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  1. MAC says:

    Meadowbank,: there’s two massage shops on Constitution Road.
    Lucky Baby Massage and CK King Massage.


    Has anyone been there ?
    Interested to here any reviews.

  2. bobbigdick says:

    anyone knows where I can find so beautiful mauritian or latina girl in Sydney ?

  3. 52_year_old_Aussie says:

    164a Stoney Creek Road Bexley

    They advertise in the local newspaper, so I decided to give them a try.

    Recent visit, up the stairs and into a big waiting area, not crowded like some places.

    Greeted by mama-san and taken to a room. Startedo to negotiate for half an hour with extras, then remembered that I didn’t have as much cash as I normally do (I had to fill up with petrol), so tried to exit, but mama-san wouldn’t have it. Asked me how much money I had and asked me to show her – only $40. She grabbed hold of it and said OK, then motioned for me to get undressed, which I did.

    I was half undressed when she came back in, picked up my clothes and carried them into another room – WTF? I followed and a minute or so later another lady came in. Helen, Chinese, 30′s and medium height. Straightaway she gets her gear off, good size tits, small nipples and trimmed downstairs.

    She starts the massage, going through the motions, light random hand rubbing. She doesn’t mind me rubbing her legs, arse and crutch. She asks me to roll over and I sit up. I turned over and sit Helen down on the table next to me. Whenever she went for my dick, I brushed her hand away and worked on her instead. This went on for a few minutes.

    Happy ending well done and Helen got dressed and carried on with the massage. Called time a few minutes early, well you couldn’t really blame her, it was after all only $40. It was a Saturday afternoon and they must have been desperate for work. I didn’t see or hear any other punters while I was there?

    I didn’t ask, but full service was probably.

    • Icecreaman says:

      Great review
      I’m interested did this girl have a tattoo On her chest?

      • kraig says:

        In Responce to bad massage sites , visited a Thai massage shop in Oxford st Bondi junction , its upstairs , saw a fat average looking Thai girl about 25 , thought I would give her a go , big mistake , shit massage !! Payed for 1 hour $60 plus $30 hand job , after 20 she asked me to turn over , and she sat on the side of the bed , and started rubbing around the old fellow , , not bad closed my eyes to bask in my glory , opened my eyes up about a minute later , and believe this she was asleep!!! Going though the motions ! When she opened her eyes she laugh when she saw me looking at her and said sorry I fell asleep , well that was a turn off !! I caught her again asleep again about 3 minutes later , yep , anyway only about 25 minutes had past , and I said can you you know give the old boy a bit of s rub , so I still Flasid at the moment and she starts flogging me with the old 2 finger hand job , so I’ve blown , up delux , and said this is finished and I want my hand job money back ,only about 35 minutes had past , guess what she starting laughing at me again and said no money back , I ask if I could speak to the boss ? She said no boss in this shop , lols I asked for a mobile or business number she said no , so I left , also this joint is a discusting , dingy , dark , dirting , cunt of a joint , give this place a dickens miss punters its a rip off , anyway to a hit for the team lol , got to expect a dud ever now and the , hope to get back to you guys in the future with a positive sorry , cheers kraig

  4. Fake advertising alert says:

    Alright punters wanting to alert you all as to an ad on Cracker which is blatant false advertising. Yesterday I responded to an ad titled ” happy time with Cora ” .
    The photos in the ad are of a slightly chubby but extremely busty young lady but without face pics who is Asian. Having made the booking i proceeded to the given address near Wynyard station and upon arrival a young slim but not very busty Asian girl answered the door. I asked her if she is Cora , to which she replied ” yes “. I then took out my mobile phone and showed her the cracker ad and pointed out that she is clearly not the girl in the advertisement. She gave an embarrassed giggle and her English language skills suddenly disappeared. I told her what she was doing is wrong and probably illegal and then I left her apartment. I have my suspicions that this kind of deception is probably widespread on the Internet , particularly with the Asian girls.
    Be warned.

    • fabio da Fabulous says:

      yer . but was she a good fuck ? did she take it up the clacka ? lol

    • Big guy says:

      Yes, it is widespread. I’d go as far as saying that you’re lucky if the girl’s pictures are real. Its not a big deal nowadays. Be prepared for it.

    • Fred says:

      Simple. Do a Google Image search – if it comes up somewhere else, then the ad would be a fake.

    • alex says:

      fake ad alert….80% of ads in Cracker use bullshit photos.All that claim they are Korean and Jap busty beauties are Chinese hoping that when u get there you will fuck em anyway…Thats what happened to me..lol but a lot of parlours I go to have pictures of girls that dont work there on their web page.But to call it illegal….relax pal….

  5. Amir says:

    Hi all,
    Has anyone been to Canterbury 269 recently?
    any new girls?has the service quality gone down since this year ?

  6. JG says:


    This is a copy of all the targets we need to be hitting today. I want reports in ASAP. We need to name and shame all the shithouse, stinky, skanky, pathetic Chinese money-grabbin’, “NO-SEX” places and shut them down – while at the same time promoting all the cool sexy places to PP Members.



    Health and Fitness
    AT CAMPSIE NEW Traditional Thai massage 184 Brighton Ave, Campsie 10am – 8pm 8542 2844

    Health and Fitness
    QUALIFIED MASSEUSE Full body massage at her own home Good price offered Joann 0410 928 105 0424 567 018 6/13 Rosemont St, Punchbowl

    Health and Fitness
    MORE NEW LADIES Best lady massages. A/C 0469 013 593 0404-673-293

    Health and Fitness
    Chester Hill New Magic Fingers, Healing Hands 9644 2270 4/90 Waldron Rd

    Health and Fitness
    BANKSTOWN New ladies every week Excellent service. 9790 8168 1/110 Old Town Plaza

    Health and Fitness
    AT PANANIA MSGE New Management. 8710 3486

    Health and Fitness
    At Riverwood New 18-35 Chinese, Thai, Aussie, Jap, Cute. f/b msg.0415 279 383

    Health and Fitness
    AT Condell Park 9790-3094 More Mature New Ladies Full Body Chinese Massage 66 Simmat Ave. 7DAYS

    Health and Fitness
    AT PADSTOW Full Body Relaxing Msge. 29 Howard Rd 9773-8728

    Health and Fitness
    At Padstow New Lady, F/B Msge. Rear Entry. 3 Padstow Pde. 9792 6165

    Health and Fitness
    AT BANKSTOWN 6 Kitchener Pde A Beautiful and Healthy Chinese massage 7 days 9791-5775

    Health and Fitness
    AT BANKSTOWN NEW Winter Special. Prof & Best Asian Msge. 6/46 Restwell St 9709 8892 0414 796 885

    Health and Fitness
    AT CAMPSIE NEW OPEN. New Staff Daily, Asian Relax Msge,Special Rate. L1, 4/256 Beamish St 8283 5397

    Health and Fitness
    a Professional Massage & Acupuncture All muscle, lumbar, spinal, Sciatica, arthritis. Effective Immediately. Fund rebates available. 0402 083 789

    Health and Fitness
    AT Condell Park 9790-3094 More New Girls Full Body Chinese Massage 66 Simmat Ave. 7DAYS

    Health and Fitness
    A1 SPECIAL F/B PADSTOW clinic/B’town $50, BACK PAIN 0404 993 905

    FEMALE SEEKING MALE Preferred age 40 – 52yrs for relationship 0416 809 415

    Personal Services
    THAI RELAXING MASSAGE By busty Thai lady. Thur&Fri only. 0431 047 094

    Personal Services
    AT RIVERWOOD Chinese massage, 1/2 hr $30. 337 Belmore Rd. Ph 9153-5000

    Personal Services
    At Regents Park Massage shop. 411B Park Rd. Back door upstairs. 0410-029-493

    Personal Services
    A AMY ST, REGENTS PARK 9/46-48. Excellent Massage $30 1/2 hr. 10-7pm. 9738-9917

    Personal Services
    ALISA 20 Sexy slim Chinese just arrived, inner west area in/out calls 0423 231 355

    Personal Services
    ASIAN – Lovely Ladies Top Service, Low Price Mon-Sat 9am-7pm 9787 2657

    Personal Services
    NO.1 @ CAMPSIE CHINESE body msg Lge rms a/cond rear park. 2/573 Canterbury Rd 9789 2251

    Personal Services
    BUBBLY Filipina/Aussie lady offer massage at own home. No sex $60p/h $40 30min Joann 0410 928 105 0424 567 018 6/13 Rosemont St, Punchbowl

    Personal Services
    Attractive Irish Busty Blonde Mature, passionate, discrete service, private. 5 min airport. Mon-Fri. 0415 127 137

    Personal Services
    AT ROCKDALE EROTIC & WILD Aussie & International LADIES All new ladies 17 Bermill St 9567 9494

    Personal Services
    AT SEFTON NEW 18-34 Chinese, Thai, Jap cute F/B massage. 41 Helen St 0426 200 911

    Personal Services
    AT PEAKHURST Asian Ladies 30 min F/S $75 1 hour F/S $110 10am Till Late 19 Pritchard Place 9533 2025

    Personal Services
    ANA – MEXICAN 38, busty, curvy, sexy, friendly. No Priv N’s. 0424 355 004.

    Personal Services
    AN EAST EUROPEAN LADY Mature slim and busty private apartment 5mins from Roselands Offers full service/fantasies Over 40 pref’d, No private no’s. 0400 462 402

    Personal Services
    Bankstown New ladies daily. Excellent FB msge. 15 City Plaza 8739 4430 0459 328 033. Next CBA

    Personal Services
    At Beverley Hills New Chinese Msge, Acup. 10am-8pm, $30/30min, $50/hr. 240 Moorefields Rd. 9759 1860

    Personal Services
    At Lakemba New Nice Gal Best Msge 8/49 The Boulevard 9759 7233

    Personal Services
    ASIAN LADY Mature, busty, toys, AS, XD, GS, Private. No txt & private no. 0427 465 223

  7. LUCKY LARRY says:

    Not a lot seems to be written on here about King Massage Rockdale lately.
    Been here a few times and well worth a try.
    Last Thursday popped in to see who and what was on offer and found new Summer. I seem to remember another Summer from their Riverwood shop who just LOVED cock! But that’s another story.
    Anyway, this new Summer pic on the website looks like she might be “experienced and talented” as they say, and was sitting with the “come her and fuck me” look!
    Oh ok – she’s the one. Sexy MILF Mamasan showed me into a dark and rather sexily lit room and in came Summer.
    Not exactly what I expected, but was soon made up for by a poor part 1 and an excellent part 2.
    I doubt this girl has the usual massage certificate hanging on her wall – bit soft for me – but then I could/should have asked for HARD massage.
    Never mind – the bonuses were that she was naked from the start, and lots of tackle tickle and lots of groping allowed. By groping I mean a bit more than that and soon the wet and eager pussy syndrome!
    This girl’s a true trooper and likes to take charge .
    She motioned me get off the bed then lies there over the edge with all to display as she starts clit play.
    No need to offer further instructions here – I stand over her and start pounding away! No holds barred here and lots of FOAM. This position is great for massage tables as you get a “good view” and the hands can fondle the tits as well. This goes on for 5-10 minutes and eventually too much of a good thing.
    The FOAM then increased into a fake cum together, but I’m not that sure it was fake, the way she was carrying on!
    Nice clean up with hot towels after DOM removed and a few hugs.
    She mumbled something about come and see me in the city but I didn’t catch where. Highly recommended for a horny lad after a good hard fuck.

  8. Icecreaman says:

    105 Church St Parramatta
    Has anyone been please comment
    Had 1 good experience
    Recent visit been very poor service
    Shocking attitude by staff
    Please advise on best days to go.

    • Big guy says:

      Does anyone know if they do FS aswell at 105 Church ST, Parramatta?

      • Icecreaman says:

        Asked one guy who walked out the door as I was going in
        He said yes FS

        • Icecreaman says:

          Anyone been had FS
          Half your luck at 105
          Church St Parramatta?

          • Icecreaman says:

            105 Church st Parramatta
            No FS checked it out
            Shit girls poor service
            Never again

          • Big guy says:

            Thanks for following up!

            It seems the service here is not good from some accounts. I think there’s hardly any rnt competition in the area so they think they can get away with it. But I’d rather wait and spend my money elsewhere. There are a couple of places nearby anyway like Horwood place.

          • Big guy says:

            Think I may have spotted a new joint at parramatta. Just saw a dodgy looking sign saying ‘massage’ on Phillip street next to mad mex, and an open doorway. Anyone try it? I was driving past, so just caught a glimpse at it, so hope I’m not mistaken.

      • Curley says:

        Yes. Well I offer them extra cash.

  9. Rambler says:

    I see that new shops have opened up on Parramatta Rd Auburn, Great Western Highway Wentworthville and Silverwater Industrial Estate (near the M4 motorway). Anybody been to any of these yet?

    • Concretepills69 says:

      What is the address in Silverwater? I’ll go visit then review.

      • Rambler says:

        Beaconsfield St. I was going to call in on Friday lunchtime but there was a ‘closed’ sigh on the door but when I contacted them later they reckoned they had been open all day.

        • Concretepills69 says:

          Tried Silverwater on Monday. Only one (older) lady there whose English was poor. Was happy to give a HE naked but I declined because she was not a looker. Went to Carlingford Village after and I asked for everything and they said to come back on a Sunday.

          • Warren King says:

            yes recommend carlo village. ask for cici, flash an extra 50 for fs , bbbj, cim, I’m 8″ and she took it all holes, she loves cock

          • Mookster says:

            Hey guys,
            Where is the shop at carlingdord village & how much do they charge?

  10. petep says:

    Does anyone know were u can get a ladyboy massage and happy ending in western sub. Cheers.

    • RTS says:

      I am interested too, i find ladyboys much more versatile. It’s good to see this site has an open all welcome format catering for all tastes.

    • Concretepills69 says:

      Any reviews for the two parlours in Carlingford?

      • RTS says:

        Concretepills69 are there ladyboys at these Carlingford joints?

        • clasha says:

          Which carlingford place? I’ll go check it out.

          • Roving Zucchini says:

            Ladyboys in Carlingford? Tell me where!
            Cheers RZ

          • huntdownand killthe troll says:

            Clasha, all you dumb fucks…the troll steal everyones name and writes about ladyboys…its all bullshit…cant you losers see his crap..he often refers to something from cracker ads….he will steal this name now and refer to cock…..he is a poor little nobody,his whole existence is fantasy….i wrote one post as mmark but now there are many post using that name…not me….ADMINISTRATION….this site is ruined…really you probably have the same 20 people who post…the rest are the troll…..you business is fucked

          • Roving Zucchini says:

            I have tried this girl out. First impressions she is a small petite Thai girl very busty with enhanced implants but I’m fine with that. In I go, start kissing and away she goes. And did she, kissing me all over, deep throating my cock, turning me over kissing me, rimming my arse, kissing down my legs, sucking my feet and toes. Wow this girl knows how to have fun. Then 69′ing, I’m deepthroating her cock which is one of the biggest I’ve seen on a girl of her size and totally enjoying it. Then she stops to ask me who’s fucking who?, and I just had to have that cock although was a bit worried! But again she knows how to use it and soon enough was plowing my arse deep with that thing while paying with my cock as I was on my back. I actually wanted more and more. She then blew inside me and then I couldn’t hold back and blew a huge load. Would I go back? Absolutely. Well worth the time and money. Cheers RZ

        • Concretepills69 says:

          RTS I have not visited either place, I’m looking for a review before I go to either of them.

    • Avid reader says:

      Hi Admin,
      Misc reviews-Sydney is taking ages to download. This may be due to the volume of messages on this thread. Can you please look at reducing download times, even if this means archiving some of the old messages.
      Thanks for the great service you provide.

  11. Donny says:

    Wrap it Up guys,
    I did bbfs for the first time and now I’m scared to death because of
    My stupidity
    Was only vaginal for 2-3 mins, am now scared to death…

    Not worth it guys, seriously not worth it..

  12. Mykobo says:

    Hornsby Massage Clinic.

    WL named Julie. Asian with the long fleshy nips (every Asian lady I’ve seen has this, is it normal?) Gave okay massage but it was the light touching and the handy that were pretty damn good. Got a well oiled handjob and got to touch her breasts, light lick of a nipple and let me spank her bum.
    For those who prefer to punt at cleaner establishments – it seems they change their sheets after each customer. As I was dressing she was folding it up and I saw a room with more sheets hanging up.

    $90 wasn’t too bad. I don’t do full service so I didn’t ask (I get worried even with a handjob health wise) and despite her English not being too great she was very polite and cheeky when it came to the tug.

  13. Handyman says:

    One way to clean up some of the crappy comment on this site might be to separate the site into 2 parts, the first being massage services and R&T shops, and the second being the FS businesses. The logic behind that is that 95% of the trolling comments relate to no more than 3 or 4 FS shops. Whereas I suspect that 90% plus of the businesses and clients are concerned with massage/R&T shops

    But I can appreciate that might be a lot of tedious housekeeping work

    • Big guy says:

      Good idea but I think there is a very simple solution. Admin regularly goes through the comments, and simply deletes the ‘useless’ ones, and keeps the ‘useful’ (genuine) ones. It shouldnt take too long and it’ll keep people from turning away from the site (I hardly come here anymore). Admin, If you could do this it would be much appreciated.

      • Emil says:

        I’ve read in a previous post that there are over 500 illegal brothels in Sydney alone. What do they mean by that? Is it the usual massage parlours that offer F/S to some regular customer ( and many do, I know from personal experience) or is it really illegal joints that operate like brothels. I ‘m really interested in checking some of these joints . May be some guy will share some experience. Cheers.

    • Mykobo says:

      Good idea

  14. Plonker451 says:

    Admin’s post of 22 September below is the best news on this site for ages. One troll in particular has come pretty close to destroying the site single handedly. If the impact of the trolls, spammers and women haters can be minimized, PP might get back to what it was, a useful review mechanism. Good luck with it.

    • Big guy says:

      This site needs a serious cleanup! It’s beyond a joke now!
      Half the comments are people fighting amongst themselves and I’m sick to death of hearing the names ‘Roving Zucchini’ and ‘Carmen and Bella’ at Amanda Heavens or wherever (suspect fake written by shop).
      Admin the site was good once upon a time until it was invaded by such useless people. Please get rid of these clowns (and their comments) so it can go back to how it once was.

      • Why so serious says:

        Imagine the kind of social life someone has who has a sook about a fucking brothel website getting trolled ?
        You cunts need to toughen up and explore some different hobbies in life.

        • Big guy says:

          Says the guy who spends Friday night going through the site! Rofl!
          I was just trying to do everyone a favour by getting rid of the trolls (like you) who are wasting everyone’s time!

      • mmark says:

        Hey ADMINISTRATION,the main troll who is ruining this site and your business..heaps of guys have stopped reading and contributing because of troll writing bullshit and stealing names…ANY review that refers to cracker ads is the troll.any reviews about ladyboys is the troll.any disgusting post sucking cock is the troll.he is so obvious.You should monitor and delete his bullshit.H e never goes and spends any money.He sits in his mommys house on his laptop fantasising.Clean your business up before you get no business and someone else takes you over…good luck

    • WillyWonka says:

      WOW! Words direct from the top. I am impressed and honored to be acknowledged by ‘Admin’.
      I am a genuine punter but do not punt as much as I want to (saving $), but do try to post my experience so other like minded punters can be informed.
      Looking forward to the new change.

  15. WillyWonka says:

    What is happening to parlourpages? So many false / troll comments.
    I dont frequent this site often started using this site 5-8 years back, it was mostly good and genuine post back then, a year ago I noticed a lot of false and troll comments. Last September posted a review in Canterbury 269 but the thread went way off course, and now I see the comment section for 269 is closed off.

    • Admin says:

      upgrading site with hope to better filter spammers soon.
      integrating a chat feature also.
      unfortunately trollers will be hard to eradicate as they have plenty of time to waste and energy to expend.
      thank you for your continued support

  16. WillyWonka says:

    Is Roseville Rose at 104 Pacific Highway Roseville ? I went there once maybe 8yrs ago, when it was an Aussie place. wasn’t bad back then (At least the girl I was with wasn’t bad).
    Has anyone been there recently, last 2 months How was it?

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