Riverwood Chinese Massage

337 Belmore Rd, Riverwood NSW 2122

P: 02 9153 5000

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  1. Nerds_of_Goat says:

    After a few months spent absent from the “rub N tug scene” I decided to pop in and give this place a visit..

    I should point out that there are at least 4 other massage shops in this one street alone.

    First impressions were good. Professional looking shop (not like those seedy looking shops hidden up those long stairwells)

    I opened the door and the place was smaller than I first thought. I walked in and saw three women sitting by a table all looked to be in their mid twenties.. I was escorted into a room and told to undress. The room was clean, heated, dimly lit and the massage table was big and sturdy
    the girl I had was friendly. long dark hair and petite.

    $40 for topless HJ (all she offered)

    She had b cup tits and really big nipples, almost as big as ping pong balls. she was all in. HJ was a little rough at times but she squeezed every last drop out of me. she rubbed me down with a hot towel and massaged my scalp.

    I left through a back entrance which was nice.

    Service – friendly
    Price – standard rate
    Location – easy to find.

    one thing that was concerning were the attitudes of the punters. in my stay there were two altercations. the first was over payment. and the other was upset that he couldn’t finger her pussy. Coincidence, maybe? maybe not.

  2. Sam says:

    Total waste of money for massage. Rubbish massage as most chinese massage places. The girls dont know how to massage, except hj

  3. 53_year_old_Aussie says:

    After a couple of years I decided to have another visit. Went last week.

    Still the same shop and prices $35 for 30 minutes. Two rooms, but one was occupied and from the sounds coming through the wall, they guy next door could have been having a double.

    Any one girl available with an unpronounceable name. I took the 30 minute option and. $50 got her naked. In her twenties, good body, B tits, bare downs with a tattoo around her upper calf.

    She started off with sprinkling talc power on my back and then climbed on top for a full body to body rub. This continued for a few minutes followed by some random hand rubbing. Then came the roll over after only a few minutes. She stated with tickles on both the wedding tackle and balls, taking it slowly. After a few minutes, she climbed on to with her pussy pointing to my face, a good view. I started giving her clit a good tickle. Several times she shifted her pussy closer to my face, I could have just moved my face you eaten her out – she probably wanted me to do that. If I did, I’m sure that I would have gotten a bbbj. I wasn’t going to eat her out – I may have ended up getting more than just a bbbj if I did – maybe something that antibiotics wouldn’t even cure!

    All in all a most enjoyable experience and certainly one that I may repeat in the next few weeks.

    But with all shops, it depends upon the individual girls and how you treat them. Treat them nice and you may get a good experience. Just because you may pay them doesn’t mean that you own them. If the say no to anything, then they mean no.

    • Zorro says:

      Is the shop clean in regards to the room?

    • GFE_LFAGT says:

      You do travel around a bit xx_year_old_aussie 😊
      Thanks for your review. We should make a compilation of all your reviews.
      I also value MAC’s reviews.
      Keep up the good work guys.
      Keen to hear of any reviews that cover Parramatta, pennanthills . Thornleigh, castle hill, baulkham hills, north ear areas.

    • GFE_LFAGT says:

      Who is the best choice at this location?

      • jamiecity says:

        Beecroft Massage
        Bella Vista massage
        Castle hill – Terminus carpark
        Thornleigh massage – close to aldi

        ive had Ok experience at these

  4. Barzie says:

    Been going there for many years went today a new girl on i handed 100.00 and when she came back in room i asked whete was my change she walked out again and when she came bavk i asked the same question but she played dumb i went out to see owner they maintained i only gave $55.00 which is totally false after a long debate they refused to return my money so i walked out . Its not the money its the principal after all the years been going there that they can do that to a customer . Dont go there liar and a thief the new girl

    • GFE_LFAGT says:

      I never go with a $100 note. I alway go with a $50 and with $50 in change. This way there is no issue about change and I limit my expense to a max of $100, but I usually keep it to $90.
      My normal expense is $35 – $40 for massage and $50 for the specific service I require, no more. Any thing more and I walk out.
      I believe we the customers are also driving prices up by paying a higher price.
      It’s a matter of supply and demand. The amount the service provider wants to charge and the amount we as customers are prepared to pay.
      The supply is very high with the number of shops that are there today. But we the customers find it hard to resist in a heighten state and end up paying the high prices that are charged.
      So guys if the prices is high, walk out and help keep the price affordable.

  5. 51_year_old_Aussie says:

    $35 for 30 minutes.
    Went there last week. The usual Chinese Rub-n-Tug place. Reasonably clean and maintained. Walls to the ceiling and lockable doors. Massage bed solid and didn’t rock.

    Only one women available – Martha, 20 A tits is a padded bra and fairly tall.

    Asked for a hard massage and got hand presses and pushing, no real massage. She didn’t mind me rubbing her leg, so after about 10 minutes she suggested I roll over and offered a happy ending. $20 for a HJ or $50 for everything off. I only had $35 and after showing her the empty wallet she finally agreed and off came the dress and bra, but the panties stayed on – it was that time of the month. A bit of a cheek to ask for $50 when you will only do a half strip.

    She didn’t like her nipples being played with – they tickled too much (so she said). HJ was very mechanical and then back on with her clothes and no more massage – she just stood there and looked at me. As I was leaving, she was replacing the paper sheet on the bed and using lots of hand sanitizer, which is a good sign.

    Leaving I met the other lady (owner?). Older women, maybe 40’s – I wish I had her. Anyway out the back door into the lane and carpark.

    Not the worst I have been to.

  6. john says:

    I have been there too.
    That place and the one in 65 planthurst road both employ lady boys!!!! Ive been going to carlton for years now and have spotted them.
    look out for vertical scars below the belly button. And it not just the Thai ones its all of them.

  7. Fred says:

    This place is rubbish. I went for a massage there today and got Coco. Awful massage and then tried to kick me out after 10 mins of my 30 minute massage because “she had a booking with another customer”. I told her I wanted a partial refund given I’d paid for 30 mins and she started yelling and swearing. I ended up just leaving to avoid a scene.

    I’ll be steering clear if this place in future and I suggest others do the same.

  8. Matt says:

    Thanks mate have had a good time at 327a, will have a go at 337 soon and post experience

  9. Jarrod says:

    Hey Matt, Never asked for full service here so I can’t say. However 327a a few doors down does and occasionally has some hotties.

  10. Matt says:

    Hey jarrod I’ve read on other forums previously that full service is available at this place, their advertisement in local paper has a hint to it also. You know if that’s the case? Cheers

  11. Jarrod says:

    Have been to this place a few times. It can be a bit hit and miss. The girls are mainly from China but occasionally they come from Taiwan or Korea. Had a visit in November 12′ and seen a girl called Fifi. Great massage and a good HJ finish. Rating 8/10. Price was $60 for 30mins. Latest visit in Mar 13′ I saw a young girl from Taiwan. While she was keen to please, her massage was awful and her tug the same. Given time I hope she improves but I won’t be seeing her again. Previous visits have been the same in the 5 years I’ve gone here. It’s just pot luck. One time I scored a girl who said she was a gymnast in China. Had a fantastic body sexy face and gave good massage and HJ. You just have to try your luck.


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