Breathless – Penrith

L1 (rear) 87 Henry St Penrith NSW 2750

Breathless (

Welcome to Breathless, the most discreet and prestigious (Full Service Agency) in Sydney. Here atBreathless, we offer the most luxurious full services to only the most respectful gentlemen who want to receive the highest quality service along with complete discretion.

We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation by providing bondage room, jungle room, Egyptian room, Asian room and the most highly reliable and luxurious tailor made services to suit your needs. To us, our clientele deserve the highest standard so we always provide this.

Our many arrays of air-conditioned rooms immaculately renovated for our customers comfort and some rooms equip with sex swing. And you can easily find parking space here. Do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone to discuss organising your encounter with one or more of our beautiful classy ladies here at Breathless.

Our aim is to provide you with the best lady to fulfil your needs. Call us on 02 4732 4653

30 mins$100, 45 mins $150, 60 mins: $180

Visit our website to get the latest girls’ information:

Tel: 02 4732 4653

Address: Rear 87-93 Henry St, Penrith

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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

227 Responses to Breathless – Penrith

  1. Sean says:

    Does their website work?

    • amanda fitzsimmons says:

      Yes it does

      • Sean says:

        If you mean the website above, it doesn’t work anymore. If they have another link please let me know

  2. Alex Chatfield says:

    Can I please get some mature, drug free recommendations plz?

  3. Annabelle says:

    Aussie busty brunette starting soon

  4. John says:

    so have the old owners gone ?the Aussie bloke with long hair and the Asian lady?wtf happened?is Sandy and ingrid still there?if not does anyone no where they have left too?

  5. amanda fitzsimmons says:

    Aussie girls are back at penrith go see riley and Jamie they are great

  6. Licka says:

    If I can ask…
    there was a beautiful woman who worked here called JJ I miss her and her service.. Is there anyone who knows where she has gone would you please let me know, there is a reward. Thanks

    • Steve says:

      I don’t think she’ll be back mate she was from Coonabarabran but we would all like to five her again she was difficult but a sexy whore lol

  7. Cunt says:

    This place has been taken over by sloppy headed slanted eyed fuckhead cunts all the maingey white girls are gone! I miss the. Days penrih was better than Sydney now all these knock shops are Asian sluts.

    • amanda fitzsimmons says:

      Aussie girls are back so come on back and see us

  8. Alex says:

    Great to see you still going strong Celeste, you’ve certainly gotten better with age. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve last seen you. Was hoping though you had thrown it in to be honest. Take care babe

  9. Robbo says:

    Half of you fellas must be gronks, I have visited there a few times now and see Ingrid, and her only.
    She is a very genuine and caring lady, and gives me a service second to none.
    Maybe treat the lady like a lady as she is and you may enjoy her warmth that she has.

  10. Frankie says:

    Be very careful here..women here always try to get out of the job 10-15min early…
    If you complain about it the owner/reception dude acts like a retard..not recommend

    • Stiff says:

      Know what you mean. But if I have booked an hour and she has jerked me off whats the big deal… Its only 10 min after all. If she has put me over the line mission accomplished… And really I am paying her to piss off. I have no further use for her.

    • Cubz says:

      Who are the ones to see here?

  11. Rob says:

    Go and see this Aussie with Tattoos and shaven head for free genital herpes

  12. Cubz says:

    Is this an non Asian place? Keen to try any girls to recommend?

  13. ivan milat says:

    I got out of super max and went and fucked ingrid bare back that slut Made my dick red and itchy

    Do these filthy things get tested

  14. Timmy trumpet bum says:

    What happened to Mercedes she did a great service

  15. Johno says:

    Any recent reviews fellas??

  16. Slut fucker says:

    Your all a bunch of brain dead useless cunts go cum in your dogs ass you sicko fuckhead

  17. Ching Chong ping pong says:

    Ohhhh yea I’m back in town time to give this place a workout with my willy who does the best service round here let me know you camel jockey wog dogs

  18. Man up guys says:

    Guys give it a break, these ladies are people to. What would your wife, mother, daughter or sister think if they found out you were speaking like this? These ladies are someones, wife, mother, daughter or sister so give it a break. Weak men talk down to females and make fun of them to make themselves feel better because they are not happy with who they are inside. If you treated these ladies nicely they would most likely give you a better service. Just because they work in the sex industry doesn’t no give you the right to bag them out or put them down or say nasty things behind there back or on a public forum and humiliate them.
    What so or man does that? Ask yourself that question.
    They do this for a job, it does not define who they are as a person! So do it out of choice, so don’t and some want to get out of the industry but don’t know how. I get it most of you guys are lonely and can’t have a relationship that doesn’t last or no lady wants to have sex or you don’t have the the confidence to talk to a lady outside a brothel with you so you see a working lady, so what thats all good, I think a part of you feel bad inside that you are inadequate to satisfy you needs without having to pay ladies for special company, respect them for what they do, if you have no respect for anyone you have no respect for anyone else.
    Yes the ladies can be difficult and sometimes don’t give you want you want or provide a shit service, if thats the case go somewhere else, you don’t no what some of these ladies have been through. Raped, assaulted, abused. Maybe she had a client before you treated her like shit? How would you feel if your mum, wife, sister and daughter was being treated like this on a public forum humiliated?
    Just don’t take you own short coming down on the ladies or men that work in the industry. Everyone just wants to be treated nicely, do you?

    • Escort88 says:

      Yep exactly, well said. Some of us girls take pride in our work.

  19. Mr. Wash our willy says:

    Ohhh man Ingrids Pussy was so nice before half of Sydney was fucking it I would recommend getting a health check because of all these loose lipped pricks who have o Le out the big secret of bbfs

  20. Emma Hussar says:

    Hi guys I do actually do escort work come into my office for a quick service but you better come in quick before my holes get to loose thanks guys

  21. Brooklyn (JJ) says:

    Guys please stop abusing us on here if you want to be cunts come in and see us we are just poor sluts with smelly holes and fried brains btw I love cream pies

  22. Perverted peter says:

    Brooklyn loves Colin a big load in her hole just throw her a fitty she will s watevs

  23. Normal norman says:

    Are their any non fucked in the head people on this website seems you’ve all got issues, fuckin weirdos

  24. Ass licker says:

    Is Brooklyn still taking bareback, I wanna blow a load in her dirty abo mutt she’s such a slut I would rape her ass if she was asleep in my bed

  25. Piss pott says:

    Hi punters
    Who should I see I wanna have some good slut fukkin times let us kno ayyy

  26. Cunt head says:

    I wanna root some sluts

  27. Sicko says:

    honestly you be more satisfied fucking a stray goat then going into this place

  28. Cockblocker says:

    I love the taste of other men’s cum when I eat out working girls

  29. fiona scott says:

    Does this place have Aussie girls here I might have to work here after July 2 after I get kicked out of my liberal seat in Penrith

    I like small cocks like Malcolms

  30. Uncle looseass says:

    I love get pumped while I’m in the sex swing with a 1.25 litre Coke bottle for a dildo bit of veg mite for lube and she’s good to go

  31. Ganger-dp king says:

    Me and 5 mates went in the other night. One girl five COCKS!!! We had one doing the spastic screaming eagle link to But with one cock in the bum, one in the cunt, one in her mouth and a cock in each hand. All holes filled and pumping like a well oiled machine!!! Those cocks turned her inside out. She was screaming in pleasure only to have the sound muffled by a cock in her mouth, The cocks in her arse and pussy were rubbing together inside her body between the thin wall in her pussy and arse internally. She was frantically trying to pleasure all cocks did a great job.But it cost big money. It was good seeing her eyes roll back when both cocks pumping below in a perfect rhythm, she took these cocks like a champion, she was in heaven also but overwhelmed by which cock to suck first we all stood in a circle while she sucked us off first, warming us up. Then it was like wolves feeding devouring her for our pleasure.
    We paid a lot of money, but cash is king. At the end we did a massive bukkake at the end. We promised not to tell, until next time. Remember every girl has there PRICE!!!!

  32. Sexbot says:

    This review page is pretty funny

  33. Hectic habib says:

    if you guys get sick of the girls working you can always have a go at the receptionist her pussy is like a bat cave but she’ll let you cum right in there just grab her on her moot when she invites u in she’ll know what you want and then you can slam her in the laundry and it only costs half the price

  34. Celeste says:

    Hi guys Celeste here again if your wondering were I’ve been I’ve been getting big loads blown up my hole if this is your thing contact me on 0402 819

    Thanks guys lots of love and happy hiv

    • Alex says:

      Are you still here or now at 220? After this long babe, don’t bother you’ve earned your coin hun

  35. Dorothy the dinosaur says:

    Hi there just wondering are there any girls who will let me take a big dinosaur dump in there open mouths and will swallow it I don’t mind paying a but extra but it’s hard trying to find a good shiteater around here

  36. Sicko says:

    There’s this girl called Brooklyn there she’s been coping loads up her just throw her a $50 and roll that condom off she doesn’t mind as long as you pay

  37. SD86 says:

    Are the pictures of the ladies shown on the website match the girls that you will see there. Bit dubious about that.

  38. Bed jelly says:

    Sometimes I go out to Bathurst and rape kangaroos

  39. Ben says:

    Got my cock sucked the other nite not to bad, deep throated and tickled my gouch at the same time and licked my balls. Good times

  40. Superwoofler says:

    What I found funny is while they are down there sucking you cock, let out a fart. A SMD (silent most deadly) farts the best ones. Or even a big ripper, Sooooo Breathless;
    I have had some good roots over the times there, Im a pretty lucky go easy guy. A fuck is a fuck as far as I’m concerned.

  41. Timo says:

    Does anyone know who’s good at the moment?
    Do any of the girls let you eat out there arse?

  42. Bed jelly says:

    Omg my knob is swelling up I think I have syphillis

  43. Poxy andy says:

    And I should say JJ is a fuckin top sort a bit mad but if she likes u shes a good fuck she probably don’t like u cunts cos u. Got small dirty smelly cocs

  44. Poxy andy says:

    Wow I went in here and spent a grand I got sucked off by every bitch and got to shoot a load up em it was fuckin unreal until I found out there havin my baby think I might have to shoot my self in the head now bye bye cunt heads I can’t say I’m gonna miss ya

  45. Nath says:

    Brook or Brookln goes under the alias as J J also or Jadette. Different bottle same wine. I notice on the website it say JIJI now, 24 year old South American, she is Maroi/Indian or Maroi/Aboriginal. Horrible service. She is about 35-40

  46. Nath says:

    I went in there the other day, I smelt like someone had done a shit in that place. Its an absolute hovel.

  47. johnno says:

    Seen Lacey what a putrid dirty crackhead most disgusting pig of a woman horrible body, save your money she’s not worth paying errr

  48. Brayden says:

    Absolutely the grubbiest dirtiest most run down hovel of a brothel and the girls are even worse!!! Old fat and psycho that’s all there is in here

  49. Frank says:

    Any one been to breathless lately? Any BBBJ’s available? I feel like coating someones mouth with a big glob of my cum. Is Ingrid still there coping natural service? Kev what did the girl look like that gave you the rim job o0?

  50. Kev says:

    I got an awesome rim job (where they tongue your but hole) for the life of me can’t remember who… Has anyone had a rim job from there. I went down on her and returned the favour and ran my tongue up her crack in one foul swoop, corn hole to cunt hole, smelt like everyman and dog had jammed there dirty dick in there!

  51. Ned says:

    If your into kinky shit, I got a blomkin/blumkin (get a blow job while taking a shit on the toilet and all the smell wafts up into there face) from breathless I had to pay $50 extra, I saved up a big shit.

  52. Simon says:

    Let me you I have inside knowledge that some of the sex workers there shoot up. Its a very dirty establishment, I know one of the ladies there.

  53. kedi says:

    Any BBfs girls here

  54. celestial.girl says:

    Celeste and Kylie, formally of Breathless are now working privately and can be contacted at 0402 819 748.
    Thanks Guys.

  55. don says:

    Engrid loves to fuck natural the dirty old fart. They don’t clean their matresses and their air.conditioning smells like old cum.

  56. Andrew says:

    Is Mercedes still working here someone said she isn’t does anyone know

  57. Stew says:

    Anyone been here recently how many girls are here now? Is the rude Asian owner still there

  58. CRAIG THOMPSON says:

    Just wondering what sort of service you guys have cim? Cip? Cob? Cof? you guys take union credit cards??

    Craig Thompson
    Disgraced punter

  59. Sicko from hawkesbury says:

    I love copping a strap on up my bum it makes my day

  60. Weird prick says:

    Sometimes i just stand outside, masturbating

  61. DERPUNTER says:

    Went to this place a few times in the last 5yrs Engrid is close to 60 but will take it up the ass hard after lube and letting it stretch out. Ive had good average looking aussie girls with big tits firm to bit chubby but the best was a maori aboriginal woman best blowjob in my life had the legs twitch and lift on the odd occasion before the blow in the condom. Safe sex with all.

  62. Drew says:

    Can anyone recommend someone here for me , I see sandy but she is only available weekdays , who else is good

  63. Nj says:

    I went there on Tuesday night after looking at the inviting Breathless website, but knew to brace myself for disappointment; I was right; the mamasan completely turned me off! What a cold, unfriendly, unwelcoming bitch! Because of her, I doubt I’d go back. There’s a saying: ‘it comes from the top’, so if the management’s like that, then it tends to trickle down and rub off on the people that work there.

  64. that horny motherfucker says:

    what’s celeste like? i want to suck her pussy and get a blowjob but i dont know if she does that. i have a lot of things i want to try (nothing weird though, just tasting her and trying different positions etc)

  65. Ping ling says:

    I love to lick working girl pussy

  66. Sing king says:

    I love sticking my 1/2 inch willy in

  67. Fing Ming says:

    All i wanna do is have a screw, head over to penrith do a poo

  68. Bing wing says:

    Ohhh me soo horneeee

  69. Ching ping says:

    Some of the girls have aids in there bumholeshould

  70. Camel jokey says:

    JJ gives the worst service i think she has bipolar or ADHD shes always up and down not in the good way either she needs a good floggin

  71. keloggs says:

    first time I went there was last night. Worst ever experience. Brook or Brooklyn.. just a time waster, chat till the damn time ran out. Pot smoker while trying to get a service. Would never venture in here again. Lucky was only a hundred bucks lesson. Zero services.. I meant zero too as the time was up by the time she was ready to even move.

  72. Greg says:

    Went in there last Friday night and -after the comments -wasn’t sure what I’d get. Was so glad I took the risk- Celeste and Porche came out together and offered a double for double the price plus $50 each now , a little pricey yes, but I had just won some cash so thought I’d give it a go. Both girls were hot and up for it and quite friendly and chatty. After my health check and shower , things really heated up. Celeste clearly has the experience while Porche is adorable as she eagerly follows the instructions Celeste gives her!! Body -slides,titty rubs , great bj’s and was ridden cg and rcg by both with the grand finale in the swing. All in all, a very pleasurable way to spend an hour on a Friday evening.

  73. Punter 333 says:

    What is the best massage joint west of blacktown?

    Is there anywhere to go in the greater western sydney region with busty good looking girls under 40 years old??

  74. Jamison says:

    Hey, website looks good just wondering if anyone has visited this place and can confirm the pics on the website are accurate especcially celeste.!!!!!!

  75. Kade says:

    What about sandy? Is she good looking ? What her service like

  76. Craig says:

    I’m thinking of going to this place soon. Anyone had a good experience with sandy?

  77. harry says:

    was there in 2013, big mistake, went with Alison, while I was in the shower she lifted some dough out of my wallet, have never been back. She is short with a hard face and bad breath and dark hair

  78. Ibone says:

    Visited the place a couple weeks ago on a lunch break, saw JiJi. Good looker, nice body and very friendly personality so I was expecting good things. Boy was I wrong!

    Straight out was told not to touch her breasts as they were ‘too sensitive’ and I was not even using any force at all, merely just brushing… I was thinking WTF, if that’s not even allowed then why are you here? Real mood killer. Next came standard CBJ which I thought was OK but maybe a little too much force used – I’m not a professional Pornstar so not really used to the rough technique. In missionary position she used the ‘knee over belly’ technique which minimises penetration to a minimum and I’m by all means not a large bloke myself! This was the straw that broke the camels back – the old fella just couldn’t get fired up at all afterwards.

    This was in line with what Dave and K said previously. It’s a shame but I would not recommend this place to anyone.

  79. Dan says:

    Ok guys I’ve been here a few times and depending on who you get depends on the service.. To k and peacock… Your talking about rhianne and your right she obviously doesn’t want to be there and acts like it.. But is hands down the hottest girl. She gives no freedom and it a total waste of time.

    Next ingrid very tall blonde nice tits decent ass busted face… Gives awesome bbbj if she likes your cock.. Awesome service as nice as can be but a bit dirty looking.

    Now my favourite Celeste fucking awesome service she’s pretty attractive for the price gives you all the attention you need and makes sure your taken care of no questions asked. She has an ass to die for nice and big but not to big.

    Avoid rhianne it’s not worth it No matter how sexy she is…

  80. K says:

    I had almost the exact experience that Dave describes i chose the hottest girl and she was like way bossy gave me directions the whole time turned me right off, ill go back but never to that particular dark haired girl.

  81. peacock says:

    Shame you had a bad experience. Were you drunk or disrespectful? I have been several times and always get the best service. Girls are clean and very enthusiastic. BBBJ every time and the girls have always let me touch and return the favor by pleasing them.

  82. Dave says:

    Good website and advertiser here, so thought id drop by and give breathless a try one night last week. Big mistake. Photos are obviously “touched up” as a few looked 10 years plus than the photos. Selected a girl for an hour and once out of shower am told rules. No touching, no oral ( unless i pay 100) basically no anything! Told to ly on my back, covered bj then girl on top, took ages as basically the whole experience was hardly a turn on, then afterwards, no massage just incorherent chit chat. Wont b back, better value at asian est.

  83. Drew says:

    Visited her on Thursday night , it’s known as breathless … Won’t say who I saw as I’d like to make sure she isn’t swamped and I can see her again … She is a mature age lady , great service , natural oral and didn’t object to me pleasing her either … 45 minutes $150


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Ashley Madison - Have an affair. Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital Affair