Seems Amanda does a lot of BB, aren’t any of you kind of concerned that you may get something?

  14. K says:

    Has anyone else had any other girls a part from amanda here? If so how are they/how is she?

  15. gus says:

    Hi going here on Friday 5th June. Anyone fancy a 3some?

  16. K says:

    Went here today around 6-7pm. Paid $60 for 20minutes and i gotta say it was the best $60 ever spent. First time here was greeted at the door, was my first time there, then got escorted to a room when a short girl, named amanda walked in looks me dead in the eye, while pulling down my undies, and says fuck me. At first she put a condom at first but then after giving her a good screwing she took it off.
    HJ- 8/10
    Service – 9/10
    Would recommend. Planning to go back again in another 2 weeks

  17. Gus says:

    I am going here tomorrow (Friday) at about 10am. Anyone fancy a 3? (me, you and the girl?)

  18. stevo says:

    Visited yesterday, ushered into a room then in came Amanda all 4foot9 of her,
    Straight up 30mins $75 everything included,she left for a couple of minutes before returning. Pretty well straight into it, first point of hide the covered sausage i see blood (massive turn off) just not my thing.
    Seriously, it takes me longer to eat a pie than the hurried time i spent there,with the red flag up–that means stop in my world.
    For me not the best of experiences, but they are earning a living i guess.

  19. lolipop says:

    I just been here. Got amanda. Looks young and beautiful just a bit short. She came in and said 75 for everything. She gave BBBJ. What a nice BBBJ. And she asked to fuck her.
    dont know yet if she do anal and rimming. Anyone knows?

  20. gus says:

    Saw a new Hong Kong girl today , about 25. Fantastic. Anal and the best BJ ever.
    50 for 15 mins, but was at least 30 mins!

  21. Gus says:

    Went there last week. Older lady showed me in. First girl was a bit old with no English. Second was from Korea. $50. Licked her pussy and she was really wet and willing. Fucked in several positions and came over her tits. Good value

  22. Worksover says:

    Haven’t seen amanda and Susan for a while, they said she is gone for a few months… hollies or something. Anyone know any other girl here that does a better then avg service? , name?

  23. Jack22 says:

    Ask for Susan on a Wednesday and Saturday. They’ll say she’s 24 (actually 40), but the massage is good (great knees on your back) and you’ll get FS, no condom.

  24. john says:

    the girls never shower they r all old and u get ripped off with time pay 1 hour and befor long the owner will b at the door for the girl to do another job .they will ssy back in a minute but r doing another job

  25. john says:

    Went here a got showed to a room by the male owner. An older lady who was about a 3/10 came in. I declined and asked for someone else. She was really clingy but I stood strong. Asked for someone younger and got told there weren’t any younger girls working there. Walked out.

  26. bigboy says:

    Went here today, greeted by a mature lady at the door,. She asked if this was my first time, I said yes. She showed me to a room, and ayoung busty little Asian girl Amanda walked in, and I knew I wanted her. She said $75 for everything, I said fuck yes. Her massage was decent, the lead up was great, soft touching all over, she then rolled me over, told me to fuck her. I put her on her back, fuck her senseless, we softly kissed as well, made the best orgasms ever, and they were real. She then offered a hj to finish off, I gave her an extra 20 to suck me off and blow in her mouth. She hoped on top, got into the 69 position and my god her cunt tasted amazing, I licked her out and gave her a good rimming, her was orgasming even more. Then I blew a load in her mouth, she loved every minute of it, as we walked out, the owner offered me the discreet exit, on the way out, Amanda gave me a grop on the ass and said bye. I’ll definitely be back there again

  27. mike says:

    Was there today for a massage. lovely girl amanda came out. young asian. well curved. was ready for FS @ 75, massage with touching is 55. I had a great std massage for $35 1/2 hr . new lady now in charge there are usually 2 young and 1 mature ladies available.

  28. Greg T. says:

    I also experienced the shady pricing practice here.

    They offer Massage and Full Service but you’ll be lucky if you get a young woman working here.

    Final Comment: I would go back here to see if they have newer hotter girls, but watch out with the prices, If they realise you’re a newbie they will try to rip you off.

    Greg T.

  29. Michael says:

    Not recommended. Old asian women. They also tell you different prices over the phone and when you get there, they add more to the price discussed.


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