Masstige 8

578 Harris Street Ultimo NSW 2007

P: 02 9281 6188

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18 Responses to Masstige 8

  1. Rover says:

    Bunny was excellent, haven’t visited for a while though

  2. Ray says:

    I am starting to feel all this is such a waste of money and more often than not you get a mediocre service from an expressionless plastic korean girl who is usually rude or just a robot.

    I had a slim korean girl named Ruby. One of the worst experiences. First she sent me to the shower alone. This is often the sign of a bad start. After my shower, she spent 10 mins in shower by herself and left me dumbfounded on the table. I didn’t say anything. Her massage was terrible, which lasted only 2 mins and she started cbj right away. I told her to slow down, which she did. I had a few good minutes in between before she left me hanging and went for a long shower again.

    I expressed that I had booked a 45 min session and still have 15 minutes left. She said “this is why I don’t like (my nationality) you people.. you want to every minute of it. go home.” in a very disrespectful way.. which seriously pissed me off. I thought maybe her English is bad so tried to explain to her what she said was rude. She didn’t get it that it’s rude to tell a paying customer to go home (basically fuck off) when i was respectful and patient with her. I walked out early and complained to the reception.

    It’s possible you’ll have few great experiences. But they are rare. Don’t take shit from these racist Korean robots. You don’t pay 125 dollars for the masseuse to take shower by herself for 15 minutes, do a lame massage and the be rude to you.

    I suggest pick a girl who smiles when introduced and change the girl at the first sight of trouble. But don’t get stuck in a cycle with these places hoping for a good experience. Don’t waste your money.

  3. Mike says:

    I was there, at Masstige, 3 weeks ago. No feeling, just cold business.
    Grace, Korean girl was like a robot, no touch no nothing. Worst spent $125…!
    I could not recommend on the recent experience, anyway not going back.

  4. Lovin says:

    and where is the back entrance for mastige8 ? can someone describe it so I dont walk into the wrong business! / or residence !

  5. Lovin says:

    Does please give rub downs in the spa ? bath ? / jacuzzi? I am looking for something without the oil / or creams.

  6. Dan N says:

    Visited this afternoon – got a massage from Sophie. The first 15 mins was OK. After that she went straight into CBJ and started to jack me off. All finished after 20 mins. She then cleaned me up and asked me to shower. I had paid for 45 mins and I implied it was too quick and that I wasn’t happy. she ignored me and continued making the bed and tidying the towels. Terrible experience, i won’t be back unless I hear their service has improved. The decor is quite classy and the girls were Ok looking, too bad service is rubbish.

  7. ramzy says:

    been there on thursday night and picked up a girl named TIFFANY. The worst experience i ever had. the girl looks like a slave. there was no enthusiasm for massage. the service was just ordinary and no way compare to MIDAS. Midas is far better than this place. Tiffany gave me just a nude massage with a happy ending and no kissing no touching no extras. by the way she gave me the bj with condom i think it’s just 10-15 seconds. that’s it. completely waste of money. if u want a good nude errotic massage try Lin at MIDAS……

  8. Santa says:

    Must have been a bad night to go here, Korean girl was hot but couldn’t massage to save herself. BJ with condom and HE was great though was looking for great massage to get my blood pumping.

  9. Commando says:

    Ahh the place bring back memory of my time uncover in Korea the girls are hot the price is high and the relaxation has a great ending 8/10

  10. Peter says:

    Went there a week ago at 3am (they close at 5am from memory). Good selection of Korean girls to choose from. I chose a little spinner that spoke great English. Classy room, good shower in room.

    Had body to body oil massage followed by BJ (condom) with HJ finish. Had a great time. $165 for the hour. Pay upfront, no tip required. Eftpos ok but credit card is 6% surcharge.

  11. Lutari says:

    This place is a small haven of Korean beauties, this place is similar to Midas in Marrickville. It’s a sensual Korean body to body massage with a happy ending.

    Prices are very reasonable, and the girls are very hot. Many different body types for all your pleasures. Check out the website for prices – link to

    P.S. if you’re lucky, and hit it off with the right girl, you can get extras. 😉

  12. Mr Lucky says:

    Thank you for you comment punter, it is definitely in my sights, after trying Midas, I would like to even out my spending spree by attending to this fine establishment. Look forward to it already.

  13. Punter says:

    Just for Mr Lucky! went to this place 8 months ago. parked in their garage at the back street. taken into a waiting room and shown a great lineup of very young, slim and attractive girls. the massage and service is almost identical to midas and you dont have to wait as long. I remember years ago when i use to frequent midas, even after you made bookingsyou would have to sit around and wait for 30mins to an hour cos they were sooo busy. i think i paid 120 / 45 mins at mastige8 and went back the following week cos I seen another hottie who was already booked.
    worth a visit if youre in the city area


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