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  1. Slamin Salami says:

    I noticed that the roster a Gilf Paradise isn’t even posted on the site anymore What is the problem there they have the position the building must have cost a heap to reno…. Yet all they can attract to work there is the same old boilers I rang hopimg for some one hot slender and exciting to see but no luck ,,,, Ended up going MH and fucking the brains out of Charlize ( great service that woman BTW)…..Perhaps its the management at GP

    • Slamin Salami says:

      Saw my 4th ladyboy yesterday i am, hooked on ladyboys now. On this occasion she arrived at the door dress in short and tight shirt. Soon as I closed the door she grabbed my head and started to kiss roughly and deeply. She removed her shirt and gave me her hairy and beautifully aromatic pits to lick and chew. She then moved on to my nipples to savagely bite, chew and squeeze them. She likes to do the same done to her nipples. We then removed our clothes and moved to the bedroom where we sucked each others cock. She has a impressive cock that stayed hard the entire visit. Abruptly she flipped me other and and started to finger my hole then lubed and rubbered her hard cock and in on one motion thrusted it deep into me. She can fuck hard and deep and is very well skilled. We fucked for a considerable time then a blew a load in the condom. After that she started to massages my hole with her gloved fingers and proceeded to open my hole widely. After the hand play she rubbered up again and proceed to fuck me hard and deep again before releasing another load. She is not a clock watch and if you an aggressive top she is your ladyboy.

    • Bull Schitt (the original & the best) says:

      Wartboy, you’ve pinched Slamming Salami’s moniker. Well done, your track record is abysmal. You’ve posted your inane vulgar comments under Roving Zuchinni, Bull Schitt, Sugarfoot, etc etc. We know it is you Wartboy. Your obsession with ladyboys is fucking sick. Why dont you just fark off

    • Big Mick says:

      Slamming, i tried on Sat & Sun to access their website. It is DOWN. Not a good sign.

      • Bull Schitt (the original & the best) says:

        Wow backpage has some great ladyboys, saw simone,She’s a great kisser and seems to really enjoy oral attention. I was able to get down her big dick to the base. And this all-top ladyboy is an excellent fucksmith! When it was time to do the deed, I got on my knees on the couch and she put on her condom and pushed in from behind.

        She’s got an excellent entry technique. she pushes in very slowly but unrelentingly and gets her entire cock in before pulling back out. She’s great at letting a bottom adjust. Once I was fairly comfortable and thought we had a good rhythm going, I told her to quit fucking me the way she though I wanted to be fucked (she was holding back) and just fuck me the way she wanted to.

        And she did. Boy did she! It’s sort of a blur now, but it was one magnificent pounding, on the verge of being too much but never crossing over. She came and told be it was a good orgasm.

        She can be a human pile driver. But just to let people know, she slows it down when that’s what you need. I did get the pile driving, but only when ready.

        We still had some time left after she came, so we went to the bedroom, where she planted that impressive ass of hers on my face and I rimmed her thoroughly while she played with my nipples. However, my wires were so crossed from the pounding that I couldn’t cum even though the whole thing was so erotic.

      • Slammin Salami says:

        Big Mick I checked Gilf Paradise too and the site is not listed Looks as if the staff may have all been eligible for the old age pension at the same time last week …. I reckon it will get sold to Asians or renamed but they need some talent to get guys through the door … I wonder if the deserters from MH and RCT will run back and ask for their shifts back

        • Big Mick says:

          i dont know why they bothered. 5 WLs, same ones every day. Punters like variety. I like to rotate my WLs otherwise it gets boring eg at Cleg St, i rotate with Nicole, Candy, Darcy, Pip, Emma, Vicky, Tessa & Layla. Variety is the spice of life

  2. Bull Schitt says:

    saw my 1st ladyboy today! her cock was amazing – huge really! I was enthralled by it and practically devoured it! she returned the favour and her BJ skills were perfect. I’d already told her I was a bottom so she seamlessly went from sucking me to fucking me – safely of course, she started gently which is good cause her cock could have ripped me in two! She knew exactly what I wanted and knew when to move from the gentle ‘love making’ to the deep and passionate fucking. I blew the biggest load of my life

  3. Stillyoung says:

    Last Wednesday, I decided to go eastgardens Westfield and have lunch there. Get enough of the food around my office. And also I need a break. My boss just said something to me which made me a bit uncomfortable. I hope I can get out of it as quick as possible. On the way to eastgardens I noticed there is a new massage shop just next to the shell petrol station on the bunnerong road. But I am not sure if I can get a happy ending there. It looks a bit straight. After lunch I still have some time left before I go back to work. Or I really need something to cheer me up. So I decide to give that massage shop a try. I am so happy I made that decision as this visit made me totally forget what happened at work that morning. As i walked in, a beautiful familiar face turned out just in front me. She is the girl I met in a Japanese massage shop 6 month ago and then she left there for some reason. I was trying to find her for a long time with no luck. Actually I had given up as I think maybe she has gone back to Japan. To make me feel even better, she recognized me straight away and gave me a big hug and I can see she was so happy to see me again. I think I am still young not too old and also I am clean and dress nice. I am happy she likes me. It was a beautiful feeling to meet a beautiful old friend in a new place. She treated me exactly same as she did in the previous shop. I can just hear the noise from other room. I was wondering if she treat other guys same….. this time I gave her my number and ask her to update me if she wants to leave this shop again. She was wearing a red (or maybe pink) silk dress. Very sexy. I wish she can go out with me one day. I think I am not old still young. I won’t make her embarrassed in the restaurant. Anyway, i feel much relaxed on the way back to work. What my boss said is not a big deal for me anymore. But still a bit annoying.

    • Billy says:

      Any more info on the shop or the girls ?

    • Jason says:

      Yes, this Japanese girl is very good. She is my favorite as well. Mimi(Tues/ Wed ?), Katy(Thurs ),Tina (Fri ),Linda(Sat) is also worthy to try. Not sure about other days. They have 2 or 3 girls working each day. I saw one ladyboy there once. She is fucking beautiful. Can’t believe how beautiful she is. But she only worked there once. Never see her again. :-(

      • Stillyoung says:

        Just visited Kei again. She is so gorgeous. Sexy and polite.

        • Old Fart says:

          yesterday i visited this japanese girl too, and she hugged me and said so good to see you again even though i have never seen her before and she said she has missed me terribly and still loves me and cant stop thinking about me but i would not know her from a bar of soap if i passed her in the street, anyway the bull shit left me feeling like she thought i was an idiot i mean i am not so old i cant remember the fact i have never ever seen you before

          • Stillyoung says:

            Sorry, I don’t believe you. She is not that type person. I don’t think she bullshit like that. She does very good massage. Never finish early. Always try to make me happy. But she didn’t say that to me. Am I too old? ….. Anyway, I still like her.

      • MAC says:

        I’ll put this place on my ‘to-do’ list.
        Definitely check it out and post a review when I’m in the area.

        If this place is good, it needs it’s own thread under Kingsford or Maroubra.

        • Jason says:

          Saw Vietnamese girl Tina today. She is very nice and friendly. She is sexy and keen to please you. Apart from that, i found out she has a beautiful heart when I had a good chat with her during our one hour session. She is definitely not greedy. Highly recommended.

        • Jason says:

          I suppose to see Linda tomorrow. She is so hot. I wish Tina and Linda worked a few days apart. That would be better for my body.


    Hi Guys…
    Sorry i know it is worng section to ask this questions…

    However, i really need to find where she is…

    Does anyone know where jessie has gone (She used to work at Victoria Screat Chatswood)… She is the sweetest lady and one of the best they have had there… If anyone knows if she is working somewhere else let us all know I am sure I am not the only one that wants to know

  5. Smartboys@@@@@ says:

    Hi guys.

    Where is Ashley from AM and MH?????
    She is tall, absolutely gorgeous and big tits.
    I am on mission to find her out.
    Please let us know where she is………..please.

  6. Legion says:

    Just an FYI out there. I just ordered an escort from this add
    Girl arrived wouldn’t do anything I had asked for and then proceeded to want to keep the money. Email at your own risk

  7. Sugarfoot says:

    Newbie. Was the BJ from Georgie (C/- Whiting St) covered or au naturel!

    • WTF goes on. says:

      MH has really gone downhill.
      What ever happened to Bridget?
      She was on roster for one day. Then nothing.
      I was in there Friday to be told by the WL I picked that there’s chlamydia and gonorrhea floating around in there. So bad that she was not allowed to give me BBBJ. ! The time before that the WL I picked had herpes on her mouth and was still allowed to work!
      Time for a new haunt I’d say.

      • Love my car says:

        You can find Bridget under Bridget Bliss. Haven’t seen her in months coz she went overseas for some RnR. That girl loves her holidays. Always been hard to catch up with her but when you do it’s worth the wait.

        • Heads up says:

          To WTF goes on . I had same thing happen to me last week. Got warned by a GILF they had an outbreak of stds in house. Made my session Shit, all I did was worry.

          • RickSactus says:

            Management at MH should dismiss the women who offer sex without protection.

            They know who they are,

            I know who they are because punters have outed them in various sites, such as this one.

            I won’t go back if I still see them on the roster. I know and everyone knows who they are.

        • RickSactus says:

          And I mean what isn’t on is full sex without protection not BBBJ which is within the boundaries and with very low chances of anything going wrong or catching anything.

          But BBFS is a recipe for disaster. Lunacy.

          So management should kick those women out. And perhaps ban the men who insist on it,

      • Bull Schutt says:

        WTF goes on, you are Wartboy! Take your bull shit stories somewhere else. You have serious mental issues

  8. Bull Schitt (the original) says:

    Keep checking the roster for GILFS Paradise. Basically the same 5 gilfs on every day. BOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG

    • Newbie says:

      Sugarfoot… yep, bbbj but cfs. Also got an extreme close-up of her cumming with her vibe – muffled by the fact she had my cock in her mouth. It’s my favourite sound in the world.

  9. salim says:

    hi guys I went to the place in Carlingford today and the girl charged me $90 for 45 minutes and she used this new toy on me has any one heard of it before , I swear it was the best suck I have ever had anyway make sure you insist she sterilise it before you use it ok

    • Rodger says:

      yeah it is called the piston1000 and I had it the other day pretty tight on the old snake for me but it was amazing hey it felt like you were being drained dry it was relentless better than any aisan bitch any day if only it came with a tit to suck on I would be happy

      • Bull Schitt says:

        forget the piston 1000 try standing on your head and sucking your own cock, if that fails stick it into a heated glass bottle flacid, then crack an erection, as the bottle cools the sucktion is dangerous, your knob gets so big it looks like its going to explode inside the bottle

        • Bull Schitt says:

          Oh just fantastic!!! Another handle of mine has been pinched! Do you really lack that much imagination that you cant come up with a moniker of your own. And to add insult to injury, so write disgusting nonsensical rubbish.
          One only has to compare the (lack of) style of your post compared to mine.
          To ADMIN, this is why I’ve used over 20 different monikers because of morons looking like this.
          Anyway the reason for writing is to let everyone know that Helena is back. Have already booked her for one hour tonight. BOOYAH

          • Slammin Salami says:

            Don’t wear her out Ive booked her for an hour too Best dam root Ive ever had leaves me legless and juiceless lol…Lets hope she still gives BBBJ and CIM sometimes they change the service when they return

          • Bull Schitt (the original) says:

            Slamming, I saw Helena on Friday night. Got BBBJ & BBFS. Asked if she did greek & she said it was extra. Only had $20 so i’ll do it next time i see her

    • Ken says:

      ^^^ Dyson V8 multi-head.

      “No loss of suction”

      Also good for floors….

    • Newbie says:

      Clearly you haven’t met Georgie from GP. Saw her today on her first shift back and she had lost none of her Dyson ability. Highly recommended fellow punters. Especially if you like bolt ons.

  10. Slammin Salami says:

    To Headsup the cryptic clue to is Who she worked with on the reception desk at AH ?

    • Heads up says:

      I knew Holly looked familiar!!!
      That just made my night
      Damn Gotta look after her now

      • Slammin Salami says:

        Obviously the penny has dropped HAHAHA If only they were both on together ……….. The mind can only dream there

        • Heads up says:

          Haha your not wrong there mate.
          But I must admit I can’t bring myself to talk about her now. I remember how Bridget was when she’d brag about her years ago. She was quite proud of her. And I can see why.

    • Love my car says:

      Just heard Holly’s not working at MH anymore.
      Another top girl gone.
      Would love to know why ?
      Anyone know why she left ?
      If anyone finds her around the traps could they please let us know.

    • Bull Schitt says:

      Is Holly the good looking sort whose been on reception of late? Dark blonde hair, gorgeous face, trim body?

      • Love my car says:

        Holly has long dark hair, curvy, gorgeous face . She receptioned years ago at AH. Then started working at MH. Someone must’ve done something wrong for her to up and leave, she was doing well.
        I’m on a mission to find her now.
        Any info anyone please let us know.

  11. Slammin Salami says:

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has seen Helena that use to work at RCT around the traps She was the ultimate PSE if you saw it in a porn flick she would let you do it to her.The good thing was she was a class act in her manner I haven’t found sex that good since she disappeared
    I went to MH on Sunday and saw Angelina she is worth a one off 30 min visit for something different she enjoys the sex

  12. smart boy!!!! says:

    HI everyone.

    I have gone through a lot of comments.
    I was wondering what is the location of 269???
    So many of you mentioned about 269.
    I am a big fan of AM and now MH.

    ALso i remember Ashley who worked at MH.
    She is blond, tall and great body with big tits.
    Does anyone know where she works now?

    • Fred says:

      269 Canterbury Rd Canterbury

      Look for the stream under Campsie – it was locked months ago, but still lots of good stuff. Basically it is a $50 half hour full service shop.

    • Adam says:

      Who’s good to see on. A Friday since the page is locked

      • Big Mick says:

        Adam, Lulu & April. Both provide BBFS & BB anal. Recommend a 3some with these two! Full on lesbian 3some plus ATM etc. Read the thread for 269 for further details. Then you know what you can do. Good luck. Hope you write a review.

  13. Slammin Salami says:

    To Heads up Thanks NOW I remember who Holly is WOW !!!!!!!!

  14. rod slammer says:

    hi guys

    went to vip69 in city on tuesday for the first time. got the menu and decided on blowjob option for 30 mins $100 I think it was.
    Shown to my room that had a smell in it and waited 5 mins for girl to walk in. young asian girl named nina i think. She asked me to lie on table face down. the room was dark I asked her what her nationality was chinese , thai? she turned to me with a pissed off look on her face and said do i look chinese, i replyed its dark i cant see. Anyway she striped to her nana undies.
    Massage was soft and useless was going to say something but decided to shut my mouth and wait for what I really came for. No ball brushing no sensual touching whatsoever. After 15mins she tells me to roll over. I was still soft but she sat there and rubs my cock to get me hard, it gets semi hard and she puts rubber on. she proceeds to suck me and stroke me but was so mechanical and she was unhappy I wasnt into it at all. Every couple of minutes she stops to spit in sink. after 5 mins she asks if im going to cum. I ask if I can touch her she says no. after another 5 mins she tells me she cant suck for this long and mostguys cum after 5 mins. I said if she lets me touch her I will cume quicker I got no response. After 30mins is up she gets up and tells me to go even thou i dont finish. I told her she didnt give a fuck told me to go . Now ive been to a few places like this and have never been treated like this, im 40 and ok looking so thats not the problem most ladies smile and talk but this bitch had the worst attitude. was going to talk to management about it but they werent around so just left.

    never will I waste my money at this place again avoid . Rub and tug places are better value and the girls let you touch and play with them. Hell last place I went the girl licked my butthole.


    • MAC says:

      Wow, that sucks !!!
      No pun intended.

      I’ve had a few crap sessions in my time but nothing as bad as you’d described.

      Thanks for the headsup, you took one for the team.

  15. Cream pie says:

    Been looking for Skye ex-Amanda Heavens. Curious as to whether she is Angela Eve who advertises on Cracker ?

  16. Slammin Salami says:

    I took at look at the Gilf Paradise site to see if any new WLs NOTHING !!
    I also looked at their gallery LMAO at the photo of Eve she is sucking her gut in bigtime almost passing out it’s that noticeable..Chrissy not bad for a GILF

  17. Slammin Salami says:

    I have to admit if Virginia crossed over Id really love to hammer her She is hot ….I notice also a few new ones at MH they sound impressive in the description

    • RichardPantus says:

      Yes, Virginia would do well if she is to leave reception. A matter of time and money. Anything on Ingrid?

      • Slammin Salami says:

        Ingrid no way not ever and I couldn’t believe it unless I heard it from her own mouth …. and if she did Id be gob smacked

        • Lust006 says:

          Good to hear. I thought it was BS. Ingrid too classy for that line of work. Let’s quash these rumours which are the byproduct of a fantasy of some wanker, She is doing a great jon running MH. Good on her.

          • Slammin Salami says:

            Yeh the place is coming along nicely and there are some hot lookers in the current line up.I wish Holly would work weekends I have seen her once on her first week She fucks and sucks like a 20yr veteran for her age I was legless when she finished with me

          • Slammin Salami says:

            Hey Holly looks really familiar to me did she work at the old AH ????? anyone remember her Im sure I seen her face before I just cant recall

          • Heads up says:

            Yeah Holly was receptionist at AH.

  18. 52_year_old_Aussie says:

    185G Burwood Rd BURWOOD
    (Entrance from Livingstone St. Upstairs)
    8034 8870

    Strange place – I have been there twice.

    A few months ago I walked in and was greeted by a Chinese women in her 20′s. There were no other WL in to waiting area. Ushered into a room overlooking Burwood Rd. Reasonable sized room with very sturdy table and a good view out the window onto Burwood Rd. The strange thing was, was that there were parallel steel pipes bolted into the ceiling.

    Anyway $35 for 30 minutes and the lady left me to get undressed. It was well over 5 minutes before she returned. I offered her $30 to get her gear off, but she replied in really good english “I don’t do that”. She then motioned for me to get down on the table and I had 30 minutes of a great professional massage. No flirting or tickling. She knew how to massage.

    I asked her what the steel pipes on the ceiling were for. They were for her to hold onto if she walked on my back. As I walked out

    So no happy endings, but a great $35 massage.

    Went back a few days ago. Was greeted by another Chinese women (probably early 30′s) and shown straight into a different room. Boxes of tissues stacked in the corner. Again $35 for 30 minutes and again had to wait about 5 minutes or so before she came back. In broken english she said “I start massage. Then I get you girl.” She did a reasonable job for about 5 minutes, then diasppeared out the door. A few minutes later she reappeared with a towel that she put over me. Then a few more minutes massage and out the door again.

    Wait a few more minutes and in walked a young 20′s girl – she called herself Irene or something similar. I offered her $30 to get her gear off, but she wanted more. “$50 to take clothes off”. She was a “pretty little princess”, but she did give me a few squirts of hand sanitizer, which was a good start. So she said, it was only her second time at the shop, I don’t think she was very experienced as a WL – but give her another 6 months and she could be fine.

    The massage wasn’t too bad, but she wasn’t really into it. She was paranoid that people might look in through the very tiny rear window which only looked up to the sky. She was also paranoid that there were peep holes in the wall. Anyway, she showed me her tits and I got a happy ending, but that was about that.

    When finished the paper sheet on the bed was replaced – both times.

    Good be a good place if they had good management. I might give it another try in a few months.

    • MAC says:

      Thanks for the review.
      I’ll drop by next time I’m in the area.
      At the zebra crossing cnr of Livingstone St and Burwood Rd.

      Yes, the horizontal rails on the ceiling are for the ML during back walking.
      Tried it once, didn’t do much for me.
      Felt like being stepped on….. LoL

  19. Fucking do something parlour page says:

    When was the last review that wasn’t an insult to a punter on this site.
    It would surprise me that it was the owner of the site.
    Who else could it be. He is probably every scumbag that insults on this site. eg bronson, roving zucchini, wartboy etc.
    My conclusion is if it is not him then why not ban the these cunts. They would be able to block them by there IP address.
    For me I’m sick of it and am about about to switch off this site

    • Admin says:

      done. we’ve removed one particular ip address and all their comments just now.
      thank you

      • ip change easy says:

        free speach is easy, change your IP by simply turning your modem off then on again, most ISPs provide a dynamic IP, and to clear your tracking cookies use firefox browser and in the privacy tab check the clear cookies box so when you close the browser the cookies clear, so if you forget to clear your cookies they will be automatically cleared when you close the browser. and lastly email address can be anything, eg blahblah@whatever.com

      • Bull Schitt says:

        To Admin. Thought you said you removed all the comments from one troll. Well that is a start but how about reactivating the threads for 269 & Miss Heavens (and Amanda Heavens)? They were the best ones to read.
        As for using different aliases, I plead guilty only because somebody or some bodies keep grabbing my moniker. Eg i was the first to post under Bronson, Cheyenne, Bronco, Sugarfoot, Italian Stallion etc but others posted gross & vulgar comments under these monikers. What can one do? It is annoying.

        • Bull Schitt says:

          Exactly what i was talking about. Those 2 comments by “Bronson” were posted by the fake bronson. Anyway keep the “handle” as you are bereft of any cognitive abilities. It is obvious that you are a “SPECIAL” person. How about writing a review!

          • Bull Schitt says:

            Well “Bronson” why not grab the “RZ” handle & run with that.
            TO ADMIN
            Oh what is it with this extra answer we have to answer? What an annoying feature. Instead of removing the trolls we now have this annoying “security” feature to deal with. Can it beremoved? PLEASE

          • Admin says:

            developers are trying to screen trolls.
            please bear with the trial and error methods for the time being.
            chat feature with chat rooms will be live very soon

          • hello says:

            BTW Bull Shit is number one troll RZ, either moderate 24/7 as well as having reserved unique handles, or carry on as usual. in any case there has been some feedback suggesting that troll comments are not a problem anyway, just skip over the crap and read what interests

    • Free speech for parlour pages says:

      If thats how you react to a bit of shitposting on an adult website i would hate to see how you deal with a real life crisis. Talk about on over sensitive drama queen. Try just skimming over the comments that don’t interest you. …its not that hard.

      • Admin says:

        we’re fine with freedom of speech for genuine opinions but its the ones that cause a shit storm by creating different aliases and constantly spread their rubbish.

        we could return to the moderation method where every comment is screened by us before going live however that would be very inconvenient to all users as it could take us several days to approve.

        To the trolls, competitors and bullies out there; the majority of readers here are too busy fucking or planning to be fucked in the real world with real ppl so STOP playing stupid games here and fucking around with your stupid antics.

        • Cougar lover says:

          It’s just never ending and defeats the purpose of this site. This is a great site and I hope admin keep it up by blocking these sad sacks who hijacks punters usernames and or insult punters.

        • Free speech for parlour pages says:

          I’m not the banned troll in question, I just believe that as long as no one is being threatened or doxed then who cares how silly the comments section gets.
          My comment wasn’t directed to adim but the original complaint.
          This is an adult website and we should be a bit thick skinned about it.

          • Cougar lover says:

            The problem is genuine punters will not bother posting reviews cause of the attacks from messed up miserable bastards who want to destroy this site.
            Yeah ignore it, but i for one will never post a review

          • Miss you Roving Zucchini says:

            Please change your IP and come back RZ you big fag. miss you xx

          • Bull Schitt says:

            I wont be posting any more reviews. I reckon i have posted at least 100 detailed reviews over the past 2 years. I punt cunt at least weekly & sometimes 2/3 times per week. Personally am sick & tired of idiots asking “how do you know if she came” etc

        • Bull Schitt says:

          To Admin.
          A suggestion. Any references to trannies & ladyboys should be deleted. The guy is a sick twisted moron. This site used to be great especially 269 & Amandas (then
          MH). They are gone. What a shame. Because of Donel’s post about 3somes he used to have with Lulu & Monica, my mates & I went there & TBH had the best 3somes ever. BTW if punters want the same experience (at a readonable price ie $200 for 60 minutes), go there & get Lulu & April. I wont give any details but go to the 269 thread. It is still on this site but new comments cannot added. Read the reviews. I forget what handle used). Likewise for Amandas. Because of reviews, i been to Amandas &now MH & have enjoyed the carnal (& anal) delights of WLs such as Candy, Nicole, Dena, Pip, Heidi, Summer, Abigail, Paloma, Darcy, Bethany, Bridgit, Kartier etc. Have had awesome times.

          • Lust006 says:

            I have had the pleasure of having sex with 3 of the receptionists at MH (and Amanda’s): Heidi, Kartier and Alexis. Alexis is superb. The only one still on my list who is at reception is Virginia and of course Ingrid. Has anyone done Virginia yet? As for Ingrid, has anyone had the chance?


          • RichardPantus says:

            Hi Lust006
            I never did Virginia and I don’t think she has ever crossed the floor at MH or Amanda’s. Pity as she would do very well. Has anyone tried?

            Ingrid? She never crosses the floor at her venue as far I know but a mate told me she tried to book her when she was an escort in one of the top agencies but I am talking many many years ago. But he couldn’t make it at the last minute so missed out. He still regrets it. Ingrid was in their books under a different name at $700+. So we all missed our chances then.

          • OsvaldChang says:

            Ingrid? A high escort? I refuse to believe it. Been to MH and Amanda many times I never got that vibe. But they say you never get to know anyone. Any info on this hot piece of gossip guys?

  20. Slammin Salami says:

    Average Joe why don’t you expand and explain WHY to all the fellow readers of this site your mind blowing reply of your opinion of me,

    • Slammin Salami says:

      I also notice you have no reply tag available on your posted comments ,,,,,,, I suppose its a reflection on the quality of your posts

  21. Conan says:

    Dear wartboy
    You are a miserable son of a bitch
    I hope your mom has retired from hooking

  22. Steve says:

    Wartboy you are a miserable son of a bitch

  23. Slammin Salami says:

    Why do people spin such bs Charlize at Miss Heavens DOESNT GIVE BBBJ Yes she sucks a great cock ALWAYS WITH A CONDOM

  24. Mickey says:

    IMO Tessa & Layla are two hot fucks. They are at Cleg St. Both are slim & euros; german & italian. Tessa has bolt-ons while Layla has beautiful natural tits and are a good size. She has an awesome body for a MILF as does Tessa. Layla has a beautiful all -over tan. Both do BBBJ DATY 69 but no anal & FS is covered. Would rate both 9/10. Love to hear what other punters think

  25. O J says:

    Was at MH on Friday. Was very quiet when i arrived. As i walked in, a really old dude was walking out. Felt sorry for the bitch that had to suck his cock. TBH that will be me one day. Hahaha. Not my problem. Only a problem if i have no cash to buy. Was placed in a room & a procession of hoes introduced themselves.
    Abigail was very pleasant & attractive. Very nice & bubbly personality. A bit heavy but she is “uninhibited”. She does BBBJ. Hmmmm. Will see her soon. I reckon she’d be fucken good in the room. Love porking a big juicy ass. Aleesha – about 30, short but solid build. I definitely will see her soon. She was friendly. Does BBBJ. Jazz. She was wearing a see thru dress. Very nice. A bit heavy but i liked it. She is young (for MILF Heaven), attractive, pleasant personality, does BBBJ & is “uninhibited”. Will see her next time i rock up.
    Nadine came in. She is eurasian & has blue eyes. Something about her that makes you want to fuck her. I asked if she did natural french & anal. To both questions she said never. If she did BBBJ, i would’ve picked her but i did not. Ella told me she is a squirter, provides BBBJ & anal. Will put her on my bucket list. I was introduced to another 4/5. Anyway I ended up with Charlize. BBBJ DATY FS. Shit she is really tall & slim. Great personality. Great fuck too!

  26. Retro punter says:

    @ Cheyenne, yes thats correct. Channel from Surry Hills, but she would be in her late 50s at least. I’ve known her since the mid 90s when I was in my late 20′s and she was easily 10 years older than me. Still a very sexy woman regardless of her age.

  27. Barry T says:

    I wish admin would get serious in barring the these lonely insecure good for nothing SOB who constantly put shit on this site.
    It has got to the stage now that it is a useless site and they might as well shut it down. All that is achieving is people venting there crap on here. No body really cares as it is most probably the same dickhead posting the shit

  28. Cheyenne says:

    had a busy day yesterday, i had another encounter as well after popping the blue pill saw a short fat milf with big arse big tits, gave her daty and ringed her arsehole, she loved it, had bbbj as well as bbfs and a top massage to boot. but this morning my cock is burning and i have a sore throat wont share contact detail with grubs on here like to keep these finds to myself

    • cheyenne says:

      Hey cheyenne aka Wartboy & a hundred other aliases. We are glad you dont share the contact details. We’d be even more glad if you didnt share any details at all

  29. Slammin Salami says:

    I just took a look at Gilf Paradise roster Does it ever change ???? Look as if its going to be a trip to Clegg St Ive been wanting to try out Chloe she sounds very fuckable by her description I had Jagger last week 5 star fuck service there guys

    • andrew says:

      pretty sure its chloe from cougartown

    • Wartboy says:

      Y’are full of bull shit. Same goes for Cheyenne & John Doe. Ya write all these great reviews under different names. Ya reckon ya get BBBJ, DATY, BBFS & anal. Ya reckon you is a stud or wat? Ya just a fucken wanka living in a fantasy world. That sort of shit doesnt happen. Ya must be full of STIs.
      I love SAUSAGE
      A SAUSAGE in my mouth
      A SAUSAGE up my ass
      SAUSAGE in each hand.

  30. John Doe says:

    Thanks to the punter who broke the news about Sheridan. Saw her twice this week. She now calls herself Hannah. I’ve had two awesome sessions. I’m in lust. LOL

    • WartBoy says:

      Fuck off john doe you lying turd. Bullshit!

    • Retro punter says:

      I wouldn’t be too bothered about missing out on her this time round, she is bound to show up again somewhere else soon. If these women are still in the game above age 40 then its there gig for life, its not like they are some young backpacker getting some quick coin for thier travels ir some young chick working a rub ‘n ‘ tug to pay for studies . Most of these women can’t cut it in the real world so here they are. There is a woman I’ve seen on an off since the mid 90s who advertisers on Cracker and lusts her age as 46, but that about her age when I 1st knew her.

      • Retro punter says:

        * lists her age. ..

        Not hard to tell where my minds at

        • WartBoy says:

          dont believe the BS being spun about Hannah aka sheridan by the same turd under different names, they are full of crap. show us a link to the cracker adds for sheridan Retro

          • Retro punter says:

            Nowhere in my comment did i mention that the cracker ad was for Sheridan , I was merely making a point that women in the business over 40 are staying in it for many years beyond that.
            The woman I was referring to is called Channel.
            Try and keep up genius.

          • Jack Nikolsen says:

            Hey Wartboy! You are really dumb. If you doubt Hannah was at MH last Monday & Wednesday, ring up Alexis (receptionist) & she confirm the facts. Of course you wont because you cant handle the truth.

          • Roving Zucchini says:

            Crap! jack you are full of BS Bullshit!

          • cheyenne says:

            Retro Punter. Re Channel? Is she the blonde with massive funbags in Surry Hills? If so, she is great in the room. A bit pricey. IMO I reckon she’s in her early 50s even though she looks 40. Great body for a MILF.
            And to Roving Zucchini re his childish outburst against Jack Nicholson, Hannah was rostered at MH during the week.
            Roving Z aka Wartboy etc. etc. – you are a pathetic person

  31. O Schitt says:

    Saw Hannah yesterday. Wow her tits are HUGE. Glad i picked her. First time i’ve met her. She’s one hell of a woman. Had a great session. She told me she is rostered Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

  32. TOBY says:

    Any body been to 276 Gladesville recently – is convenient for me.
    do you know what service available FS (BB) BJ (BB) DATY etc.
    any recommendation and names

  33. Cheyenne says:

    Last week i was feeling really toey so organised a lesbian 3some at MILF Haven. LMAO. MILF Haven is in Cleg St. BTW plenty of parking. At Whiting St parking was an issue.
    Booked for an hour. Also paid an extra $100 to each MILF for anal. Ended up costing a small fortune. Got BBBJ, DATY, 69, BBFS & BB anal. The MILFs licked, fingered & fisted each other’s cunt. One even rimmed the other’s asshole & then mine.
    At one stage, one was tonguing my asshole while the was sucking my cock. It was an awesome session. Wont be doing again as it was way too expensive. Can get the same at 269 for $200/60 minutes

  34. Lotta Schitt says:

    Bull Schitt. You wrote the same crap yesterday using the “Wartboy” name. Loser

  35. Holden Fucking McNeill says:

    Does anyone remember a very busty and curvy blonde who worked at AH around 2012 -2013 whose name was Skye from memory and does anyone know her whereabouts these days ?

    • Lotta Schitt says:

      Skye ended up at CT, Riverwood. She was there last year. Try ringing Maggies at Harris Park or Marlenes, Alexandria

      • bull shit says:

        Fuck off Lotta shit you lying fuckwit! there is no sheridan anywhere arsehole!

        • Lotta Chicken says:

          To Bull Schitt. Read the thread again, moron! She uses the name Hannah. I do you guys a favour & you have a go at me. You’re a piece of shit. You had a go yesterday but used a different name. Not only are you a rude, ill mannered,angry ignoramus, you are a gutless coward hiding behind your keyboard. You pathetic Green voter.

        • Modern Guy says:

          To Bull Shit, why are you so aggressive to Lotta Shit? Blokes like you a nuisance. Get a life

  36. Bwuce Leigh says:

    Went to an all asian brothel at Roseville tonight. It is on the highway. Never been there before but my mate Alex dragged me along. Just got back home. It was a great session. My root had a very nice tidy figure, beautiful C cup breasts, all real, slim young girl, pale skin, top little bouncy bubble butt, long straight black hair, no scars, little waist, nice hips. Tiny little shaved triangle of pubic hair, legs were slender. BBBJ straight up with ball tickle and ring play at same time, put me in heaven straight away. Fucking insane technique and keen as mustard to get you rock hard for her own enjoyment. After she had devoured me for ten minutes with skill and passion, she wanted sex and the rig feel was so good ,was a battle for me not to cum, and I had to pull out several times, as so close to losing the load not funny. After cowgirl, she wanted hard mish , then hard doggie. Fucking insane tension in that pussy and she was desperate to cum as many times as she could. believe me , not act . And she had been going all day like this ? just one of those natural pleasure machines you come across once a year or so, if you get around enough. Close to 25m in mark and I just had to give it to her so bad i let the load go after a few minutes of glorious doggy on the butt from heaven….. yep got anal at no extra cost. On top of that she was a great kisser too, all the way thru the session. 9.5/10 from me , must see again for an hour. No rimming from her is about the only fault I could see. Out of 30 mins actual sex time was 20mins plus oral at the start. Just an awesome little girl. Highly recommended fun bunny from heaven.

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