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  1. Styx says:

    Just had that once in a blue moon punt where it’s a little Thai girls first day and it’s all new and sexy for her and a hundred sweaty rude fucks havnt shattered the illusion.A massage for 5 mins before I flipped over to find a wet pussy that was open to play till I made her cum with 2 fingers deep in her pussy. Kissing and rubbing her pussy on my BB cock till I came and her begging me to bring a rubber and fuck her tight teen pussy next time. All for 60 bucks. Will I tell you where no fucking way but just saying that even when having a crappy day at work something came blow your mind and cock at the same time. Lucky punting guys.

  2. Absolutely devastated to return from an overseas holiday only to discover my local R ‘N’ T establishment has closed down.

    Summer Massage – 206 Victoria street, Drummoyne is longer. RIP big guy. Oh sure provided me with many memories and highlights. Oh the bliss.

    Making a desperate plea here to you for united. Does anybody know anybody from this place? I had a lovely thing going on with a Chinese girl named Tina. I should have got her private details, but didn’t realise this was on the cards.
    If anyone knows anything please respond here.

    God speed and goodbye my friend.



  3. the original RZ says:

    Hi fellow punters,
    I visited the roseville rose the other day, and met up with one of my favourite young ladies, her and I go back awhile from another shop
    Upon arrival in the reception area was greeted by a familiar receptionist and friendly management
    Paid the funds and was escorted to the room by the lady, we dimmed the lights and commenced our passionate session and intense sexual activities.
    Walked a satisfying gentleman
    The roseville rose roster has improved and the management is priding itself customer service and friendly atmosphere
    Cheers RZ

  4. Andre says:

    Hey punters , whats the number for carlingford massage on carlo rd ? what are the girls like ?


  5. Jason457 says:

    Other than 269 Canterbury and 235 Annandale are there any other places such as these which have mature asian milfs ?? :)

  6. 50_year_old_Aussie says:

    Condell Park Remedial Massage Clinic
    66 Simmat Ave Condell Park

    Address is Simmat Ave, but shop is around the corner in Townsend Street.

    $35 for 30 minutes
    $45 for 40 minutes
    $55 for 60 minutes.

    I went there this afternoon – clean place. They advertise in the local paper as having mature ladies. Two on in the afternoon, one in her 30′s and one maybe late 40′s, early 50′s. I ended up with the younger one as the older one wanted to finish her lunch.

    Lulu, in her 30′s, fairly tall, saggy C breasts and a trimmed pussy, spoke English fairly well. I asked her if she did extras straight away – yes. I offered $30 for full nude body to body and hj. He got her gear off straight away and into the massage. She was good. Great massage, a real workout. I got a good lot of cuddles, tit sucking and general playing around. After the happy ending, she went back to massage.

    Sink in room and Lulu washed her hands before and after and when I was getting dressed, she changed the sheet and pillow case. Nice.

    Lulu asked if I wanted a double, but I declined the offer, maybe some other time.

  7. The RZ - what a wanker says:

    Lets face it punters, this roving zucchini clown , if you read al his entries , reckons he travels to these massage / brothels approximately 5+ times a week, he knows all the girls, he catches up with them in the reception, he knows all the managers, he has their phone details , he texts them. What a bull shit artist this guy is, his stories are non specific, and the same traces of crap, tell you nothing lines that flow thru them. Just have a review of his entries. Honestly, how many of these girls give details to customers and become texting and life long buddies. Most of them are too embarrassed by their career choice to tell anyone anything. He should be called “raving zucchini , aka crock of shit master”

  8. HMFS says:

    Anyone keen on a straight MMF today around the parra area?

    • roving zucchini says:

      yes, for sure, would luv that. i’m into cock occasionally. Let me know discrete contact details

      • bad taste says:

        The idiot who wrote this is not the original roving zucchini, jealousy amongst a few punter.
        Wait until I get in touch with RZ

      • the original RZ says:

        The suedo roving zucchinis are coming out of the closet now, don’t want to reveal their true identity so they tag along like a bunch of gay lords going for a ride, if that what you do in burbs, identity fraud, stealing welfare checks from your sister mail box, you are one sick puppy, all I can say fuck you. Now I know why I don’t go to parra chasing cock
        I stick to pussies

        • Maate says:

          Mate , you are a stuck up cock. you probably wear two frangas , one on your 4 inch cock and one on your head. Poofta.

        • Roving Dickwacker says:

          Roving one, i thought you were a good bloke till i read your comment. you’re a stuck up fuckwit dude, get off the site , no one wants your 6 star holier than thou crap

        • roving zucchini says:

          Hardened up princesses, soon as someone throws you mugs a hot potato, you cry fowl, Oooh, poor little boys upset, it does not bother me what you say,if you cannot take it get out yourselves,
          This is a forum to discuss punts, not a nit picking and a message bank website
          Anyhow fuck you
          I hope admin has a say in this

      • bad tasteB says:

        Oooh the suedo rovers and maate are upset, some one has stepped on your toes, mum it hurts……

        • Andre says:

          Hey Mr Roving Zucchini,

          Well said to the other poor little guys , this site is about the good the bad and ugly experiences .
          i too travel around places, appears you do as well , as you are not short of a dollar like the other non believers of your comments . keep them coming , and i too have many numbers of these massage ladies , obviously the guys that cant get them think that the girls dont give them out .

          Guys these girls do have feelings and can bond with some customers , it appears roving zucchini is one of them not like some of you losers.

          • the original RZ says:

            Cheers Andre
            There are jealous / suedo roving zucchini out there trying to create a bad name for me, you can tell by the language they use in writing a simple review and comments.
            Cheers RZ

          • Roving Zucchini says:

            Thanks Andre, how right you are. I have recently discovered I also like mmf , can we get together ?

        • roving zucchini says:

          And my final word, Get Fucked you dirty little boy slut ‘Maate’ and ‘RZ 2.0′ and all you other fake cunts.

          • commentary on RZ says:

            Roving Zucchini, why the need to be a gutter mouth. coming from one who is pretending to be an elite , upper class man whore ? You’re filthy language should have you taken off any blog that young children can , and do, easily access

          • the original RZ says:

            To the new roving zucchini, easy on the language
            Not once I used terms like you did, I hope you respect the women you accompanied, enjoy your new punting experience
            Cheers RZ

          • bad taste says:

            I think I know which RZ is real and fake, by the language,
            Keep up the good reviews original RZ

    • wheels says:

      Bugger…..wish Id seen this earlier….:(
      Would have taken you up on this…..ugh

    • Musthavefunaswell says:

      I am. What do you have in mind?

  9. Daman says:

    Hi all can anyone please share the details or recommendations for indian chick providing good service?

  10. Kan says:

    Review on 573 Canterbury Road, Campsie. PH: 0297892251
    Discreet entrance through the back. Went on a Saturday night and was taken straight into a big spacious massage room with lockable doors by a really cute Asian girl. Asked how long, chose 30 minutes and asked to strip down. Massage started really well, not too hard and not too soft on the back with the obvious teasing of the balls. Turned over and straight away she grabbed my cock and asked if I wanted anything extra. Decided to pay 30 for clothes off HJ. Handjob was good, she had some decent dirty talking while doing it and after finishing, she continued the massage naked. Was also really cool to talk to about everything and she was really nice, she even gave me a cheeky kiss at the end! ;)
    Massage 5/10
    HJ 6-7/10
    Lady 7/10

  11. Matt says:

    Review on 1/265 bigge street liverpool-
    Advertised on sydney backpage as erotic massage from $55, young masseuses ect ect. Council parking just up the road (3 hour). Gave them a call today received by older asian lady, mentioned ad and was after body to body as advertised. Arrived at 4 up the stairs, greeted by a 50 to 60 I dunno maybe fucking 70 year old lady terrible looks and body well no saving grace there either. Started to get that this is a bad idea hunch but heard other voices and hoped she may just be the owner/ manager and a younger woman was going to come around the corner, well .. No grandma lead me to the room went through usual prices thought fuck she will at least get the knots out of my lower back looks like she massaged since 1950. Paid $35 then had a good look at the bed/table no reusable sheet or towel a pillow which was as old as her, threw that off and rested my head on my arms, then received the worst massage no oil no effort, feeling very dirty and not happy. Any way starts to tickle my balls and I turn over to say no thanks not today and she was starkers! God not pretty. Started pulling my cock regardless of my unenthusiasm, offered blow, extras ect (knew I had a hell of a load had a plan) so said just hj then, grabbed her wrinkly tit closed my eyes thinking of one of the girls advertised on the initial ad and blew a hell of a load shot about 3 feet went all through her hair she wasn’t happy of course but nor was I with the false advertising and being told young girls were there and waiting. So be ware of this place and false advertising.

  12. Daman says:

    Recommendation for any Indian lady offering good service required please help guys

  13. Rayman says:

    Daman, two great places for ass licking and cim
    1. Amanda’s Artarmon – Candy, Nicole will both eat ass and cum
    2. Transcend Cleveland St – Carla is the best ever

  14. Daman says:

    Guys can you recommend places offering best ass licking and cim
    And another recommendation required for any Indian lady offering best service

  15. Daman says:

    Guys can you recommend places offering best ass licking and cim

  16. hornyas says:

    Sin City used to be in the city behind Oxford St. A ‘swingers’ club, but actually 4-5 girls you could have over 4 hrs. Anyone know where it’s moved to, or is anyone aware of any place similar to it. I think from memory $170 for 4hrs

  17. HMFS says:

    Anyone interested in having a straight MMF & DP with a girl? Also if you know of any girls that are into that would be awesome

    • will says:

      Yea I’d give it a go. Don’t know of any girls that offer it but it shouldn’t be that hard to find one. Just need to find a girl who offers anal and give her a bit of extra cash for the double.

  18. Daman says:

    I am looking for some ts Shemale action can anyone provide suggestions?
    Also please enlighten if it’s a good idea to go for adds posted on locanto? Are they real or fake?

    • Robert says:

      Hi Daman,
      Never been to Trancend but would suggest sydney.backpage/transexual escorts.Lots of choice there mostly private operators i have seen a few in the CBD all good. Cheers.

      • Daman says:

        Thanks a lot Robert it will be great if you can provide details of any tested ones

        • danny says:

          I’ve tested a few, use back page, their all real and mostly very genuine. its an awesome experience, but a few pointers , ensure they can get hard and cum and can speak english. ensure they will do both top and bottom. best for me to date , psylocke , azure and svetlana (latter is a stunner who only has a very hard 5″ but recently has acquired nice pair of ultra sensitive tits). incredibly passionate and they have extremely hard cocks that they know how to use. Azure loves getting head and blows hard , she shot me in the face just last week. They all also give bbbj like you’ve never experienced before. beware the big black ones though with 9″ or more, you shan’t be able to walk for days, i got held down by one and absolutely rogered. not fun :(

  19. jones564u says:

    I would like to know if there is a category for private escorts in Sydney,
    I Know of several who are outstanding but would like to know of more, eg Giselle ( The G Experience) Kendra Jamison (Heart of Kendra) and Emma Thompson all on the north shore of Sydney

  20. Chinese Massage Clinic
    7/1-5 Jacobs St Bankstown 9708-6689

    Went there Friday afternoon. Across the road from Centro Bankstown, but quiet location, but no walk of shame.

    Various prices on display, but basic was $35 for 30 minutes.

    Chinese lady, Elaine said she was 36. Spoke English fairly well. Tall, thin, nice A tits and nipples and hairy pussy. Asked if she did extras and answered yes. She said $40 for nude happy ending, I offered $30 and we settled on $35. No massage, straight into cuddles and stroking. I stroked her clit for about 10 minutes and she came twice, then she started a HJ, then a covered BJ. Then a mixture of covered full service and covered BJ until I wore her out.

    Elaine was enthusiastic and I got the full 30 minutes.

    Basic facilities, but the massage bed is sturdy and rooms are not cramped, with full height walls and lockable doors.

    Not bad for a local shop and good service.

  21. craig says:

    Went to a joint today in bella vista called boulder tcm, girls look nothing like the photos on the website, b2b was shit, wasted my hard earned coin the guys so dont bother.

  22. 50_year_old_Aussie says:

    41 Helen St Sefton 0426 200 911
    $30 30 minutes
    $40 45 minutes
    $50 60 minutes

    Quiet location right next to railway station. 2 or 3 rooms, solid walls and lockable doors.

    Went to Thursday arvo and saw Apple – Chinese, late 20′s or early 30′s, a bit chubby with a dragon tatoo on her tummy. Nice C tits and shaven pussy, but with a 3 day growth. Spoke good english.

    Sign on wall said NO SEX, but I asked if she did H/E and the answer was “yes of course”. $30 for H/E and naked with her clothes coming off before the massage started.

    Massage wasn’t that great, but she gave a lot of attention to my groin area, while I sucked her nipples and played with her tits, pussy and arse. She offered BBBJ, but I declined. After H/E she continued the massage and got the full 30 minutes.

    When I was leaving I asked about full service next time and yes she would do it.

    A good place, I will go back.

  23. roving zucchini says:

    Hi all, regarding ‘bbfs’, just a timely advice, not all women in any establishment provide bbfs, only a few that do. They only do if you are regularly seeing them, they are totally comfortable with you, and you totally respect them. If you are a first timer or you try to false the issue, forget it, they don’t take the chance on any punter who wants to explore uncharted waters. Develop a proper relationship with the establishment and then the ladies prior taking the dip. Cheers RZ

  24. Steve says:

    The place is run very professionally and does massage, special and waxing if that’s your thing!
    The chinese massage is very full on but if you can take it then its thorough, you may need a specal after that. HJ or FS, environment good clean, friendly. Chinese and Thai available.

  25. roving zucchini says:

    Hi all, the RZ has been visiting all types of parlours and establishments for many many many years, and do I have stories, reviews and comments, some are good and some are bad, some are recommended and others avoid, I will keep you informed, cheers RZ

  26. sexuagenarian says:

    Afternoon Gents. I used to visit a Thai lady called Tina at a massage place in Corrimal. The place has either closed down or gone legit. I heard Tina went to work somewhere in Bondi Junction. Any clues or sightings of her whereabouts would be greatly appreciated.

  27. Hobart action ? says:

    anyone know of good action spots in Hobart for r+t, hj, fs ?

  28. Xinyuan Yao says:

    Had a private erotic massage today, that I saw advertised online from a Czech lady named ‘Petra’ operating out of Maroubra, Sydney. Claims to be a former bikini model and 33 years of age, well she was much older than that, I’d say at least mid 40s. The massage was okay, but she did cut my time a bit as well.

    False advertising. She’s quite old and unattractive. Paid her 150 dollars for a one hour massage. Wouldn’t recommend it or go again. She operates out of Maroubra during the day and Bondi at night.

    Her name is Petra and this is her number: 01413497737.


  29. Foo says:

    Does anyone else think that bait-and-switch advertising laws should apply in context to escorts?

  30. Plonker451 says:

    Hey Admin!

    Please note that the responses of Bob, John and Alberto on 28th December and mine of the 11th November. They all refer to the “Chinese Relaxation Massage” at 34 Langston Place Epping. There is no entry for this business. All the necessary details are under my previous of 11th November. I suspect that if you put the shop up on the site there will be quite a few responses. Services offered are interesting.

    • Admin says:

      owners shop had too much attention when they had ads online and hence have taken them off.
      happy new year!

    • Steve says:

      Nature Care Epping

      Had 40 mins between trains called ahead saw Jess from Southern China

      She did very good massage whilst shy she also very pretty and I stayed longer and left content no Bbj or daty but good sensual massage and happy finish

      No shower available but seperate rooms and private rear entrance

      $40 massage

  31. Bob says:

    Re : 34 Langston Place Epping
    Nude full body to body and sexual services on offer

    Visited this place during the week , saw a girl mid 20s , full strip for $50 and was offered a blow job for $50 as well, i took both offers , sucked me without a cover ,licked me like lollipop up and down on my shaft , finally gave in and gave her my load , she was soaking wet as i was performing daty while in a 69 with her.

    Will be back again

    • John says:

      Hi mate ,,, what day did you go there ? And can you share about the girl name ,,, thx

      • Bob says:

        Hey, john, i should say i paid $40 for the 30 min booking then $50 for full nude strip and then another $50 for bj, a bit expensive ,but she was cute, went on monday , cant remember girls name , had a shaven sweet pussy with b cup tits. Going today ,but will only offer her another $20 for bj instead of $50. I might also check out rydalmere as it appears to have good reviews and excellent prices,

        • John.K says:

          HI mate ,,, yeah i was expensive if the total is $ 140 for only 30 minutes ,,, it will be better go to brothel and got FS in one hours instead.Did you go the second time with the same girl too or different girl ?? thx

          • Bob says:

            Hi john k , I did go Monday and the rooms were full with horny punters and 2 more horny punters waiting , I was not going to wait around.

    • Alberto says:

      bud , i have paid $40 for 30min and then $50 for headjob , did not get FS as the girl had her rags.

      generally young girls here at 34 langston place , that are eager to take your cum.

  32. Who’s keen for some straight MMF over the weekend in the parra area, if you have any places/girls in mind let me know :)

  33. What experiences have you had there emo?

    • emo says:

      I popped my punting cherry here. I’ve had rough sex and scratches down my back, grazes on my knees and hickeys. The young ones taste so good and the petite ones, great to throw around the room. One girl was so tight she broke my dick* but only took a week to heal, thank fuck.

      *hard to explain to the wife…

  34. Anyone know of any places around Sydney with 18-20yr old females

    • emo says:

      *Fair share

      I’m all about Liaisons’ and RPM’s weekday rosters.
      Hot youth comes at a cost however. $200++
      Some of the hottest girls in my life.

  35. Phil says:

    You guys watching the new series on Soho called ‘ The Client List’? There’s a movie aswell. About a girl going to work at a massage parlour. It’s good fun!.

  36. Prince of Palours says:

    Chats wood in Oscar street now has a Vietnamese show happening no sex just good massage however a lesson in how to tell 1 hour from 1/2 hour would help them especially Natalie she is a gem and you will be happy with her service just tell her you want to teach her English

  37. Prince of Palours says:

    hey Admin the place next door to the old airport HIlton is a bit dodgy it is also called mascot Massage but is closer to Wolli creek
    any way girls are asking $150 for full service they do little for it and are up and out before you can say what happen give it a miss

  38. Plonker451 says:

    Hey Admin,
    A new one for you to put up:

    Address. 34 Langston Place Epping. Phone 9008 2673 or 0426 967 018.

    There was previously an entry for this address but after a brief hiatus it has re-opened under new ownership. Premises have been tidied up with some fresh paint and new floor coverings and better tables. Fairly superficial but an improvement. A rear entrance exit is available in addition to the front door.

    I saw Gigi about 25/27 Thai, good masseuse, did more work on the legs than most girls do. English quite good, friendly. Teasing HE for $20 and nude including HE for $50 extra. I didn’t enquire about any other extras.

    Girls aged 20 to 27, I only saw 2 of the three who were working. Both were attractive and smartly turned out in pink uniforms.

    Generally favourable impression worth one or two more visits before reacing any conclusions.

    Gigi only works Tuesdays.

  39. cam says:

    Does anyone know if, Green Massage at 78 williams st darlo does extras? ive walked past every day wondering.

  40. emo says:

    New place in Bondi Junction called Always 18 Massage. Big rooms, clean and bright with surprisingly hot, young, happy girls. Average massage and limited eroticism but that’s generally the deal with these predominantly Chinese places.

  41. Mm says:


    Im looking for a indian, must goo avg or good looking, for a massage and a bit more no full service…

    Ca anyone reccomend and places?

  42. Foo says:

    Taking a long shot here, but

    Does anybody know where the old staff from ‘Just Relax’ massage at Blacktown went to? (Jenny specifically)
    Gave the best massage and h/e I have EVER had
    The new owners have filled the place with Chinese rejects

  43. Alfa says:

    Has anyone tried new place in Bella Vista called Chalalai. ..and reviews or feedback

  44. jim says:

    I will be stuck down at Batemans bay for a week or so soon does any one know of any massage places down there that look after you with all the extras.

    Thanks in advance guys

  45. jimbo says:

    This chatswood place is under a big investigation. It seems the premises was subject to a ICAC investigation a few years ago. This site and one of the reviewers also got a mention. http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/brothel-operates-on-site-shut-by-court-20140926-10ml9p.html

  46. mikegibon says:

    It would be interesting to know how people feel about tipping the girls when they have received a satisfactory service. I for one do tip in moderation when I see that the girl has made a reasonable effort to please. What about you guys out there?

    • Peter Smith says:

      Generally tip when good service has been given. Only fair :)

    • Handyman says:

      I never tip, but unless it is a new girl, I invariably see them for an hour, which with a nude happy ending means it’s usually in the range $110 to $140. I also tend to prefer a regular girl that I get to know a bit and like. On that basis I generally get excellent service.

      I also find that if you treat a girl courteously and take an interest and chat about her and to her, that can be very rewarding.

      If I have had a regular for a few months though I do give them christmas present, say $100. Works better than regular tips because they remember a surprise but take a weekly tip for granted.

    • Steve says:

      I have at a couple of the Pacific Highway places as the girls are usually very friendly and give good often attentive service.
      But average gets no addition, often if they are young and tell you a little about their plans I give them something extra you work out who plays the game and who just wants to make some money for their future. In the end you have to live with yourself so you make that call.

  47. Styx says:

    Any fellow deviants from the central coast. I was wondering if anyone has tried the new massage parlour called butterflies in Wyong or if anyone had been to the brothel in Tuggerah behind the office supply store. I know it’s still running they on their fairy lights to tell you their open but their website no longer exists and they don’t respond to you on Facebook !!

  48. mikegibon says:

    Does anyone know of a brothel in Sydney that has African ladies working there. I never had the pleasure of trying the exotic taste of black girrls. Cheers.

  49. JustLooking says:

    Just wondering if anyone knows of a chinese lady called Julie or Jenny working privately in castle hill. What services she do now and price also a contact number. Thanks

  50. mikegibon says:

    Has anybody outhere got any comments on Diamonds Forever brothel in Guildford? I have’t seen any so far. Cheers.

  51. cosmos says:

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get a hand job in a massage shop at big shopping centres like Westfields etc ? Cheers !

  52. emo says:

    New Thai Massage joint at 440 Oxford St Paddington. Had one $20 win and one loss here. Worth the gamble in an otherwise gay / legit massage district.

  53. zain says:

    This is slightly out of topic but I guess this is a good place go to ask this question.
    Where do you guys buy your enhancements/ED drugs from? Prescription drug stores or online? I am thinking of trying out some during punting sessions just to get the feel of it and to see if it will help the cause when my gf comes to oz for her annual trip. I don’t have ED thankfully but just want to spice things up hence the thought.Suggestions welcome.

    • Foo says:

      Hey Zain
      I’m a fan of the maxman pills myself (inch bigger and good for a couple of pops). I’d try your local adult bookstore.
      Otherwise you can try some ginseng products, any decent Asian food store has them, usually kinda sweet and take a couple of hours to take effect but work well in my experience. I like the drinks best (the ones with the ginseng root actually floating in it)

      • zain says:

        Cheers foo. I am not sure about adult book stores but Liverpool has about 3 adult/sex toy stores. Will check it there. Not sure about the ginseng though after reading a bit but I don’t think there’s much to lose so will try.

        • Jim says:

          Hey Foo where do you get your maxman pills from, I am very interested


          • Foo says:

            Hey Jim
            I use to get them from my local adult book store, but they’ve stop stocking them, lately I’ve been going to a couple of places in Penrith.
            Most places don’t keep them on display so you may have to ask around

  54. Henry says:

    Any info on a place in the Sydney CBD I heard about – it is called Midcity Bodyworks I think it is in Castlereagh Street

  55. Josh says:

    Anyone know if dannielle(brunette milf) who use to work at 39 rydale, west Ryde works anywhere now? Thanks

  56. RickG says:

    I heard that Castle Hill joints have all gone legit? Is that true? I stopped going once i heard. Anyone got news about that? Ding Therapy and Hills Massage – Legit or still offering any extras?

  57. Tagorian says:

    Does anyone know where i can find a cute young, chubby Aussie or middle eastern girl who does nude massages?

    Need to find… any leads would be greatly appreciated!

  58. Anyone see the young Italian girl advertised in the local parramatta paper as yet? I so share your thoughts :)

    • Peter Smith says:

      Which local paper? I can no reference to any Italian girls in the advertiser or the Sun. Could you post a link?

      Also, is she FS or massage only?

      If full service, I would be interested in trying her out :)

  59. mikegibon says:

    I have not been able to find any reviews or comments about Thai City in Albion st. Surry Hills. I rang them up and they offer full service for $200 an hour. Has anybody out there visited this place? Any comment will be appreciated.

  60. stevo says:

    It looks like all comments about Good fortune @ Waterloo have gone,
    Any reason why ?

  61. Mike says:

    Does anyone have anymore views on Nirvana at surryhills or RPM Rushcutters .Owned by the same people. Would like to hear any reviews on them before I start spending .

  62. mykobo says:

    Quick question everyone, wet mutual masturbation, does it still count as safe?

  63. Anyone keen for a straight MMF over the weekend in the parra area? I’m Aussie late 30′s n looking for a well hung dude to have some straight MMF, if you have any places or ladies in mind let me know :)

    • ibbyturk says:

      Hi man, any success on this ? Me and my friend also trying to find a lady who is keen ?

      Number 8 in blacktown has an aussie girl named Candy. Who does this, but we want to find someone else to try with ?

      • Is Candy the blond Aussie girl with a few tatts? What was the experience like with her n what did she let you both do with her? Maybe a few of us get get a couple of girls…..

  64. bugs says:

    Anyone know of anywhere that there is a pregnant girl working????

  65. mikegibon says:

    Can anyone outhere reccomend some decent brothels, clean and professional without costing a fortune. Willing to pay around $200 for an hour. The inconsistency in this industry is unbelievable. I know a lot depends on the management and the attitudes of the working girls, but really I had a range of experiences from the sublime to the pathetic. Some girls were totally uninterested in their work, some gave more than expected emotionally and otherwise, some were there just to get as much money as possible out of customers. In some places, things changed from day to day and different girls defined the culture of the place. This is totally unprofessional, amateur and dangerous.Are there some places that people can reccomend?

    • LFAGT GFE says:

      I was getting a bit tired of the hit and miss nature of finding a really good encounter. The reviews here did not inspire me. I turned to the local paper for inspiration. I browsed the Northern District Times & The Parramatta Advertiser. I short listed three. One was in Enfield, a bit far for today, but will remember it for next time. The other was in Granville, which was closed by the time I was ready to go. Thus ended up going to the in Harris Park. A unit on Wigram street. A young language student from Thailand. She was very good. That made my day / night :)

      • Phil says:

        Could you tell me the exact address on wigram street? There used to be a parlour in that street but I think it shut. And was it the standard massage plus HJ? Thanks buddy.

        • LFAGT GFE says:

          Page 68 parramatta advertiser 0411 017 409 I saw Anita, early 20s, FS, 90. Working out of a unit at number 47. There were two others available. Not my type.

    • Sophia says:

      I’m lady boy. I can do everything right that

  66. Peter Smith says:

    Hi all,
    Posted this in another thread before I realised there was this “general” one here.
    I have three questions:
    1) Does anyone have any recommendations for a shop that has indian and/or middle eastern (muslim) WLs? I have been pointed to one in Blacktown for the Indian, but none for the middle eastern ladies as yet.
    2) Anyone know of any reasonably priced caucasian WLs that do anal? By reasonably priced I mean about the $200 mark or less per hour (inc. anal).
    3) I wouldn’t mind trying a submissive WL, as in someone who will do what I tell them, when I tell them no questions asked. Light spanking, role playing, humilation etc. Anyone know of any shops that offer these specialties?

    Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Tagorian says:


      Would love to find a Middle Eastern lady too…. mainly for massage but they are very hard to find…

    • Peter Smith says:

      Went to NO. 18 Forge St Blacktown and saw a lovely INdian lady called Rita. She is 28, short (about 5 feet), chubby, but pleasantly so, large breasts, and has a very beautiful face and attitude…

      And oh, that accent! :)

      She was quite enthusiastic and responded well to me and the things I wanted to try. She loves to talk (but I actually enjoy that) and seems to enjoy her work and the independence she gets from it. It was a very pleasant half hour.

      • zain says:

        I forgot to mention it but both Rita and the other African girl you recommended the month before were fantastic!!!
        You have an eye for talent sir!

        • Peter Smith says:

          Thank you.

          And, you’re welcome ;)

          • David says:

            if it is legal to publish phone number, could you please give it here? (I just don’t want to visit to see person re-located or already booked by some one else) thanks.

    • Peter Smith says:

      To add to this request, does anyone know where there are full service latino ladies working? Thanks.

  67. mykobo says:

    New shop?
    Advert I found..
    CBD 378 massage centre is located in the heart of Sydney CBD , chic and immaculate, many of our young massage therapists are uni students and European travellers, they are professionally trained, skillful , very friendly and well spoken ,specializing in remedial and relaxation style massages. We aim to give our valued customer a most satisfying relaxation experience, come see us and have yourself a stress free day! Ph: 0422 272 388 Address: Level 1/378 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 $60 / 60 mins $50 / 45 mins $35 / 30 mins

  68. Brandon says:

    Just to let everyone in the loop. I came across a new massage parlour in the shire.(Cronulla).
    Its a nice little place 130 Cronulla st Cronulla.
    I was greeted by an attractive and polite lady. Who later informed me that she was owner/operator. I then was introduced to 2girls who you might say had the complete package. I picked 1 girl called Wendy.Well Wendy gave me a service that l would recommend to anyone with confidence. I will definetlybe going back for in a couple of days.But the other girl looked like a pocket rocket.l will keep all that are interested updated.Stay tuned .

  69. Josh says:

    Hi anyone know if Danielle (used to work at the west ryde brothel in the alleyway that is now closed down) works anywhere now? Thanks in advance

    • wain says:

      Was the establishment on Victoria rd? I remember her and would be interested in her whereabouts too. That place brings back some memories

  70. Roger 3 says:

    What the call should tell you.

  71. Roger 3 says:

    What the girls don’t tell you.

  72. mike gibon says:

    Dear Admin. I do not seem to find any comments or places for the BEI BEI massage parlour at 99 John St. Cabramatta. Been there twice, a few of my mates told me about it. Got a massage and HE. Does anyone else know about it? Cheers.

  73. danny says:

    Hi guys….. do you know a young chick who gives good anal massage? I knew one in epping, but she gone back to china…… she loved fingering guys in the ass…no extra charge….. cheers.

  74. mikegibon says:

    I dont’ seem to see any comments at all on Nirvana brothel at Pendle Hill. may be some one has something to say about it or I just plain missed it.

    • GFE LFAGT says:

      Have been to Nirvana $90 for FS. Got lucky the firs time I went and saw a beautiful Thai lady. Had her a few times. It was heaven. Went last week. The line up was pathetic. Walked otff without going further.

  75. Jt says:

    Hey Guys. Does anyone know where I can get a ladyboy massage in Sydney?

    • emofo says:

      Maggie’s Gentleman’s Club in Kellett St, Kings Cross.

      • flatfoot says:

        17/ 32-34 Campbell Ave, Cromer NSW 2099 P: 02 9981 4688
        Level 1 / 130 Queen St, St Marys NSW 2760 P: 02 9833 3131
        both provide Ladyboys. Always phone first to see if there is someone available on the day you want to visit though.
        If you really want to spend on a bit of luxury there is also Transcend in Surrey Hills.

  76. Veer says:

    Hey guys, is there any place that offer extras and accepts health funds? Around ryde area or any other area for that matter. Trying to find one but no luck…

    • Kev C says:

      Save your legs mate – that ain’t gonna happen any more. The health funds are onto it and the parlours don’t want the attention from Today Tonight etc.
      Best by far in the Ryde area is My Lucky 7 at 7 Avon Road North Ryde, but no fund rebates.

  77. zain says:

    Hello guys,
    Just wondering if anyone knows of a joint/girl where/who does anal?(references to places like Bellevue, Surry hills will be frowned upon)


    • mykobo says:

      What’s wrong with those places?
      Legit question, I’ve never been.

      • zain says:

        My friend you bring back repressed memories but I shall oblige. Went there once just to see why it’s so talked about. Really dirty, even worse ladies. 50+.everyone smelled like Listerine. Lucky to find someone who is not. Was stupid/too polite not to walk away.the conversation during a painfully long 30 mins was about a. My youth. B.drug use of frequent visitors and their corresponding lack of err…enthusiasm and dentures which the lady was planning to get from Thailand. There, you have it. the only positive was I stopped going to punting adventures for 2.5 to 3 months.

    • eric says:

      Hey, did you find a place? thanks

  78. Styx says:

    Anyone been to VIP69 in the city ? Liverpool st I think. They advertise body to body massage but are also fully licenced for FS. massage rates are reasonable on website just wondering how the shop was. I love a good body slide nothing like feeling a smooth pussy sliding all over you.

    • mykobo says:

      Didn’t even know it existed. The Indian/South American lady could be good….but they have yet to update any pics of any of the ladies on their website.

      • Andrew says:

        I’ve been to VIP69 twice, first time was great (thai girl named May) second time however put me right off.. Everything was fine until Sam asked if it was massage or FS, replied massage and her interest and effort dropped off. Hardly any massage and was over in less than 50 minutes including before and after shower after paying for an hour.

  79. mikegibon says:

    Hi there, I need some help. I’m not so young anymore, I use the good old Viagra 100 for sex and 50 for a massage tug. I love sex and sometime even this is not enough. I have sex once a week. can anyone suggest something that I can safely use and get better results? Appreciate any advise.

  80. don't-lie says:

    Anyone have any thing to say about thai oasis girls

  81. Sound interesting jimmy, what area?

  82. Jimmy says:

    Hi guys,

    Found a young (21) white chick who gives natural blowjobs in the car. She even lets you finish in her mouth. Slightly pricey though , $150. Any interested in doing a double with her ? Let her take both cocks in the same session ?

  83. mykobo says:

    Hey guys anyone know where there’s a good Indian lady?
    Please help!

  84. don't-lie says:

    Hi guys .I mean this comment In a encouraging way.its time to turn away from going to these places. When you realise these girls are human beings and end up hating man you probably would stop.its not go for a man mental physical and emotional wellbeing. Also wallet. Please join me and say this is a thing of my past and has no place in my future.

    • don't-lie says:

      Not good for a man sorry

    • Wobbly Willy says:

      I hear you don’t-lie. But there are mitigating circumstances and I hope that I can speak for others who are worrying.
      Harm reduction or harm minimisation has proven, particularly in drug addiction, to be the more acceptable and initial response in community behavior, generally scorned upon.
      Sex workers are the supply in a market that exists primarily to feed the demand, which is generally men, 40% conservatively latest stats show to be married or living with someone. Exciting sex becomes more difficult after 2 yrs as many married men will quietly tell you, burdened with children and pressing workloads in jobs harder to find and keep. Romance fades into the background of a busy life.
      Sex workers supply historically that magical elixer which keeps him from going off the rails, and her often secretively acquiescencing of this fact.
      Harm reduction, but sure its not right or perfect.
      Middle aged men, divorced, separated, carers of aging parents, disabled in some way,for what ever reason, currently unable to sustain a meaningful permanent relationship find great solace in sex workers.
      Harm reduction, again.
      Men, emotionally distraught, confused, temporarily adrift, or just plain have lost their mojo, find a good sex worker therapeutic.
      Harm reduction, but Sigmund Freud only discovered the ‘complex’ his ghost tells me. He asked me to ask you to work on the solution.
      Look, I am being critical but I empathise your concerns. Until we work out our community’s solutions to this we need to look to organisations that are affiliated with the NSW Dept of Health, Federal Immigration, NSW and Federal Police, etc. I think SWOP is I am told the best place to start checking out. Sex Workers Outreach Project/program I think.
      Australia is built on a proud tradition of equality, and trade unions fought hard back when men worked in dangerous and harsh environments. These girls from Asia are often voluntarily too allowing themselves to be objectified into losing their grasp on what it is to be humane. Tell establishments and whoever gangs up to enforce cruelty that we understand what makes the world go around and that work is work, but give the kids a break every 4 hrs, not job after job after job, so they miss lunch or their dinner. 5 to 10 minutes to freshen up between jobs, and a day a week to visit church, temple or whatever. But most important, cut the crap about scripting them to say they do study when day off, and take them out dancing at a club to have some fun once a week or a fortnight. I don’t think your cattle are going to run away with wealthy Scarlet Pimpernels, Casanova’s nor sweet old sugar daddy’s but may book a cab to the Gap. Lighten up.
      Punters know they need the money, and usually as I’ve found because of oppression in their homeland, and often revered by ashamed but very grateful families of their sacrifice.
      You can’t solve all the world’s problems in a day don’t-lie but I find that asking polite questions of their life for 5 to 10 minutes makes them smile that the ‘other’ person in the room is relating to them, may even care a bit, thank them at the end, and if a tip can not be afforded then wishing they make their money and return home. Mind you, some enjoy lustfully either sex with big white guys or making lots of money. Never sure there.
      And also don’t-lie, I know as a middle aged bloke, and most punters may, experience with doing a job that is boring all day long at some time. Its shit, but usually for some future better good. Life in our grandparents time was often harsh in and around Sydney. 2 world wars, exceptional volunteering and loss of life, a Great Depression hitting hardest of all industrialised countries, Australia’s majority of jobs linked to export of goods to UK and Europe. It left scars, for generations.
      We can’t seem to stop it altogether politically but we can canvass and lobby for more funds for that Sex Workers Outreach Program to send teams around to interview and assist the girls. And keep an eye on where all that money is going, to boot.

      • don't-lie says:

        Thanks for your very thought through answer. I appreciate your time and effort. The thing I want to challenge people about is the effects of doing this stuff habitually .neuroscience .quantum phyisics .psychology and spirituality would all agree with the effects of certain behavior/s are no good for our inner well being. Great book referencing this is called switch on your brain by Caroline leaf. Once you’ve freed your from things and made some strong choices you’ll be a happier better man for it.

  85. mike gibon says:

    Hi There guys. Does anyone know where I can find Vietnamese girls either for massage or brothels? Any help will be much appeciated. I just adore asian pussy. Thanks.

  86. Junior says:

    Anyone know where I can find beautiful thick white girls in the sydney area ? Thanks :)

    • Huge dude says:

      Try Kingsford bodytone on Anzac Pde they got alot of nationalities. Its a RnT. Been there a few times, with an indian and vietnamese girl.

    • zain says:

      From what I have read so far, riverwood cougarytown has a few thick women(not exactly bbw but comfortably chubby). Haven’t been there myself as it’s too difficult to commute there. 230phr. If anyone lives around/been there lately then will appreciate a review otherwise taking an hour train ride is not worth it.

  87. Uigeadail says:

    So halfway between where i work and go to gym just opened a new chinese establish at Meadowbank on Constitution Drive just over the crossing from the station (80216828 or 0449147361) Usual prices 45/$50, 60/$60. Literally 5 days since open so only a couple of girls with 40ish Melissa (ex Eastwood) on reception mucking in when needed. Says couple more girls starting on the weekend.
    Melissa saw to me just before closing Tuesday night. Said could only do 45min but halfway offered to extend for $10 more. The massage started out iffy, chinese style but actually ended up great and still with me the next day.
    Then the rare treat began. Melissa calls out in mandarin and enter Mimi, mid 20s,long hair, glasses, lovely, next to zero English. She has no experience I am told. For about a quarter hour I am unexpectedly getting the 4 handed treatment (massage only at this stage) and with the oohing and pointing out my beautiful parts to each other (I’m not that dumb in the cold light of day but in the moment totally convincing) I was feeling like a king. I (almost!) could have left it at that.
    Melissa left the room and Mimi proceeded to show that she really did have no idea about massage nor much else technique wise. It would have been laughable (or frustrating) if she wasn’t so sweet. She seemed very embarrassed and not sure how to transition. anyway I had gotten a decent massage already so I put her hands in the right place and showed her how to move them and … sorted.
    Sink with hot water + clean flannels in the room. Mimi spent the clean up apologising for the massage quality and by now I was fine.
    Strange experience … even though it was a very mediocre clothed finish I had a great time from start to end and I’ll be back. Hopefully the new girls have some skills and to see how Mimi gets on and Melissa’s massage is worthwhile

    • Lfagt gfe says:

      Thanks very much for the tip. I am a regular at North ryde. But decided to give this a go on Sunday after seeing your post. I am ver happy I did. No FS. one of the best experience I ever had.

      • rosc says:

        How so Lfagt – what was the experience ?

      • Uigeadail says:

        Lfagt, who did you get? Actually I had melissa for an hour on Sunday. Great massage, to rival legit thai up the road, but no intimate banter and at the end she said ” absolutely don’t do any extra” nothing. My first without ever … And I rarely need to ask. I’ll have to ask for someone else next time.

  88. Styx says:

    Fuck there are some catty bitches on this site. Constantly trying to discredit people when the do a review. I’m a bigger punter than you knobs and now this Steve fuckwit and his hyperactive posting. Admin is there anyway to make this a log in site so you can clean the fuckwitt a out please !

  89. darren says:

    Folks welcome back ADMIN! Who said he wasnt alive.

  90. darren says:

    Handy Admin is on holidays AGAIN! When he gets back he will get the comp nerds onto the problem because its been like that for nearly two months.Anybody up the coast seing Admin please hose the vomit off his chest and put a stamp on him and send him back to Shitmey he has work to do!

    • Admin says:

      Sorry Guys about the slow loading. We have been working back and forth with the IT ppl and our hosting provider to try and resolve the issues. Please bear with it for a little while longer but we will rectify it very soon. Sorry for the frustration caused…

  91. Handyman says:

    Admin: My computer is pretty fast but navigating the PP site is very slow. Is it only a problem to me or do other punters have the same issue – I wondered whether it was a server problem.

    • Neo says:

      Not just you mate…. been like that for me for a few weeks now.

    • RickG says:

      This site started becoming slow about 6 months ago. I don’t know why, and it’s been that way ever since. It is a bit frustrating.

    • Gigabit says:

      Yep, same here on all my machines and different browsers for at least 3 months. Admin needs to respond and let people know they are onto it or his site is kaput.

      • Gigabit says:

        July 2014, still slow. Admin – you need to get somebody new addressing the problem, or a different site host.

        • Admin says:

          our apologies as we r frustrated also. we’ve designed a new platform but the mountain of work to update a few months of adverts and comments is causing a back log of work for us. and its taking us forever to learn the back end of the site also. sorry again and thank you for your support!

  92. mykobo says:

    Anyone know where some ladies are with Italian, Greek or former Yugoslav nationality.

  93. Bill says:

    Shero Try Angela at Central Station

  94. Shero says:


    I’m looking for a erotic massage, nude happy ending type but with a girl who knows how to massage the Prostrate, any tips in Sydney can travel far and wide.

  95. Veer says:

    Hey Guys, Been looking for a Chick that does Home massage with a little bit of extras :) Anyone know of one? (contact details please) can email me at kveer09@gmail.com

  96. antonio says:

    Hi guys please allow me to introduce myself.
    My name is Antonio and im happy to announce that
    9 exseller ave Bankstown is under New Management . Our aim is to bring back exceptional customer service. Plese come in and visit us we have a wide range of ladies from all nationallities.

  97. Davo says:

    Man of Many, I think you have had your hand on yours far too many!

    • David says:

      I think so to but loved reading the event should be more like that but list it on another page so everyone knows it is not true even if it sounds not true

  98. Man of Many Names says:

    Hi boys, Had a gr8 experience at a place yesterday. Arrived at exact same time as another , older guy. Bit embarrassing. An asian lady 40+ quite attractive opened door. the older bloke knew her as Helen, she said she was free but other girl was 30min wait. Small standoff as to how got to see her, who needed to wait. The older guy suggested we both see her, Helen’s eyes lit up and she said why not. I was nervous but thought what the hell. He even offered to pay 150 and negotiated with Helen for a full service for him , and 80 for me to watch him and get a r+t. As i said i was nervous. anyway what a great half hour , he fucked her pretty quickly (condom on) whilst she sucked my cock, i gave her the tea bag , the old guy came within about 5 mins, he then sat and watched. i lickked her out and she came twice, my nerves went away , both helen and the older dude were begging me to fuck her. What could i do ? I gave her the full length i am big and thick, and i gave it hard and quickly. The older guy wanted some of my cock also, bizarrely i let him , he started to go down on me , whilst helen fingered my ass. At this time i reciprocated , i had 2 fingers in her pussy and one up her ass, she was groaning and squirming. We all made lots of noise and i am sure the girl next door could hear everything, walls there are thin as. what next ? Helen then asked me to fuck her ass, i couldn’t believe it, i pounded her for 2-3 minutes whilst she sucked the old guy who was now hard and i blew the biggest load all over the back of her head. the older guy wanted me to give him a hand job also , i resisted but grabbed his balls whilst he blew in Helens mouth. sounds like bs right, well i am telling you its for real, it was unexpected, amazing horny, Helen is the horniest asian woman i have ever seen, get yourself some boys. As i left she asked me to go back early this morning so she could see me in private and do some ‘special’ things to me, she whispered how she wants my cock in all her holes. can’t wait

  99. RickG says:

    Went to Ding Therapy, Castle Hill last night. Wanted to do a write up about it this morning, but somehow I can’t find it in the castle hill section! What’s going on, Admin?

    • Admin says:

      Sorry RickG. They didnt want adverts online.
      Happy Punting!

      • RickG says:

        Thanks Admin. I think that Hills Family Massage nearby has the same concern actually, so they might like you to take them off the site aswell.

        • Admin says:

          Quite the contrary actually. They would miss you guys too much!

          • Admin says:

            Damn, you jinxed us RickG!

          • RickG says:

            Haha did they contact you? I thought they would because I went in there trying to play the whole ‘I’m-an-internet-reviewer-so-give-me-good-service’ card but they called me on it and told me not to write here and that they monitor the site and are a bit worried about the local council. I apologise though, my comment must have brought it to their attention. But its their loss because a listing here brings many a punter. This is how we find places and become interested in them!

  100. James says:

    Does anyone know where can i get BB anal in Melbourne?

  101. Ian says:

    Anyone had a Czech in past or know where to find one present ? Have heard they are very attractive and also a bit naughty so want to check it out for myself and interested in any feedback from your experiences, cheers

  102. Peedee says:

    Visited relax massage today at lunch. 401 pacific hwy, Crows Nest. I have reviewed this place before but under serenity massage as they do not have their own page.

    2nd visit and I got very lucky. Never won a raffle or lotto but this was almost just as good. Before starting they asked if I would mind having a second girl (no extra cost) that was learning – I didn’t know this industry had training days…

    The main ML was Amy, cute, good body, huge fun bags. The other girl was young, no English (literally fresh from Thailand). Amy took charge and the new girl giggled when touching my balls but that made it even more interesting. The new girl had a lot to learn but having 2 girls rubbing, b2b and stroking the old fella, when I was expecting only one was a very nice. Now this I’m guessing was a one off but I had to share the story.

    As for the place, it is brand new (opened 1 month) and clean. It has a shared bathroom. Once inside it is discrete, but entrance is on pacific hwy – and it looks like a RnT.

    Cost was $60 – 30mins (normally only 1 ML)


  103. rick says:

    Went to Dural chinese massage today.Brand new place.Looked promising.Nice fit out,clean as good as Ive ever seen.Then it went downhill.$80 one hour massage.Ok don’t mind paying for good service.Well massage was 3/10 phone rang 3 times $20 for H/E.and she had no idea at all.I just cant believe these people keep setting up these crappy places,Avoid

  104. jim says:

    Hi Guys
    Does anyone know of any girls that do massages in their homes in the campbelltown area.
    There used to be one in a house at the end of deumerq st but I think they have moved on, I don’t want to knock on the door and find it a private residence. I have visited all the parlours in the area and now I am looking for something different, thank guys.

  105. Matt says:

    Fields road shops maquarie fields knows a slut that will let u fill her for 40 post me if ur keen

  106. Matt says:

    I had Jessie from maquarie fields and she gave me a great massage then let me fuk her bareback and I filled her up. Going back today

  107. Mark says:

    Had a big day out in Castle Hill where I did 3 of the massage shops in one night (although some non-sexual massages included). Spirit Thai Massage, followed by Ding Therapy – where I was Rubbing Ruby’s Rubies. Needed to refuel with dinner nearby, and then it was off to Hills Massage to finish the night. Thought I’d have a final sweep of these places before I get busy with work. Good times.

  108. Mark says:

    Heard on the news that one of the joints at Camperdown got done by a pair of crooks last night – anyone know which one? Might have been Bodyrotic. Unhappy punters wanting their money back?

  109. Johnbegood says:

    today i saw Rachel she is a korean girl in her late 20 early 30 came to my home in the north of Town and gave me the best massage out she is by far the best Korean massage service getting around if you want to try her you need to book her as she is busy 0416301009. dont ask for sex over the phone

  110. Mark says:

    Christ – Had a week off, so thought I’d try some new masseuses. I’ve had 7 massages this week from 7 different masseuses! Got another planned on the weekend aswell. Good times, but down $450. I’ve got to take a rest for a while or I might have to sell the lexus!

    • Styx says:

      *Impressed nod * Give us some reviews !! You must have a story or two or three !!

      • Mark says:

        Most of the stories are already up – read my posts from the past 7 days. Especially my ‘Big Night Out in Newtown’ where I did 3 in a row! However, most of it is not too over the top – I guess next time I’ll try to make it more interesting for you guys! (getting me thinking already). Keep your stories coming aswell mate :)

  111. Hadmyfareshare says:

    Jimmy, what’s the contact details for this women from parra area?

    • Jimmy says:

      Not ganna share this time , last time when I found that home visit asian chick one of the guys on here killed it and she changed her number and stopped. Don’t wanna spoil this =)

  112. Hugh says:

    Hey guys anyone know a good one round beecroft?

  113. Krazy kieth says:

    hey everyone I have a real doll for sale this silicon doll is so life like you will save money and just have this one cost is $4500 please reply back with questions and your phone number if you want to see and NO you can not take her for a test run I dont want all your soldiers over her

  114. Tony Bennett says:

    Why bother? Sounds like the perfect disease.

  115. anotherWG says:

    sorry im new to this, im 18, busty, blonde with cute accent, any recommendation of some decent place (im not much into massage) not too far from sydney?
    thank uuuu :-*

  116. Constable says:

    Careful Flatfoot, the area is patrolled and cameras are in position. Oh yeah, one more thing, it’s also illegal to solicit or be solicited!

  117. Hadmyfareshare says:

    Anyone know where abouts street girls hang out on the great western hwy Eastern Creek area?

    • jay says:

      Ooh I would like to know that too .

    • flatfoot says:

      OK so I got curious after seeing this post as I didn’t realise there was any street prostitution in Sydney (Is it legal/safe?) Anyway had to do a job in St Mary’s so Eastern creek was on my way out west. Drove around for a short while before seeing three different ladies of the night. If you turn off the great western highway towards the raceway, take the first left (Huntingwood ) at the big circle and along that road is at least one area they seem to be.

      Saw one rather large woman get dropped off on Huntingwood, not really my taste but further up on the corner of Decker saw a very pretty woman, probably about 30 years old. Stopped and had a brief chat and she seemed really nice. Offered me full sex for $70 and a BJ for $50. Unfortunately I needed to get to my job (this was at about 7pm) so had to turn her down. Didn’t get her name.

      Went back later at about 10 pm when I finished and drove up and down the road a few times and did spot one older woman and asked her if she new where the younger beauty from earlier was but she told me that she had gone home already. Wasn’t really in the mood anyway so turned her down too and went home.

      Definitely might try this again some time as there is definitely some added excitement in this type of punting.

      • Styx says:

        Just remember that this is the realm of the junkie ! Play safe and tell us your stories ;-)

      • Spooky says:

        Be careful. I work in this area. These “women” are heavy junkies. Also, at least two of them are not women, they are men. Steer clear….!

      • Jimmy says:

        There is a chick in parra , about 25 , pretty hot gives $80 BJ’s in your car. Natural. Extra $30 you can blow on her face or extra $50 CIM

      • offroader says:

        Yes huntingwood drive is where they are now I agree there is excitement in this type of punting but be careful most these days are unattractive junkies some will take anything of value you have in your car, also heard of some guys pimping underage girls out there
        But sometimes you will find a sexy young thing out there for a good price

  118. Jeoffry says:

    I’m a big fan of the Brazillian wax. It seems strange then that many WLs and MLs don’t go in for this at all where it is pretty normal for most girls to go the wax or the shave. How do you go about asking for the shaved girl? Have tried this in a few places only to get an offended response or answered yes but subsequently found out not to be the case. Perhaps not so common with Asian ladies. Any good places offering the all waxed look?

  119. Infrequent Punter says:

    Anyone know of any massage parlours or brothels where you can get prostate massage/ass play/fisting/strapon? From what I’ve seen you need to go to somewhere like Salon Kitty’s but I don’t really like the Dom/Sub/sissy aspect to their stuff (and it seems overly expensive)

    • Roger says:

      Jessica at Good Fortune Massage Green Square I understand is happy to get out the gloves!
      I understand she knows exactly how to hit the SPOT!
      Only there Sundays according to their website.
      It’s a massage place, so you won’t get all the other stuff you mentioned.

    • flatfoot says:

      295A Ashfield phone first (97169888) and ask for CiCi . Went there today and had a great time with her and showed her a some videos on my phone – she said she would be happy to do most things. If you want her to fuck you with a strap on you will obviously need to take your own equipment. Have Fun. and please give her a decent tip on top of the $60 – 1/2hr or $100 – hr.

  120. Shero says:

    Good Fortune Massage

    Just had a massage at the above establishment, very clean, quite with the exception of the piano & violin music a nice establishment. Had an hours massage with “Lubbie” not sure how she spells it, but a good firm massage, Lubbie works Fridays, all in all 8/10 for the place and massage.

    Would of got a better score if it wasn’t for that dreadful music…

    • offroader says:

      Hi Shero
      What’s the price and where are they?

      • Roger says:

        They are at 18/888 Bourke St Waterloo.
        Special one hour $50 for the winter.
        They have a website: http://www.massage888.com.au
        Lots of info on there, and some REAL pix of their ladies.

        • freed0m says:

          hey roger

          do they offer extra services and if so how much?

          • Roger says:

            Hi freedOm,
            I believe most of the ladies here except Mamasan will do a variety of extras.
            Usual price is the same as all the RNT shops.
            Best to check with the lady when you get into the room!
            I don’t think any do FS, but you never know!

    • Roger says:

      Haha Shero.
      I complained about that last night and they changed it straight away.
      She has 100s CDs there. I agree. The music should be unobtrusive and relaxing. The lady you saw would have been their new Korean girl Ruby.
      Very good all round.

    • Steve says:

      ‘Lubbie’ is a Chinese woman’s way of saying ‘Ruby’. Seriously, mate…

  121. Matt says:

    Any one been to this joint at 32 levy street wolli creek? Advertised in the leader as full body Asian massage looks brothel like

  122. Aware says:

    There is another Aware using this site. I am the original. It would appear that comments have been made on my behalf which is why I see it best that I go.
    I will not be using the handle of Prince.

    • Steve says:

      Aware mate, you have made your service known to whoever is interested in it. I suggest that you leave your contact details on this site, and perhaps can rarely appear with your councilling service information and contact. Rather than trying to council everyone on the site, every day.
      I have personally written one or two things on this site as free advice for punters, just so that they practise safe sex – I just thought I’d be a good Samaritan – whether they listen or not is up to them.
      Punting, like traditional womanising, is a lot of fun so long as you minimise risks and be responsible. If you are addicted and are losing your money and more from this, then you should seek councilling. We’ve had a punter on this site who apparently paid for a 15 hr session, We’ve had punters who go anal bareback. These are the people who need to get themselves help.
      So aware mate, Thankyou for advertising your services, and I hope they benefit many in the future. Goodbye and Goodluck.

  123. Aware says:

    Good evening gentlemen (and ladies). I know that there are some ladies that read this site and are rather amused at what some of you get up to, supposedly.
    I will take my leave from toninght and move on from this site. I will continue my services to the ladies who run these establishments as they have become very “aware” of safety and hygiene under my guidance. I was counselling homeless children for many years, also broken heatered families that lost loved ones in WWII. So my expertise is not that of a “Troll” as has been quoted earlier.
    There are many lessons to be learned in life and I hope each of you learn at least one during your time here on God’s planet. I’m sure many of you will learn many more from the activities described within.
    I bid you farewell!

  124. Aware says:

    Hey, Con Man be Aware. My apologies for any non intended offence caused to you by my comments. I find remarks about Helen from Carlingford somewhat disturbing. I have actually met some of these ladies families. As part of my service to them it’s important to assess their backgrounds and needs, it should be remembered they may have children, brothers and sisters etc. I can assure you I’m not in the business of receiving services in return for my support. I’m paid by them appropriately, probably with some of your money. I also take exception to the comment of (doing her from behind). Simply repulsive, but understood if coming from someone who looks upon the ladies in such a way as many do.
    I have also started counselling wives and girlfriends of so called (punters) that are addicted to such services. I got this idea from chatting with a waiting customer recently who was obsessed with such places but loved his wife and children. So, I’m now helping all concerned and that makes me feel good. If I can help someone kick the obsession, I’m happy. It really is very similar to gambling, “they just need to try one more time”.

    • Grumpy says:

      Hey Aware you are so full of it. No Mamasan us going to let you just talk to her girls and no ML (who hardly speaks a word of English) is interested in anything but money. As for your latest fantasy about counseling punters and their families – good luck with that. Most would tear your heart out before letting you speak to their wives & kids.
      Why dont you go write your sanctimonious fantasy crap somewhere else you Troll.

      • Con Man be Aware says:

        aware you’re a joke, using this site to promote your ‘business’ . What a load of bullshit you always talk on this site. How about counseling me, I will get my gf to pay you with a blowie, she has actually visited places with me , how can I contact you o righteous one ?

    • Spooky says:

      Hey Aware, what planet are you on?? Try going to confession or something. Don’t tell your bullshit stories here. Nobody’s interested.

      • Becky's says:

        Aware, go get a bbbj mate, loosen up, you need to get a life , I’ve heard church girls are up for it, try a little Sunday morning r&t

  125. Plonker451 says:

    Have recently returned from four months O/S and have done a tour of old haunts particularly around the Eastwood area . For the last 12 months or so a number of punters reported that HJ’s and other extras were generally unavailable after pressure by Ryde Council on the local shops. That pressure seems to have substantially disappeared and the girls are offering extras in a number of places where they had been banned.

    • Kent23 says:

      Hey Plonker, any to recommend in Eastwood? I also know of the downward trend the last 18mths or so in Eastwood, Ryde, etc… Which ones are leading the renaissance if you will? Am looking to try at least 2 places between Fri and Sunday. Thanks.

      • Plonker451 says:

        Hi Kent23. I would rather not nominate particular places in case the Council is monitoring this site – don’t want to spoil an improving situation. However a couple of tips: firstly one mamasan told me “Council spies no work weekends” so that might help. Also consider which shops had the most to lose from the Council crackdown – the supposedly legit therapeutic providers. They were threatened with the loss of their licence and so lost most business. Thus they have more to gain by getting back to providing extra services. Another Mamasan told me that the worst effect of the council clampdown was that she lost her best girls because their incomes were even more affected than their bosses.

        Ryde Council might have other priorities at the moment. It has been alleged that they sacked their former GM wrongly because he would not comply with certain councillors wishes regarding property development. The Mayor is now subject to an ICAC investigation for alleged corruption !

        • Kent23 says:

          Thanks Plonker. I’ll give a couple of the old favs a try. Might even try a couple of the old Epping haunts, although they’ve gotten a lot of bad reviews in 2013 too…

  126. Peedee says:


    Just wondering what happened to pure massage (north sydney) reviews on here. I visit every now and then, and it would be great to hear what other think.


    • nicry says:

      Hey Peedee
      128c Mowbray Road Willoughby open with Thai massage sister to NS
      Also NS is still open
      I usually go to willoughby parking is easier and it is the same girls

      Tuesday Nicki is the choice, Jenifer on wednesday and Tammy on Thursday

      These girls are crackers mate :)

  127. Spooky says:

    Why isn’t Chinese massage, 164A Stoney Creek Road, Bexley, on here????
    Great value here. nude hj is just $20 extra. Half hour 30, 1 hour 50.

    • Matt says:

      I’ve been driving past this place nearly every day for 6 years and never noticed it! Looks a bit run down, what is the set up spooky, how many girls? Age? And what day do you recommend for the nude hj for 20?

      • Spooky says:

        Usually only 2 girls. Mondays is good. One gorgeous girl, one not so nice older woman who (I’m told by the other girl) does full service very cheaply. The other girl (the gorgeous one) will NOT do full service but does nude hj for extra 20 on top of the price of the massage. Dont make the mistake of asking her for full service or she gets a bit short with you. She’s happy to do the massage and is otherwise very friendly. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. Oh yeh, her name is Michelle.

  128. rick says:

    Has anyone tried Taranga at bliss rising

  129. Jim says:

    Guys has any one heard whether the Deumerq st parlour in Campbelltown has got any better and if so who is the best girl and when does she work. The last time i went there i walked out half way through, it was that bad.

    • Matt says:

      I’d like to know too Jim if it’s the same place that used to be at leumeah I heard it was shit so I’ve never been and pricey for the limited extras offered! Surely some one out there knows

      • Bertie says:

        Matt, the place in Campbelltown near P.O. you were asking about is the same one that used to be at Leumeah. Don’t waste your money – bossy , poor massage & even worse H/E if you could call it that. Better off trying Ingleburn or Mac Fields.

        • Matt says:

          Thanks Bertie I thought that was the case! And I have been to both ingleburn and Mac fields, bit of a regular at ingleburn like yourself great place although after recent post about Mimi and davo saying he caught genital warts in his mouth with in a week of seeing her I’m a bit hesitant and havnt been back since

    • Jean-Claude says:

      Hi try it regular customer best girl come to three or four of the girls Julie, Janey, Kayleigh and Linda the boss

    • johny81 says:

      This is nearly a year late but this place is pretty good you get half hour for $30 and for an extra $50ou get fully nude and a hj $80 all up aint bad,i have also had a double massage for $130 which was interesting and had one chick there that charged me $50 for a half hour massage that went for nearly an hour beat me off twice and went topless,i have never had a bad experience here and am wondering why they are`nt on the main page ,plus the one that was on king st was pretty good too,although they are more lowkey and have moved there number is 46287880 if interested and just ask them for adress cheers

  130. Bertie says:

    Have to agree with comments – can’t be too careful. I only DATY if it is a safe sex place but always check girls first for any sores or bad smell. If they offer BB sex no DATY for me,(you don’t know what’s been in there) and always wash hands after fingering holes. I frequent same couple of places at the moment where you get to know the girls. Hope you are soon well Commando.

  131. Aware says:

    Hey Darren, I note you have made many posts on here so your condition is not surprising.
    I have been bagged a little for my comments on this site but assure you of my genuine concerns. I am 77 years of age and do not participate in the activities reported here. I actually provide a counselling service to the young ladies that find themselves working in such establishments. It has proved to be a very lucrative business for me. I can assure you that their main concern is for their health and the possible diseases brought in by male customers. (yes they have female customers as well).
    So, my advice to you is simple. Scrub up, take the medication prescribed and don’t frequent these places with such bacteria, you could well end up distributing infection to many innocent/decent people. The health of the unfortunate workers in the industry is far too important. Get well.

    • Steve says:

      All us Punters are taking risks when entering this arena, but I simply cannot believe the amount of punters on this site who are basically playing Russian roulette with themselves. Having intercourse with a prostitute without a condom – and associated acts including DATY and BBBJ – should never be done. I’ve read so many reviews of ‘BBFS’ and worse (anal) – I wonder if those punters don’t know better or have a death wish – HIV is alive and well in Australia. If you want to experience those things, get yourself a girlfriend.

      • Mrx says:

        Getting disease from natural oral is pretty slim, and that is coming from someone who works in the medical industry. Having said that, BBFS is very risky, and why would you want to put your dick in a pussy that is possibly full of someone elses cum?

  132. darren says:

    And speaking of annoying sort of like Commandos probs ive picked up the clap from one of these establishments So if some of you bums dont realise when you find a unusual stain in your Y fronts thats not normal so dont go on ploughing these ladies cause some other poor sucker gets your CLAP. Head down to the clinic an stay off the scene just like ive been doing.Hurting when you going for a piss bit red round the top of your wand more than likely you got something sort it out!

  133. darren says:

    Hey Admin every time i change a page on here i have to confirm with the green icon that i wont be offended. Frigin hell ive had to confirm twenty times tonight driving me mad! Get the computer nerds onto it should be at the front page and once you agree you shouldnt be asked again.

    • Admin says:

      Sorry guys, we’re aware of the issues we have with the new R18+ splash page. Give us a few days to get on top of it. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  134. Gary says:

    Private chick super sexy $160 ph best root ever call her on 0434 585

  135. Aware says:

    Hey Commando, sorry to read about your circumstance. I hope some of the blokes on here take notice. You’ve been a regular in Chatswood, Artarmon, Willoughby and many more North Shore joints. Are you able to pin point where you may have picked up the infection?
    I wish you well in your recovery!

    • Commxxxdo says:

      Hey Aware , pretty obvious isnt it where Commando picked this up, it wasnt from kissing his grandmother goodnight. He picked it up when licking pussy flaps, clits and ass. His tongue likely went in all holes 2+ cm. Also likely that he often inserted multiple fingers to the 2nd knuckle and then licked them. Send him your Empathy please, you know how it is when your going at these old asian girls who love the pork sword. Easy to get carried away

  136. Commando says:

    Hi Guys sorry i have been out of action turns out I have contracted a rare throat cancer from this industry I have posted a thread here to help you guys please dont make my mistake this is a link from wikipedia to help you realize all the best and will speak when I have returned
    Chlamydia, human papillomavirus (HPV), gonorrhea, herpes, hepatitis (multiple strains), and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs/STDs) — including HIV — can be transmitted through oral sex.[9] The documented risk of HIV transmission through cunnilingus is considered to be extremely small, and far lower than that associated with fellatio, vaginal, or anal sex. There have only ever been 2 documented cases of HIV transmission through cunnilingus.[10][11] If the receiving partner has wounds or open sores on her genitals, or if the giving partner has wounds or open sores on or in his or her mouth, or bleeding gums, this poses an increased risk of STI transmission. Brushing the teeth, flossing, undergoing dental work, or eating crunchy foods such as potato chips relatively soon before or after performing cunnilingus can also increase the risk of disease transmission, because all of these activities can cause small scratches in the lining of the mouth. These wounds, even when they are microscopic, increase the chances of contracting STIs that can be transmitted orally under these conditions. Such contact can also lead to more mundane infections from common bacteria and viruses found in, around, and secreted from the genital regions.

    • Gronks says:

      Didn’t know cancer was contagious.

      • Andrew says:

        Cancer is the by-product of HPV infection. Cancer itself is not contagious. I’ve contacts in the health profession at specialist cancer clinician level. Two of the cancer specialists at a party recently that they would never go down on a woman, not even their wives!!!
        It’s no joke… we all love sex and pussy but if the price is death… that becomes far too expensive.

        People that get throat and mouth cancer end up having big parts of their tongue and mouth removed. Many die. Many of the ones that live end up eating liquids through tubes inserted to their stomach.

        You might be interested in reading the recent articles on Michael Douglas with his throat cancer.

        Below is a bit of info from The Guardian:

        “HPV and you

        There are more than 100 variants of HPV, otherwise known as the human papilloma virus, and they appear in different parts of the body and manifest in different ways – some, for example, can cause warts (including genital warts), while in most cases most appear symptomless.

        Some are spread simply by skin-to-skin contact, while others are typically spread during sex. It’s these latter types that are typically found in the mouth, suggesting that when HPV is found in the mouth, it’s probably got there as a result of oral sex. HPV can also be spread to the relevant areas through vaginal and anal sex.

        HPV is really, really common – to the point that if you’re a sexually active adult, you’ve probably had it. By the age of 25, 90% of sexually active people will have been exposed to some form of genital HPV (whether high or low risk), almost none of whom will ever have had any visible warts or other symptoms.
        HPV and cancer

        Around 15 types of HPV are linked to increased cancer risk, and it’s been associated with oral cancers, cervical and vaginal cancers, as well as anal and penile cancers.

        HPV increases cancer risk, but can’t be explictly said to have caused any particular cancers (though some variants are HPV-related and others not): just because someone with cancer also has HPV doesn’t necessarily mean they wouldn’t have got it anyway.

        It’s also a long-term risk factor: over years and decades the risk is increased, rather than overnight.

        When it comes to oral cancers, here’s a rough guide to the statistics. In 2010, around 6,000 people were diagnosed. For comparison, in 2010 there were also 2,850 diagnoses of cervical cancer and 49,900 diagnoses of breast cancer.

        Noting the above caveats, it’s calculated that between 25% and 35% of oral cancers are HPV-related – meaning it seems to be involved in somewhere between 1,500 to 2,000 diagnoses a year.
        Men vs women

        So – is cunnilingus inherently riskier than fellatio? While studies on sex differences aren’t entirely clear, a US study found the prevalence of HPV in the mouths of men was 10%, versus 3.6% for women. Overall, HPV-related oral cancers are most common in heterosexual men in their 40s and 50s, leading the NHS guide to conclude that:

        This indicates that performing cunnilingus (oral sex on a woman) is more risky than performing fellatio (oral sex on a man). This seems counterintuitive, but the concentration of HPV in the thinner moist skin of the vulva is mugh higher than the amounts of virus shed from the thicker dry skin of the penis, and this affects how easy it is to pass the virus on.”

    • alan smith says:

      In addition to the real risk of throat cancer in men from HPV wart virus, readers should also be aware about herpes. HSV1 is usually associated with cold sores on the mouth and HSV2 with genital infection. My research showed that some US data indicated cross-infection to the mouth of HSV2 in sexually active youth in that country. There is absolutely no reason to beleive that such a thing could not occur, since mouth and vagina both have soft mucosal tissue. i once sent my date gf to the doc for a HSV2 test when she got a mouth cold sore after dating another guy. the doctor said i was a paranoid fool and that cross-infection was impossible. he even recommended that she dump me !!! the good news for genital herpes is that in most cases there will be no recurrence of sores or infection after two years BUT this is not always true. the risks for oral infection of HIV in cunnilingus are probably underestimated. for example the journal of oral hygeine ran an article that HIV virus were harboured by cells shed into the oral cavity. mucosal cells shed a LOT guys so dont beleive the claims that cunnilingus is safe for HIV. you know the girls dont like smelly breath but brushing is going to make you bleed and increase your risk a lot. the trick here is to smear toothpaste over your teeth and swish it around but actually never brush for a ho !!! the press also ran an article by a gay guy who swore the only time he had exposure was via an oral encounter in thailand. the risk for hiv in fellatio are going to be a somewhat lower than cunnilingus since your dick skin is quite tough but if you have sore spots from rough handling, keep covered !!! but obviously the risk is there since your dick can get hiv from cunt so why not from mouth !!! to those of you who doubt my creds here, i have worked many years in virology labs. this is a shame coz i have sometimes gone down on my dates to increase their enthusiasm or to seduce them into BBF. you can buy rubber cunt dams and if your clever your date wont even know what happened there or why she let you go bareback coz she was so randy hehehe. and as most guys know, this cunnilingus a must to guarantee a second date lol. Also check my cheap ho reviews at quanyin2000.wix.com/sydneysluts

  137. Jason says:


    I am doing my best to find a massage where they will touch even before you agree on a tip for HJ. Too many places won’t stroke, tickle or even brush past my knob unless you pay, and this is always close to the end of the massage. I love a little sneaky fondle when I am on my stomach etc.

    Any recommendations?

    • Andrew says:

      Jason, many places do touch the man without needing to discuss a tip for a HJ. For example, Upmarket Bathhouse in Crows Nest. The thing is they charge for the HJ in their fee of $200 per hour.
      If you go to a place that charges $60 an hour, for example, and expect a “free” HJ, then of course you’d be unrealistic.
      Moral of the story, you need only “negotiate” a price for “extras” when the entry price is low and not already included in the upfront fee.

    • alan smith says:

      yes this subject of no extra charges for HJ is covered in my cheap ho review at quanyin2000.wix.com/sydneysluts. Basically the industry standard is $20 extra BUT i have listed a few places where you get the full half hour and the happy ending for the $35 flat rate. some places require a bit of haggling and good timing to make it happen but also i list a few rare gems where you can clear all of these issues with the boss or reception before you meet the girl, then you simply repeat the agreed deal to the girl. i even have a 3 places for $20 hands on deals for 10 mins which is terrific value.

    • Biggus_diccus says:

      128c Mowbray road Willoughby – 70- full Body slide with naked Thai girl all really good

  138. stiffy says:

    got another new shop for ya boys.
    2/81 cosgrove sth strathfield. azn joint as well, 120 for the hour. some little hotties there. the best was a korean chick in the lineup but she was new so i chose the chinese chick that licked her lips when she said hello. great service. full cat bath that got me soo hard when she was licking my back, neck ears and back down to my nuts. bbbj that was great and deep and very enthusiastic whilst i pounded her all over the room. nice and clean joint.

  139. Mark says:

    - 170 King St Newtown CHILL Massage – Just to give you guys a heads up on this place – I entered to check it out. Receptionist – who I think was the one giving the massages aswell – was ugly, old, and unfriendly. Average prices. Out of curiosity, I asked if there was happy ending available and she said no. Avoid.

  140. Tom Boy says:

    260A Burwood Rd Belmore – Diana

    This is a case of an Angel working in one of the dodgiest looking shops in Sydney. I visited 260A Burwood Rd in Belmore after an online suggestion. The shop is above ‘Belmore Kitchens’ and claims to be a Sports Massage place. Horrible, dodgy entrance which is a kitchen with people smoking. Very unwelcoming. I happened to visit when Diana was on – she only works on Thursdays. She says she is 19, but maybe she is up to 23-24. Very sweet Chinese girl, beautiful and slim, B cups, maybe 5’4″ tall, probably on a student visa. Usual perfunctory massage at first including pants-less back straddling which was quite new for me and then got into the business. She gave DATY, CBJ and then full service. She has a spectacularly sweet young body – Oh my God! It was $200 all up for one hour which is pretty pricey but I haven’t come across an angel quite like this one before.

    It’s completely obvious she is after an Australian man with a Visa. She keeps saying “I love you darling – I want Green card”. Pretty desperately funny. But I’m happy to keep that spectacular young body to myself until the next sucker comes along. So I’m sharing this with you in case she takes your fancy.

  141. gonglad says:

    I had to leave a comment after the last gong one…. Honey at 6 Mangerton is the worst thing you could possibly go to. I had the exact same treatment even rang up with a booking, she wanted full service I wanted a massage he. I don’t think it could have happened anyworst. Pretty much got ejected as others came in the door ‘waiting’ even though I had an appointment.

  142. Riley says:

    Hi Wollongong Punters I have three recent reviews for the Wollongong CBD.
    1. NEW – HONEY (Illawarra Mercury Classifieds)
    At 6 Mangerton Rd
    Attractive Japanese fantasy early 20s, slim size 6.
    Ph: 0411 247 786
    Ok “Attractive Japanese fantasy” She is Not!
    More like Chinese nightmare in her late 30’s.
    Paid $90 upfront for 1hr massage and handy.
    After 15 minutes I was totally fed up with the repetitive circular motion on my shoulders, even tried to teach her a little massage techniques to no avail.
    20 minutes in and a punter arrives at the door, she tells him to come back in 10 minutes. I explained to her that I had paid for 1hr but I was ready to bail and I wanted my money back. For the shit massage I generously offered to leave after ½ hour and asked her to refund $40 and I’d walk. She refused, said no no we have sex for the full price and you leave at 40 minutes. Shouldn’t have but I took her up on the offer and covered the oldfella up and gave her one (she was a terrible root as well). Never to return Minus 5 out of 10.
    2. ASIAN BEAUTY. (Illawarra Mercury Classifieds)
    Beautiful Japanese Lady 20yo size 6 Special massage.
    Phone: 0420 515 776.
    Definitely not Japanese, Aimee is Thai and in her early 20’s.
    Place is up a two flights of stairs at 117 Crown St Wollongong. Entry from rear laneway called Simpson Place.
    Cost of Massage $120 including happy ending. Aimee agreed to massage with top off (small tits no touching) provided a reasonable massage 6/10 with a nice happy ending 7/10. I blew my load at around 40 minutes into the hour, after which she asked me if I wanted a shower. Typical Thai girl, trying to short change me for time. I always make sure I take note of the start time and declined the offer of a shower and asked her to continue the massage for the remainder of the time left which she obliged.
    Price was expensive for the service probably won’t go back.

    3. Sunshine Thai Massage 126 Gladstone Ave, Coniston
    PHONE: 0431 059 370
    Ok I have seen Tina when she worked at Sawadee Thai Massage, had around 10 massage sessions with her with no offer of a happy ending. Great massage until the last one when she had the shits about me going to Pattaya and drove her elbow into my back as punishment LOL.
    At Sunshine I have seen Micky a couple of times. Nice little early thirties Thai. Massage 7/10. This week I was given a pretty good happy ending 8/10 with a fondle under her bra. Cost $100 will be going back.
    Admin can you please add Sunshine to the forum thanks.

  143. Jack says:

    Hey anyone tried a private mature named Shelly in the inner west? Looking for a milf/mature experience. Any recommendations? Cheers boys

  144. Stiffy says:

    boys, go try this new place out. some fresh meat for ya at an intro price.
    $120 per hour with late 20′s early 30′s azn chicks.
    not bad at all. had a young gal today who didnt have tits or a body to write about but her face and facial expressions were priceless. if I had a heart id fall in love with her. 2 rounds in the hour and i loved watching her face every time i entered. her eys would cross and she would squint. i banged her so hard she was screaming chinese and quaking with her orgasm. still thinkin bout her facials now. so petite, innocent, courteous and beautiful.
    will be back for more before their bargain specials end.

    45 George st Clyde

  145. dark knight says:

    Hey Guys,

    Went to a wicked place with girls about university ages. Lot of students (aussies) who are gorgeous. It was located in Sydneham – on railway street. I lost the number and can’t find the advert anywhere again. Any help?

  146. Does anyone know where I can find an actual Japanese girl in Sydney/Metro?
    Not a Chinese (like Pretty Baby) or a Korean or any other nationality. I speak Japanese so sometimes I enjoy a chat with my massage. Thanks

    • Boney says:

      Try mimi at 252b Parramata Rd Stanmore 0451 058 678, she should be back from Tokyo in a week or so, her part 2 is awesome, best bodyslide in Sydney. She is half Japanese and half Chinese but seems more Japanese IMHO. She is not a 20 year old and has her own beauty, her technique is excellent. Or try Tokyo Model Co.

      • cheesy says:

        Mimi is a very unattractive older lady, who looks a bit like a man. if u like being touched by older women with masculine features go ahead.

  147. Bertie says:

    Anyone noticed the number of new shops opening up along Parramatta Rd in the Annandale/ Leichhardt area. Any reports or should we risk the hard earned and try them!

  148. Commando says:

    hey men
    HEY admin make this place a new listing please it is on the money
    went to Pritchard place penshurst today very clean tidy place Manager Peter very good guy Good selection of women and you will not be disappointed the Koreans girls are to die for so hot busty and skilled in the Art of suckotology If you drop in tell Peter what you thought he is interested in reviews and he is an aussie so he will keep out the b/s time wasteing money grabbing whoe bags
    the place would have to be the cleanest in Sydney no smells of Bing Lee burning the noodles out the back or picking up tinea form the showers like in some places just a clean decent place at a good price run by an aussie

  149. gaz2157 says:

    Hey there everyone
    Has anyone seen mckenzie at katoomba
    I’ve only spoken to her on the phone.
    She sounds very nice

  150. boney says:

    Hi Jim that sounds like a good deal I sometimes work in Bankstown so would like to go go down there for a snack (snatch) at lunch time, but there are a few details missing, like the address, phone number and the girls name.

    • jim says:

      The address is 7 3/5 Jacob st bankstown
      0410916220 she claimed her name was fifi then she told me another name so I don’t know, she has long black hair about 5ftt tall small but lovely tits she also said she only work Monday and Saturday. give it try and see how you go.

      • Boney says:

        Thanks for that info Jim, I went on Friday for a massage and was with a nice Chinese girl by the name of Kitty in her 20′s, she was a little overweight but seemed nice enough. Her massage was quite good, not overly firm. She offered me the same deal $20 happy ending and $50 FS which I didn’t take her up on. The shop is nice and clean but a little hard to find, I don’t think they are doing too well so are trying hard to please. Next time I may go back for the full service.

  151. Jim says:

    I went to the shop in Jacob st Bankstown yesterday
    Small very attractive girl with limited English $55 for an hour
    Toward the end the English got better when she rolled me over and said what do you want a hand job or sex, for sex an extra $50 fuck and suck for the hand job $20 which you want. I took the sex and got bbbj balls licked then a slow fuck till she thought I was ready then she went off like a thrashing machine. when it was over she gave more massage, unreal I will be back
    $105 well spent

  152. JIm says:

    Well Kristian
    How did you go – prices ? service ? whats the story?

  153. Kristian says:

    For those interested,

    There is a new massage shop that has just opened in dumaresq at campbelltown, I’m sitting in the foyer waiting to be seen. I’m stil fairly new to all this, having only visited may mays in ingleburn. The two girls that I have seen walk past so far (including the receptionist now entertaining my mate whose come along) have made the women at Wendy’s seem like crap lol. It’s $50 an hour, ill be back with extras offered and there prices in an hour or so ;)

  154. Jim says:

    I work down at Goulburn occasionally and have been looking for the odd rub and tug before the long drive home.
    Today I looked in the Goulburn Post and seen a Thi Massage advertised, beauty I’m in I thought, so I booked.
    She is at the Astra hotel room 38 number 0402 400 326

    Guys don’t put yourself through this for gods sake.

    She is Butt ugly gives a shit massage, promises full service then wants to charge extra when you ask for it, and won’t let you touch her body. all sorts of bullshit excuses.
    I should have walked but curiosity and my cock took charge.
    Throughout the stroking ( no idea how to massage) She agree to let me blow on her tits so while sitting across my thighs she leant back and said GO – She wanted me to wank myself on to her tits from 2 feet away.
    When I told her I wasn’t 18 yrs old anymore and shooting a rifle and at 50 years old I was lucky to shoot at my feet while standing up watching a porno on telly, she looked confused.
    When I complained she told me her husband was a Leb in Bankstown and had contacts. Big Fuckin deal ! Goulburn to Bankstown bring it on, and what leb would let his Asian wife fuck white men.

    Bottom line punters stay the fuck away from this place she is a lying rip-off bitch

  155. Boris says:

    Forgive my ignorance,
    But what is DATY ???

  156. Bertie says:

    Been off the scene for a couple of weeks (getting some fun elsewhere) but will be trying some different places soon.

  157. Tom says:

    Where would you find a Pacific Islander womwn or Moari women

  158. Jimmy says:

    Hey boys , anyone know of a place to get a rimjob ?

    Also is anyone still getting home visits ?

    • Bertie says:

      Try 269 Canterbury Rd – can sometimes get rimjob & a finger up the butt. Can sometimes get in their butt (makesure you are protected)

  159. Chester says:

    There are 2 that I go to,

    1 at Regents Park across from the train station on top of the shops, access from the side. The side access has a sign with “Massge”. You go up the stairs and they will do anything. They tend to get stuck into, you sort of feel like a number to them and the will try to get you to blow quick.

    2 Chester Hill, Main road Shop 4/90 they do a good soft massage and if prompted will definately go a h/j. this is a nice place.

  160. Wanderer1 says:

    I am the Wanderer.

    I am the Wanderer,
    I’ve wandered far and wide,
    I’ve had many asian massages,
    Mostly West and North Side

    Some have been good,
    some have been bad,
    I won’t rate them all,
    Cause that would be sad.

    But after 18 months trying,
    I have found my top five,
    After 34 parlours,
    It’s time to retire.
    Enjoy your fun boys (and girls).

    My TOP 5 in no order:

    Lulu @ Chatswood Massage 769 for letting my use my finger in her butt while getting HJ
    Unknown @ Chatswood Massage 12 for letting me have full service on the massage table with her, including doggy, DATY, BJ
    Unknown @ Eastwood Massage 6 (Ethel St) for the suprising extras I got even though I had to pay
    Cindy @ West Ryde Ausfeng for massage and hand skills, not for looks
    Fifi @ Seven Hills Massage (the one above the bottlo)

    Others I have visited to get the above top 5:
    Ross St Nth Parramatta
    Avon Road North Ryde
    Artarmon Thai
    Artarmon 78a
    Marayong in the shopping centre across from station
    Crows Nest – upstairs near the pub
    St Leonards – Albany St near the Hwy
    Lindfield Massage the one upstairs next to the pool shop
    Lindfield the one in Beaconsfield parade
    Chatswood 218 (Pretty Baby Massage)
    Chatswood North Star in Neridah St
    Chatswood Healthy Massage in Thomas St
    Chatswood 221 in Katherine St
    Chatswood upstairs on the cnr of Vic Avenue and Archer St
    Cocos at Toongabbie
    Toongabbie across from the station shop side before the bend on the way to Pendle Hill
    5/138 Best Rd Seven Hills
    1/138 Best Rd Seven Hills
    6/111 Best Rd Seven Hills
    1/115 Best Rd Seven Hills
    28 Hope St Seven Hills
    Hornsby Jenny in Albert St
    West Ryde 999
    Epping Langston Place
    Epping Oxford St
    Eastwood 1 East Parade
    Hill St Wentworthville
    Dean Park
    Castle Hill – the one in Terminus Place that is now closed
    Castle Hill – Ding Therapy Massage

    • Andrew says:

      Thanks for a great review which must have cost you a bundle of cash.
      Please let us know where exactly is “Chatswood Massage”? So many places at Chatswood. Which one did you mean.

    • Biggus_diccus says:

      lol u rock I might try some – Lindfield is ok might try Chatswood

    • Punter333 says:

      Wanderer1: In relation to this one: Toongabbie across from the station shop side before the bend on the way to Pendle Hill

      Is that still open? What’s the address/number? Was it any good?

  161. lightbulb says:

    Admin here is another massage clinic in Hornsby you might be interested in adding to your web-site. The name of the clinic is “Kang Ning Chinese Herbalism & Acupuncture”. The owners name is Amy Lin who is a TCM Associate Professor & she has another lady called “Kelly” who works with her. The address is Suite7, 2A Florence St Hornsby NSW 2077. Tel: (02) 9476 2138. Working hours vary but the clinic is opened 7 days. I have had 2 massages at this clinic with each lady & was only given a “theraputic” massage with no extras each time. If anyone is in the Hornsby area one day & feel like a genuine remedial massage they should consider this clinic which is only a 1min walk from Hornsby railway station. Cheers !

  162. Matt says:

    Na dave it’s about 5 mins up the road heading toward bankstown, just curious working near there at the moment

  163. Matt says:

    Any one been to 573 Canterbury road campsie? Heard it’s ran by an old Aussie bloke Asian ml’s. Prices, services? Thanks guys

    • Dave says:

      Do you mean 269 Canterbury Rd, Canterbury Beside the speed camera?

      If so $50 will get you a good time, mixed bag of Asian MILFS all will do whatever you want.

    • Tom Boy says:

      Yep. Full of older Chinese and Thai Milfs. Pork chops all round. Not worth the time or money

  164. Richo says:

    Has anyone had a Czech , heard there was a couple at Kings

  165. john says:

    anyone know where I can get some middle eastern girls to play with.

    • Bertie says:

      John, apparently some lebanese or egyptian at Bankstown at either Cottam st or the next st . Have not been there yet but websites on “adultsservices.com.au” say there is. I’m like you, i would like a change from the Asians & try some middle easterns or dark skinned africans. We’ll keep searching.

      • gortson says:

        Hi john & Bertie, there are a couple of Lebanese girls working at 9 Exceller Ave Bankstown. I can’t recall their names but one has a great set of tits. The trouble is both have an attitude problem. One likes to constantly talk about her boyfriend (who just came out of jail) and the othe is a bit of a starfish and very robot like in her service. Not very enjoyable experience with either. I think it’s rather difficult finding girls of that nationality on the game.

  166. brad says:

    whats the best way to signal/hint to the masseuse that u want some extra service. hj etc..
    some r subtle and doesnt really look interested.

  167. UH OH says:

    Hi just letting u guys know I had a really bad bad experience not
    At this place but with a prostitue at eastern creek
    I’m an idiot yes but was a 1st n last time
    Picked up a blond for a shag $50
    After I pumped her out side the car got dressed
    She goes wait a minute ok
    Wat u doing ?
    A number 2 !
    Wtf right next to my car
    It was so strong must of ate dead cat or something
    It fuckin stinked my car out I was throwing up
    I wish I shot myself there
    I hoped in the car start it up drove off threw her bag and drove off
    And she tried chaseing me
    Plz stick to brothel guys
    Now some1 get me a gun i am so suicidal I need help
    Never again rip to me
    Catch u guys later

  168. Jim says:

    Hey guys
    Next month i am going up to lake macquarie on an anual fishing trip, it usually gets a bit boring so i am looking for somthing extra.
    If any one knows of any places near the Doylson RSL, or the Mannering park area it would be appreciated if you shared the infom.
    Thanks guys
    Happy punting

  169. Mikey says:

    Hi does anyone know any massage place with happy ending or fs that open earlier then 10am , I’m near rockdale please let me know ASAP

  170. lightbulb says:

    Admin here is a massage shop you might be interested in listing on your web-site & it’s called: “Kings Touch Massage”. Their shop is not far from Hornsby railway station & they have a web-site where you can get further details like address & phone number etc. I must admit it has been nearly 1 year since I last visited this shop & only had an average massage but I did get a hj. So if anyone is in the Hornsby area one day & are looking for a massage than this shop could be an option. Cheers !

  171. Jason says:

    Visit a parlour today, 702 botany road mascot.

    Everything looks quite new reasonable sized room with massage bench and sofa. There was about 5 girls working some were ok. And mamasan was very friendly and even offered me candy on the way out.
    I saw a girl called hung, chinese size 10, ‘b’ breasts with small nipples about mid to late 20″s

    $35 for 30 minute massage only. Not sure what the extras cost cause I paid $90 for a full service for 30 minutes.

    Hard massage with plenty of teasing and very friendly. Got nude from the get go. BBBJ for a good while followed by some DATY then followed by a CFS on the massage table and sofa she did all the work.

    Not bad for a Tuesday lunch will definatly go back cause there was a girl about 18-19 sitting at the counter but didn’t come in to introduce her herself.

  172. The 2 Thai places you refer to (Bertie) are pretty crappy. For example, at one, a tremendously fat and ugly girl served me. I asked ‘who will do the massage?’-There was a better looking one seated and not doing anything. The uglier one insisted she do the massage. When I requested the other, they refused. Said they take turns. Well, if I am paying for a service, I expect some input into that service. So I said ‘no thanks’ and left. I have had massages at other times at both locations. Both were poor. Save your money and go elswhere.

    • Bertie says:

      Place I visited was on left heading towards city. Girl late 20′s, friendly, short not skinny with good tits. Massage 7-8 /10 with nice stroking of the “old fella” in the last 15m to get me to cum a 2nd time in about 2hrs after a solid doggy at 269 Canterbury. As always places are hit &miss – may depend on the day.

  173. Bertie says:

    Just discovered great value in the Inner West – $95 for 1 1/2 hours. There are 2 Thai massage shops opposite each other on Canterbury Rd Dulwich Hill, both do massage for $45 for 1hr (very good value). Then when you are relaxed & ready for F/S drive 5min to 269 Canterbury Rd or Red Sunset Sydenham for a welcoming place to unload – both $50 for 1/2 hr. Yesterday went to 269 Canterbury first – had a solid root with late 30s chinese (ave looks). I hadn’t shot a load for over a week. Then went up to Dulwich Hill for massage. Near the end she got me to attention & finished me off with a nice oily HJ. $115 total spend.

  174. Bertie says:

    Jim, didn’t know there were massage shops in conservative old Camden. Where abouts?

  175. jim says:

    Does any know if the massage shops in the Camden area give naked massages and h/j’”s or even full service

  176. Boney says:

    Taren Point 2/167 Taren Point Road 9531 6869

    Went to this establishment today and saw a lovely 25 yo girl named Alice, fresh from China, she says she works every day. There were 3 girls working, Alice, Nancy and one other.

    When I arrived she helped me have a shower, which was very nice, made sure the crown jewels were sparkly clean. After drying off we went to the bed and indulged in some gentle fondling and exploration of each others bodies. This lady definitely provides a nice GF experience, her body responded nicely to my touch, and mine to hers. It wasn’t long before her pussy was silky and wet, condom on and a very nice unhurried BJ followed by a very tasty 69′er. A quick mouthwash and then some more light kissing followed by sex in a variety of positions, ended off with some firm massage and an assisted shower. All in all very good value for $100 for one hour, this price is apparently finishing by Feb 5 then it is back to $150 so rush in and take advantage of the special offer.

    Would I go back? Sure would.

  177. lightbulb says:

    Admin you have mentioned in a few posts that most thai massage clinics only offer genuine massages & I have to agree but there must be a few who do extras for “special” clients. On the Central Coast I rang a thai massage shop where the lady told me 3 times to go to another nearby thai shop who do give extras but I have already been there 3 times & the ladies showed no interest whatsoever in giving me even a hand job. So I can only assume some clients get extras & others don’t in thai shops on the Central Coast. Cheers !

  178. brad says:

    whats the best way to signal/hint to the masseuse that u want some extra service. hj etc..
    some r subtle and doesnt really look interested.

    • Bertie says:

      Brad , just be upfront & ask them. Sometimes if they let you play or touch them you will get a BJ or FS for an additional charge. Nipple sucking or DATY will often get you there. But just ask upfront.

  179. Astro says:

    Hi guys, looking for a place in the Chatswood to North Sydney area to take my girlfriend for a same room massage and also get some extras with one of the girls. Any suggestions?

  180. Jason says:

    Hey mike she works the rockdale area ..

    • Fred says:

      Was this an incall Jason? Or to your house? Thanks for the review.

      • Jason says:

        It was an incall to a penthouse apartment on rockdale..

        • rocky says:

          I first went to see Hanna at Bexley massage and a couple of times after that I saw her at the apartment in Rockdale.No doubt she was one to remember!Apart from the fact that she was smokin hot it was almost as if she actually enjoyed the whole thing lol.Managed to get BBBJ and FS for just the 100 as well so that was even better!

          • Jason says:

            Good one rocky…

            I think I will give her a call again this week… I agree she is Smoking hot..

          • rocky says:

            Jason let me know how u go with catching up with Hanna…I tried calling her again but her phone was off.Bloke who runs Bexley reckons she hasn’t been back for the past couple of weeks…

          • Jason says:

            She called me the other day and gave me a new number. 0410 354 941.

          • rocky says:

            Thanks jason i will call her next week.

          • John says:

            Apparently she only is doing out calls now and charges $300 for the hour

        • Bandit says:

          Was this apartment on princes highway or a rockdale plaza drive? Or where? Was it easy parking?

  181. Jason the Asian says:

    Well guys what an interesting day.

    Called up a girl named Hannah, she was 24 of Lebanese background and had a 30 minute erotic massage, she was slim, had long black hair with smooth skin. she had moderate B size breasts with small dark nipples that were fun to fondle and very pretty. She had a shaved pussy with a small landing strip to the front. She claims to have only been in the business for only a couple of months.

    The massage was ok, not the best but she claims she has a diploma in massage. The massage had plenty of teasing of the ball and dick through the entire time with lots of kisses and cuddles.

    She was nude right from the start and encouraged lots of touching and kissing and playing with her clit. Pleasant moans and heaps of eye contact was a very good turn on.

    I was able to DATY for a few Minutes she helped heaps by spreading her legs far apart and parted her lips with her fingers. Finished that with a passionate kiss and she said ” fuck that was sexy as hell” at that point I was giving myself a pat on the back and she was already back on teasing my cock.

    From a prior misunderstanding on the phone she was really looking after me and wanted to make up for it. So she got on her knees and gave me a BBBJ which was sensational. Was about to cum and she jerked me off while I was playing with her clit again until a shot my load across my leg.

    I showered, got dressed it cost me $100 for the half hour and that’s all
    She will do FS for an extra $100. I gave her an extra $20 for the awesome BBBJ but she rejected it as long as I called her again.

    +61 404 952 497
    $100 / half hour erotic nude massage with HJ to finish.

    Overall experience was good.. Will definately call her back for a full service
    My first Arabic pussy and won’t be my last!!!

    • Mike says:

      Hey Jason what area is she in?

    • Russ says:

      Hey jason:
      Can u tell lil bit more details about hanna.Is she worth trying?Because Im gonna call her and this will be the first time that a escort visiting my place.Does she charge extra for travel? Also is she doing kissing? Give me some tips bro……:)

  182. Gronks says:

    Hey guys, Ive been visiting various massage parlours for time now but ive always been afraid to ask the massage lady to put finger up bum. Is there a way to ask without offending the massage lady

    • Bertie says:

      Most working women won’t be offended if you are fresh & clean. I usually just guide their finger to the area while they are rubbing or sucking & they usually take the hint. Many girls also like your finger in & around their bum while giving DATY.

      • brad says:

        more on this topic. whats the best way to signal/hint to the masseuse that u want some extra service. hj etc..
        some r subtle and doesnt really look interested.

  183. Jason says:


    AIDS (aquirred immune deficiency syndrome) is not a virus, it is the resulting affects of HIV (human immune deficiency virus) which is a virus.

    So not sure what your talking about…

    But in any case be careful fellow punters

  184. Scrotox says:

    Hey Bertie, I have a 2013 resolution. To find a cure for this goddam herpes I caught in ’91. Those Asians are not known as the ‘red peril’ for nothing. Some days I am redder than a tiger prawn. All you guys out there: suit up or suffer for ever! Some food for thought: the AIDS virus compared to the molecules of a condom is equivalent to a grain of rice compared to a tennis court net. See Mrs Marsh, it gets in!!!!

  185. Bertie says:

    I’ve got a few resolutions this new year.
    1) Control the hormones & leave a place if I’m not happy instead of paying hard earned for rubbish.
    2) Try & travel further and try more different places & report.
    3) Try & find some non asian places – preferably some dark skinned African or Indian or eastern european.
    4) This is probably never going to happen – unwrap a middle eastern girl & discover whats underneath all the clothing. (just a dream). May have to find a F/S place with themes or dressups.
    5) Try more doubles.
    Any hunters out there got wishes for this year?

  186. JB says:

    Visited Sydney Babe Massage at Chatswood last Friday Sasha friendly attractive owner/receptionist. The place was busy only one girl left average looking was taken next door upstairs location no showers in the door I was led into was some Cecilys beauty n nails place..
    Anyway girl gives a great massage 60 for an hour took her clothes off for 50 extra happy ending 30 extra. Played with her snatch whilst she was giving me the happy ending. All in all not bad experience Sasha the owner /receptionist made a point in seeing me on the way out to apologize about no shower and asked how it was? Which I thought was good. I’m not experienced in these types of places and keen to try them out again as I want a stunner next time spoken to Sasha and advised she will organize everything in advance next time with some notice ie: hot girl and showers…

  187. Daz says:

    Anyone been to 401 Condamine street in Manly?

  188. jonny says:

    Hi happy new year to all. Anyone been to Meeks massage at kingsfd? Heard they give great massage. Any hot girls to recommend? I’m really bad with names. Cheers..

  189. darren says:

    Folks another year is just about over. Here on Parlourpages we have reviewed some sad shithouse venues every now and then weve found some good ones. Sadly most havnt been up to scratch but theres always tomorrow to find that elusive place that can give a proper massage and a brothel that knows how to do full sevice properly. So keep your chest up shoulders out and strive to make the next year a better one for you and all us punters here on PP! Happy Screw Year!

  190. shero says:

    Hey Guys, just been watching some Indian films and I must say Indian Women can be quite stunning, I had a massage from and East Indian girl years ago, she got so hot playing with the marble sack and rhythm stick I ended up looking after her more than she did me lol.

    Anyone know of places with Indian girls? Parramatta/Harris park??

    any help would be greatly appreciated

  191. lightbulb says:

    Hi Admin,
    Thanks for your recent assistance with the technical problem I had with my computer and my computer is now working properly again. I appreciate your help. Cheers !

  192. Riley says:

    Has anyone been to Best In Town 102 Market St Wollonong?

  193. Relaxer says:

    Visited “Grace’s Oasis” in dee why the other day. Good shop, hidden off Pittwater road. Very good massage, but no extras, has anyone else visited here??

  194. locatlite says:

    Hi, It is good to know that you had fun. Mate, you have to be careful with your money unless you have got lots of it. I had the same services for $150.00 and you paid a little bit more. I do not think, she will come down for you. But she is willing to give me a discount when I book next time.

  195. Jason says:

    Thanks kjb….
    Guys forgot to put the number for those interested
    Jessica – 0416 680 368

  196. KJB says:

    Legend effort jason

  197. Jason says:

    Alright… Her name is Jessica, she say says she is 36, from the northern beaches and rarely travels to see her clients outside north Sydney fortunately enough for me after chasing and booking a few times she agreed to come out to Hurstville. She is Chinese but speaks very good English and very playful and bubbly.
    Rates are $80/ hour medium to strong massage which I give about 7/10 very relaxing and professional.

    Extra $20 for HE and she doesn’t do BB anything.
    Extra $50 for nude

    I paid her total $180 for the hour massage and then nude BJ with a condom.
    Then I licked her her pussy out for a good 5 minutes and followed by a good fuck on my bed for about 10-15 minutes… That’s as long as. My little guy would hold out she was clenching all the muscles it was like fucking an 18 year old.

    Followed with some cuddles and more fondling…

    I departed with my $180 for the hour slapped her on the arse and saw her out my door in time to go pick up my wife from work.

    Bottom line you just have to be friendly and respect them and they give you a lot more than you expect.

    All in all I rate 8/10 much better than dodgy parlors a little bit more but in the comfort of your own home where you are in control…

    Anyone else with home visit masseuses… Post here or admin you should put up a separate category for outcall girls

  198. locatlite says:

    Hi Shero, my apologies I did not read your message properly. I thought you were asking about massage. Well I am not quite sure whether she is willing to travel anymore than 25mins. I am 20 mins from North Sydney and she was complaining that I am too far. Her no is on this blog just skim through and you will find it.

  199. locatlite says:

    Hi Shero, pretty much all areas. But i suppose you can request what areas you would like her to concentrates. She said, ” i have been doing this for five years and that i am safe in her hands.
    Good luck Jason i hope it goes well. Dont forget to negotiate. Drives a BMW.

  200. Jason says:

    Same after several weeks have got Jess booked for tomorrow morning will let you guys know it goes… I’m very excited

  201. locatlite says:

    After chasing Jessica for weeks finally, she turned up today for a call out. Gave me a good massage as she has been doing it for 5 years. Not a stunner but good looking and a good body. Charged me $100 for one hour and wanted another $100.00 for F/S. I offered $50.00 and she accepted without too much fuss obviously, she tried $80.00, $70.00 and then $60.00 I was quite adamant that I would not pay any more than $50.00 because she is already here and would not want to loose another quick 50.00 bucks.Also she already charged me $20.00 more because according to her I was too far. By the way she is Chinese not Thai and definitely knows how to massage. Her number is on this site. She did not ask me how and from where I got her number but wanted to know whether there are any good massage places around here. She said, she would like me to be her regular and then she will give a discount next time. After my encounter with her I wanted to remove some doubts and clear some myths about her which are there if one reads the reviews. I am happy to answer any questions if one needs more info.
    Good Luck!

  202. grub says:

    I went to a place in Neutral Bay which doesn’t appear on our lists here. It is on the corner of Watson St and Military Rd. Some of the girls I have seen here are from other places in North Sydney and Chatswood. Yoyo from Northstar and Cici from Northstar too. Both give a good service.
    Anyway this place has a shower and good sized rooms, they claim to have 2 car parking spaces underneath which is good because parking on Watson St is crap most of the time. It is right next to the bus interchange too.
    The number is 9908 8668 I don’t have the exact address. It is upstairs in a small business block so there is no walk of shame and they have a small fold up sign in the foyer.
    Prices are the usual but extras are possible with some girls. My last visit I saw Yoyo and paid $60 hour massage, then another $50 for body 2 body. Which included some ball licking and a little BBBJ. She gets into it too and gave herself a bit of a finger banging, She also has a great pair of tits.

  203. Lightbulb says:

    Does anyone know of some female Doctors in the Sydney metro area who give extras with their massages ?

  204. P H says:

    Hi all,

    Happened across this yesterday in West Ryde:

    Bangkok Spa Thai Massage
    11 Ryedale Rd
    West Ryde
    9807 2282
    10am – 9pm, 7 days

    DON’T GET EXCITED! – it looks like massage only (i.e. without extras). I didn’t have time to check it out further :-(

    However, I know some readers seek the massage only, so thought I’d post. They’ve a deal on at present: 1hr traditional Thai massage = $39

    The lady in the shop seemed uncertain, but indicated the special might be valid for perhaps 3mths. In any case, they’ve printed brochures, so undoubtedly not just for a week or so.

    There’s also a store at 238 Burwood Rd, according to the flyer.

    P H

  205. only on the weekend says:

    Masstige 8 in ultimo has a line up for massage , best place after A win at star. 145 / 30 inc body slide , massage and hj. Worth that little bit extra I reckon.

  206. Greg T. says:

    Hi, I’m still looking for a massage places anywhere in sydney where you can pick girls from a line up???

    does anyone know?

    Greg T.

  207. Jack says:

    Hey fellas, looking for some bareback action or at least a bbbj? City and west, any suggestions?

    • Bertie says:

      Jack, try 269 Canterbury Rd Canterbury. Girls can be a bit hit & miss, don’t be bossed by mamasan. Can definitely get BBBJ & usually BBFS & if your a risk taker a couple will offer BB Anal. If not real good in looks can always turn them over & go from behind. $50 1/2 hr , $100 hr F/S. You will leave with a smile.
      1/181 Mc Credie Rd Guildford West for attractive young Asians – BBBJ but safe sex for F/S. My favourite place.

  208. lightbulb says:

    Thanks Darren. Can anyone tell me why its so hard to get a massage with extras in Eastwood these days ? I remember years ago that most massage clinics in the Eastwood area offered extras but now I am finding it difficult to locate any massage clinics there to give me extras like hj etc. The funny thing is neighboring shires Epping & West Ryde don’t seem to have this problem with most massage businesses willingly offering extras with their massages. I am just curious as I like Eastwood but now won’t go there anymore because I cannot get any extras with my massages. Cheers !

    • plonker451 says:

      Lightbulb, your summary of the current position is spot on and the answer is to do with Hardware!. I understand that when the Complete Hardware site in Rowe Street was sold for mixed residential and retail and redeveloped some two years ago Ryde Council took the opportunity to rezone it away from mixed retail and industrial to residential and retail. Their inspectors then successfully started to give the parlours a hard time. The long established business at 90 Rowe St closed first and then Vivienne’s place at East Parade was forced to only offer remedial. Jo at six Ethel Street was forced to to do the same and now operates on her own. A couple of other Parlours just closed up shop.

      Aldi opens its new store on the Complete Hardware site next week And I’m pretty certain they won’t be offering a happy ending as an opening day special!

      It’s a shame Council was so insistent because as I remember all these parlours were discrete and I don’t recollect there ever being any complaints.

      • lightbulb says:

        Thanks for the info Plonker451 as I thought something must be wrong for most of the local massage businesses not to offer extras anymore. It’s ashame because I use to enjoy going to Eastwood for a massage but I won’t be going there again. Cheers !

  209. darren says:

    Folks welcome back LIGHTBULB long time poster whos been around the traps seen some good places and some shockers. But Bulby if want a handy you just have to ask can you massage my front with a slight frown on your face and see how you go. Works for me most times if you havnt been offered it. Or maybe its just the knowledge that she will be grabbing the magic wand and all her wishes will come true that gets girls paws on my thing. Keep up the good work Bulby!

  210. Riley says:

    Went to Venus Place which is situated close to the corner of King st and Enmore Road Newtown. (329B King).
    Walked in and was greeted by Maggie a 30 something Chinese girl. She was not bad looking with a curvy figure. Price was $60 for the hour $20 for HJ and $50 for strip and touch. Asked if she was ok with me playing with her pussy and she said anything except full service. So After half an hour of a pretty good massage I asked her to lay on the massage table where she let me finger her until she came. We changed places and gave me a sensual HJ.
    Good place, clean and soft massage table.
    Apparently Maggie works on Thursdays and Fridays
    Will go back, this place Heaps cleaner than 447 King st which I visited straight after.

  211. Jason says:

    G’day fellow punters,
    Can anyone recommend any girls that come to your home for massage? RnT or full service?

    Would be a nice relaxing Christmas with wife away..

  212. hotwheels says:

    Person’s Name:Monica

    Establishment:Harmony Professional Massage

    Contact Details/Address:152 Flora St Kirrawee 9545 3068

    Hours of Business:10.00am-7.00pm 7 days

    Prices:$35 1/2 hr $60 1 hr $90-90 mins


    Size/shape: athletic

    Nationality or Ethnicity: Singapore


    Value for money/recommend?: definately

    Felt the need for a rub last Wednesday…..so I turned up at Harmony to see Lily (the mamasan) who always gives a great massage…….but she’s gone out and the only one available is the new girl Monica…
    Why not Im thinking?, Monica is Singaporean and quite easy on the eye……late 20′s early 30′s Id say, pretty smile with a nice set of B cups……..studies English at TAFE so her conversation isnt too bad.
    I take the 60 min option and Im glad I did…….this girl comes from a medical background and her massage is right up there with the best Ive had……she worked out the knots very well and the sensual tackle tickle started about 40 mins in……HJ was on par with the massage too…..very satisfying…..for 90 all up, it was value IMO and Ill be back for more of Monica.
    Like Ive said in previous posts, I like this place…..its clean, has shower with pump soap, off street parking and girls who know how to massage…….fits the bill for me….

    • boney says:

      I have frequented this place a lot, I thought the address was Sutherland though since it is across the road from Sutherland Shire Council and Sutherland Police Station. I don’t think that I have ever had a bad massage here and the rooms are nice, clean and airy; there is also the off street parking. Only thing missing is it isn’t sleazy. I recommend Cherry on Thursdays and Saturdays, she is a nice friendly, bubbly lady, no fat small breasts and great massage. Make sure you try her back walking if you you like a hard massage. Limited extras are available if you ask nicely.

      Admin you should put up a page for this establishment under Sutherland.

  213. Aidan says:

    Hi guys, anyone know of any massage places around Bondi / eastern suburbs direction that offers handjobs? I could go to a rub n tug but where’s the fun in that, I’d get turned on more going in for a proper massage and getting offered a Hj, I’ve been to a few round Bondi but havnt been offered any extras, any tips on finding out if ya could get a Hj in the massage place without running the risk of gettin threw out haha

    • KJB says:

      What are the details for Studio guys? Pricing etc? Cheers

    • KJB says:

      Sorry Aiden, that response ended up in the wrong spot.
      Answering your question, there is an R&T joint in Victoria St at the X, not far from the train station, cheap, but the girls dont get nude. I guess they would for extra.

  214. lightbulb says:

    If anyone is in the Hornsby area one day & need a high quality massage I can recommend Amy (who is an TMC associate professor) at Suite 7, 2A Florence St Hornsby (1 minute from Hornsby station). She gives a first class massage & you usually don’t need an appointment to see her. Her massage is firm & the 1/2 hour massage cost me $35. If your after any extras like hj I’m not sure she gives any because she never offered any to me but then I never asked either. Her phone number is 94762138. Cheers !

  215. Shero says:

    Thanks Mark, I’m familiar with Chicago, I haven’t been for several years, so I hope it has improved from when I was last there or Chequers for that matter. I didn’t realise Chicago had changed its name.

    • Mark says:

      Yeah it is Chicago – now Studio – at 360 Pitt Street – I talked to the receptionist on the phone today. I’ve been going there for the past few years, and I love it so much! Could not be happier with it!

    • Mark says:

      A question for you, what is your normal point of call? Where do you normally frequent?

  216. Shero says:

    Mark, where is studio massage?

    • Mark says:

      STUDIO massage (previously CHICAGO massage) is located at 360 Pitt Street, in the CBD. I can’t tell you the experiences I’ve had here in the past with girls from all over asia. If on your first visit, it doesn’t blow you away – don’t worry, try another girl next time as you are bound to find plenty of stunners here who will give you the most erotic and sensual times of your life…

      • Mark says:

        Actually, its address is a bit confusing. I think technically its ’127 Liverpool Street’ but the entrance is from Pitt Street, near world square. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to easily find it as there is a big sign. (I’ll clear this up with them) Enjoy!

  217. vlady says:

    No way Jack I pay minimum $650/hour. I can get decent root for $150/hour. I dont see your reasons as far as pussy goes?!

  218. Jack says:

    Here is a suggestion…you guys should give the cheap dirty shops and cheap sluts a miss and save up for something decent and worth writing about…http://www.bedroomeyesescorts.com.au/escort/elite-sydney-escort-cara

    • Mark says:

      You must be out of your mind to pay over $650. You can get mind-blowing experiences with the most gorgeous girls for little over a hundred dollars in the city. Follow my recommendations – Chequers massage, Studio massage – and more to come…

  219. Stephen says:

    saw Commandos Jessica today number one she came to my ryde home and wow what a massage and the end result well try her and you will see you get christmas with this deal

  220. jerry says:

    phone 94195225…. it’s red brick building next to Chatswood chase driveway

    • Anth says:

      Oh, and vital massage, there used to be a girl Sally on Sundays that was happy to polish the old silverware, haven’t been in ages though cause didn’t think anyone else there would. Got any names? Think I might give them a visit this weekend.

  221. Jerry says:

    Tried this place in victoria av chatswood next to chastwood chase.

    greatmassage $55/hour. mature chinese ladies will give you a great handjob, ball massage and if you want fingering of you butthole for $20 tip.

    been there 2x and different woman each time. both were experienced in giving a good time no touching, but don’t need to when they stroke you good.

  222. Bertie2 says:

    sorry bertie one did not see your name I saw jessica and i was the one who posted the link she is good comes to your home and her massage is number 1 very hard has her own table and she does do ah/e if the money is right try her worth watching
    now known as bertie2 for the peace

  223. Jack says:

    Seems to be a few Jack’s running around too…

  224. Bertie says:

    I didn’t leave message re Jessica!

  225. Bertie says:

    Jessica 0416680368
    hidden gem worth seeing will make you so happy in the end

  226. Bertie says:

    Coffs Harbour on the way home from up QLD. Seems to be 2 F/S brothels in the area but plenty of working girls ads in local paper. Chose to go to unit of 22yo Aussie brunette $170 p/h. Met by 5’5″ short black hair, natural 34-36c, trimmed front & shaved lips. After paying & shower got into light kissing and body rub. She he was happy to have an older person who didn’t rush & wanted to have mutual fun (most of the locals are young who just want a quickie). Started CBJ & was surprised when I asked for DATY. Put her on top for 69 & she was soon dripping & removed the Dom , licking madly. We both came with her removing the fella from her mouth just before the first shot. She was a great talker and we both lay there talking & stroking each other. After about1/2 hr she sensed some movement in me & began a slow lick all around the privates . Was soon at full attention & with Dom on she slid on to me. After a good while in many positions laid her down & finished in mish. Totally enjoyable arvo & was there 1hr 20m.

    • Tom says:

      Can you remember her name? Looked up Coffs paper and found a brunette girl named Lauren who does incalls…but not much else to go on. Heading up to Coffs over Xmas and would love to check her out. If not her, any other clues??

      • bertie says:

        Tom, think her working name was Sasha or Sorsha. There are 2 F/S brothels in the area – 1 near beach/jetty end and 1 a little bit south of town in industrial area. Quite a few ads in local paper which you can look at on line.

  227. Mark says:

    Had a bad experience the other day. Went to this cheap, crappy shop – 29 Marion St, Parramatta. Been there before once and had a good massage and good experience from a lady called Angela. Today, had some woman called ‘Sarry’ (yes, she actually thinks its spelled that way!) give me freakin 5 mins massage I swear and another customer was waiting so she was shooing me out the door! I wasn’t really into it anyway so just wanted to leave. Wanted to tell the bitch where to go, but in the end, realised I don’t need that in my life. I guess its real hit-or-miss at these cheap outlets. I think I’ll stick to the top places from now on.

  228. Jasper says:

    Went to that shop called Thai Remedy in Balmain again today. Had a fantastic massage from an asian girl but she didnt look Thai, more like Korean. She sat her pussy on my bum most of the massage. she was fully dressed but seemed like she was rubbing into me and felt good…no HJ but she could see I was hard and gave me a great bum massage. This could become expensive.

  229. Jasper says:

    Just letting everyone know I went to a shop in Balmain today called “Thai Remedy”. Clean shop and good music. Was a really good massage from a cute young Thai girl. No hj this time but the massage was so good I will go again and see what comes up.

    • Mark says:

      I know how you feel. The other day I went to a place simply called ‘Thai massage’ at the Entrance and had a sweet thai girl. Its a proper massage joint no HJ. However, it was such a good and professional massage that I thought it was well worth the money ($40 for basic). The problem was that as she was straddling me, massaging my back, I felt pretty horny and wanted to grab her thighs quite badly, as I’m so used to doing that at the other joints I visit, so it was a bit tough controlling myself. Anyways, a very nice experience and I’ll be back for sure.

  230. Jack says:

    Last I heard she met a rich handsome guy…so shes probably living off him now

  231. Jimmy says:

    Hey guys, anyone know of a place or girl that gives rimjobs ?

  232. PH says:

    Visited Sydney Babe Massage in Chatswood today. Couldn’t find them on your pages so details following:
    15 Oscar St, Chatswood, NSW

    A couple of comments:
    1. Don’t be taken by photos or website blurb – showers are not in-room (although not surprising)
    2. As for their claim of a “full body-to-body massage from head to toe on your back and front” – FORGET IT! The lady I saw wouldn’t remove any clothes, but persisted trying to elicit more money (even when questioned on this)

    Otherwise, a clean establishment with good rates ($40-50-60 for 1/2-3/4-1hr). The massage was okay, but I’ve certainly had better.


    • Juggs says:

      The chinese lady owner down stairs does a good bum wax too…

    • Richard says:

      Went there couple of times, the manager is really nice, and the service was warm and friendly. The girl in the name of Lucy made me so horny , it was a awesome ending I had. The room upstairs with shower is clean and nice.

  233. Bertie says:

    Long Weekend just over thought I would try & see if I could manage 4 days in a row like my younger days (i’m now late 50′s). Friday went to McCredie Rd Guildford West for an hour – great F/S with BBBJ with CIM then 2nd round cowgirl. Saturday – massage with HJ at Saywell Rd Mcquarie Fields.
    Sunday morning the wife surprised me with a full workout, wondering why I was taking a while to get over the line. Monday – went for 1hr massage at Ingleburn upstairs above hamburger shop. good massage with Monica for 30 mins but she was having trouble getting the fella to fully respond. She called in the other woman & for a bit extra they both started BBBJ – this soon got him to attention. Finally came after about 20min with 1 girl working the head & shaft & the other licking the jewels with a lubed finger working my arse. They couldn,t believe how little shot out for such a strong effort. Went home dry & aching but pleased with 5 results in 4 days. Will now need to recharge.

  234. Greg T. says:

    Hey, What’s up guys,

    I’m looking for a place where you can actually “SELECT” your massuese!

    You know from the massage places I’ve been to they just herd you into a room and your stuck witht he masseuse that led you in.

    Can anyone tell me of some nice places that actually let you PICK your CHICK from a Line up???

    All Areas, All Natios.

  235. jim says:

    I went to Saywell rd Macquarie fields today.
    It was pretty bloody ordinary if you ask me. I’ve had a lot better elsewhere for the same price.
    This running in and out of the room to get things and to answer the phone is bullshit.

  236. Indian says:

    Jimmy says:

    August 14, 2012 at 10:33 pm

    Her number is – 0431 127 909 although , texting is best.

  237. Jumper says:

    Hi guys I wanna go somewhere tomorrowing morning for massage and HJ and bj can anyone recommend one that not to bad of a price

    • Indian says:

      hey…phone the number above,,,she doing massage at her place for $39….u get there..she do hand job no extra charge…she might say no no…but she want fucking for sure…she start with rub her pussy outside…but a show her $50 she do fuck u…last time she told me 10 guys fuck her in one day

  238. Shagga says:

    Hey guys. If ur up for some milf action there is a place in rydalmere 55 brodie st
    $60 for everything even anal if u get the right grl best at night a lot more
    Descrete I enjoyed a nice grl on Sunday Heidi
    Plz be discreet asking the grl
    Don’t ruin it for everyone
    Enjoy n have fun

  239. Bertie says:

    Jim, that new place at Campbelltown used to be at Leumeah near dentist, no good. Better at Ingleburn above above hamburger shop in Oxford Rd. See my previous posts.

    • jim says:

      Hey Bertie I tried that one you spoke of at Leumeah it was bloody hopeless.
      The one above the hamburger shop I have tried, however I got a girl there that was from a shop in Liverpool. She was no good at Liverpool and she was no good at Ingleburn so I never went back.
      May be I should be fair and just and give one of the other girls ago, I suppose you shouldn’t judge the place because of one DUD masseur.

  240. jim says:

    I went to this new shop in Campbelltown yesterday upstairs at 16 25 – 29 Dumaresq st Campbelltown next to the post office and opposite Marsden’s.

    It’s that new there were Asian builders walking around.

    There were three girls working at the time and the young one I got didn’t have a bloody clue. She used a face cloth to rub the oil off my back after what I considered to be a pathetic massage and I think she took a few layers of skin off while she was at it.
    She offered a H/J for $20 which I declined then she offered to take her top off for $50 I knocked this back as well.

    I was that pissed off with the quality of the service and the massage I walked out with about 15 to 20 minutes remaining.

    I like to be fair so I am not saying the others are no good but this one, the youngest, was hopeless.

  241. Jack says:

    So is anyone getting a home massage service? anyone to mention?

  242. vlady says:

    Anyone being here Club 121 ?


    inhouse: 96601849 or Escorts: 96605942

    It advertises international ladies .

  243. Bertie says:

    Sorry , message in May’s was for this site. Anyone know where u can get a dark skinned massage, African or Indian etc as change from Asian girls. The big dark nipples & pink pussies are a turn on.

    • Tango says:

      26 Bourke Road Alexandria. They advertise in the Daily Telegraph classifieds. I think they are still there. I had an African girl there, she was on the chubby side but massive tits and loved DATY

  244. Jack says:

    If anyones just looking for a great massage you can try Meeks at Kingsford…always beautiful thai girls…(I have my favourite). Today was $99 for 90minutes. They can do really deep massage and give your bum a real workover (sorry no prostate massage here) So if u want a decent massage you can try here and then go up the road for a HJ…they get busy on weekends.

    • joseph says:

      Hi. How do u like the massage at Meeks? I just stay pretty near there

      • Jack says:

        There are only a handful of massage shops across Sydney that do “great” massage and this is one of them. Just massage…you wont get any extra here. But they are usually booked out on weekends so that should tell you something. I am yet to find a rub and tug shop that gives anywhere close to a great massage. Just read the other comments to all the HJ shops and your’e unlikely to read about getting a massage like Meeks. The others are Arom-D in Chatswood and Thai Remedy in Balmain. Go home after and give yourself a tug for free…it will probably better too!

        • Jack says:

          Cheers.can u recommend me the name of the most beautiful gal at Meeks? I understand no extras but still good to b worked by a pretty gal. Lol. Cheers.

        • Joseph says:

          Cheers.can u recommend me the name of the most beautiful gal at Meeks? I understand no extras but still good to b worked by a pretty gal. Lol. Cheers.

          Sorry for typing the wrong reply name lol

  245. Soapy hunter says:

    Anyone know where u can get a soapy massage

  246. Bertie says:

    Dave, what was the girl’s name a Minto 12 for tight anal. I live nearby & am interested.

  247. phil says:

    Today i visit 65@carlton its at 65 Planthurst RD 02 95466088 the place was very clean , there is a waiting room to see the ladies today there were 6 working . But the girls are on the 20 yrs to 25 yrs old, so when you go to your room there is a bed that look clean and you can have a shower at the start and finish , the girl i had today was a starfish and a dead starfish at that body 6/10 massage 1/10 the rest a dead starfish and the price are as $150 1hr $130 45min $80 1/2 hr these prices are way to pricey for the service that they are giving . So in saying that give this place a bit of a miss .

    • Admin says:

      Thanks for the review Phil. It sounds like you need to spend some more money – else where – straight away, so you can wash your memory of that recent star fish punt!

  248. davo says:

    ok then…

  249. davo says:

    thats not very nice to share the number jack….

    • Jack says:

      Not nice to share number? You saying I should share? Really I dont think it is nice to share number of soft Thai girl like “Jimmy” above did…she will get all sorts of creeps ringing her now the poor little thing. There are plenty of other Thai girls to go around.

  250. Jack says:

    …that was great…she just left. But seems once you get the sex first time it isnt as good second time…now to find the next new challenge!!

  251. Jack says:

    …And shes coming back for more tomorrow morning!!!

  252. Jack says:

    I had the yelloww fever home visit several times. She wants $10K for more. She looks like a monkey and no tits at all.
    I also get a home visit by another thai girl. Very pretty and nice thai body. The first three times was just great massage 2 hours $100. Fourth time today it was full on any which way – no extra charge for me. And there aint no way I giving you massage junkies her number!!!

  253. Jerry says:

    Hey guys…. do you know of any place that offers a rimming for a good price?…… I had this done in Thailand for reasonably cheap.

    There are lost of trannies and girls in AUS who offer rimming services, but they are very expensive.

    any info?

    • Gerry says:

      Try the Korean parlours…they K Dolls do it

      • Jerry says:

        Thanks man…. can u suggest any korean places.. thanks

        • Jack says:

          there is a list on the right look for Korean massage. I had a K Doll at Oriana I used to see a lot but that closed and now its thai but no extra. Masstige8 in ultimo is supposed to be good. I went to Babylon in Haymarket. Upmarket and nice girls but you pay for it there. Good luck.

        • Michael says:

          Hey Jerry, Have you found one that do rimming?

          • jerry says:

            No..I haven’t, but when I do I’ll post it.

          • Jack says:

            Maybe try ask for a Kara sounds like Carr-ah…she the girl I went to at Oriana before the Council inspecor getting free sex to keep it open got caught out…she went back to Korea to escape the media circus…she probably back now. Once these types of girl start they cant stop..call the Korean shops and ask for her…pretty girl with a long tongue.

          • Ari says:

            Does anyone know if this girl Kara still around. Seen her long time ago at chatswood

          • Jack says:

            She was good hey Ari ?

    • Fred says:

      181 mecreadie rd Smithfield ask for kitty fucking loves to give a good rim job don’t Evan have to ask 150 f/s no extra for rimming

  254. garry says:

    So what the update on yellow fever girl ? maybe she dont do extra because she has hep b or c? lots of thai girls have something if not now they will get it sooner or later.
    If anyone got more let us know

  255. bertie says:

    Saywell Pl Macquarie Fields. Very good massage by chinese MILF mid to late 30′s. Warm oil massage & a slow, oily teasing of the old fella. Warm towels to finish off. F/S not offered.

  256. Jack says:

    Anyone been to yagoona 453?

  257. Commando says:

    She is local strathfield came by my barracks for a gun drill all I got was a massage no happy polish time

  258. Jimmy says:

    Had a home visit again today. I swear she gets better everytime

    • jim says:

      jim says:

      August 16, 2012 at 6:03 pm

      Jimmy how did you get onto her? I don’t want to say I got her number from the paper or the net if she didn’t advertise there, like you said I don’t want to scare her away.
      Also what area is she from? I live south of Campbelltown therefore if she is from the city she won’t travel here and I don’t want to blow it for others

    • garry says:

      so what so special with her? how often do you get massage from her?

  259. steyn says:

    hi guys looking for best massage with lots of extras….reasonable as well
    any recommendation????

  260. davo says:

    which one at west ryde vlady

    • vlady says:

      First time ever for me at West Ryde Massage 999. I decided to drop in for 45 minutes for $50. The massage 8/10 plus and she did massage my feet and head which was great. It was all worth the money. She came down and sucked my balls and gave me blow job which I did not expect for $40 extra. I recon this place needs more testing. I cant remember her name. See how you go Davo for 30 min / $35. If you find the right girl let us know. Cheers everyone

  261. vlady says:

    Thank you Jimmy for your hands up. I agree on your price. Just did try first time west ryde $50/45 minutes plus $40 extras yesterday. Your price way right. No walk of shame. I am go getter. Cheers

  262. Jimmy says:

    Let me know how you go =)

  263. Jimmy says:

    Her number is – 0431 127 909 although , texting is best.

    • jim says:

      Jimmy how did you get onto her? I don’t want to say I got her number from the paper or the net if she didn’t advertise there, like you said I don’t want to scare her away.
      Also what area is she from? I live south of Campbelltown therefore if she is from the city she won’t travel here and I don’t want to blow it for others.

  264. Jimmy says:

    Vlady , sounds good , although the price has to be right. There are a few around where you can pay up to $120 for half hr with HJ… And you don’t really have the option to walk out once they arrive and she’s a dud

  265. Jimmy says:

    Yellow fever – she’s 30 although looks 25 , the massage was great for me (although everyone has their preferences). She’s quite cute and sexy (better than your average parlour girl in the looks department) . She is very shy and doesn’t talk much but you can tell she really wants you to enjoy the massage. Handjob was an extra $30 so was $100 for 2hrs + HJ and on another occasion I had the hour +HJ for $60. So either way much cheaper and no walk of shame.

    She is available after 3:30pm most days and I believe works all day Friday- Sunday but doesn’t do any later than 8:30pm.

    From my experience you will get a great long 10-15 min handjob (she’s great at it) and get her top off (bra still on) but not much more. If anyone gets more out of her let me know your secret as I’d love to take her all the way.

    I’ll upload a contact number shortly. Although I wouldn’t mention you got her number from this site as it may scare her off the home visits and we do like our cheaper good quality options boys

    • yellowfever says:

      thanks for the more detailed review – sounds like a fantastic deal. Totally agree that we don’t want to scare off these keen girls. Would love to get a number to give her a go.

    • thatmassageguy says:

      hey Jimmy – I just contacted ur lady. she got back to me very quickly but seems extremely busy. i’m getting cheeky and asking for pic in advance….. be nice to see what’s on the horizon.

  266. Jimmy says:

    Found this Asian hottie who does home visits ! $70 for 2 hours . She’s sexy as hell. She won’t do anything more than a handjob Though.

  267. Bertie says:

    Candy’s 227 Broadway,phone 96608883. Well run & recommended.
    Been there twice earlier this year. After a few months of probs was prescribed the little blue pill. Took one about an hour before going to 227. Variety of ages/nationalities. Chose Sasha (from NZ , 5’4″ in her 50′s), for her age a great body and even better personality, loves her job &sex. Quickly showered & she undressed. Some DFK &stroking &I was ready for action. She loves DATY, very sweet closely shaved pussy. I was her 1st this day &she was soon wet &came quickly.She then slowly teased me with BBBJ & I soon blew a full load – 1st time in over 3 months. Can’t beat the experience of an older woman who loves her job. Had a great conversation while we massaged each other. She wanted more DATY which I was happy to oblige & was soon cumming again with my 2 fingers inside her. By this time I was ready again & pounded away in many positions finally cumming again with her bent over the bed doggy style(this is her fav position). Finished with massage & shower.
    2nd visit a fortnight later was just as good, she came 3 times me twice – 1st time reverse cowgirl & then BBBJ with CIM & swallow which she won’t do for everyone, I was drained.

  268. Riley says:

    Sawadee Thai massage
    Shop 3/309-311 Crown St
    I frequented this place numerous times earlier in the year. Best massage was from Tina who I guess is in her 30′s.
    No chance of extras, although Tina was very good at brushing the jewels just to keep your interest. Price was $75 for oil massage.
    Word of warning, I stopped going after I mentioned that I had been to Pattaya Thailand, apparently this revelation did not please her and she proceeded to show her disapproval by using her elbow to try and dislodge a few vertebra in my spine.
    Anyhow for an excellent hard massage give her a go, but don’t mention any of the fun parts of Thailand.

  269. jim says:

    Thanks for the review Bert I went to the one around the corner on Sunday I will have to try this one next time. I have been there before nice place but the girl i got was a dud i must ask for Monica

  270. Bertie says:

    25 Oxford Rd Ingleburn (upstairs), phone 0466763328. open 7 days.
    Been there twice recently on Sundays & seen Monica both times. Probably mid thirties(good age for me, I’m in my late fifties), nice firm Tits & good body. $30/half hr, $50/hr for very good massage. $20 for HJ or $50neg for massage & F/S. Very keen, great teasing CBJ & jewel rub. Loves nipples sucked & DATY. Great session last time in many positions finally filling the dom whilst she straddled me in a chair. great massage after with gentle fondling of the old fella & jewels to drain the last bit out. Just after the 2nd cumming the other girl came in to see if I wanted a double. I was spent but will try this next time.

  271. waynes world says:

    yer Vlad, i did her real good dog style whilst her other little asian worker played with my balls , just about 2 weeks ago. mate, she loves the sausage :–)

  272. GFE LFAGT says:

    Where is this? I am looking for a place in Carlingford.
    Really appreciate any place in carlingford.
    Thanks in advance.

  273. craig says:

    How do you get the rocking chair treatment? Have been but only offered massage with h/e, also what does it cost?

  274. waynes world says:

    Hey mate, its upstairs shop G 285 Pennant hills rd, little 2 story shopping complex near buntings at carlo , stairs above the hair dresser – tell helen that Watto sent you, she knows me well, and that you will make her cum multiple times if she gets the rocking chair , also ask her re the blindfold, she is a nymph so you will excite her if you have 6+ inches also, that plus $120 for 30 mins works for me and my mates

  275. John Connor says:

    Hey Glag,

    Loved the review. Would really appreciate more details about the gals. Did Cici do bbbj or bbfs? Give us a yell at johnconnor69er@gmail.com

  276. Uigeadail says:

    Went on a reccy for an hour last Thursday and asked reception (Helen?) can I come back to see cici on Monday. She said there is no cici on Monday or any day?! Are you sure of the name and was it a Monday?

    Btw my hour mid thursday was pretty good but def no FS or BJ available.

  277. George says:

    Read a lot lately about wild times to be had at 285. Almost sounds too good to be true.
    I have been coming here on and off for the last 12 months or so, and IMO this place seems to be pretty typical of Chinese shops. That is, mediocre (and sometimes non existant!) massage, but the part 2 is usually very good (specially as I’m turned on by slutty Chinese MILFs who have no problem coming hard and often by hand, DATY and sometimes FS).
    Also, I think there may have been a change of management lately, as the the new girls are much younger, with some real glamours! There are a couple of absolutely stunning Thai girls who really know the ropes, specially on Tuesdays n Thursdays!…

  278. Andre says:

    Thanks Fred , but this is the old number which is disconnected.

    After the new one if any punters know.


  279. Magic Man says:

    Is entry from the main road or can you enter via the back door in the carpark?

  280. Mick says:

    this place seems to be closed down 9871 1647 is not connected

  281. Dan says:

    Hey Clark sounds pretty good mate. Which thai girl did u see and what day does she work?
    What does the bj set u back and is it cbj or bbbj?

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