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  1. Ben says:

    Has anyone been to the asian man 4 man. Any info

  2. Davo says:

    Has anyone see the bikini model name Hayley?

  3. David says:

    If anyone knows any escorts that do dominatrix in Bathurst please let me know, so hard and rare to find any it;’s all vanilla sex

  4. Robb says:

    Anyone been with the redheaded Russian in the advocate? Keen for any intel in her.

  5. ben says:

    has anyone been to the new thai massage on durham st. is it any good

  6. Matt says:

    Has anyone seen Fifi she has an add in the central western daily in orange

  7. josh says:

    Is the Gateway club in orange any good? and is it worth the $?

  8. Robb says:

    Anyone see any local girls anymore? Looking for a recommendation or advice for a first timer, any that aren’t publicly listed would be good too.

    • Jason says:

      Hey Robb.. just visited a small massage place in Lithgow. 76 Main Street. they advertise as Chinese massage, and that’s what you get but after they ask you to turn over they discreetly ask if you’d like extras. I said yes of course, $20/for a hj but I managed to get bbbj with cim for $50. decent looking woman too, I’d say around 30yrs old & she swallowed, (good girl) only reason she said she was ok with it was because i’d pretty much just got outta the shower.

      • Robb says:

        Thanks mate. Got any other recommendations?, I’m not that fussed about what sort just seeing what’s around.

        • Jason says:

          Haven’t been anywhere else in the local Bathurst, Lithgow, Orange areas, I usually head into the city if I have an itch that needs scratching as I found they had more variety & are easier to find information on. Sorry can’t help you out anymore than that.

      • ben says:

        do u have a number or something for this place.

  9. Je says:

    Anyone reviews of Tia? She advertises in the Advocate.

  10. Tara says:

    I moved to Bathurst not too long ago and I am looking for a way to make money :3 Email me:

    • ben says:

      I have emailed u and no reply.

    • little dickie says:

      Hi I have emailed also no response !!!!!

    • Hi u must see a dr in this town or see centrelink and say u have a disability support job or easy job try see a baker job or tryer place or play sport join a gym see a family member fly to western Australia on weekends drive to where u can drive to pick and chose be a cop or soilder or repeated school get gun walk to western australi go to the moon go to mars I know whats wrong with u seea dr’s trophie dr’s orders guys haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa just play sport fire fighter a good job an dget your beer certicate or see bloomfield u know what u did be a race car driver stay outside more the house is haunted just see a dr or go to pub for a few days and come back if uneed money in this town see hothams sand soild or sewells holy trinity family they might help be a truck driver steel money in this town boy.

  11. Mick says:

    Where can I get a great massage and sex in Bathurst?

    Cheers Mick

  12. Mick says:

    G’day guys I will be in Bathurst for a couple of days starting tomorrow night anyone know where can get a good Rub and Root?


  13. Bob says:

    In town and looking for a good massage. Any recommendations?

  14. jake says:

    Anyone got any good recommendations? In bathurst for the weekend, looking for a body rub/possibly bj.

    • Chantelle says:

      Hi Guys,
      I’m new to Town and love to excite, tease & please.
      Sexy 28yo drug and smoke free horny Blonde!
      I like to get you off and go off like a poket rocket….
      Short time only

  15. Evan says:

    Recently saw a young local girl named Elle. She’s a big girl but I like bbw! Gave me a fantastic CBJ but no sex. Charged $100 for CBJ but worth it.
    She offered to do it for $80 if I saw her weekly. She only communicates by email

  16. ben says:

    has anyone been to asian rose in Bathurst lately. is it any good and price

  17. bx boy says:

    Anyone know of any other decent rub n tug bathurst or orange.. been to one in coles center for $25 they will give a handy.. buT Thats it.. I need options..

  18. Jack says:


    Where I can find places for FS? Anyone recommend some nice girl?


  19. David says:

    Does anyone know any girls that do dominatrix in Bathurst? or ones that come to Bathurst

  20. Watcher says:

    Sofia at 135 Piper Street is great! Young, gorgeous, kind girl, and loves it rough!
    $120 full service, money very well spent.

  21. dylan says:

    are there any brothels in Bathurst?

    • Observer20 says:

      No brothels, but various privateers advertise in the local paper. One or two permanents, but most passing through & quality highly variable.

  22. Adam says:

    What are Yvonne Penn’s rates and how is she?

  23. Rob says:

    Anyone got any recommendations for the current lot in the paper? Looking for an experience actually worth the dosh, have been a bit underwhelmed so far.

  24. Watcher says:

    The former “Asian Rose Massage” at the end of Geroge St is pretty good value!! $70 gets you a decent massage with a HJ and depending who you get, a BJ as well, I once even pulled the girl on top of me and fucked her… All for $70. Only problem is, the last couple of times I have been there it has been some 40 year old woman who is disinterested, keeps her clothes on, and no BJ….. If a new girl shows up there, be sure to let me know!!


    • Andy says:

      Stewart Street

      The ‘Japanese Nurse’ is fairly ordinary. Massage pathetic, BJ reasonable, sex ordinary. No kissing

    • Rob says:

      The younger body rub for $70 is operating out of here. Wasn’t very young, gave a very unenthusiastic rub and tug and wasn’t the best I’ve had by far.

  25. Peter Smith says:

    New girl advertising in the local paper as “Vikky”. Good BJ, poor sex. Little else on offer: no kissing, no DATY… while she is petite and cute as per ad (not busty though, only an A-cup) not worth the money she charges. You can do better elsewhere.

  26. Dave says:

    anyone know about the new Japanese nurse? and If she is any good?

  27. Andy says:

    There are currently 2 Asian girls by the name of Sophia working in Bathurst. One works out of Rankin street (opposite the RSL). I’ve seen her a couple of times. She doesn’t do massage, gets straight to it. Good CBJ and sex.

    The other one is Thai, younger, smaller and works at Howick Street. Great massage followed by excellent CBJ, sex and HJ. Recommended.

  28. CaryGrant387 says:

    Brett, your November contribution to the conversation between Angela and Jessica about the male escorts and the women’s wishes and experiences couldn’t've been more gratuitous and, honestly, more offensive to the female sex. Here you blokes are, rabbitting on which parlour girl you’ve had and what you’ve done to/with her, and when some of your female friends join in the blog piece about their experiences and desires you suggest “Why don’t you let the local lads fuck you for free?”. You just don’t get female sexuality, do you? It’s not that much different from male sexuality, but there are some subtle differences. Let me give you a few pointers:

    1. Most societies (including modern western ones like Australia’s) frown on the openly sexually active woman; she’s considered either a loose or promiscuous woman, available at best or a whore at worst. Get over it; women are just as entitled to sexual satisfaction as men are. Full stop.

    2. The different physiologies between men and women lead to a lot of (young) blokes not considering their female partners’ needs during sex. To be blunt, too many men poke their dick into the appropriate place, pump away, blow their load and consider the job done. And when the man’s finished it’s all over, that’s the way our bodies work. How many of you can honestly say you’ve engaged your shagging partner through honest talk during foreplay and asked her what she’d like? I suspect not many.

    3. Brett, I’m not in the least surprised to see an ad for male escorts in your local paper, or any paper for that matter. I presume when Angela engaged the young man’s services he insisted she was very frank about what she’d like for her money; after all, she was paying! OK, he’s a professional sex worker, but I’ll bet he went over EXACTLY what Angela wanted and expected from him. Without being flippant, and considering the difference between men’s and women’s commercial sex experiences, if I was Jason/Vince I’d have a very open discussion about what’s going to happen, and with a “wish list” agreed to. Laugh all you like, but if Angela likes what she gets (she obviously did, she went back at least once and was prepared to talk about it on an open blog site, and she knew how good he was compared to the other fella who offers his services locally) she’ll tell her girlfriends about him and the experience. I don’t think I can put this more bluntly: Angela’s expectations, desires and satisfaction are the ONLY imperative of her assignations with these two male escorts. Angela’s had the bravado to talk about her paid sex engagements on this blog site, exactly as you blokes have. To suggest she should look to the local young shaggers for freebies is just so sexist to Angela personally and to females in general.

    4. As an obviously older man to you young blokes let me give you a few tips: engage women at every opportunity, and listen to them. DON’T drift over to your yobbo mates at the pub or party or anywhere else, talk to the women. The men who go out of their way to engage with women are far and away the most successful in the cot. If there’s anything better than looking at a woman’s eyes, grabbing a smile and listening to their feminine voices, well I don’t know what it is. And don’t stop engaging them when you’ve got them in that cot, they’ll tell you what they want; that’s if you’ve the skills to listen to them. How about something really simple: “what would you like me to do to you?”. Women have a lot more sexual buttons than blokes, learn how to push them. Question: how many of you have willingly gone down on your female friend first? I’d wager very few.

  29. Johnny says:

    Does anyone know what Hunter is like? she has a website too. just wondering if someone had a review of her if worth it

  30. Watcher says:

    Just a heads up, I trialled “Mimi” at Seymour street. Not great. Maybe a 2 or 3 out of 10. Was immediately disappointed that she did not look as she was described… performance was average. She was a nice person, just did not meet any expectations.

  31. dan says:

    Anyone tried Lisa the ‘French Expert’?

  32. Jase says:

    Hey, just wanted to a guy who offers a live porn experience with another girl. They have sex while you watch and for apparently for the right price you can join in. I enjoyed it just sat back and had he best wank. couples, girls and guys welcome, i went with my wife and she played with herself too. Vince is his name.

  33. Rob says:

    Anyone been for the MASSAGE, FRIENDLY WARM relaxing, by mature lady. Ph:0459075396 ? Any good?

    Also for Monique, the TS that has an ad.

    • Brett says:

      The friendly warm ad is pat, old duck used to be at yethome I think she moved into bathurst, been a long time. The massage was bad with powder not oil, she’d play with the jewles then roll you over for an oily hj which was average I guess.
      As for monique the ts I have no idea, I don’t really get the attraction but whatever floats your boat

  34. Johnny says:

    anyone know where you can get a escort fetish dominatrix around the central west???? there is none around on in sydney

  35. Addy says:

    anyone know what the codes mean in the paper in the classifrieds? some say 501bj 501bo. is that a code for blow job?

  36. Addy says:

    I would like to see some more reviews this is good to know before paying. I had seen eva, she was really good CBJ though and root but got to have 2 shots with her and she gave me a HJ at the end after a rub

  37. Watcher says:

    Has anyone spent some time with “Kitty” and willing to provide a brief review? Thinking of getting in contact with her. Cheers

  38. Watcher says:

    Are there any massage parlours in bathurst that provide rub n tug?

    • Peter Smith says:


    • Go Ford says:

      yer dude, there was 2 young asian girls at the track , working the cutting spectator area, $40 for bj, $70 for 2 cocks at once, boy were they busy all weekend, one was pretty ugly and the boys got a large paper bag for her with a hole cut in it for her mouth, it was the funniest thing we ever seen, heaps of shells watching on too

  39. observer20 says:

    Has anyone tried the lass who advertises in the local paper every day as “down to earth”? Interested in description and results.

    • Peter says:

      No. I spoke to her once but she only does out calls. Fine if your a visitor but not for locals

    • Brett says:

      If its the one that used to be aussie redhead, I think her name was bobby, talked way too much, skinny, old, small saggy tits, used to like giving head, always cbj. Maybe 3 or 4 out of ten.

  40. Mitch8508 says:

    What is the establishment in howick st called??

  41. Andrew says:

    Hi everyone, where is the best place in bathurst to go both experience and money wise?

    Also, for the ladies there is a guy on in bathurst who some of my girlfriends have used, supposedly email him and he replys shortly after. They say he is very professional and relaxing as well as not a bad price.

  42. Peter Smith says:

    Went and saw Nadia at Howick St St tonight. Paid for an hour and I usually get two shots off in that time. After round 1, she gives me a massage and then says half hour is enough and I can go. I explained I had paid for an hour and wanted to go again, but Nadia insisted on more money, which I was not prepared to give. So we changed it to a half hour session and she gave me a refund. This was all on top of a very dud root and massage.
    NOT recommended.

  43. Angela says:

    I was just looking on another website and I found another male escort in the Bathurst/Orange area. He was saying he doesn’t usually advertise in the paper, his contact details are here he was well worth the money with his big cock and his smooth and athletic body and has great rates!

    • Jessica says:

      Have you tried the other guy on that website in the Bathurst area?

      • Angela says:

        Marius? Is he good? You should hive Jase a call he is great! seen him a couple of times now

        • Angela says:

          Sorry disregard that last comment. You mean Vince? I have actually he is real good aswell

          • Jessica says:

            Hi Angela,

            I know you have tried jas/Vince, but have you tried the jason on there? The one Andrew mentions above. His pic is him in Calvin Klein underwear. Thanks.

          • Brett says:

            I saw the ad for vince and was suprised to see an ad for a male worker in bathurst, or anywhere really.
            Angela don’t take this the wrong way but I thought there would be loads of young guys around who would be eager to please and who would do it for free! And with tinder etc and all the other online stuff I imagine if a girl wanted some, then she could get all she wanted and more…

  44. Jibbler says:

    Damm Hope not there anymore I missed her

    can someone recommend someone now for this long weekend that’s here?

  45. Jibbler says:

    Does Hope only do in calls?

  46. SirFuckALot says:

    Hope is highly recommended. She gives a great hard massage that really gets rid of your stress, followed by a nice BJ and sex.


  47. Angela says:

    There is a straight male escort in the Bathurst area, who doesnt normally advertise in the paper but is on a site:
    He is great, I have seen him a couple of times and is very sensual and energetic and definitely knows how to please me. He is well hung and can go all day long! I highly recommend him, he also services couples too, lesbians or straight.

    • Angus says:


      This link is now closed!

      Do you have any contact details?

      Also, did he provide a massage service? Looking for a good time for my wife!

  48. Peter says:

    Keppel Street
    $100 1/2hr FS

    Tyler is an attractive young Korean girl. She gave quite a good massage 8/10 before rolling me over and then rubbing her nice firm tits on my cock until it was rock hard. She gave me a good CBJ (7/10) although her occasional slurping sounds was a bit disconcerting.

    After a while she rode me, easing her shaved pussy onto my cock then pounding away until I came. (7/10) not bad for a first visit – she may be better next time now that we know each other.

  49. Peter says:

    Hope (works from Havannah Street or Keppel Strret)
    Hope is a live-wire little Asian girl (18 or 19) who is friendly and eager – she enjoys her job. She gives an excellent BBBJ and she has a tight, hot pussy. I’ve seen her 3 times in the last month – she’s that good

    $120 1/2hr

    • Peter Smith says:

      Does she charge extra for BBBJ, or do you just need to ask?

      • Peter says:

        Well, she just did it BB for me the first time I saw her which was in Havannah Street. Also both times in Howick street, so I guess it’s what she prefers

    • Peter says:

      Howick street, not Keppel

      • Peter Smith says:

        Hmmm, she always covers me. FYI, she is currently going by the name Emma :)

        • Peter says:

          I saw Hope at Howick Street again the other day & she didn’t disappoint. She’s an energetic young thing and enjoys her work! She gave me a tremendous massage – she’s stronger than she looks!

          She then got down to sucking my cock (BBBJ) which was very enjoyable. Nice technique. I sucked her tits and we kissed for a while before she pulled me on top of her for a good pounding until I came deep inside her. She held me tight while she got off then collapsed in pleasure.

          Never disappoints. Highly recommended

        • SirFuckALot says:

          Ah no, Hope and Emma are definitely two different girls. You must think Asians all look alike? Have been with both and Hope is the better choice

          • Peter Smith says:

            Actually no I don’t think all Asians look alike. I saw Hope one week and then Emma the next. She even greeted me warmly as she remembered me from the previous visit. You DO realise these are not the girls’ real names right and they interchange them at will?

            Currently Hope and Emma may be (and probably are) differents WLs, at that particular time they weren’t **shrugs**

          • SirFuckALot says:

            What I’ve noticed is that if one girl is working when you call her, the other will just answer the phone and accept the booking. They are definitely different girls.

            Yes, I know they don’t use their real names

            I was just mucking around about the look alike comment, sorry

  50. Peter says:

    There are no brothels in Bathurst

    Working girls can be found by reading the local newspaper – Adult Service adverts.

    I’ve seen Tina quite a few times. She’s a friendly Thai lady who does a great therapeutic massage as well as excellent BJ and FS

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