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Crown St Wollongong NSW 2500

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  1. Jack says:

    Has anyone had any luck at warilla…have tried it massage was good but no extras

    • Chad says:

      Did you ask them for HE? Give them the old universal sign language? If you did ask why are you asking here? If you didnt ask why not? If they say no who cares. Go to Oak Flats the girls do it, though some ask too much.

  2. Braaaaaad says:

    Righto fellow punters. Time to bring some decent info, reviews and usable intel back to this thread. If you scroll through the days of old below, there’s some quality advise laid out but like all things in the local RnT trade, businesses and ML’s change. So let’s freshen this up to be a little more current and of a better standard. To begin, here’s a quick summary of the known establishments we can expect a quality finish (to name a few):

    AAA Massage
    Siam (Kembla st)
    Sunshine Thai
    Taiwan Thai (Port Kembla)
    Wollongong Thai
    Unanderra Thai

    Reply below with your experiences, advice and recommendations for any listed or not listed if you will

    • Derek says:

      Good suggestion Braaaaaad, so let me be the first to kick things off

      Have frequented many of the establishments mentioned above and a few not covered off, but for my preference of experience I like Wollongong Thai. It feels a little more ‘polished’ and authentic when compared to some of the others and while the extras are limited, it feels a bit more respectable to me. As for a recommended massage lady, go and find your own favourites you lazy bastards 😛 … I know I have mine 😉 … magic Sundays

    • James says:

      Aidra at Hanko massage for a quality B2B slide for me, or Sarah at Sunshine Thai for decent massage with finish

      • Dane says:

        Braaaaaaaa good on ya mate, it’s about time someone gave this topic a bit of a raz up. I’m a member over at and I’ve been trying to start a Wollongong Thread. They have a standard section then a private section to post after reports on massage ladies and shops etc… That only private member’s can see, works perfect for discretion. Hit me up if you wanna help me out over there and we can get the board rolling. It’s a great page, so easy to use!

        • Jack says:

          Braaaaaaaa how about you write a review here on this Wollongong thread instead of telling us to go to another website which we have to register to use. Braaaaaaa discretion doesn’t matter here because everyone uses fake name. So cmon braaaaaaa show us you are not the admin for the other site you want us to visit.

      • Honest John says:

        Had a visit recently. Prices now set.$80 half hour for B2B slide and happy ending. $150 for one hour. Before some greedy ladies wanted $200 dollars or more.I believe worth a visit to Hanko massage.

        • Doc Brown says:

          You can get 1 hour of full service for $150 at most brothels. $150 HE and bodyslide is ridiculous considering the 2 main women at Hanko are nothing special. One is fat and the other although not bad to look at has nice fake tits with huge scars underneath each breast and a post baby flabby tummy that is not sexy at all.

          • Steve says:

            2 different types of punters,
            Those who just want to get off and don’t give a shit what the girl looks like as long as it’s not their wife.
            And those who prefer spending their time and money on a hottie.
            You get what you pay for.
            There is a reason the cheap ones are ugly.

          • Paul says:

            Steve thanks for the absolutely pointless comment that contributes ZERO to this thread.

    • Dane says:

      I’m not trying to lure people away due to not being interested in the thread or trying to gain something out of it. Just trying to move to a better platform with more discretion for the massage shops and girls. Even though I have posted here before, I’ve now found a better site as posting the info on here blatantly exposes massage shops and puts everyone at risk. I’m not trying to slur this page or anything but is super helpful with an amazingly friendly bunch or helpful people, with no trolls or useless people. Really am trying to help everyone out here by starting a Wollongong thread at the other page. I have nothing to gain from it haha

    • CJ says:

      I returned to Sunshine last week after a break for a few months since my regular girl Aimme left, didnt really know who else to try there I did ask for Sarah as quoted somewhere here but when I got into the room the introduced herself as Bella ?? anyway she is probably late 20’s i think hard to tell says she has been there 2 years, great massage one of the best i have had just as good as Aimee , then she didn’t disappoint got naked body slides great firm butt and finished my off nicely , think i have found my new girl.

  3. Darren says:

    Going to try Wollongong Thai for the first time. Any girl recommendation please.

  4. Brendan says:

    Has anyone been to the new Thai place across road from tafe in Gladstone ave

  5. First time says:

    Looking for somewhere to get a massage with a happy ending in the warrawong/ Wollongong area. Never been before so not sure how to go about it or what to ask for ? Some advice would be great

    • dfs6295 says:

      AAA massage at the top of crown, or the new Chinese Massage at Albion Park Rail mentioned in the earlier threads. You’ll be fine

  6. waxed says:

    I am need of a good massage, a happy ending is a bonus.
    Any suggestions on where to go and who to see

  7. Why says:

    What happened to the Nina’s page?

    • Friend says:

      Yes Nina gone… but maybe there is nothing new to relate about this parlour.
      Been done to death afterall.

      • Pete37 says:

        Friend how many names do you have Pal, Fhil, Simone. The government is obviously giving you too much pension money that you spend your day writing crap.

    • Steve says:

      There is no other place that advertises on here in Wollongong where the thread is active,some of the reviews are years old. Ninas massage is current at least.
      Where do you find brothel reviews for wollongong that are recent.

  8. Eddy says:

    Gents, first time went to mid city yesterday. Tried this new petite girl, cant remember her name. However, whilst waiting I was talking to a chinese lady at the desk. I think she said her name was Emmy. What she like?. Seemed friendly enough. R there better girls at mid city……By the way, the petite girl was good.

  9. Fairy Meadow Thai Massage says:

    Anyone have any recommendations? I have called the shop a couple times but the girl who answers is quite rude and won’t tell me anything. I’m talking about the one on the corner not Lavender Thai.

    • Adamu says:

      Mate, if she is rude to you over the phone, give the place a miss. Nothing worse than an arrogant WL who thinks she’s doing you a favour! Fark that bull shit

  10. Fhil says:

    Hey could you boring buggers talk about anything other than Ninas Chinese Massage…
    Bloody done to death… Move on for crying out loud.
    Boring old farts from theGong

  11. Brendan says:

    Has anyone been to the new Thai massage place in Gladstone av across road from the tafe?

  12. Simon says:

    Has anyone been to 355 crown st on the corner of Gladstone ave. any good reviews.

  13. Andy says:

    Gents, Been to several Thai places now. It’s being hit and miss with the girls. Any recommendations and girls.

  14. Simin says:

    Is Vicky still at sawadee

  15. david c says:

    sabej thai massage shellharbour does it offer HE? please get back to me

  16. The Badge says:

    hoping to try the new nina’s out soon, but I must say, the joint above the Chinese restaurant in the mall has picked up its game. Went here last weekend and saw a gorgeous young Thai girl. Gave a great B2B massage and a relaxing slow HE. $80 for 30min

    I’d rate the service a 8/10 from the girl. Facilities do need a bit of an upgrade. Anyone testedd the new Thai massage place on Gladstone Ave across from TAFE?

  17. Joe says:

    Why are there so many different girls at wollogong Thai. Have the old ones had a falling out.

  18. Info says:

    Does anyone know where tina from conno is now. Keep being told she is on leave but cannot say when she will be back which makes me think she has left.

  19. waxed says:

    went to the Chinese massage place that has advertised in the paper, 3/189 princess highway. $70 for the massage and extras name your price for what you want.

  20. John says:

    Went to ninas massage yesterday got a happy ending after a great massage 10/10 going back

  21. Ben says:

    Hey does sabai jai thai massage offer happy endings??

  22. Dave says:

    I’m gagging for some hard cock over the xmas break any recommendations around the Gong?

  23. gay dave says:

    hey guys, can someone recommend a place that does male to male massage in the gong area? my boyfriend is not putting out and i have had enough :((

  24. ben says:

    Bodhi Royal Acupressure Thai Massage does it give you HE?

  25. That guy says:

    Does anyone know where Jenny from Wollongong Thai Massage went to? I used to love how she really concentrated on the glutes during a massage. Or can anyone recommend a girl who provides a similar massage?

  26. Horny Indian Guy says:

    Hi All! Had a great time with Yaya at Wollongong Thai. Nice oily massage with plenty of teases and a nice ending when she squeezed out my special curry sauce not once but twice.

  27. Pepe La Biggee says:

    Anyone know where I can find ladyboys in the Illawarra?

  28. Jessie says:

    Just booked in for a massage with Jasmine at Sunshine Thai in Coniston, anyone had any experiences there recently? I’ll report back at the end of the week and let you all know how I go 🙂

  29. Frog says:

    Had a massage at Unanderra Thai great massage good looking ladies with great hands probably one of the best massages I’ve had in a while

  30. Troll says:

    I was gonna ask for any comments on a place to visit but I see all the nut cases just wanna talk shit like big warriors so I won’t…get a life you morons

  31. Rod says:

    Any info on oak flats joint thanks lads

  32. Dave says:

    Does anyone have any recommendations for ladyboys in the Illawarra?

  33. John says:

    Has anyone been to the massage place at Albion park rail near maccas,any comments on it…thanks

  34. Michael says:

    Visited Sunshine Thai on Sunday and had Bella. Not a bad massage with some good teases. At the end she got her clothes off and teased the shaft of my cock and balls with her tongue. Not a full bj but still better than just a hj. Didnt really let me touch her body or pussy. As far as I know she only works Fri, Sat and Sun. Massage $70 HE $50.

  35. George says:

    Another decent massage and hj at absolute massage in Dapto. Seen “jenny” or “janine”. Works weekends. Fit bod with small boobs and a nice arse. Very little english but provided a good rnt experience. Would recomend for those in the area.

  36. Will says:

    Any place or private girl in Wollongong give a prostate massage ?

  37. Danny Boy says:

    I went to Fairy Meadow Thai had a girl named Gale who seems to work most days. Massage was $90 and was very average. I have tried a few girls there and charging $90 is too expensive even for a good massage. HE was $40 and was nothing special with no touching or nudity. I won’t be returning leave it for the old desperadoes.

  38. Fean says:

    Are there any joint with extras Shellharbour city area or south of wollongong

  39. Observer says:

    Anyone know where I can find a cute guy for a male to male massage in Wollongong?

  40. Jackson says:

    Hey guys, I went to Siam Therapeutics on Saturday had Ammy who gave a fairly average massage but a great bbbj with deepthroat and cim for 80. Massage was 50 for 30 mins. She wanted more but thats all I had. Had some luck there lately with Nadai also doing similar but she is a greedy bitch so won’t book her again.

  41. movingtowollongong says:

    Hi I’m in the middle of relocating to Wollongong and was wondering what places everyone would recommend giving a try?
    I’m not to interested in FS but would love to know which places do body to body, HE or even BJ.

    Thanks in advanced 🙂

  42. New2Town says:

    Hi all, new to area and wondering who would be your current favourite masseuse and which establishment? Thanks in advance

  43. Wollongong Xtra Pricing says:

    Just wondering what others are paying for extras here in the Gong. I have noticed that they seem to cost considerably more compared to Sydney and the quality of ladies is far from great.

    Nude HE I have had ladies ask from $70 to $200 which does not include the cost of the massage. Thats not a nude body to body massage just HE nude. For a regular HE with no touching $30 to $50.

  44. Conoboy says:

    Visited warrawong thai twice first time overall it was good second time was the worst massage ever I think she was sleeping while massaging she almost fell of bed twice…name was jj or something like that….

  45. Siam Therapeutics the Miserable Hole says:

    I have been there a couple times over the past month and I wish I had done my research before visiting. Girls are not attractive and lack any charm with generally bad attitudes. They want too much and deliver too little. I had the fat one last week Vicky might be her name and she was nothing special at all. Ken must have some association with the place because what he has tried to write in very bad English is rubbish. Must be trying to root them which might explain the shitty mood. Anyway a smile from these dog face dogs won’t save this miserable place.

  46. Ken says:

    Recently visited Siam Thai on Kembla after a long time away from there the place seem has improved a lot nice smell and clean. Saw a bigger girl but very pretty face had a 45 mins massage with hot oil she washed my feet with hot towel and palmed me then started putting hot oil on my back massage was very fantastic with some teases could say she a professional massage with a HJ technical which was blowed me up then finishing up with a head massage. I forgot to ask her name if anyone here know her name just let me know. She was so hot her face and body very amayzing wanna book her in for a next visit.

  47. Jim says:

    I’m tired of paying for extras! Does anyone have a recipe for a nice warm apple pie?

  48. Mark says:

    Good news lads. Recent visit to Wollongong Thai massage was a winner. Took a chance on a new girl there and she delivered. Standard he but didn’t complain when I let my hands wander. Her name was Chay from memory. Advised that she works Monday Wednesday and Friday. Happy punting

  49. Karma says:

    I tried a new Thai Massage place in Cowper St Warrawong next to the Gala Cinemas. Massage was decent and the 1 hr was $70. The girl was overly clothed for my liking. I know it’s winter but I was warm enough laying naked …

    Was $30 for the h/e which was ok. She allowed me to touch her without any issues. Overall, not as good as others I have had but not bad for a change.

  50. Andy the Arab says:

    Had a real fun time with Amy at Siam Therapeutics Massage last Sunday. Older lady but she has a great “massage” technique 😉 I was drained afterwards 🙂 then a nice hot shower to wake me up.

  51. Massage Monger says:

    Been going a lot lately to Sawadee Thai Massage on Crown Street
    0431 764 939. Nice ladies with excellent massages and extras. Cece if thats how you spell her name was the last I had she works Mondays and Tuesdays maybe Wednesday. Nice teases and gave my balls a very good massage with her tongue before finishing the job.

  52. Kim says:

    What Tha fu-k is this page for

  53. George says:

    Another great experience at Siam in Wollongong. A real hidden gem in the local rnt game. Seen Nicki who has been described on this page as the chubby or bigger girl. Had a 30 min massage with topless hj all for under a hundo. Compared to most other asian masseuses she is larger but to be fair shes not that big. Very attractive young asian woman with a great bod, pretty face and amazing BIG boobs. Shes also super friendly and flirty, with no bullshit games. I cant recommend her enough. Every visit ive had at Siam has been with a different lady and all have delivered the goods. Well done Siam keep up this level of service.

  54. Jack says:

    I went to Midcity Massage Wollongong on Friday.(Much better than Nina’s) I have been a couple times now and though I’m not a fan of Chinese style massage the rooms are clean the ladies are very friendly and the massage is not bad either with plenty of teases.

    Massage was $65 (I think) HE was 30, nude is 40.

    1/219 Crown St
    Phone: 4229 9582

  55. Karma says:

    New Place in Warrawong –

    I will try it. Cowper st Warrawong Report to follow after the weekend.

  56. Tom says:

    Just went to Fairy Meadow Thai massage. Sorry forget the girls name I’m terrible with names. Anyway massage was very average with a few teases. Cost of massage $90 (what a joke) would be the most place expensive in Wollongong. HE was $30 she pretty much turned the lights off in the room. No touching allowed would not get naked and no interest in what she was doing. I know there is sometimes better girls here but no way to know since I have not visited in a while. Its too inconsistent with staff. I have far better experiences at most other places on a regular basis so I won’t be returning.

    Corner across from IMB
    78- 80 Princes Hwy,
    Fairy Meadow

  57. Conoboy says:

    Has anyone had any luck at sabai jai at Shellharbour,I can’t get anyone besides Tina… I’ve seen her twice massage was ok but that’s it…every time you ask to see someone else it’s like they make excuses they say only Tina. Wtf

  58. George says:

    Recent visit to Unanderra Thai massage was good. Saw Jenny who advised she works Thursdays and saturdays. Good looking asian lady, thin & friendly. Wearing tight jeans shorts which was hot. Caught a glimpse of some of the other girls who looked hot as well and in similar outfits. This place looks small from the outside but had at least 6 rooms that i counted, maybe more. Massage was ok, pretty standard. No tickles or teases. HJ was good and unrushed, nothing to get me running back though. Also had to be very quiet as the rooms are very little. She wouldn’t get her gear off for me. She said “next time, not on first visit”. Also gave me a rewards card that u can get stamped on each visit. Overall a good experience but there are better options out there ie sawadee, sunshine, siam. Side note: the big asian fella walking the halls like he owns the joint (he probably does) is a bit of a turn off. Stay in the back mate no one wants to look at your fat head.

  59. Conoboy says:

    Any good places to visit in the Shellharbour area? Iv tried lavender it’s not too bad ,massage was ok at best…any suggestions

  60. George says:

    Recently visited Lavender Thai in Oak Flats. Not the best experience for a couple of reasons. Got a half hour massage with “Icee”, probs not her name but thats what it sounded like. She was dressed in jeans and a polo shirt, not exactly my idea of good massage clothes. Massage was ok, nothing special. At end of massage i asked for extras and she was happy to oblige. Fairly clinical hj, could see her heart wasnt in it. Half way through the hj she starts lecturing me on visiting places like this and trying to make me feel bad for being there. Totally shocked, i had to laugh to myself. Clearly shes in the wrong industry. Id most likely not return due to her attitude but if i did id be seeing someone else.

  61. Jack says:

    I won’t be providing any more reviews and I use than one name on this page. Good luck lurkers and leeches with your massage mongering.

  62. massageluvr says:

    I haven’t seen a lot of activity on here anymore? Is everyone frightened that the mercury is going to post private details or something.

  63. Jack says:

    Ninas seems to have improved a little. I went in for a massage on Friday had a new girl Cecilia who gave the massage which I wasnt too impressed with but some might like it (I prefer a massage to be a bit more relaxing.) $60 for the massage. She left the room at 40mins and in came Bella a pretty looking lady (late 20s early 30s) with a very nice slim body who gave me a body to body massage and HE for $50. Played with her pussy while she did the deed. Not a bad experience but I won’t be returning I prefer Thai massage.

  64. Jack says:

    Lavender Thai Massage (Oak Flats) has now opened a shop in Fairy Meadow.
    3/65 Princes Highway Fairy meadow NSW 2519 (not directly across Coles but fairly close)

    Very nice shop setup still quiet because they just opened. I think they have a special during March as the oil massage was only $60 for 1 hour.

    Good professional massage from Nadia I didnt ask for any extras as I wasnt in the mood but I’m pretty sure they are on offer.

    As with any shop if you call and ask about extras they are NEVER going to tell you.

  65. John says:

    I have been to Siam massage on Kembla st, it was a really great place private and good service.

  66. Thaibsessed says:

    Anyone had any luck at Wollongong Thai Massage in Crown St, they also have the shop in Unanderra so any luck there also? Cheers.

  67. Adam says:

    I’ve had a few bad punts in the last month or so. First one was at Ninas with older lady. Massage was poor and equally as poor HE very disinterested.

    Second punt was at Siam Massage on Kembla st last week after a long time away from there. I was ushered into a room immediately by a overweight young asian lady with bright pink hair who stayed in the room the whole time while I got undressed and wanted to do extras straight away. I was not interested as she was not my type so i just had a 30min oil massage (if you could call it that), one squirt of oil used for the whole 30mins. Place has gone way down hill since Jenny left.

    Gotta be some better joints down here. I am also getting a bit over Cono but they are by far the best in the gong at the moment

  68. Brett says:

    Just visited Nina’s today and I have to say that place is a disgrace. Emma and Yoko working. Emma is a sweet friendly girl in her 20s. Yoko in her late 40s is a money hungry old Thai which I regret letting her even touch me. Overall an average massage to say the least and shit service, she could not even be bothered getting me a hot towel to wipe off the oil.

    My conclusion Ninas always has a funny smell of dirty ass and should be condemned. The last choice for the truly desperate and horny.

  69. Tezza says:

    Wollongong is getting a bit stale lately anyone got some recommendations? Thanks.

  70. Paul says:

    I went to Ninas on Thursday had a new girl who is Indian. Friendly enough and tried her best but honestly one of the worst massages ever. She had this strange rigorous massage technique (if you could call it that) and then would slap the body part she was massaging a dozen times. I only went for 30 mins in case it was terrible which I normally never do. I didnt even bother asking for HE and because there was no fan in the room she left the door open throughout the massage. The owner of that place really has no idea and is sitting on a potential gold mine if someone actually managed it properly and got some half decent younger girls.

  71. George says:

    Nice experience back at Ninas recently. 30 min massage. Seen a nice mature lady named Yoko. She was 40ish and well presented. Friendly, bubbly nature. Great massage, nice teases throughout and good hj. Not shy and really seemed to know her way around a hog which was nice. Would recomend.

  72. Thaibsessed says:

    Anyone been to Mint Thai on Princes Hwy Fairy Meadow? It is on Eastern side of Hwy just South of Balgownie Rd. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  73. sexuagenarian says:

    Good afternoon gents. Has anybody been to “Angel massage” in Cringila apart from PornKing a few months ago? Any feedback would be good.
    Does anybody know which days Winnie works at Nina’s, or if she’s still there. Every time I call I’m told that she’s not working. When I ask which days she’s on the girl answering the phone either can’t or won’t tell me. I haven’t been to a massage place for a while. I want to get back to it by trying something new and preferably someone with large boobs like Winnie’s. Appreciate any info.

  74. King Kong says:

    Any one tried Shellharbour village I went there but no extras !
    I went Shellharbour near hog breath no offers there either went 3 times to each any one tried berry???

  75. George says:

    Any reviews for the massage joint on Princes Hwy Unanderra? Pink signage, its next to a thai restaurant. Seen a couple punters leaving there looking satisfied with big grins on their faces. Ladies behind the desk looked the goods too. Worth a visit?

  76. The Badge says:

    Anybody tried the new thai lana massage place in Kenny St across the rd from the mall carpark exit?

  77. UpForIt says:

    Anyone ever tried the “Blonde tattooed bombshell” from the mercury?

  78. Tom says:

    I went to the Thai Massage shop on the Mall. From what I can see on Google Streetview the address is 115 Crown Street. Directly across on the Mall from the Post Office or Westpac.

    They do advertise in the Mercury using this number 0497 314 746 which is for the back entrance of the shop 😉 Anyone who has read other posts knows how dodgy and dirty that place can be.

    Anyway I walked in without a booking and was met by a girl named Amy and had a 1 hour oil massage which was very professional with absolutely no teasing. I was getting bored so I asked if she did any extras which she said yes without any hesitation. So $50 extra for nude plus HJ. HJ was not too bad. She was a friendly girl average looking average body. I don’t think I would go again but worth a try. The massage itself was $80.

  79. TonyAbbott says:

    Aanseen in Corrimal has reopened. Get in while the sheets are fresh haha

  80. UpForIt says:

    Hey guys I see the massage joint in Corrimal has reopened. I didnt catch the name though. Its where Aan-Seen Siam was. Down from Manjits towards the petrol stations.

  81. Cono boy says:

    Has anyone been to the massage place in oak flats? Do they do extras?

  82. Cono boy says:

    Does anyone know Jenny that worked at Siam on Kembla st where she gone to??? Thanks

  83. Tom says:

    Hi everyone, does anyone know if the thai massage place in fairy meadow on the corner is asian girls only? Or does anyone know where I can get HE from a white or black girl? Not a huge Asian fan, that’s all. Oh and people have mentioned BJ’s.. do any do it without a condom on, whether asian or not?? Thanks in advance my fellow punters.

  84. Dimebag says:

    Has anyone been to the Thai massage place on the princess highway at Unanderra? if so, is a happy ending no the cards?

  85. sexuagenarian says:

    Good afternoon Gents,

    There’s a place in Cringila “Angel massage” that occasionally advertises in the Mercury. I’ve tried calling a couple of times but didn’t get through. Has anybody been there? Any feedback

  86. Matty says:

    Does anyone know whether amy and erin still work there?
    They were the only two which gave decent massages.

  87. Matt says:

    Hey, does anyone know if Aimee still works at coniston?

  88. soc says:

    Went there in april nice massage hj $20 and naked $30 thats ok went there today same girl hj $30 naked $50 $140 for the hour could of got full service else where ninas never again.

  89. NewGuy138 says:

    hey there,

    I’m new to the area and want to receive a happy ending massage for the first time.

    Where is the best place to go? & how do you go about asking for one? Lol! do you just ask upfront when you first go in? or just lay down naked on the table? or you wait until the end? how much extra is it normally?

  90. Waxed says:

    Have gotten a few happy endings from the thai massage place on the highway at dapto, the one next to supercheap. Seems to hit and miss, give the usual answers, yes i have been here before, havent been for a month or 2

  91. glenn says:

    sorry jack im new to this ,the little arcade in corrimal you said have to be a regular to be offered happy ending ,you only went a couple of times did she give you a happy ending.

  92. The Badge says:

    Tried to go here tonight after a long time away from Ninas but it was closed. Went down the rd to Mid City instead and had a girl named Ami. Massage was ok but nothing special. Plenty of teases and tickles (about 15mins) before a good HJ all with a smile on her face. Will be back for her service and hopefully back here at Ninas in the bear future

  93. George says:

    Visited Nina

  94. Cono boy says:

    Has anyone been to the joint in oak flats? Is it any good?

  95. Jack says:

    Anyone able to drop some names of girls who give more then just a tug?

  96. sexuagenarian says:

    Afternoon Gents. Does anyone know where Tina from Corrimal (Aan Seen) went to. I heard she went to Bondi somewhere.

  97. Goobyy says:

    Hey, i just wanted to know of any good massage parlours in wollongong/shellharbour area that offer HE, nude and touching, and possibly HJ?

  98. Mike says:

    Anyone know whether the tall slim girl with glasses at nina’s gives more then just a happy ending, she’s been working there for awhile but i’ve never seen her offer more.

  99. Watcher says:

    Im visiting shellharbour area this weekend. Any tips on massage parlours with extras??

  100. Waxed says:

    Looks like we have made the news guys
    the illawarra mercury have a article without quoting us

  101. The Badge says:

    Anyone tried the new MIDCITY massage place that has opened just down from the 7/11 in the mall? (old supporters world building) next to photo place. Advertising in the paper “full body massage”. Wanting to know if anyone has had a punt and how much it was and if they offer extras….

  102. Baz says:

    I went to the crown street mall one with entrance up the stairs in the back…. had Tiffany for a Body Slide…… Then I turned around and naturally had a geezzz at the assets – Fella’s she’s got herself some big old Genital Warts now – i guess it was just a matter of time. Had to stop her point blank, explain that i was disgusted that she was still working in that condition – i got dressed and walked out – NEVER to return.

  103. John Smith says:

    I used to go here to Ninas a while ago, usually got a young girl called Stephanie who was absolutely fantastic, she was young, slim and very attractive, the HE was proceeded by gentle teasing and the better you got to know her the more intimate she became including naked body slides and all touching allowed.
    When I called after coming back to Wollongong I was told she did not work there anymore 🙁 Does anyone know where she went or if Nina’s is still doing this?

  104. DD says:

    Hi new to all of this 🙂
    So is Nina’s a good place to go for a massage and extras?
    And how does one approach the lady about the extras?


  105. The Badge says:

    Which establishment in Fairy Meadow offers HE? Tried health land opposite Coles and it was a legit place.

  106. The Badge says:

    Visited the Siam Massage joint in Kembla St the other day. Massage was fairly good as was the HE. The total was $100 for an hours massage and HE. Place is clean and the rooms are quite private. As mentioned on here previously, it is just a little cold inside but that’s not a major concern. I will probably give it another go soon.

  107. Waxed says:

    Thought i would let you all know about the massage place on princess highway corrimal, its the same side as the shell service station and a few doors up from it. Massage is $69 for a hour and a happy ending is $20 or a naked happy ending with touching for $50

  108. The Badge says:

    Hi all, does anybody know the rough prices for a RNT at Conno? Would love to try this place out soon.

  109. Cono boy says:

    Does anyone know where did Jenny from Cono has gone to?

  110. PornKing says:

    Went for a punt at Nina’s late last week after hearing a positive review about the new masseuse working there on Thu / Fri.
    This girl was only in her early twenties (student), good looking, slim and spoke reasonably good English.
    Unfortunately her massage skills were disappointing and it was more like rub down rather than a proper massage. There was some nice teasing before the handy, which was ok.
    I’ll have to try the early 30s girl and see if she is any better.
    Overall, a bit of a letdown.

  111. Benj says:

    Anyone have a phone number for the massage place opposite the church?

  112. The Badge says:

    Had the best massage here tonight. Masseuse actually knew what she was doing and gave a proper massage not a half hearted/one handed one you get here 75% of the time. Massage ended with a very nice, slow and unrushed HJ. This particular girl works only on Thu/Fri.

    Massage Quality – 9/10
    Happy Ending – 8/10

  113. PornKing says:

    Went to Conno today after a long stint of trying out other places in the area. Without a doubt Conno is by far the best thai massage joint in Wollongong.
    Bookings are essential here gents and due to their reputation the punters keep coming back (like me). I always book the ever-popular shower room as it more private than the partitions at the front.
    I was welcomed by my regular masseuse with a big smile and was taken into the room, had a quick shower and laid down on the table.
    I was treated to a strong, yet smooth and a very therapeutic massage. My back and shoulders were quite sore from some physical works and her hands, knees and elbows did their magic.
    Gents, this girl knows what she is doing.
    The teases, tickles and gentle rubs of the ball sack, the old fella, and of groin area during the massage are an awesome build up.
    The HJ was nice, slow and unrushed. It was basically mind-blowing!!
    Highly Recommended – again!!

  114. sexuagenarian says:

    Just hit the escape key and lost all my comments so I’ll start again.

    I visit this forum quite regularly but haven’t had time to post anything so here goes.

    NAREE opposite the church on Crown St. I’ve been there 3 times. Twice I had Anne. She’s a big girl but an excellent masseuse. No extras in the front because the BUDDHA is watching. Extras are in the back. I also had Tiffany. Not as good a masseuse but she tried her best to talk me into going to the back. I declined due to lack of time. After hearing others’ experiences about entering/exiting the back, I won’t be doing it. I don’t care too much what others think but if some smartarse makes a comment at me then I’ll have to respond accordingly. I might be in my sixties but I can handle myself and I don’t tolerate smartarses.

    SUNSHINE at CONNO. I’ve been there quite a few times for good massage and HJ in the shower room. A few weeks back I rang for an appointment and was told that there were all new girls. I went and got Jenny. Probably in her later thirties or early forties but she talked me into 90 mins and got the best massage/HJ I’ve ever had. Went back once more for 60 mins. Still good but just shy of the first time. Perhaps the extra business is an incentive to do better. I’ll always ask for her if/when I go back. She’s there Friday to Monday.

    TAWAN at PORT KEMBLA. I’ve been wanting to try this place even though there’s been no comments for a while and the last ones weren’t exactly complimentary. I’ve been there 3 times. Last time this morning. I’ve had Pinky every time. Probably in her thirties but she has a beautiful smile and a good body. Plenty of teases/tickles the first time and good HJ the last 2 times. Not quite as good as Jenny at Conno but her smile really does it for me. The rooms are more like partitions so it’s noisy but it’s clean. I’ll keep going back for Pinky. She’s there on Mondays and Saturdays only.

    I’ve also noticed the one in Corrimal near the intersection of Princes and Collins but haven’t tried it yet. They lock the door and you have to ring the bell. I think it might just be straight massage but I will invest $75 bucks to find out at some point.

    Enjoy boys

  115. The Badge says:

    Hi Punters,

    Has anybody tried the Thai Massage joint in Towradgi apposite the station on Towradgi Rd?

  116. PornKing says:

    I visited the church street thai massage place a couple of weeks ago. I went around the back and walked upstairs. There is a privacy screen up the top so it doesn’t leave you too exposed for the world to see.
    From first impressions the place looks quite a bit run down and a bit messy. The shower head was loose, bit of crap around the place, you could also see in the kitchen where some rice was cooking. To me, it wasn’t a good look for a massage joint.
    However, I was greeted by a good looking thai girl, she took me to the room, I paid the $65 and got a 30min good full nude massage. Not the best but no complaints. She was really nice, chatty and giggly, which really made the experience pleasurable.
    A tit in the mouth during the handy was a great way to finish up.

    Room Quality: 5/10
    Price: $65 for half hour full nude – 9/10 – cheapest in town
    Girl looks: 8.5/10
    Massage Quality: 7/10
    Personality / Attitude: 10/10
    Will definitely go there again.

  117. PornKing says:

    Looks like two more Thai massage shops opened up. One in Figtree near Macca’s and one in Unanderra shops on the highway. Anyone been there and have anything to report?

  118. The Badge says:

    Went here for the first time this afternoon. Had a 25yo called Stephanie. Very cute and a better massage then I expected. HJ was terrible the lead up and tease before it was better than the HJ itself. $80 got me 30min and naked HJ. Very cute and friendly but terrible HJ

  119. sexuagenarian says:

    Good afternoon Gents, Nina’s seems to e the default forum for all the places in the Gong. Maybe someone can tell me about the place on Crown St and opposite the church. Naree I think. I any case, I went there on Tuesday and got a pretty good oil massage. Nothing else. The girl asked me a couple of times if I’d been there before. I got the feeling she was about to ask me if I wanted extras. Anyway, if anybody’s been there I would appreciate some feedback. Thanks

  120. PornKing says:

    Visited Nina’s last week for some RnT after nearly a 12 month break from this establishment. I saw a lovely looking chinese girl with glasses at the reception (thinking i was going to get her) but instead she handed me a shorter and chubbier chinese / thai looking girl.
    After a few minutes into the massage, I realised that i had her before because every time i’d ask her some question, she would simply stop!! (see my post from about 12 months ago).
    Anyway, the massage was ok, the handy was ok, but when i asked her if i could touch her ass or her nice tits, she said that costs extra. I declined the offer, touching through clothes is a freebie in my books.
    Looks: 5/10
    Massage Quality: 6/10
    Ending Quality: 5/10
    No Touching During Ending: -3/10
    Price: $40 for 30 mins $20 for handy

    If i go there again, i’d definately like to try the slimmer receptionist with glasses.

  121. Justo says:

    Hey Fellas.
    Quick question:

    Anyone know of a Thai massage place in the gong with attractive young girls that will do the entire massage nude?
    Thai massage is awesome and I love the way they climb all over you. Would be awesome if they had their kit off.not fussed on the HE but I’m guessing if a place does one out does the other?
    If anyone knows of a place that does this let me know. Meantime ill try sunshine at conno.

  122. George says:

    Hi Guys,
    I stumbled across this forum early last year while looking for info on local R&T Massage parlours . I was glad because it has been somewhat helpful at times. Other times not so much. So I have decided to leave a post outlining my experiences and some advice for those interested. My hope is that new punters to the scene can take something away that will help on their path to a happy ending.
    Ninas Chinese massage Wollongong-

    I have been to Ninas on several occasions and have had varied experiences here, mostly good. In my opinion it is a fairly safe choice.

  123. PornKing says:

    Hey there fellow punters, has anyone been to Nina’s recently? Judging from the previous posts, this establishment has been going down hill. Have there been any improvements (girls, attitudes, etc) since July??

  124. Greg says:

    Have been to nina’s in crown st a few times now and have left very dissapointed both times. Very ordinary massage and could give myself a better H.E, girls very uniterested in doing anything. Give this place a BIG miss.

  125. Mark says:

    Is corrimal or fairy meadow better for a HE?
    Any other decent and cheap places?

  126. Ryan says:

    Where is the massage joint in Corrimal
    What’s it called?

  127. BigJim says:

    This place is fairly terrible although very occasionally they get a fun girl. However the majority of the time it is a clinical activity and its bloody freezing in there. The last time i went there I had an indian lady who was not friendly and gave a bad HE.
    Give it a miss or tell the owner what you think.

  128. PornKing says:

    Hey Punters,
    Anyone been to Nina’s recently for a RnT?
    Which ladies are about? Are there any good ones worth mentioning?

  129. G says:

    90 for the massage then when I asked for a HE, wanted 40 for it. As there is no guarantee of a good one, I didn’t take it up and it’s asking too much regardless. She may be pretty, but trying to milk it a bit too much. Left disappointed and won’t bother going back

  130. Micky says:

    Thats very strange , i will find out her name next time and
    Post so you know , ive never been not offerd ,
    Maybe you just got unlucky , they use to advertise in the
    Mercury under adult services for massage so they
    Obviously do it , i will ask the recepionst next time wats
    The go , have you been any where else around here or no
    Off any ??

  131. Ben says:

    Yo brothers,
    Went to this place again today, did as Mick instructed me, took off clothes, told her I was there before…..and still didn’t get offerred any extras…hmmm 🙁 the massage was excellent, one hour oil massage is $90. But other than that… As I went there particulary for extras, left dissapointed.
    Mick there must be a particuar girl that offers extras. Do you remember a name/s? What extras are we talking about? HE or anything else?

  132. Ben says:

    Yea, I plan to have a crack with the blondie for sure! She drives me crazy…:)
    What extras are we talking about here… Just hand relief or more?
    The place looks to be less busy during lunch time … almost went there today before realising I won’t have money left to go out on the weekend… will leave it until next week…
    Looks like taking all clothes off and saying been there before is the way to go …
    Will report if it worked soon….

  133. G says:

    I went there when it just opened and they told me that they didn’t do HE
    any girl in particular do it, or i gotta ask specific? cause the one Ben got didn’t do it

  134. Ben says:

    Thanks Mick. Will definitely visit soon… You reckon I can get the blondie massage me too?
    What extras are available/you’ve had before?

  135. Ben says:

    Tried the Fairy Meadow corner place last week, very clean and nice looking joint. The owner / reception chick is 35 yr old caucasian chick, very hot , big tits blond milf. She asked me I ‘m after, said 1 hr oil massage (I was hoping she will perform the massage, I sweat the god if she did I’d blew my load off with her just touching me normally, so hot…). She called ‘who’s next?’ and this young Thai chick turns up, took me in, asked me to take everything off and leave undies on. Did really good massage, but didn’t offer any extras. Kind of little dissapointing, but happy with the massage. Will definitely be back soon. Anyone tried the blond chick? I would pay double if she massaged me…

  136. Mr. X says:

    I know this question doesn’t belong here but there’s no link for the new N&N 24 Auburn street brothel in ‘Gong.
    I’m just wondering if anyone has been there yet and if you have, what’s the place and girls like?

  137. Micky says:

    Fred , thanks for clearing that up , yeah its fairy meadow i got confused ,
    Ive never been knocked back but the last time i told them
    I seen it advertised in the paper ? Then they say oooo you want that massage ,
    Difrent girls durin the week to
    Weekend but need to find good one there and just find out her work week ,
    Verry nice , clean and new

  138. fred says:

    corimal micky talks abouit is fairymeadow just near woolies there are a couple of girls who do HE but not all

  139. Micky says:

    Hey pornking ,
    Thanks for the relply , glad to know that place at cono wasnt a complete flop , i know where to go now to get a real massage ,
    Yeah please let me know about your corrimal experience , so i guess now in wollongong wheres the best place you can reccomend ?

  140. PornKing says:

    I had another punt there last week with a Thai-looking called Mini, early 20’s. Yup, definately a 5ft-nothing slightly chubby, but with nice big tits, at least a D-cup.
    The massage was ok (6-7 out of 10), but she stopped every time i said or asked her something!! Well it didn’t take me long to figure out to simply shut up, say nothing, so that her hands would keep doing what they were supposed to be doing.
    Just prior to the happy ending she said “no touching” – which was a bummer cos i really felt like grabbing a hand of her arse or a mouthful of those lovely shaped D-cups. The hand job was ok and not rushed (i’d give it a 7 out of 10).
    Has anyone had any fun girlies here recently?

  141. Micky says:

    The place is on the corner new lookin thai massage , ive been twice now , i go for oil massage 1 hr , i think its around 70 , very clean n very new , when i start massage i just ask and usually work
    Something out , both girls have bern diffrent but only charge 20, 30 for hj etc

  142. Micky says:

    Have you guys tried the new thai one in corrimal on the main
    Street ?
    Ive been twice ?

  143. PornKing says:

    yeah, been there a few times now and i do agree whether it’s 10C or 40C outside, inside is like a bloody fridge!!
    Anyway i had that sumo-wrestler chinese chick about 4-5 times now but you never really know with her. One day she’ll give you a handy and another time she won’t. Maybe just depends on her mood. She gives on ok massage (6-7 out of 10) and the handy, well …. if there was a clock on the wall, she’d be staring at it.
    Cost $35 1/hr massage $20 for H/J – don’t expect fireworks….

  144. Micky says:

    David ?
    Anything else you can recomend in the gong ?

  145. David says:

    Was ok massage then hand job but not very exciting I’ve had allot better

  146. Riley says:

    I have been a couple of times to Ninas, First time was a clinical exercise, where the massage therapist wearing what looked like 1950’s nurses uniform asked upfront “Do I need hand relief” ($20 on top of the $60 hr massage). Massage was conducted in a cold room which was equal to the demeanour of the short and stocky Chinese girl. hj was ok but mechanical and cold, massage was so so.

    I gave it another go a month later, this time a slimmer Chinese girl wearing a tight black tracksuit bottom and tight shirt was my therapist. This time the slim girl gestured with her hand if I wanted a hj which I accepted. Some times I find it very hard to relax in anticipation of cumming so this time I asked if she could bring me to climax at the start of the massage, she obliged with a lovely gentle touch letting me feel her up whilst she was massaging my rod . Needless to say for the rest of the massage I was relaxed. Good massage all round,although the room still very cold.

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