Plumpton Body Rub

Plumpton NSW 2761

P: 0410 113 926

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69 Responses to Plumpton Body Rub

  1. Biz says:

    Where is the website for this massage place, and where is the address?

    • Steve says:

      There is no website she is a slim mature Chinese lady
      Good at massage and does a quaint tot rub on your back and then handjob not sure I care for much more nice lady but her neighbours can be nosey so dont hang about putside

  2. Unc says:

    Does she fuck??

  3. David says:

    I wanna Fuck Linda’s dogs

    • ? says:

      You are a sicko! BTW what dogs?

  4. David says:

    Does Linda do anal

    • ? says:

      A gentleman never tells.
      That’s for me to know & for you to find out.

  5. David says:

    Is Linda good for bj

    • ? says:

      Yes but it aint something offered to every punter. Gotta get lucky

  6. blehh says:

    Private, discreet and massage was good.

  7. SamT says:

    Hi guys,

    Hoping i could get some help with this one. I just went there however alot of things from what I experienced was different from what I have read here.

    The lady said her name was Ivy and not Linda. I asked her how long she has been operating her services at this location and she advised she has been doing so for years. Another thing is that there was no body rub which many others have experienced. In fact during the second part of the massage her clothes were kept on.

  8. martyb says:


    went and saw Linda on Sunday just gone, will definately be going back….. Easy to talk to , good massage and only $60….. Nice bod for an older woman …..

  9. Caz says:

    I sent my bf here after sick of hearing him complain of back ache for a week. He said the massage with suction was awesome. $60 for half hour with h/e. I’ll send him every week now to get out of doing it myself lol. Caz

  10. Stevo says:

    Hey just wondering if this place is still open looking for some where new to and just wanting some prices and times and how to book in

  11. Jay says:

    Hey guys!
    Saw Linda again just then,as usual nice firm massage with a great chat. Said to me she’s not busy at all. So let’s help her out! Been a few times so now she knows me, asked her during the massage if she does bj, she giggled and said yes! Continued through, she said turn over, once I did, she leaned over my body from the top of my head and kissed my cock and said ” will you cum?” I said lets see. Moved down by my side, dropped her pants and said “stay outside underwear”. I rubbed her cunt and asshole, practically fingered her ass through her undies whilst I received the best bbbj ever! She put on a bit of hand sanitizer and thoroughly rubbed it in before the suck. First squirt went in her mouth, second squirt she had the tissues over the top to catch, cleaned me up n on my way! $60 rnt, $80 back massage and bbbj, full service $???. So let’s help her out! Top lady, private house, good massage!

  12. TheBald1 says:

    I called and made an appointment today she said $60 for half hour, So I took that option an hour later I arrived. Was greeted by a plain but slender Chinese lady easy late forties mid fifties with still perky tits for age. Ushered me to the back room general chatting as I underessed. Gave a good medium to firm massage. Talked about travel and life in general as she massaged, 3/4 way into massage she took her top off and her tits all over my back and head. Gave my balls a massage and said turn over. Started to give the rod and tackle a workout. Took her pants off so I could see her naked but said no touching I obliged . I was allowed to fondle her breast tho. Gave an great H/E and cleaned up and helped me get dressed. All in all not a bad service had a lot worse and more expensive.
    massage 7.5
    H/E 8
    Looks 5

  13. Jay says:

    Hi all!
    Great site firstly! And some good reviews too!
    I saw Linda a week ago, little awkward as her neighbour was outside and gave me a nice stare the whole way in. Walked inside, she is lovely, gave me a couple of minutes to undress. Walked in and massage my back and legs great, hands slid down between and fondled my balls, asked me to flip over, stood at my head, tits out, and rubbed my front, she didn’t mind me sucking on them, moved down to my side, asked me if I wanted to cum or just play, I said cum, oiled up her hands and did a great h/j and cleaned me up! Cost was $70 but I gave her a tip for being so nice, was in there over an hour!

  14. Steve says:

    I like this lady we had conversation on stocks in China

    Older lady but still trim body did not offer me BJ and I doubt she would go Bbbj but m he were very good

    She did talk a lot $60 all in she strip if she feels good with you nice independent

  15. Brodie says:

    What are the rates here mate ??

  16. Paul says:

    Visited here last month older Asian lady mid 40’s nice bod and tits gave me a full nude massage tickled the back of my balls turned me around and gave a good hand job and let me suck her tits till I blew my load 🙂

  17. Rai says:

    Anyone know any other good private residence places? That operate like this wonderful lady?

  18. Jamis says:

    Anyone been there recently? Still give extra and full service?

  19. Rumble says:

    The place is at a home, felt like I was being taken into some kids room. The massage was ok but rushed. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  20. Koddy says:

    Yeh I visited this place 6days ago and I love it. A good rub from this old Asian woman with hard nipples which I fondled while she wanked me off. I shot hard and she loved it. Next time I go Im going to fuck her and lick her ass out… She looks like a goof fuck.

  21. offroader says:

    I visited this place the other day, very clean private house address will be given when a booking is made
    Older Asian lady not bad looking great massage and HE no signs of any further action maybe if she gets to know you (or maybe the loud male voice from the front of house put her off) but I will be back hopefully no male next time will help me relax more

  22. Geoff Gee says:

    Slayer you are talking Hogwash, your comments are crass and incorrect!
    This is a proper massage by a scrupulously clean pretty Chinese lady who
    does not engage in sexually athletic positions.
    Jason is right, it is definitely one of the better massages in the Blacktown area.I have visited this place many times over the past few years and have always been satisfied with the price and friendly service.
    It is highly recommended and well worth the visit.
    Massage 10/10
    Ending 10/10

  23. Macca says:

    Visited this place today very nice looking asian lady named Ivy with nice body. Really great massage for $120/hr with he. Will go back again soon for fs cost extra for that $50 I think she said.

  24. macca says:

    where in plumpton is this place. Do you have an address

  25. jim says:

    Was the sex included or did you have to pay extra and if so how much in total did it cost you.

  26. Slayer says:

    Saw this lady today! Very good massage! Isnt the most attractive! Older Woman ! Strong hands 55 half hour , she offerd me sex so i took it doggystyle was good ! She took it as hard as i could give it all in all not bad

  27. Maximus says:

    I’ve been here a few times. Just 1 lady at her house. Really nice lady. She is middle aged asian so maybe not the deceptive eye candy that some places have. She gives a really good proper massage not some half baked washy rub. Think it’s $55 for half hour with happy ending.
    Massage 9\10
    Erotic 7/10 (nude no body slide)
    Ending 9/10

  28. quick53 says:

    i was there last week found her on this site yes she is good but not impressed that her phone number is listed on the net .. she asked if i could ask the owner of the site to please take down her phone number … i will be seeing her again soon

  29. Jason says:

    one of the better massages in the Blacktown area, bit older, nice tits, great hand technique


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