Thai Massage Lindfield


390 Pacific Hwy, Lindfield NSW 2070

P: 02 9880 7000

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80 Responses to Thai Massage Lindfield

  1. Steve says:

    Hi been a couple of times to the thai place at 390
    Bpth times older thai ladies but very nice welcoming and very liberal minded
    Enjoyed both times attractive older ladies better experience than youngsters but then I am no spring chicken
    90 for 45 inclusive but not FS

  2. James says:

    Went to both 346 and 390 on a Tuesday arvo.

    Walked out of both as they only had one girl available and I was not tempted at all.

    Did ask whether the receptionists were keen as they were both better looking than the actual ladies. Both declined although they looked keen.

    Not sure if I’m bothered to return to try my luck again.

    Anybody can make recommendations? 346 seemed cleaner but in a more busy part of the road.

    • MAC says:

      The shop at 346 Pacific Hwy has a rear entry from the carpark at Wood Ford Lane.
      There is a stair access and even a lift for those with dodgy knees (lol !)
      You can see it on Google street view.

      I had a massage at 346 last year and they didn’t offer any extras.
      Maybe the receptionist assumed I was from Council (huh?).
      From memory, it was a bit more pricier than other places. +$10 on usual massage rates.

      Around that time, I also rang the shop at 390 and was shocked at the prices they were charging and did not end up checking it out. Maybe it was all inclusive (?)
      If someone has been recently, pls share your experience. Thx.

    • jacob says:

      which shop has better service with clean girls & rooms,, 390.. 386,, or 346.. going lunchtime.. please assist me,, cheers

  3. Guy says:

    Meet Sasha on Thursday and Friday. Tall girl with long hair and tattoo in her back. She is from Thailand and gorgeous. Provides extras & FS.
    She also provides service in her private apartment on Tuesday and Wednesday evening.

    • Blackjay says:

      Sasha is now working in Green massage, Darlinghurst on wednesday. She gave me very nice bj & fullservice for extra $50. She is awesome. She allow to suck her pussy and cum on her body.
      Very hard to get booking but it’s worth trying her…

      • 4 skins says:

        BlackJay & John hope you were covered because I don’t want some other punks juices in contact with me.

        • Pal the Poofter says:

          4 skins I highly doubt you even have the money to pay for a massage. Sad.

  4. benny says:

    visited here today, only 1 skank to choose from, ‘receptionist’ was desperate i see skanky one, she was not appealing so i did a deal and asked ‘receptionist’ and swanky to both join me , 4 hands. Threatened to walk out and they agreed quick. Paid 150 for 45 minutes and deal included them naked and me massaging both ladies. They agreed. Skanky was embarrassed to see ‘receptionist’ naked. Receptionist had good bod, so got her up on table first face down. skanky massaged her back i started at her feet and worked my way up to her ass cheeks and slowly on to her cunt. she was wet as. I forced skanky to finger ‘receptionists’ cunt, she didn’t like doing it much. I took over and rubbed receptionist large clit for 3-4 min , she squirmed, wriggled and humped her ass up and down as she came on my finger. Skanky watched intently. I licked my fingers, skanky got the hungry eyes on. Next skankys turn, this time i went straight for her cunt, no foreplay, three fingers up skankys cunt, other hand two fingers inside receptionists massively wet cunt. at same time receptionist gave me a hand job, had a massive boner going, i blew quickly all over skankys back. not bad for 150. wouldn’t mind bending ‘receptionist’ over. reckon i’ll be back

  5. robbo olky says:

    Went in this morning at 9:55am , only the receptionist there, called the girls and they couldn’t make it till 11. Bugger, asked her on off chance if she would massage me , she said no, but she very cheekily said would watch me jerk off for $40. Hell yes i thought , no one else around , she was quite cute, about 27-29 slim. So she took the cash, i stripped , she came back in and sat on the big lounge in front room, i sat next to her and started stroking the mongrel, it was pretty exciting actually. i got about 3 mins in, was boned right up, and she said for extra 40 she would ‘play me’ , again i thought why not, gave her the 40 and she immediately coupled my balls and started stroking the shaft. I tried my luck and pit my hand down her jumper , found the erect nipple quickly and tweaked it softly, then moved onto her ears , and then quite quickly down to her tight jeans. Started rubbing her pussy from outside and got no objection, she actually started to squirm a bit. meantime I’m fully boned up and asked her to oil the old fella, she said yes but instead started licking the tip of my cock with her tongue. I’m thinking here we go. i stood up and more or less had my balls at her mouth level, she licked them , and then started sucking them lightly. By this time I’m ready to explode. i guided her mouth up the shaft and to my surprise she started gobbling my entire cock. Kept going for about a minute and I’m thinking i’m going blow, don’t blow, don’t blow, even started to think about weird mathematical equations so i would blow. But fuck me the bj was awesome, i couldn’t hold it in much longer, next dilemma was were to blow, i thought about this for 10 seconds then thought she’s done this before , she must know whats about to happen, i started to groan and moan with pleasure , she had my balls in one hand gently tugging down on them , they started to go rock hard , the head of my cock which she was now licking was swollen, she was now slowly licking the tip, i then softly grabbed her ears and guided her mouth down the shaft, as far i could go then back up , slowly at first, then quicker, she responded , after 10-12 instances of this i was going to explode, i held it and held it , i however knew t was no use, i exploded with a huge groan and shot a massive load in her mouth, by this time she didn’t miss a beat , she started wanting me shaft fast as she watched my cock blow a second time over over her chin and neck. Big load, 6-7 days worth plus the best bj I’ve had in a long time. When we finished she got a tissue , wiped her face, i assume she must have swallowed the first load as i didn’t see it get spat anywhere, and she walked out without saying a word with a little cum dribbling off her chin. i wiped the old fella clean , sat and waited for 3-4 minutes. Hoping for hot towel at least. She didn’t reappear and i thought this is weird, what do i do, i peeked out into the hallway and she was coming back in totally naked, she locked the front door , walked in and looked me in the eye and told me to fuck her pussy hard, she was very horny. I couldn’t believe it, i picked her up , threw her on the bed / table and went down on her, she was very wet , i licked her for 5 minutes , starting very slowly, then with 2 fingers in and out , starting slow, then fast , then slow again until she was starting to cum, i could tell as her pussy started vibrating like crazy and she started bucking up and down on the table, i had one hand wanking myself to get the old fella ready, that didn’t take long, couldn’t believe i was so hard again. i fucked her tenderly, bareback, only went in about 1-2 inches at first and slowly, she came all over my cock, as she was cuming i decided to go full tilt, i shoved my cock as far in as i could with her legs on my shoulders, and absolutely reamed her, she responded with multiple orgasms, i kept going for about 5 minutes knowing i wasn’t going to come again for a while. She absolutely went off , every 10th or so thrust combined with a really hard squeeze of her erect nipples got a new orgasm. I then pulled out, and went down on her , smashing my tongue and nose into her little clit , wet stuff and more orgasms. She asked me to do her doggy so i flipped her licked her pussy and nice little ass and then got the next surprise, she told me to fuck her ass. No problem boss, it was super wet, i went in pretty tenderly but as soon as i was in it felt just like her pussy , soft, wet and tight, i started regular rhythm fucking but she kept grinding back into me and saying more, more. wtf , i went for it , like a fucken epileptic i boned her for about 2 minutes and then knew i was going to blow again. i pulled out flipped her over and came over her shaved pussy and flat stomach. Exhausted but thinking this is amazing, she then pushed my head down to lick her out , i started gingerly, trying to avoid my cum i went down for the growl, after 2-3 minutes i was all over her , she came with a little squirt, and i was sure i was eating both her and my own salty cum, i was licking her pussy like the was the first one id seen for 10 years. She said enough, other girl here soon. I couldn’t believe it , she got up and went to shower , turned and beckoned me to follow, her is me following like a little lap dog. We showered , she washed me all over , had some dfk and i turned her to face the wall, put her arms above her head and soaped her all over, i boned up again as i slid my finger into her still set pussy. Slipped her a quick length in the shower for 3-4 strokes, but no more time , she was worried girls would be here soon. Thats it. Awesome, Im 38 and been to about 50 massage shops, must say this happens rarely. We clicked, and i just got lucky. I left her another 50 tip , so all up $130, and all that in less than 50 minutes. Cant believe it actually, sitting her at home thinking wtf, I’m in shock.

  6. old guy says:

    I’ve had full service at both 390, near coles, and 346 abvoe pool shop, and that includes anal total 50 bucks extra. Depends on the girl. Jenifer at 346 is gorgeous, but strictly hj. As with Jessica. Some of the less attractive girls are very keen to have a dick intheir arse.

  7. old guy says:

    Went to 346. Great massage. Great looking girl. Lovely personality. No extras. I explicitly asked. Offered cash. Though they do offer body slid. I will be back for that. Went up to 390. Very depressing. Run down. Met cindy. Ugly tat on shoulder. Pretty old. Decided to leave. Lots of young girls in crows nest that massage and fuck.

  8. Steve says:

    Went yesterday evening as 346 too busy

    Met Sarah cute thai lady

    Massage okay more relaxation than thai but enjoyable. Enjoyed chat as english fairly good.

    Part two very good great HE technique and both back and front slides
    The Daty was exquisite but agreed extra 50

    Joint is tidy clean enough shower available
    The FS seems standard a little high but as said the extra gives this place a good rating

  9. Verses says:

    There was a fantastic lady called Peddy, anyone know of what happened to her. Or where she works now?

  10. Clint says:

    Went back to 346 the other day (yep, 346 above the Pool shop, not 390 near Coles). 346 continues to be very professionally run, and it would be totally unfair to single out any one girl for a mention from the many talented and beautiful Thai honeys that work there. Suffice to say, I have never left there without a smile on my face. Julia knows what I like, and if my regulars are not available will always make sure I am blessed with a very discrete, understanding and accommodating alternate beauty.

    I write this in appreciation for many a pleasurable experience, but also in the hope that someday soon 346 will get it’s own blog on this site

  11. JayJay says:

    Went here for the first time yesterday at about four thirty. Up the front stairs and quickly ushered into a dodgy little waiting cubicle. waited 15 minutes as all were busy , offered a glass of nice cold water. What a bargain – $60 for half hour – nude body to body massage with HE with a lovely Thai woman. Sexy as hell, she also gave a great massage. Sorry didn’t get her name. Will be back soon, and often 🙂

  12. Lex says:

    There is definitely FS to be had at 346 Pacific Hwy. Standard fee is $120/hr for HE nude massage. I paid this tall Thai girl an extra $30 and got a nice FS and CBJ. The mamasan has condoms and lube in the girls common room, so whoever said that the mamasan is cracking down is wrong.

  13. Tom says:

    Hey, not been to this one. Where’s the entrance? Also do they offer bj as an extra service? Thanks guys

  14. Timbo says:

    Anyone been here lately? Any recommendations of who to see for full nude h/e end pussy play?

  15. Doctor says:

    Guys there is ample FS opportunities in this shop, you only have to ask reception and they will let you know. Not much on offer at 346 that is for sure because the mamasan listens for noise and has a tight rein on her girls. When she does hear of an indiscretion, she nips it in the bud and that pisses everyone off.

  16. Frankly says:

    By who?

  17. k1092 says:

    Public apology to Holeistic1. Sorry brother, i know get where you were coming from.

    Last week dropped in and saw Cindy. She left me to undress while she left the room. Instead on lying on the table, I was standing when she returned. I helped her slip out of that little silver dress and the started to rub me all over. I obviously returned the favour, and started sucking on her gorgeous perky B cup tits whilst rubbing her pussy. She started to moan so i picked her up and laid her down on the massage table and started to chew her out. I ended up cumming all over her tits. I cant remember the massage afterwards.

    Definitely worth a visit boys.

  18. Mickey says:

    Hey guys, there is a thai massage place down the road from this joint at 346 Pacific Hwy. I believe the owner previously owned VIP shop in crows nest. Surprised that this shop isn’t listed. Would be good to get some feedback on the girls working here.

  19. k1092 says:

    Love this place. Holeistic1 is full of shit. That has never happened to me and I have been here a few times. Girls are nice. I know i am going to get to play with a nice naked Thai girl. Yes the HJ is $30 extra and full service is available with some girls. Discrete parking out the back. I dont think you will be disappointed.

  20. Cam says:

    I visited this morning and met Cindy young slim girl and Lisa young slim tall and gorgeous Thai girl, I couldn’t resist Lisa and for $60 1/2 hour was one of the most amazing punting experiences ever! Stunning face & awesome body, perky B cup tits with small pointy nipples and such a tight firm arse & cute shaven pussy, she got naked after a few minutes & lots of soft handjob & spanish, very stylish babe & said $50 for blow job, not sure if it is BBBJ or if CIM or FS is on offer, I will return soon to find out
    Has anyone else seen her?

  21. Jerry says:

    I saw this girl Thrus night and for $90/45 min got a nude body-body, a hand job and a finger up my bum…. great service… try it out guys.

  22. Bruce says:

    Just wondering if there are any girls that offer breast release or bbbj? Thanks !

  23. grub says:

    The one I saw was no bad looking, I caught a glimpse of another as she walked into another room and she looked pretty hot.

  24. Tenderrub says:

    are the girls pretty? im over that way for work next week so might hav eot spend my lunch break there.

  25. grub says:

    Called in on Saturday and saw Tina (i think). Great tits and body. $90 for 45mins nude body to body massage, bit of Spanish thrown in too, then she asked if I want to have more fun with her…$50 extra.

  26. Holeistic1 says:

    Weny in there a while ago and saw Cindy, little Thai girl with koi tattoo on shoulder. She is gorgeous and has a lovely pussy. When I got there I was told to strip off, upon her return she removed her little silver dress exposing her sexy body, and proceeded to climb ontop of me, she then turned around and started sucking me off while I ate her out, so so so good I shot my load in her face, she giggled and cleaned up. Defo worth the visit. I will be returning:-)

  27. prince of Parlours says:

    thai chinese one thing they have in common they both like your money the massage is deep and and the surrounding are quiet the blow job is extra and the girls well some are good this place they are ok

  28. jonny says:



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