Granville 7

7 Cowper St Granville NSW 2142

P: 02 9682 3888

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  1. Steve says:

    Went here yesterday and had a good experience.

    Seen Cici although she looks a bit older and chubbier then her photo she was still very cute.

    Hoped into the shower and she joined me and gave me bbbj in the shower then some more bbbj on the bed then on with the dom and into sex .

    Was very enjoyable will visit again

  2. TJ High says:

    Went there mid-week in the morning after checking the web as to who was on. They had advertised a new girl, Sugar, who looked good so I called and booked her. Also, there was a morning special. Parked in the carpark, entered through the backdoor (note driveway is very narrow). Linda, manager was outside so greeted her and informed her that I had booked Sugar but requested to see all the WL. She took me inside, showed me the room and went to get the girls. 

    First came Sugar looked just like in the photo then came Barbie, she was tall and had big boobs I liked her and would go back to see her and last was Mimi, nothing special but bit younger than Sugar and Barbie with B cup boobs. All in their early 30’s. 

    Linda came and I paid for Sugar for 30min. I went for a show and was pleased with size of the bathroom, it was door less and very roomy. While I was showering Sugar came in gave me a smile and then showed me her phone with 30min timer on it and then started it. I asked if she would join me and she said yes. She got undressed and joined me. Her boobs were big and long. She got more soap and washed me all over while inspecting me, I had a hard on by then. She started to play with me and rubbed her big boobs all over me, felt good as it slid all over me. I also rubbed my dick between her legs and between her boobs, that felt good. I got out to dry myself and she followed me after a minute.  

    I lay on the bed and she started with some light kisses and then with a cat bath all the way to my balls. Gave it a good suck and while she was doing it, I asked her to go for rimming and she said only if I tip her. I declined and she continued sucking the balls. She then went for the shaft and licked all around it and then for the head. I thought it was going to be BBBJ but that was it, only one suck of the head and out came the dom. She used good technique sucking with few fast-short strokes followed by a deep slow one. Whet on for few minutes and then she lubed and climbed over me. Three minutes of ridding and then she turned me over. Did few different positions with lot of sucking of the boobs and playing with it. Wanted to finish between her boobs but lost controlled and blew inside her in doggie position. What the fuck it was still good. 
    Cleaned me up and asked if I wanted a massage. I agreed to it and turned over, she gave a descent massage until the timer went off. She cupped my back and said over. I went for a shower and she followed after I has finished. I was dressed when she came out, gave a kiss and told her it was good service. I walked out of the room and met Linda on the way out. Asked if had a good time, I said it was good.  

    All up it was worth the money spent. WL was pleasant, willing and gave service with a smile.

  3. sam says:

    Went to 7 cowper today at 9pm. 3 ugly ladies came out. They have shown real picture of the girls in chat but they were taken probably 20 years ago.i said no thank you and walk away. No wonder they r not busy on sunday evening.

  4. sam says:

    Service wise

    kitty 10/10
    Eliang 9/10
    queenie 7/10
    Alice 6/10
    Amy 0/10

  5. sam says:

    I have mixed experience

    tall thai girl amy is very very rude. Will not let u touched her. She looks young with better english but she gave me worst service in my life. During sex she closed her eyes as if i am raping her. I asked for doggy she said no. I asked to suck she said she doesnt suck. Her attitude made me nervous. Why did i pay $75 for?

    On Other hand i saw kitty yestarday. She was exactly opposite of amy. She wasnt bursty but provided an excellent service.
    Eliang was also good.
    Queenie is good looking but just ok. At least not rude. She is slso a bit reluctant to touch and has loads of oil painting on her face.

  6. Alex says:

    I went there yesterday and saw Lulu. 1st impression was she was really cute and bubbly with brilliant tits. Unfortunately thats where the good review stops. She gave by far the worst bj i have ever had only putting the tip in her mouth and not even sucking. Yet when she sucked my nipples she was like a vaccuum. No english so no direction could be givin. When that was over she told me to fuck her. She instantly went onto her knees untill i slipped it in and collapst onto her stomach and just lay there not making a whisper or gester (felt like a bad rape scene) after that she gave a half ass massage then started the routine again (exactly the same) again no i couldnt tell her or show her what i wanted. I paid for an hour ended up walking out after 40 mins

  7. punter333 says:

    This place is open now.. yeah? Any reviews?

  8. Jonno says:

    This placed has closed down!!

  9. Commando says:

    Did a recon here tonight good set to choose from but tonight is Friday night loop many places to visit

  10. Punter says:

    The flashing ads on this page definately does its job cos I was lured into giving this place a call after seeing their number flash a few times today. Gave them a call and checked how many ladies were on before i made the trip. 5 girls on [all asian] – a couple of them quite old. The new one Weena/Weeni??? was quite nice actually and im spewing i didnt give her a try. i was too scared that she wasnt experienced… and bcos i was lured by this other broad [michelle] with such amazing tits who kept smiling and teasing me from the start… anyway, parted with the cash and went with Michelle. more of a MILF this one. probably late 20’s early 30’s, bit of flab around the belly,very good skin and excellent C cup breasts??? very friendly, very professional. sucks like a Hoover…69 DATY everything [tasted funny though]. got the job done and got me over the line anyway. offered a massage too which was tops. came out thinking SHOULD I GO FOR WEENA TO? maybe next time… A converted old house with parking but daytime rates of 75 half an hour very attractive. Remember to ask for it though!


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