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  1. Pal says:

    Hey Guys it’s your good mate Pal.
    I leaving for quite a while so I’ll say goodbye tomorrow. Now you be good y’haer
    Does anyone want me to stay ?? Just say so and I will !!

    • BJ Thomas says:

      yes please stay and keep the funny comments coming. love BJ Thomas xoxo

      • Pal says:

        Hey Guys… I’m going now… don’t miss me too much.
        You too BJ.. BTW I won’t give you any XXOO because I don’t do men… sorry.
        But if you have a quiet word with Jamie (puke puke) I feel sure he will let you poke him more than a few times.Enjoy.
        And when you poke him/her just whisper “I love ya Jamie).
        Also try Cheeto.. he may be good for some too.

  2. Unlucky Punter says:

    I went to RCT today after failing to get a booking with Claudia at MH yesterday hell she was booked by some greedy prick for hours .Business must be slow for the remaining granny brigade at Miss Heavens … Nicole/Angel was in the line up same old shit lines came out of her mouth no wonder she never gets picked anywhere anymore ……. Ended up seeing Joslyn nice service

  3. Pal says:

    Hi Guys… It’s your good mate Pal again I’m baaaaak.
    Now I have told youse not to publish shit but you still persist. So here I am here to haunt youse.
    Now goon Admin I’m on to you. You are really: Nicola Tesla, Steve, Fucking Cheeto, Jamie (puke), BJ Thomas (lets hope you can really sing), Uigeadail, Tarzan of the Apes (ape really).
    Now Tarzan you are a lying cunt. I have been with Selina and she does not do BBBJ, Daty, 69, Rimming arse holes (especially your smelly one). You have a depraved mind (admin). Go back to the jungle and take you cocktail frankfurt with you.

    • Bystander says:

      As an unbiased bystander, i’ve never know any WL who says NO to DATY & 69. So this Pal is all bull shit. Just another troll infesting this forum.
      Any punters out there who have met Selina? It would be good to hear from genuine punters who have penetrated Selina. LOL

      • Pal says:

        “As an unbiased bystander” ?? uhuhuhuh.. yes right… who are you on my list. Jamie (puke) I bet.
        Jamie is about 70 and he still calls himself Jamie (poofy).
        Bystander, I have been around a long time. Would it surprise you that most of the WL’s only like one thing from you. Your wallet. They don’t like you, your silly looking prick or cum in their mouth or sex and their MO is to finish you off as quickly as possible – to piss you off out the door; so they can finish off the next fool.
        If you want to hear from genuine punters here, listen to me, all the others are fakes and con men. Especially Jamie (puke & ADMIN).

    • Bystander says:

      You make a lot of assumptions about me. For starters, I never said i’ve ever been with a prostitute. So you are way off course pally. You have issues with your self esteem. You are an angry aggressive person whom the working girls find unattractive & just tolerate you for your cash. You are a pathetic, miserable & smallminded “man” who is inadequate in bed & useless with women. You’ve most probably have had to pay for every root you’ve ever had. You know it makes sense. BTW you can respond to this anyway you want but i will not reply as i dont like to communicate with idiots. Boom Boom

      • Pal says:

        Oh BJ Thomas not doubt.. fuckin ADMIN no doubt.
        So if you don’t go with prostitutes why are you looking in Parlour Pages. Fucking nitwit. Just as a casual observer ??? hehe
        Oh all those nasty words to hurt my feelings….. booo hooo I’m damaged now by your assertions.
        Don’t post shit and I won’t need to respond… simples (like the meare cats on tv).

    • Wartboy says:

      Pal, Selina gave me a BBBJ. She allowed DATY then we had a 69er after she rimmed my cornhole. You’re just jealous. You’ve never met Selina. You are a big fat liar

  4. BJ Thomas says:

    To Doc & Freaking Out.
    Firstly, the blog by Doc is a copy & paste job which keeps appearing in various threads.
    Secondly, Doc is Freaking Out.
    Thirdly, Freaking Out should see a doctor if and i say IF actually have a physical ailment
    Fouthly, Freaking Out under numerous monikers eg Wartboy keeps posting his BS about STDs.
    My advice: FO as no one really cares about your nonsensical rantings

    • Doc says:

      To : BJ Thomas
      Doc is Doc…. not Wartboy or Freakin Out….Or anyone else.
      I have only submitted twice in the public interest.
      And I have done so in order to enlighten folk that seem to be wreckless and blaise` when they carry out unsafe sexual practices.
      The post yesterday will be my last one.
      If you want to ruin the quality of your lives, shorten your lives and make a misery of other peoples lives … UP TO YOU.

      • BJ Thomas says:

        That is absolutely correct. As you wrote “IT IS UP TO US”.
        If we wanted moralising etc, we wouldnt be on this forum.

        • Newbie says:

          To BJ Thomas
          Look I think Doc makes great sense. He is obviously medical and only a fool would disregard with what he has to say. He isn’t moralising… you are only burying your head in the sand buddy.

          He scared me shitless to the point that I went to the doctor to be tested. Thank goodness all clear. I won’t be doing ANYTHING unsafe in future.. just not worth it.

          And what about the idiots that run this site. These clowns let anything through. Just looked through the archives and a lot of shit is still there.
          Probably some mad man/woman (not tech savvy obviously) or unknowns doing a sting operation and gathering intel for nix.

          Punters stop writing stuff that will get your girls in trouble.

          • Cute Sausage says:

            Hey Newbie
            Man you are right on.
            I also have a question for Parlour Pages management.
            Why the fuck do you keep posts dating back so long.
            They are no longer relevant !!!
            They are taking up fucking computer space for nothing.
            Punters want to know the state of play today, yesterday or the day before… NOT months ago.
            Just clean the fuckin posts out completely each month… OK Dummy.

            Probably a dopey shiela running this site… bet she collects handbags like she keeps dud posts alive for years.

    • Newbie says:

      BJ Thomas
      You are management… aren’t you
      You are a paranoid fucking idiot.
      I’ve only seen Doc’s article twice then second time with an amendment to his/her original.
      BS about STD’s ???? BS about STD’s…. ??
      Poor deluded fool

    • Nikola Tesla says:

      Cute Sausage. Idiots like you trying to tell management what to do to this site really piss me off. If you dont like this forum, stop reading it & set up your own forum. Errrr. You wouldnt know where to start. You are a bully boy. A real tuff guy. Another keyboard warrior. You is da Ninja. PRRFFFTTTT!

      • Cute Sausage says:

        Nicola Tesla… Yeh sure you are.
        You are once again Admin… idiot !!
        Nicola Tesla had brains – he invented the Tesla coil, proposed world wide electrification, resonance and many unique gadgets and patents.
        You are brainless – how can you liken yourself with the genius of Tesla
        I’ll tell you something about yourself (I’m a mind reader) – you grew off the end of your tool.
        He certainly would liken and take STD’s seriously. I D I O T

      • Cute Sausage says:

        Oh Also Tesla

        Learn to write properly….. 6 th grade primary education no doubt.

        Tuff ??…. it’s spelt “tough”

        You is da Ninja ?? …. You are the Ninja (no I’m not clown)

  5. Doc says:

    Will the owners of this site and some of the punters never learn.
    Admittedly, there has been substantal improvement but still some individuals post about unacceptable sexual practices. Also, do you think it’s only punters that are viewing this site ?? Council Officers and Regulatory Agencies are given free info by looking here.
    So, if you want to have your favourite a place closed down a simple posting may cause that.
    I have added to my initial post some more information that will have you thinking.
    It is under PS.

    April 28, 2017 at 6:58 am
    I can’t believe that you would promote and minimise the risks of an acquired STD.
    You think it’s a disgrace to go to the doctor over and over again with an STD. Well you’re right on that count. The idea you should be promoting is safe sex – so you don’t get STD’s.
    Look the only way to identify what STD someone has (there are dozens) is to go to the doctor and have blood and urine tests to identify what STD it is and whether it is curable with antibiotics. Specific antibiotics are used for specific illnesses. Also, after a complete course of antibiotics (assuming the illness is bacterial in nature) the tests need to be repeated to ensure you are cured or need more medication to eradicate it. Sometimes that can take months depending if the illness is gram + or gram -.
    If the illness is viral, antibiotics do nothing. You may have a permanent, ultimately fatal illness.
    To suggest someone get a handful of pills from India or any online place is really silly. They are either all fake or very low dose. So that means (if they are low dose) the illness isn’t been cured and developing antibiotic resistance. Also, with the stiffy pills you mention. Do you know that 80,000 men die annually from Viagra overdose compications.
    Also, if you buy online how do you know what you are getting. The pills that are supposedly sold as antibioitics might be curry pills for all you know.
    Look, people like Slammin Salami, Lebanese Cucumber, Piddles (and others) probably are already infected. Silly punters listen to these fools at your peril.
    Also, if you practice unsafe sex do you want to spread your illnesses around to innocent loved ones ??
    **** Parlour Pages is a publicly listed company and is very irresponsible for allowing the propogation and publication of very unsafe sexual practices.It won’t be long before a whole load of punters call for a class action and sue after they get a fatal illness.
    Not long ago a fellow sued a big named hotel for allowing the service of alcohol when the hotel knew the implication of doing so.

    PS. If you happen to acquire an STD in order to get the necessary medications you need to go to the doctor or an STD clinic.
    When you have an STD it is a Reportable Illness. The Health Department needs to know about it.
    You will be asked whom you came in contact with so they can be treated. There is no longer any privacy.
    So, unless you know some crooked doctor/ pathology laboratory that is prepared to conceal your identity you will go on a register. Your only hope (maybe) is to fly out to an Asian country and be treated there in the hope of anonymity.
    On your medical report at your doctors surgery, there will also be reference to the fact that you have/had an STD.

    If you get a referral to a specialist for an unrelated reason, then your doctor is required to inform the specialist of your history. With computer networking a lot of medical histories are linked so doctor shopping will be a thing of the past in the not too distant future.

    Also, can you imagine in a cashless society how governments can see your movements so easily; when you swipe your credit/debit card in these parlours..

    So you can see how important it is to indulge in safe sexual practices. This is a serious issue with long term consequences.

    • freaking out says:

      Hey doc, please view this pic and can you tell me what the fuck is this thing growing behind my ear, its so shameful i now wear a hoodie 24/7. that bloody wartboy must have given it to me via one of the grubby joints didcussed on here. here is a link to the pic, please please tell me what the fuck is it!

      • BJ Thomas says:

        Freaking Out. You are Wartboy. Boom boom

      • Freaking Out says:

        Hey BJ Thomarse. I is Warboy. Da original & da Best.
        I’m baaacccckkkkk
        Freaking Out aka RZ

      • Cobba says:

        A qualified Doc would not diagnose from a picture, unethical.

        But I can tell you.
        It’s a Ham, Chicken & Pea sandwich growing behind you ear.
        Just imagine .. you have sandwiches for life… for free.
        Thank Wart Boy.

    • Uigeadail says:

      Parlour Pages is a publicly listed company?! I must have missed that’s one on the ASX. My advice is to sell your shares now because the value is plummeting.

  6. Unlucky Punter says:

    On Friday I went to Miss Heavens and was lucky enough to see Claudia …. Her pussy is tight as but Im sure she’ll get a good stretching as she is always busy plus is hot mid 30’s babe.My question is she gave me a CBJ has anyone who has seen her got a BBBJ ?

    • Lucky Strike says:

      Well i’ve only seen her once & i got BBBJ. Admittedly i went down on her first – DATY – for a minimum of 5 minutes. Got her to orgasm multiple times. Then i asked her to get in the 69 position. Maybe she felt i either earnt or deserved a BBBJ. I always use that approach with most WLs on meeting them for the first time. Sometimes i end up getting BBFS. BTW there are at least 8 on the current roster at MH that provide BBFS. I only know of two who dont provide BBBJ. 4 of them even let me do anal bare back. I’m not going to mention any names because i reckon some of the threads in this forum were discontinued by Admin owing to trolls BSing about what certain WLs were doing. In fact i know of one WL at CT that quite a few guys were BSing about services she provided. And she was quite upset. BTW i now see that particular WL as she is now an independent escort. False news. Lots of false news. So i wont name & shame. LOL. Anyway the regular punters at MH would know about whom i am talking. 3/4 are obvious to anyone who has picked them as i got BBFS on the very first (of many visits).

      • Unlucky Punter says:

        Does Claudia provide an anal service too ??? That is one cute tush

        • Lucky Strike says:

          TBH I never asked. I only saw her once. She doesnt do it for me. If you want anal, see the following: Paloma, Pip, Candy, Nicole, Abigail, Jazz, Jade. I have been told that Kartier & Sarah do anal but i suspect it may be BS.

    • Pedro says:

      Wolf Blitzer, Abby was only there for a few weeks. She used to do massage at other places then started providing FS at Vitality. Had to quit when her BF found out. As far as I know she quit the business. I thought she was awesome. She gave awesome head & loved DATY

    • Mr Kleen says:

      Mate, did you shower when you got there? Maybe it smelt a bit. Just a suggestion. Reason i ask is she always gives me BBBJ except on my first visit. On my second visit when meeting her in the Reception Room, i told her i would pick her only if i had BBBJ. No problems since then. Good luck. BTW if it happens a second time, pick someone else. Nadine & Charlize dont do BBBJ – at least with me. A shame because Nadine is sensational. Even with a condom on, the BJ was really good

      • Unlucky Punter says:

        I can honestly say I was as clean as a whistle as I was just off work and had a bloody hot shower with plenty of soap …. Hmmm I knew I was getting fucked over I will just see Charlize Layla or Alexis and avoid seeing Claudia now Thanks for the heads up its greatly appreciated guys

        • Mr Kleen says:

          BTW i asked Charlize if she provides natural french (in reception room) & she said “never”. I suggest you ask them in the room when getting introduced. I wont pick them unless BBBJ is on offer.

    • Robbie says:

      To Unlucky, see sarah, kartier, nicole, jazz, jade, candy, abigail, paloma or aleesha if you want a raunchy service. Of the WLs mentioned above, nearly all if them provide anal; all do BBBJ & the majority provide BBFS.

  7. Stifler says:

    I would be keen to hear from any punters that have been lucky enough to go swinging with any WL’s . I had the opportunity to go with Sheridan of AH about 4 years ago but never took her up on it. ..I’m an idiot.
    Let’s hear your stories fella’s.

    • Big Bad John says:

      Dont worry Stifler, i was given the same opportunity by her. Also another couple of the WLs at AH also gave me the same offer eg Nicole, Dena, Bridgitte & a couple of others whose names escape me. Dont know what they saw in me as i’m in my mid 60s. However I am financially well off. Extremely well off.
      One thing they all had in common was they loved my oral skills (so they say) & allowed me to do bare back in both the pussy & arse. The reason i never took their offers up is i once had a relationship with a pro. Just did my head in. She wanted me to marry her. Nearly did it. Thank goodness I snapped out of it. Since then i make it a rule never to see them outside the room. No matter how much i like them. TBH they are sluts and always will be. They enjoy their work & love cock & pussy. Most of all they love money. Finally i once went to a swingers party. Even though i scored about 3 different chicks, they were pretty ordinary in both appearance & personality. Watched my partner in a MMMF session. Each guy porked her ass. She loved being DP’ed while having a cock in her mouth. What a fucking slut!!!! She had already fucked 2 others guys before she was gang banged by the other 3 guys. She told me the other 2 did her ass. BTW She was the one who wanted to marry me. TBH I found the whole thing depressing & i was disgusted. The guys were not even fit, lean or good looking. Skinny legs & shoulders with beer bellies. Typical westies. In fact they were bogans. The party was at Campbelltown. Took her home & just dropped her off at my front door. Never saw her again. The whole scene is depressing. It was off. Personally felt sickened by the whole sordid evening.
      These days i pays my money & dont see them outside the room. Even now there is one WL at MH who is keen on me but these WLs are great actresses & will BS you ie they tell you what you want to hear. They all want to be taken care of financially. I have never regretted turning down all subsequent offers to go to swinging parties. BTW i saw Stephanie tonight at CT. She’s all woman. She’s my current regular root. LOL

      • Big Bad John says:

        I have severe low self esteem, I live in a fantacy world of delusions, the only women i have ever had are brothel girls

        • Smooth Operator says:

          Well that second comment by BBJ was written by that nuisance of a troll. A serial pest whose only contributions to this forum is negative snipes at punters who write detaiked reviews. We all know that YOU are the delusional one with low esteem

      • Stifler says:

        That’s a pretty hot story John. Thanks for sharing.

    • Smooth Operator says:

      Stifler, never ever met Sheridan but Nicole (AH) wanted me to go with her to a swingers party. Declined. Also used to ask me to see her outside. I would pay for the motel room, and we would then have heaps if sex. Declined. Other than that, other girls have asked if i’d be interested in a relationship. Not interested.

      • Stifler says:

        Oh no way I’d ever get into a relationship with any of them but would try swinging at least once. Actually would like to take Heidi to one of them.

        • Silva Foxe says:

          To Stifler. I only went to one swingers party. Scored but felt disgusted & depressed. Never went again. BTW i used to have FFM sessions with Dena & Candy. Anyone else have any similar stories about Dena et al?

          • Big Bad John says:

            i went to a swingers too silva, i found it disgusting too, one woman had no clit, must have been a muslim, felt sorry for her. another woman look like she had a mental disorder, like she wanted to kill all men. then a put my head under the water in the spar, bad bad bad mistake, wound up in hospital the next day with suspected meningitus they were going to do a spinal tap but i recovered. man i was vomiting all day my head was exploding and i got dehydrated.

    • Mr Kleen says:

      Stiffie, i had a FFFM session with my GF at MH when it was located at Whiting Rd. They both fisted her pussy. It was unbelievably horny to watch. My GF wouldnt let me fuck them. I ended up getting BBBJs off both WLs. BTW both WLs are still on MH’s roster. The only hints i’ll give are:
      Bith WLs are tall.
      One WL has short blonde hair & big tits & a big fat juicy arse.
      Second WL has dark hair, a big arse & is trim.
      BTW i have subsequently seen both WLs separately. Fucking great value

      • Stifler says:

        The blonde in question is obviously Emma. She is amazing.

        • Mr Kleen says:

          Forgot to add that Layla & Alexis provide BBBJ. For a woman in her 50s, Layla has a hot body with an all over tan. Her boobs are natural & magnificent. Nice personality & not crass like some of the other WLs at MH.

        • Mr Kleen says:

          Stifler. Correcto mundo! Spot on. The other WL was Alexis. It was an amazing session. My GF wants to do it again. She’s bisexual. It was awesome watching all three girls licking each others’ pussies & rimming arseholes. You should try it! It was a bit expensive. Booked for an hour. My GF was screaming her head off in ecstacy. Got a mongrel just writing this blog. LMAO

          • Unlucky Punter says:

            Mr Kleen I never thought Alexis would be into that hahaha How wrong can one be !! Id get your GF next Alexis and Charlize … BTW once Charlize knows you she sucks cock deep as top class BBBJ with CIM Also she loves a good cock pounding

    • Linford says:

      Anyone know where Sheridan/Hannah works now?

  8. Unlucky Punter says:

    Thank goodness !!!!!! I see Charlize and Claudia are back on the roster at MH will definitely giving one off them some attention on Sunday
    I also see new ladies available at Riverwood Cougars too …. Things are looking brighter there perhaps as it went to the shithouse badly they were either old grannies,big porkers or Id seen them so many times it was boring

    • Mr Kleen says:

      To Unlucky, you’re surprised by Alexis doing that? Ha ha ha. Once they have been in the business for a year or two, they become relaxed about doing things they would never thought of doing. I reckon there would not be one WL at MH who has eaten pussy at least once. They mite not like it at first but they’ll do anything for money. At MH, there are four WLs that my mate & I have DP’ed. One WL claimed it was her first time (yea like i believe that). Guess what? All four loved it. They are just a bunch of nice accommodating sluts. And us punters are grateful for that. LMAO.
      Anyone got any stories (even old ones) about raunchy or kinky escapades at MH & AH?

      • Unlucky Punter says:

        Mr Kleen don’t leave me in naïve suspense Who were they …… Far out I have lived a sheltered life hahaha

  9. Osama bin Rooting says:

    Went to CT @Riverwood yesterday. Picked a new gal Amanda. A very fair skinned Indian. Nice body, pretty face. Had an awesome 69. It was bloody good. She has great oral skills. Blew in her mouth. No sex as i was limp after that. 9/10

    • Nick says:

      I agree. Saw this Amanda last Saturday. Pretty lady, eyes to die for! Full of passion and softness, just the way I like my woman. She was quite hot in the bed, blew my head off. Will be going back more often. Yes, her blow job is marvellous and she squirts easily. She is an intelligent and smart lady, very unusual to find in a brothel. Highly recommended.

  10. Unluck punter says:

    WTF is happening at Miss Heavens most of them need a stint at Jenny Craig’s I don’t expect models to appear but some slimmer 8/10’s would be nice in the mix.Lately the real good ones have disappeared …. May be Im just unlucky when Ive been going and the best ones are getting pumped in the rooms lol Im sure not getting any there atm

    • George says:

      For starters, Tessa, Layla, Sarah are all trim. I’ll admit quite a few are porkers. It is what it is

      • Unklucky Punter says:

        I agree with you those WL’s are quite sexy though Tessa is starting to show her age a bit
        ( aren’t we all ) I had Alexis yesterday it was a good service but her arse is getting bigger by the month …….. Im too critical I think Ive been spoilt for choice over the years

        • Bull Schitt says:

          Crikey if you think Al’s arse is big what about the arses on Emma, Abigail, Pip, Candy & at least half of the roster. Now their arses are a lot bigger than Alexis’.

    • Steve says:

      The good’uns at MH are always busy. The “less attractive” ones usually offer other services e.g. BBFS &/or anal at no extra cost. I always pick those ones if my favourites are unavailable.

    • Oscar says:

      After all the talk about the heavy girls at MH, maybe it should change its name to Massive Heifers – LMAO. When i go there next time, i will bring my shotgun to shoot some bush pigs. HA HA HA HA HA. Bush pigs! That’s hilarious.

    • Bull Schitt says:

      If you think the WLs at MH are bad, suggest you go to Whiting St. Went there last Friday. Got introduced to about 6/7 girls. All except for one were fuglies. Only one was any good & i picked her. Called herself Linda. Great legs & ass with a firm flat tummy. She was a good root. Gave me great .head

  11. Hunter - the Young 29yo Punter says:

    Following Braaad’s example. It is time to bring some decent info, reviews and usable intel back to this thread. In the golden “olden” days, there was great quality intel. So let’s freshen this up to be a little more current and of a better standard. To begin, here’s a quick summary of the known establishments we can expect a quality finish (to name a few):

    • SYDNEY COUGARS – 60 Whiting St Artarmon

    • MISS HEAVENS – 6 Cleg St Artarmon

    • VICTORIA’S SECRET – Victoria Rd Chatswood

    • COUGAR TOWN – Belmore Rd Riverwood

    • MARLENES – 26 Bourke St Alexandria

    • MAGGIES – Seville St North Parramatta

    • COUGARS OF SYDNEY – Kingswood

    • CLUB 121 – Pyrmont

    • WIVES ONLY – St Peters

    • BLACK CAT – Surry Hills

    • A MATURE AFFAIR – Harris Park

    Reply below with your experiences, advice and recommendations for any listed or not listed if you will

    • Tom says:

      You can cross off Cougars of Sydney in Kingswood, expensive, few girls, lying receptionist.

      • George says:

        Tom, i agree with you about the receptionist. She’s prone to exxaggeration. Lately the quality everywhere seems to have gone down. Is it me or is it just that i am getting old?

    • Wolf Blitzer says:

      Miss heavens- Haven’t been to the new location but ladies on the roster I’ve been with are Emma, Heidi, Candy and Reece. I 1st started going to this establishment back in the mid 90s when it was in Surry Hills and much smaller. Back then Amanda used to work in the rooms and i still haven’t had better than her to this day.
      Maggies- haven’t been for 3 years but used to visit Heidi from MH who was named Sonia back then. Good prices and not too busy.
      Club 121 – haven’t been since the late 90s. . . Used to see a massive breasted brunette named Julie who quit the business soon after.
      Black cat – was there in January and saw the naughty and busty Naomi and although the place has gone downhill Naomi is well worth the money. The massage parlour next door called Impressions is no longer ..it has had some amazing girls over the past 15 years.
      Mature Darlings – was seeing Emma aka Penny of MH fame and a couple of other huge breasted ladies who no longer work there. The place is a bit of a dump despite the great girls and the receptionist is a fuckwit.

    • Pedro says:

      Another place that used to be good was Vitality Massage. Saw some great mature WLs there eg Brandy (BBFS, BBBJ, BB anal), Abby – unbelievably big jugs (bigger than Sheridan ex Amanda Heavens), Bianca (BBBJ, anal, DPs), Rita (big titted Indian – BBBJ, BBFS, anal) & quite a few more. Place has gone downhill.

      • Wolf Blitzer says:

        I went there a couple of times many years ago, saw a busty mature whose name may have been Michelle if I’m not mistaken ??
        Heidi from MH also did a stint there.
        Abby sounds amazing, do you know of her current whereabouts ? Also any knowledge of where the beautiful Sheridan is now ? I saw her once at MH 4 years ago.

        • Pedro says:

          Wolf Blitzer, Abby was only there for a few weeks. She used to do massage at other places then started providing FS at Vitality. Had to quit when her BF found out. As far as I know she quit the business. I thought she was awesome. She gave awesome head & loved DATY

  12. Salim Maahaagar says:

    After a busy day going to court fighting allegations of assault, cronyism, non payment to tradies as well as employees, i was stressed out. Needed to get some stress relief. So on Friday i hopped into my unregistered Lambo (fuck da cops – they’re pucking on my coz i’m a suckessbful businessman) went to 269. Had rung earlier & booked April for 4:00 PM. Got there early. They put in a room upstairs. Asked if i could have a shower. Had a shower but there was NO SOAP. Shitfuck! Fuckshit! Wasnt comfortable as i still smelt of a mild case of BO. Last shower was 6:00 AM. Anyway April comes in 15 minutes late. Got a nice BBBJ. Then she jumps on top of me then get into doggy position. Did anal. Premises are clean but the place needs a complete reno. Cost was $50 for 30 minutes. Place is full of older women & majority of punters are old decrepit codgers. BTW the sex was bare back

  13. Big Bad John says:

    Went to Sydney Cougars, 60 Whiting St yesterday. Prices are lower than those at MH. Got introduced to about 8 WLs. Fark. Only one was any good at look at. I picked her. She was a Russki called Linda. Great body. Great big firm strong shapely thighs with a big firm juicy ass. When in the Reception room, she turned around to open the door, i saw her ass (she was wearing a G string). Well that sealed the deal for me. It was beautiful. 30 minutes cost $140. It was a good session. Well worth a return visit. Went home feeling good. Had dinner at the pub opposite the MV Agusta shop. Watched the footie. What a dud game! Was thinking about my session with Linda & was getting horny so went to MH in Cleg St. Big selection. Tuff decision but picked Layla. An attractive gal of Italian background. Beautiful olive skin colouring. For a woman in her 50s, she has a great body & a gorgeous rack. Great BBBJ, 69, DATY, DFK, covered sex. Glad i picked her. Comparing Layla & Linda, i have to say Linds wins by a head. LOL.

  14. Slammin Salami says:

    I was looking a the riverwood cougars list for tonight I noticed a new one Alexia I hope its Alexis from MH as she is a top class punt and an expert BBBJ er Perhaps Angel/Nicole has told her to give it a try ………. Be interested to find out need some good punts in that place as its really gone to the pack in the last few months

    • Da Silver Fox says:

      Slamming. I recommend BREE @Wives Only. Located in St Peters. Tall, blonde, nice tits, nice body, lovely manner, DFK, DATY, 69. Sex was covered. Best i’ve had in a long while. If she was at MH or CT, she’d be booked out all day

  15. Da Silver Fox says:

    Went to MH earlier this evening & saw a little chubby cutie called Ash. She is in possession of a pair of huge tits. Great BBBJ. CIM then she got me hard again. Ended up doing doggy. Boy she has a huge meaty arse. Couldnt help myself. Rimmed her corn hole before penetrating her pussy. Didnt blow a second time. Didnt care as i had a great time with her. Lovely

    • Big tits lover says:

      Hey mate, are those tits natural? How chubby is she?

      • Da Silver Fox says:

        IMO Her tits are HUGE. She’s a BBW. I usually dont go for “big” gals but i just found her sexy. I liked her body. I recommend you check the MH website to see when she is on; go out there. If she doesnt appeal there are plenty of udders (LOL) there. Layla has a beautiful rack. Darcy’s are big. IMO both have good bodies. Emma has a big set and possesses a “strong” physique. Nicole is skinny with big bolt-ons. Candy & Pip have big’uns but both have sloppy bodies. There are udder WLs with big boobs at MH. We all look forward to your review

  16. Sleazy Samir says:

    So Omar, did you do anal with both WLs in your 3some on Anzac Day? Just interestex

  17. ? says:

    One final good by from your buddy ?. Don’t miss me too much or pine for me.
    Especially that Leb Cucumber that gets up at 2.30am while the missus is asleep to do some porn surfing and wanking.
    Bye…. boo hoo XX

  18. Piddles says:

    Yesterday went to some really crappy joint just off Marrickville Rd during my lunch break. I do a lot of driving in my job. I parked in this laneway. I was near this building. It had a huge “Number 60” painted on the exterior wall. It was located in a lane way. Dont know name of laneway. Building was painted in bright PINK. I kid you not. I wondered if this is a brothel. Decided to go in. It was. Arrived at the exact same time as another , older guy. Bit embarrassing. An asian lady 40 quite attractive opened door. the older bloke knew her as Mimi (i think that is what she said). She said she was free but other girls were busy for 60 minutes. The older guy suggested we both see her, Helen’s eyes lit up and she said why not. I was nervous but thought what the hell. He even offered to pay for the whole session and negotiated with the WL for a full service for him , and 80 for me to watch him and get a r&t. As i said i was nervous. anyway what a great half hour , he fucked her pretty quickly (condom on) whilst she sucked my cock, the old guy came within about 5 mins then sat and watched. i licked her out and she came twice, my nerves went away , both the WL and the older dude were begging me to fuck her. What could i do ? I gave her the full length i am big and thick, and i gave it hard and quickly. The older guy wanted some of my cock also, bizarrely i let him , he started to go down on me , whilst helen fingered my ass. At this time i reciprocated , i had 2 fingers in her pussy and one up her ass, she was groaning and squirming. We all made lots of noise and i am sure the girl next door could hear everything, walls there are thin as. What next? She then asked me to fuck her ass, i couldn’t believe it, i pounded her for 2-3 minutes whilst she sucked the old guy who was now hard and i blew the biggest load all over her back. This was all BB. The older guy wanted me to give him a hand job also , i resisted but grabbed his balls whilst he blew in Mimi’s mouth. sounds like bs right, well i am telling you its for real, it was unexpected, amazing horny, Mimi is the horniest asian woman i have ever seen, get yourself some boys. As i left she asked me to go back early this morning so she could see me in private and do some ‘special’ things to me, she whispered. Well I went back after work & paid $100 for 60 minutes. Well fuck me, it was an unbelievable session. BB in all three holes. I alternated between all three holes. Yep she did ATM. First time ever for me. She also pegged my arse with a small thin one at first then a big thick one while stroking my cock with her other hand. TBH I liked it. Will be seeing her again as she wants to do a lesbian threesome with her & her friend. She said her friend also likes anal. Hmmmm. Looking forward to it. I’ll write a report when that happens. Life can be good sometimes & yesterday was one of those times.

    • Karen says:

      Life won’t be good for you when you get some filthy disease, fucking without condoms, playing Russian roulette with your health, for one hour of pleasure what a moron you are

      • Piddles says:

        Karen, tell someone who really cares. Fucken scaremongerer. Get out & enjoy life. Life is about taking risks. Ciao

        • wartboy says:

          its ok, you can get all the antibiotics you desire online from india, that way you dont have to disgrace yourself at the doctors with return visits for the same STDs over and over, bundle your antibiotics with your next order of stiffy pills and save!

          • Doc says:

            I can’t believe that you would promote and minimise the risks of an acquired STD.
            You think it’s a disgrace to go to the doctor over and over again with an STD. Well you’re right on that count. The idea you should be promoting is safe sex – so you don’t get STD’s.
            Look the only way to identify what STD someone has (there are dozens) is to go to the doctor and have blood and urine tests to identify what STD it is and whether it is curable with antibiotics. Specific antibiotics are used for specific illnesses. Also, after a complete course of antibiotics (assuming the illness is bacterial in nature) the tests need to be repeated to ensure you are cured or need more medication to eradicate it. Sometimes that can take months depending if the illness is gram + or gram -.
            If the illness is viral, antibiotics do nothing. You may have a permanent, ultimately fatal illness.
            To suggest someone get a handful of pills from India or any online place is really silly. They are either all fake or very low dose. So that means (if they are low dose) the illness isn’t been cured and developing antibiotic resistance. Also, with the stiffy pills you mention. Do you know that 80,000 men die annually from Viagra overdose compications.
            Also, if you buy online how do you know what you are getting. The pills that are supposedly sold as antibioitics might be curry pills for all you know.
            Look, people like Slammin Salami, Lebanese Cucumber, Piddles (and others) probably are already infected. Silly punters listen to these fools at your peril.
            Also, if you practice unsafe sex do you want to spread your illnesses around to innocent loved ones ??

            **** Parlour Pages is a publicly listed company and is very irresponsible for allowing the propogation and publication of very unsafe sexual practices.It won’t be long before a whole load of punters call for a class action and sue after they get a fatal illness.
            Not long ago a fellow sued a big named hotel for allowing the service of alcohol when the hotel knew the implication of doing so.

          • wartboy says:

            my post was sarcastic humour, the problem here is some reades take posts too seriously. obviously wear condoms and if you get an STD see the doctor! der!

    • Tom says:

      Piddles , your are so full of shit, this is a replica of an old post, complete BS. I go to this joint and I know Mimi, she does not do ANY of these crude fantasy things you speak of. Go back to your Disneyland videos you pin head neanderthal.

    • Chevron says:

      Wolf Blitzer. Last i heard about Sheridan is that she has gone independent & works under the name “Hannah”. Have unsuccessfully searched Backpage & Cracker.

    • Piddles says:

      Well guys, i went back to number 60 and saw my squeeze from my previous visit. Booked 2 WLs for 60 minutes. It was a full on lesbian threesome. I farked both pussies & both arses. All bare back. The WLs licked & rimmed each other. Horny as!!! Blew my load up one of the WLs ass!!!

  19. If you are wondering why i’m up so late. Just left MH. After reading about Ash & her huge tits, i knew i had to book her without having seen her. Well i wasnt disappointed. HUGE & i mean HUGE juggs. She’s a bit porky but her BBBJ was awesome. Feel better now especially after my disastrous session at 269 on Monday afternoon on which i wrote a review only a few minutes earlier

    • ? says:

      I’m still here until later today.(I’ll stay if you kiss my arse) hahahah
      Bullshit… you were up late making up bullshit, surfing the porn sites while the missus was asleep.
      You were also jerking yourself off. Pervert. No need to try and goad me because I’m on to you..leb cucumber, leb snaggie, steve, cheeto, Jamie, donley donk, bill in shorts, ugly motorbike Charles etc etc
      Bye now.

    • Freddo says:

      Interesting. They let you in at this that time of the night? They wouldn’t let me extend after midnight when I wanted to stay another hour. Anyway, I like natural breasts not the silicon ones…he he he

      • Freddo, MH closes at 12 but they’ll let you stay back if the WL is OK with that. BTW I’m a long time regular there & then it took me 50 minutes to get. Showered & made myself a snack before settling in front of the telly. Then i wrote my post. So who did you see?

  20. At my mate’s suggestion, i rang 269 & booked April. My mate, Bashir, said she’s by far the best looking & the youngest here. She offers BB in all three holes. BTW I have never seen her before & this was on Monday the day before Anzac Day. Booked for an hour. Booked for 3:00 pm. Arrived 20 minutes early. A woman answered the door & immediately ushers me into the first room closest to front door. I told her i have a booking with April. She say OK & asks for money. I handed over $100. About 2 minutes later the same WL returns & straight away goes down on her knees. Pulls my pants down & starts suxing my cock. WTF i havent had a shower. Please note i had a shower before leaving home about 45 minutes earlier. Then she motions me onto the bed. I’m thinking Bashir has played a trick on me. One, this chick is old, ugly, has bad breath & has a shit body. So this is April? So i asked her (i’m on my back & she is suxing my cock) is she April. “Yes, yes April” in her really crappy Engrish. Anyway she proceeds to rim my ass. TBH her oral skills were good but I had to close my eyes. She wasnt attractive. Then she tried to DFK me. FO!!!! WTF!!!! Am i that desperate? Rhetorical question to which the answer is yes. Anyway i ended up porking her BB in tbe pussy. What an absolute dud root. She told me i was too big (i’m not!) & when i tried to fuck her arse, she say she no do that. At this point, I’m thinking about Bashir the Bull Shit artist. I blew over her stomach & she gave me a good massage & then another BBBJ. As i dressed, i said thanks April. She replied “Me Sasa”. Farken bitch! I’ve just been R&R’ed. Raped & Robbed. Left tbe joint. Felt disgusted with myself. Yuk yuk tuk. Puck puck puck. Rang Bashir & told him what happened. He said the same WL had done tbe same thing to him when he had booked Maria on the recommendation of another mate, Samir. Of course he had never seen Maria before just like i’ve never seen April.
    So beware fellow punters. If this happens to you, stand your ground & insist on seeing the manager. Not a good experience. Wasted one hour & $100.

  21. ? says:

    I’m cumming clean. I’ve been posting mean spirited comments under various aliases like Fly Swatter, RZ, LZ, Pal, ?, Phil, Fred, Wartboy & many many more. I’ve been mean as my life is fucked! I got nuttin betta to do except bat my little frankfurt all day & night. Cant afford to see WLs. Youse guys are so lucky! I’m such a miserable c-nt! I’m ugly, dumb & fat. And short. My dick is puny but my gut is huge. Am unemployed; have no friends; live with me parents; my only means of transport is an old skate board; & i buys me clothes from Lowes. I’m so sorry for being a nasty prick but i cant help it! I’m so bored. I watch porn all day. I just dont have a life! I’m jealous when i read the exploits of Slamming Salami, Roving Zucchini, Lebanese Zucchini, Italian Stallion, Bronson, Kevin Long Prong. Oh i wish i was like them! Boo hoo hoo. I’m sorry for being nasty & mealy mouthed. I’m a crass, uneducated, bigoted, aggressive c-nt. I suffer from SMALL MAN syndrome. I’m only 5’6″ & i have a tiny cock frankfurt. It’s about 2.5 inches on the rise! Boo hoo hoo. Boo hoo hoo. So sorry
    ? aka Fly Swatter aka Fred aka Pal aka Phil aka LZ aka RZ etc etc
    PS Pleeze forgive me! Pleeze

    • ? says:

      Don’t be so sad because I don’t like youse. That’s because you are all fake.

      PS Anyone good for a loan so I can see Vickey or Simone ??? hahahahah

      • Hey ?. Guess what? No one likes you either. Your mum & dad as well as your inbred siblings hate you. You are a dumb fuck! You are ugly on the inside. You hate tbe world. You hate your life. You hate yourself. YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE. LMAO

    • wartboy says:

      bullshit! I am wartboy,RZ,LZ the original, Pal, and many more. You Liar!

    • Good to see you have come to your senses ?. You have turned the corner. Your Iman will be proud of you. So too will be your psychiatrist.There is hope for you yet ….. dont waste any more of your precious time on this forum. It is no good for you. It is never to late to change. It can be done. You CAN do it. Bwuce Jenner changed; you can too. Now FO to the mosque to pray for forgiveness.

  22. tony says:

    does anyone know where healing herb, previously situated at 400 church st parramatta has relocated to?

  23. Donkey Donk says:

    So halfway between where i work and go to gym is a chinese establish at Meadowbank on Constitution Drive just over the crossing from the station (80216828 or 0449147361) Usual prices 45/$50, 60/$60. Literally 5 days since open so only a couple of girls with 40ish Melissa (ex Eastwood) on reception mucking in when needed. Says couple more girls starting on the weekend.
    Melissa saw to me just before closing Tuesday night. Said could only do 45min but halfway offered to extend for $10 more. The massage started out iffy, chinese style but actually ended up great and still with me the next day.
    Then the rare treat began. Melissa calls out in mandarin and enter Mimi, mid 20s,long hair, glasses, lovely, next to zero English. She has no experience I am told. For about a quarter hour I am unexpectedly getting the 4 handed treatment (massage only at this stage) and with the oohing and pointing out my beautiful parts to each other (I’m not that dumb in the cold light of day but in the moment totally convincing) I was feeling like a king. I (almost!) could have left it at that.
    Melissa left the room and Mimi proceeded to show that she really did have no idea about massage nor much else technique wise. It would have been laughable (or frustrating) if she wasn’t so sweet. She seemed very embarrassed and not sure how to transition. anyway I had gotten a decent massage already so I put her hands in the right place and showed her how to move them and … sorted.
    Sink with hot water clean flannels in the room. Mimi spent the clean up apologising for the massage quality and by now I was fine.
    Strange experience … even though it was a very mediocre clothed finish I had a great time from start to end and I’ll be back. Hopefully the new girls have some skills and to see how Mimi gets on and Melissa’s massage is worthwhile

    • IiiI says:

      Duplicate post above.
      Direct cut & paste.

      See comment by Uigeadail:
      January 31, 2014 at 10:52 pm

      • ? says:

        E X A C T L Y
        Bullshit reports to the left and to the right.
        I’m not waiting for ADMIN to tell me to piss off.
        I’m going now.
        Fuck Off you pack of bullshit artists. Arseholes.

        • Lebanese Cucumber says:

          Promises promises! You always say you are leaving but then you resurface using another alias. So predictable! Whatyagonnado now?

      • Uigeadail says:

        Unbelievable. This was three years back. What’s more Melissa now runs one of the three West Ryde shops near the pub on Victoria road and Helen has taken over Meadowbank. (Still a great shop)

        Mimi was never seen again but I have had some great visits at that shop. Not so convenient now, as the gym has moved to make way for flats.

    • Bobbie says:

      Does melissa offer nude hj

  24. Fly Swatter says:

    Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi….. Get out of bed you lazy idlers.
    AND stop paying these silly bimbos large coin to play with your silly lookin’ saveloys.
    They are laughing at you. They know they are in charge. What are yz whimps

  25. Ali Khan says:

    I vent to dis place on Belmore Rod in da Riverwood. It called cougar town. I go in. I sit down on coach. TV iz on. Lot of ladies say hi to me. I picked 2 ladyes for a trisum. $240 for 30 mins. It waz goode. I get my dick in both ladyes mouthes. They do together sucking me dick. I like very muche. They also jumpe on my dick. No rubba. Bothe ladyes do this. Da ladyes lick pussy of udda lady. Dis looke very goode. Me very horny by looking. I do da doggy while udda suck on my behind. I shoote my goo over back of lady. Me very happy. Da ladyes were olde. Ladyes was not fat. Dey was skinny.

  26. Disappointed says:

    After marching today I was feeling hornybso went to 1/265 bigge street liverpool-
    Advertised on sydney backpage as erotic massage from $55, young masseuses ect ect. Council parking just up the road (3 hour). Gave them a call today received by older asian lady, mentioned ad and was after body to body as advertised. Arrived at 4 up the stairs, greeted by a 50 to 60 I dunno maybe fucking 70 year old lady terrible looks and body well no saving grace there either. Started to get that this is a bad idea hunch but heard other voices and hoped she may just be the owner/ manager and a younger woman was going to come around the corner, well .. No grandma lead me to the room went through usual prices thought fuck she will at least get the knots out of my lower back looks like she massaged since 1950. Paid $35 then had a good look at the bed/table no reusable sheet or towel a pillow which was as old as her, threw that off and rested my head on my arms, then received the worst massage no oil no effort, feeling very dirty and not happy. Any way starts to tickle my balls and I turn over to say no thanks not today and she was starkers! God not pretty. Started pulling my cock regardless of my unenthusiasm, offered blow, extras ect (knew I had a hell of a load had a plan) so said just hj then, grabbed her wrinkly tit closed my eyes thinking of one of the girls advertised on the initial ad and blew a hell of a load shot about 3 feet went all through her hair she wasn’t happy of course but nor was I with the false advertising and being told young girls were there and waiting. So be ware of this place and false advertising.

    • Swat Flyer says:

      U another bullashitter… after di march you dring prenty fire water.. you cannot git stiffy and you cannot shoot even a 3 inches.

      u go to di sleep.. just dreamin heh

  27. Back Door Benny says:

    Taren Point 2/167 Taren Point Road 9531 6869

    Went to this establishment today and saw a lovely 25 yo girl named Alice, fresh from China, she says she works every day. There were 3 girls working, Alice, Nancy and one other.

    When I arrived she helped me have a shower, which was very nice, made sure the crown jewels were sparkly clean. After drying off we went to the bed and indulged in some gentle fondling and exploration of each others bodies. This lady definitely provides a nice GF experience, her body responded nicely to my touch, and mine to hers. It wasn’t long before her pussy was silky and wet, condom on and a very nice unhurried BJ followed by a very tasty 69’er. A quick mouthwash and then some more light kissing followed by sex in a variety of positions, ended off with some firm massage and an assisted shower. All in all very good value for $100 for one hour, this price is apparently finishing by Feb 5 then it is back to $150 so rush in and take advantage of the special offer.

    Would I go back? Sure would.

  28. Linford says:

    Anyone been to MH tonight? What’s the talent like?

    • Cunny Funt says:

      It aint bad. I saw Bree today. Also recommend Aleesha. Very very enthusiastic in the room

    • Kevin Long Prong says:

      Linford. I was at MH earlier in the evening. Picked a little plumper with MASSIVE tits. Her name is ASH. Never seen her there before. So if you are into BIG (& i mean they are HUGE) then pick Ash. BTW her oral skills are excellent

      • Bev says:

        Yes big and fat. I picked her too. She gave me good oral. For xtra $50 gave bb and xtra $50 ate my load. She is a cum eating machine

        • Kevin Long Prong says:

          Bev, so we both agree on her oral skills. Didnt know BB was on the table. What about anal, is that offered? BTW she has huge tits. Yessirree

      • Kevin Long Prong says:

        Bev, so we both agree on her oral skills. Didnt know BB was on the table. What about anal, is that offered? BTW she has huge tits. Yessirree

      • Geoff says:

        I like real natural ones not the fake silicons that you are describing above

  29. Cunny Funt says:

    Saw Bree at MH today on Anzac Day. Gave her the full length of my bayonet down her throat. DATY, 69, rimming followed by FS. She is very attractive with a lovely body. Really enjoyed my time with her.
    Now watch this space ….. will get a heap of posts claiming it is all BS. To be expected as this site is full of trolls

  30. Fly Swatter says:

    Oi… Wake up you lazy semi erect pricks. Fark !! Go and sniff some pussy or arse at least.
    OR I will use my fly swatter on your measly knob heads.

    • Fred says:

      Wartz up, Fly Squatter?
      Why you so cranky? Preeze tell us what ails you so much.

      • Fly Swatter says:

        Good…. that’s the boy…. you made me smile with your bullshit on this overcast dreary day.
        OK that’s enough bullshit I’m content now. Don’t go overboard and start to be a silly prick.
        Go back to sleep now.

        • Cunny Funt says:

          The above “no comment” was posted by Fat Squatter on April 25, 2017 at 5:02pm. Obviously Fat Squatter was at home AGAIN belting away on his little keyboard & his little dick. Unfortunately for Fat Squatter, his appendage – 2 & 1/2 inches – provides a constant source of mirth for the WLs. This explains why he hates all those lucky punters who score. Dont worry FS, the Roosters won today. Rugby League was the winner today.

          • Swat Flyer says:

            U realy funny cunty u maka mi laf.
            My cocky 12″ it very big roosta.. you jelos hah
            I big latino, I fight wit you chipotto eni day

  31. Punter333 says:

    Anyone try this place?


    does this place offer extras?

    • GFE LFAGT says:

      Yes this is the one on Victoria Road exit to Dundas. New and clean. Helen the owner is a very pleasant mature lady. She is a qualified masseuse. Previously of North Ryd and Castle Hill. Give its a go.

    • GFE LFAGT says:

      Good massage by mature ladies, with limited English.
      They are trying to run a legit business. Let’s help them stay open.

  32. Fred says:

    Popped into Miss Heavens last night.
    Choose Nadine. She is very attractive & oozes sensuousness. Paid for 30 minutes. Got DATY, 69, sex was covered. She liked it when i rimmed & tongued her arsehole. My tongue went from clit, pussy & arsehole backwards & forwards. I love doing that & she loved me doing it. BTW she has a nice body. A real GFE session. 9/10.

  33. Fly Swatter says:

    Went to 60 Whiting St yesterday. Was waiting in the Greeting Room. In walks this little Chubby Bunny, about 55-60 years old, nice eyes and a very nice smile, a short BBW with a big juicy ass and very BIG tits. says “Hi i am Penny you like me” , F–k yeah i think to myself , i says “yes i like you” . In the shower with her with a hard pecker, as soon as the soap was rinsed off she gets on her knees and starts bbbj-ing me, gosh i thought, i’m in heaven, after 5 mins we get out, dry off and then she pushed me onto the bed, lays next to me and then straight into DFKing me, what a kisser this GILF is, then she sits up, looks at then holds my boner and goes down, the first motion was nearly a deep throat and then a super nice up and down suck, my f–king … i haven’t had a blowy like that since i was in my early 20s. After maybe 5 mins i couldn’t take anymore otherwise i would have blown her cheeks out, lol, so i tell her to stop and its my turn for payback, she lays down and i get between her legs, which are very nice and i gaze upon a BEAUTIFUL pussy, fortunately she has a slick cunt so i went for it, man she tasted sooooo nice, went at it for maybe 10 mins, and let me tell you guys, she loves it, rocking her hips up and down and sometimes pushing hard onto my tongue.. Then bang, she came, said something inaudible and pushed herself away from my mouth. We fuck she says, puts the rubber on me and in i go in mish, man a tight puss, just the way us men like it hehe, gave her a good pounding and kabam, off she goes again, then i rolls her on top for cowgirl, what a magnificent ride she is, and watching her huge boobs jiggle was it for me and i emptied a sack full of goo and just as i finish shes off again and then collapses on me panting. Had trouble breathing as she is heavy. we laid in each others arms for a little while and i looked at the clock, damn an hour goes fast when your having a good time. She then says shower because time finish, i said no its not, she looks at me not understanding what i meant, i grabbed my wallet, pull out another 160, gave it to her and said, 1 more hour, she raps a towel around her and out she goes, im just laying there waiting thinking here we go, 5 mins will pass by shes back but no, couldn’t have been 60 secs and shes back in the room, throws the towel to the floor, jumps on the bed between my legs and down she goes on me again, I don’t know which BBBJ was the best, the 1 in the shower, the first on the bed, or that second time, after about 5 mins i says its time for a 69er, she spins around and im in awe that puss coming down on my face,,, yum yum yum yum yum yum, man i think im in love with her pussy, 5 min or so off 69ing then dommed up again, a few mins of mish then doggy,,, guys, if your a lover of big butts then this is the gilf to see, i lost a lot of protein after 2 or 3 min in doggy just watching her ass and lightly squeezing her cheeks. thank penny for an awesome timeWent to GP. Was waitning in the Greeting Room. In walks this little Chubby Bunny, about 55-60 years old, nice eyes and a very nice smile, a short BBW with a big juicy ass and very BIG tits. says “Hi i am Penny you like me” , F–k yeah i think to myself , i says “yes i like you” . In the shower with her with a hard pecker, as soon as the soap was rinsed off she gets on her knees and starts bbbj-ing me, gosh i thought, i’m in heaven, after 5 mins we get out, dry off and then she pushed me onto the bed, lays next to me and then straight into DFKing me, what a kisser this GILF is, then she sits up, looks at then holds my boner and goes down, the first motion was nearly a deep throat and then a super nice up and down suck, my f–king … i haven’t had a blowy like that since i was in my early 20s. After maybe 5 mins i couldn’t take anymore otherwise i would have blown her cheeks out, lol, so i tell her to stop and its my turn for payback, she lays down and i get between her legs, which are very nice and i gaze upon a BEAUTIFUL pussy, fortunately she has a slick cunt so i went for it, man she tasted sooooo nice, went at it for maybe 10 mins, and let me tell you guys, she loves it, rocking her hips up and down and sometimes pushing hard onto my tongue.. Then bang, she came, said something inaudible and pushed herself away from my mouth. We fuck she says, puts the rubber on me and in i go in mish, man a tight puss, just the way us men like it hehe, gave her a good pounding and kabam, off she goes again, then i rolls her on top for cowgirl, what a magnificent ride she is, and watching her huge boobs jiggle was it for me and i emptied a sack full of goo and just as i finish shes off again and then collapses on me panting. Had trouble breathing as she is heavy. we laid in each others arms for a little while and i looked at the clock, damn an hour goes fast when your having a good time. She then says shower because time finish, i said no its not, she looks at me not understanding what i meant, i grabbed my wallet, pull out another 160, gave it to her and said, 1 more hour, she raps a towel around her and out she goes, im just laying there waiting thinking here we go, 5 mins will pass by shes back but no, couldn’t have been 60 secs and shes back in the room, throws the towel to the floor, jumps on the bed between my legs and down she goes on me again, I don’t know which BBBJ was the best, the 1 in the shower, the first on the bed, or that second time, after about 5 mins i says its time for a 69er, she spins around and im in awe that puss coming down on my face,,, yum yum yum yum yum yum, man i think im in love with her pussy, 5 min or so off 69ing then dommed up again, a few mins of mish then doggy,,, guys, if your a lover of big butts then this is the gilf to see, i lost a lot of protein after 2 or 3 min in doggy just watching her ass and lightly squeezing her cheeks. thank penny for an awesome time. Everyone loves da King. Long live da King!
    Long live da Fly Swatter.

    • Fly Swatter says:

      Fuck…. I gotta give it to ya… very funny bunch of pooftas. Think you are so funny yabunch of farken turds.
      So I need to swat y’all now…. SWISH…. ahh got y’all… All dead on the shit pile hahahahah
      Y’all a very funny bunch of turds.
      y’all are buzzing around a shit pile like a bunch of blue tailed blow flies..

    • Fred says:

      Posted by Pharrell January 22, 2017 at 3:30 am

    • Wolf Blitzer says:

      Fake news

    • Cunny Funt says:

      Hey Stupid , Yes YOU.
      Do you have a t-shirt with superman stamped on it OR are you really Lois Lane… you know superman’s bimbo.
      Go write a novel on some other site.
      I don’t want to waste my time reading this shit.
      Piss Off Idiot

      • Fly Swatter says:

        Posted by Cunny Funt on April 24, 2017 at 1:21 pm.
        Keep up the excellent standards you have set when writing your posts

      • Fly Swatter says:

        HAIL DA KING!

  34. Plonk Artist says:

    OK men.
    Thought I’d follow up on the Chinese joint on Victoria Rd, Parramatta (near the Dundas turn off) that I went to last week. Was a bit hung over then.
    Two older Chinese ducks – nevertheless, old boilers make good soup right ?
    Went for 1hr this time $60 . great sensual massage with a lot of teasing… to the point that I was lifting the left pelvis up so she could sneak a fondle of my erect soothing stick. Felt real nice her taking her time exploring. I almost felt she was a bit worried that it would bite her.
    Then got me to spin around when I was ready … $20 for hj or $50 nude + hj. Went for both.
    Look, all I can say is just go for the hj… nice lady but a bit past the naked part.

  35. Funny Turd says:

    Have a nice life, Fly Swatter.
    You dumbfuck loser

    • Fly Swatter says:

      You are the loser!
      I’m too smart for you.
      I know you.
      I know who you are.
      Gotcha Salami boy.
      It’s you, aint it?
      You think you are so cool with the chicks.
      Well you aint!
      I’m the new kid on the block.
      Like Elvis, I is da King.
      Long live the King

  36. Fly Swatter says:

    I am the Wanderer.
    (Actually i am a Wanker)

    I am the Wanderer,
    I’ve wandered far and wide,
    I’ve had many asian massages,
    Mostly West and North Side

    Some have been good,
    some have been bad,
    I won’t rate them all,
    Cause that would be sad.

    But after 18 months trying,
    I have found my top five,
    After 34 parlours,
    It’s time to retire.
    Enjoy your fun boys (and girls).

    My TOP 5 in no order:

    Lulu @ Chatswood Massage 769 for letting my use my finger in her butt while getting HJ
    Unknown @ Chatswood Massage 12 for letting me have full service on the massage table with her, including doggy, DATY, BJ
    Unknown @ Eastwood Massage 6 (Ethel St) for the suprising extras I got even though I had to pay
    Cindy @ West Ryde Ausfeng for massage and hand skills, not for looks
    Fifi @ Seven Hills Massage (the one above the bottlo)

    Others I have visited to get the above top 5:
    Ross St Nth Parramatta
    Avon Road North Ryde
    Artarmon Thai
    Artarmon 78a
    Marayong in the shopping centre across from station
    Crows Nest – upstairs near the pub
    St Leonards – Albany St near the Hwy
    Lindfield Massage the one upstairs next to the pool shop
    Lindfield the one in Beaconsfield parade
    Chatswood 218 (Pretty Baby Massage)
    Chatswood North Star in Neridah St
    Chatswood Healthy Massage in Thomas St
    Chatswood 221 in Katherine St
    Chatswood upstairs on the cnr of Vic Avenue and Archer St
    Cocos at Toongabbie
    Toongabbie across from the station shop side before the bend on the way to Pendle Hill
    5/138 Best Rd Seven Hills
    1/138 Best Rd Seven Hills
    6/111 Best Rd Seven Hills
    1/115 Best Rd Seven Hills
    28 Hope St Seven Hills
    Hornsby Jenny in Albert St
    West Ryde 999
    Epping Langston Place
    Epping Oxford St
    Eastwood 1 East Parade
    Hill St Wentworthville
    Dean Park
    Castle Hill – the one in Terminus Place that is now closed
    Castle Hill – Ding Therapy Massage

  37. Fly Swatter says:

    You morons are so immature. Bunch of pussies! Not funny! I’ll get youse all. Watch ya back

  38. Fly Swatter says:

    Fuck…. I gotta give it to ya… very funny bunch of turds.

    y’all are buzzing around a shit pile like a bunch of blue tailed blow flies..

    So I need to swat y’all now…. SWISH…. ahh got y’all… All dead on the shit pile hahahahah

  39. Fly Swatter says:

    could not resist trying out this young hung cutie


    Well guys this ladyboy was hot If you like the rugged type she is your ladyboy. And boi or does she love to fuck. Ive hired her on several times overnite when she comes to town over the last 12 months and boy oh boy does she go at it allnite.
    I like to be dominated and to be fucked and i mean fucked. her cock is beautiful that hits the spot. like a rat up a drain pipe….She loves u to suck her and once she is hard rolls u over and goes for it….And she tells u wat she wants from u. Which i must say turns me on…..

  40. Phil says:

    What a load of BS spewing from Fly Swatter

  41. Fly Swatter says:

    I got a stiffy thinking of the ladyboy who porked me at lunchtime.

  42. Fly Swatter says:

    I went to see this Jap shiela last night


    I was fucking awesome. I lasted more than 4 strokes. I’m getting good at this thing called rooting. I’m fucking better than Salsmi & Zucchini. BOOYAH. KAPOW KAPOW KAPOW

  43. Fly Swatter says:

    Went to Clegg St. Picked Cleo. Middle Eastern beauty. Nice that she wanted daty straight up , and asked me in a cute soft voice, Would it be alright with you if I cum ? Eerrr, yes, i think would be okay. She assumes doggy position , i slide her panties down. Everything perfect, looks like total laser job, she watches in the mirror as I lick her. the squirming , wiggling from her increases, then roll her over and attack the clit at hi speed micro lick. Her hands go to my hair , dragging me to her best spot , and then the sounds start and the hips start gyrating like a Latina dancer …and off she goes. Then she THANKS me for doing it and allowing her to cum before we start sex. NOT really a problem for me. Told me she wanted doggy , but I said we have to leave til last or that booty would have me cumming 10 strokes in. So did mish as she threw her legs wide apart in the air , such a view and a demand , had to go for it deep. interesting the dom she used had that textured rough surface , said it was her favourite. OMG those things are built for girls who love extra stimulation, and feels good too.

  44. Holden Fucking McNeil says:

    Went to Clegg St. Picked Cleo. Middle Eastern beauty. Nice that she wanted daty straight up , and asked me in a cute soft voice, Would it be alright with you if I cum ? Eerrr, yes, i think would be okay. She assumes doggy position , i slide her panties down. Everything perfect, looks like total laser job, she watches in the mirror as I lick her. the squirming , wiggling from her increases, then roll her over and attack the clit at hi speed micro lick. Her hands go to my hair , dragging me to her best spot , and then the sounds start and the hips start gyrating like a Latina dancer …and off she goes. Then she THANKS me for doing it and allowing her to cum before we start sex. NOT really a problem for me. Told me she wanted doggy , but I said we have to leave til last or that booty would have me cumming 10 strokes in. So did mish as she threw her legs wide apart in the air , such a view and a demand , had to go for it deep. interesting the dom she used had that textured rough surface , said it was her favourite. OMG those things are built for girls who love extra stimulation, and feels good too.

  45. Holden Fucking McNeil says:

    I’ll join you Fly Swatter. Love MMM sessions.

  46. Fly Swatter says:

    To Lebo Zucchini & Slamming. salami. You two are complete wankers. Do you think punters are dumb enufd to believe your fucking bull shit? I’m a REAL man. I can take 9 or more inches up my arse. Yeah! A real man. Take that

  47. Fly Swat says:

    I tried this today before heading to ANZ Stadium to barrack for my beloved Doggies. Love a big juicy kebab up my arse


    Now this is a real genuine review. Please enjoy.
    Suxed his 9″ cock. Took it all the way to the back of my throat then i let him pound my arse. Wish the Lebanese Zucchini or Slamming Salami were with me. Love being spit roasted. KAPOW & KAPOW then DOUBLE KAPOW. Yeah baby. BOOYAH


  48. Lebanese Zucchini says:

    Went to Wives Only yesterday. It is just a few hundred metres from Enmore train station. There is a back entrance. Place used to be called Amore. A bit pricey but worth it. Place has been renovated & has top notch decor. Had popped into about 6/7 “bistros” in Marrickville. Shocking premises with some matching WLs. Some were so bad i wouldnt be able to get it up. They were all asian. If they werent old & fat, they were young with really skinny legs & no meat on the arse. So i popped into Wives Only. The girl i picked had a nice big firm juicy arse like a rosy red apple. Booked for 30 minutes but extended to an hour. DFK, DATY & 69. Finished off in doggy after being in a number of other positions. Was impressed. A real GFE session. The WL was classy & very attractive imo. Will definitely go again. Giving the asian shops a miss.

    • Holden Fucking McNeill says:

      What ? There is no railway station at Enmore …

      • Lebanese Zucchini says:

        Holding His Dick McNeil. My apologies. It is St Peters railway station. The front entrance which i have used fronts Kings St right opposite the park where the old brickworks were. Go around the back. There is off street parking for about 4 cars. I paid $185 for the half hour. That is $25 more than i pay at MH but lets be honest, MH is a rest home for grannies. LOL

      • Lebanese Zucchinni says:

        The address is 673 Kings St, St Peters. As i said before, i’ve never used the front entrance (hundreds of cars pass every minute); i always go around to the back lane & enter via the back door. BTW there were only 4 girls on roster of which 3 were definitely fuckable. The one i picked was a tall blonde with glasses. She was shy & gentle but bro, she had an ace body. Licked & rimmed her asshole. It was beautiful to look at. Will see her again. I’m in lust. KAPOW baby KAPOW

      • Lebanese Zucchinni says:

        To Fly Swatter, think whatever you want. If you think it is BS, then that is your opinion. Dont care about your opinions. From now on, i wont waste my time responding to your rantings & ravings. You are mentally & emotionally deficient. Get a life. You are an immature twit. You post under so many different aliases eg Holden McNeil, Pal, Phil, Wartboy, RZ, LZ, etc etc as well as using my handle (ie Lebanese Zucchini). You are a pathetic loser who gets his kicks criticising punters who write a review. Your logic is screwed. You obviously have never been to the locale. And to reiterate, i will longer respond to any more of your taunts & negativity regardless of whatever alias you use. So have a nice day & do everyone a favour and fuck off

        • Fly Swatter says:

          Look Lebanese Zuhhinni and Slammin Salami
          I’m sorry if you don’t like to hear this stuff. But we punters don’t appreciate being taken as fools. We clearly are more intelligent that you give us credit.
          All that’s asked is a factual report not all the silly embellishments that you and your very close buddy give.
          Just drop the bullshit OK ??
          I’ve been around for a long time and I know when someone is spewing baloney.

        • Lebanese Zucchinni says:

          Cheers LZ KAPOW baby KAPOW Cheers LZ went to enmore spent $1850 for 30mins . She let me throat fuck her, had my dick rammed down her throat ,My tongue was on her clit & pussy. Then went down her pussy & arse with my tongue & fingers. Rimming, sucking, licking … got hard again. Then I inserted my cock into her pussy, Great value. DFK, BBBJ, DATY, BBFS, CIP, CIM, CIA, ATM, anal. KAPOW baby KAPOW Cheers LZ

    • Fly Swatter says:

      Bullshit review

    • Fly Swatter says:

      Baloney review

    • Fly Swatter says:

      Nonsense review

      • Lebanese Zucchinni says:

        Wow! Love to read your rivetting posts, Fly Swatter. Always look forward to your posts as they are so informative. BTW we all know you post under numerous other monikers such as LZ, RZ, Wartboy, Pal, Phil etc

    • Fly Swatter aka Fuck Wit says:

      i’m a wanker.
      I’m a banker.
      I’m a shit stirrer
      I like ladyboys
      With warts on their dick
      I’m a big prick
      With a little dick
      And a peanut brain
      I loves youse all!!!

  49. 52_Year_Old_Aussie says:

    176 Liverpool Rd (Hume Highway) Endfield 0405 320 602
    Up above an electrical shop and a few doors up from the petrol station and IGA.

    Early last year I had a visit, but the WL was a dud. After a year, I thought that maybe I would give it another go.

    I visited here again a few weeks ago – major difference. This time I got a middle aged WL by the name of Tutu – or something like that – but what is a name anyway – many Chinese WL work at several different shops every week and use a different name at each one.

    Still a clean and tidy establishment, but the service was a lot different – better.

    $35 for 30 minutes and another $30 got her gear off at the start. Suffice it to say, it was about half massage and half mutual pleasure – I gave as good as I received and she was satisfied as well. Got the full 30 minutes.

    On the way out I caught the eye of the other WL who also looked mature. Your experiences may differ, but if you are driving out that way, then give it a go. Just be aware that it is a clearway out the front from 3pm to 7pm Monday to Friday) but you can park on the other side of the road. I will probably go back.

  50. Pal says:

    Well alas it’s time to bid you all:
    •adiós, adieu, addio, adeus. …
    •aloha. …
    •arrivederci. …
    •ciao. …
    •auf Wiedersehen. …
    •au revoir. …
    •bon voyage. …

    You pack of dead shits…
    You are all fakes.
    10 supposed punters per 1 prick….. I suspect. Steve in ADMIN.

    Most of it is BULLSHIT… My time is being wasted by these fake reviews… Above all
    Slammin Micro penis…and his a smell fetish with the fictitious Simone. Fuck what a moron.

    Finally go “FUCK OFF THE LOT OF YOU”.. especially.. Cheeto, Jamie (puke), Ohh Fucking Danny Boy (with his midget in his trousers), and all the other deadbeats.

    • Cheeto says:

      Pal you are obviously mentally ill and receiving welfare so don’t have anything better to do with your time. I find it funny that after all this time you continue to mention my name in your posts. My words must of really poured some salt into your wounds. This is my first post in 3 weeks as I have better things to do then reply to your deluded rants.

    • Simone says:

      Yeah with all the spare time you have could you at least look up the meaning of aloha? it means hello not goodbye. also YOUR BREATH STINKS!

    • Lebanese Zucchini says:

      So Pal is wasting his time reading these “fake” posts. Let’s hope he leaves this site permanently. What a moron.

  51. Slammin Salami says:

    Pooooo !!!!!!! I hope Ingrid has stocked up on air freshener Simone is on today at Miss Heavens the smell when you go into the room after she has done a job is like a sledge hammer hitting you over the head.I copped it the other week she must have been seeing some poor SOB prior to me. Its really bad even the lady I was seeing remarked something smelt strange SHE STINKS not fair on the next poor client that has to use the room.Im giving MH a miss today till the smell has time to vanish

    • Wild Bill Hitch Cock says:

      Gee Salami, do you go “visiting” every day? You sure do get around. At least you are busy. LOL

    • Joe Cocka says:

      Surely Mr Salami, the smell cant be that bad? LMAO
      BTW thanks for the warning. On a recent visit to CT (@Riverwood), went down to DATY but nearly died. It smelt. Lost my fat. Never got “it” back. Waste of money. Kept washing my mouth out to get rid of the taste

    • Phil says:

      You fucking fucker, do you shunt between brothels all day 24/7? Have you checked with the girls how filthy you smell? Nasty filthy smelly prick! Who did you see at MH if not Simone? You should be kicked on your ass. Disgusting ass hole!

    • John says:

      Good for you. Is she pretty young and beautiful or old and sagged all over?

    • Omar says:

      I agree. Simone does smell.

  52. Pepe La Phew says:

    Angel is back at Cougar Town, Riverwood. She’s also works at MH as Nicole. Great service: BBBJ, BBFS, BB Anal – no extra cost – at least for me. Am along time regular

    • Greek says:

      I know who you are. Fucking freebie. What a rip off. Fucking shit! Ass hole!

      • Pepe La Phew says:

        I have no idea what are trying to suggest, Greek. You most probably dont either. To quote you “fucking freebie. What a rip off!”. Who said anything about a freebie? And how can a freebie be a rip off? Your logic (btw am taking liberties with that word) is totally skewered. Go back & crawl into the hole from which you ventured, cockroach. You’re jealous because you’ve never put your little 3 inch weiner up her arse. Mate, i do it every time with her. She’s always telling me she loves me. TBH I think she just loves me for my 8 inches. Hahaha.
        BTW you dont’t know me. I refuse to associate with mentally deficient people. Others may say you are “SPECIAL” but you aren’t.

      • Lebanese Zucchini says:

        Baby, is that you Angel?

      • Lebanese Zucchini says:

        To the fake lebo zucchini, how about coming up with your own “handle” or “moniker”. BTW you’ve used a photo off the internet, ya dumb fuck! You’ve breached someone’s privacy. Really stoopid stuff but what else would one expect of you? Go back to using Pal & Phil

        • Lebanese Zucchini says:

          could not resist trying out this young hung cutie


          Well guys this ladyboy was hot If you like the rugged type she is your ladyboy. And boi or does she love to fuck. Ive hired her on several times overnite when she comes to town over the last 12 months and boy oh boy does she go at it allnite.
          I like to be dominated and to be fucked and i mean fucked. her cock is beautiful that hits the spot. like a rat up a drain pipe….She loves u to suck her and once she is hard rolls u over and goes for it….And she tells u wat she wants from u. Which i must say turns me on…..

          Cheers LZ

    • Lebanese Zucchini says:

      So now Wartboy has posted his usual dribble about ladyboys & he has posted it under my moniker. The moron lacks imagination & creativity.
      To Admin i thought you were going to block him from the site.

    • Phil says:

      fucking freebie. That’s what you are! Free inside her arse and bareback eh? Bloody shameless dirty old fucker! Surely carrying all kinds of deadly disease by now

  53. Wild Bill Hitch Cock says:

    Anyone know what has happened to Vicky (Miss Heavens, Artarmon)? Small petite Thai with very big natural boobs. For her body size they are huge. Great oral skills; great service. Awesome FFM sessions with her.

    • Phil says:

      You mean that monkey?

      • Pepe La Phew says:

        Phil, that is a disgusting, racist remark. She’s great in the room & easy to get on with. Have seen Vicky frequently. Obviously you are a loner & cant build any kind of rapport with girls or WLs. You have a few problems. IMO you are a problem.

    • Phil says:

      Birds of a feather, carry on make more monkeys. I shall stick to the pretty and classy ones. I have seen you btw, no wonder u are attracted – like for like

  54. Alfred Hitch Cock says:

    Went to this legit Chinese massage shop in Campbelltown.
    Got escorted to my cubicle by a very attractive Chinese girl about 23yrs.
    Tells me to undress BUT leave underpants on. When I informed her I like soft massage what transpired was a bloody amazing sensual massage. She had very soft, female warm hands. I asked if she could massage my bum cheeks – she let me drop my undies…. was no problem.
    Shit, I nearly blew (at the thought of those lovely warm hands around my cock) as she very slowly, gently stroked my arse and sometimes with her little warm finger slid along my bum crack. Fuck… it was worth paying for this treatment even though no HE. Will go back.

  55. GFE LFAGT says:

    I have been visiting carlingford massage for a while now. Judy on Thursdays & Lisa on Thursdays and Fridays are my ladies of choice. They are well worth the investment. No FS of course.

    • GFE LFAGT says:

      And Lisa also works in Thornleigh fourth up Pennant Hills road.

      • Barrymore says:

        where is helens shop now in Castle Hill there are about 5 up there and I have visited all of them

        • GFE LFAGT says:

          It’s on Victoria Rd, Paramatta, on the LHS heading towards Sydney. A smal shopping area Near the left hand turn to Dundas. Has rear carpark and unmarked side entrance. So can exit discretely, a positive feature of any establishment.

    • GFE LFAGT says:

      Carlingford massage is on pennanthills road above the gourmet pizza shop

  56. Larry Albanese says:

    Been reading the comments on this thread. The guy calling himself PAL comes across as an angry spiteful vitriolic man. Very sad when someone resorts to having a go at others. Has he ever been to a brothel? I think he is a bully. Most probably some fat computer nerd who lives at home, doesnt have a job or girlfriend & is still a virgin

    • Pal says:

      What ever you say Steve aka…. Larry Albanese, Jamie (puke), Cheeto, Cheyene (without Mini haha), Slammin snag, Syrious, Roger, Leb Cucumber, Cougar lover, lucy etc etc ad nauseum… many names 1 prick.
      Yawn Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
      Don’t bother budy … I’m asleep… tired of this shit

      • Danny Boy says:

        Don’t worry about Pal he is just an old bitter man who tries to white knight ugly old asian ladies that no one else wants because he is a desperate poor old sad lonely f*ck. Sad.

        • Pal says:

          Steve aka… dany boy … Now you treat these girls right
          “Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
          From glen to glen, and down the mountain side
          The summer’s gone, and all the flowers are dying
          ‘Tis you, ’tis you must go and I must bide.”

          Ya Haer !!
          OR Arl Be Back !!

          I know youse all love me here.
          .Would be boring otherwise Right Steve ???

        • Pal says:

          Blood Danny Boy… I bet you suffer from Scotsman elbow… you stinge. You probably like wearing a poncey sporren like that fucking Bobby on top of your kilt. Shiela !!

          • Danny Boy says:

            Pal you have proven AGAIN how f*ckin dumb and ignorant you are. Danny Boy is of Irish origin not Scottish. Its like calling someone who is German, French. You sad ignorant old poor f*ck.

          • Pal says:

            Top o’ the mornin’ to ya Oh Danny Boy.
            Let me askin you… is that a wee little Leprechaun in ya trousers.

            Ohhhh to be sure !!

          • Pal says:

            Another wee little question Ohhh Danny Boy … Ohhh Danny Boy. Is ya really Cheeto or that Fuckin wee laddie Jamie (puke)
            Ohhh to be sure !!

    • Bobby says:

      Hey Guys !! Never mind Pal… It’s Bobby poncing (or swanning in) again centre left.
      How come Cheeto hasn’t raved on about Ninas Chinese Massage at that cruddy Gong. Geeze he has gone quiet (maybe he has gone to Burwood for a better massage) like that other punter said… forget his name now…. maybe someone offended him. Sorry Cheeto (on his behalf)… Love and kisses yours truly Bobby. xx

    • Bartie says:

      I agree with you Larry. Pal is a LOSER! Big time. A keyboard warrior. Types with one hand as the other hand is fondling his 3 inch penis. You are spot on Larry, Pal is a bully.

      • Blank says:

        Hi Bertie
        I think you are spot on about Pal. Someone said he has a tiny prick. Funny thing is apparently he has a left handed mouse. Also he has callouses on his right hand and he has hair growing on his palms… What’s all that about.

  57. Big Jim says:

    Went to MH (Cleg St Artarmon) during the week. Great selection to pick from. Picked Paloma as she does BBBJ & anal.
    Booked her for an hour. The session was very sensuous. She was passionate. Started off with DFK & then she went down on me. BBBJ. Very nice. Then motioned her onto the bed & proceeded to doing DATY. Noticed she had a larger the normal clit. Gave it a good licking, kissing & suxing. She came a number of times. She had placed a towel underneath her bum & after 10 minutes of DATY, it was all wet. Got into 69 with me underneath. Big mistake. Nearly drowned. She came as soon as my tongue touched her clit. She cums quite easily & often. Then had sex (covered) in various positions. Then did greek which cost an extra $50. Overall it was a good session. Will see her again

  58. Lachlan says:

    Has anyone had any recent experience’s from Backpage or Cracker they can share? Trying to figure out if it’s worth a go.

  59. The Magnificent Moroccan says:

    Gee Pal, you have been busy posting your reviews under various non de plumes eg Italian Stallion, da Police, Malik etc. Are you on medication? BTW you must lead a boring life. In addition, you are delusional.

    • Pal says:

      Listen The Magician Moron (John, Da Policia, Malik the Deficient, Italian Limp Dick, Jamie (puke), Cheeto, Slammin Micro Prick, Cheyenne, Dave, Steve ..
      (10 Names one prick) . don’t use big words that you don’t understand. Non de plumes… ??? Aliase in better.
      Actually I have taken my pills today…Vitamin B for extra big ejaculation.
      As for living a boring life yes you are correct…. but she has to be 19yrs to get a good boring. But I go to lovely places, not smelly arseholes like you turds go to.
      Now Italian Limp Dick… you can now exhale.
      Now take a big breath.. and hold until I tell you to exhale.
      Now inhale 🙂

    • Pal says:

      Ya know Magnifico Moron.. I have this secret… now promise to not tell anyone OK ???
      Whenever punters talk really nice about me and the lovely girls and don’t waffle on about arseholes and vile stuff like that… all of a sudden I get this irresistible urge to go into deep hibernation.
      But when shit starts to come out of a morons mouth… I come out of hibernation and start to haunt the perpetrators. It’s just something that happens. Ya Haer ?? you load of 3″ pricks.

    • Pal says:

      BTW Magnifico Moron
      WTF are you doing up at 1.30 am.
      Yes I know… looking up porno whilst the missus is asleep…. Right ??
      You perverted degenerate. Don’t you know porno is bad for your twisted arsehole riddled thoughts ?? Maybe she kicked you out of bed after sampling your disappointing effort with your 3″ prick. Hahahhah

  60. Da Police says:

    Pal aka ? aka RZ aka Wartboy etc. Why are you on this forum? All you do is criticise other punters & accuse them of being the brothel’s management. You must be either mentally deficient or bored. Your vitriolic comments are evidence of a serious mental or attitudinal disorder. Spare yourself (& us punters) the pain & don’t read this forum as you seem upset by the fun some punters are having.

    • Pal says:

      Hi Da Policia and all the other names.
      Yes, you are partly correct. I’m bored. Bored with being subjected with utter nonsense by the likes of you and your aliases. I dream of the day when there are more sensible punters, that don’t attempt to insult my intelligence and of the majority of serious punters looking for a bit of accurate info.
      Just get your head around this .No – one wants to know about the grimy things you do. To pay good money to lick an ugly prostitutes arse hole is not on my high list of priorities. Only degenerates like you would even think of such a vile act (hope she farts in your face some day). When I read such unlikely twaddle I feel compelled to challenge the idiot that wrote it.

      This is what I would like to read…. Went to XXXX met a real nice, great looking young 20 yr old… wow what a great time I had.. I can recommend XXXX she is so sexy and will do anything to please you even a 69.for an extra $50.Treat her nice guys.
      … I don’t enjoy reading about YOU sticking your tongue into an arsehole, smelly cunts, or other unsavoury acts. keep it to yourself… we don’t need to know. We are big boys able to do our own negotiation.
      And we don’t like to ruin our appetites at dinner time reading this shit.
      Is that not reasonable.

      PS I’m always straight to the point and truthful. I am NOT RZ, Wartboy or anyone other than your good mate Pal.

      • Da Police says:

        funny you should mention what you would like to read, i just happend to have just such an encounter at XXXX met a real nice, great looking young 20 yr old! had A good session. BBBJ, DATY, 69, BBFS, BB Anal & ATM. Finished off with CIM and she even pissed in my mouth AND farted in my face!

      • Malik da Magnificent says:

        Pal. I went to MH and picked Emma. After she gave me great natural french, we got into the 69 position. My tongue tantalised her love button before my tongue penetrated her cunt. It tasted really good. Hmmmm finger licking good. Then my tongue wandered to her asshole. I was rimming & suxing it – she was moaning with delight. When my tongue penetrated her asshole she was in ecstasy. Tasted good. Went back to her pussy while my finger stroked her asshole. She orgasms quite easily. Then we had sex. That was covered.
        On my way out, i bumped into Nicole. So i had a second session. Fucking filthy session. She really knows what to do. Great HJ (natural of course), then DATY, followed by a 69er. Got my iPhone out & videod her slick beaver & ass. Then into sex & finished off with anal. All bare back. Filmed my cock going in & out of her asshole. Blew in her ass even though she wanted me to unload on her tummy. BTW all her holes tasted & looked great. Boy was i knackered after all that

        • Italian Stallion says:

          Yeah Malik thats nothing, i saw simone, what a stinking session that was! Started off with a 69 then she proceeded to rim then tongue my ass hole. Then porked her pussy before porking her arse. Then back to pussy then arse. stick in her pussy then back to her ass then back to pussy to ass etc etc etc. Blew in her ass. She turns around & starts suxing my cock. Insert my cock back in her asshole. After a few long slow strokes, i pulled out & went to pussy. I now went back & forth from one hole to the other, I was really doing her ass. After about 15 minutes of really pounding her ass, i blew again in her ass. . I pulled my prick out of her ass & inserted it into her pussy then back to the ass then back to the pussy. sucked my prick for a good 10 mins then went to town on my asshole. She licked, sucked & kissed my corn hole. Also stuck her tongue in as well as a couple of fingers. Stabbed her pussy with my pork sword then into her arse. Repeated this process then ATM then back into the pussy then arse then mouth. Kept going from one hole to the other, Bored yet? anyway finished off with her dropping a big fat TURD in my mouth! FARK it tasted so shitty and really smelt so bad a then puked all over myself!

          • Pal says:

            Yum .. don’t be greedy share that big turd with your mate ..Malik the Deficient. Together with yourself Italian Limp Dick if you stand together in front of a mirror you would swear you look the same ugly fucking arseholes that you are.
            Now do me a favour.
            Inhale deeply , hold your breath and don’t breathe out until I say so.
            Starting NOW 🙂

    • Pal says:

      Good I’m glad… pity she didn’t lay a big fat green turd on your tongue as “?” suggested.
      No, you have the little man complex. All talk and a 30 second wonder.

  61. Slammin Salami says:

    Well it seems as if Simone who started at Miss Heaven from RCT couldn’t handle the constructive helpful criticism I have noticed she hasn’t been back since we made comment to her breath and foul odor from her pussy. Id do it again if she didn’t attend to it as NO PUNTER should be subjected to that after handing over their hard earned cash

    • KLP says:

      Slamming, it is a shame as she gives great BBBJs & also takes it up da ass. I only went down her once. Never again. It was off putting. TBH it never ceases to amaze me how a small percentage of WLs have smelly pussies. A couple of them i have had FFM sessions, so you’d think the other WL would tell him that they have an unsavoury cunt odour.

      • Cougar lover says:

        Cum on guys.
        Simone is disgusting. Sagging old fake boobs. Constant horrible smell from below and is a deadset nasty rude bitch.
        After seeing her makes you realise why Asians are so popular. They are generally more pleasant than Simone and don’t argue with you in the room.

        • Pal says:

          OK I told you c^^t & arse lickers, assorted pimps as “?” suggested. He is on the ball. Good on ya “?”. I’ve come back to haunt y’all because you didn’t behave and posted all these vile bullshit reports.
          That Slammin micro prick & Italian Limp Dick are full of it. And all the other guises heheheh
          Yes, Its one twit with many disguises.
          Probably Admin trying to increase the traffic on this site.

        • Malik da Magnificent says:

          I dont know about that. Have had a few asians get stroppy when i insist on getting the time i’ve paid for. Some of the younger ones have a bad attitude. They act as if they are doing you a favour. Derr ya dumb ass stuck up bitch, i’m PAYING for a service. Unbelievable

  62. Plonk Artist says:

    Having hit the plonk last night with the mates I thought it was time for a relaxing massage.
    I’d seen this Asian shop near Parramatta. It’s on Victoria Rd, on the LHS heading towards Sydney. Not far from Church St and right near the left hand turn to Dundas. It’s in a tiny shopping centre. Costs are the usual 35 for 30min, 50 for 45min, 60 for 1hr. I opted for 45 min.
    Very nice slim middle aged caring lady. The place is super clean… so no problems there. Today I wasn’t interested in HE… but after a short time and the lady having no qualms about removing the towel when I asked – I extended to 1 hr.
    Pity I was not in the mood, as the soft massage had a decidedly sensual feel about it. Will go back to test it out sometime.

    • GFE LFAGT says:

      Do you have the name of the person who looked after you?

    • GFE LFAGT says:

      I took your advice and went there today. What a surprise. It’s hills massage, previously located in castle hill. It’s Manager / receptionist is Helen, previously of North Ryde, lucky 7 massage.

  63. BBFSLover says:

    Hi, Other than Cassie from 12 Rydalmere are there any other aussie blond girls who offer BBFS and CIP? Pretty much all the reviews are girls providing these services are Asian or GILFs.

  64. Dave says:

    Any reviews on 888massage/good fortune massage green squad.
    Made an appointment to see the indian girl Monica but I was running late and missed out and had her see someone else unfortunately.
    Ended up getting a massage from a pretty young Thai girl there. Driving right now so I’ll post a better review soon. But worth the trip. Will endeavour to get down there again and hopefully make it in time for my booking. Heard other punters having a good time.

  65. Slammin Salami says:

    Things are looking grim at Riverwood Cougars I went this morning and left As horny as I was I could get excited enough to fuck any of the WL’s and Taylor was already getting ploughed
    Standard has dropped right off but I could see that coming as soon as Nicole/Angel from MH got back in there.. She cant get a look in at MH anymore think the punters just got tired of her

    • Cougar lover says:

      True salami.
      The ladies there now are absolutely wretched.
      Angel, Sara, Monique, Nadia, Morgan, Carla etc.
      Generally they are nice. Others like Morgan and Monique are rude fuckwits who think they are so great.
      The other day it was that bad I picked Celia which turned out to be a pleasant experience.
      Thankfully there are still a handful that are still nice working ladies such as Danni, Taylor and Celia.

  66. Fred says:

    Padstow firm fined for sex service offer
    (Torch Newspaper March 28th 2017)

    THE owners of a Padstow massage parlour, have been slapped with a $11,000 fine for providing sex services after Canterbury Bankstown Council engaged a private investigator.
    Under the development consent, the Padstow Parade premises was to operate offering therapeutic massages, acupuncture and traditional Chinese therapies. But in July last year, the council received a complaint alleging the premises was breaching consent, and operating as an illegal massage parlour.
    Council officers investigated the premises and informed the business owner they could not operate after 7pm on a Saturday or Sunday, and they could not provide sex services.
    The licensee was also told that failure to comply with these conditions may result in penalty notices or criminal proceedings. Further enquiries through external consultant, All State Investigations, confirmed in a report to the council that in October, the licensee of the premises was using it to provide sex services.
    The licensees appeared in Bankstown Local Court last month where they pleaded guilty.

    • Wild Bill Hick Cock says:

      Fred thanks for the info – Good she nearly ruined me . Karma

    • MAC says:

      Bill !!!
      Were you the private investigator that did the report ???
      LoL !!!

      Good job, if you can get this.
      I’m quite experienced with the scene.
      Parlour scene, not law enforcement. Hahaha

      I like your post below, had a twist to it that one would not expect.

      I really didn’t see it coming.
      She must have been a big girl to dominate you like that.

      • Wild Bill Hick Cock says:

        Mac .. not investigator hehe
        No – she wasn’t a big girl at all.
        She had a pussy as tight as a drum, and coupled with the fact she was lubed up; there was NO sensation for her and me.
        I think she was intent on getting it over quickly.
        She bobbed up and down furiously… like a bloody machine. Maybe her strategy to deflate my penis.
        She took in what I had to offer, but my balls were in distinct danger. First time I have experienced something like that.
        A waste of money really.

    • JG says:

      We can shut down the awful places that keep ripping us off.

      FUCK ‘EM!! Report them to the local council. I know of a massage place next door to a primary school offering handjobs during and after school hours. Hang on – that sounds like a great idea!!

      • Friendly says:

        Nah !! don’t like the idea of blabbing or ratting on these girls.
        If you don’t like the place just starve them out of existence by not returning and spreading the word amongst brother punters.. One chance and then they can piss off !!

  67. Wild Bill Hick Cock says:

    Recently went to Padstow.It pays to check out quiet surbs. There is a Chinese massage shop across from the station. You will get an OK massage and HE from older women. Also there is a carpark that leads to an upstairs massage parlor. Went on a Saturday. Chinese attractive girl gives me a good massage. When she gets me to turn over , she comes near my face, lifts her tiny skirt .. No knickers on and with her fingers opens her pussy and asks… You want this? 50 extra. Of course I thought Christmas had come. Well how wrong I was. She lubricates her crack, hops on and proceeded to nearly kill me with her large
    pussy. It was no fun her bobbing up and down with such force that I feared her
    rupturing my balls. It was bloody awful and I had to get her off.Very
    painful.Wont go back. I want to keep my balls intact.

  68. Pal says:

    Now listen here boys or shielas (especially Jamie – pule puke)
    Admin of Parlour Pages is not stupid. They are trying to rid the site of fuckwits like ..Michael, Why, Cheeto, Jamie –puke, Slammin micro tool, SugarFoot, Cheyenne,Taxxsen, Kevin short prod, etc
    Why: because you are the same idiot under different guises AND you are misrepresenting all of the parlours.
    They are in business to be credible for the few punters that don’t want bullshit.
    Like I suggested there should be a numerical score rating without any names of punters and any latitude for defaming people.
    Don’t like it guys or girls… I thought so, you only want the notoriety. So fuck the hell off.
    PS. I don’t give a shit if you steal and use my moniker… That only reinforces what I said.
    And who the hell is interested in Ninas Chinese Massage in working class Gong. How many possible variations are there to the same joint… OK you frustrated OLD men !!

    • Parlour Pages Moderator says:

      Pal this is your first and last warning. I have taken note of your IP address and will precede to block you from entering this site if you continue to abuse, harass and intimidate other users. I have also noted that you used the name Simone from the same IP. You have been warned.

      The system administration backend of Parlour Pages is currently experiencing some database issues we apologise for any inconvenience.

      • Pal says:

        Good … ban Pal (imitation)
        You will also do me a favour.
        I give as good as I get from some of the arseholes here.
        Maybe you should ban the lot.
        OR better still have no submissions allowed.
        I’m really only interested in the banners … not the arseholes that post rubbish on this site.

        • Parlour Pages Moderator says:

          Pal the IP I have on record is the same you just posted from. As previously mentioned in my last post if you continue the behaviour of abuse and harassment of other users on this site you will be banned.

          We have not asked for your suggestions and if you are not happy with the way we manage this website please find another that is open to your suggestions and happy to accept you lecturing its users on what you deem to be proper etiquette when using the services of a massage shop.

          • Pal says:

            Go ahead… remove this post.
            If you don’t, you are just one of these fools that pose as others.
            Go ahead now. Lets see if you are real.

          • Pete37 says:

            Please ban Pal and whatever other names he is using such as Fhil etc. He is not a troll in the conventional sense but his comments are cancer to this site. What a sad lonely weirdo.

          • Simone says:

            there is a limit to how much entertainment fatboy can get eating takeaway food, so just accept the nut posts will keep on appearing

          • Simone says:

            Cheers RZ

        • Kevin Long Prong says:

          Pal. Cant you read between the lines? The Moderator is telling you to “Fark off!”
          On behalf of all the genuine punters here, my message to you is “FARK OFF!!!!”

          • Pal says:

            You sooky boys that want to pretend to be big macho men with slammin big tools. I get the message you don’t want to grow up and act like mature men that can have conventional sex.
            You all like to skite about anal, licking , smelling arses and pussies… anything but good old conventional sex. You get bizarre pleasure from pretending to do this and that to girls… you are all wimps.
            You treat the gals nicely ya hear !!. Or I will be back to haunt you !!.
            Do me a favour… just go to scruffy places at the ‘Gong and play a game of pretend with each other … you old clowns. Or when you grow up come to Burwood.
            ADMIN must be having the time of his or her life laughing at your stupidity. Ohhh ahhh you have my IP address wow.

          • Kevin Long Prong says:

            Pal. What is your problem?
            Actually what ARE your PROBLEMS?
            Seriously you have major attitudinal problems. Why are you so angry & aggressive? If you dont like the contents of the reviews, may i suggest you dont read them. And stop being so critical and negative

          • Pal says:

            G’day Kev – (and all your other aliases)
            Look buddy, I don’t have a problem/s.
            Like I said before, I give as good as I get.
            If people attack my point of view without justification (in a rude manner) then any normal person will feel put out. Correct ??
            Now go back over the posts. I didnt’ start this.
            I made a simple observation that my feeling was that 90% of Thai massage places are legit.
            Then all of a sudden that nitwit Cheeto and his mate Jamie (puke) started attacking e.g “you don’t know what you are talking about”.. etc etc.
            There is a polite was of disagreeing with someone but no… the attacks continued.
            Even from you !!
            I also take your point that if I don’t like the posts then “don’t read them”.
            That is not my style… although I prefer to read the banners only these days.
            My conclusion is the majority of posts are bogus. In the years that I have been a punter I have encountered very, very, very few women that nitwits on this site purport to do to them. My conclusion is, it’s just a bunch of oldies indulging their sexual unexpressed fantasies. Pity ! it used to be a useful resource for punters. But like I have said… I don’t take any credence with the subs. Mostly all bullshit. OK hope that helps you understand.

          • Simone says:

            Pal and Kev same fatboy talking to himself.

  69. Pal says:

    Just had a great session with this TS who I found through Cracker


    When a ts says she’s a sub, it could mean anything. Everyone seems to interpret these BDSM terms slightly differently, but ultimately what I rely on, is intuition and experience, to sense and to read each client’s needs, especially if they are not very good at articulating what it is that they wish to experience. She is a sub in the classic sense. She’s mild mannered and gentle, and lets me take charge completely. Today was our second session, and after our surprisingly enjoyable first encounter a month ago, it was clear that she now trusts me and was happy to give herself over so that I would dictate every moment of our time together.

  70. Slammin Salami says:

    Fellow Punters a word of warning if you go to Miss Heavens Simone is working there ex RCT Whatever you do don’t do DATY on her she smells BAD !!!!!!!!!! I will give credit she know how to give a BBBJ and can swallow a load she also knows how to take a great arse drilling

    • Simone says:

      You lying drop kick! You are that fwit wartboy, RZ , Fhil , Pal, wanker from the gong with nothing to do spreading BS from mums garage where you live on take away food always on that laptop day and night big fat slob

      • Kevin Looonnnnggggg Prooonnnnggggg says:

        Simone, ask one of your colleagues to smell your cunt to verify whether it is woofy or not. If it is, the problem is easy to fix. Do a GOOGLE on natural remedies for smelly cunts.
        See. That wasnt hard. BTW I like drilling your arse. Used to see you at CT @Riverwood

        • Kevin Looonnnnggggg Prooonnnnggggg says:

          WTF! This is BS. Go to OLDER COMMENTS & there is NOTHING. To Admin, you need to tell your techos to test their changes in TEST (System & UAT) then migrate to PRE PROD then PROD. This is a farken disaster. One of many recent fuck-ups. Just one thing after another. First the best threads have been removed eg 269, Amanda Heavens, Cougar Town & Miss Heavens.

          • Pal says:

            Kev– I fully commend Admin pulling the plug on the old posts. What a bunch of idiotic posts. IT WAS WELL OVERDUE.
            They were all fake … Why do you believe all these shit posts. All bogus. Go yourself and find out for yourself. And who wants to read thousands of fake posts about Ninas Chinese Massage in fucking working class Gong. Only nitwits like Cheeto, Jamie ..puke, Slammin micro dick etc.My idea to Admin is to cull all comments every month

          • Pal says:

            And also nitwits on this site only post bogus comments for their own fame. Can’t believe anything.
            ADMIN .. maybe only a numerical rating about massage parlours in future.
            That will stop fuckers like you Kev.. yes YOU.. defaming women that work there.
            Go smell your own arse instead of accusing women, that can’t defend themselves; of having smelly pussies.
            Your nose shouldn’t be that close anyhow. Idiot.

          • Simone says:

            Kevin Looonnnnggggg Prooonnnnggggg , RZ, Pal you stupid fat wanker this is Wartboy Fool! Easy to punk you

          • Jaxxsen says:

            Pal. How would YOU know if the reviews were FAKE? Who made you the EDITOR? Leave it up to us punters to decide if a review is fake or not. BTW i have had some wonderful sessions thanks to other punters’ reviews. Some sounded unbelievable until i tried what they did eg bare back lesbian 3somes at 269, 235, AH, CT & MH

          • Salim says:

            To simone. You have no idea. You are clueless.

          • Michael to Pal says:

            Pal you sound like an angry old bitter c*nt who cannot form a normal relationship so you suck up to old broken asian massage workers in the hope they will fill the void of your loneliness. Sad.

          • Pal to Michael- Come in says:

            Don’t know how you form the conclusion that I am a bitter old cunt. Actually, I am a sweet prick (certainly no cunt).I am in defence of ladies working amongst you bunch of cunts. Fakes as well that y’all are. Old wankers that need to go to scruffy working class suburbs like the Gong.. to Ninas.Hey there is more to life… Try lovely Burwood and sample a decent massage instead of acting like old desperados wanting girlies playing with your little cocktail frankfurters. hahahah

          • Kevin Long Prong says:

            Pal. You are a BOY! Grow up!
            Your attitude sux. Your comments are negative, aggressive and presumptious. Who made you an expert on anything? You generalise too much. Stick to the facts instead of making wild assumptions.
            You dont know any of the punters who post their comments here yet you are very quick to accuse & categorize them.

      • Slammin Salami says:

        I hate to be the one to tell you but Im not any of the persons you described Actually I used to see you for a while at RCT then you went private I saw you once Sorry but YES you are hot looking I did say you are a great BBBJ give, your anal ability is fantastic and I know you are willing to give BBFS. which use to be tempting but I passed.Unfortunately your pussy still stunk and your dental hygiene is also bad as your breathe smells too. Sorry Simone but take it as constructive criticism Take note of how many don’t see you a second time might give you an idea that what Im saying is true

      • Slammin Salami says:

        Simone in case you miss my reply its further down under you first posting.Please read it as it may help you become more desirable for punters to choose you for more than one time

        • Cheyenne says:

          I agree Slamming. Instead of addressing tbe problem, Simone attacks the messenger. How typical of females “I’M NEVER WRONG! IT MUST BE YOU THAT HAS THE PROBLEM”.
          Take the punters’ advice, we only mean well.
          We are not saying it to hurt you. Bad breath is off putting. When i encounter it i insist on rhe doggy position.

      • Sugar Foot says:

        Well Simone you should listen to the advice given by Slamming Sal & Kev Long Prong. It is in your FINANCIAL interests. Halitosis is easy to fix. See your GP. Most times it is caused by a condition called DRY MOUTH. In other cases, a few simple dietary changes will cure the problem. Regarding your smelly pussy, again i recommend you see your GP.
        If you are reluctant to see a GP, simply perform a GOOGLE on the internet re both conditions, namely HALITOSIS & SMELLY VAGINA.
        BTW I used to see you at Riverwood & i often had the pleasure of porking ALL your holes bare back. Only once did i do DATY & i nearly retched. Lost my fat but your fantastic oral skills came to its recue. Will visit you soon at MH. Hopefully your conditions will have disappeared

      • Kevin Long Prong says:

        As i said. You have no idea, Simone. Wartboy? Are you delirious? Or just plain dumb?

  71. Slammin Salami says:

    Morgan St Beverly Hills classic blow N go I was in a hurry today I have known of this place for years Stopped grabbed the first one available She was actually quite cute little lady … that was a surprise as they are usually very homely …. gave her 50 bucks for a deep BB suck put on the dom and destroyed her little Asian pussy with a pretty hard pounding over the massage table filled the raincoat Then cleaned up 15 min done dusted gone ,,,, Hell I didn’t even ask her name !!!!

  72. Slammin Salami says:

    Anybody been to St.Peters yet a place called Wives Only ?

  73. Slammin Salami says:

    Sorry Bob but I think you must be going to MH on the wrong days
    Under 50’s
    Chloe,Chantielle,Charlize.Alexis,Claudia,Lauren,Jagger,Kendra. and that’s a few just off hand all have awesome figures and are quite happy to fuck you silly Ive had a session with all of them

  74. Kevin Long Prong says:

    Week before last I saw Darcy at MH, Cleg St.
    I reckon she’s in her late 50s. Great body for a MILF / GILF.
    Tall, slender, big firm shapely tits and a firm ass. Had an awesome 69 (natural french). It was so horny. Had an awesome view of her beautiful pussy & asshole. It was soooo horny i ended up ejaculating into her mouth. Then gave her a deep tongue kiss. My cock was still rigid. No sex as time was nearly over.
    Had myself a thoroughly enjoyable time.

  75. Kevin Long Prong says:

    Saw Cat at CT, Riverwood. Tall Kiwi with a good body. Service was very good. Wore me as I’m in my 50s. Good HJ but it was covered.

  76. Fred says:


    Now that the government has put in tax cuts for small businesses, we can all look forward to better service at our local parlours.

    I don’t think that there is any parlour in Sydney with a turnover of more that $50 million per year, so they will all be getting tax a cut.

    We can look forward to
    * Better facilities.
    * Younger ladies with bigger tits.
    * New sheets and towels.
    * Air conditioning that works.
    * Massage tables that don’t wobble.

    It is a good thing that I voted for Malcolm.

  77. Adrian says:

    You all need to give the lovely Aimee a call. Petite aussie, naughty nurse, early 20’s, Does Natural. 0422081252

  78. Slammin Salami says:

    WTF……………… Chrissy and Anastasia HARKWORKING ???? we cant be talking about the same ones that worked at Gentlemans paradise NO WAY I remember the Anastasia your thinking of she use to do privates at Carlton and work at AH she was a hardworking WL with no holds barred ,,, These 2 WL’s rate as the worst roots Ive ever had But they win hands down in the talk your ears off championships

  79. SlamminSalami says:

    I seethe two grannies Chrissy and Annastasia have had to go private after the miserable failure of Gilf Paradise in Artarmon …….. They should have stayed at RCT least they were getting some action

  80. This pissed me off says:

    Yesterday on Cracker i saw some disgusting skank advertising who is pregnant and offering all natural sex. Any tips on who I should report this low life to ?

  81. Harry says:

    So anyway so i like to organize DP sessions with punters on here so i can see the shock on their face when i “accidently” creampie their but crack. hahaha Whooops!

  82. Concretepills69 says:

    What the hell is going on with this site? So many parlours have been deleted now. Came to check latest comments for Eastwood 10 and its gone. Ridiculous. So many have disappeared, Epping, Castle Hill, Eastwood, West Ryde. Whats the point anymore? If we cant get all the info then whats the point of this site? Especially all the trolls. I emailed admin last year to ask why Castle Hill had been removed and got no answer. They never reply to emails. Can anyone tell me why Eastwood 10 is no longer here?

  83. another Mona says:

    Mona, I know exactly how you feel. I hate people attacking others on line for different reasons.

  84. MAC says:

    Breakfast Point Massage at Mortlake
    Has a page but can’t leave comments:

    Address: 33/86-88 Tennyson Rd, Mortlake , NSW 2137
    $ 40 / 30 min
    $ 50 / 45 min
    $ 60 / 60 min
    $ 95 / 90 min

    Three girls daily, all Asian.
    Need to make booking as it can get busy due to the construction workers nearby and no other competition in the Concord area.

    The shop:
    Located at the GF of a new apartment block, has air conditioning in each room, a wash basin, couch, new carpet, new paint, walls to ceiling, plus lock on door.

    In short, ticks all the boxes for me.

    Front lobby is nicely presented, boss is an Asian couple. Polite and friendly.
    Sometimes the wife is there, sometimes the husband is there.

    Lady boss is pretty, man boss is fugly.

    My visit:
    It was a case of something new and something familiar.

    The shop is new to me but guess what ?
    Sophia (from Kogarah Massage) was working there on the Saturday I visited (!!!)
    Should have seen her face when she opened the front door and saw me.

    So no need to repeat my review of her.
    You can see it here :

    Same great massage, but the HE was average.
    Just my opinion, she’s starting to get tired of the work and not as enthusiastic as before.

    Oh well….. Next !

  85. Greek says:

    Shop: 313 bunnerong road Maroubra
    Phone: 8084 6610
    My friend recommended this shop to me. Finally I visited this premise last Friday and I am so glad I did. It is definitely a nice place to spend an hour for sure.
    I was met by a gorgeous vietmese girl (Tina). She has great body, very friendly, great massage, Standard industry prices. It was intimate, warm and relaxing. Her little hands gave me a great time.
    My friend also mentioned that there are few other girls who are good at getting your knots out and make sure you are happy with them in the end. Honestly I value that attitude.
    Looking forward to try different girls. Btw, On the way out a chinese lady gave me a beautiful smile. She is very sexy.

  86. AH guy says:

    Does anyone know what has happened to Anastasia (Petite redhead) who used to work at 60 Whiting Street Artarmon. The place has been taken over by new management and they say she no longer works there 🙁

    Any help would be appreciated.

  87. Sofrevska says:

    I see the one called Kartier at Miss Heaven, i fuck her with finger, cock and her dildo. She fuck me with her finger (i not let her fuck me with her dildo, it a monster dildo). She good value, she go off when we dildo her clit. No squirting but trembling orgasm

  88. Stevo says:

    Hello just wondering if anyone knows any good places out west in Sydney with Aussie girls like massages place

  89. yumiet says:

    Been going to a joint at waitara / hornsby – 41 edgeworth david ave, back of house in a little studio, asian older milf, ask for massage – get nudem , ask to massage her – she is nude, i massage her, she loves the fish fingers in her hairy beaver, she blows and squirts like you wouldn’t believe. then its my turn she loves cock in her mouth – gives me bbbj and swallows , $100 for 1 hour – 9482 9962. She aint pretty though 🙂

  90. Big Cock says:

    Don’t you just hate these fucking Asian brothels. 9 times out of 10 it cost more than a good full service brothel. The way they suck the money out of you is fucked. An extra 50 for nude then an extra 20 for blow job then another 50 for a fuck. Oh and please don’t put your fingers in.
    Punters think about it. Is it worth it.
    Plus they stink and the risk of getting TB is high

  91. Angelo says:

    I just moved to Hillsdale. I got really bad sore shoulder and back from the moving. I need a massage badly. Any recommendations?

  92. Pepe the frog says:

    Highly recommended Brianna from Kings court.

  93. Bond says:

    You all should read this from beginning to end. I promise you’ll be glad that u did, as there’s a lot of things to be learned from this from my experience as a 100% straight guy.

    I was working out earlier today at my gym. So I was at the locker room changing and I dropped my wallet and didn’t realize it and some new guy I’ve never seen before picked it up and gave it to me. I thanked him and we just had a small talk and he told me he’s new at the gym, and since my workout buddy was sick today, I asked him if he wanted to workout together, and so we did.

    In between our sets, we had small talks, and I asked him if he had a gf, and he told me he’s gay. I was like congrats bro… I’m so happy for you, cuz i didn’t know whatta say. I’d never guess he was gay since he acts, looks, dresses, walks, and talks like a masculine dude. He’s also tall, lean, muscular, 3% body fat, just very good looking physique and face. First, I’m a 100% straight guy, and I’ve had sex with at least 35 chicks so far. Even if you are straight, u sure as hell do know when a guy looks really good [but probably won’t admit it lol].

    I’ve always wanted to know why there are so many gay people in the world nowadays. Back then, it was rare to see a gay folks and now they are like everywhere! Growing up, I used to believe in many things that I later rejected (e.g., tooth fairy, santa claus, god, etc) so I wanted to know how gay sex felt like and why many people who never tried it think it’s a bad thing. I mean, life’s too short and there’s so many things to do in life to try out so I decided I was gonna try to hook up with a gay dude with me being str8. So after we finished working out, I asked him if he wanna come over and “hang out and have fun.” He agreed.

    Like I said, he was super hot, 11/10. But since I was straight, I didn’t feel the urge to bang him. So when he came over, I asked him I wanna experiment, and he gave me a blowj0b and it felt totally amazing, better than from all the chicks. It made sense to me, since he’s a dude and know the male anatomy well. I’d never thought I’d ever do this, but afterward I asked him if I can suck his ding dong to see why girls love the cawk so much, and it made so much sense to me once I tried it. To have something huge in your hand and to control someone’s feelings/emotions just by stroking or sucking it gives u an amazing feeling of power over someone. Simply put, it made me feel almighty and king-like without resorting to illegal drugs. Then, he asked me to bang him so I did and it felt very tight, and feel better than a chick’s vag for reasons I somehow can’t explain. Afterward, I asked him to enter me because I’ve always wanted to know how it feel to be a catcher for a change, after pitching all my life. And holy cow, the doctors were not joking around when they said the prostate gland is the male’s G-spot. I was totally in sexual Ecstasy! It turned me into a freak and a monster begging for him to go deeper and harder, and looking back, I laughed at how the human body work. It was simply the best sex of my life, without a doubt. My orgasm felt 100x better, no joke, I swear!

    Like I said, life’s short and after my experience, it opened my eyes and made me less judgmental and a lot less anti-gay. I realized that my bigotry was irrational after I decided to give it a try. Anyways, I wanted to tell u all my experience, and why I understand why there’s so many gay people nowadays. BTW, I’m 100% straight! Feel free to ask me anything!

  94. George says:

    Visited miranda a couple of weeks ago. Was a little hesitant when approaching the unit as its in an open unit block. Right near westfields. Im a bit shy.
    When entering was greeted by a mid aged asian lady, pretty and slim.
    Very partial to chinese ladys so sbe was a welcome sight. She escorted me into the room where we discussed prices. I opted for 60 min ($60). She also asked if there was anything else I required. Happy ending I asked? She responded ok $20 extra. Sounded like a deal so I happily accepted. Asked me to undress shelf left and came in one minute. She got started. She remains fully clothed.
    Towel massage first then oils me up. She is truly skilled In massage. Fantastic hands. Non hurried and relaxing to the point of falling asleep nearly. Got to the pointy end of things and she started rubbing her hands between my legs and stoking my balls. Trying to get me hard. No probs there. Asked me to roll over.
    There I am completely naked with a thumping boner that would sure look great in her mouth but shes not into that. Slop goes the oil on the cock and her hands follow. Very standard asian handjob with one hand rubbing and the other playing with my balls. Dont expect to last long as shes done this many times.
    Was a faily clinical hj but relieving none the less.
    I blew a fair mess all over her hands. She cleaned up snd continued to masssge the front side. Was very relaxing and un hurried.
    To sum up. Overall if you are looking for a great masssge with just a little extra. Its the place to go. For something more erotic. You are better off visiting the local brothels. Great msssage average hj.

  95. Slammin Salami says:

    A cheater goes unpunished, his team moves on to the next round, he tries to cover up the scandal, and people are being discouraged to talk about this scandal. This makes me not want to WANK anymore!

  96. jones564u says:

    Went to MH this morning .There was not a lot on offer so went with younger one lucy. Very nice lady but not much of a GFE Her lips don’t open when she kisses you & straight on with a dom for BJ and I had to rely on a hand job in the end. BUT I met Alexis as a receptionist and she is gorgeous I hope to see her one day. She asked me my choice and I said her But she said sorry not working to day. She kept coming back to my memory as some one I have seen some where else may be a R&T place but can not remember where. Has any one got any ideas?

  97. Retro punter says:

    If i had a time machine i would take you back to 2003 to a Mauritian chick i used to see at Impressions and Bliss on Crown. Think here name was Lara . Massive natural boobs, slightly chubby with a stunning face, she was part French also. A true superstar of the business. Miss her.

  98. Bobbigdick says:

    Does anyone know where I can find an exotic Mauritian (Mauritius) girl to have some good time ?

  99. Slammin Salami says:

    Thank you thank you thank you they put Angel/Nicole on nightshift !!!!!! Im in the area today and am hanging for a root LOL …. I also see that Ashley who left to go to defunked Gilf Paradise has retuned Id say Chrissy wont be far off asking for her job back at RCT either

  100. Slammin Salami says:

    I rang Cougars Of Sydney ( the old Gilf Paradise) well it hasn’t uped the ante its now Cowbells Of Sydney may as well go to Harris Pk its heaps cheaper if you like large Gilfs

  101. WartBoy (the original & the best) says:

    Just a reminder about those annoying warts, dont cut them off with scissors like i did they will bleed and spread like fire, use wartkill works great! and dont forget to shave the pubes off, you will find some big ones hiding under the bush! Cheers WB

  102. Blair says:

    Apparently my reviews have interested some readers. I am a Scot who spends only a few months in Oz each year. I have had more experience in Scotland. So I will review my best experience ever. This is not fiction, imagination or

  103. Bobby says:



  104. Bronco says:

    Over 50% of all the posts are about ladyboys, warts & STDs. I wont be pisting anymore reviews as the threads for my regular joints have all been deleted eg Amanda Heavens, 269, Miss Heavens & now Cougar Town.

  105. Slammin Salami says:

    The tread for this brothel has disappeared obviously Nicole/Angel must have got the shits when punters let everyone know what a dud, nagging , harassing, risky old root she has deteriorated into..I reckon more punters avoid where she is working so they wont have to listen to her shit at the intro’s
    Maybe I am too hard but that’s my opinion only doesn’t mean Im right

  106. Bodyrubbbs says:

    Cronullamassage.net.au is pretty good with nice chicks n budget prices.

  107. Slammin Salami says:

    Man oh man I just took a good look at that Cougars of Sydney website if the WLs are as hot as the ones listed in the pics count me in for a visit asap Must be new management for sure

  108. SSTID_1970 says:

    Looks like Gentleman’s paradise artarmon is now called Cougars of Sydney according to an ad in today’s Sunday Telegraph.
    Phone number is 1300 268 427

  109. James lee says:

    Shop 313 bunnerong road Maroubra.
    8084 6610
    4:30 pm Friday 3 March 2017
    Read some reviews about this shop from this thread few days ago and I am very interested with the Friday vietmese girl Tina. It sounds like she is a very nice girl. So this afternoon i made a special trip to Maroubra and try to find out if she is the good one. I booked her for one hour through the shop number before I left work. I was wondering if it is a right decision to meet her when I pass the massage shop I normally visit. By the time I finished there I knew I made the right decision. She has beautiful long hair, wearing a black dress (I think her size is 8). I feel comfortable straight away when she greeted me with a friendly smile. She loves chatting with me definitely once I start the conversation. I can tell she is trying her best to make me feel special. She is very sexy and different. I feel so fresh during the one hour session especially after seeing my regular girl in another shop for a long time. It was definitely a good change. She is not greedy definitely.
    She does good masssge as well.
    Highly recommended this little vietmese girl

  110. Bobby says:

    enjoyed this lovely ladyboy last week http://australia.backpage.com.au/TranssexualEscorts/classifieds/EnlargeImage?image=38713332&oid=10702950 Her well-shaped legs go on forever, her beautiful pecs punctuated by nipples that are eminently suckable, a luscious dick that is begging to be licked and sucked, with oh so tasty cum, a devilishly handsome face, a darling Aussie accent and much much more. she has an insatiable bottom who couldn’t get enough of my cock, but not before I rimmed her sweet hole, between the two rounded cheeks of her bubble butt. After I shot my load, I sucked her to climax and swallowed every last bit of her ladyboy juice. We showered then cuddled together and chatted as I kissed her all over her hot, hot body.

    I enjoyed myself so much, I saw her again two days later. I’m so glad she lives here, because I’m planning on seeing her as often as I can afford it.

  111. Hondo's viagra says:

    R.I.P gentleman’s paradise artarmon

  112. derek says:

    went to a place on sunday , it’s not listed on this site and is a genuine massage parlour. anyway, the mama-san greeted me and showed me in and said the young girl was busy and that she herself would massage me. ok. thought I, no problem. I had been there before so I knew the drill, no shower available so simply strip off and lie up on the table, now when I had arrived the mama-san was dressed quite conservatively i.e she was wearing pants, long pants in fact, but when she returned to the room the long pants were gone and she just had on the dress that came down to just above her knees so me being me I took this as a signal that touching was on the menu. I let her get into the massage a bit before I made my move and simply reached up and took two brief handfuls of her buttocks. I say brief because she pulled away with a nervous laugh and told me ‘ no-no you just enjoy massage’ she continued on for another 5 mins or so and then said ‘young girl is available now I send her in ok?’ naturally I said yes.
    mama-san playfully spanked me on the butt and told me ‘naught-boy’. who was I to argue?
    the young hottie came in and took over where mama-san left off. the massage was good and then the ‘extras’ were just what the doctor ordered. she got totally nude and let me touch her nearly all over, no pussy rub although breast sucking was allowed, anywhoo she made all the right moves and I achieved the desired result and then got a nice warm towel rub-down to finish with.
    $60 for the one hour massage and another $50 for her to get nude and give happy ending so all in all not bad value.
    mama-san again called me ‘naughty boy’ on my way out and smiled broadly with a ‘see you next time’ farewell.

  113. Slamin Salami says:

    I noticed that the roster a Gilf Paradise isn’t even posted on the site anymore What is the problem there they have the position the building must have cost a heap to reno…. Yet all they can attract to work there is the same old boilers I rang hopimg for some one hot slender and exciting to see but no luck ,,,, Ended up going MH and fucking the brains out of Charlize ( great service that woman BTW)…..Perhaps its the management at GP

  114. Bull Schitt says:

    saw my 1st ladyboy today! her cock was amazing – huge really! I was enthralled by it and practically devoured it! she returned the favour and her BJ skills were perfect. I’d already told her I was a bottom so she seamlessly went from sucking me to fucking me – safely of course, she started gently which is good cause her cock could have ripped me in two! She knew exactly what I wanted and knew when to move from the gentle ‘love making’ to the deep and passionate fucking. I blew the biggest load of my life

  115. Stillyoung says:

    Last Wednesday, I decided to go eastgardens Westfield and have lunch there. Get enough of the food around my office. And also I need a break. My boss just said something to me which made me a bit uncomfortable. I hope I can get out of it as quick as possible. On the way to eastgardens I noticed there is a new massage shop just next to the shell petrol station on the bunnerong road. But I am not sure if I can get a happy ending there. It looks a bit straight. After lunch I still have some time left before I go back to work. Or I really need something to cheer me up. So I decide to give that massage shop a try. I am so happy I made that decision as this visit made me totally forget what happened at work that morning. As i walked in, a beautiful familiar face turned out just in front me. She is the girl I met in a Japanese massage shop 6 month ago and then she left there for some reason. I was trying to find her for a long time with no luck. Actually I had given up as I think maybe she has gone back to Japan. To make me feel even better, she recognized me straight away and gave me a big hug and I can see she was so happy to see me again. I think I am still young not too old and also I am clean and dress nice. I am happy she likes me. It was a beautiful feeling to meet a beautiful old friend in a new place. She treated me exactly same as she did in the previous shop. I can just hear the noise from other room. I was wondering if she treat other guys same….. this time I gave her my number and ask her to update me if she wants to leave this shop again. She was wearing a red (or maybe pink) silk dress. Very sexy. I wish she can go out with me one day. I think I am not old still young. I won’t make her embarrassed in the restaurant. Anyway, i feel much relaxed on the way back to work. What my boss said is not a big deal for me anymore. But still a bit annoying.

  116. AARONNNNNNNNN says:

    Hi Guys…
    Sorry i know it is worng section to ask this questions…

    However, i really need to find where she is…

    Does anyone know where jessie has gone (She used to work at Victoria Screat Chatswood)

  117. Smartboys@@@@@ says:

    Hi guys.

    Where is Ashley from AM and MH?????
    She is tall, absolutely gorgeous and big tits.
    I am on mission to find her out.
    Please let us know where she is………..please.

  118. Legion says:

    Just an FYI out there. I just ordered an escort from this add
    Girl arrived wouldn’t do anything I had asked for and then proceeded to want to keep the money. Email at your own risk

  119. Sugarfoot says:

    Newbie. Was the BJ from Georgie (C/- Whiting St) covered or au naturel!

  120. Bull Schitt (the original) says:

    Keep checking the roster for GILFS Paradise. Basically the same 5 gilfs on every day. BOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG

  121. salim says:

    hi guys I went to the place in Carlingford today and the girl charged me $90 for 45 minutes and she used this new toy on me has any one heard of it before , I swear it was the best suck I have ever had anyway make sure you insist she sterilise it before you use it ok

  122. Slammin Salami says:

    To Headsup the cryptic clue to is Who she worked with on the reception desk at AH ?

  123. smart boy!!!! says:

    HI everyone.

    I have gone through a lot of comments.
    I was wondering what is the location of 269???
    So many of you mentioned about 269.
    I am a big fan of AM and now MH.

    ALso i remember Ashley who worked at MH.
    She is blond, tall and great body with big tits.
    Does anyone know where she works now?

  124. Slammin Salami says:

    To Heads up Thanks NOW I remember who Holly is WOW !!!!!!!!

  125. rod slammer says:

    hi guys

    went to vip69 in city on tuesday for the first time. got the menu and decided on blowjob option for 30 mins $100 I think it was.
    Shown to my room that had a smell in it and waited 5 mins for girl to walk in. young asian girl named nina i think. She asked me to lie on table face down. the room was dark I asked her what her nationality was chinese , thai? she turned to me with a pissed off look on her face and said do i look chinese, i replyed its dark i cant see. Anyway she striped to her nana undies.
    Massage was soft and useless was going to say something but decided to shut my mouth and wait for what I really came for. No ball brushing no sensual touching whatsoever. After 15mins she tells me to roll over. I was still soft but she sat there and rubs my cock to get me hard, it gets semi hard and she puts rubber on. she proceeds to suck me and stroke me but was so mechanical and she was unhappy I wasnt into it at all. Every couple of minutes she stops to spit in sink. after 5 mins she asks if im going to cum. I ask if I can touch her she says no. after another 5 mins she tells me she cant suck for this long and mostguys cum after 5 mins. I said if she lets me touch her I will cume quicker I got no response. After 30mins is up she gets up and tells me to go even thou i dont finish. I told her she didnt give a fuck told me to go . Now ive been to a few places like this and have never been treated like this, im 40 and ok looking so thats not the problem most ladies smile and talk but this bitch had the worst attitude. was going to talk to management about it but they werent around so just left.

    never will I waste my money at this place again avoid . Rub and tug places are better value and the girls let you touch and play with them. Hell last place I went the girl licked my butthole.


  126. Cream pie says:

    Been looking for Skye ex-Amanda Heavens. Curious as to whether she is Angela Eve who advertises on Cracker ?

  127. Slammin Salami says:

    I took at look at the Gilf Paradise site to see if any new WLs NOTHING !!
    I also looked at their gallery LMAO at the photo of Eve she is sucking her gut in bigtime almost passing out it’s that noticeable..Chrissy not bad for a GILF

  128. Slammin Salami says:

    I have to admit if Virginia crossed over Id really love to hammer her She is hot ….I notice also a few new ones at MH they sound impressive in the description

  129. 52_year_old_Aussie says:

    185G Burwood Rd BURWOOD
    (Entrance from Livingstone St. Upstairs)
    8034 8870

    Strange place – I have been there twice.

    A few months ago I walked in and was greeted by a Chinese women in her 20’s. There were no other WL in to waiting area. Ushered into a room overlooking Burwood Rd. Reasonable sized room with very sturdy table and a good view out the window onto Burwood Rd. The strange thing was, was that there were parallel steel pipes bolted into the ceiling.

    Anyway $35 for 30 minutes and the lady left me to get undressed. It was well over 5 minutes before she returned. I offered her $30 to get her gear off, but she replied in really good english “I don’t do that”. She then motioned for me to get down on the table and I had 30 minutes of a great professional massage. No flirting or tickling. She knew how to massage.

    I asked her what the steel pipes on the ceiling were for. They were for her to hold onto if she walked on my back. As I walked out

    So no happy endings, but a great $35 massage.

    Went back a few days ago. Was greeted by another Chinese women (probably early 30’s) and shown straight into a different room. Boxes of tissues stacked in the corner. Again $35 for 30 minutes and again had to wait about 5 minutes or so before she came back. In broken english she said “I start massage. Then I get you girl.” She did a reasonable job for about 5 minutes, then diasppeared out the door. A few minutes later she reappeared with a towel that she put over me. Then a few more minutes massage and out the door again.

    Wait a few more minutes and in walked a young 20’s girl – she called herself Irene or something similar. I offered her $30 to get her gear off, but she wanted more. “$50 to take clothes off”. She was a “pretty little princess”, but she did give me a few squirts of hand sanitizer, which was a good start. So she said, it was only her second time at the shop, I don’t think she was very experienced as a WL – but give her another 6 months and she could be fine.

    The massage wasn’t too bad, but she wasn’t really into it. She was paranoid that people might look in through the very tiny rear window which only looked up to the sky. She was also paranoid that there were peep holes in the wall. Anyway, she showed me her tits and I got a happy ending, but that was about that.

    When finished the paper sheet on the bed was replaced – both times.

    Good be a good place if they had good management. I might give it another try in a few months.

  130. Fucking do something parlour page says:

    When was the last review that wasn’t an insult to a punter on this site.
    It would surprise me that it was the owner of the site.
    Who else could it be. He is probably every scumbag that insults on this site. eg bronson, roving zucchini, wartboy etc.
    My conclusion is if it is not him then why not ban the these cunts. They would be able to block them by there IP address.
    For me I’m sick of it and am about about to switch off this site

  131. Slammin Salami says:

    Average Joe why don’t you expand and explain WHY to all the fellow readers of this site your mind blowing reply of your opinion of me,

  132. Conan says:

    Dear wartboy
    You are a miserable son of a bitch
    I hope your mom has retired from hooking

  133. Steve says:

    Wartboy you are a miserable son of a bitch

  134. Slammin Salami says:

    Why do people spin such bs Charlize at Miss Heavens DOESNT GIVE BBBJ Yes she sucks a great cock ALWAYS WITH A CONDOM

  135. Mickey says:

    IMO Tessa & Layla are two hot fucks. They are at Cleg St. Both are slim & euros; german & italian. Tessa has bolt-ons while Layla has beautiful natural tits and are a good size. She has an awesome body for a MILF as does Tessa. Layla has a beautiful all -over tan. Both do BBBJ DATY 69 but no anal & FS is covered. Would rate both 9/10. Love to hear what other punters think

  136. O J says:

    Was at MH on Friday. Was very quiet when i arrived. As i walked in, a really old dude was walking out. Felt sorry for the bitch that had to suck his cock. TBH that will be me one day. Hahaha. Not my problem. Only a problem if i have no cash to buy. Was placed in a room & a procession of hoes introduced themselves.
    Abigail was very pleasant & attractive. Very nice & bubbly personality. A bit heavy but she is “uninhibited”. She does BBBJ. Hmmmm. Will see her soon. I reckon she’d be fucken good in the room. Love porking a big juicy ass. Aleesha – about 30, short but solid build. I definitely will see her soon. She was friendly. Does BBBJ. Jazz. She was wearing a see thru dress. Very nice. A bit heavy but i liked it. She is young (for MILF Heaven), attractive, pleasant personality, does BBBJ & is “uninhibited”. Will see her next time i rock up.
    Nadine came in. She is eurasian & has blue eyes. Something about her that makes you want to fuck her. I asked if she did natural french & anal. To both questions she said never. If she did BBBJ, i would’ve picked her but i did not. Ella told me she is a squirter, provides BBBJ & anal. Will put her on my bucket list. I was introduced to another 4/5. Anyway I ended up with Charlize. BBBJ DATY FS. Shit she is really tall & slim. Great personality. Great fuck too!

  137. Retro punter says:

    @ Cheyenne, yes thats correct. Channel from Surry Hills, but she would be in her late 50s at least. I’ve known her since the mid 90s when I was in my late 20’s and she was easily 10 years older than me. Still a very sexy woman regardless of her age.

  138. Barry T says:

    I wish admin would get serious in barring the these lonely insecure good for nothing SOB who constantly put shit on this site.
    It has got to the stage now that it is a useless site and they might as well shut it down. All that is achieving is people venting there crap on here. No body really cares as it is most probably the same dickhead posting the shit

  139. Cheyenne says:

    had a busy day yesterday, i had another encounter as well after popping the blue pill saw a short fat milf with big arse big tits, gave her daty and ringed her arsehole, she loved it, had bbbj as well as bbfs and a top massage to boot. but this morning my cock is burning and i have a sore throat wont share contact detail with grubs on here like to keep these finds to myself

  140. Slammin Salami says:

    I just took a look at Gilf Paradise roster Does it ever change ???? Look as if its going to be a trip to Clegg St Ive been wanting to try out Chloe she sounds very fuckable by her description I had Jagger last week 5 star fuck service there guys

  141. John Doe says:

    Thanks to the punter who broke the news about Sheridan. Saw her twice this week. She now calls herself Hannah. I’ve had two awesome sessions. I’m in lust. LOL

  142. O Schitt says:

    Saw Hannah yesterday. Wow her tits are HUGE. Glad i picked her. First time i’ve met her. She’s one hell of a woman. Had a great session. She told me she is rostered Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

  143. TOBY says:

    Any body been to 276 Gladesville recently – is convenient for me.
    do you know what service available FS (BB) BJ (BB) DATY etc.
    any recommendation and names

  144. Cheyenne says:

    Last week i was feeling really toey so organised a lesbian 3some at MILF Haven. LMAO. MILF Haven is in Cleg St. BTW plenty of parking. At Whiting St parking was an issue.
    Booked for an hour. Also paid an extra $100 to each MILF for anal. Ended up costing a small fortune. Got BBBJ, DATY, 69, BBFS & BB anal. The MILFs licked, fingered & fisted each other’s cunt. One even rimmed the other’s asshole & then mine.
    At one stage, one was tonguing my asshole while the was sucking my cock. It was an awesome session. Wont be doing again as it was way too expensive. Can get the same at 269 for $200/60 minutes

  145. Lotta Schitt says:

    Bull Schitt. You wrote the same crap yesterday using the “Wartboy” name. Loser

  146. Holden Fucking McNeill says:

    Does anyone remember a very busty and curvy blonde who worked at AH around 2012 -2013 whose name was Skye from memory and does anyone know her whereabouts these days ?

  147. Bwuce Leigh says:

    Went to an all asian brothel at Roseville tonight. It is on the highway. Never been there before but my mate Alex dragged me along. Just got back home. It was a great session. My root had a very nice tidy figure, beautiful C cup breasts, all real, slim young girl, pale skin, top little bouncy bubble butt, long straight black hair, no scars, little waist, nice hips. Tiny little shaved triangle of pubic hair, legs were slender. BBBJ straight up with ball tickle and ring play at same time, put me in heaven straight away. Fucking insane technique and keen as mustard to get you rock hard for her own enjoyment. After she had devoured me for ten minutes with skill and passion, she wanted sex and the rig feel was so good ,was a battle for me not to cum, and I had to pull out several times, as so close to losing the load not funny. After cowgirl, she wanted hard mish , then hard doggie. Fucking insane tension in that pussy and she was desperate to cum as many times as she could. believe me , not act . And she had been going all day like this ? just one of those natural pleasure machines you come across once a year or so, if you get around enough. Close to 25m in mark and I just had to give it to her so bad i let the load go after a few minutes of glorious doggy on the butt from heaven….. yep got anal at no extra cost. On top of that she was a great kisser too, all the way thru the session. 9.5/10 from me , must see again for an hour. No rimming from her is about the only fault I could see. Out of 30 mins actual sex time was 20mins plus oral at the start. Just an awesome little girl. Highly recommended fun bunny from heaven.

  148. Bronco says:

    Was feeling horny so i dropped into Clegg St. Met a bunch of all sorts in the lounge room. A lot of new talent. Some really nice chicks as well as the regular skanks who provide a filthy PSE experience. Picked an overweight GILF with BIG titties. About 55yo??? Hopeless guessing their ages. Well I had an awesome PSE session: DATY, BBBJ, rimmed my asshole, i rimmed her asshole, 69, BBFS & anal. BTW she has a huge clit, huge ass & huge tits. When tonguing her clit while fingering her pussy she squirted. A couple of times. It was fucken horny. She let me take pictures of her pussy & clit & i videoed my cock going in & out of her asshole. Just watched it. Had to have a wank. Pics of her pussy & clit made me horny.

  149. Amir says:

    Went to Clegg St. Picked Cleo. Middle Eastern beauty. Nice that she wanted daty straight up , and asked me in a cute soft voice, Would it be alright with you if I cum ? Eerrr, yes, i think would be okay. She assumes doggy position , i slide her panties down. Everything perfect, looks like total laser job, she watches in the mirror as I lick her. the squirming , wiggling from her increases, then roll her over and attack the clit at hi speed micro lick. Her hands go to my hair , dragging me to her best spot , and then the sounds start and the hips start gyrating like a Latina dancer …and off she goes. Then she THANKS me for doing it and allowing her to cum before we start sex. NOT really a problem for me. Told me she wanted doggy , but I said we have to leave til last or that booty would have me cumming 10 strokes in. So did mish as she threw her legs wide apart in the air , such a view and a demand , had to go for it deep. interesting the dom she used had that textured rough surface , said it was her favourite. OMG those things are built for girls who love extra stimulation, and feels good too.

  150. Donell Trumpe says:

    Visited 269 last week on TWO occasions. Both times with Lulu. Her service is PSE. BBBJ, BBFS, BB anal, ATM, CIA she loves rimming arseholes. Love sticking my dick in her arse then into her pussy then back into her arse. Only know of three others who do this

  151. Chicken Schitt says:

    For lovers of HUGE tits, Sheridan is back. Calls herself Hannah these days. She is rostered at .:. today. BOOYAH!!!!!
    Won’t mention where she is at because the dickhead running this forum removed two threads recently. That is your hint.

  152. Piddles says:

    I can’t believe that the thread for Forbidden City is gone. A crying shame. First 269 was removed. It was by far the best thread. That was followed by the removal of AH & then MH. Well, you’ve lost me. No more reviews from me

  153. The Big Lebowski says:

    Stifler. I’d be into that. LMAO

  154. Butt says:

    Has the thread for 6 Clegg St been removed? Seriously?

  155. Pharrell says:

    Went to GP. Was waitning in the Greeting Room. In walks this little Chubby Bunny, about 55-60 years old, nice eyes and a very nice smile, a short BBW with a big juicy ass and very BIG tits. says “Hi i am Penny you like me” , F–k yeah i think to myself , i says “yes i like you” . In the shower with her with a hard pecker, as soon as the soap was rinsed off she gets on her knees and starts bbbj-ing me, gosh i thought, i’m in heaven, after 5 mins we get out, dry off and then she pushed me onto the bed, lays next to me and then straight into DFKing me, what a kisser this GILF is, then she sits up, looks at then holds my boner and goes down, the first motion was nearly a deep throat and then a super nice up and down suck, my f–king … i haven’t had a blowy like that since i was in my early 20s. After maybe 5 mins i couldn’t take anymore otherwise i would have blown her cheeks out, lol, so i tell her to stop and its my turn for payback, she lays down and i get between her legs, which are very nice and i gaze upon a BEAUTIFUL pussy, fortunately she has a slick cunt so i went for it, man she tasted sooooo nice, went at it for maybe 10 mins, and let me tell you guys, she loves it, rocking her hips up and down and sometimes pushing hard onto my tongue.. Then bang, she came, said something inaudible and pushed herself away from my mouth. We fuck she says, puts the rubber on me and in i go in mish, man a tight puss, just the way us men like it hehe, gave her a good pounding and kabam, off she goes again, then i rolls her on top for cowgirl, what a magnificent ride she is, and watching her huge boobs jiggle was it for me and i emptied a sack full of goo and just as i finish shes off again and then collapses on me panting. Had trouble breathing as she is heavy. we laid in each others arms for a little while and i looked at the clock, damn an hour goes fast when your having a good time. She then says shower because time finish, i said no its not, she looks at me not understanding what i meant, i grabbed my wallet, pull out another 160, gave it to her and said, 1 more hour, she raps a towel around her and out she goes, im just laying there waiting thinking here we go, 5 mins will pass by shes back but no, couldn’t have been 60 secs and shes back in the room, throws the towel to the floor, jumps on the bed between my legs and down she goes on me again, I don’t know which BBBJ was the best, the 1 in the shower, the first on the bed, or that second time, after about 5 mins i says its time for a 69er, she spins around and im in awe that puss coming down on my face,,, yum yum yum yum yum yum, man i think im in love with her pussy, 5 min or so off 69ing then dommed up again, a few mins of mish then doggy,,, guys, if your a lover of big butts then this is the gilf to see, i lost a lot of protein after 2 or 3 min in doggy just watching her ass and lightly squeezing her cheeks. thank penny for an awesome time

  156. Lebo Cucumber says:

    Hey guys. Forbidden City has been removed. That’s bull shit

  157. Pinocchio says:

    I was at 269 last week after reading some of the reviews on the 269 thread & the MISC REVIEWS thread. I liked what the Italian Stallion did with Lulu & April together. BTW I

  158. Noe Schitt says:

    Notice that the thread for “Forbidden City” aka Miss Heavens hasbeen removed. WTF? All tbe best threads get removed e.g 269, Amanda Heavens, Miss Heavens & now Forbidden City. Great! Just farken great. Soon MISC REVIEWS will be removed.
    Went to Miss Heavens yesterday (ie Saturday) & saw Pip for the first time. I dont know why she cops so many negative comments. I think she’s a gem. As I started touching her soft body and beautiful HUGE breasts she stroked my rock hard cock. She started with a great BBBJ followed by DATY. Had an awesome 69. Fuck she knows how to suck a cock. Tongued her pussy. It was so wet. The love juices flowed into my mouth. Rimmed her cornhole. She moaned. Her juggs are beautiful. She’s overweight but she has a pretty face. We had sex in missionary position then doggy. A good session. Will definitely see her again.

  159. Will says:

    I know Pip & Nadine do anal. Do Emma & Kartier do anal?

  160. Slammin Salami says:

    Some seriously good talent at Miss Heavens today/tonight looks as if Ingrid is going to give Gilf Paradise a run for their money

  161. Sparky says:

    Is Penny at the new GP the same girl from AH a few years ago.

  162. Roving Cucumber says:

    Checked out website for GILF Paradise. States Penny is in her 50s. She is in her 60s. But doesnt matter. She’s excellent value. Her BBBJs are awesome. Hoghly recommended

  163. Horny Chinaman says:

    Today i saw Penny for the first time in ages. I love white womans with huge juggs! As soon as I started touching her beautiful HUGE breasts she giggled, I knew the gods were smiling upon me that day. She started with a great BBBJ & I followed with DATY. Had an awesome 69. Fuck she knows how to suck a cock. Tongued her pussy. It was so wet. The love juices flowed into my mouth. Rimmed her cornhole. She moaned. I think she liked my tongue being up her asshole. Then she rode me like a cowgirl, gently and varying the rhythm. This beautiful GILF loves to please a man, after 10 min of cowgirl, missionary and spooning, I had the best doggy experience ever, her ass was just perfectly rounded with just the right amount of “bounce” to them – then i was eager to talk with her- i still had time for a second go & I reached a really great climax. We lay there for a few minutes totally spent. The sweat was pouring off me. BTW I cant wait for winter
    Then the conversation began- the sex was awesome. Talking to her in the nude about tons of things was the best part. We talked about her beautiful juggs, about life and all sorts of things. BTW her juggs are beautiful. She’s the kind of GILF, I would love to meet in a cafe or and talk for hours and hours, maybe go to a bar later and have crazy sex and talk again for hours. , but with Penny the pleasure of having an great conversation was even better than the most amazing sexual experience i just had. I had appointment for 30 mins, but we could’ve talked for hours.
    She isn’t just a GILF with huge tits and pretty face, she is also a beautiful person with good sense of humor and good nature. A genuinely awesome woman.

  164. Slammin Salami says:

    I rang the Gentleman’s Paradise retirement village today 4 gilfs on So I asked who was on nightshift and the same grannies are working right through ( I wonder if they can stay awake ) Well its off to Miss Heavens or Riverwood for my punt tonight

  165. Ice Cream Man says:

    Just viewed the website for GILF Paradise. Notice a young lass named Penny is on today. Has G cups. Think it is the same Penny who used to work at Waterloo St in Surry Hills about 10 years ago. If so, she gives great haed & jer tits were firm!!!

  166. Slammin Salami says:

    Here it comes the recycle bin ….. the starting of the names at GP ( Gilf Paradise ) …. the first Anastasia and Chrissie would be the youngest

  167. John says:

    Just checked the website for gentleman’s paradise, whiting st artarmon. They havent even updated the roster. Obviously having TEETHING problems. Yes some of the GILFs couldn’t find their dentures! HAHAHAHAHA. Im

  168. Sylvester says:

    Went to 269 during the week & booked April & Lulu for an hour. Cost me $200. Have seen these two before in 3somes. Highly recommend if you like seeing sluts licking & tonguing each other

  169. Jackie Chan says:

    Went to Maggies on Saturday. Was introduced to a small number of mature womans. Picked the slimmest available. Was ushered into the room and had a shower. Just as i

  170. Bronson says:

    So what if I’m a cock sucker. It’s not my fault that I’m a faggott. I was born this way

  171. Slammin Salami says:

    The end result of Gentleman’s Paradise opening Monday will be this The same group of travelling WL’s who regular punters all know going to a new place They will rebadge themselves with new names but because US PUNTERS are curious buggers .plus the fact the new management think we are idiots we will want to check it out , we will be paying more to do them than we were at the other establishments ,,,,, My opinion only !!
    Yes I will probably go look too but if the facts I have raised are true Im leaving I refuse to be played the sucker punter…. Miss Heavens is just around the corner and RCT is in my area of work ,,,,, So just think before you hand over your hard earned cash

  172. Rocko says:

    Any massage shops in Sydney that have ladyboys?

  173. James Ellsworth says:

    Anyone been to Kings court of late and got any updates ?
    Would like to see Brianna if anyone has a review on her ?

  174. Fred says:

    Sexually transmitted diseases on the rise in Western Australia

    If it is happening in WA, it is also happening in Sydney – be warned and play it safe.


    Sexually transmitted diseases on the rise in Western Australia
    By Garrett Mundy

    A surge in the number of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in Western Australia has health experts concerned, as they seek ways to reinforce the safe-sex message.

    More than 3,000 people were diagnosed with gonorrhoea between October 2015 and September 2016, up from 2,170 in the same period the year before.

    Cases have more than tripled in the past five years.

    And syphilis is also on the rise, with the number of cases rising from 139 to 308.

    Acting director for the Health Department’s Communicable Disease Directorate Dr Donna Mak said people were increasingly ignoring the safe-sex motto.

    “People are clearly having unsafe sex,” she said.

    “That’s men, women, and people of various sexual orientation.

    “What we would like them to do is think about having safe sex, and perhaps have safe sex.
    “But if they’re not able to do that, to make sure they go to their doctor or get tested.”

    Concerns for babies infected by mothers

    Dr Mak said the increase in gonorrhoea cases had been most dramatic in the Perth metropolitan area, among heterosexual people aged between 20 to 40.

    “That’s a particular concern to us, because with gonorrhoea it can be passed from a mother to a child through the process of childbirth,” she said.

    “So it’s really important that women who are pregnant or contemplating getting pregnant get themselves tested.”

    The rise in STIs has prompted the Department of Health to put together a new sexual health campaign, set to launch in the new year.

    Details are yet to be finalised, but the initiative is likely to feature commercial radio advertisements and a heavy reliance on social media.

    The department will also target overseas holidaymakers.

    Dr Mak said people tended to act differently on holidays than they would at home, increasing their likelihood of contracting an STI.

    “Make sure before you go on holidays, pack condoms with you,” she said.
    “Especially overseas where condoms are not always of good quality or reliable quality.

    “And if you have had any risky behaviours while you’re away on holidays, then when you come back home make sure you go and get tested and get treated.”

    Anyone worried about their sexual health can visit the department’s STI information site, couldihaveit.com.au, to learn more about symptoms, or assess their own risk level.

  175. Random says:

    Sad to hear George Michel passed away yesterday.
    His songs got me laid on more than a few occasions in my 20s.

    Last Christmas, Careless Whisper, Faith, Freedom, Don’t let the sun go down on me, Amazing, etc…

    Gone too soon at 53.
    Thanks for the memories/mamarries.

  176. HMFS says:

    Anyone keen on a straight MMF around the Sydney metro area? Preferably Caucasian & with decent package interested in splitting the cost?

  177. MAC says:

    West Ryde: New shop on Victoria Road.


    30 Minutes: $40
    45 Minutes: $50
    60 Minutes: $60
    90 Minutes: $100

    Anyone been there ? Interested to hear any reviews.

  178. Italian Stallion says:

    Went to 269 during the week & booked April & Lulu for an hour. Cost me $200. Have seen these two before in 3somes. Highly recommend if you like seeing sluts licking & tonguing each other

  179. Jackson says:

    Hi punters. Has anyone recently been to 130 Queen street St Marys? Any reviews please!

  180. Brandy Conneiseur says:

    Punters. Just noticed that the Amanda Heavens has been removed. Well that does it for me. No more posts from me. This forum has removed AH after removing 269. Best two threads are gone. And so am i. Have posted numerous & detailed reviews under different names (coz trolls hijacked my names). Have emailed Admin asking them to reactivate AH.

  181. 52_year_old_Aussie says:

    10 Station St Kogarah
    This place used to have a stream, but now it has gone.

    Parked the car near Kogarah Station to get the train to the city. Getting off the train at 8pm, I looked up and the open sign was still flashing. I decided to check out what their prices were and what the place felt like. This was only a scouting mission with no intention of a session.

    So in the open front door and up the stairs. Large common area and I was met by a lady in her 40’s. She gave he name as Sarah, short (even by Chinese standards) and a bit chubby, but nowhere near fat. Her English was fairly good.

    Anyway the place looked spacious, clean and no clutter. The girl’s own area as behind a curtain.

    The price list on the wall was $40 for 30 minutes and up from there. Sarah was also giving the hj hand motions and saying free. I hesitated and said that I only had $35 but she motioned me into the room saying “you can touch me”.

    So I undressed and when she came back her dress came off followed by her panties and bra. She had medium size tits which were a bit saggy, but with very large nipples. She was also shaved downstairs with the hint of a regrowth. She told me to lay on my back and went for the oil but I said no. She was straight into it, but I kept brushing her hand away while I worked on her, giving better than I got. It finished with a COB.

    All up about 10 minutes, but for $35 not a bad deal.

    This deal may only be a one off, but others may get lucky with the last session of they evening.

  182. MAC says:

    Meadowbank,: there’s two massage shops on Constitution Road.
    Lucky Baby Massage and CK King Massage.


    Has anyone been there ?
    Interested to here any reviews.

  183. bobbigdick says:

    anyone knows where I can find so beautiful mauritian or latina girl in Sydney ?

  184. 52_year_old_Aussie says:

    164a Stoney Creek Road Bexley

    They advertise in the local newspaper, so I decided to give them a try.

    Recent visit, up the stairs and into a big waiting area, not crowded like some places.

    Greeted by mama-san and taken to a room. Startedo to negotiate for half an hour with extras, then remembered that I didn’t have as much cash as I normally do (I had to fill up with petrol), so tried to exit, but mama-san wouldn’t have it. Asked me how much money I had and asked me to show her – only $40. She grabbed hold of it and said OK, then motioned for me to get undressed, which I did.

    I was half undressed when she came back in, picked up my clothes and carried them into another room – WTF? I followed and a minute or so later another lady came in. Helen, Chinese, 30’s and medium height. Straightaway she gets her gear off, good size tits, small nipples and trimmed downstairs.

    She starts the massage, going through the motions, light random hand rubbing. She doesn’t mind me rubbing her legs, arse and crutch. She asks me to roll over and I sit up. I turned over and sit Helen down on the table next to me. Whenever she went for my dick, I brushed her hand away and worked on her instead. This went on for a few minutes.

    Happy ending well done and Helen got dressed and carried on with the massage. Called time a few minutes early, well you couldn’t really blame her, it was after all only $40. It was a Saturday afternoon and they must have been desperate for work. I didn’t see or hear any other punters while I was there?

    I didn’t ask, but full service was probably.

  185. Fake advertising alert says:

    Alright punters wanting to alert you all as to an ad on Cracker which is blatant false advertising. Yesterday I responded to an ad titled ” happy time with Cora ” .
    The photos in the ad are of a slightly chubby but extremely busty young lady but without face pics who is Asian. Having made the booking i proceeded to the given address near Wynyard station and upon arrival a young slim but not very busty Asian girl answered the door. I asked her if she is Cora , to which she replied ” yes “. I then took out my mobile phone and showed her the cracker ad and pointed out that she is clearly not the girl in the advertisement. She gave an embarrassed giggle and her English language skills suddenly disappeared. I told her what she was doing is wrong and probably illegal and then I left her apartment. I have my suspicions that this kind of deception is probably widespread on the Internet , particularly with the Asian girls.
    Be warned.

  186. Amir says:

    Hi all,
    Has anyone been to Canterbury 269 recently?
    any new girls?has the service quality gone down since this year ?

  187. JG says:


    This is a copy of all the targets we need to be hitting today. I want reports in ASAP. We need to name and shame all the shithouse, stinky, skanky, pathetic Chinese money-grabbin’, “NO-SEX” places and shut them down – while at the same time promoting all the cool sexy places to PP Members.



    Health and Fitness
    AT CAMPSIE NEW Traditional Thai massage 184 Brighton Ave, Campsie 10am – 8pm 8542 2844

    Health and Fitness
    QUALIFIED MASSEUSE Full body massage at her own home Good price offered Joann 0410 928 105 0424 567 018 6/13 Rosemont St, Punchbowl

    Health and Fitness
    MORE NEW LADIES Best lady massages. A/C 0469 013 593 0404-673-293

    Health and Fitness
    Chester Hill New Magic Fingers, Healing Hands 9644 2270 4/90 Waldron Rd

    Health and Fitness
    BANKSTOWN New ladies every week Excellent service. 9790 8168 1/110 Old Town Plaza

    Health and Fitness
    AT PANANIA MSGE New Management. 8710 3486

    Health and Fitness
    At Riverwood New 18-35 Chinese, Thai, Aussie, Jap, Cute. f/b msg.0415 279 383

    Health and Fitness
    AT Condell Park 9790-3094 More Mature New Ladies Full Body Chinese Massage 66 Simmat Ave. 7DAYS

    Health and Fitness
    AT PADSTOW Full Body Relaxing Msge. 29 Howard Rd 9773-8728

    Health and Fitness
    At Padstow New Lady, F/B Msge. Rear Entry. 3 Padstow Pde. 9792 6165

    Health and Fitness
    AT BANKSTOWN 6 Kitchener Pde A Beautiful and Healthy Chinese massage 7 days 9791-5775

    Health and Fitness
    AT BANKSTOWN NEW Winter Special. Prof & Best Asian Msge. 6/46 Restwell St 9709 8892 0414 796 885

    Health and Fitness
    AT CAMPSIE NEW OPEN. New Staff Daily, Asian Relax Msge,Special Rate. L1, 4/256 Beamish St 8283 5397

    Health and Fitness
    a Professional Massage & Acupuncture All muscle, lumbar, spinal, Sciatica, arthritis. Effective Immediately. Fund rebates available. 0402 083 789

    Health and Fitness
    AT Condell Park 9790-3094 More New Girls Full Body Chinese Massage 66 Simmat Ave. 7DAYS

    Health and Fitness
    A1 SPECIAL F/B PADSTOW clinic/B’town $50, BACK PAIN 0404 993 905

    FEMALE SEEKING MALE Preferred age 40 – 52yrs for relationship 0416 809 415

    Personal Services
    THAI RELAXING MASSAGE By busty Thai lady. Thur&Fri only. 0431 047 094

    Personal Services
    AT RIVERWOOD Chinese massage, 1/2 hr $30. 337 Belmore Rd. Ph 9153-5000

    Personal Services
    At Regents Park Massage shop. 411B Park Rd. Back door upstairs. 0410-029-493

    Personal Services
    A AMY ST, REGENTS PARK 9/46-48. Excellent Massage $30 1/2 hr. 10-7pm. 9738-9917

    Personal Services
    ALISA 20 Sexy slim Chinese just arrived, inner west area in/out calls 0423 231 355

    Personal Services
    ASIAN – Lovely Ladies Top Service, Low Price Mon-Sat 9am-7pm 9787 2657

    Personal Services
    NO.1 @ CAMPSIE CHINESE body msg Lge rms a/cond rear park. 2/573 Canterbury Rd 9789 2251

    Personal Services
    BUBBLY Filipina/Aussie lady offer massage at own home. No sex $60p/h $40 30min Joann 0410 928 105 0424 567 018 6/13 Rosemont St, Punchbowl

    Personal Services
    Attractive Irish Busty Blonde Mature, passionate, discrete service, private. 5 min airport. Mon-Fri. 0415 127 137

    Personal Services
    AT ROCKDALE EROTIC & WILD Aussie & International LADIES All new ladies 17 Bermill St 9567 9494

    Personal Services
    AT SEFTON NEW 18-34 Chinese, Thai, Jap cute F/B massage. 41 Helen St 0426 200 911

    Personal Services
    AT PEAKHURST Asian Ladies 30 min F/S $75 1 hour F/S $110 10am Till Late 19 Pritchard Place 9533 2025

    Personal Services
    ANA – MEXICAN 38, busty, curvy, sexy, friendly. No Priv N’s. 0424 355 004.

    Personal Services
    AN EAST EUROPEAN LADY Mature slim and busty private apartment 5mins from Roselands Offers full service/fantasies Over 40 pref’d, No private no’s. 0400 462 402

    Personal Services
    Bankstown New ladies daily. Excellent FB msge. 15 City Plaza 8739 4430 0459 328 033. Next CBA

    Personal Services
    At Beverley Hills New Chinese Msge, Acup. 10am-8pm, $30/30min, $50/hr. 240 Moorefields Rd. 9759 1860

    Personal Services
    At Lakemba New Nice Gal Best Msge 8/49 The Boulevard 9759 7233

    Personal Services
    ASIAN LADY Mature, busty, toys, AS, XD, GS, Private. No txt & private no. 0427 465 223

  188. LUCKY LARRY says:

    Not a lot seems to be written on here about King Massage Rockdale lately.
    Been here a few times and well worth a try.
    Last Thursday popped in to see who and what was on offer and found new Summer. I seem to remember another Summer from their Riverwood shop who just LOVED cock! But that’s another story.
    Anyway, this new Summer pic on the website looks like she might be “experienced and talented” as they say, and was sitting with the “come her and fuck me” look!
    Oh ok – she’s the one. Sexy MILF Mamasan showed me into a dark and rather sexily lit room and in came Summer.
    Not exactly what I expected, but was soon made up for by a poor part 1 and an excellent part 2.
    I doubt this girl has the usual massage certificate hanging on her wall – bit soft for me – but then I could/should have asked for HARD massage.
    Never mind – the bonuses were that she was naked from the start, and lots of tackle tickle and lots of groping allowed. By groping I mean a bit more than that and soon the wet and eager pussy syndrome!
    This girl’s a true trooper and likes to take charge .
    She motioned me get off the bed then lies there over the edge with all to display as she starts clit play.
    No need to offer further instructions here – I stand over her and start pounding away! No holds barred here and lots of FOAM. This position is great for massage tables as you get a “good view” and the hands can fondle the tits as well. This goes on for 5-10 minutes and eventually too much of a good thing.
    The FOAM then increased into a fake cum together, but I’m not that sure it was fake, the way she was carrying on!
    Nice clean up with hot towels after DOM removed and a few hugs.
    She mumbled something about come and see me in the city but I didn’t catch where. Highly recommended for a horny lad after a good hard fuck.

  189. Icecreaman says:

    105 Church St Parramatta
    Has anyone been please comment
    Had 1 good experience
    Recent visit been very poor service
    Shocking attitude by staff
    Please advise on best days to go.

  190. Rambler says:

    I see that new shops have opened up on Parramatta Rd Auburn, Great Western Highway Wentworthville and Silverwater Industrial Estate (near the M4 motorway). Anybody been to any of these yet?

  191. petep says:

    Does anyone know were u can get a ladyboy massage and happy ending in western sub. Cheers.

  192. Donny says:

    Wrap it Up guys,
    I did bbfs for the first time and now I’m scared to death because of
    My stupidity
    Was only vaginal for 2-3 mins, am now scared to death…

    Not worth it guys, seriously not worth it..

  193. Mykobo says:

    Hornsby Massage Clinic.

    WL named Julie. Asian with the long fleshy nips (every Asian lady I’ve seen has this, is it normal?) Gave okay massage but it was the light touching and the handy that were pretty damn good. Got a well oiled handjob and got to touch her breasts, light lick of a nipple and let me spank her bum.
    For those who prefer to punt at cleaner establishments – it seems they change their sheets after each customer. As I was dressing she was folding it up and I saw a room with more sheets hanging up.

    $90 wasn’t too bad. I don’t do full service so I didn’t ask (I get worried even with a handjob health wise) and despite her English not being too great she was very polite and cheeky when it came to the tug.

  194. Handyman says:

    One way to clean up some of the crappy comment on this site might be to separate the site into 2 parts, the first being massage services and R&T shops, and the second being the FS businesses. The logic behind that is that 95% of the trolling comments relate to no more than 3 or 4 FS shops. Whereas I suspect that 90% plus of the businesses and clients are concerned with massage/R&T shops

    But I can appreciate that might be a lot of tedious housekeeping work

  195. Plonker451 says:

    Admin’s post of 22 September below is the best news on this site for ages. One troll in particular has come pretty close to destroying the site single handedly. If the impact of the trolls, spammers and women haters can be minimized, PP might get back to what it was, a useful review mechanism. Good luck with it.

  196. WillyWonka says:

    What is happening to parlourpages? So many false / troll comments.
    I dont frequent this site often started using this site 5-8 years back, it was mostly good and genuine post back then, a year ago I noticed a lot of false and troll comments. Last September posted a review in Canterbury 269 but the thread went way off course, and now I see the comment section for 269 is closed off.

  197. WillyWonka says:

    Is Roseville Rose at 104 Pacific Highway Roseville ? I went there once maybe 8yrs ago, when it was an Aussie place. wasn’t bad back then (At least the girl I was with wasn’t bad).
    Has anyone been there recently, last 2 months How was it?

  198. JG says:

    YAGE Massage
    Auburn Business Centre
    Harrow Road, Auburn

    Standard rates.
    $20 happy ending
    $50 full service!

    I had 30 minutes spare and decided that I should revisit YAGE Massage in Auburn… to compare experiences of course.

    Buzzed the bell got inside. The place will filled with cigarette smoke. Very unpleasant.

    The asian girl that came out was 25 , slim and petite, understood only “sex english”. Paid $35 and she showed me the room. Came back and started my massage. Pretty average experience for 25 minutes. Then she tells me that she’s finished and I get up and I asked if there are any extras, she says $50 for full service. I was surprised, about 6 months ago there wasn’t even the chance of a happy ending.

    I paid $20 for a happy ending. Totally not worth it. I actually didn’t cum. It was that bad. I said in a Scottish accent, “You have to try harder than that Lassie”. After I had an orgasm I was getting changed and said, “SO Ahhhh, busy day? Lotsacustomers?” She replied, “No”.

    I left.

  199. 52_year_old_Aussie says:

    PJ Massage 53 Webb St Croydon

    Staff there are Thai, not Chinese. Went for a visit last week. Only one lady available (real lady – not a ladyboy). Called herself “Baby” and was in her 20’s.

    $35 for 30 minutes and $40 to get her fully naked. She started the the massage fully dressed and when I complained she took off her jacket. I complained further and she took off her top and bra, but that was it. She wanted more money! I wasn’t going to pay. Must admit that she did have a good pair of tits.

    Massage was only light rubs, not a real massage. I got to tickle her nipples a little bit, but nothing else. When I tried to touch her we move away.

    The happy ending was fairly mechanical, but no tissues, they had warm damp towels ready.

    After that spent lots of time on my feet and ankles, then it was over.

    Not the best experience, but at least the shop was clean and tidy. The “Rooms” are just curtains with very little room.

    Maybe another girl may have been better.

  200. puffypuffpuff says:

    Does anyone know if there are any 24 hour shops? The only place I stayed overnight was 142.

  201. concretepills69 says:

    Carlingford now appears to have (at least) two parlours open but I cannot find any reviews for them on any site. Can anyone tell me if they have punted there and how you went? Also, the girls who used to use 20 Epping Road are now working out of 145 Great Western Highway, Mays Hill. Cheers.

  202. Puffypuffpuff says:

    Anyone know of any private escorts that do overnights that can last the entire time?

  203. Fred says:

    I went on a scouting mission this afternoon. PJ Massage, 53 Webb St Croydon. Quiet suburban street, just houses near by.

    Small shop, two small rooms with only a curtain. $35 for 30 minutes and $60 for 60 minutes. Also 45 minutes and 90 minutes, but I can’t remember what the prices were.

    None of the big coloured pictures on the window like many shops, just a small sign with the name and the prices. Also even smaller sign “no sex” – promising!

    Inside was greeted and they introduced themselves, “just the two of us……. one lady and a LADYBOY.”

    It was only a scouting mission so not on for today, but will probably go back soon. I’m definitely NOT interested in the ladyboy, but others might be.

  204. jones564u says:

    Has anybody seen Melina. She is private based in Ryde advertises in backpage

  205. Jack Off Chan says:

    Last Friday I had a RDO at work so i went to 269 & booked April & Lulu for an hour. Cost me $200. Have seen these two before in 3somes. Highly recommend if you like seeing sluts licking & tonguing each other’s pussy & ass. BBBJ, DATY, BBFS & BB anal. Went from pussy to ass to mouth & back again with one whore then the other whore. Then from one ho to the other alternating from ass of April to pussy of Lulu then to April’s pussy then Lulu’s ass. Kept doing this till i finally exploded in Lulu’s bum hole. Then pulled it out & gave it to April to suck. I harden up again & put into April’s pussy. Then into her ass. As my time was nearly up, i pulled it out & gave it to Lulu to suck. Fuck. What a session. One hour, girl eating girl, anal 3some, ATM, $200. Great fucking value. Why bother having a GF. This way is cheaper & i can still watch the footie on TV. LMAO

  206. Puffypuff says:

    Any bbfs girls at Roseville Rose?

  207. jellowfever says:

    Fancied a youngen and contacted this girl from cracker. Jenny panpet. She came to my flat yesterday. Alright massage, but her bod was tight as. She wanted me to recommend her. $200 for hour was a lot. might do again if I’m horny and lazy as. just nice to have a fit girl show up who resembled her pictures and not the usual munters. Job done. Enjoy.

  208. Kyrah says:

    still don

  209. Ben says:

    Anyone keen for a three some with mingle old town plaza?

  210. Melissa White says:

    Learn about the best and top business hotel there get many type of high class services with escort girls.
    GFE escorts Sydney

  211. Mr Andrew says:

    34 Langston Place EPPING

    I have been a regular here for about 3 years , always had a HJ and nude massage for extra $50 ,plus BJ and full service with my favourites and the girls have been ok service until recently , the good ones have moved on and just the clock watchers are still here . Time for me to move on too.

  212. Bwuce Lee says:

    I was at 269 last week after reading some of the reviews on the 269 thread & the MISC REVIEWS thread. I liked what the Italian Stallion did with Lulu & April together. BTW I’ve seen Lulu before both on her own & in 3somes with the one & only Monica. And many a time too. Absolutely awesome experience so was hoping for a similar experience with Lulu & April. Booked a 60 minute threesome with Lulu & April. $200 for 2 sheilas for obe hour. BTW I’d never seen April before this. In summing up, it was a very good session and i was not disappointed. It was a real PSE.
    The session started with both doing BBBJ on my prick. Lulu eventually worked her way to my cornhole which she sucked, licked, rimmed & tongued. I was now fingering April’s extremely moist pussy. Lulu started tonlick April

  213. Casper says:

    The other day I was in town for business and stressed out and as I was near Club 121 I paid a visit. Used to go here quite often & my favourite was Serita who keft about 7 years ago. In the intro room. I was introduced to three girls. Picked an ebony called Beyonce cause she has nice thighs and a big juicy arse. My only reservation was that she was a lot younger than me. Well I needn’t have worried. She made feel st home. DFK, DATY, 69. It was an incredible session. She is one hot mama. She really knows how to suck a cock. It was heavenly. Finished off with covered sex in doggy position. Pulled my cock out after a few minutes and inserted into her corn hole. Had trouble getting it in. Her arsehole was very tight. She told me she hadn’t done anal for quite a few days. Anyway it looked great with my cock going in & out of those beautiful brown butt cheeks. Blew big time. All in all a great session but a bit pricey compared to my usual haunts

  214. Angus Young says:

    Roman Bath House 227 Macquarie St South Windsor. Went here today looking for something different. Front entry on Macquarie St but also private entrance in rear lane. Met at door by Thai girl Hanna,mid twenties. It is $100 half hour but as I was to find out they probably have a large hot water bill. She took me to room and asked me to undress. She then started to fill the bath and then told me to get in and lay face down.Your head is above water in case you think she wanted to drown me.. I was then lathered in body wash as she scrubbed me all over including my back door, very good. Then it was turn over time and she again lathered me in soap ,arms , chest , legs and then happy time.. She then proceeded to shower me down to clean me up.Thoroughly enjoyed it, Also buy 5 get one free is advertised, but I dont rely on that . I will go back.

  215. Melissa White says:

    Get to help in the very best Melbourne Escort Services and models working with us in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Canberra.
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    Level 1, 512 Princes Highway Rockdale.
    All-new shop with 6 luxurious rooms with ceiling height walls!
    All your favourite girls from Riverwood and Green Square, plus many new faces to see!
    Easy to find. Just before the Bay St corner and only 1 minute walk from station and buses.
    Parking in Bay St, or along Princes Highway or in the Council carparks.
    Phone 8542 2843
    Mobile 0432 080 398
    We will be open 7 days 10am to 9pm
    Our website will be updated ready for the Grand Opening!

  217. Adamx says:

    Since i cant post on the 269 thread anymore just wanted to ask if anyone has been with lala before at 269 cantebury ? She is on today was thinking about seeing her

  218. Jake says:

    Has anyone been to Darling Harbour Massage yet ? In Murray Street…I drove past the other day and seen the sign.

  219. Enoch Powell was right says:

    Dude , its a brothel website for fucks sake. ..why take its so seriously?
    If ever a website was going to be trolled , this is it.

  220. Andy says:

    27 Oxford st Epping – i thought i give this place another chance , but same crap , massage rushed and hj was half hearted and i did not enjoy , and what pissed me off was all the girls here are clock watchers ,from my experience.

    34 Langston pl Epping – pretty much the same rubbish as oxford st , the talent has gone downhill and some girls have moved on since council has raided this place a few times . Council walked in on 1 occasion and started taking photos of everything and everyone on the day i was there , luckily i managed to quickly leave as my girl told me council here as reception managed to alert her . goodbye Langston place .Last thing i want is photos of me in councils hands

  221. Samy says:

    Any Amy fans from Luck 7 massage North Ryde. I have found her again. She suddenly closed the north Ryde shop vanished. I was a regular at north Ryde. She has opened a new shop and is now a TAFE qualified masseuse.

  222. Samy says:

    That’s odd.
    Comments at Sydney CBD Massage and Waxing have disappeared and it’s no longer possible to add new comments. This is one of the better places in the city.

  223. Emil says:

    112 BALLANDELLA RD PENDLE HILL. Has anyone out there got any feedback on this place. I rang them up today and they said they’ve got Indian, Lebanese and African girls beside the usual Asian girls at $160 for one hour full service. Some info would be welcome, as some of these places can be really a waste of hard earned cash. Thanks!

  224. jim says:

    Guys there I an Asian that advertises in the classifieds as a
    BEAUTIFUL Busty Asian. Amazing Hot service. Make you very very happy. Aircond 0410 722 889

    She is at 19 Homepride ave Warwick farm you ring on one number and she texts you on another, that one being 0449709241.

    Guys give this one a wide berth

  225. Hardon says:

    Bad news for the Maria fans who worked at St Marys, 269 Canterbury, sometimes 235 Annandale, she is taking 2 months off headed back to taiwan to see the kids and mother, same as she did last year.

  226. Hardon says:

    Admin any chance of including Canberra, big scene there but fuck all in the way of who’s good.

  227. Emil says:

    Hi there, has anyone out there ever had sex with KC at 28 Hope st. Seven Hills? She is a lovely and intelligent woman.

  228. Plonker451 says:

    If Admin limited posts per day to no more than two per ISP address, he could eliminate 90% of the drivel clogging up this site. Maybe that would attract a few genuine punters.

  229. Need to know. says:

    Wow what great info on these parlours & services. My problem is not many or any sites in my area are fully reviewed in p/p. Does any other review / forums exist that are easy to access like p/p.

  230. Dindu Nuffin says:

    The kings court thread has been shut down because of all the negative reviews and punters complaining about the owner Big John who hangs around the greeting area like a bad smell. Check out their website, John has copied a couple of good reviews from parlour pages and put them on his website then had a cry to adim here about the shitload of negative reviews. …haha you fucking obese sook.

  231. Adamx says:

    Okay so damn emily she is the same emily from 24 railway pde liverpool but has a part ownership at 102 moore street liverpool. All the guys saying that she does not do bbbj and bb are dead wrong it does id say depend on the person if u look like a yobo or a drugee obviosly no. Anyways i was with emily today had to wait as i didnt have a booking which was cool sat in a room with porn playing which is always a plus she walks in and is very happy to see me as i saw her a while ago from 24 railways pde dfk nipple play finger in my ass which was kinky and also whipped cream yes she sprayed it on and just started going for it. Was rock hard and ate her out my god she was wet as fucked hard and fast came massage agin was excellent them bbbj came in her mouth now she said to relax and could not belive i was hard again right after cumming fucked again and she was very happy i did pay the price though pelvis is currenlty sore from pounding her hard and my dick is drained tried to have a wank at home after felt like my dick had a cinterblock on it haha all in all will definalty see her again and i have covered sex im not stupid haha treat them right and shoe affection and youll get extras btw this is only my SECOND time seeing her not my 400th or something lol

  232. Punter1 says:

    To Admins,

    This is just a courtesy note.

    You have a couple of people with agenda to shut down this site, by trolling threads and posters. They have been active for over a year now, and have driven many good posters away.

    Whatever their agenda is, to just trolling for fun, they are bringing this site to lose meaningfulness and value to posters and readers.

    This has been a great site for information and sharing, so if you have the intention to bringing it back to what it once was, you may need to track and keep those people away. Yes it is a time or cost penalty to fork out, but that is the way with any business going online to deal with trolls.

    We’ve always loved this site for the wealth of information it shared, but it is not that way anymore today. Help your customers and yourself out.

  233. Dindu Nuffin says:

    Does anyone know if any female midgets work in Sydney?
    Want to tick that off my list.

  234. MIKE says:

    Hi guys, it’s amazing how the focus of this column has shifted in the near past. Before, it was mostly 269 Canterbury, sometimes 235 Annandale and Kellys at 5 Docks.and a few others. Now, Amanda Heavens is dominating by sheer volume of entries, it’s almost like a monopoly of sex. So what happened to the competition? Was it the departure from 269 of the star Monica? Has Cindy run both shops to the ground? Or was it the recent scare of STD from 235? Probably a combination of all these factors. After years of visiting regularly, I’ve stopped going, the last time at 235 was a big disappointment, the quality has fallen dramatically. Maybe, we need some fresh new alternatives. Cheers guys.

  235. Seiders Gary Lee says:

    When I was 26 years old, I learned my HBsAg was reactive when I was required to undergo medical exam for an employment (so depressed I wasn’t hired and the doctor had to write in big words, ‘not fit to work’ on my medical result clearance). It was my first time to be tested with that kind of blood work, so I have no idea when I contacted hepatitis B virus. My husband and I are the only ones who knew about my situation. I am so embarrassed and ashamed because hepatitis B is considered as an STD, like the infamous AIDS/HIV. My husband has no hepatitis B (thankfully) but I fear that even with his hepatitis B vaccine, he will get my disease, though doctors assures us he is safe from me.I always sleep longer than usual on weekends, always tired, often experiences tummy ache, sometimes unexpected skin itchiness/rashes, arthritis, irregular bowel movement and am temperamental But today am totally cure with the help of this clinic i came across on this web FORUM, the clinic name (HEALTH MED LAB) here is their email CONTACT THEM IF YOU ARE diagnosed OF HEPATITIS B VIRUS or any other sickness healthmedlab@gmail.com

  236. Plonker451 says:

    All of the last four posts to Eastwood Massage 10 (in date order) have nothing to do with that business at all. In fact they’re not even in the same suburb!

    Of the six shops in Epping you only have one listed – under Eastwood!

    Your Miscellaneous Reviews for Sydney is only on page 2 of that section and that is why so many reports are being misfiled.

    Admin, you need to tidy up the board and put things in the right place.

  237. Altezza says:

    Hi all looking for a bbfs full service double for one hour.
    Budget is $300 to $400 for a hour of lezzo action ass to mouth back to cunt repeatedly with a double cim finish.
    Girls can be asian,cauc or whatever aged between 25 too 40.

    • Lebanese Zucchini says:

      Alteeza, go to 269 canterbury road, canterbury. Ask for Lulu & Maria or Lulu & April. $100 for 30 minutes or $200/60 minutes (for a 3some).
      You’ll get BB action in all 3 holes, full-on lezzo action (fingering, mutual pussy munching, rimming). BTW both will rim your ass. I always go from one hole then back to the other ie i alternate between all four holes all BARE BACK. My mates & I have had this experience any where else. BTW I once had a FFFM session there about 2 years ago. All 6 holes BB & alternated continuously between all holes. Paid $300/1 hour. Unbelievable. Just letting you know that the premises are very ordinary & the WLs are “mature”.

  238. MIKE says:

    For years, I’ve been seeing mostly Asian milfs in their 40s, and as we all know, they generally provide good value and service. I had the occasional young one now and then with mixed results. I now would like a bit of a change in variety, so to speak. Does any one knows of a decent place that employs good young Asian girls worth visiting? Thanks for any feedback.

    • Lebanese Zucchini says:

      Mike, go to Kellys Asian Flowers, 2 East St Five Dock. Always 6 girls on each shift. Go to their website to view roster. I go weekly. The best sort is Anna but IMO she’s a starfish root. My mate had a similar experience with her. My favourites are Sakura & Judy

  239. A Punter says:

    Post for Sydney Babe Massage …
    comments for this shop might be disabled?
    Ok, after a private escort arrangement went wrong …
    (why you not give me directions in ingrish for?)
    I thought I’d try a two girl massage at Sydney Babe Darlinghurst.
    Lovely girls – Jessica and Nardee only work Sundays.
    Started off as a co-ordinated four hand massage but real soon we all
    got familiar
    then I arched my butt up and a finger and thumb were
    slid around the base of my cock and it was on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One of the most memorable hours of my life.
    Nothing dirty, just three naked people having fun, touching and laughing
    and laughing ………….
    Reckon the whole street heard us !
    So if your looking for a great time and appreciate two young girls
    touching and teasing you go there.
    If you don’t like female company, have a stupid need to hurt
    or have a religious problem with assertive females don’t waste your money.
    To Jessica and Nardee, thank you darlings from the bottom of my heart.

  240. AK47 says:

    Hi fellas.
    Can anyone recommend a good place and a good lady in St Marys or closer surrounding suburbs?

  241. 50plus says:

    Hi punters,
    I need some medical advice.
    I am uncircumcised and recently developed cracking of the fore skin. I have lost elasticity in the foreskin. I consulted a doctor and was advised that I need to circumcise. Is there an alternative? Is there any cream that could improve the elasticity of the fore skin.
    Any help is much appreciated. As with theirs condition I am unable to enjoy sex to the fullest extent.

  242. Me says:


    Has anyone seen Amy from king street massage mascot or good fortune Zealand?
    Was she good ? What does she do ? And how much ??


  243. 51_year_old_Aussie says:

    176 Liverpool Rd (Hume Highway) Enfield 0405 320 602

    New place, or fully renovated. Upstairs over a lighting shop.

    Two massage rooms with the non massage areas behind curtains, so that is an improvement on many of the Chinese rub and tug shops. Clean and tidy. Full size rooms and lockable doors, but the walls don’t go all the way to the ceiling. Sturdy massage tables.

    Wednesday afternoon when I visited I was greeted by Coco, Chinese mid 20’s with good B tits and thinly haired downstairs. Price was $35 for 30 minutes and when I nodded and then looked her up and down, she said $70 for full service.

    I didn’t want full service, just a naked massage – I always negotiate extras at the start, that way you know what you are getting and you can always back out if they won’t do what you want or ask too much. The girl’s asking price is always only a starting point, you can usually negotiate down just by holding out a few seconds. I once had an $80 full service dropped to $40 in a few steps just by waiting about 20 seconds and from frowning and shaking my head.

    Anyway, Coco offered $60 for nude massage, so we went for that. Off came the gear as previously described and the “massage” started. It was really only some very light hand rubbing on my back and legs, almost caresses. No way was Coco doing a massage, probably didn’t know the first thing about it, but she did however let me move my hands all over her.

    A few minutes later, Coco was lying on the table next to me not moving, just a blank look on her face, not saying anything. She didn’t react to any breast or nipple play and she wasn’t all that keen on me playing with her pussy. She did however encourage me to DATY (dining at the Y – me performing oral on her), tempting but not for me – no exchanging of body fluids – keep it safe.

    After about 10 minutes of not much she suddenly sprang into action for a swift hand job, then she got dressed and called time almost 10 minutes early.
    I’m glad I didn’t go for full service, it would probably have been like fucking a starfish.

    Anyway new, clean and tidy place and the prices are not bad, I probably just got a dud girl. So worth a visit, but if someone introduces themselves as Coco, then ask for someone else or walk away.

  244. MIKE says:

    Has anyone of you guys ever fucked young Jesse, who works out of 28 Hope St? She is a real honey.

  245. Krebs says:

    Anyone know if ML or massage shop that also do BBFS. Want to try at massage shop


    Great line-up of all your favorites today and tomorrow.
    Natty, 19, Taiwan
    Sarah, 20, Cambodia
    Lydia, 19, Taiwan
    Betty, 20, Thai

    Alice, 20, Korea
    Jenny, 21, Laos
    Tina, 20, Taiwan
    Lisa, 20, Singapore

    Some new pix on our Cracker ad:

    Also don’t forget our popular and busy Green Square shop:
    Today at Good Fortune – the VERY talented and popular JoJo.
    No more needs to be said!

  247. Samual says:

    Is the thread on 269 gone again?

    If so, I guess that FW johny got his wish. Surely the mods can remove a user and posts rather than a whole thread? If they can’t, time to get a new forum.

  248. Taka says:

    Don`t go here.

    This Advertising is totally horrible. One old lady and one poor boobs girl, only five min servise and no double bj, a girl gave me 5 sec bj..it was 120 bucks.


    Don`t waste money, They`re Vietnamese in parramatta.


    Hi all – Hi Sgt and others, we put up a comment about this last week.
    We are moving to a lovely new shop in a different area and all will be revealed later this week. Good Fortune will continue as is. But you are welcome to come to King Massage for a great lineup of sexy girls in the meantime. Our Cracker ads have some really HOT photos! See you soon.

  250. A-town says:

    wondering where I can find layboys/shemales in either massage shops or brothels.


    Natty, 19, Taiwan
    Sarah, 20, Cambodia
    Lydia, 19, Taiwan
    Betty, 20, Thai

    Alice, 20, Korea
    Jenny, 21, Laos
    Tina, 20, Taiwan
    Lisa, 20, Singapore

    All girls young, pretty, eager and ready to please you in every way.
    All photos on our website are genuine. Also please see our Cracker ads for more revealing photos! Open 7 days 10am to 9pm or later…

  252. Plonker451 says:

    I am beginning to think that this website doesn’t do much for most punters any more. We get the same repetitive reviews again and again of half a dozen of the skungiest brothels in town.

    No one seems to post much about the other 99 % of outlets particularly the R& T’s/ massage shops most punters frequent. Some of the advertisers appear to have noticed the change as well and have shot through.

  253. Gus says:

    RE : 34 Langston Place EPPING

    Lads was here a few days ago getting a tug from my favourite girl as i am a regular , then as i am about to blow all this drama happened , police officers and immigration officers raided this place , i could not get out fast enough , dont want to get caught up in this shit. My girl also tells me she will move on as this place also has council on its back. Beware guys !!!!

  254. Emo says:

    Ever had a special massage in a legit parlour or beauty salon?
    I know some in the Eastern suburbs but I want to know more!

  255. jones564u says:

    Has anyone tried Cythias Massage at Pennant Hills they advertise on Cracker under Body rubs

  256. Daman says:

    Hello gents I am looking for an actual nuru massage place in Sydney could you guide me to one?? Or which is the best massage parlour for a it more extra

  257. george says:

    Does anyone have any good intel on Lindfield 346 (NOT 390 near Coles, but 346 above the pool shop)??

  258. Henry says:

    Best RNT on upper north shore – any suggestions

  259. pissed off says:


    this place is a rort. works from apartment in sydney cbd and they blatantly lie to you about girls and their age. all chinese braods and they claim korean japanese and singapore its ridiculous.
    and theyre like 50 yrs old.
    i stormed out and another man followed.

    boycott this place mateys

  260. Ted says:

    What happened to Bamboo? It is no longer listed in the Bucket List.

  261. tt says:

    Any good looking Indian girls in massage parlours? For body slides and extras

  262. Fred says:

    Does anyone know of any PREGNANT ladies working around Sydney. I would really like to do one doggy fashion. The bigger the bump the better!

    Can anyone recommend anywhere/

  263. Piddles says:

    To ADMIN. What happened to the thread on
    269? Used to be under Campsie. Haven’t been able to “view” it for the past few days. Is it gone or am i doing something wrong?

  264. Norton says:

    Hey guys, Anyone tried the new Massage place at 208 Parramatta Rd Stanmore yet? Worth a trip ?

  265. Adamx says:

    Any recent reviews on Tina or Coco who work on Sundays ?? At Rydlemere 55 AKA Yokos ????

  266. Fred says:

    Centrefolds North Shore brothel fights plans for childcare centre next door

    The Daily Telegraph – November 27, 2015

    Centrefolds brothel in Artarmon has its knickers in a twist over plans to build a childcare centre across the road.

    A NORTH Shore brothel is fighting plans to open a

  267. Buz says:

    I am a regular at below new shop , clean big rooms , 3 different lovely girls to choose from every day and offers great massage , easy parking at Coles , a few minutes to walk to shop.

    41 Beecroft Rd
    Level 1
    Epping tel 0426 381 898

  268. Wayne says:

    Re : 34 Langston Place Epping

    i hear this place has had many problems with council and immigration as it employs some girls on expired tourists visa’s, and it sexual services.

    Council has taken them to court and looks like it will be shut soon.

    The girls here are very desperate to make as much money as possible, and charge more than the going rate in some instances.

    Anyway , good luck punting .

  269. Norton says:

    Seriously?!?!. Hey admin, you want to work your magic on this post & make it go away, probably be a good idea to bar the email address to if that’s possible

  270. randyray says:

    went to woy woy massage. dirty. needed to piss she told me to do it in the showershe told mr she was dirty dont know what thay means very average massge.
    can someone please tell me ehere to go in central coast im near erina, i dont want fs just massage plus hj.

  271. sim says:

    hey has anyone been to magic touch banksia thai massage?! i would love to know if u had a girl named monica and where shes left too? what other shop does she work at.. ?pls does anyone know??! so sad shes left! 🙁

  272. Simon says:

    My fellows think twice before use oral

  273. Foo says:


    Has anyone tried the new place at Doonside?


  274. Craig says:

    Hey guys, anyone know a place that offers prostate massage at a reasonable price you can recommend?

  275. Buz says:

    Visited 41 Beecroft rd Level 1 Epping today phone 0426 381 898
    I had 3 beautiful girls to choose from , rooms big and clean , you can park a coles parking and 3 minute walk to this massage place , picked a young girl , very good massage and friendly , i will go back again.

  276. banana says:

    hey guys anyone know nice private indian women in the west?

  277. Simon says:

    Does anyone knows of a 2 Brazilian ladies called Anna And Sarah (both 40 ) who use to work at Simply Healthy 8 Station Pd Burwood works anywhere now? Reception in Burwood can’t helped.
    Any clues or sightings of them whereabouts would be greatly appreciated

  278. darren says:

    Folks paid a visit to this place yesterday. Seen Thai girl called Nook or at least thats what i thought she said. She mid twenties fuller figure nice face. Into room where i part with $40 for half an hour massage.Off with my gear onto table for a hard massage i asked for. Well it was reasonably hard which was good needed a bit more detail like some arms and a bit more attention to to all over but for the most part it was ok. She did the but hole tickler as she rubbed down the lower back into the upper legs. Its amazing how that can get your wand hard in no time at all. Then she bends your leg up so she can rub hamstring and slip her hand across your jewels.Flip over for the choice of $20 for a handy or $50 for gear off and handy included. Thought yellowy was too much to see all her flesh and she was a slightly bigger girl but when she yanking the wand you get all sorts of wild things going threw your mind and those big jugs i would of love to have got them out. But anyway she played with butt and balls and pulled to her hearts content. Generally speaking it was satisfactory ive seen the boss here she in her early 50s she does a great hard massage she not much to look at but knows her trade. And this is the place to the right of the stairs up from chemist no trannies here thank fuck for that.The cup is on next week no 10 my good thing keep up your reviews folks and please save your bullshit for the pub and Kedi put your dole payments together and get out there and tell us what you found!

  279. ZD says:

    299 Kent St – Wynyard Massage Went on Wed wosrt service and absolute rip off, massage was just time pass and part two was just mechanical.. never go back and NOT recommended

  280. Daman says:

    Gents could you share the information for the brothel/private which has the most beautiful women between 30-40

  281. Styx says:

    Anyone been to Babylonia in Tuggerah. No web site for pricing or girls.

  282. darren says:

    CYNTHIAS MASSAGE 12 CASTLE HILL RD WEST PENNANT HILLS Folks paid a visit to this place today. Its all brand new good coat of paint inside it does look the part compared to a lot of run down banged up massage joints around the traps. Met Chinese lady who i didnt get her name but got the impression she was the boss by the way she was organizing things around the place. She got a little belly average body. Into room we go gear off forty for half an hour an i ask for a hard massage. I got medium rub down of the back and that was it. She tickles the cheeks and says turn over and asks if i want handy. That will be twenty she goes to work on the wand steps back a little when i try to play with her jugs wont let me near her honey pot what so ever. I just layed there it was really just not that great. Being a first timer i thought maybe she might try a little bit harder to woo a new customer back silly me. She said some crap about we do body to body next time yeh right there wont be a next time, If she is the boss like im thinking how bad are the others. Folks i wont be back that was a lousy massage and a waste of dough dont bother with this place its CRAP!

  283. Kan says:

    Hello punters, anyone from the Campsie area, I was wondering if you have tried 184 Brighton Avenue Thai Massage? I went the other day and wasn’t offered any extras, I didn’t ask either, but the Thai ladies there were petite and amazing so I was wondering if it’s strictly massage or any extras? Thanks in advance 🙂

  284. danish says:

    does anyone know where Brazilian Sarah from 8 railway parade Burwood is working right now please let me know.

  285. loadedweapon says:


    can anyone recommend place around hornsby.
    Been to Hornsby massage clinic 102/10 edgewrth david ave Hornsby 94777214 older lady gives great massage and h/j but she is very old not pretty to look at.
    Been to hornsby 142 when im really on heat but I am so worried about catching something Amy there is not recommended
    Golden touch massage in Parramatta love bodyslides and showering with the girls cbj is fantastic
    Are there any places near hornsby that aint a brothel where you get bodyslides cbj and a good massage similar to golden touch

  286. loadedweapon says:


    Thornleigh massage Shop 2 / 239 Pennant Hills Rd Thornleigh 9446 9766

    Great massage especially girl on thursday and sundays not best english will get nude for extra $50 she gives a nice h/j or $20 clothed h/j rooms are not sound proof at all so you need to be quiet.

  287. Handyman says:

    “Hey Admin.” New Massage shop opened.

    “Epping Remedial Massage” 41 Beecroft Road Epping. Phone 0426 381 898.
    It is located immediately next to the Commonwealth Bank on the first floor. There is another massage shop about two doors down the slope, don’t confuse the two. This place is run by Helen who used to run the similar shop in Langston place on the other side of the Railway line.

    I saw Daisy, a tiny Thai, good massage and a 11/10 HJ. She works Thursdays. Did not ask re extra services.

    Not much of an entrance up the stairs to surprisingly well appointed rooms with the big (enough for two) tables. Helen ran the other place well so I expect this will be pretty good too.

    There are at least 5 masage shops in Epping though none are on the PP site. You used to file them under Eastwood – mebbe they need their own slot

  288. Huntergo says:

    Anyone been to 48 keller street potts point?any nice new asian girls avalaible intro? Any extra good service provided?

  289. punter333 says:

    Anyone been to 822 George street in the city recently. There is a shop located on level 4 of this building (entrance on Lt regent street). I think this place has been around for a while. It is run by an old man and last time I went they only had one girl on. 25-30yo girl from Taiwan. However, from what I remember it wasn’t un-reasonably expensive and the girl was pretty incredible. There are showers, but they are pretty disgusting. That would be my only complaint is that they need to renovate the showers. I’ve seen nicer showers in an old backpackers building.

    Any other reviews of this place?

  290. HMFS says:

    Does anyone know the where Penny went frome Hope St Seven Hills?

  291. rambler says:

    Another R T joint has popped up in Seven Hills, this time in Johnson Ave above a row of shops. Advertises in local paper so I gave it a try last week. As fairly new premises were nice and clean with welcoming and friendly Asian girls and standard prices for massage and HE. My girl was attractive , mid 20s and spoke good English. Enthusiastic massage and expertly crafted HE !! Not sure how much more would be on offer but I will be returning. They also have a ‘frequent tuggers’ card with a free massage after 10 visits.

  292. Andrew says:

    phone number for New Epping Shop.

    Level 1 , 41 Beecroft rd Epping is 0426 381 898

    Enjoy the great massage.

  293. Christopher says:

    Afternoon guys rang up one of those ads on locanto and asked for pricing am looking to make a booking but just wanted to ask has anyone been with her before is she worth the $150 for the hour ? Link Below Thanks Guys


  294. AdamX says:

    269 Canterbury and 235 Annandale is there anywhere else i can get $100 for an hour

  295. LNB Sydney escorts says:

    Hi guys! I am Hannah from Late Night Babes Sydney escorts. We have been around for nearly 2 years now and due to our low prices, honest reliable service, fantastic client reviewed escorts and guaranteed genuine photos or your booking is free – we have helped change the escort industry in Australia for the better. The ladies we work with are mainly Australian/English and under 25 that we have personally chosen based on looks and personality because we think they are really fun! And we believe you will too! GIve me a call after 5pm to make a booking with one of our fabulous ladies.


    0477 020 558

  296. Norton says:

    Visited a new place last Sat. Well new for me anyway.
    19 Pritchard Pl
    02 95332025
    $120 for the hour so that’s pretty good value. If anyone wants to check it out. 3 girls rostered on, with 2 available when I got there. I had read some review at another site (Sorry Admin :P) about the girls rostered on & was keen to try Honey a Vietnamese lady they have there. Well as my luck would have it she was busy so was Left with Coco & Suki to choose from. Had seen some bad reviews about Coco so since I had hiked 40 min to get there thought I’d give Suki a go. Short Chinese girl, B-C Cups, Claimed to be 24, is it just me or are Asians hard to tell on ages? Anyway wasn’t to bad, CBJ which I wasn’t to happy about but FS service wasn’t to bad. Tried multiple positions, Cowboy, missionary & Finally doggy. Was talkative & while her English was broken, she made an effort so gets point in my book for that. No extras were offered but didn’t ask either. Rooms were clean but god knows they need to do something about there Bathroom. The room I was in seemed like it had a another door to another room from the bathroom. This bathroom had the hottub in it which is also where you showered before & after. Anyway, missing & cracked tiles on the tub, no handrails, wet towel at the base to stand on & floor was constantly wet from previous uses. Really this was there worst part of the experience. Would I go back? If I was in there area sure. Would I make the 40 min drive to get there? Well if I start working on my “Grand tour of Asia” again probably, still need to cross Vietnam off the list but otherwise probably not. I’m just over driving that sort of distance for a punt, especially when I know there are places a lot closer….pretty sure I passed by at least 3 getting there heading down Canterbury Rd.

  297. Kan says:

    Hey fellow punters, anyone know if there are any Arabian/Meditteranian women that are amazing? Even including independent ladies. Would prefer women in which you’ve had experience with rather than word of mouth. Thanks in advance!

  298. bob says:

    Any Indian girl/women in brothels???

  299. Tranny hunter says:

    Fellow punters. Besides the 130 queen at St Marys where else has Ladyboys/trannys working.

  300. Norton says:

    Anyone know of any Filipinas (Ladies from the Philippines) working in or around any Sydney shops at the moment ? Seems to be every other flavour of Asians out there except Filipinas. Please don’t reply well there used to be one at parlour XYZ 5 years ago as that’s no good to anyone 😛 Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

  301. hornyfuqqer says:

    hi all,
    i want a true lesbian double with half decent chicks and the full GFE.
    where can i find them and price?
    thanks ppl

  302. Steve says:

    Ayumi cracker ads and locanto ads sydney cbd Real photos

    Thoght tst well the photos are fake description of service is fake and the quality of the actual is average at best

    Korean not Japanese reasonable attractive but at least 10 years older ver reserved preferring missionary and no DATY

    Waste of cash and time


    King Massage are proud to advise our new shop open from today 15th August 2015 at 189 King Street Mascot. A banner and more details on PP coming soon. In the meantime our interim website http://www.kingmassage.com.au
    Ph. 9669 4980, open 7 days 10am – 9pm.

  304. Handyman says:

    Hey Admin.
    I have noticed that quite a few R&T’s and Massage places seem to have gone missing from this board. One place has 250 reponses from Punters, 19 in May, 11 in June, 1 in July and nothing at all in August. Epping used to have 3 places here – now none.The same seems to apply to other similar businesses.

    I reckon some punters are way too indiscreet in their comments. It’s all very well going into graphic detail when describing the services at a licenced brothel, but when its just a massage place those sort of comments do no-one, particularly the business any good.

    Maybe Admin you might think about splitting the comments section putting the brothels in one section and the rest in another, because the way things seem to be going, more and more of the non-brothels will be asking to be taken off the board.

  305. emo says:

    Who is currently the hottest / youngest ML in Sydney?

    My vote is for Tia @ RPM in Rushcutters Bay.

  306. Norton says:

    Has anyone ever tried this one before?
    Ran accross her add on Bondi Classifieds but says add is over 30 days old…how many days, weeks, months or years past 30 days I have no clue. Was wondering if anyone has seen her recently & how the service is before I give her a call

  307. Daman says:

    Hi punters thinking of giving this chick a try just want to know you comments of anyone has already tried her


  308. Daman says:

    Brothers can you please share the details for a place to get a good rimming and BBBJ cim will be a plus

    Many thanks

  309. mb says:


    Can we get a review of velvet eleven in Narellan

  310. Tommy says:

    To cindy the owner of 269 Cantebury and 235 Annandale. I did not want to write this but today was the last straw. So i rang up annandale to ask if nana was there was advised yes so i went over and lulu answered the door i asked can i see nana and straight away she slammed the door in my face i mean wth all i asked was if nana was available and thats what i get ? In past experiences here whenever I ring to ask whos on and lulu answers she either lies and says shes the only one there or just leaves the phone engaged. I know i sound like im ranting but im just disappointed that thats how she behaves towards customers. I hope cindy can give her a talking too and set her straight oh and just a note to punters please be very careful with her i have been with her and she does a 5min job when i paid for 1 hour also the reviews here are true yes she does anal and yes she does try to please but shes very unsafe and looks like if she had a disease she wouldn’t care for the health and well being of punters be careful guys and stay safe

  311. Cromers Corner says:

    If you really looking for erotic massages sydney then one and only best place is cromers corner where well mannered beautiful models will provide you great massage and full adult services.

  312. MickStyx says:

    Amazes me all the BB doomsayers here. If you go in uncovered expect the worse but these ladies have other guys dicks near them all day and these dicks cum on them,in their hands on titts and stomaches etc. I give most girls a kiss goodbye if they were good. Get over it and why are you here to complain.
    Question to the forum. Anyone been to Babylon at Tuggerah. They have no website but open late and interested in checking them out one day. Thanks.

  313. Punter333 says:

    Has anyone been to any of these places?:

    1. Cynthia Massage
    12 Castle Hill Rd
    West Pennant Hills NSW 2125, (Thompsons Corner)

    2. Pennant Hills Massage
    5/72 Yarrara Rd Pennant Hills NSW 2120

    3. Boulder TCM Clinic
    D72/24-32 Lexington Dr
    Bella Vista NSW 2153

    Would be interested in reviews (# of ladies working, ages, service, etc) What day is good to go?

  314. kedi says:

    269 Canterbury and 235 Annandale , 55 yokos apart from these venues are there any other which provide services like them.

  315. Chad says:

    Other than 269 Canterbury and 235 Annandale is there anywhere else i can get $100 for an hour

  316. chris says:

    anyone have any idea where I can find Nepalese girls ?
    please suggest me.

    • Admin says:

      Sorry guys, we’re aware of the issues we have with the new R18 splash page. Give us a few days to get on top of it. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  317. Shain says:

    Where should I go in sydney to be with a girl that can squirt i.e. actually cum pussy juice anyone have any suggestions ?

  318. Interested in Visiting says:

    Ashfield 295.
    Looking to visit Ashfield 295 but their seems to be no reviews.
    Does anyone have any feedback or comments

  319. HMFS says:

    Anyone know where Penny from hope st Seven Hills went? Has she opened her own shop?

  320. corc says:


    anyone know of massage joints in sydney that you get get FS for a bit extra?


  321. Daman says:

    Guys I am looking for nuru massage facilities in Sydney please share if you know any

  322. kedi says:

    Other than 269 Canterbury and 235 Annandale , 55 yokos are there any other places such with service like them??

  323. 51_year_old_Aussie says:

    AAA Massage 967 King Georges Rd Blakehurst 9547 2281

    $35 for 30 minutes

    Went there on a Saturday afternoon, only one girl in shop. Martha, Chinese, late 20’s, B sized tits and shaved pussy. She could speak English reasonably, but not great.

    Massage started and then the phone rang and she made a booking for 20 minutes time. Massage was reasonable, then She asked me to roll over and asked if I wanted a HJ – $20. I asked her how much for full nude, she said $50, we ended at $40.

    Before she started with the HJ, she used hand sanatizer and got me to use some as well. The HJ wasn’t bad, but she kept moving away so I couldn’t get much of a feel of her.

    Just after the HJ, the doorbell rang, so she hurriedly got dressed and went out to answer it, but come back saying that the person had walked off. So time for me to go. I pointed out that she was short cheating me, so he agreed to an extra 10 minutes. While this was going, she answered the phone again and popped out when the doorbell rang, only minor interruptions.

    Standard Chinese RnT joint, nothing to write home about. Probably won’t go back.

    I have decided only to frequent places with more than one girl on duty.

    • Kent23 says:

      Hey Plonker, any to recommend in Eastwood? I also know of the downward trend the last 18mths or so in Eastwood, Ryde, etc… Which ones are leading the renaissance if you will? Am looking to try at least 2 places between Fri and Sunday. Thanks.

  324. jonnysins says:

    Fellows checked out Crystal Massage yesterday. A massage joint opposite St James Station CBD. Not much about it online. But l was pleasantly surprised. Big premises, down one flight of stairs off the footpath. Saw Mandy for 1 hour; $70. A skilled massage ensued. Flip over, H/E was good. Still time on clock and l got her to squeeze out another H/E. Good place if you want a legit massage with a H/E. It’s likely extras would be on offer

  325. SilentBob says:

    Does anybody know what happened to the thread on the place at hope st seven hills. Is That place still open?

    • Plonker451 says:

      Hi Kent23. I would rather not nominate particular places in case the Council is monitoring this site – don’t want to spoil an improving situation. However a couple of tips: firstly one mamasan told me “Council spies no work weekends” so that might help. Also consider which shops had the most to lose from the Council crackdown – the supposedly legit therapeutic providers. They were threatened with the loss of their licence and so lost most business. Thus they have more to gain by getting back to providing extra services. Another Mamasan told me that the worst effect of the council clampdown was that she lost her best girls because their incomes were even more affected than their bosses.

      Ryde Council might have other priorities at the moment. It has been alleged that they sacked their former GM wrongly because he would not comply with certain councillors wishes regarding property development. The Mayor is now subject to an ICAC investigation for alleged corruption !

  326. Jay says:

    Just wondering if there’s any more reviews on the kingslangley massage? And also the one at riverstone? I’m Blacktown local, I’m not really chasing the whole brothel massage, prefer the just the rnt, any info would be great, seems a little dodgy, same at rivo, but yeah any reviews would be awesome, keep up the great work people/ site manager! Cheers

  327. jonnysins says:


    Lads visisted joint during a lunch break on a tuesday two weeks ago with the intention of getting a legit massage. Book for 20mins, see a bird called victoria. Starts massage, gets touchy very quick and l know this is not a legit massage. Turn over and she gives me good HE. Then get her number and see her that weekend. Got a serious set of tits on her. Always on the look out for lucky punts

  328. JJ says:

    Long time lurker, 2nd time poster. Don’t usually go out of my way but this one was such a waste of time I had to spend the few minutes to comment. This girl advertises as brooke or porsha in wentworthville or parramatta area


    “Advertises with something like this:
    Now servicing wentworthville
    DD cup breasts that sit perfectly on my size 10 figure and a sexy booty to match I’m a brunette with hasel captivating eyes that will stare you down whilst devouring every inch of your xxxx I can provide a gfe or a slightly naughty service
    Loves to party
    Full service extras available ”

    Avoid like the plague. Dirty towels, filthy girl, chain smoking cigarettes inside the room without a window open and within minutes it was pretty obvious she was a shabhead. Paid & went to the bathroom to come back to shitty attitude and a shitty bbbj from a mouth drier than sandpaper over to doggystyle that was like tossing a hotdog in a hallway. Let me put it this way – if you have a 2 inch dick you’re still not getting deepthroated from this girl.

  329. kedi says:

    Other than 269 Canterbury and 235 Annandale , 55 yokos are there any other places such as these which provide bbfs??

  330. Thewhip says:

    Where is the best places to find hot young Indian ladies either for massage or full service? Looking up to 30 years old tops, and would love a hot sexy one.

  331. 51_year_old_Aussie says:

    132 Military Rd Guildford

    The thread for this shop was recently removed from the main listing. I contacted this website’s administrator who replied “The owners informed us their girls were distressed with some information the punters posted so we removed the thread.”

    I visited recently and it is a typical Chinese Rub-n-Tug place, probably middle of the range. It was a Wednesday and several girls to choose from. I saw Sophia, late 20’s a tall and solid women – I wouldn’t say a BBW. She spoke English well, not great but you could hold a conversation with her. She said that she had been in OZ for over 5 years.

    There are 2 or maybe 3 massage rooms, walls all the way to the ceiling and lockable doors. Solid massage tables and the room I was in had a sink which Sophia used to wash her hands before and after (I also used it afterwards as well).

    $35 for 30 minutes.

    Sophia straight up asked if I wanted extras and $30 got her naked with the expectation of a HE. She has reasonable tits and shaved below.

    Sophia started with a massage, not too bad and then suggested I roll over, the result was that she was on the table and I was giving her a good clit rub and some tit play for over 5 minutes before she came. Back down on the table for some more massage and then over again for the HE which was well done. A bit more massage and see you next time.

    Not a bad place and good service – I wish they were at least all this good.

  332. Raithe says:


    Several years ago I saw Coco also called Yoko in 40 Duncan Street, Arncliffe, mainly for massages, which were great, plus an occasional hand job. Then she left, for Brisbane I was told. Does anyone know if she is back in Sydney? I would love to see her again, and again etc.

    Also, there was a Lucy who was at Chatswood years ago, then at Castle Hill and more recently was said to be in Thornleigh, I think, or maybe Normanhurst. Does anybody know where Lucy is now?

    • Silver Fox says:

      I have. She is quite a package. Short & chubby with very big tits & a big juicy ass. She showers with you & gives a mean HJ. She lets you penetrate her with no dom but after a few minutes she puts one on. Very good. Havent seen her for a while but when i did she was at Surry Hills in the units sandwiched between South Dowling Street & Bourke Street

  333. Kanye says:

    Guys – anything in the Hills area? Castle hill? Bella vista? Look for erotic massages. B2B, HJ, BJ etc

  334. JayZee says:

    Anyone know a good Thai rnt or FS place prefer CBD but happy to travel? Loving thai girls right now.

  335. Thewhip says:

    there is a new place opened at 140 Railway Pde Kogarah. $35 for 30 mins and I think $55 for the hour. Saw a girl called Linda who works on Wednesdays. Her English was nearly non existent and sadly so we’re her other skills. The massage would get 4/10 if I am being generous, looks I would give a 5/10 and the HE I would give 1/10, she started with no lube and then after asking her for some I watched as she tried to do it with her eyes closed like she was afraid to look. She first asked for $100 for the HE and when I said too much she said $20 extra and $30 naked. I paid the $30 and she took off her dress and bra, I asked about the stocking (which were pulled up just below the boobs) and panties she just laughed shaking her head No. I would have walked out then but I had paid so I went through with it pretty much despite her as I knew she was enjoying it as little as I was. One thing I found ordinary was what I suspect was the daughter of the owner? Was just sitting there behind reception and when a guy walked in after me he asked if she could massage him and the older lady said no, she is too young, just here waiting. Overall one of the most disappointing punts of my life, won’t be back.

  336. Daman says:

    Hello punters any reviews for this bird http://sydney.cracker.com.au/TranssexualEscorts/sydney-surryhills-super-active-hot-talisa-video-avlble-0431226832-may-2015/6113054

    Also is there any thread for Sydney’s transexual escorts?

    • Roger says:

      Hi freedOm,
      I believe most of the ladies here except Mamasan will do a variety of extras.
      Usual price is the same as all the RNT shops.
      Best to check with the lady when you get into the room!
      I don’t think any do FS, but you never know!

  337. jonnysins says:


    Lads going to give this bird a go

    any one see her ?

  338. Foo says:

    Tried private girl (didn’t get her name)(didn’t give it actually), found her on cracker.com searching for escorts in the outer western suburbs

    described as (copy and pasting here)
    Smokin ‘ HOT! – 19
    young flirty female. size 8. full service. extras neg. clean healthy drug free service. FROM $100 half hour. NO CARS NO PRIVATE NUMBERS, OUTCALLS ONLY!!

    Face 10/10
    Body 9/10
    Service 8/10
    Personality 8/10

    I usually expect a bit of exaggeration when it comes to descriptions but this girl was VERY understated. Smooth olive skin (a couple of goofy tattoos, but I can live with it), cute and perky breasts (mid/high range b-cup) and an ass like a firm peach
    Gorgeous face (think Selena Gomez, but cuter) flawless.
    Her service was good (all protected, so I can only rate it so much) but she knew what she was doing. Her personality was great talkative and sharp

    Worth more than what she charges

    On the down size there was an issue with odour (think canned tuna)

  339. jonnysins says:


    anyone tried this bird? Tits the size of melons and only $100 for minutes


  340. Kan says:

    Hey boys, was wondering if anyone has tried Trans Svetlana operating out of Ashfield? Was keen to give her a go but haven’t heard any reviews on her. If anyone could post a review and what happens in a regular session it would be much appreciated.

  341. Handyman says:

    Amber and Tracy. These two women provide a service well worth a recommendation. Contact is by telephone on either 041392 5696 or 04558 29025.

    They operate from their own address in Holroyd near Parramatta. Essentially they offer a doubles service at $200 per hour but may agree to visit a motel or similar. The women are 35 or so, attractive, and very experienced, having previously worked at Simply Healthy, Burwood. They will do fantasies, toys even some mild B@ D on request, plus the more usual extras.

    So for $250 for a generous hour you can have two experts work you over including FS. They are excellent and if rooting was an Olympic sport either of these two would be medallists.

    Ring them with your requests, they are first rate and top value.

  342. Dan says:

    Hi….. anyone know of a WL who gives a good arse licking and handjob service?

  343. John says:

    Admin, what happened to the blog about the Merrylands massage shop in 2A Terminal Place that under the Parramatta section??

  344. 51_year_old_Aussie says:

    262a Kingsgrove Rd Kingsgrove 9502-4661

    $35 for 30m and $50 for 45

    Went there last week, entrance right at the bus stop and then climbed the stairs. Typical Chinese massage place, ushered into a room by Sandy, the owner. Sign on the wall said NO SEX – a sure give away. Sandy, in her 40’s indicated that she did massages and HJs, but if I wanted more, then she showed in CC, who was in her 20’s.

    $30 got her nude and a HJ, but she kept her panties on – that time of the month, so really only a topless HJ. Not bad HJ and when she had finished and cleaned up she started on the massage – really random hand rubbing. Then Sandy took over and gave a decent massage.

    As I was leaving CC told me a few time – next time I will fuck you. Sandy also suggested I come back for more next time.

    Fairly clean shop, lots of new towels on the shelves, but I didn’t see them being changed. Walls all the way to the ceiling, but only curtains not doors.

  345. Daman says:

    Hi guys can anyone please provide details for getting an actual nuru massage?

  346. Rambler says:

    There’s a newish massage shop opened in Kings Langley, which is unusual for a fairly sleepy suburb. It’s above a row of shops and thought I’d “support a local business” without knowing whether it was legit or otherwise. The contact phone number in the local paper differs from the one on display outside the shop so I’m not sure what to read into that. Anyway I make the booking, neat and tidy place with 3/4 height walls and curtained doorways with relaxing music playing. A warm welcome from the Chinese ‘main lady’ but still unsure as to what to expect until she insisted that the undies come off !! Massage was vigorous but structured then she proceeded to ‘massage’ the appropriate undertackle before I turned over for a satisfying HE. Decent ‘clean up’ afterwards too. Second visit saw a nude HE for only and extra $10. There are other girls who work there and offer HEs but she main lady well worth the outlay and I’m thinking whether there’s more on offer even though it would be risky given the layout of the shop.

  347. Old timer says:

    Guys be careful and always wear a rubber, I should have known better being at my age of 63 , caught an std while getting oral , or perhaps her rubbing her pussy on my cock, anyway on the Meds now. Having blisters on my cock not a nice sight. No more Asian whore rub and tugs for me. Be careful .

  348. James O'neil says:

    I used to see Amber and Innis / Crystal from a massage parlour on the Hume Highway opposite Yagoona Station, the place may have been called Body Tone. They also worked for the same owner right next to Croydon Station. Innis started working at Body Tone in Burwood but now has since left. Does anyone know if these girls are still working and where?

  349. bad taste says:

    Hi guys please provide recommendations for hot asian transsexual and shemales in sydney for good CIM and rimming.

  350. Daman says:

    Hi guys can you give tips on how to approach the TS ads on backpage / locanto etc?

  351. jonnysins says:

    Any one tried this one out??

    WILD CAT is a Singapore/Indian mix 25yrs, her services vary from a polite house cat to feral critter or anything in between. Try Wild Cat for quickies, blow jobs, normal full service, ask about extras. Based at Eastern Suburbs but will travel depending.
    Available Thursday and Friday only 9am to 4pm.

    MAINLY OUTCALL $250/1 hour $350/2 hours
    INCALL CITY MOTEL add $100 for room hire

  352. JG says:

    Has anyone tried:

    Skye/Ava Slim size 8 Blue eyes Dark blonde Fair skin English origin Attractive body and face 32 years young. Providing a sensual service from private premises in Auburn.

    Service- Massage Mutual oral Sexual pleasure
    Rates- 50$ 20 minutes 70$ half hour Affordable but enjoyable with nice girl
    Location- Manchester Road Auburn

    Calls only please 0423 342 402

  353. JG says:

    Relieve All Pain & Stress. $50 Per Hour. Open 7 Days, 8am-7pm.
    9743 7558 / 0404 673 293 – Mobile

    153A Wellington Road
    SEFTON NSW 2162

    Average looks.
    Average body.
    A hideous money grabbing experience!

    $60 for “short time”

  354. Mykobo says:

    Hello punters.

    Looking for mature 30s and up busty women. I like meat on the bones, bbw that sort of lady.

    Would like to see a Polynesian too or an Arabic woman.

    Any one know where i could find a lady like this?

    R n T services with some general playing around would be great.

  355. JG says:

    Has anyone tried this place?

    Kara aust euro slim busty sexy.

    are you looking for sentual massage with some fun with a tender loving person who would love to pamper and spoil you and be spoiled
    come and see me and let us have fun
    please ring for an appoinment
    hope to hear from you soon on 0429869991or 0298971880
    1/2hr $80.00
    3/4hr $100.00
    1 hr $120.00

    21a Berry St, Clyde

  356. Foo says:

    Tried private girl Rachel aka Mz Blondie (found on locanto), operating out of Villawood and Blacktown

    Face 5/10
    Body 5/10
    Personality 2/10
    Service 8/10

    Face was average (not ugly, but nothing special either), Body was a let down she advertised her self as slim but was at least a size 14, her breasts (while large) were nothing spectacular
    Had to meet her on a little side street behind a pub, not an once of social grace about her, the moment she stepped into my car she was surly and foul mouthed. She gave me directions to a private road behind some factories, After paying her ($50) she proceeded to give me the best (protected) BJ that I’ve ever had, I dropped her back where I met her and drove away.
    Not sure if I would see her again, she was a horrible creature but gave some of the best head I’ve ever had

  357. Daman says:

    Hi guys please provide recommendations for transsexual and shemales in sydney for good CIM and rimming

  358. Styx says:

    Just had that once in a blue moon punt where it’s a little Thai girls first day and it’s all new and sexy for her and a hundred sweaty rude fucks havnt shattered the illusion.A massage for 5 mins before I flipped over to find a wet pussy that was open to play till I made her cum with 2 fingers deep in her pussy. Kissing and rubbing her pussy on my BB cock till I came and her begging me to bring a rubber and fuck her tight teen pussy next time. All for 60 bucks. Will I tell you where no fucking way but just saying that even when having a crappy day at work something came blow your mind and cock at the same time. Lucky punting guys.

  359. Dan says:

    Hey Clark sounds pretty good mate. Which thai girl did u see and what day does she work?
    What does the bj set u back and is it cbj or bbbj?

  360. Mick says:

    this place seems to be closed down 9871 1647 is not connected

  361. The Punters Pal says:

    Absolutely devastated to return from an overseas holiday only to discover my local R ‘N’ T establishment has closed down.

    Summer Massage – 206 Victoria street, Drummoyne is longer. RIP big guy. Oh sure provided me with many memories and highlights. Oh the bliss.

    Making a desperate plea here to you for united. Does anybody know anybody from this place? I had a lovely thing going on with a Chinese girl named Tina. I should have got her private details, but didn’t realise this was on the cards.
    If anyone knows anything please respond here.

    God speed and goodbye my friend.



  362. the original RZ says:

    Hi fellow punters,
    I visited the roseville rose the other day, and met up with one of my favourite young ladies, her and I go back awhile from another shop
    Upon arrival in the reception area was greeted by a familiar receptionist and friendly management
    Paid the funds and was escorted to the room by the lady, we dimmed the lights and commenced our passionate session and intense sexual activities.
    Walked a satisfying gentleman
    The roseville rose roster has improved and the management is priding itself customer service and friendly atmosphere
    Cheers RZ

  363. Andre says:

    Hey punters , whats the number for carlingford massage on carlo rd ? what are the girls like ?


  364. Jason457 says:

    Other than 269 Canterbury and 235 Annandale are there any other places such as these which have mature asian milfs ?? 🙂

  365. 50_year_old_Aussie says:

    Condell Park Remedial Massage Clinic
    66 Simmat Ave Condell Park

    Address is Simmat Ave, but shop is around the corner in Townsend Street.

    $35 for 30 minutes
    $45 for 40 minutes
    $55 for 60 minutes.

    I went there this afternoon – clean place. They advertise in the local paper as having mature ladies. Two on in the afternoon, one in her 30’s and one maybe late 40’s, early 50’s. I ended up with the younger one as the older one wanted to finish her lunch.

    Lulu, in her 30’s, fairly tall, saggy C breasts and a trimmed pussy, spoke English fairly well. I asked her if she did extras straight away – yes. I offered $30 for full nude body to body and hj. He got her gear off straight away and into the massage. She was good. Great massage, a real workout. I got a good lot of cuddles, tit sucking and general playing around. After the happy ending, she went back to massage.

    Sink in room and Lulu washed her hands before and after and when I was getting dressed, she changed the sheet and pillow case. Nice.

    Lulu asked if I wanted a double, but I declined the offer, maybe some other time.

  366. The RZ - what a wanker says:

    Lets face it punters, this roving zucchini clown , if you read al his entries , reckons he travels to these massage / brothels approximately 5 times a week, he knows all the girls, he catches up with them in the reception, he knows all the managers, he has their phone details , he texts them. What a bull shit artist this guy is, his stories are non specific, and the same traces of crap, tell you nothing lines that flow thru them. Just have a review of his entries. Honestly, how many of these girls give details to customers and become texting and life long buddies. Most of them are too embarrassed by their career choice to tell anyone anything. He should be called “raving zucchini , aka crock of shit master”

  367. HMFS says:

    Anyone keen on a straight MMF today around the parra area?

  368. Daman says:

    Hi all can anyone please share the details or recommendations for indian chick providing good service?

  369. Kan says:

    Review on 573 Canterbury Road, Campsie. PH: 0297892251
    Discreet entrance through the back. Went on a Saturday night and was taken straight into a big spacious massage room with lockable doors by a really cute Asian girl. Asked how long, chose 30 minutes and asked to strip down. Massage started really well, not too hard and not too soft on the back with the obvious teasing of the balls. Turned over and straight away she grabbed my cock and asked if I wanted anything extra. Decided to pay 30 for clothes off HJ. Handjob was good, she had some decent dirty talking while doing it and after finishing, she continued the massage naked. Was also really cool to talk to about everything and she was really nice, she even gave me a cheeky kiss at the end! 😉
    Massage 5/10
    HJ 6-7/10
    Lady 7/10

  370. Matt says:

    Review on 1/265 bigge street liverpool-
    Advertised on sydney backpage as erotic massage from $55, young masseuses ect ect. Council parking just up the road (3 hour). Gave them a call today received by older asian lady, mentioned ad and was after body to body as advertised. Arrived at 4 up the stairs, greeted by a 50 to 60 I dunno maybe fucking 70 year old lady terrible looks and body well no saving grace there either. Started to get that this is a bad idea hunch but heard other voices and hoped she may just be the owner/ manager and a younger woman was going to come around the corner, well .. No grandma lead me to the room went through usual prices thought fuck she will at least get the knots out of my lower back looks like she massaged since 1950. Paid $35 then had a good look at the bed/table no reusable sheet or towel a pillow which was as old as her, threw that off and rested my head on my arms, then received the worst massage no oil no effort, feeling very dirty and not happy. Any way starts to tickle my balls and I turn over to say no thanks not today and she was starkers! God not pretty. Started pulling my cock regardless of my unenthusiasm, offered blow, extras ect (knew I had a hell of a load had a plan) so said just hj then, grabbed her wrinkly tit closed my eyes thinking of one of the girls advertised on the initial ad and blew a hell of a load shot about 3 feet went all through her hair she wasn’t happy of course but nor was I with the false advertising and being told young girls were there and waiting. So be ware of this place and false advertising.

  371. Daman says:

    Recommendation for any Indian lady offering good service required please help guys

  372. Rayman says:

    Daman, two great places for ass licking and cim
    1. Amanda’s Artarmon – Candy, Nicole will both eat ass and cum
    2. Transcend Cleveland St – Carla is the best ever

  373. Daman says:

    Guys can you recommend places offering best ass licking and cim
    And another recommendation required for any Indian lady offering best service

  374. Daman says:

    Guys can you recommend places offering best ass licking and cim

  375. Uigeadail says:

    Went on a reccy for an hour last Thursday and asked reception (Helen?) can I come back to see cici on Monday. She said there is no cici on Monday or any day?! Are you sure of the name and was it a Monday?

    Btw my hour mid thursday was pretty good but def no FS or BJ available.

  376. hornyas says:

    Sin City used to be in the city behind Oxford St. A ‘swingers’ club, but actually 4-5 girls you could have over 4 hrs. Anyone know where it’s moved to, or is anyone aware of any place similar to it. I think from memory $170 for 4hrs

  377. HMFS says:

    Anyone interested in having a straight MMF & DP with a girl? Also if you know of any girls that are into that would be awesome

  378. Daman says:

    I am looking for some ts Shemale action can anyone provide suggestions?
    Also please enlighten if it’s a good idea to go for adds posted on locanto? Are they real or fake?

  379. jones564u says:

    I would like to know if there is a category for private escorts in Sydney,
    I Know of several who are outstanding but would like to know of more, eg Giselle ( The G Experience) Kendra Jamison (Heart of Kendra) and Emma Thompson all on the north shore of Sydney

  380. John Connor says:

    Hey Glag,

    Loved the review. Would really appreciate more details about the gals. Did Cici do bbbj or bbfs? Give us a yell at johnconnor69er@gmail.com

  381. 50_year_old_Aussie says:

    Chinese Massage Clinic
    7/1-5 Jacobs St Bankstown 9708-6689

    Went there Friday afternoon. Across the road from Centro Bankstown, but quiet location, but no walk of shame.

    Various prices on display, but basic was $35 for 30 minutes.

    Chinese lady, Elaine said she was 36. Spoke English fairly well. Tall, thin, nice A tits and nipples and hairy pussy. Asked if she did extras and answered yes. She said $40 for nude happy ending, I offered $30 and we settled on $35. No massage, straight into cuddles and stroking. I stroked her clit for about 10 minutes and she came twice, then she started a HJ, then a covered BJ. Then a mixture of covered full service and covered BJ until I wore her out.

    Elaine was enthusiastic and I got the full 30 minutes.

    Basic facilities, but the massage bed is sturdy and rooms are not cramped, with full height walls and lockable doors.

    Not bad for a local shop and good service.

  382. craig says:

    Went to a joint today in bella vista called boulder tcm, girls look nothing like the photos on the website, b2b was shit, wasted my hard earned coin the guys so dont bother.

  383. 50_year_old_Aussie says:

    41 Helen St Sefton 0426 200 911
    $30 30 minutes
    $40 45 minutes
    $50 60 minutes

    Quiet location right next to railway station. 2 or 3 rooms, solid walls and lockable doors.

    Went to Thursday arvo and saw Apple – Chinese, late 20’s or early 30’s, a bit chubby with a dragon tatoo on her tummy. Nice C tits and shaven pussy, but with a 3 day growth. Spoke good english.

    Sign on wall said NO SEX, but I asked if she did H/E and the answer was “yes of course”. $30 for H/E and naked with her clothes coming off before the massage started.

    Massage wasn’t that great, but she gave a lot of attention to my groin area, while I sucked her nipples and played with her tits, pussy and arse. She offered BBBJ, but I declined. After H/E she continued the massage and got the full 30 minutes.

    When I was leaving I asked about full service next time and yes she would do it.

    A good place, I will go back.

  384. roving zucchini says:

    Hi all, regarding ‘bbfs’, just a timely advice, not all women in any establishment provide bbfs, only a few that do. They only do if you are regularly seeing them, they are totally comfortable with you, and you totally respect them. If you are a first timer or you try to false the issue, forget it, they don’t take the chance on any punter who wants to explore uncharted waters. Develop a proper relationship with the establishment and then the ladies prior taking the dip. Cheers RZ

  385. Steve says:

    The place is run very professionally and does massage, special and waxing if that’s your thing!
    The chinese massage is very full on but if you can take it then its thorough, you may need a specal after that. HJ or FS, environment good clean, friendly. Chinese and Thai available.

  386. roving zucchini says:

    Hi all, the RZ has been visiting all types of parlours and establishments for many many many years, and do I have stories, reviews and comments, some are good and some are bad, some are recommended and others avoid, I will keep you informed, cheers RZ

  387. sexuagenarian says:

    Afternoon Gents. I used to visit a Thai lady called Tina at a massage place in Corrimal. The place has either closed down or gone legit. I heard Tina went to work somewhere in Bondi Junction. Any clues or sightings of her whereabouts would be greatly appreciated.

  388. Hobart action ? says:

    anyone know of good action spots in Hobart for r t, hj, fs ?

  389. Xinyuan Yao says:

    Had a private erotic massage today, that I saw advertised online from a Czech lady named ‘Petra’ operating out of Maroubra, Sydney. Claims to be a former bikini model and 33 years of age, well she was much older than that, I’d say at least mid 40s. The massage was okay, but she did cut my time a bit as well.

    False advertising. She’s quite old and unattractive. Paid her 150 dollars for a one hour massage. Wouldn’t recommend it or go again. She operates out of Maroubra during the day and Bondi at night.

    Her name is Petra and this is her number: 01413497737.


  390. Foo says:

    Does anyone else think that bait-and-switch advertising laws should apply in context to escorts?

  391. Plonker451 says:

    Hey Admin!

    Please note that the responses of Bob, John and Alberto on 28th December and mine of the 11th November. They all refer to the “Chinese Relaxation Massage” at 34 Langston Place Epping. There is no entry for this business. All the necessary details are under my previous of 11th November. I suspect that if you put the shop up on the site there will be quite a few responses. Services offered are interesting.

  392. Bob says:

    Re : 34 Langston Place Epping
    Nude full body to body and sexual services on offer

    Visited this place during the week , saw a girl mid 20s , full strip for $50 and was offered a blow job for $50 as well, i took both offers , sucked me without a cover ,licked me like lollipop up and down on my shaft , finally gave in and gave her my load , she was soaking wet as i was performing daty while in a 69 with her.

    Will be back again

  393. Hadmyfareshare says:

    Who’s keen for some straight MMF over the weekend in the parra area, if you have any places/girls in mind let me know 🙂

  394. Hadmyfareshare says:

    What experiences have you had there emo?

  395. Hadmyfareshare says:

    Anyone know of any places around Sydney with 18-20yr old females

  396. Phil says:

    You guys watching the new series on Soho called ‘ The Client List’? There’s a movie aswell. About a girl going to work at a massage parlour. It’s good fun!.

  397. waynes world says:

    yer Vlad, i did her real good dog style whilst her other little asian worker played with my balls , just about 2 weeks ago. mate, she loves the sausage :–)

  398. Prince of Palours says:

    Chats wood in Oscar street now has a Vietnamese show happening no sex just good massage however a lesson in how to tell 1 hour from 1/2 hour would help them especially Natalie she is a gem and you will be happy with her service just tell her you want to teach her English

  399. Prince of Palours says:

    hey Admin the place next door to the old airport HIlton is a bit dodgy it is also called mascot Massage but is closer to Wolli creek
    any way girls are asking $150 for full service they do little for it and are up and out before you can say what happen give it a miss

  400. Plonker451 says:

    Hey Admin,
    A new one for you to put up:

    Address. 34 Langston Place Epping. Phone 9008 2673 or 0426 967 018.

    There was previously an entry for this address but after a brief hiatus it has re-opened under new ownership. Premises have been tidied up with some fresh paint and new floor coverings and better tables. Fairly superficial but an improvement. A rear entrance exit is available in addition to the front door.

    I saw Gigi about 25/27 Thai, good masseuse