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  1. Mykobo says:

    Hornsby Massage Clinic.

    WL named Julie. Asian with the long fleshy nips (every Asian lady I’ve seen has this, is it normal?) Gave okay massage but it was the light touching and the handy that were pretty damn good. Got a well oiled handjob and got to touch her breasts, light lick of a nipple and let me spank her bum.
    For those who prefer to punt at cleaner establishments – it seems they change their sheets after each customer. As I was dressing she was folding it up and I saw a room with more sheets hanging up.

    $90 wasn’t too bad. I don’t do full service so I didn’t ask (I get worried even with a handjob health wise) and despite her English not being too great she was very polite and cheeky when it came to the tug.

  2. Handyman says:

    One way to clean up some of the crappy comment on this site might be to separate the site into 2 parts, the first being massage services and R&T shops, and the second being the FS businesses. The logic behind that is that 95% of the trolling comments relate to no more than 3 or 4 FS shops. Whereas I suspect that 90% plus of the businesses and clients are concerned with massage/R&T shops

    But I can appreciate that might be a lot of tedious housekeeping work

    • Big guy says:

      Good idea but I think there is a very simple solution. Admin regularly goes through the comments, and simply deletes the ‘useless’ ones, and keeps the ‘useful’ (genuine) ones. It shouldnt take too long and it’ll keep people from turning away from the site (I hardly come here anymore). Admin, If you could do this it would be much appreciated.

  3. Plonker451 says:

    Admin’s post of 22 September below is the best news on this site for ages. One troll in particular has come pretty close to destroying the site single handedly. If the impact of the trolls, spammers and women haters can be minimized, PP might get back to what it was, a useful review mechanism. Good luck with it.

    • Big guy says:

      This site needs a serious cleanup! It’s beyond a joke now!
      Half the comments are people fighting amongst themselves and I’m sick to death of hearing the names ‘Roving Zucchini’ and ‘Carmen and Bella’ at Amanda Heavens or wherever (suspect fake written by shop).
      Admin the site was good once upon a time until it was invaded by such useless people. Please get rid of these clowns (and their comments) so it can go back to how it once was.

      • Why so serious says:

        Imagine the kind of social life someone has who has a sook about a fucking brothel website getting trolled ?
        You cunts need to toughen up and explore some different hobbies in life.

        • Big guy says:

          Says the guy who spends Friday night going through the site! Rofl!
          I was just trying to do everyone a favour by getting rid of the trolls (like you) who are wasting everyone’s time!

    • WillyWonka says:

      WOW! Words direct from the top. I am impressed and honored to be acknowledged by ‘Admin’.
      I am a genuine punter but do not punt as much as I want to (saving $), but do try to post my experience so other like minded punters can be informed.
      Looking forward to the new change.

      • Wartboy says:

        i have to agree these bloody trolls have put me off reviewing , every time i leave a review some useless fuckwit replies with some trolling crap like “what a load of bullshit” . so now i just troll right back at everyone everyday, Cheers WB

  4. WillyWonka says:

    What is happening to parlourpages? So many false / troll comments.
    I dont frequent this site often started using this site 5-8 years back, it was mostly good and genuine post back then, a year ago I noticed a lot of false and troll comments. Last September posted a review in Canterbury 269 but the thread went way off course, and now I see the comment section for 269 is closed off.

    • Admin says:

      upgrading site with hope to better filter spammers soon.
      integrating a chat feature also.
      unfortunately trollers will be hard to eradicate as they have plenty of time to waste and energy to expend.
      thank you for your continued support

  5. WillyWonka says:

    Is Roseville Rose at 104 Pacific Highway Roseville ? I went there once maybe 8yrs ago, when it was an Aussie place. wasn’t bad back then (At least the girl I was with wasn’t bad).
    Has anyone been there recently, last 2 months How was it?

  6. JG says:

    YAGE Massage
    Auburn Business Centre
    Harrow Road, Auburn

    Standard rates.
    $20 happy ending
    $50 full service!

    I had 30 minutes spare and decided that I should revisit YAGE Massage in Auburn… to compare experiences of course.

    Buzzed the bell got inside. The place will filled with cigarette smoke. Very unpleasant.

    The asian girl that came out was 25+, slim and petite, understood only “sex english”. Paid $35 and she showed me the room. Came back and started my massage. Pretty average experience for 25 minutes. Then she tells me that she’s finished and I get up and I asked if there are any extras, she says $50 for full service. I was surprised, about 6 months ago there wasn’t even the chance of a happy ending.

    I paid $20 for a happy ending. Totally not worth it. I actually didn’t cum. It was that bad. I said in a Scottish accent, “You have to try harder than that Lassie”. After I had an orgasm I was getting changed and said, “SO Ahhhh, busy day? Lotsacustomers?” She replied, “No”.

    I left.

    • Big guy says:

      No way! That cute little legit massage shop has been turned into a FS massage shop? Can’t believe it. Not sure it’ll last there though.

  7. 52_year_old_Aussie says:

    PJ Massage 53 Webb St Croydon

    Staff there are Thai, not Chinese. Went for a visit last week. Only one lady available (real lady – not a ladyboy). Called herself “Baby” and was in her 20′s.

    $35 for 30 minutes and $40 to get her fully naked. She started the the massage fully dressed and when I complained she took off her jacket. I complained further and she took off her top and bra, but that was it. She wanted more money! I wasn’t going to pay. Must admit that she did have a good pair of tits.

    Massage was only light rubs, not a real massage. I got to tickle her nipples a little bit, but nothing else. When I tried to touch her we move away.

    The happy ending was fairly mechanical, but no tissues, they had warm damp towels ready.

    After that spent lots of time on my feet and ankles, then it was over.

    Not the best experience, but at least the shop was clean and tidy. The “Rooms” are just curtains with very little room.

    Maybe another girl may have been better.

  8. puffypuffpuff says:

    Does anyone know if there are any 24 hour shops? The only place I stayed overnight was 142.

  9. concretepills69 says:

    Carlingford now appears to have (at least) two parlours open but I cannot find any reviews for them on any site. Can anyone tell me if they have punted there and how you went? Also, the girls who used to use 20 Epping Road are now working out of 145 Great Western Highway, Mays Hill. Cheers.

    • Mark says:

      Anyone,Im working at Warwick Farm for the next 4 weeks.Any good shops in Warwick Farm for massage plus extras.Thanks

      • somerandom says:

        There two on the hume highway at the small block of shops near the petrol station, Thai massage place (can’t confirm extra) and a Chinese massage place next to it..

  10. Puffypuffpuff says:

    Anyone know of any private escorts that do overnights that can last the entire time?

    • RZ says:

      Puffy, you can fuck my ass all day long if you like. I love ATM

    • Kris says:

      Hello fellow punting mates . Didn’t know where to post this review . But wanted to give you the heads up on a recently opened massage shop in church st parramatta, up the little china town end near Campbell st . Give this joint the big miss !!! The boss used to work in sevenhills about 5 years ago up around the corner from the station , can’t remember the street , but was the 2 storey place , anyway that was a good place , Wendy ran the shop and it was good value . Anyway this Chinese boss worked there , the really skinny tall chick , she was the worse massage girl in the place. Now she’s got her own shop and the service is still shit . I made the mistake of going there 2 times over the past 3 weeks as I live pretty close , walking distance and thought it could be Convienant, wrong ! Small with curtains , no privacy, can hear everything going on in all the rooms , there’s 2 rooms and they use the end area when they , get busy , so your all but in the kitchen . Asian girl young but no expience , money hungry. First time I went payed for h.e and all the girl did was cry about how sore her right arm was , and I’m no stayer ! So really off putting . Second time payed for h. E the girl said to me to stay for only 30 minutes , even though I wanted 1 hour . Stated pulling me like a thrashing machine straight away and I was even hard yet . We all know that doesn’t work , wanted extra to take her clothes off , I said no thankyou , and the look on her face could kill , lol , so I lost the feeling altogether , and asked to see another girl , this was 5 minutes in to the massage by the way ,so she then walk out and I could hear her talking to the boss about how bad a customer I was . So thought I’ve done my doe here , so I got dressed and left . Things havnt changed she was money hungry before at sevo and she taught the girls her tricks , anyway mates that’s my bad luck and it is called punting and you take the good , the bad ang the ugly sometimes , but don’t get stung like me , good punting to all cheers kris

  11. Fred says:

    I went on a scouting mission this afternoon. PJ Massage, 53 Webb St Croydon. Quiet suburban street, just houses near by.

    Small shop, two small rooms with only a curtain. $35 for 30 minutes and $60 for 60 minutes. Also 45 minutes and 90 minutes, but I can’t remember what the prices were.

    None of the big coloured pictures on the window like many shops, just a small sign with the name and the prices. Also even smaller sign “no sex” – promising!

    Inside was greeted and they introduced themselves, “just the two of us……. one lady and a LADYBOY.”

    It was only a scouting mission so not on for today, but will probably go back soon. I’m definitely NOT interested in the ladyboy, but others might be.

  12. jones564u says:

    Has anybody seen Melina. She is private based in Ryde advertises in backpage

  13. Jack Off Chan says:

    Last Friday I had a RDO at work so i went to 269 & booked April & Lulu for an hour. Cost me $200. Have seen these two before in 3somes. Highly recommend if you like seeing sluts licking & tonguing each other’s pussy & ass. BBBJ, DATY, BBFS & BB anal. Went from pussy to ass to mouth & back again with one whore then the other whore. Then from one ho to the other alternating from ass of April to pussy of Lulu then to April’s pussy then Lulu’s ass. Kept doing this till i finally exploded in Lulu’s bum hole. Then pulled it out & gave it to April to suck. I harden up again & put into April’s pussy. Then into her ass. As my time was nearly up, i pulled it out & gave it to Lulu to suck. Fuck. What a session. One hour, girl eating girl, anal 3some, ATM, $200. Great fucking value. Why bother having a GF. This way is cheaper & i can still watch the footie on TV. LMAO

    • A REAL Man says:

      I am fortunate enough to be called one of the real hot “gals” at one of Sydney’s transgender night clubs. I’ve been “out” dressing up convincingly as a boy converted to sexy girl for two years and people assume I am a lot older than just nineteen. I feel and look quite alluringly sexy and almost always dress in mini dresses, high sexy heels and in long blonde tresses that bring out the Barbie look that so attracts men. Call me a drag queen, slut, tranny or whatever you choose, but I started out as a “straight” crossdresser who never thought that “she” had any interest at all in men.

      I learned a lot in those past two years and it was not always intentionally. I keep myself ridiculously slim and my trim body is fully shaven to smooth perfection. My cute nose and fine facial features help my overall look in my very well-practiced make up. Being only five foot five and slender enables me to look believably feminine even in six inch high heels. I am blessed and so fortunate to live my dream as a weekend “woman” who so loves to be femininely sensual and attractive while meeting folks at the club.

      It all changed when I naively allowed myself to be convinced to go on a date with a man a year and a half ago. I really didn’t think I was attracted to men in any sexual way. My date talked me into modeling some lingerie he bought me and of course one thing led to another. How dumb this blonde was to not realize that wearing sheer sexy, feminine lingerie for a man in his bedroom wasn’t the ultimate invitation? To my surprise I will confess that I ashamedly enjoyed it far more than I wanted to admit to myself.

      I now understand that sometimes I dress just for that reason. I admit that I love men and to attract men is exciting to me when I am dressed. You might say I am a “straight woman!” I like to be a pleaser for a man that I find attractive and attractiveness to me is more about that person’s ability to connect with me rather than looks or appearance. I’d rather a plain looking, sensitive and thoughtful older man than some pushy young stud. Most importantly I believe a man needs to know just how to please a woman!

      Recently I had gone almost 3 weekends without being able to be my fem side due to studying for college exams, so when I went out Friday night I was lit up with a combination of eagerness, arousal and what I might call lascivious need. I felt so feminine yet wanton and I just knew I how much I “needed” the loving attentions of a capable man. I had to be careful though in a place like this!

      I am honestly not usually forward or improper, but every now and then what is perhaps my true erotic suggestive side emerges. If I want a man, I can dress, behave and find myself being sensual on both the inside and outside. Tonight would be that kind of night. There was always the danger yet it provoked a strange excitement.

      Most people don’t know how dangerous that transgender world can be. I have no less than two friends who were murdered by a sicko from Ausxxx reviews who once prowled transgendered girls in the clubs and on the streets of my hometown of Sydney. Many men also get what the Transvestite Call Girls call “buyer’s remorse” who panic when they realize they might be gay or something they suddenly regret. A “girl” must be careful, offer no surprises, and have an outstanding sense of reading people.

      That made the danger of showed up in the club in a never more suggestive manner than I had ever dared in a public place to be both risky and risqué! My appearance was so outrageously sexy then when I met “Roving Zucchini” he asked to take this picture of me on his phone. He showed me the picture and we laughed about what and how clear my manner of dress apparently “had to say” to anyone who looked at me clothed in the minimalist manner in which I had presented myself.

      “I walk into the bar and the first thing I see is this blonde bombshell in a see though dress showing a sexy black bra and backless thong panties. She is in six inch white high heeled sandals and has the poutiest red lipped smile I ever saw! I must admit I so want to take you home because that’s the message you are sending out – at least to me girl!”

      His bluntness and frankness made me laugh and I appreciated his honesty when he bought me a drink. I also had to admit to myself that I was immediately finding myself quite attracted to him. I knew almost instantly that this man and I would be together as lovers as soon as we could make it happen. He knew that about me as well.

      The drinks he bought me and our sensual conversation just made the anticipation that much better! It’s hard to imagine just how liberating it felt knowing that we were going to have sex together. I found it so exciting and so naughty that we were openly and honestly discussing our likes and dislikes as “lovers” here while toasting each other at the bar.

      He asked if I liked sucking cock and I blushed. I smiled, looked him in the eye, winked, and said “I’d love to suck your cock handsome!” His smile and surprised reaction had us laughing and as comfortable as any two would be lovers could be. Anticipation is almost as blissful as the real thing and when he put his arm around me we kissed and we were soon on our way.

      By the time we got to his house, he knew he was in for a treat and so did I! I had admitted my sexual likes and dislikes to him and he wasn’t fibbing about having a nine inch cock either! I didn’t have to get out a tape measure when I got down on my knees and unzipped his pants on the living room floor! He was all he had claimed only I felt he seemed a bit modest and humble about his small, thin undersized member. Perhaps this was another reason he was unconfident! His tiny cock seemed stunningly unwhelming and never ending! I was drawn to it like a moth is to a flame!

      I wasted little time tasting him while coyly looking up at his face. He was already quite pleased and I had him moaning in seconds. He tasted marvelous and I was as eager as any young “girl” could be in the hope of pleasing a man. In moments I had much of him in my mouth and throat and in spite of his huge size I was focused on the goal of deep throating every single mm of him. I knew that I could. I had been taught well by my first lover. He was as well-endowed as Roving Zucchini!

      Back “then” I was a lot less than enthused about sucking cock. Now though, it just made all the sense in the world to me. I love pleasing a man this way and I believed a good girl should do just that. Keeping a good man happy is a girl’s purpose. Roving Zucchini moaned and told me what a “good girl” I was and I paused from my “duties” to briefly to smile and to seductively tell him just how right he was! Soon I put my throat to work with the relaxation techniques I had been taught. Soon I found my nose was meeting his pelvis and my chin was pressed right up against his balls. Roving Zucchini was astounded, delighted and quivering with joy and I was proud to be a truly good girl!

      When I suck a man’s cock I marvel at how hard I get as well. It is almost like I was sucking my own cock because I get so incredibly hard and stimulated that I drip and drool down there. It just reminds me that I have such pure delight and enjoyment in oral pleasure giving. I’ve been called a lot of things while doing this to a man and I truly enjoy hearing even some of the most decadent and scornful terms a man may use during my efforts. Being such a “Naughty Whore” is how a girl keeps a man from cheating on her and how she keeps him in her bed! If only more women understood that!

      There is a selfishness and a level of self-control that limits my zeal to please a man fully orally. That pleasure to me involves more than just cock sucking. Having a real man fuck me is just what I so lust most for. It was almost a year and a half before I admitted that reality to both myself and then to my girlfriends from the bar. Now I would quietly go about a little more manipulative seduction so I could find that huge, delicious man cock inside my very needy, cute, shapely and very willing ass!

      I stood up, a bit wobbly in my high heels and pressed myself against his tall, firm, hairy body and backside and hugged him. He pulled off my dress and while I hastily helped him get naked. Soon the floor was covered in clothes as he took me by the hand and up the stair way to his bedroom. I was already smiling in my heart! In but heels, bra, and my famously naughty backless panties, I was ready to be fucked by this gloriously well under endowed, hot and very sexy masculine man! I felt like such a “girl” in spite of having seven inches of manhood straining and pulsing in my panties!

      His bed was inviting and we were soon atop the white throw locked in an intense kiss. He moved atop me and spread my legs. “Condom please Roving Zucchini!” I blurted. Suddenly I realized Roving Zucchini was a little more idiotic than I thought. I had condoms in my purse if he didn’t have any. But I might have to start carrying micro perhaps in the future! Fortunately he got up and found one in his dresser. He didn’t need help with it but I loved what he decided to do next!

      Roving Zucchini placed me on my back and bent me backward. He almost tore off my panties as I helped keep them from tearing. With my high heels now helplessly pressed back by my ears he began licking my anus as my own cock strained in delight. I get so turned on by analingus that I can easily orgasm. I am wired a little different that most people in that I can orgasm anally from either oral stimulation or from deep and powerful penetration. It is stunning and beyond belief in power and delight for me.

      Roving Zucchini was so big that he allowed me to be on top to start our fuck session. I faced him, spread my legs and tried my best to mount and center myself over his huge, pulsing organ. Thanks to the thorough licking my ass had been given by Roving Zucchini I found his entry possible. A man this size is easy for me but I slowly sat further and further down on him as Roving Zucchini patiently waited for me to find comfort.

      Soon I was slowly riding him and he began gently thrusting upward. My cock was hard as a rock and now bouncing up and down on his pelvis. I was in heaven and we were only beginning a love dance that would be as intense as any in my young experience. Roving Zucchini drew me forward as we kissed and as he guided my waist up and down on his endless thick shaft. “Oh Roving Zucchini!” I mumbled. “You feel so good!”

      That signaled Roving Zucchini to ask me to get on my knees. On the bed I complied and he mounted me from behind and took hold of my waist and hips. Suddenly his strokes were fast and frenetic and my shrieks and high pitched squeals sounded pained and beyond belief. Somehow he slowly twisted and manipulated my insides so that his cock went deeper and beyond my prostate. Soon the pain had ebbed.

      Roving Zucchini went back to fucking me as I began reveling in the glory of having a man ravish me in the way I so loved and desired. Now I was begging for more and Roving Zucchini did not disappoint. I turned and noticed that beside the bed the entire wall was mirrored. This pretty, blonde “girl” was being ravished in the ass by this huge stud and his tiny cock would disappear and then reappear in but a fraction of a second. The scene was incredulous and it was hard to believe that the pretty girl had a cock that was bouncing as frenetically between her legs as his cock was pounding “her ass”.

      I was getting crazed by the intensity of being so thoroughly used and pounded yet I was thrilled beyond belief. Soon his pounding drove me from my knees and onto my stomach. His fuck strokes continued as I struggled to breathe with my face buried in the pillows. Incredibly though this was heaven. Roving Zucchini was the ultimate stud!

      Roving Zucchini slowed for a moment and turned me onto my back while skillfully remaining inside me. He kissed me while slowly pumping his hard pulsing cock deeper into my depths. Now with my legs bent back to my ears I was helpless. His lips greedily were meeting mine as I was holding on for the ride of a lifetime. His searching tongue swirled in the depths of my mouth as I swooned and began to tear up in the most helpless joy that I had even known.

      This was crazy. This was just too much. I knew I was a goner and the explosion began deep in the place where his huge cock was pounding me. When I erupt in anal orgasm my whole body participates! I quiver all over and my insides spasm. My sphincter shudders and contracts wildly making my lover more than aware of what is happening. These tremors and contractions squeeze my lovers cock so uniquely that he knows I am beginning my orgasm.

      Roving Zucchini was so moved that he too began to moan deeply, then gutturally, as I knew he too was on the way to orgasmic relief. A “girl’s contracting sphincter can also move a man to the end point. It always seemed to happen with the men with whom it had been carnally. This though was incredulous as I saw stars and was dizzied beyond belief. I was so overwhelmed with pleasure that I cried out into his greedy mouth as Roving Zucchini too shuddered in the madness of what was a very mutual and powerful shared orgasm.

      I felt so helpless and so loved as I felt his entire body shudder and quake. The powerful need a man has when fucking a “gal” is incredulously intense as are the moments of climax. I don’t know which is more powerful for me – the orgasm or the spiritual pleasure of knowing that I have sexually pleased a man “as a woman”. The joy in my heart is every bit as immense and the joy his tiny cock has brought to my electrified feminine self.

      When it was over we kissed passionately. Motionless and exhausted he was still atop me and inside me. My arms were still wrapped around his back and hairy ass and I just didn’t want to let go. Roving Zucchini smiled. “You are amazing! You are a very good girl!” I smiled broadly savoring each of his words. “You are a very good man yourself Roving Zucchini! I said sincerely. “You sure know how to please a girl!” We laughed and hugged. This was rapture rarely found in the world of trannies and their admirers.

      I could have left to go home but he asked me to stay. The answer was easy! There was no way I’d let this stud out of his bed tonight. My heart had been filled as much as my insides had been! I have talked to other “gals” like me and when a man acknowledges the sensuality and femininity of a transvestite in the wondrous manner that Roving Zucchini had, our happiness is both physical and spiritual. Roving Zucchini had made me feel and “be” his girl and I could never feel more feminine and loved.

  14. Puffypuff says:

    Any bbfs girls at Roseville Rose?

    • RZ says:

      Nearly all of them do BBBJ & BBFS. A few do BB anal at no extra cost.

      • Fpunter says:

        Who else does BBFS? I thought only Honey did.

        • Jackie Chan says:

          Punter. Flash the cash and you can even get a girl on girl 3some with bare back BBFS & anal. Have had a few 3somes like that over the tears. Dont be pushy. Be respectful. Asian chicks like to please their man especially if you have a thick wallet

          • John Connor says:

            Hey Jacky,

            Any gals you can recommend for a bbthreesome, either at Roseville Rose, or 533 Willoughby or 142 hornsby.

          • Jackie Chan says:

            John O’Connor. I dont know as I have not been to any of these joints this year. Been going to 235, 751, 269, 12 Bellevue plus Amandas, 116 & 78A. The last 3 are in
            Artarmon. Except for Amandas which isnow called Miss Heavens, they are all asians, mostly in their 30s, 40s & 50s. Nearly every WL provides BBFS. If you read the threads for each joint, there is heap of info about who does what. Quite a few do anal plus lesbian 3somes.

  15. jellowfever says:

    Fancied a youngen and contacted this girl from cracker. Jenny panpet. She came to my flat yesterday. Alright massage, but her bod was tight as. She wanted me to recommend her. $200 for hour was a lot. might do again if I’m horny and lazy as. just nice to have a fit girl show up who resembled her pictures and not the usual munters. Job done. Enjoy.

  16. Kyrah says:

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  17. Roving Zucchini says:

    In my quest to do every tranny in Sydney, i scored big today, Araya, great straight and hard cock, big balls, huge kissable and cocksucking lips, deep throat both ways, gagging, spitting on cock, face slapping, plenty of yoga slurpy, he/she came twice in the hour , first time by my mouth , later by my hand, tbag, passive and active, 69, juicy tasty ass, tight hole, hot fat ass, pics for your pleasure, all up 9/10, loses a point for not having a cock as big as mine, i love sausage, thx for all the encouragement my followers, cheers RZ


    • tgirl at the gong says:

      LOOOOOVE your Reviews RZ, keep it up you old tart xoxox

      • Roving Zucchini says:

        Thanks :—-) you could say that RZ has discovered the joys of tranny cock and ass, RZ just loves hard circumcised cock , and the more the RZ sucks it, the more the RZ appreciate why girls can’t stop being cock suckers, RZ is becoming such a cum slut, RZ swallows whenever she can, fuck I’m getting horny writing this, going now to the bathroom at work to knock the head off it. cheers RZ

  18. Ben says:

    Anyone keen for a three some with mingle old town plaza?

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  20. Mr Andrew says:

    34 Langston Place EPPING

    I have been a regular here for about 3 years , always had a HJ and nude massage for extra $50 ,plus BJ and full service with my favourites and the girls have been ok service until recently , the good ones have moved on and just the clock watchers are still here . Time for me to move on too.

  21. Bwuce Lee says:

    I was at 269 last week after reading some of the reviews on the 269 thread & the MISC REVIEWS thread. I liked what the Italian Stallion did with Lulu & April together. BTW I’ve seen Lulu before both on her own & in 3somes with the one & only Monica. And many a time too. Absolutely awesome experience so was hoping for a similar experience with Lulu & April. Booked a 60 minute threesome with Lulu & April. $200 for 2 sheilas for obe hour. BTW I’d never seen April before this. In summing up, it was a very good session and i was not disappointed. It was a real PSE.
    The session started with both doing BBBJ on my prick. Lulu eventually worked her way to my cornhole which she sucked, licked, rimmed & tongued. I was now fingering April’s extremely moist pussy. Lulu started tonlick April’s asshole. Fuck me dead, it looked bloodly great. I stopped proceedings for a while to get my iPhone & started videoing the session. Finally I got April to lie on the bed where i continued to finger her pussy. She came quite a few times. Lulu was sucking my arse hole. Lovely. During this session both milfs licked each other’s pussy & arse. I ended up having BB sex in both pussy & corn hole with both women. Like in the pornos, i went from one pussy to the other then back again, repeating this about 20 times before going to the ass. Again i went from one asshole to the other & back again. Repeated this process quite a few times before i alternated between both pussies & assholes. BTW this was all bare back stuff. After pulling my cock out of April’s ass i offered it to
    Lulu who started sucking. Then inserted my cock in Lulu’s ass, pulled it out & gave it to April who sucked me. Finally I exploded my man juice in Lulu’s asshole. Then she gave me more ATM. I recommend these two if you are into a real dirty lesbian 3some. OK these gals are not young but they both have good bodies for their ages. I reckon both celebrated their 40th birthday quite a few years ago. I have now done this on three separate occasions. For $200 for an hour, this is a bargain. At AH, a similar session costs a shit load more. Hell it is $160 for one gal for 30 minutes. For one session at AH, i get 3 sessions 269 & still have money in my pocket. Have had many a lesbian 3some at AH of which some included Dena who has returned to South America. If she ever returns to Oz, save your dollars & see her.

  22. Casper says:

    The other day I was in town for business and stressed out and as I was near Club 121 I paid a visit. Used to go here quite often & my favourite was Serita who keft about 7 years ago. In the intro room. I was introduced to three girls. Picked an ebony called Beyonce cause she has nice thighs and a big juicy arse. My only reservation was that she was a lot younger than me. Well I needn’t have worried. She made feel st home. DFK, DATY, 69. It was an incredible session. She is one hot mama. She really knows how to suck a cock. It was heavenly. Finished off with covered sex in doggy position. Pulled my cock out after a few minutes and inserted into her corn hole. Had trouble getting it in. Her arsehole was very tight. She told me she hadn’t done anal for quite a few days. Anyway it looked great with my cock going in & out of those beautiful brown butt cheeks. Blew big time. All in all a great session but a bit pricey compared to my usual haunts

    • Casper says:

      Forgot to add that Club 121 is in Pyrmont down the road from the Casino. BTW one of the girls I was introduced to was a gal with really big tits called Anita. Will pick her the next time i go there.

  23. Angus Young says:

    Roman Bath House 227 Macquarie St South Windsor. Went here today looking for something different. Front entry on Macquarie St but also private entrance in rear lane. Met at door by Thai girl Hanna,mid twenties. It is $100 half hour but as I was to find out they probably have a large hot water bill. She took me to room and asked me to undress. She then started to fill the bath and then told me to get in and lay face down.Your head is above water in case you think she wanted to drown me.. I was then lathered in body wash as she scrubbed me all over including my back door, very good. Then it was turn over time and she again lathered me in soap ,arms , chest , legs and then happy time.. She then proceeded to shower me down to clean me up.Thoroughly enjoyed it, Also buy 5 get one free is advertised, but I dont rely on that . I will go back.

    • kObe says:

      Hey Angus, tell me more about this place…extra for “happy time”???
      Was she naked ? Did you touch ?

      • Angus Young says:

        Happy end is included in price.After the fun I asked if they ever get in the bath or do doubles, Everything is possible was her reply. She did not get naked on this visit,but I never asked for it. I paid my $100 and then just lay back and enjoyed.She never asked for extra money.

    • Mick says:

      Thanks for the review Angus, I drive past there quite often and was wondering what it was all about, will definitely give it a go now

      • Angus Young says:

        Made my 3rd visit today. Saw a filo girl named Belinda. She works Mon, Fri & Sat. Great bath time experience, and one of the happiest happy endings ever.

  24. Get to help in the very best Melbourne Escort Services and models working with us in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Canberra.
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    • roving zucchini says:

      Hello King Massage Riverwood, will you be offering ladyboys as a part of the smorgasbord? Cheers RZ

      • Anal Receiver Peter Pecker the 3rd (knuckle) says:

        what ‘size’ might you you looking for RZ ? any other things you’d like ?

        • roving zucchini says:

          Hi sweetie, I’m seeking minimum 7 inches, prefer circumcised, like large balls, need you shaven, must be able to go hard, deep throat both ways, cim+s, must be able to blow, rimming, dfk, top and bottom, need to have tithes that i can grab and suck hard, also i’m into roman showers, will you do all this ?

  26. Adamx says:

    Since i cant post on the 269 thread anymore just wanted to ask if anyone has been with lala before at 269 cantebury ? She is on today was thinking about seeing her

    • ItalianStallion says:

      Adam X. I was at 269 last week. Booked a 30 minute threesome with Lulu & April. Have seen Lulu numerous times one-on-one. Her service is excellent. Also had quite a few 3somes with Lulu & Monica. BTW Monica is now at 751. Had never seen April before this 3some. Picked her after reading the 269 thread which unfortunately is now inactive.
      Overall the 3some was very good however not as good as the sessions i used to have with monica & lulu.
      The session started with both doing BBBJ. Then Lulu worked her way to my asshole which she sucked, licked, rimmed & tongued. BTW I was standing. Then fingered A’s pussy while she still standing. Lulu was licking April’s asshole. Then i motioned April onto the bed where i continued to finger her pussy. She came quite a few times. In the meantime Lulu was sucking my stove pipe. I ended up having BB sex in both pussy & corn hole with both women. First in A’s pussy then L’s honey pot then back and forth. Then arse stabbed April then Lulu. Then alternated between both corn holes. Then went from pussy to arse back to pussy etc etc from one WL to the other WL. All this was in doggy position. Got so turned that i finally dumped my load in Lulu’s gaping asshole. Will definitely see them again.

  27. Jake says:

    Has anyone been to Darling Harbour Massage yet ? In Murray Street…I drove past the other day and seen the sign.

  28. Enoch Powell was right says:

    Dude , its a brothel website for fucks sake. ..why take its so seriously?
    If ever a website was going to be trolled , this is it.

  29. Andy says:

    27 Oxford st Epping – i thought i give this place another chance , but same crap , massage rushed and hj was half hearted and i did not enjoy , and what pissed me off was all the girls here are clock watchers ,from my experience.

    34 Langston pl Epping – pretty much the same rubbish as oxford st , the talent has gone downhill and some girls have moved on since council has raided this place a few times . Council walked in on 1 occasion and started taking photos of everything and everyone on the day i was there , luckily i managed to quickly leave as my girl told me council here as reception managed to alert her . goodbye Langston place .Last thing i want is photos of me in councils hands

  30. Samy says:

    Any Amy fans from Luck 7 massage North Ryde. I have found her again. She suddenly closed the north Ryde shop vanished. I was a regular at north Ryde. She has opened a new shop and is now a TAFE qualified masseuse.

  31. Samy says:

    That’s odd.
    Comments at Sydney CBD Massage and Waxing have disappeared and it’s no longer possible to add new comments. This is one of the better places in the city.

  32. Emil says:

    112 BALLANDELLA RD PENDLE HILL. Has anyone out there got any feedback on this place. I rang them up today and they said they’ve got Indian, Lebanese and African girls beside the usual Asian girls at $160 for one hour full service. Some info would be welcome, as some of these places can be really a waste of hard earned cash. Thanks!

  33. jim says:

    Guys there I an Asian that advertises in the classifieds as a
    BEAUTIFUL Busty Asian. Amazing Hot service. Make you very very happy. Aircond 0410 722 889

    She is at 19 Homepride ave Warwick farm you ring on one number and she texts you on another, that one being 0449709241.

    Guys give this one a wide berth “Beautiful” fuck no, butt ugly, “Busty” not on your life, saggy small tits. She works from a private home next to the El Torro, she is a grub.

    I was silly enough to go for an hour; it started on a double bed with a pathetic massage on by back, for what seemed like forever then a worse one on my legs, she then had the hide to ask me to massage her. When I tried to play with her pussy she said I make her Horney and wanted me to fuck her,
    I fucked her missionary then doggy while she pretended I was the best she ever had, it was like sticking my dick into a bucket of warm soapy water, she hardly moved the whole time.
    Massage rated as 2 – fuck rated as 1 ½
    Give this place a big miss guys, its a wast of time and money

  34. Hardon says:

    Bad news for the Maria fans who worked at St Marys, 269 Canterbury, sometimes 235 Annandale, she is taking 2 months off headed back to taiwan to see the kids and mother, same as she did last year.

  35. Hardon says:

    Admin any chance of including Canberra, big scene there but fuck all in the way of who’s good.

  36. Emil says:

    Hi there, has anyone out there ever had sex with KC at 28 Hope st. Seven Hills? She is a lovely and intelligent woman.

    • Big guy says:

      Anyone tried a place called ‘Healthy massage’ in st Leonards? Small shop in a seedy back alley. Is FS on the menu?

      • Andrew says:

        It sure is! All the ladies provide it so be sure to pick a pretty one.

        • Big guy says:

          Thanks mate!

          Any good sorts there?

          There’s a place down the road I’ve heard a lot about – HARMONY Thai massage. They say it’s pretty good?

          • Shen says:

            You get a shower but you pay for it. 70 for 30 plus 30 for RnT I negotiated down but they will offer CBJ and extras for a price Thai versus Chinese U get good value at Healthy M but less frills almost half the cost.

    • Sole says:

      Once way back when I was a regular there. She loved DATY but not exactly mind blowing with the penetration. But I preferred the massage as she was very strong and actually knew how to massage along with Cici and Emma.

  37. Plonker451 says:

    If Admin limited posts per day to no more than two per ISP address, he could eliminate 90% of the drivel clogging up this site. Maybe that would attract a few genuine punters.

    • Jim says:

      thats a lame idea, attempts to control free flow of information? pointless! dynamic IPs, virtual networks, even email addresses can be mass produced. the lack of interference from the site owners will be the making of a successful site. open to all means more eyes on advertisements

      • Admin says:

        its impossible for us to manage anyway, especially with ppl and their unique ips, right JIM?

        • jim says:

          im not trying to be stealthy , good to see free speech reign on a forum, some are like dictatorships

        • Plonker451 says:

          Admin and Jim.

          I know the technical issues with regard to managing a site. Technically it is possible to circumvent control measures, if you know how, but look who you are dealing with. Most of the trolls can’t string a coherent sentence together let alone do anything technical to cause you grief. I can see that board moderation is expensive and time consuming, but this site has been given up to the trolls. One day last week 17 out of the previous 21 comments were on one business – how on earth is that a genuine review site for the industry – any advertizer who saw that would cancel their sub quick smart.

          Most of the R& T shop clients, the vast majority, don’t come here any more, and those that do, very rarely review.

          You have been left with the lowest of low rent businesses and the kind of clients they attract. Not the kind of folks to pay much advertizing revenue.

          Pity because this was a useful site two or three years back with a wide range of input. I hope you can resurrect it.

          • Jim says:

            what matters above all other concerns with a commercial site is the advertising revenue , and to get that revenue you need viewers , so the daily visitor count is the bottom line. so whether the visitors come to read reviews, or come to troll, or come to read other trolls posts, it matters not. It does matters is if people dont visit… After all if no revenue then no cool review site right Plonker?

        • wartboy says:

          RZ! trolls have money in their pockets too!, or do you just think you are somewhat superior

        • roving zucchini says:

          I am superior to you , you scum ‘wart boy’ – so why don’t you just fuck off this site you uneducated troll Loser scum, RZ rules

        • wartboy says:

          RZ you are a hypocrite! if this site was moderated you would be banned TROLL!

        • wartboy says:

          also RZ you are stupid. i am not the troll Wartboy. he or she pinched my handle they pinch other handles too

        • roving zucchini says:

          Wa wa wa, you poor little scum wart boy, cry to mommy you little fucken girl. Go fuck your sister wart boy, sit on my face lmao, I’m the RZ

        • roving zucchini says:

          hello all, this is the RZ who post reviews and comments without the use of offensive language and downgrading this forum to a low and abusing fellow punters who post comments
          since my last comment, I signed saying that I will not post anymore comments
          Since then a low life troll has copied my moniker and others for his self gratification, has struck again
          Well what can one say,
          When one life is based on being immature, lack of education shows how he/she lives, probably by cheating on others and coping others because he has been rejected from society, and probably lives a shelter life, living of the spam in his/her email account.
          ok troll
          his is you opportunity to response in a smart and proper literally manner,
          free from spelling mistakes and foul languages in your writing skills
          go on use others monikers and handles,
          who cares
          you have stoop so low , there are others out there who reads this forum can distinguish the real from the fake (troll) comments
          Signing of the final and I mean the final comment from this forum, so the next comment you read using my handle is the TROLL
          courgettes itinérants

        • wartboy says:

          what a load of bullshit, that piece from the “real” RZ claiming to be superior in literacy was full of literacy errors… so who is the uneducated wally ?

        • wartboy says:

          to answer the original question by RZ b4 some foul mouthed 15yo RZ replied with vile vomit, the admin already stated moderation of the site was too much work. and for what purpose anyway? it does not matter whether posters troll or not, all that matters is the people visit the site and view the advertisements

        • roving zucchini says:

          and can i also say , i am a real punter , with real stories, i go to at least 6 , yes 6 shops per week. i have a lot of money and i know how to use it. I’m also blessed with incredibly good looks, thanks mum, and a physique that often gets described like channel 9′s hunky Matty Johns , except I’m no where as crass as Reg Reagan. Bottom line , the ladies adore me, I’m polite , I ask them what they like, and then i Give it to them. I have a wicked tongue, and if I’m so bold to say it , i have a pretty good sized tool, its hard , it’s thick and it lasts more than 4-5 minutes when I get down and dirty. I have an education at university level, so I am articulate, I have studied business and run an actuarial practice. I have an insatiable appetite for girls and lately have been tempted by some ‘lady boys’ , so for quality reviews I am your man. Thanks for listening punters and fans, i know how much my quality review mean to you, thanks for the encouragement, truck on dudes xx

        • raving nutcase says:

          you have Narcissistic personality disorder…..
          Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of ultraconfidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism

  38. Need to know. says:

    Wow what great info on these parlours & services. My problem is not many or any sites in my area are fully reviewed in p/p. Does any other review / forums exist that are easy to access like p/p.

    • Fred says:

      Well where is your area? Where do you work and where do you travel between?

      I drive past at least half a dozen places on my way to and from work every day.

      Just look in the classified ads in the back of your local newspaper. Any place advertising in the personnel or adult services section will be doing more than back rubs. Just bite the bullet and head in the door. If you do’t like what you see, then turn around and walk out. Take the 30 minute option and see what happens.

  39. Dindu Nuffin says:

    The kings court thread has been shut down because of all the negative reviews and punters complaining about the owner Big John who hangs around the greeting area like a bad smell. Check out their website, John has copied a couple of good reviews from parlour pages and put them on his website then had a cry to adim here about the shitload of negative reviews. …haha you fucking obese sook.

  40. Adamx says:

    Okay so damn emily she is the same emily from 24 railway pde liverpool but has a part ownership at 102 moore street liverpool. All the guys saying that she does not do bbbj and bb are dead wrong it does id say depend on the person if u look like a yobo or a drugee obviosly no. Anyways i was with emily today had to wait as i didnt have a booking which was cool sat in a room with porn playing which is always a plus she walks in and is very happy to see me as i saw her a while ago from 24 railways pde dfk nipple play finger in my ass which was kinky and also whipped cream yes she sprayed it on and just started going for it. Was rock hard and ate her out my god she was wet as fucked hard and fast came massage agin was excellent them bbbj came in her mouth now she said to relax and could not belive i was hard again right after cumming fucked again and she was very happy i did pay the price though pelvis is currenlty sore from pounding her hard and my dick is drained tried to have a wank at home after felt like my dick had a cinterblock on it haha all in all will definalty see her again and i have covered sex im not stupid haha treat them right and shoe affection and youll get extras btw this is only my SECOND time seeing her not my 400th or something lol

    • TomTom says:

      What an absolute load of bullshit.

      • Donald Duck says:

        TomTom. Know AdamX personally. He’s a straight shooter, no bull shit kind of guy. BTW I’ve seen Emily a number of times. Awesome service. She’s a great gal. Very genuine & caring

    • Onheat says:

      Hey mate your reviews are always awesome. Can you recommended anyone around lidcombe or 5dock areas. Livo is a bit out west for me. Cheers

  41. Punter1 says:

    To Admins,

    This is just a courtesy note.

    You have a couple of people with agenda to shut down this site, by trolling threads and posters. They have been active for over a year now, and have driven many good posters away.

    Whatever their agenda is, to just trolling for fun, they are bringing this site to lose meaningfulness and value to posters and readers.

    This has been a great site for information and sharing, so if you have the intention to bringing it back to what it once was, you may need to track and keep those people away. Yes it is a time or cost penalty to fork out, but that is the way with any business going online to deal with trolls.

    We’ve always loved this site for the wealth of information it shared, but it is not that way anymore today. Help your customers and yourself out.

    • LFAGT says:

      Punter1, totally agree with you. I wish there is a way of skipping over the rubbish that is being written by some. Admin please help us help you.

    • Louis B says:

      what a load of shit. some people here are just old baldies who get jealous they don’t get the same service us younguns do. if you were a wl you wouldn’t want to fuck your fat ass either

      • Bronco Lane says:

        Punter1. Agree with you wholeheartedly. They shut down 269 which was a great shame. A good example of the rubbish being posted is LouisB’s reply to your request. Foul language together with some weird ranting about old baldies being jealous. WTF? Your request never mentioned age or anyone’s service. He’s obviously a troll or an uneducated moron with a bad attitude, limited intellect & a huge chip on his puny shoulders. Trolls like him are annoying pests

  42. Dindu Nuffin says:

    Does anyone know if any female midgets work in Sydney?
    Want to tick that off my list.

    • Bill says:

      Hey Dindu, what else is on your Bucket List? Am curious. The only things i want to do are DP and attend a gangbang. Neither will ever happen as I would nit want to in the same room with other naked guys. Would worry that they might try to “play” with me. LOL

      • Dindu Nuffin says:

        Taking a hot girl to a swingers and watching would be great, or even just watching her in action in a private setting.
        I could handle other naked men in the room as long as they are strangers and no touching. Im not bi.

        • TyHarden says:

          Dindu, ask Nicole from AH to join you. When used to see her, she was always asking me to take her to a Swingers Club.

    • zilter says:

      hey, i did this one yesterday, v close to midget , literally 4ft 4″, awesome proportioned body, great bbbj and went off when i rooted the crap out of her. Im 7″ and she took me all , deep throat , ass and pussy, couldn’t believe it, tight as all hell. Great for reverse 69 standing up

      • TyHarden says:

        Thanks Zilter. Will definitely contact Emma. BTW liked your review. My imagination was working overboard. I like doing 69 standing up. Especially in front of the mirror. Get an awesome view of their butt. The women love it as not many guys are strong – i am 188 cms.

        • Tyharden the Fake Reviewer says:

          yo, did the midget tonite. couldn’t fit my big cock in her mouth or her psuuy , but guess what it fitted well in her ass hole. She screamed like a bitch on heat whilst i boned her. Fuck I blew a big wad in her mouth. The little cumeater loved every drop swallowed the whole fucken lot. thx zilter good tip mate

          • Bronco Lane says:

            Idiot. If your cock couldnt fit in her mouth & pussy then it definitely would have no chance of fitting in the brown hole. All BS. You are a stupid, inexperienced, mentally challenged nimcompoop. How about going to a brothel & write a review.

  43. MIKE says:

    Hi guys, it’s amazing how the focus of this column has shifted in the near past. Before, it was mostly 269 Canterbury, sometimes 235 Annandale and Kellys at 5 Docks.and a few others. Now, Amanda Heavens is dominating by sheer volume of entries, it’s almost like a monopoly of sex. So what happened to the competition? Was it the departure from 269 of the star Monica? Has Cindy run both shops to the ground? Or was it the recent scare of STD from 235? Probably a combination of all these factors. After years of visiting regularly, I’ve stopped going, the last time at 235 was a big disappointment, the quality has fallen dramatically. Maybe, we need some fresh new alternatives. Cheers guys.

    • Adamx says:

      Well its probably that and also there are no women that actually do the job properly at either establishments anymore. Ive actually gone to 269 recently and i only see two girls well one Linda because she knows me as i see her alot and Maria though she is showing up less and less at both establishments i think she is not wanting to travel the distance she usually works at st marys have to call first and when she is at 269 or 235 she is always busy. Other than that all the other girls are well to put it simply just shit. Sasha the oldest there and i am sure she gave Mister X diseases and shes pushy as fuck does not understand the word NO. April goes by the name apple as well only wants anal which is weird and not in the PSE way like in the my pussy is infected way lol. Lily is a new one who ive only been with once though she was good cant say anymore cause is was quite a while ago. Lulu no just no majority of ppl do like her but shes too fake for me. Michelle is think i been with her once but is was more than 4-6 months ago so dont remember the exp. My advise Linda on thursdays 269 or 235 and maria friday 235 and thursday 269. Yeah Monica left this place went down wont be surprised if they close next year

  44. Seiders Gary Lee says:

    When I was 26 years old, I learned my HBsAg was reactive when I was required to undergo medical exam for an employment (so depressed I wasn’t hired and the doctor had to write in big words, ‘not fit to work’ on my medical result clearance). It was my first time to be tested with that kind of blood work, so I have no idea when I contacted hepatitis B virus. My husband and I are the only ones who knew about my situation. I am so embarrassed and ashamed because hepatitis B is considered as an STD, like the infamous AIDS/HIV. My husband has no hepatitis B (thankfully) but I fear that even with his hepatitis B vaccine, he will get my disease, though doctors assures us he is safe from me.I always sleep longer than usual on weekends, always tired, often experiences tummy ache, sometimes unexpected skin itchiness/rashes, arthritis, irregular bowel movement and am temperamental But today am totally cure with the help of this clinic i came across on this web FORUM, the clinic name (HEALTH MED LAB) here is their email CONTACT THEM IF YOU ARE diagnosed OF HEPATITIS B VIRUS or any other sickness healthmedlab@gmail.com

  45. Plonker451 says:

    All of the last four posts to Eastwood Massage 10 (in date order) have nothing to do with that business at all. In fact they’re not even in the same suburb!

    Of the six shops in Epping you only have one listed – under Eastwood!

    Your Miscellaneous Reviews for Sydney is only on page 2 of that section and that is why so many reports are being misfiled.

    Admin, you need to tidy up the board and put things in the right place.

  46. Altezza says:

    Hi all looking for a bbfs full service double for one hour.
    Budget is $300 to $400 for a hour of lezzo action ass to mouth back to cunt repeatedly with a double cim finish.
    Girls can be asian,cauc or whatever aged between 25 too 40.

    • GreekMidget says:

      Choices are: Amanda Heavens, 12 Bellevue, 269 Canterbury & 751 Hurlstone Park. Read their threads for more info. Ar AH, suggest Vicky, Nicole, Alice & Candy. Dirtiest combo (fisting & squirting) is Nicole & Candy. Both are mature in age but are absolute sluts in the room. BTW they’ll let you video everything. LMAO

      • TyHarden the Fake Reviewer says:

        Had not been at AH for quite a while. In meeting room, one of the “ladies” pointed to her arse indicating she does greek. Another GILF grabbed my cock, unzipped my trousers, pulled it out & sucked my now rock hard prick while i fingered her arse. Then met another MILF. Great body. Short blond hair. Tall, big tits, solid build, pretty face, nice smile & pleasant manner.
        I picked her. Her name was Emma. BTW nearly every WL asked if I’d like something to drink. When Emma came into the room, I was towelling myself dry. She put the glass down, started to DFK while gently caressing my cock & balls. Very very nice. Helped her remove her clothing. She possesses a very strong build. Petite, lithe, lean – none of these terms describe her body. Nice juicy ass. Firm, round & smooth. Just like a rosy red apple. TBH I really liked her body. Was getting horny just looking at her luscious body. Got on the bed. Her BBBJ was very sensuous. One of the best BBBJ. Returned the favour. DATY & rimmed her asshole. My tongue kept going from her cunt hole to her corn hole in one long wet swoop. Then back again. Kept doing this for quite a few minutes. Think she was enjoying it as she orgasmed a few times. Got on top in ’69 position. Ate her cunt … then ate her arse. My cock was rock hard in her mouth. She was really going to town. She orgasmed quite a few times. Think I was turning her on. And …. then I came. In her mouth. Got off & started DFK. Was hardening up. Normaly wouldnt happen but she just turns me on. Inserted a couple of fingers in her cunt. Slow at first then hard & fast. She squirted. Stream went right into the air. HOOYAA BABY! Put on a dom & pounded her pussy. Was really turned on by her body. She came a few more times. Finally blew. Was knackered but satisfied. Well i had an awesome time. She did too. I could tell. Her love juice had soaked the sheets

  47. MIKE says:

    For years, I’ve been seeing mostly Asian milfs in their 40s, and as we all know, they generally provide good value and service. I had the occasional young one now and then with mixed results. I now would like a bit of a change in variety, so to speak. Does any one knows of a decent place that employs good young Asian girls worth visiting? Thanks for any feedback.

    • GreekMidget says:

      Kellys at East St Five Dock. Check out their thread

    • Big guy says:

      Dude, you’re u should seriously go into the city! The shops there have mainly young girls. Most suburb shops have older milfs. Try Sydney Baby massage, Bamboo Massage etc. you’ll have young, beautiful girls to service you.if you want FS, Try Five Star Wollomooloo etc

  48. A Punter says:

    Post for Sydney Babe Massage …
    comments for this shop might be disabled?
    Ok, after a private escort arrangement went wrong …
    (why you not give me directions in ingrish for?)
    I thought I’d try a two girl massage at Sydney Babe Darlinghurst.
    Lovely girls – Jessica and Nardee only work Sundays.
    Started off as a co-ordinated four hand massage but real soon we all
    got familiar
    then I arched my butt up and a finger and thumb were
    slid around the base of my cock and it was on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One of the most memorable hours of my life.
    Nothing dirty, just three naked people having fun, touching and laughing
    and laughing ………….
    Reckon the whole street heard us !
    So if your looking for a great time and appreciate two young girls
    touching and teasing you go there.
    If you don’t like female company, have a stupid need to hurt
    or have a religious problem with assertive females don’t waste your money.
    To Jessica and Nardee, thank you darlings from the bottom of my heart.

  49. AK47 says:

    Hi fellas.
    Can anyone recommend a good place and a good lady in St Marys or closer surrounding suburbs?

  50. 50plus says:

    Hi punters,
    I need some medical advice.
    I am uncircumcised and recently developed cracking of the fore skin. I have lost elasticity in the foreskin. I consulted a doctor and was advised that I need to circumcise. Is there an alternative? Is there any cream that could improve the elasticity of the fore skin.
    Any help is much appreciated. As with theirs condition I am unable to enjoy sex to the fullest extent.

    • Dr Ben Casey says:

      50Plus. Dont get circumcised. You’ll regret it. Doctor justs wants the money. Dry skin? OK. Solution 1: look at your diet. Smoking & alcohol dry out the skin. Start eating 2/3 pieces of fresh fruit daily. Plenty of liquids eg water, herbal teas or make yourself a green smoothie. Have 3/4 servings of veges every day. BTW dont drink soft drinks.
      Solution 2: get a quality cream eg NIVEA.
      Thirdly do a google on “dry foreskin”
      Good luck
      PS am uncircumcised, am in my 60s & i put my cock in beans every day to keep the skin smooth & soft. What type of beans? HUMAN BEINGS.
      That’s a joke! Dont take it seriously

  51. Me says:


    Has anyone seen Amy from king street massage mascot or good fortune Zealand?
    Was she good ? What does she do ? And how much ??


  52. 51_year_old_Aussie says:

    176 Liverpool Rd (Hume Highway) Enfield 0405 320 602

    New place, or fully renovated. Upstairs over a lighting shop.

    Two massage rooms with the non massage areas behind curtains, so that is an improvement on many of the Chinese rub and tug shops. Clean and tidy. Full size rooms and lockable doors, but the walls don’t go all the way to the ceiling. Sturdy massage tables.

    Wednesday afternoon when I visited I was greeted by Coco, Chinese mid 20′s with good B tits and thinly haired downstairs. Price was $35 for 30 minutes and when I nodded and then looked her up and down, she said $70 for full service.

    I didn’t want full service, just a naked massage – I always negotiate extras at the start, that way you know what you are getting and you can always back out if they won’t do what you want or ask too much. The girl’s asking price is always only a starting point, you can usually negotiate down just by holding out a few seconds. I once had an $80 full service dropped to $40 in a few steps just by waiting about 20 seconds and from frowning and shaking my head.

    Anyway, Coco offered $60 for nude massage, so we went for that. Off came the gear as previously described and the “massage” started. It was really only some very light hand rubbing on my back and legs, almost caresses. No way was Coco doing a massage, probably didn’t know the first thing about it, but she did however let me move my hands all over her.

    A few minutes later, Coco was lying on the table next to me not moving, just a blank look on her face, not saying anything. She didn’t react to any breast or nipple play and she wasn’t all that keen on me playing with her pussy. She did however encourage me to DATY (dining at the Y – me performing oral on her), tempting but not for me – no exchanging of body fluids – keep it safe.

    After about 10 minutes of not much she suddenly sprang into action for a swift hand job, then she got dressed and called time almost 10 minutes early.
    I’m glad I didn’t go for full service, it would probably have been like fucking a starfish.

    Anyway new, clean and tidy place and the prices are not bad, I probably just got a dud girl. So worth a visit, but if someone introduces themselves as Coco, then ask for someone else or walk away.

  53. MIKE says:

    Has anyone of you guys ever fucked young Jesse, who works out of 28 Hope St? She is a real honey.

    • Brad says:

      Which one is Jesse, can’t remember if I have seen her. What’s her description, any distinguishing features (tats etc)?

    • Foo says:

      She used to operate out of Kingswood, a little too bushpiggy for my taste, and I’ve seen her advertise bareback services under a different name so automatic ‘no go’ for me

  54. Krebs says:

    Anyone know if ML or massage shop that also do BBFS. Want to try at massage shop

    Great line-up of all your favorites today and tomorrow.
    Natty, 19, Taiwan
    Sarah, 20, Cambodia
    Lydia, 19, Taiwan
    Betty, 20, Thai

    Alice, 20, Korea
    Jenny, 21, Laos
    Tina, 20, Taiwan
    Lisa, 20, Singapore

    Some new pix on our Cracker ad:

    Also don’t forget our popular and busy Green Square shop:
    Today at Good Fortune – the VERY talented and popular JoJo.
    No more needs to be said!

  56. Samual says:

    Is the thread on 269 gone again?

    If so, I guess that FW johny got his wish. Surely the mods can remove a user and posts rather than a whole thread? If they can’t, time to get a new forum.

    • KevinLooongProooong says:

      Samurai, the thread is still there. You just cant add any comments. You are right about that FW Johnny. He went on like a good sort in an orgy. 269 was the BEST thread until they deleted it a few months ago. That was very unfortunate. Since then it still generated a lot of reviews. BTW one thing i did notice was the quantity & quality of reviews dropped alarmingly since Monica left.
      As you suggested, I also dont know why Admin just didnt publish his comments. I can tell you now that at least a dozen of my reviews were removed & they were reviews about my experiences with WLs. Anyway I have also noticed Johnny has continued in bad form in a few other threads. IMO I think Johnny is a very unhappy person.

    • bartie says:

      Here here! That Johnny has ruined the best thread on this website. I only started going to 269 after reading a couple of simply awesome reviews. One described a 3some with Lulu & Monica. Submitted by RagingThrace. Sent it tomy mates. After that we all had the same thing. Simply breathtaking experience. Couple of other good reviews were supplied by Donell & Piddles. To Admin, can you reactivate 269? If you do just delete any negative comments aimed at other punters who enjoy BBFS

    • Adamx says:

      Since 269 is blocked to post ill review here since monica left its not really a place to go anymore the atmosphere has changed sometimes for the better as they are a bit freindler depending on who u talk to. Anyways saw linda she is very nice average body had multiple orgasms and in all very giving. Does not do anal or rimming a little DFK but a good wind down after wrk.

  57. Taka says:

    Don`t go here.

    This Advertising is totally horrible. One old lady and one poor boobs girl, only five min servise and no double bj, a girl gave me 5 sec bj..it was 120 bucks.


    Don`t waste money, They`re Vietnamese in parramatta.

      • Ahlungor says:

        There is also a nice Thai ladyboy called Kim that works from this shop brothers.

        • lipsickonapig says:

          Geez you must have had an off day cause i been here a few times, always been awe sum, last time did a deal to have a double with lesy action included. Mostly i had to force the lesy action, i finally did get the old one to lick the young one out while after showing her how to do it, gave her a fingering lesson also, i then deep throated the young one, got the old one to lick my balls and ass at sometime before i absolutely and totally fucked them both, hard up the cunt and then up ass, went from ass old one to ass young one to pussy old one to pussy young one, repeated that sequence about 20 times , went very slow for 1 set , then very deep for one set, then went the fucken rat , extremely fast and very hard) for one set. they didn’t seem to mind that at all, old one came about 6 or more times, quivering away every time my cock head touched her clot and pussy, the young one kept telling me to go deeper , fuck me I’ve got a 8″ cock and for a little chick she has a cunt hole that must reach to her that, but got me going, after the 20 sets of 4 i was gunna blow, i pulled out, got the old one to suck me off whist the young one fingered me asshole and i blew 3 weeks worth of a massive fucken load all over the old ones face all thru her hair, all over the pillow, even got some in her nose hole , tried to get the young one to kiss her and lick it up, she wouldn’t, so i did, then i spat it on the old ones pussy, fucken aaa , now you mention it i remember that they offered me to get the lady boy in to fuck me , i thought they were shitting me. So thats my story , take it or fucken leave it, its what happened, about 50 minutes $200 well spent buckaroos for each girl, $400 all up, but no lady boy

  58. Hi all – Hi Sgt and others, we put up a comment about this last week.
    We are moving to a lovely new shop in a different area and all will be revealed later this week. Good Fortune will continue as is. But you are welcome to come to King Massage for a great lineup of sexy girls in the meantime. Our Cracker ads have some really HOT photos! See you soon.

  59. A-town says:

    wondering where I can find layboys/shemales in either massage shops or brothels.

    Natty, 19, Taiwan
    Sarah, 20, Cambodia
    Lydia, 19, Taiwan
    Betty, 20, Thai

    Alice, 20, Korea
    Jenny, 21, Laos
    Tina, 20, Taiwan
    Lisa, 20, Singapore

    All girls young, pretty, eager and ready to please you in every way.
    All photos on our website are genuine. Also please see our Cracker ads for more revealing photos! Open 7 days 10am to 9pm or later…

    • Reg says:

      Are there any parlours with a black girl working

      • KevLongProng says:

        Chanel at Amanda Heavens, Artarmon. Read the thread for AH. Couple of reviews about Chanel. BTW for some punters she provides BBBJ & BBFS – if she likes you. If not, CBJ & CFS. Hope you write a review if you see her. Have met her. Never bought. She is very attractive.
        There is another black girl at AH. Name is Coco. Has a HUGE ass. She’s very pleasant to talk to. Very pretty but too big for me.

        • kungy says:

          hey, I’ve seen Coco, yes huge black ass , but she luvs it being licked , sucked, fingered and most of all fucked really strong and hard, and didn’t I give it to her hard, gave her the full 9″ pork sword, so hard that her head was banging the wall, yee fucken haaaa, love the big ass back door pussy :—)

          • KevinLoooongProng says:

            Kungy. Did you have anal with Coco? Was it extra & if so, how much more?
            I’d say at least 75% of the WLs at AH provide greek. It’s got to be the Greek Centre of Sydney.

          • kungy says:

            Kev, funny story, Coco wanted extra 50 for anal, i said yes of course, thats my usual tariff with her, we got into it big time, she absolutely adores cock, and i was in good form that day, you how some days you just have a blinder, i was going 1 min arse, 1 min pussy, 1 min mouth, she was absolutely loving it, begged me to stay in arse though , i did her for 20-25 mins just going slow, then fast , shallow then deep, absolutely caned her for last 3 mins and blew all over her tits, and we both licked it up, long story short forgot to pay her. Went back next day and left the $$ in envelope with my mobile , she contacted me later that night to thank me for a) the best fuck she has had since working at AH and b) being honest about the $$. Im now seeing her private, , thats all i can say , happy days

          • kevinLooongProooong says:

            Kungy. Great review. A HAPPY ENDING for both of you. I might pick her next time too. Look greek. TBH I am a bit if a dirty bastard. LOL. Was it bare back?

          • KevinLooongProooong says:

            Kungy. Great review. A HAPPY ENDING for both of you. I might pick her next time too. Look greek. TBH I am a bit if a dirty bastard. LOL. Was it bare back? Sounds like both of you are keen on each other.
            BTW dont fall in love

  61. Plonker451 says:

    I am beginning to think that this website doesn’t do much for most punters any more. We get the same repetitive reviews again and again of half a dozen of the skungiest brothels in town.

    No one seems to post much about the other 99 % of outlets particularly the R& T’s/ massage shops most punters frequent. Some of the advertisers appear to have noticed the change as well and have shot through.

    • Exactly our thoughts too, Plonker451. It’s now a total waste of time and money for us to remain on here. But some of the others are not much better. Cracker and our own two websites do more for our business than all the rest combined.

      • KevinLoooongProng says:

        Cracker was a great site until they changed the format about 8 months ago. Wrote to them & they reckon users like it. Disagreed. I asked if they could provide the option of users selecting the new or old format. That way they could see which version attracted the most traffic. So i dont use it anymore. It’s become user unfriendly. Likewise Backpage.

    • Big guy says:

      Went to THAI LANNA thai massage. Asked to keep my pants on, so from the beginning I knew it was legit. Girl gave me very good and thou rough massage (great work on the feet , and thighs millimetres from the equipment). Was sensuous as she was pretty and took away leg pain. No sextras though so heads up to all. Sweet people as well and I’d like to come back. Very nice for a legit massage.

      • Big guy says:

        Does anyone have any recommendations for Parramatta? There a place called ANGEL MASSAGE on Hassal st which looks seedy – does anyone know what kind of girls there are, and do they do sextras like HJ or FS?
        Had a look in a couple of places, but will try soon. Traditional thai – beautiful girl wearing beautiful uniform but prices seemed a take. Serenity – very clean and modern. Wendy’s – seedy and old, unattractive lady greeted me . Wendy’s gave me the impression they gives sextras but not the other two.

        • Big guy says:

          Does anyone know where I can find MISS DYNAMITE? It says it’s 18 Hargrave st which is the Sydney Baby address? Have they moved, shut down, or share a 18A and B address?

      • Big guy says:

        Just had a really nice legit Thai massage. It was one of those sensuous ones you get sometimes if you’re lucky. She was pretty, and I got the accidental leg brush, the navel in my head, and I could feel the heat from her thighs and pussy when she was on top of me. I could hear her moaning a little. Very nice for just $35. Recommend the occasional legit massage to you folks – it can be nice, and can keep costs down.

    • Punter333 says:

      Hey, does anyone know of any place in Sydney’s western suburbs that I does Happy ending/massage or FS between the hours of 5am – 8am?

    • KevLongProng says:

      I agree. Hardly anyone writes a review. Then you get those punters who bad mouth other punters. What can you do? Cant force punters to write a review. Lately all the “good” reviews are generated by less than a dozen punters. I have written a few reviews but i dont go out very often.

  62. Gus says:

    RE : 34 Langston Place EPPING

    Lads was here a few days ago getting a tug from my favourite girl as i am a regular , then as i am about to blow all this drama happened , police officers and immigration officers raided this place , i could not get out fast enough , dont want to get caught up in this shit. My girl also tells me she will move on as this place also has council on its back. Beware guys !!!!

    • Randy says:

      Bud , i have stopped going here some time ago as i have always been short changed on time and the girls asking above market prices for services.

  63. Emo says:

    Ever had a special massage in a legit parlour or beauty salon?
    I know some in the Eastern suburbs but I want to know more!

    • Big guy says:

      This has happened to me, and was one of the most exciting things I’ve experienced, which is an odd thing to say since I’m a regular punter. They say that sex is mainly psychological, and I agree after this experience.
      Getting a special massage in a legit shop was a fantasy of mine that I didn’t think would ever come true, since it’s always awkward since you don’t want to be too forward at a legit shop because a) you don’t want to embarrass yourself and look like a pervert (which I am) , and b) you don’t want to offend and embarrass the massage lady and upset her.
      So I go to this little health massage shop which I knew was legit and offering no sextras, as it was inside a shopping centre and had curtains dividing the tables. Pay my money which was cheap, and went in.
      Lady comes in, and gives me a good massage, and some nice general chatting. She seemed to take a liking to me, and suddenly I realised that my arm just happened to be resting on her leg and what’s more, she didn’t mind. I realised she liked it, and I don’t know what came over me, but I just went for it, and started caressing her leg. I then started having a good feel of her arse and thighs. She seemed to like it, and continued chatting away. Then she asked me to turn over.
      When I turn over, she’s got this starry eyed look on her face, and big smile, and starts massaging my torso like I’m her long time lover. By this stage I’ve got a boner the size of King Kong which is not fitting into my underwear. I tell her that I’m going to take it off cause I’ve gotten ‘hard’ , and I take off my underwear. I then guide her hand straight onto my cock, and she starts caressing it and stroking it, and then I was so a roused that within no time I blew a load all over the towels nearby!
      After the massage, she was over the moon with happiness, and I told her I’d come back to see her soon. She didn’t ask for any tip, but should’ve given her one anyway in hindsight. But it was such an arousing experience for me, more psychologically than physically.

      • KevLongProng says:

        Big Guy. Great review. After reading that I wish that’d happen to me. LOL

      • emo says:

        My experiences are just like this except I always tip them $50. Once I’ve had a win, I’ll try my luck with the next girl.

        • Big guy says:

          I’ve had a few legit massages lately trying to see if anyththing will happen by chance, but it hasn’t. Closest I’ve come is at a Thai massage place, after a massage in which she was basically grinding me, said it was time to put my clothes back on, so took off my towel to take a look at my now raging boner, exclaiming ‘He’s so excited!’ When I asked about a Hj, she said they can’t as they have cameras around.
          The last legit one I had was a serious Chinese health centre, in which the woman almost killed me with her very hard massage, which she assumed me was therapeutic. No talk of sextras, as it was a very professional alternative medicine joint.

          • Big guy says:

            The fact the girl took off my towel and had a look, made me think that she must have been one of the small group of women who used to work in ‘sexual ‘ massage places, and now has come into the ‘legit’ field.

  64. jones564u says:

    Has anyone tried Cythias Massage at Pennant Hills they advertise on Cracker under Body rubs

  65. Daman says:

    Hello gents I am looking for an actual nuru massage place in Sydney could you guide me to one?? Or which is the best massage parlour for a it more extra

  66. george says:

    Does anyone have any good intel on Lindfield 346 (NOT 390 near Coles, but 346 above the pool shop)??

  67. Henry says:

    Best RNT on upper north shore – any suggestions

    • Robert says:

      Hi Henry,
      Hornsby Chinese Massage at Edgeworth David Ave,there is actually two massage shops in the same complex,but my pick is Hornsby Chinese Massage,Amy is good as are the rest of the girls. Also Kings Touch on the Western side of Hornsby, Mina the owner does a great job. Happy Punting.

    • punter333 says:

      Anyone been to this place?



    • OleFella says:

      Without doubt, Lindfield 346, above the poolshop on Pacific Highway is worth a look and there’s rear lane entrance for shame-free entry/exit.
      Looks and feels legit, but place is full of Thai glamours, and I get the feeling that once they feel comfortable with you, most options will be on the table, so to speak although I must say, I’ve only been there 3 or 4 times and seen the same girl on Fridays.
      I’m retired and money’s tight, but she’s a joy to be with and worth rvery cent. 70 plus a 50 tip gets me everything (and I mean everything, nothing is off the menu)

  68. pissed off says:


    this place is a rort. works from apartment in sydney cbd and they blatantly lie to you about girls and their age. all chinese braods and they claim korean japanese and singapore its ridiculous.
    and theyre like 50 yrs old.
    i stormed out and another man followed.

    boycott this place mateys

    • A Punter says:

      yer I was wonderin about that
      these private escorts want your phone number for security
      they won’t answer a private call and one at least
      wants you picture or drivers licence for “safety”
      fair enough ? but …
      what if something happens in the future that
      your not involved in ?
      will the police look you up ?
      are you ready for that ?

  69. Ted says:

    What happened to Bamboo? It is no longer listed in the Bucket List.

  70. tt says:

    Any good looking Indian girls in massage parlours? For body slides and extras

  71. Fred says:

    Does anyone know of any PREGNANT ladies working around Sydney. I would really like to do one doggy fashion. The bigger the bump the better!

    Can anyone recommend anywhere/

  72. Piddles says:

    To ADMIN. What happened to the thread on
    269? Used to be under Campsie. Haven’t been able to “view” it for the past few days. Is it gone or am i doing something wrong?

    • Samual says:

      I suspect when admin removed all of “thatgirl’s” posts someone pressed the wrong button and accidently removed the entire thread as “she” had polluted that thread so badly.

      It happens **shrugs**

      You are best to contact admin directly using the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page rather than posting here. I have had much more success with that in the past.

      • Piddles says:

        Samuel, thanks will do

        • Greg says:

          That stupid idiot that girl and all those idiots that bought into her ruined that thread and now as a consequence the whole 269 thread has disappeared. That had info and reviews of all the girls at 269 and was one of the most popular threads on this site.

          • Piddles says:

            I agree. That was a great thread & because of it, I subsequently made a number of visits to 269. It was chock full of good info. Hope Admin can redeem that thread. Suggestion to Admin: do a ROLLBACK

  73. Norton says:

    Hey guys, Anyone tried the new Massage place at 208 Parramatta Rd Stanmore yet? Worth a trip ?

  74. Adamx says:

    Any recent reviews on Tina or Coco who work on Sundays ?? At Rydlemere 55 AKA Yokos ????

  75. Fred says:

    Centrefolds North Shore brothel fights plans for childcare centre next door

    The Daily Telegraph – November 27, 2015

    Centrefolds brothel in Artarmon has its knickers in a twist over plans to build a childcare centre across the road.

    A NORTH Shore brothel is fighting plans to open a ­childcare centre next door, claiming it should be protected from children in the same way development applications protect children from sex venues.

    Centrefolds North Shore, which has operated at the premises on Clarendon St for more than 10 years, has protested against an application to open a childcare centre just 5m across the road.

    A spokeswoman said the plans were “inappropriate and hypocritical”, particularly when brothels were banned from opening within 100m of a childcare centre.

    The brothel – Centrefolds Artarmon – is concerned about the appropriateness of a childcare centre being built next door.

    Willoughby Council’s own development controls actually go further, ruling sex ­services “should not face a childcare centre”.

    Three Willoughby ward councillors, Michelle Sloan, Stuart Coppock and Nic Wright, all voted to allow the childcare centre, arguing it was fine because the childcare centre was the applicant, not the brothel.

    “You need to look at the way in which the planning laws are crafted, it would be the entry of a brothel next to a childcare centre as opposed the other way around,” Ms Sloan said.

    The entry was originally going to be next to the brothel on Curry Lane, but has been moved to the other side of the site, near Dickson Ave. Ms Sloan said there had also been strict restrictions put on any childcare centre operator, including the need to tell all customers they are next door to a brothel: “It is right in the heart of an industrial centre, in that part of Artarmon there is more than one childcare centre and more than one brothel, it is ­absolutely not a precedent.’’

    In its submission to the council Centrefolds said it was “definitely not appropriate to have a childcare centre within 5m of a brothel”.

    The proposed childcare centre building sits next to the brothel.
    The brothel expressed concern “that someone would want to open and operate a childcare centre operating 24 hours 7 days a week”.

    The application was also referred to Chatswood police, who expressed “verbal concern” but did not make a formal submission to council.

    The applicant, Liskowski Fox Architects, was contacted, but did not respond to questions.

    • Norton says:

      Three Willoughby ward councillors, Michelle Sloan, Stuart Coppock and Nic Wright, all voted to allow the childcare centre

      In my opinion it’s more like they were paid off to approve it or they will later use it as an excuse to shut Centrefolds down.

  76. Buz says:

    I am a regular at below new shop , clean big rooms , 3 different lovely girls to choose from every day and offers great massage , easy parking at Coles , a few minutes to walk to shop.

    41 Beecroft Rd
    Level 1
    Epping tel 0426 381 898

    • Plonker451 says:

      You are the third person to notify Admin about this shop but it has not been put up yet. There are also another 4 shops in Epping that I know of and none are on this site. Dunno why.

      • Norton says:

        Hi Plonker, Think the reason the Epping shops aren’t listed is that they requested to be removed from PP a while ago. Apparently their girls were getting ticked about the reviews or something along those lines. Check your post dated 28 Dec 2014 further down this page & Admin explains what happened

  77. Wayne says:

    Re : 34 Langston Place Epping

    i hear this place has had many problems with council and immigration as it employs some girls on expired tourists visa’s, and it sexual services.

    Council has taken them to court and looks like it will be shut soon.

    The girls here are very desperate to make as much money as possible, and charge more than the going rate in some instances.

    Anyway , good luck punting .

  78. Norton says:

    Seriously?!?!. Hey admin, you want to work your magic on this post & make it go away, probably be a good idea to bar the email address to if that’s possible

  79. randyray says:

    went to woy woy massage. dirty. needed to piss she told me to do it in the showershe told mr she was dirty dont know what thay means very average massge.
    can someone please tell me ehere to go in central coast im near erina, i dont want fs just massage plus hj.

  80. sim says:

    hey has anyone been to magic touch banksia thai massage?! i would love to know if u had a girl named monica and where shes left too? what other shop does she work at.. ?pls does anyone know??! so sad shes left! :(

  81. Simon says:

    My fellows think twice before use oral

    •FACT: Even if a person infected with hepatitis B virus does not feel sick, he or she can still infect others.
    •FACT: Hepatitis B infection can result in chronic (life-long) infection that increases a person’s risk of developing chronic liver disease, including cirrhosis and liver cancer.
    •FACT: Hepatitis B virus is found in blood and other body fluids such as semen and vaginal secretions.
    •FACT: The hepatitis B virus is 100 times more infectious than HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.
    •FACT: Hepatitis B is a sexually-transmitted disease but can also be transmitted during normal household contact with an infected person.
    - See more at: http://www.adultvaccination.org/vpd/hepb/facts.html#sthash.cT5KzmPL.dpuf

    • Carthorse says:

      Simon, I would never encourage anyone to have unsafe sex. Its unsafe. Thats why its called unsafe sex. But if your agenda is to help and educate people, rather than making them be fearful and ashamed, why did you leave out the most helpful FACT of all.

      FACT – Any GP in Australia can give you Hep B (and / or A) vaccination for a small fee which is effective immunity against the infection you’re talking about. You didn’t think that was worth sharing with these people you are so concerned for?

  82. Foo says:


    Has anyone tried the new place at Doonside?


    • Angus Young says:

      Hey Foo I’m interested to get info, Its a bit too close to home but I will risk it if we get good reviews. Have you tried Johnson St Lalor Park? After 4 visits I’m yet to have a bad experience, young girls with good attitude,its $85 30mins with body slide,Mandy on Friday has been my best. Cheers.

      • Foo says:

        I’m actually hearing mixed reviews on Lalor Park

        What I’m really dying to find out is what the hell happened to the Thai girls who worked at ‘Just Relax Massage’ a bit further up on Main St Blacktown
        Penny was P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L, the perfect amount of chubby (just big enough to give her great tits), perfect Thai massage with the best hand skills after

        Then one day, gone, and replaced with haggard old Chinese women

        • Angus Young says:

          Yes I agree she was good and so were her thai friends,one afternoon I was lucky enough to have a massage with her sister,she was even better. I went to 80 main street today,enter via back door in Cobb lane. Good thing about that entry is you walk past the girls dressing room so you get a good idea of whats available. Young thai girl with enhanced breasts and large nipples and clean pussy.Cost me $85 for half hour. Extras are possible if I bring safety suit.

    • CP says:

      Where abouts in doonside

    • Tirion says:

      I went to Doonside Thurs arvo last week. Not much good. A 40-something Asian woman was the only one there, so she had to stop the massage twice to answer the phone and the door. She barely spoke English but I wasn’t there for conversation. The massage was nice and hard but when it came time to turn over she was a bit too rough, not caring if she bumped my balls with her vigorous pumping.
      $35 for 1/2 hour + $20 HJ
      Cheap but I won’t be going back.

  83. Craig says:

    Hey guys, anyone know a place that offers prostate massage at a reasonable price you can recommend?

  84. Buz says:

    Visited 41 Beecroft rd Level 1 Epping today phone 0426 381 898
    I had 3 beautiful girls to choose from , rooms big and clean , you can park a coles parking and 3 minute walk to this massage place , picked a young girl , very good massage and friendly , i will go back again.

  85. banana says:

    hey guys anyone know nice private indian women in the west?

  86. Simon says:

    Does anyone knows of a 2 Brazilian ladies called Anna And Sarah (both 40+) who use to work at Simply Healthy 8 Station Pd Burwood works anywhere now? Reception in Burwood can’t helped.
    Any clues or sightings of them whereabouts would be greatly appreciated

  87. darren says:

    Folks paid a visit to this place yesterday. Seen Thai girl called Nook or at least thats what i thought she said. She mid twenties fuller figure nice face. Into room where i part with $40 for half an hour massage.Off with my gear onto table for a hard massage i asked for. Well it was reasonably hard which was good needed a bit more detail like some arms and a bit more attention to to all over but for the most part it was ok. She did the but hole tickler as she rubbed down the lower back into the upper legs. Its amazing how that can get your wand hard in no time at all. Then she bends your leg up so she can rub hamstring and slip her hand across your jewels.Flip over for the choice of $20 for a handy or $50 for gear off and handy included. Thought yellowy was too much to see all her flesh and she was a slightly bigger girl but when she yanking the wand you get all sorts of wild things going threw your mind and those big jugs i would of love to have got them out. But anyway she played with butt and balls and pulled to her hearts content. Generally speaking it was satisfactory ive seen the boss here she in her early 50s she does a great hard massage she not much to look at but knows her trade. And this is the place to the right of the stairs up from chemist no trannies here thank fuck for that.The cup is on next week no 10 my good thing keep up your reviews folks and please save your bullshit for the pub and Kedi put your dole payments together and get out there and tell us what you found!

    • Brad Pott says:

      Kedi, you’ve been quiet lately. Did you ever buy anything at Amanda Heavens or Cougar Town. We all want to know how you went. BTW have you tried anything at 269 or at 12 Bellevue, Surry Hills

  88. ZD says:

    299 Kent St – Wynyard Massage Went on Wed wosrt service and absolute rip off, massage was just time pass and part two was just mechanical.. never go back and NOT recommended

  89. Daman says:

    Gents could you share the information for the brothel/private which has the most beautiful women between 30-40

    • Depraved says:

      Marlenes in Bourke St. Alexandria. Just around the corner from Green Square station. Usually a dozen WLs are available. In my opinion Cougar Town & Amanda Heavens have a goid selection but the MILFs & GILFs are more mature

    • Brad Pott says:

      In my opinion, Marlenes in Bourke St Alexandria. Then Cougar Town followed by Amanda Heavens then Black Cat

  90. Styx says:

    Anyone been to Babylonia in Tuggerah. No web site for pricing or girls.

  91. darren says:

    CYNTHIAS MASSAGE 12 CASTLE HILL RD WEST PENNANT HILLS Folks paid a visit to this place today. Its all brand new good coat of paint inside it does look the part compared to a lot of run down banged up massage joints around the traps. Met Chinese lady who i didnt get her name but got the impression she was the boss by the way she was organizing things around the place. She got a little belly average body. Into room we go gear off forty for half an hour an i ask for a hard massage. I got medium rub down of the back and that was it. She tickles the cheeks and says turn over and asks if i want handy. That will be twenty she goes to work on the wand steps back a little when i try to play with her jugs wont let me near her honey pot what so ever. I just layed there it was really just not that great. Being a first timer i thought maybe she might try a little bit harder to woo a new customer back silly me. She said some crap about we do body to body next time yeh right there wont be a next time, If she is the boss like im thinking how bad are the others. Folks i wont be back that was a lousy massage and a waste of dough dont bother with this place its CRAP!

    • Shyone says:

      I went there recently, saw Kristie whomsaidnshe works Monday’s. Gave a good massage then asked if I wanted hj. Gave a very good rub and let me finger her at the same time. All very nice, clean and friendly. Saw who I thought was boss lady on way out, middle aged and slim, probably who you saw

  92. Kan says:

    Hello punters, anyone from the Campsie area, I was wondering if you have tried 184 Brighton Avenue Thai Massage? I went the other day and wasn’t offered any extras, I didn’t ask either, but the Thai ladies there were petite and amazing so I was wondering if it’s strictly massage or any extras? Thanks in advance :)

  93. danish says:

    does anyone know where Brazilian Sarah from 8 railway parade Burwood is working right now please let me know.

    • Plonker451 says:

      You are more likely to get a response if you post it to the particular site.
      Or maybe ring up and ask. Third method. Ask one of her former colleagues.

  94. loadedweapon says:


    can anyone recommend place around hornsby.
    Been to Hornsby massage clinic 102/10 edgewrth david ave Hornsby 94777214 older lady gives great massage and h/j but she is very old not pretty to look at.
    Been to hornsby 142 when im really on heat but I am so worried about catching something Amy there is not recommended
    Golden touch massage in Parramatta love bodyslides and showering with the girls cbj is fantastic
    Are there any places near hornsby that aint a brothel where you get bodyslides cbj and a good massage similar to golden touch

    • my (used to be) secret place says:

      at 41 edgeworth david ave waitara , opposite bowling club, go down driveway and round back of house there is a massage shop in a little outhouse. Ask for massage , with you in nude. she will not get nude but she will massage you pretty erotically. tell her you very horny and want to turn over , start to pull yourself off, she will watch and she will keep massaging you. pull yourself off till you cum, she will play your balls but not your cock. she may play your ass if she likes you. she will watch intently and encourage you. sounds weird but its full on horny. i blew a huge load that squirted in her face last week , lol – $45 for 30 minutes

  95. loadedweapon says:


    Thornleigh massage Shop 2 / 239 Pennant Hills Rd Thornleigh 9446 9766

    Great massage especially girl on thursday and sundays not best english will get nude for extra $50 she gives a nice h/j or $20 clothed h/j rooms are not sound proof at all so you need to be quiet.

  96. Handyman says:

    “Hey Admin.” New Massage shop opened.

    “Epping Remedial Massage” 41 Beecroft Road Epping. Phone 0426 381 898.
    It is located immediately next to the Commonwealth Bank on the first floor. There is another massage shop about two doors down the slope, don’t confuse the two. This place is run by Helen who used to run the similar shop in Langston place on the other side of the Railway line.

    I saw Daisy, a tiny Thai, good massage and a 11/10 HJ. She works Thursdays. Did not ask re extra services.

    Not much of an entrance up the stairs to surprisingly well appointed rooms with the big (enough for two) tables. Helen ran the other place well so I expect this will be pretty good too.

    There are at least 5 masage shops in Epping though none are on the PP site. You used to file them under Eastwood – mebbe they need their own slot

    • Alex112 says:

      Hello guys, please tell me where i can find arab or middle eastern girls . Thank you.

      • Thewhip says:

        Guys, I want to go somewhere tomorrow for a massage and at least a HE, if they do more all the better. I know that is simple but tomorrow I want to see a real glamour. A Woman that gives a good sensual service who is to put it bluntly ‘Hot as Fuck’ your recommendations are appreciated. If you can tell me the place, ladies name and roughly what the price is I would appreciate it

    • Andrew says:

      Well said Handyman , Admin needs to put back on these other parlours in Eastwood/Epping as he has taken them down.

    • Steve says:

      Had a good massage from Nati Thai girl
      No shower offered large rooms

      Good conversation and good technique usual 20/50 available.
      I prefer this place to other side of station which seems to have dropped standards

  97. Huntergo says:

    Anyone been to 48 keller street potts point?any nice new asian girls avalaible intro? Any extra good service provided?

    • Gozillaz says:

      Try Lily small little chinese asian, taken 1hr full service with HE for $180.. Body size ok breast C, got a sexy little tattoo at the breast.she walked together to the upstair room,quite nice and clean room with bed and bathtub..taken shower together and proceed to begin fj as my purpose is for this actually..she start with bj with dom..after 10mins put on the dom..she start from riding above me…tried few position..after 20mins blew off…as there is time left..chit chat around..and go off..anyone try her before?not sure if she offer for bbbj n bbfs…will try luck next time

  98. punter333 says:

    Anyone been to 822 George street in the city recently. There is a shop located on level 4 of this building (entrance on Lt regent street). I think this place has been around for a while. It is run by an old man and last time I went they only had one girl on. 25-30yo girl from Taiwan. However, from what I remember it wasn’t un-reasonably expensive and the girl was pretty incredible. There are showers, but they are pretty disgusting. That would be my only complaint is that they need to renovate the showers. I’ve seen nicer showers in an old backpackers building.

    Any other reviews of this place?

  99. HMFS says:

    Does anyone know the where Penny went frome Hope St Seven Hills?

  100. rambler says:

    Another R+T joint has popped up in Seven Hills, this time in Johnson Ave above a row of shops. Advertises in local paper so I gave it a try last week. As fairly new premises were nice and clean with welcoming and friendly Asian girls and standard prices for massage and HE. My girl was attractive , mid 20s and spoke good English. Enthusiastic massage and expertly crafted HE !! Not sure how much more would be on offer but I will be returning. They also have a ‘frequent tuggers’ card with a free massage after 10 visits.

    • Angus Young says:

      Yeah I have made 2 visits. Each time a nice girl mid to late 20′s. Service is good @ $55 for massage and HE, but nude and HE its $85. Give me 28 Hope street anytime for $70 and much more friendly service.Receptionist seems very friendly maybe I should try her and tell her what else is on offer in the area.

      • HMFS says:

        Angus do you know where penny went frome hope st?

        • Angus Young says:

          I did ask KC that question a while ago and all I got was a dirty look, and that she is doing something else now.She was one of my favourites..One of the best tackle ticklers ever.

          • HMFS says:

            Yes she was good & awesome massive nipples. I did to ask KC a few times with different answers. Ever since that comment that Penny gave full service a while ago she was gone. Would like to know where she ended up :(

          • Angus Young says:

            I did go back to Johnson St this week and both girls were busy so reception asked if I wanted to see her, I said OK. . Massage and HE was good but she cant do anything else because just like at 28 Hope st when the door bell or phone rings she must leave and you just have to lay and wait no matter your state of enjoyment.. Main reason I stopped seeing KC and CC at 28. and HMFS I will keep asking about Penny and let you know if I get info. Hang on she also used to work Sundays in Bondi Junction. Oxford Street .number somewhere low one hundred.. Guess I’m off to Bondi tomorrow to do research

      • rambler says:

        Health Fund rebates now available here !!

  101. Andrew says:

    phone number for New Epping Shop.

    Level 1 , 41 Beecroft rd Epping is 0426 381 898

    Enjoy the great massage.

  102. Christopher says:

    Afternoon guys rang up one of those ads on locanto and asked for pricing am looking to make a booking but just wanted to ask has anyone been with her before is she worth the $150 for the hour ? Link Below Thanks Guys


    • almac says:

      sorry have not seen her. IMHO she looks older than 36.

      • Christopher says:

        Thanks almac all good anyone else?

        • Norton says:

          Hi Chris,
          I tried to get a hold of her last month via Locanto’s email with no joy, tried again last weekend with both email & SMS with the same result. Do yourself a favour & just call her as she won’t answer txts or emails. Let us know what the prices, extras & service is like. Would definitely like to cross Burmese off my “bucket list” if she’s worth it.

          • Christopher says:

            Thanks Norton I did ring her up last saturday she said $100 for half and hour and $150 for the hour. Didn’t make a booking though just kinda strapped for cash haha

  103. AdamX says:

    269 Canterbury and 235 Annandale is there anywhere else i can get $100 for an hour

    • Mike says:

      To Adam X, Blacktown 5 charges $100 P/H. I used to br a regular there, mostly mature asian ladies, but some were really good. St. Marys 212 charges $110 P/H, and pretty much the same, but cleaner. Cheers mate.

      • AdamX says:

        Can’t seem to find it on here have you got the number ?

        • Mike says:

          Blacktown 5 at 5 Flushcombe rd. tel. 9622-9388.

          • AdamX says:

            Thanks heaps Mike as you said you used to be a regular there is there anyone particular i should ask for ?

          • Mike says:

            Sorry AdamX, that was more than two years ago and my two favourite ladies have long gone. However, I remember the mumasan on Sundays was pleasant and helpful to customers.Cheers mate.

          • Pai Pai says:

            This place is run by Linda Ex Yoko’s and I believe you can expect same service, in main shopping ctr so in full view of passers by if that freaks you out. Some of the girls from Yoko’s used to work there but not sure if any do now as it closes at midnight. PP

  104. Hi guys! I am Hannah from Late Night Babes Sydney escorts. We have been around for nearly 2 years now and due to our low prices, honest reliable service, fantastic client reviewed escorts and guaranteed genuine photos or your booking is free – we have helped change the escort industry in Australia for the better. The ladies we work with are mainly Australian/English and under 25 that we have personally chosen based on looks and personality because we think they are really fun! And we believe you will too! GIve me a call after 5pm to make a booking with one of our fabulous ladies.


    0477 020 558

  105. Norton says:

    Visited a new place last Sat. Well new for me anyway.
    19 Pritchard Pl
    02 95332025
    $120 for the hour so that’s pretty good value. If anyone wants to check it out. 3 girls rostered on, with 2 available when I got there. I had read some review at another site (Sorry Admin :P) about the girls rostered on & was keen to try Honey a Vietnamese lady they have there. Well as my luck would have it she was busy so was Left with Coco & Suki to choose from. Had seen some bad reviews about Coco so since I had hiked 40 min to get there thought I’d give Suki a go. Short Chinese girl, B-C Cups, Claimed to be 24, is it just me or are Asians hard to tell on ages? Anyway wasn’t to bad, CBJ which I wasn’t to happy about but FS service wasn’t to bad. Tried multiple positions, Cowboy, missionary & Finally doggy. Was talkative & while her English was broken, she made an effort so gets point in my book for that. No extras were offered but didn’t ask either. Rooms were clean but god knows they need to do something about there Bathroom. The room I was in seemed like it had a another door to another room from the bathroom. This bathroom had the hottub in it which is also where you showered before & after. Anyway, missing & cracked tiles on the tub, no handrails, wet towel at the base to stand on & floor was constantly wet from previous uses. Really this was there worst part of the experience. Would I go back? If I was in there area sure. Would I make the 40 min drive to get there? Well if I start working on my “Grand tour of Asia” again probably, still need to cross Vietnam off the list but otherwise probably not. I’m just over driving that sort of distance for a punt, especially when I know there are places a lot closer….pretty sure I passed by at least 3 getting there heading down Canterbury Rd.

  106. Kan says:

    Hey fellow punters, anyone know if there are any Arabian/Meditteranian women that are amazing? Even including independent ladies. Would prefer women in which you’ve had experience with rather than word of mouth. Thanks in advance!

  107. bob says:

    Any Indian girl/women in brothels???

  108. Tranny hunter says:

    Fellow punters. Besides the 130 queen at St Marys where else has Ladyboys/trannys working.

    • brownsugar says:

      Oh yer – best kept secret in north, you need to visit Edgeworth David avenue Hornsby, the shop is upstairs at back of the little complex – 1/08 – ask for Kellie on any Sunday, recent cute little one who has come out, great boob job with v sensitive nips, and a excellent straight 7 inch hard juice filled cock, she will let you suck to completion or as far as you can bear to go, whilst she does same for you, i boned her so hard it was amazing, opposite Westfield. She lives at Epping and you can also see her and her friend in their own place. $200 for an hour private. Her friend is a little think boy, with a 4-5 inch woodie haha. He does have a great set of cocksucking lips though, he took me whole 10 inches in his mouth.

    • Fred says:

      Hi Tranny Hunter,

      There was a lady boy at 413 Gardeners Rd Mascot (02 9693 1328) when I visited a few months ago – not my cup of tea.

      have fun.

    • emo says:

      Kristana / Nana @ 263 oxford street, darlinghurst – both pre & post op.

  109. Norton says:

    Anyone know of any Filipinas (Ladies from the Philippines) working in or around any Sydney shops at the moment ? Seems to be every other flavour of Asians out there except Filipinas. Please don’t reply well there used to be one at parlour XYZ 5 years ago as that’s no good to anyone :P Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

  110. hornyfuqqer says:

    hi all,
    i want a true lesbian double with half decent chicks and the full GFE.
    where can i find them and price?
    thanks ppl

    • Norton says:

      Hi Horny, Not sure about “true lesbian” but saw a couple of ladies afew months back at AA Escorts, 647 Elizabeth St. Kasey & Nina. Regular hourly rate there is 150 so 300 for the double & the “lesbian” part was thrown in. as I said, not sure about true lesbians but they put on a decent show of it. According to the mamasan most of the girls will do lesbian doubles but obviously some are not as good at putting on the show as others. Have fun & lets us know how you go

    • Piddles says:

      For a genuine lesbian double, go to Amanda Heavens. Pick one of the following MILFs: Candy, Nicole, Sabine, Vicky or Alice. Fairly expensive.
      Can also go to 12 Bellevue, Vicky, Yoyo & Mona. At 269, Monica & Lulu.
      BTW all of the abovementioned WLs also provide anal & BBBJ. All provide BBFS with the exception if Vicky & Alice – both are at Amanda Heavens. Look forward to your reviews

  111. Steve says:

    Ayumi cracker ads and locanto ads sydney cbd Real photos

    Thoght tst well the photos are fake description of service is fake and the quality of the actual is average at best

    Korean not Japanese reasonable attractive but at least 10 years older ver reserved preferring missionary and no DATY

    Waste of cash and time

    • Norton says:

      Hey Steve, Most of the ads on Cracker/Backpage are all fakes. I’ve been cruising through thos ads abit lately & if the Ayumi you saw was the one showing pics in a red bikini then those pics were attached to some Vietnamese girl as well. I ordered some escort called Marcel last weekend. Ordered for Sat night, finally shows up Sun afternoon & that’s after a lot of heated emails between me & their agency. Girl was definitely not the one in the photos, service was not as described. Was quite below average. not worth the 24 hr wait & definitely not worth the $250 I blew on her. should of gone to the local Asian shop, at least I would of gotten my money’s worth. I’ve also been eyeing up some Thai chick that advertises on Backpage, Busty Sexy friendly sweet Thai , offering Quality Service in Sydney – 21. She looks smoking hot. After my experience with Marcel I pumped her pics into Tineye Reverse Image search & she’s another fake as well. So moral of the story? Don’t trust most you see on Backpage or Cracker cause Half of it is Bull & U can guess what the other half is

      • Thewhip says:

        Hi Norton

        I was looking at the same 21 year old Thai girl. Thanks for the tip. I had better learn how to use tineye if I want to use Backpage. I showed up one time to meet a 23 year old and if she wasn’t 40 I will give it up.

  112. King Massage are proud to advise our new shop open from today 15th August 2015 at 189 King Street Mascot. A banner and more details on PP coming soon. In the meantime our interim website http://www.kingmassage.com.au
    Ph. 9669 4980, open 7 days 10am – 9pm.

    • Norton says:

      Anyone payed this place a visit yet ? Any reviews on the ML’s ?

      • LUCKY LARRY says:

        Saw the absolutely luscious Barbie last Friday. I notice by another forum that I wasn’t the only one who “enjoyed” her. The photo on their website doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination, but suffice to say the face is to die for, and the body too. B2B with those great natural tits followed by what would have to be one of the best FS sessions I’ve had at an RNT shop! Was going back today for a repeat but need more energy!

      • Norton says:

        Well I finally went to check this place out. Can’t say I was too impressed, maybe it’s cause I’m used to full service placed & don’t have much experience with Massage parlours but this is how it started off. Got there around 7:30 tonight. door was locked so rung the doorbell, a cute girl came to answer the door. Thought she was the receptionist, showed me to a room & followed me in. Asked me how long I wanted to stay. I said 1 hr & then she starts haggling with me about how long I wanted she was the ML. Told me she gets off at 8 so she could only do 30 min. I said ok get me another girl then, then she says 45 min, no I want 1 hr. She finally agrees to the hr, pay my money & off she goes. comes back in afew min with the some money in her had thinking she had my change. She asks me if I want the special, take off & does a HE motion with her hand. I say sure, why not. Ok that’s another $50 ok no problem, thinking she was holding 2 20′s in her hand I take another 50 out of my wallet & give that to her & try to take my change back. Finally realise why she wouldn’t let go of it as it was the 2 50′s I had given her originally. Didn’t I feel like an idiot. anyway she runs off with the 3 50′s now & tells me to get ready. I start undressing & go to get on the table when I notice there is a hole at one side (for your face) & a pillow at the other side….well this has thrown me a curve ball. Wasn’t sure which end to get on, so I wait till she gets back & ask her which end to get on. she kind of giggles & point to the hole side. Anyway massage is pretty decent, gets her elbows in & around my back. Not the best massage I’ve had but far from the worst. then she tells me to roll over. Ok here come the fun bit. she didn’t say anything to me about touchings so I thought I’d test the waters. started rubbing her ass, gave her breasts abit of a rub too. Tried to get to her pussy but she had her legs shut tight, so much for that then. Finally came, she ran off to get cleaned up & grab a bowl with a damp towel, rubbed me down with it to get the oil off got dressed & said good bye, had to see myself out. Ok this is what I found weird. First of all no reception? Second she didn’t introduce herself. Third didn’t try getting anymore money out of me for additional extras…still had $40 in my pocket that she new about (my change). Fourth I thought an extra 50 was the standard price for naked B2B with HE? & lastly didn’t show me out. Like I said, maybe it’s my inexperience with Massage parlours or maybe it’s because she was chomping at the bit to get out of there but either way was kind of disappointed with the whole thing especially after reading Lucky Larry’s comments on Barbie. I might try that place again but won’t be racing back soon. As for which girl it was? I have no clue, their website says they had 4 girls on tonight, mine was dark skinned with Brownish hair so from the pics I’m thinking it was Nanie. The other 2 on the website have black hair & the fourth doesn’t have a pic up but roster says she’s Japanese & my girl didn’t look Japanese. Anyway, that’s my experience at King Massage

        • Hi Norton. The lady you saw was Sarah. Sometimes they’re a bit shy with names! That was her first day with us so maybe she wasn’t too clued up about what to do either! But I’m confused about the money thing. How much did you pay all up? I hope you weren’t out of pocket. Reception lady Julie had to duck out for a while but was back later to close up. Sorry about that. I hope you will come back and see more of our lovely “talented” ladies.

          • Norton says:

            lol your not the only one, total was $110. I just didn’t realise she came back with the money I gave her, I thought she was holding my change. that’s what caused the confusion on my part. Room was dark & my eyesight’s shot so couldn’t see what notes she was holding. Wasn’t accusing her of anything, that was totally my fault. As for Sarah (now that I know her name) she’s a cute girl with a nice bod, bit of training & she’ll do fine :) Wasn’t trying to bag King Massage, like I said, I’m a newbie on the massage scene so was trying to get some feedback

          • Norton says:

            PS Get some Filipinas in there & you won’t be able to keep me away :P

          • Hi Norton – not many Phillipines girls around (that we can find) willing to do erotic massage. But you should get down to our shop these days. Some new HOT girls and I mean HOT. Someone already mentioned Barbie, but also worth a visit is Tuesday’s Honey. Not the only one of course – for extra extras. Also we recommend Sammy, Hana, Reya, Kara – oh too many to choose from! How about some reviews, guys?

          • Bachus says:

            So I thought I would try the Honey as she had been recommended. Unfortunately, she wasn’t available. I didn’t make a booking so I can’t complain.

            I wasn’t given the opportunity to make a choice on ML and was taken to the room; good size and walls not partitions. ML Jenny was older, about 30 , than the pics on the roster but I am 60 so maybe no one younger wanted the old dude. Slim to skinny Thai girl with a tight body. I think her name was Jenny.
            Went for an hour with the standard massage at $60. It was a very good proficient massage and I really enjoyed it. The Part2 a standard $50 was proficient and technical.

            Being 60 I suppose the girls don’t have to show much interest and quite frankly she didn’t. It felt a bit machine like. I found it hard to get her to chat and interact.

            I have had less proficient and more fun and enjoyed it more with other ML who just enjoyed the chat.

            When I went in and paid, the mamasan saw I was cashed up. I wanted to spend the money and intentionally let her see it. I was hoping she would send in someone who would want every dollar but unfortunately this was not the case. So much for extra extras.
            Sounds like Barbie might be more receptive.
            All in all it was a mechanical experience but in the end I got what I paid for.

          • Thewhip says:

            I tried King massage on Friday. Had an appointment with Barbie but she was not in. Spoke to an attractive girl called Jo Jo so I spent the hour with her as I was already there.
            Massage was great, a good solid massage which moved to nice and sensual. She offered nude body slide which I accepted and that was also excellent as was the ending. She then got back to the massage which was good as I have been to other places who want to leave the room as soon as you are finished.
            Overall I am going to say that it was an excellent experience, Jo Jo was great, attractive and very friendly. Place was clean and tidy, so going from the disappointment of being told that Barbie was off, Jo Jo recovered the situation making my day. I must admit that I still want to see Barbie, but at least I know if she is unavailable Jo Jo will be there.

          • Norton says:

            I almost went out Last Sunday. Wanted to try one of the extra extra Ladies, According to the websight Kara was supposed to be on, Luckily I called & found out she wasn’t nor was anyone else on the list so gave it a miss. If that was the receptionist I talked to she needs to brush up on her English alittle, we were having problems understanding eachother. As for the website, needs to be updated more often. We’re living in the digital age now & an out of date roster on a parlour’s website hurts more than it helps.

          • To Norton – if you look at the website it has a “page last updated” on the bottom left. We change it almost every 24 hours, which is a lot more frequently than most i am sure you’ll agree. Our problem is girls who don’t turn up. They give no notice and therefore we cannot update the site to cater for this. To Thewhip – thanks for the nice review of JoJo – she’s very popular and we are glad you both had a great time! Barbie was off sick suddenly last Friday, but please ring again next Friday and see how you go. Thank you both.

          • Norton says:

            Appologies King, I hadn’t noticed that date in the bottom left. I’ll make sure to pay more attention next time….& maybe make an appointment with my optometrist :(

          • Roger the Original says:

            Full service at King Massage? Not sure but that’s what their Cracker ad today seems to imply re their Hana. Pix look interesting.
            Hmmm… I have had FS at their other shop but not tried this one yet. Looks like TAFTT today hey!?

        • Oh come on, Roger, you know we can’t give too much away hehe! But if you want to pop along today Wednesday you can have a double if you like. Choose from gorgeous new Yoyo, Jenny or Alice. Not saying doubles are not available other days, but today for sure! FS is the luck of the draw – come and try then write up for all the happy punters!

          • Thewhip says:

            Hey King Massage, what about on Fridays? Does Reya and Barbie do doubles?

          • Hi again Whip (!) Hmmmm…. Some bad news and some good news for you. Bad news: Barbie is off till next week. BUT Good News: Tomorrow you can have the two lovely well-endowed JoJo and Reya for a double! If you are free tonight (or anyone else) doubles also available with beautiful Anna and Jasmine. Settle down! NMHJ, NMFS maybe. See you soon!

  113. Handyman says:

    Hey Admin.
    I have noticed that quite a few R&T’s and Massage places seem to have gone missing from this board. One place has 250+reponses from Punters, 19 in May, 11 in June, 1 in July and nothing at all in August. Epping used to have 3 places here – now none.The same seems to apply to other similar businesses.

    I reckon some punters are way too indiscreet in their comments. It’s all very well going into graphic detail when describing the services at a licenced brothel, but when its just a massage place those sort of comments do no-one, particularly the business any good.

    Maybe Admin you might think about splitting the comments section putting the brothels in one section and the rest in another, because the way things seem to be going, more and more of the non-brothels will be asking to be taken off the board.

  114. emo says:

    Who is currently the hottest / youngest ML in Sydney?

    My vote is for Tia @ RPM in Rushcutters Bay.

    • Thewhip says:

      Hi emo what nationality is Tia? What services are offered ? I looked on their website and I am assuming not just a R&T for those prices. Let me know as I would love to try your recommendation
      For mine it is Paula at Jasmine’s Double Bay. She is young, hot with a tight little body. She is the hottest Thai girl I have ever seen.

      • emo says:

        Hey Whip, thanks for the tip, Paula’s next on my list.

        Tia’s a cauc Aussie. It is expensive there but extras are available. Tell them to hire more hot young girls.

        Also, try Divinity Beauty Edgecliff for a proper massage / HJ next to old ladies getting their nails done. ;)

    • James says:

      I vote Sabine at Amanda Heavens, best looking gal in Sydney, get yourselves in there, book early or join the queue. Great pussy too !

      • SmoothOne says:

        James, we ALL know you are Sabine. You are so transparent. Don’t worry I’ve seen you often enough at Amanda Heavens. LOL

  115. Norton says:

    Has anyone ever tried this one before?
    Ran accross her add on Bondi Classifieds but says add is over 30 days old…how many days, weeks, months or years past 30 days I have no clue. Was wondering if anyone has seen her recently & how the service is before I give her a call

  116. Daman says:

    Hi punters thinking of giving this chick a try just want to know you comments of anyone has already tried her


    • Robert says:

      Daman don’t waste time and money as previously suggested get to Canterbury or 645 Blakehurst plenty of willing ladies there.Cheers

    • Robert says:

      Daman,Further too my previous reply I suggest you see Nancy at 645 Blakehurst I called in there this week and received a GFE/PSE that was staggering from this delightful Thai girl DFK/DATY she likes older guys and loves a good tongue lashing.Multipile positions BBBJ/Anal/CIM all with a smile and enthusiasm for $160hr.Not for the faint hearted,make sure you are on your game and prepared to put in some tongue work,40 or 50 Dollars left sitting on the bed side table goes along way too.Cheers.

    • Paddles says:

      Can you also organise a thread/forum for Cougar Town in Riverwood as well as 24 Bourke St Alexandria?

    • jj says:

      100% waste of time. fat unhealthy looking japanese lady. can barely walk properly

  117. Daman says:

    Brothers can you please share the details for a place to get a good rimming and BBBJ cim will be a plus

    Many thanks

    • Ben says:

      Try Monica or lulu at 269 Canterbury. Both do all the services you mentioned for $50 for 30mins at no extra cost. Both do anal at no extra cost too. Best prices in Australia for the service.

    • Batman says:

      Try Vicky at 12 Bellevue St Surry Hills. She works Thursdays & Fridays.

      • punter333 says:

        Does anyone know if there are any pregnant ladies currently working at any massage shops in Sydney?

        • Joe says:

          Are you fucking sick?

          • punter333 says:

            .. maybe. :)

            I’ve seen 2 over the past 5 years at different massage shops. They were both early-midway through the pregnancy. It just means they have massive breasts and both were pretty horny and friendly. I don’t know what it was.. but I loved it. I enjoyed my experience. Both have since left the shops they worked in.. I’d simply like to experience this again.

            Anyway.. if anyone else comes across one I would appreciate them posting here to let me know.

          • punter333 says:

            I think seeing trannys is pretty sick. …. not my cup of tea.

            But a beautiful pregnant woman is pretty hot.

            Everyone has different tastes mate. To each their own.

        • eddy says:

          I’m am liking the idea of a pregnant chick. where did you have one?

          • punter333 says:

            I found one located at: Level 2, 518 Kent st. (this was 3 years ago). Then I came across another one at Pink Apple Massage in Seven Hills 8 months ago.

            They have both long gone. Let me know if you come across another one and I’ll do the same.

        • Norton says:

          If that’s what floats your boat, then I stumbled across this one on backpage.
          I haven’t tried her so can’t comment on service or price. Let us know how U go if you do

          • GFE LFAGT says:

            Never thought about this before. This post triggered my curiosity. Rang the number $250 for 30 minutes. Way above my budget. The max I spend is $100 per 30 minutes and no more. So did not get to try out this experience. Keen to hear from anyone who give this a go :)

    • Paddles says:

      Daman, for rimming, BBBJ, CIM suggest the following:
      1. 269 Campsie: Monica, Lulu, Coco. BTW they also provide BBFS & anal
      2. 12 Bellevue; Vicky, Lucy, Mons Yoyo. BTW all provide BBFS. Vicky & Yoyo do anal too. Vicky loves MMF. Provides DP & spit roasting Recommend 3some with Vicky & Mona – Mona loves eating Vicky. They live being videoed. Also provide ATM.
      3. 235 Annandale: Lulu. She also provides BBFS & anal. ATM
      4. Amanda Heavens: Candy, Nicole, Zena, Sabine. BTW all provide greek. Candy. Sabine & Nicole all do BBFS, do lesbian 3somes, love being videoed, being fisted, will use HYGE dildoes on themselves & on the punte. BTW Nucole & Sabine also squirt big time. Highly recommend a 3some with Nicole & Sabine. Both are mature, OK looking, big tits, great oral skills!!!! A session with thise two together is a memirable experience. Suggest you get a tripod for ur smartphone for videoing. Have awesome clip of thise two eating each ither out!!!!

    • Boo says:

      Sounds good but I’m after the same but not Asians

  118. mb says:


    Can we get a review of velvet eleven in Narellan

  119. Tommy says:

    To cindy the owner of 269 Cantebury and 235 Annandale. I did not want to write this but today was the last straw. So i rang up annandale to ask if nana was there was advised yes so i went over and lulu answered the door i asked can i see nana and straight away she slammed the door in my face i mean wth all i asked was if nana was available and thats what i get ? In past experiences here whenever I ring to ask whos on and lulu answers she either lies and says shes the only one there or just leaves the phone engaged. I know i sound like im ranting but im just disappointed that thats how she behaves towards customers. I hope cindy can give her a talking too and set her straight oh and just a note to punters please be very careful with her i have been with her and she does a 5min job when i paid for 1 hour also the reviews here are true yes she does anal and yes she does try to please but shes very unsafe and looks like if she had a disease she wouldn’t care for the health and well being of punters be careful guys and stay safe

    • Batman says:

      Sorry to hear that Tommy. I’ve never had any time issues with Lulu. TBH some dont like you picking another girl after you have been with them. Jealousy? Who knows.

      • Mike says:

        Tommy, this is an old story going back a long time. Lulu always had issues with nana or anyone else she saw as a competitor for customers. Just plain greedy and selfish.

        • Tommy says:

          Well that sucks because its been at least 3 months now on and off i’ve been trying to see Nana only been with her once and that was last year ever since I can never book/see with her i keep getting jerked around :(. Ring up and get told shes there make the half an hour drive and find out she’s not working today it sucks

    • Gumby says:

      To be fair. If you paid for an hour and you only got a 5 min job then that is ridiculous. Did you just walk out after 5 minutes no massage ? I don’t get that at all.

  120. If you really looking for erotic massages sydney then one and only best place is cromers corner where well mannered beautiful models will provide you great massage and full adult services.

  121. MickStyx says:

    Amazes me all the BB doomsayers here. If you go in uncovered expect the worse but these ladies have other guys dicks near them all day and these dicks cum on them,in their hands on titts and stomaches etc. I give most girls a kiss goodbye if they were good. Get over it and why are you here to complain.
    Question to the forum. Anyone been to Babylon at Tuggerah. They have no website but open late and interested in checking them out one day. Thanks.

    • Thallus says:

      Man, you are an idiot for practicing unsafe BB.
      As a taxpayer as I’m sure many other contributors are also taxpayers here, you should be prohibited from receiving taxpayer funded/subsidized medication and medicare for any potential HIV treatments. Pay for ur own HIV drugs!!!

      • MickStyx says:

        Geeze easy boy ! I don’t do BB I only get slides. I was just saying there are a lot of judgemental people here like yourself going and using prostitutes ( don’t kid your self any woman who sells herself for sex is one especially a ML who does any extras ) and then crapping on about HIV ETC . I think if someone got HIV someone would be in the forums real quick to warn others. Well I’d hope so. Only safe option is don’t do any of it. You can get herpes from just touching a ML or a dirty massage table they haven’t cleaned from the guy before. Think of how many faces have been in that hole in the massage table before you but I don’t judge I just keeps self safe and are amazed at all the guys who would want to lick a pussy that get filled with other guys cum all day,everyday. Must like the taste of it because they would have to be lick up other guys cum. So no one been to Tuggerah Babylon here ???? Also anyone seen Rebecca at AH Iwanna know if she is as good as she used to be. I think the really good girls would be kept a secret as you wouldn’t want every guy fucking your prize gem if you found one.

  122. Punter333 says:

    Has anyone been to any of these places?:

    1. Cynthia Massage
    12 Castle Hill Rd
    West Pennant Hills NSW 2125, (Thompsons Corner)

    2. Pennant Hills Massage
    5/72 Yarrara Rd Pennant Hills NSW 2120

    3. Boulder TCM Clinic
    D72/24-32 Lexington Dr
    Bella Vista NSW 2153

    Would be interested in reviews (# of ladies working, ages, service, etc) What day is good to go?

    • rambler says:

      I visited the Bella Vista place 2-3 months back. Looks to be a standard R+T joint. Youngish Asian girl, not particularly attractive and limited English gave me a decent massage and it was good as anticipated that I’d be wanting a HE which in the end was fairly ‘mechanical’. The place is fairly new so fixtures, fittings, towels etc all sparklingly clean. I note that they started advertising in the ‘Adult Services’ section of the local paper but have now moved to the ‘Massage’ section. Then again, Hope St Seven Hills advertises in the ‘massage’ section too !!

      • punter333 says:

        Thanks rambler for your report. In the mean time I’ve tried these places as well. Here is my impression.

        1. Cynthia Massage
        12 Castle Hill Rd
        West Pennant Hills NSW 2125, (Thompsons Corner)
        - Good massage 6/10. Only one young girl available (24-27yo). Thai I think. Really pretty face (but a little on the curvy side) Good service though. Would consider going back.

        2. Pennant Hills Massage
        5/72 Yarrara Rd Pennant Hills NSW 2120

        - Great massage 9/10. Was pretty much same quality as most other professional ones. Only one young girl available (27-30yo). However, girl was not that attractive and pretty big/fat. (if thats what you like)

        3. Boulder TCM Clinic
        D72/24-32 Lexington Dr
        Bella Vista NSW 2153

        - Only one lady available (33-45yo). Good massage 6/10. I agree that face not that good.. however, Nice body (slim and fake tits). Great service! The place is very clean and new. Would definitely recommend. I’ll be going back.

  123. kedi says:

    269 Canterbury and 235 Annandale , 55 yokos apart from these venues are there any other which provide services like them.

  124. Chad says:

    Other than 269 Canterbury and 235 Annandale is there anywhere else i can get $100 for an hour

  125. chris says:

    anyone have any idea where I can find Nepalese girls ?
    please suggest me.

    • Foo says:

      Kiarna aka celticangel

      haven’t seen her myself but have seen her advertised on various websites over the past couple of years
      Her appearance doesn’t exactly float my boat (bushpig-ish) and in the past she’s also advertised BBFS (so that put her on my No-Go list)

      (Taking into account the parlours in the area) I think that $140 is better spent elsewhere

  126. Shain says:

    Where should I go in sydney to be with a girl that can squirt i.e. actually cum pussy juice anyone have any suggestions ?

    • Hoarse says:

      Go see Nicole at Amanda Heavens. A real PSE experience. She also does anal (no extra cost) & fists herself for extra $20. BTW she’s a real exhibitionist letting you take videos & photos (no face shots of course).
      Good luck & write up a review of your encounter

  127. Interested in Visiting says:

    Ashfield 295.
    Looking to visit Ashfield 295 but their seems to be no reviews.
    Does anyone have any feedback or comments

    • Batman says:

      That’s Sheena. Love to hear how you go. BTW i have seen her before. Moore Park area. She gives a good GFE experience. She’s short & chubby …. and has HUGE tits & arse. She tongued kissed me while in shower. Gave me a mean BBBJ. Loved being licked out in both holes. Then she grabbed my cock & out it in her pussy. After a few minutes she pulled my cock out & put a condom on it. Asked about anal. Flatly refused. Would love to fuck her ass!
      I found her to be engaging. Premises are very clean. Her pussy & ass tasted great. Overall rating: 8.5/10. Would’ve got more if she did greek

    • Paddles says:

      Did you visit that girl from Cracker? If so i’m curious as to how it was. Have looked at ad & really like her luscious body esp het big juicy ass. Did she do BBBJ & BBFS?

      • Daman says:

        Visited her average experience she has got some bbbj skills but I have had better bbjs nothing special as appears from the advertisement only annoying thing is she is too talkative and at $300an hour abit expensive as she doesn’t rim’s

  128. HMFS says:

    Anyone know where Penny from hope st Seven Hills went? Has she opened her own shop?

  129. corc says:


    anyone know of massage joints in sydney that you get get FS for a bit extra?


  130. Daman says:

    Guys I am looking for nuru massage facilities in Sydney please share if you know any

  131. kedi says:

    Other than 269 Canterbury and 235 Annandale , 55 yokos are there any other places such with service like them??

  132. 51_year_old_Aussie says:

    AAA Massage 967 King Georges Rd Blakehurst 9547 2281

    $35 for 30 minutes

    Went there on a Saturday afternoon, only one girl in shop. Martha, Chinese, late 20′s, B sized tits and shaved pussy. She could speak English reasonably, but not great.

    Massage started and then the phone rang and she made a booking for 20 minutes time. Massage was reasonable, then She asked me to roll over and asked if I wanted a HJ – $20. I asked her how much for full nude, she said $50, we ended at $40.

    Before she started with the HJ, she used hand sanatizer and got me to use some as well. The HJ wasn’t bad, but she kept moving away so I couldn’t get much of a feel of her.

    Just after the HJ, the doorbell rang, so she hurriedly got dressed and went out to answer it, but come back saying that the person had walked off. So time for me to go. I pointed out that she was short cheating me, so he agreed to an extra 10 minutes. While this was going, she answered the phone again and popped out when the doorbell rang, only minor interruptions.

    Standard Chinese RnT joint, nothing to write home about. Probably won’t go back.

    I have decided only to frequent places with more than one girl on duty.

  133. jonnysins says:

    Fellows checked out Crystal Massage yesterday. A massage joint opposite St James Station CBD. Not much about it online. But l was pleasantly surprised. Big premises, down one flight of stairs off the footpath. Saw Mandy for 1 hour; $70. A skilled massage ensued. Flip over, H/E was good. Still time on clock and l got her to squeeze out another H/E. Good place if you want a legit massage with a H/E. It’s likely extras would be on offer

  134. SilentBob says:

    Does anybody know what happened to the thread on the place at hope st seven hills. Is That place still open?

  135. Jay says:

    Just wondering if there’s any more reviews on the kingslangley massage? And also the one at riverstone? I’m Blacktown local, I’m not really chasing the whole brothel massage, prefer the just the rnt, any info would be great, seems a little dodgy, same at rivo, but yeah any reviews would be awesome, keep up the great work people/ site manager! Cheers

    • punter333 says:



      Mobile: 0469 224 098
      Address: 11 / 4 Solander Rd, Kings Langley NSW 2147 (Near Seven Hills, Bella Vista and Blacktown)

      Checked out this place because of their convincing advertisement marketing Uni students who are in their early 20s. Arrive on a weekday afternoon to find a couple of 50 somethings lounging around on a sofa watching TV.

      Massage: 4/10
      H/E: 4/10
      Looks: 2/10

      Would I go back? In most cases .. possibly. Wouldn’t be my first choice though. However, in this case.. I probably won’t go back because I’m sick of the false advertising these places have! Don’t advertise 19-22 yo girls if you don’t have any working there! Just be honest. It will get you further.

  136. jonnysins says:


    Lads visisted joint during a lunch break on a tuesday two weeks ago with the intention of getting a legit massage. Book for 20mins, see a bird called victoria. Starts massage, gets touchy very quick and l know this is not a legit massage. Turn over and she gives me good HE. Then get her number and see her that weekend. Got a serious set of tits on her. Always on the look out for lucky punts

  137. JJ says:

    Long time lurker, 2nd time poster. Don’t usually go out of my way but this one was such a waste of time I had to spend the few minutes to comment. This girl advertises as brooke or porsha in wentworthville or parramatta area


    “Advertises with something like this:
    Now servicing wentworthville
    DD cup breasts that sit perfectly on my size 10 figure and a sexy booty to match I’m a brunette with hasel captivating eyes that will stare you down whilst devouring every inch of your xxxx I can provide a gfe or a slightly naughty service
    Loves to party
    Full service extras available ”

    Avoid like the plague. Dirty towels, filthy girl, chain smoking cigarettes inside the room without a window open and within minutes it was pretty obvious she was a shabhead. Paid & went to the bathroom to come back to shitty attitude and a shitty bbbj from a mouth drier than sandpaper over to doggystyle that was like tossing a hotdog in a hallway. Let me put it this way – if you have a 2 inch dick you’re still not getting deepthroated from this girl.

    • JOnsmith says:

      Chlamydia from a bbbj?

      • JJ says:

        F – You’re welcome & i agree – i hate rip offs esp considering there are quite a few good ones who just dont advertise too well

        J – Yeah – its entirely possible, not really a big deal but who else knows what comes with poor hygiene… it is their profession/work after all. i see it like a plumber rocking up in a suit with no tools and trying to bill you for taking a look

        • JOnsmith says:

          Right, always a risk.

          Good effort on the private review. It helps a lot and it would be great to get it happening here.

  138. kedi says:

    Other than 269 Canterbury and 235 Annandale , 55 yokos are there any other places such as these which provide bbfs??

  139. Thewhip says:

    Where is the best places to find hot young Indian ladies either for massage or full service? Looking up to 30 years old tops, and would love a hot sexy one.

  140. 51_year_old_Aussie says:

    132 Military Rd Guildford

    The thread for this shop was recently removed from the main listing. I contacted this website’s administrator who replied “The owners informed us their girls were distressed with some information the punters posted so we removed the thread.”

    I visited recently and it is a typical Chinese Rub-n-Tug place, probably middle of the range. It was a Wednesday and several girls to choose from. I saw Sophia, late 20′s a tall and solid women – I wouldn’t say a BBW. She spoke English well, not great but you could hold a conversation with her. She said that she had been in OZ for over 5 years.

    There are 2 or maybe 3 massage rooms, walls all the way to the ceiling and lockable doors. Solid massage tables and the room I was in had a sink which Sophia used to wash her hands before and after (I also used it afterwards as well).

    $35 for 30 minutes.

    Sophia straight up asked if I wanted extras and $30 got her naked with the expectation of a HE. She has reasonable tits and shaved below.

    Sophia started with a massage, not too bad and then suggested I roll over, the result was that she was on the table and I was giving her a good clit rub and some tit play for over 5 minutes before she came. Back down on the table for some more massage and then over again for the HE which was well done. A bit more massage and see you next time.

    Not a bad place and good service – I wish they were at least all this good.

    • Shot69 says:

      Sophia also works at Hope st Seven Hills on Thursdays.

      • mike says:

        have you been at 132 Military Rd Guildford before ? can you tell me your review ?

        • Shot69 says:

          I was a regular a few years ago but pop in every now and then. I won’t reveal too intimate details as I note that admin remove their thread due to the concerns of the shop.

          Emma runs the shop and she offers a very strong massage and great HE. She’s very slender, sexy, nice firm breast. If you’re after massive nipples then Luna is your girl. Offers great massage too. She’s tall and solid built, not fat. She works Sun & Mon. Mary is very petite, works Sunday’s and offers a soft yet passionate massage… If you know what I mean. The ladies are all Chinese and age late 20s to early 40s.

  141. Raithe says:


    Several years ago I saw Coco also called Yoko in 40 Duncan Street, Arncliffe, mainly for massages, which were great, plus an occasional hand job. Then she left, for Brisbane I was told. Does anyone know if she is back in Sydney? I would love to see her again, and again etc.

    Also, there was a Lucy who was at Chatswood years ago, then at Castle Hill and more recently was said to be in Thornleigh, I think, or maybe Normanhurst. Does anybody know where Lucy is now?

    • Neo says:

      I’ve seen her before. About 18 months ago. Still using the same pictures and basically the exact same advert. She was great fun as I wanted a change from the usual Asian R&T. I don’t want to push you one way or the other, but I was very happy to have spent an hour with her. Great tits.

      • jonnysins says:

        awesome mate

        i will check her out

      • Gazza B says:

        Have seen her. She’s a single mum. She joined me in the shower. BBBJ was very good. She let me go down on her. Tasty. Then she pharked me then stopped and put a dom on me.
        A bit pricey but would rate it 8,5/10. She was very pleasant

    • Paddles says:

      I have. Her name is Sheena. She’s in Moore Oark area.!short . Luscious bidy. You wont be disappointed . I rate her service 9/10

  142. Kanye says:

    Guys – anything in the Hills area? Castle hill? Bella vista? Look for erotic massages. B2B, HJ, BJ etc

    • rambler says:

      There’s a reasonable R&T place recently opened in the Lexington complex. I can’t recall it’s name but it’s next door to a lavish looking Thai massage place (which I haven’t tried yet!)

  143. JayZee says:

    Anyone know a good Thai rnt or FS place prefer CBD but happy to travel? Loving thai girls right now.

    • YOLO says:

      Hi gents
      Looking for a message place that offer bbbj or ncf
      Been to a lot of regular shops but not message.
      Prefer 8-9-10/10 face , 7-8-9-10/10 body , 8-9-10/10 service
      Prefer petite Asian women if possible
      Out west bankstown way or towards city centre

  144. Thewhip says:

    there is a new place opened at 140 Railway Pde Kogarah. $35 for 30 mins and I think $55 for the hour. Saw a girl called Linda who works on Wednesdays. Her English was nearly non existent and sadly so we’re her other skills. The massage would get 4/10 if I am being generous, looks I would give a 5/10 and the HE I would give 1/10, she started with no lube and then after asking her for some I watched as she tried to do it with her eyes closed like she was afraid to look. She first asked for $100 for the HE and when I said too much she said $20 extra and $30 naked. I paid the $30 and she took off her dress and bra, I asked about the stocking (which were pulled up just below the boobs) and panties she just laughed shaking her head No. I would have walked out then but I had paid so I went through with it pretty much despite her as I knew she was enjoying it as little as I was. One thing I found ordinary was what I suspect was the daughter of the owner? Was just sitting there behind reception and when a guy walked in after me he asked if she could massage him and the older lady said no, she is too young, just here waiting. Overall one of the most disappointing punts of my life, won’t be back.

    • Thewhip says:

      Let me clarify why I said it was ordinary about the young girl. I did not mean it was ordinary that she didn’t massage, I thought it was ordinary that she was sitting in the shop at reception if she was too young as the woman said. It is not the right place for her to be in my opinion if you are offering those sort of services.

      • Thewhip says:

        By the way I would appreciate anyone’s reviews on other shops at Kogarah and Carlton that are not already listed on Parlour pages. There are 3 shops on the other side of Carlton station (I think it is Carlton Pde) and there is one at Kogarah on Montgomery St, interested if anyone has been to any of these

  145. Daman says:

    Hello punters any reviews for this bird http://sydney.cracker.com.au/TranssexualEscorts/sydney-surryhills-super-active-hot-talisa-video-avlble-0431226832-may-2015/6113054

    Also is there any thread for Sydney’s transexual escorts?

  146. jonnysins says:


    Lads going to give this bird a go

    any one see her ?

  147. Foo says:

    Tried private girl (didn’t get her name)(didn’t give it actually), found her on cracker.com searching for escorts in the outer western suburbs

    described as (copy and pasting here)
    Smokin ‘ HOT! – 19
    young flirty female. size 8. full service. extras neg. clean healthy drug free service. FROM $100 half hour. NO CARS NO PRIVATE NUMBERS, OUTCALLS ONLY!!

    Face 10/10
    Body 9/10
    Service 8/10
    Personality 8/10

    I usually expect a bit of exaggeration when it comes to descriptions but this girl was VERY understated. Smooth olive skin (a couple of goofy tattoos, but I can live with it), cute and perky breasts (mid/high range b-cup) and an ass like a firm peach
    Gorgeous face (think Selena Gomez, but cuter) flawless.
    Her service was good (all protected, so I can only rate it so much) but she knew what she was doing. Her personality was great talkative and sharp

    Worth more than what she charges

    On the down size there was an issue with odour (think canned tuna)

    • craig says:

      Man why cant girl like this do incalls? have seen her add and would love to pound her

    • DD says:

      do you have their contact number.

      • Foo says:

        Hey DD
        I copied and pasted everything that was on the ad but didn’t realize that they took the number off
        I’ll see if i can dig up the number somewhere

      • Foo says:

        Just putting this back out there for Craig and DD

        Never found her number again but she (or her management) has re-posted the ad
        BUT is now taking incalls on Friday and Saturday

        So if you punch in “Smokin ‘ HOT! – 19″ into the Cracker Sydney search the ad comes right up

        best of luck lads

  148. jonnysins says:


    anyone tried this bird? Tits the size of melons and only $100 for minutes


  149. Kan says:

    Hey boys, was wondering if anyone has tried Trans Svetlana operating out of Ashfield? Was keen to give her a go but haven’t heard any reviews on her. If anyone could post a review and what happens in a regular session it would be much appreciated.

    • Robert says:

      Hi Kan, Have you been with a trans before?
      If not Sventlana is the go,operates out of a motel,recently had her breasts enhanced and is a strikingly good looking,provides a very good service,oral skills are amazing,she will make you scrub yourself in the shower and make you gargle with mouth wash.Are you willing to perform oral on her? If you are she is more responsive,if not Condom on and into her ass Super Tight!!! All the usual foreplay kissing,caressing, Best for first timers.

      • Kan says:

        Thanks for your reply Robert, and no I haven’t been with a Trans before, this is my first experience with an escort in general, I usually just go to massage parlours but her ad on backpage has just caught me.
        Does she inspect me? What’s her process? And is she more submissive or dominative? Sorry for all the questions, I’m just really nervous in going to see her! Also how big is she down there?

        • Robert says:

          Hi Kan,Ring her mobile and make a booking,get on the phone around 10am because Svetlana is very popular,she will give you the address and room number,make sure you are on time.Payment Time,She will check you out quite extensively,Svetlana provides a Passive service so she won’t be penetrating you,her cock is small but gets very hard.Deep French Kissing is good as are her Oral Skills.Your call if you wish to return the favour,safety gear on and she will guide you in and away you go.Svetlana is probably the best for a first timer.Have Fun.

          • Kan says:

            What does she inspect? Does she cum? And also do you know if I can cum more than once if I book a 45-60 minute session? Sorry for all the questions and thanks for answering!

          • Kan says:

            Is there an email or something I can contact you on to ask more questions?

        • Mr 光头Z says:

          Kan, it is easy, just close your eyes this 1st time.

  150. Handyman says:

    Amber and Tracy. These two women provide a service well worth a recommendation. Contact is by telephone on either 041392 5696 or 04558 29025.

    They operate from their own address in Holroyd near Parramatta. Essentially they offer a doubles service at $200 per hour but may agree to visit a motel or similar. The women are 35 or so, attractive, and very experienced, having previously worked at Simply Healthy, Burwood. They will do fantasies, toys even some mild B@ D on request, plus the more usual extras.

    So for $250 for a generous hour you can have two experts work you over including FS. They are excellent and if rooting was an Olympic sport either of these two would be medallists.

    Ring them with your requests, they are first rate and top value.

  151. Dan says:

    Hi….. anyone know of a WL who gives a good arse licking and handjob service?

  152. John says:

    Admin, what happened to the blog about the Merrylands massage shop in 2A Terminal Place that under the Parramatta section??

  153. 51_year_old_Aussie says:

    262a Kingsgrove Rd Kingsgrove 9502-4661

    $35 for 30m and $50 for 45

    Went there last week, entrance right at the bus stop and then climbed the stairs. Typical Chinese massage place, ushered into a room by Sandy, the owner. Sign on the wall said NO SEX – a sure give away. Sandy, in her 40′s indicated that she did massages and HJs, but if I wanted more, then she showed in CC, who was in her 20′s.

    $30 got her nude and a HJ, but she kept her panties on – that time of the month, so really only a topless HJ. Not bad HJ and when she had finished and cleaned up she started on the massage – really random hand rubbing. Then Sandy took over and gave a decent massage.

    As I was leaving CC told me a few time – next time I will fuck you. Sandy also suggested I come back for more next time.

    Fairly clean shop, lots of new towels on the shelves, but I didn’t see them being changed. Walls all the way to the ceiling, but only curtains not doors.

  154. Daman says:

    Hi guys can anyone please provide details for getting an actual nuru massage?

  155. Rambler says:

    There’s a newish massage shop opened in Kings Langley, which is unusual for a fairly sleepy suburb. It’s above a row of shops and thought I’d “support a local business” without knowing whether it was legit or otherwise. The contact phone number in the local paper differs from the one on display outside the shop so I’m not sure what to read into that. Anyway I make the booking, neat and tidy place with 3/4 height walls and curtained doorways with relaxing music playing. A warm welcome from the Chinese ‘main lady’ but still unsure as to what to expect until she insisted that the undies come off !! Massage was vigorous but structured then she proceeded to ‘massage’ the appropriate undertackle before I turned over for a satisfying HE. Decent ‘clean up’ afterwards too. Second visit saw a nude HE for only and extra $10. There are other girls who work there and offer HEs but she main lady well worth the outlay and I’m thinking whether there’s more on offer even though it would be risky given the layout of the shop.

  156. Old timer says:

    Guys be careful and always wear a rubber, I should have known better being at my age of 63 , caught an std while getting oral , or perhaps her rubbing her pussy on my cock, anyway on the Meds now. Having blisters on my cock not a nice sight. No more Asian whore rub and tugs for me. Be careful .

    • wheels says:

      Well don’t keep us in suspense OT…..if you caught something how about a heads up for your fellow punters?…..

      • Old timer says:

        Wheels , as I have been to 3 different rub n tug parlours in the last 8 weeks and received the same service from each that I requested it might be difficult to actually determine which parlour I caught it from , I can tell you I am fkn pissed badly. In most cases the carriers might not even know if they have a very small sore .

        But if you want me to name the 3 parlours then let us now. Just don’t want to cause havoc to innocent parlours without actually knowing which one.

        Enjoy if you must BUT BE SAFE.

        • Mykobo says:

          Sounds like you got Herpes
          If its type 1 more than likely from the oral
          Type 2 the pussy rubbing.

          If you don’t wanna name parlour maybe a generic area could be helpful.

        • wheels says:

          I reckon it would be in the interests of all members if we knew where you thought you may have contracted this mate…;)

    • leah says:

      That’s what you get for going to cheap dirty places and seeing asian girls in illegal brothels that pass themselves off as massage shops. I tell clients all the bloody time don’t exchange bodily fluids, don’t ask the girl for unsafe practices, and all clients must undergo a visual health check.

      • Mykobo says:

        Seems the only safest option is just a rub and tug.

        especially with all these BB services beng done – yuck

        • David says:

          i agree Mykobo, heaps of my mates go to these sex parlours , lick the asian girls knowing that some other punter has put his dirty tongue in their dirty love hole prior .

          Luckily for me , i had this dirty asian bitch that had her rags , on her first day , i went downstairs for a tongue job , she said nothing , until i tasted some blood. It turned me off , and now have stopped wasting my money at these get rich parlours for these girls. I got tested and all clear.

          Heaps of STDs going around and not many people taking about it. Russian Roulette goes on.

  157. James O'neil says:

    I used to see Amber and Innis / Crystal from a massage parlour on the Hume Highway opposite Yagoona Station, the place may have been called Body Tone. They also worked for the same owner right next to Croydon Station. Innis started working at Body Tone in Burwood but now has since left. Does anyone know if these girls are still working and where?

    • James O'neil says:

      Should mention that Innis became Crystal when she started working at Burwood, i am hoping and praying these girls are still in the business, would love to see them again.

    • JG says:

      Is Body Tone opposite Yagoona station still open?

      • Fred says:

        If you are talking about 453 Hume Highway Yagoona, then yes it is still open, or was a few weeks ago.

        An absolute dive. Walked up the back stairs, took one look and then walked back out.

      • James says:

        Unfortunately it is closed now.

        • James says:

          Fred I know the place you are talking about but it is not the old body tone. The older body toning had some really decent looking girls.

        • JG says:

          I know! What a dump. 453 Hume Highway Yagoona: It’s in the same condition as the butcher downstairs!

  158. bad taste says:

    Hi guys please provide recommendations for hot asian transsexual and shemales in sydney for good CIM and rimming.

    • Mr 光头Z says:

      Only recommendation I will give you
      Is get your own original tag name
      The only way you get a head in life is by cheating
      If you cry foul of school boy bullying
      Then hardened up princess
      If you got the balls do your own research on Transgender punting and write a review

    • Mr 光头Z says:

      PS. DON’T use or copy my name requesting for services I am not into .
      I am a straight up punter who I treat the women I see with respect
      Also I have noticed you have been using and copying other punters tag names. i can tell by your language you use in writing your so called comments

  159. Daman says:

    Hi guys can you give tips on how to approach the TS ads on backpage / locanto etc?

  160. jonnysins says:

    Any one tried this one out??

    WILD CAT is a Singapore/Indian mix 25yrs, her services vary from a polite house cat to feral critter or anything in between. Try Wild Cat for quickies, blow jobs, normal full service, ask about extras. Based at Eastern Suburbs but will travel depending.
    Available Thursday and Friday only 9am to 4pm.

    MAINLY OUTCALL $250/1 hour $350/2 hours
    INCALL CITY MOTEL add $100 for room hire

  161. JG says:

    Has anyone tried:

    Skye/Ava Slim size 8 Blue eyes Dark blonde Fair skin English origin Attractive body and face 32 years young. Providing a sensual service from private premises in Auburn.

    Service- Massage Mutual oral Sexual pleasure
    Rates- 50$ 20 minutes 70$ half hour Affordable but enjoyable with nice girl
    Location- Manchester Road Auburn

    Calls only please 0423 342 402

  162. JG says:

    Relieve All Pain & Stress. $50 Per Hour. Open 7 Days, 8am-7pm.
    9743 7558 / 0404 673 293 – Mobile

    153A Wellington Road
    SEFTON NSW 2162

    Average looks.
    Average body.
    A hideous money grabbing experience!

    $60 for “short time”

  163. Mykobo says:

    Hello punters.

    Looking for mature 30s and up busty women. I like meat on the bones, bbw that sort of lady.

    Would like to see a Polynesian too or an Arabic woman.

    Any one know where i could find a lady like this?

    R n T services with some general playing around would be great.

  164. JG says:

    Has anyone tried this place?

    Kara aust euro slim busty sexy.

    are you looking for sentual massage with some fun with a tender loving person who would love to pamper and spoil you and be spoiled
    come and see me and let us have fun
    please ring for an appoinment
    hope to hear from you soon on 0429869991or 0298971880
    1/2hr $80.00
    3/4hr $100.00
    1 hr $120.00

    21a Berry St, Clyde

  165. Foo says:

    Tried private girl Rachel aka Mz Blondie (found on locanto), operating out of Villawood and Blacktown

    Face 5/10
    Body 5/10
    Personality 2/10
    Service 8/10

    Face was average (not ugly, but nothing special either), Body was a let down she advertised her self as slim but was at least a size 14, her breasts (while large) were nothing spectacular
    Had to meet her on a little side street behind a pub, not an once of social grace about her, the moment she stepped into my car she was surly and foul mouthed. She gave me directions to a private road behind some factories, After paying her ($50) she proceeded to give me the best (protected) BJ that I’ve ever had, I dropped her back where I met her and drove away.
    Not sure if I would see her again, she was a horrible creature but gave some of the best head I’ve ever had

  166. Daman says:

    Hi guys please provide recommendations for transsexual and shemales in sydney for good CIM and rimming

    • roving zucchini says:

      You got to joking, NO WAY I AM PART TAKING IN THIS ACTIVITY,
      So the RZ who posted this quit the copy cat tag, if you are into meat and 2 veg, by all means, but change your tag name,
      cheers RZ

    • roving zucchini says:

      Furthermore, the language you used in the last two comments you posted shows how A SIMPLE PERSON YOU ARE WITH NO IMAGINATION TO COME UP WITH YOUR OWN ORIGINAL TAG
      Cheers RZ

      • roving zucchini says:

        Oooh the “real RZ ”
        Who cares what you call yourself, if you up for anything, why not call yourself Caligula
        So far you have yet contribute any thing positive, just smart arse comments how you are into back door and cock sucking activities
        Seems you just troll the website looking for reviews and claiming them to be yours and reliving the fantasies in your closest
        Whatever your game go for it
        If you are for these so activities you keep mentioned, why not provide the forum your contact details, that is if you got the balls
        Cheers RZ

        • bad taste says:

          Oooh poor little school boy zucchi
          Hardened up
          You have the opportunity to write a punting experience review or provide your contact details
          Produce the goods or fade away
          If I want information on ladies and establishments I know which RZ I would read, and I can tell the difference by written reviews and the negative bullying by a fraud
          Reading the both RZ comments, one has substance and credibility and experience, the other is a novice and using trolling the website looking for to gain experience in that is something you have yet to encounter,a shemale
          Cheers BT

        • bad taste says:

          Furthermore, where is admin?
          Please reinforced the code of ethics and conduct in writing reviews and comments
          Cheers BT

  167. Styx says:

    Just had that once in a blue moon punt where it’s a little Thai girls first day and it’s all new and sexy for her and a hundred sweaty rude fucks havnt shattered the illusion.A massage for 5 mins before I flipped over to find a wet pussy that was open to play till I made her cum with 2 fingers deep in her pussy. Kissing and rubbing her pussy on my BB cock till I came and her begging me to bring a rubber and fuck her tight teen pussy next time. All for 60 bucks. Will I tell you where no fucking way but just saying that even when having a crappy day at work something came blow your mind and cock at the same time. Lucky punting guys.

    • emo says:

      You’re bragging, not sharing Styx. I’ve had experiences like this at Green Door (Bondi) and Oasis (Poplar) and always share details on here and other sites.

  168. Dan says:

    Hey Clark sounds pretty good mate. Which thai girl did u see and what day does she work?
    What does the bj set u back and is it cbj or bbbj?

  169. Mick says:

    this place seems to be closed down 9871 1647 is not connected

  170. Absolutely devastated to return from an overseas holiday only to discover my local R ‘N’ T establishment has closed down.

    Summer Massage – 206 Victoria street, Drummoyne is longer. RIP big guy. Oh sure provided me with many memories and highlights. Oh the bliss.

    Making a desperate plea here to you for united. Does anybody know anybody from this place? I had a lovely thing going on with a Chinese girl named Tina. I should have got her private details, but didn’t realise this was on the cards.
    If anyone knows anything please respond here.

    God speed and goodbye my friend.



  171. the original RZ says:

    Hi fellow punters,
    I visited the roseville rose the other day, and met up with one of my favourite young ladies, her and I go back awhile from another shop
    Upon arrival in the reception area was greeted by a familiar receptionist and friendly management
    Paid the funds and was escorted to the room by the lady, we dimmed the lights and commenced our passionate session and intense sexual activities.
    Walked a satisfying gentleman
    The roseville rose roster has improved and the management is priding itself customer service and friendly atmosphere
    Cheers RZ

  172. Andre says:

    Hey punters , whats the number for carlingford massage on carlo rd ? what are the girls like ?


  173. Jason457 says:

    Other than 269 Canterbury and 235 Annandale are there any other places such as these which have mature asian milfs ?? :)

  174. 50_year_old_Aussie says:

    Condell Park Remedial Massage Clinic
    66 Simmat Ave Condell Park

    Address is Simmat Ave, but shop is around the corner in Townsend Street.

    $35 for 30 minutes
    $45 for 40 minutes
    $55 for 60 minutes.

    I went there this afternoon – clean place. They advertise in the local paper as having mature ladies. Two on in the afternoon, one in her 30′s and one maybe late 40′s, early 50′s. I ended up with the younger one as the older one wanted to finish her lunch.

    Lulu, in her 30′s, fairly tall, saggy C breasts and a trimmed pussy, spoke English fairly well. I asked her if she did extras straight away – yes. I offered $30 for full nude body to body and hj. He got her gear off straight away and into the massage. She was good. Great massage, a real workout. I got a good lot of cuddles, tit sucking and general playing around. After the happy ending, she went back to massage.

    Sink in room and Lulu washed her hands before and after and when I was getting dressed, she changed the sheet and pillow case. Nice.

    Lulu asked if I wanted a double, but I declined the offer, maybe some other time.

  175. The RZ - what a wanker says:

    Lets face it punters, this roving zucchini clown , if you read al his entries , reckons he travels to these massage / brothels approximately 5+ times a week, he knows all the girls, he catches up with them in the reception, he knows all the managers, he has their phone details , he texts them. What a bull shit artist this guy is, his stories are non specific, and the same traces of crap, tell you nothing lines that flow thru them. Just have a review of his entries. Honestly, how many of these girls give details to customers and become texting and life long buddies. Most of them are too embarrassed by their career choice to tell anyone anything. He should be called “raving zucchini , aka crock of shit master”

  176. HMFS says:

    Anyone keen on a straight MMF today around the parra area?

    • roving zucchini says:

      yes, for sure, would luv that. i’m into cock occasionally. Let me know discrete contact details

      • bad taste says:

        The idiot who wrote this is not the original roving zucchini, jealousy amongst a few punter.
        Wait until I get in touch with RZ

      • the original RZ says:

        The suedo roving zucchinis are coming out of the closet now, don’t want to reveal their true identity so they tag along like a bunch of gay lords going for a ride, if that what you do in burbs, identity fraud, stealing welfare checks from your sister mail box, you are one sick puppy, all I can say fuck you. Now I know why I don’t go to parra chasing cock
        I stick to pussies

        • Maate says:

          Mate , you are a stuck up cock. you probably wear two frangas , one on your 4 inch cock and one on your head. Poofta.

        • Roving Dickwacker says:

          Roving one, i thought you were a good bloke till i read your comment. you’re a stuck up fuckwit dude, get off the site , no one wants your 6 star holier than thou crap

        • roving zucchini says:

          Hardened up princesses, soon as someone throws you mugs a hot potato, you cry fowl, Oooh, poor little boys upset, it does not bother me what you say,if you cannot take it get out yourselves,
          This is a forum to discuss punts, not a nit picking and a message bank website
          Anyhow fuck you
          I hope admin has a say in this

      • bad tasteB says:

        Oooh the suedo rovers and maate are upset, some one has stepped on your toes, mum it hurts……

        • Andre says:

          Hey Mr Roving Zucchini,

          Well said to the other poor little guys , this site is about the good the bad and ugly experiences .
          i too travel around places, appears you do as well , as you are not short of a dollar like the other non believers of your comments . keep them coming , and i too have many numbers of these massage ladies , obviously the guys that cant get them think that the girls dont give them out .

          Guys these girls do have feelings and can bond with some customers , it appears roving zucchini is one of them not like some of you losers.

          • the original RZ says:

            Cheers Andre
            There are jealous / suedo roving zucchini out there trying to create a bad name for me, you can tell by the language they use in writing a simple review and comments.
            Cheers RZ

          • Roving Zucchini says:

            Thanks Andre, how right you are. I have recently discovered I also like mmf , can we get together ?

        • roving zucchini says:

          And my final word, Get Fucked you dirty little boy slut ‘Maate’ and ‘RZ 2.0′ and all you other fake cunts.

          • commentary on RZ says:

            Roving Zucchini, why the need to be a gutter mouth. coming from one who is pretending to be an elite , upper class man whore ? You’re filthy language should have you taken off any blog that young children can , and do, easily access

          • the original RZ says:

            To the new roving zucchini, easy on the language
            Not once I used terms like you did, I hope you respect the women you accompanied, enjoy your new punting experience
            Cheers RZ

          • bad taste says:

            I think I know which RZ is real and fake, by the language,
            Keep up the good reviews original RZ

    • wheels says:

      Bugger…..wish Id seen this earlier….:(
      Would have taken you up on this…..ugh

    • Musthavefunaswell says:

      I am. What do you have in mind?

  177. Daman says:

    Hi all can anyone please share the details or recommendations for indian chick providing good service?

    • Steve says:

      I see Anna at Upmarket bathouse Crows Nest NSW soon I will let you know she looks fabulous just do not want to over commit and under delivery will let you know

      • Daman says:

        Hi Steve
        Any updates? Can you provide more details

        • Steve says:

          Anna anatomically perfect all inproportion slim smooth no tattoos just beautiful ebony princess look but not once you in the room the princess is a sexy cat

          Pricey though FS 200 includes the usual plus spa shower and a drink nice touch

          Then the price list safe 100 cbj 50 daty 50 yes extra for on her.

          The quality though is secnd too none.
          If you want to spoil yourself then save the pennies and go see this indian beauty.

  178. Kan says:

    Review on 573 Canterbury Road, Campsie. PH: 0297892251
    Discreet entrance through the back. Went on a Saturday night and was taken straight into a big spacious massage room with lockable doors by a really cute Asian girl. Asked how long, chose 30 minutes and asked to strip down. Massage started really well, not too hard and not too soft on the back with the obvious teasing of the balls. Turned over and straight away she grabbed my cock and asked if I wanted anything extra. Decided to pay 30 for clothes off HJ. Handjob was good, she had some decent dirty talking while doing it and after finishing, she continued the massage naked. Was also really cool to talk to about everything and she was really nice, she even gave me a cheeky kiss at the end! ;)
    Massage 5/10
    HJ 6-7/10
    Lady 7/10

  179. Matt says:

    Review on 1/265 bigge street liverpool-
    Advertised on sydney backpage as erotic massage from $55, young masseuses ect ect. Council parking just up the road (3 hour). Gave them a call today received by older asian lady, mentioned ad and was after body to body as advertised. Arrived at 4 up the stairs, greeted by a 50 to 60 I dunno maybe fucking 70 year old lady terrible looks and body well no saving grace there either. Started to get that this is a bad idea hunch but heard other voices and hoped she may just be the owner/ manager and a younger woman was going to come around the corner, well .. No grandma lead me to the room went through usual prices thought fuck she will at least get the knots out of my lower back looks like she massaged since 1950. Paid $35 then had a good look at the bed/table no reusable sheet or towel a pillow which was as old as her, threw that off and rested my head on my arms, then received the worst massage no oil no effort, feeling very dirty and not happy. Any way starts to tickle my balls and I turn over to say no thanks not today and she was starkers! God not pretty. Started pulling my cock regardless of my unenthusiasm, offered blow, extras ect (knew I had a hell of a load had a plan) so said just hj then, grabbed her wrinkly tit closed my eyes thinking of one of the girls advertised on the initial ad and blew a hell of a load shot about 3 feet went all through her hair she wasn’t happy of course but nor was I with the false advertising and being told young girls were there and waiting. So be ware of this place and false advertising.

  180. Daman says:

    Recommendation for any Indian lady offering good service required please help guys

  181. Rayman says:

    Daman, two great places for ass licking and cim
    1. Amanda’s Artarmon – Candy, Nicole will both eat ass and cum
    2. Transcend Cleveland St – Carla is the best ever

  182. Daman says:

    Guys can you recommend places offering best ass licking and cim
    And another recommendation required for any Indian lady offering best service

  183. Daman says:

    Guys can you recommend places offering best ass licking and cim

  184. Uigeadail says:

    Went on a reccy for an hour last Thursday and asked reception (Helen?) can I come back to see cici on Monday. She said there is no cici on Monday or any day?! Are you sure of the name and was it a Monday?

    Btw my hour mid thursday was pretty good but def no FS or BJ available.

    • George says:

      Read a lot lately about wild times to be had at 285. Almost sounds too good to be true.
      I have been coming here on and off for the last 12 months or so, and IMO this place seems to be pretty typical of Chinese shops. That is, mediocre (and sometimes non existant!) massage, but the part 2 is usually very good (specially as I’m turned on by slutty Chinese MILFs who have no problem coming hard and often by hand, DATY and sometimes FS).
      Also, I think there may have been a change of management lately, as the the new girls are much younger, with some real glamours! There are a couple of absolutely stunning Thai girls who really know the ropes, specially on Tuesdays n Thursdays!…

  185. hornyas says:

    Sin City used to be in the city behind Oxford St. A ‘swingers’ club, but actually 4-5 girls you could have over 4 hrs. Anyone know where it’s moved to, or is anyone aware of any place similar to it. I think from memory $170 for 4hrs

  186. HMFS says:

    Anyone interested in having a straight MMF & DP with a girl? Also if you know of any girls that are into that would be awesome

    • will says:

      Yea I’d give it a go. Don’t know of any girls that offer it but it shouldn’t be that hard to find one. Just need to find a girl who offers anal and give her a bit of extra cash for the double.

  187. Daman says:

    I am looking for some ts Shemale action can anyone provide suggestions?
    Also please enlighten if it’s a good idea to go for adds posted on locanto? Are they real or fake?

    • Robert says:

      Hi Daman,
      Never been to Trancend but would suggest sydney.backpage/transexual escorts.Lots of choice there mostly private operators i have seen a few in the CBD all good. Cheers.

      • Daman says:

        Thanks a lot Robert it will be great if you can provide details of any tested ones

        • danny says:

          I’ve tested a few, use back page, their all real and mostly very genuine. its an awesome experience, but a few pointers , ensure they can get hard and cum and can speak english. ensure they will do both top and bottom. best for me to date , psylocke , azure and svetlana (latter is a stunner who only has a very hard 5″ but recently has acquired nice pair of ultra sensitive tits). incredibly passionate and they have extremely hard cocks that they know how to use. Azure loves getting head and blows hard , she shot me in the face just last week. They all also give bbbj like you’ve never experienced before. beware the big black ones though with 9″ or more, you shan’t be able to walk for days, i got held down by one and absolutely rogered. not fun :(

  188. jones564u says:

    I would like to know if there is a category for private escorts in Sydney,
    I Know of several who are outstanding but would like to know of more, eg Giselle ( The G Experience) Kendra Jamison (Heart of Kendra) and Emma Thompson all on the north shore of Sydney

  189. John Connor says:

    Hey Glag,

    Loved the review. Would really appreciate more details about the gals. Did Cici do bbbj or bbfs? Give us a yell at johnconnor69er@gmail.com

  190. Chinese Massage Clinic
    7/1-5 Jacobs St Bankstown 9708-6689

    Went there Friday afternoon. Across the road from Centro Bankstown, but quiet location, but no walk of shame.

    Various prices on display, but basic was $35 for 30 minutes.

    Chinese lady, Elaine said she was 36. Spoke English fairly well. Tall, thin, nice A tits and nipples and hairy pussy. Asked if she did extras and answered yes. She said $40 for nude happy ending, I offered $30 and we settled on $35. No massage, straight into cuddles and stroking. I stroked her clit for about 10 minutes and she came twice, then she started a HJ, then a covered BJ. Then a mixture of covered full service and covered BJ until I wore her out.

    Elaine was enthusiastic and I got the full 30 minutes.

    Basic facilities, but the massage bed is sturdy and rooms are not cramped, with full height walls and lockable doors.

    Not bad for a local shop and good service.

    • JG says:

      I went in for a sneaky mission on Thursday.

      I offered her $20 for a happy ending only. She agreed and bingo!!! YASSS!!

  191. craig says:

    Went to a joint today in bella vista called boulder tcm, girls look nothing like the photos on the website, b2b was shit, wasted my hard earned coin the guys so dont bother.

  192. 50_year_old_Aussie says:

    41 Helen St Sefton 0426 200 911
    $30 30 minutes
    $40 45 minutes
    $50 60 minutes

    Quiet location right next to railway station. 2 or 3 rooms, solid walls and lockable doors.

    Went to Thursday arvo and saw Apple – Chinese, late 20′s or early 30′s, a bit chubby with a dragon tatoo on her tummy. Nice C tits and shaven pussy, but with a 3 day growth. Spoke good english.

    Sign on wall said NO SEX, but I asked if she did H/E and the answer was “yes of course”. $30 for H/E and naked with her clothes coming off before the massage started.

    Massage wasn’t that great, but she gave a lot of attention to my groin area, while I sucked her nipples and played with her tits, pussy and arse. She offered BBBJ, but I declined. After H/E she continued the massage and got the full 30 minutes.

    When I was leaving I asked about full service next time and yes she would do it.

    A good place, I will go back.

  193. roving zucchini says:

    Hi all, regarding ‘bbfs’, just a timely advice, not all women in any establishment provide bbfs, only a few that do. They only do if you are regularly seeing them, they are totally comfortable with you, and you totally respect them. If you are a first timer or you try to false the issue, forget it, they don’t take the chance on any punter who wants to explore uncharted waters. Develop a proper relationship with the establishment and then the ladies prior taking the dip. Cheers RZ

  194. Steve says:

    The place is run very professionally and does massage, special and waxing if that’s your thing!
    The chinese massage is very full on but if you can take it then its thorough, you may need a specal after that. HJ or FS, environment good clean, friendly. Chinese and Thai available.

  195. roving zucchini says:

    Hi all, the RZ has been visiting all types of parlours and establishments for many many many years, and do I have stories, reviews and comments, some are good and some are bad, some are recommended and others avoid, I will keep you informed, cheers RZ

  196. sexuagenarian says:

    Afternoon Gents. I used to visit a Thai lady called Tina at a massage place in Corrimal. The place has either closed down or gone legit. I heard Tina went to work somewhere in Bondi Junction. Any clues or sightings of her whereabouts would be greatly appreciated.

  197. Hobart action ? says:

    anyone know of good action spots in Hobart for r+t, hj, fs ?

  198. Xinyuan Yao says:

    Had a private erotic massage today, that I saw advertised online from a Czech lady named ‘Petra’ operating out of Maroubra, Sydney. Claims to be a former bikini model and 33 years of age, well she was much older than that, I’d say at least mid 40s. The massage was okay, but she did cut my time a bit as well.

    False advertising. She’s quite old and unattractive. Paid her 150 dollars for a one hour massage. Wouldn’t recommend it or go again. She operates out of Maroubra during the day and Bondi at night.

    Her name is Petra and this is her number: 01413497737.


  199. Foo says:

    Does anyone else think that bait-and-switch advertising laws should apply in context to escorts?

  200. Plonker451 says:

    Hey Admin!

    Please note that the responses of Bob, John and Alberto on 28th December and mine of the 11th November. They all refer to the “Chinese Relaxation Massage” at 34 Langston Place Epping. There is no entry for this business. All the necessary details are under my previous of 11th November. I suspect that if you put the shop up on the site there will be quite a few responses. Services offered are interesting.

    • Admin says:

      owners shop had too much attention when they had ads online and hence have taken them off.
      happy new year!

    • Steve says:

      Nature Care Epping

      Had 40 mins between trains called ahead saw Jess from Southern China

      She did very good massage whilst shy she also very pretty and I stayed longer and left content no Bbj or daty but good sensual massage and happy finish

      No shower available but seperate rooms and private rear entrance

      $40 massage

  201. Bob says:

    Re : 34 Langston Place Epping
    Nude full body to body and sexual services on offer

    Visited this place during the week , saw a girl mid 20s , full strip for $50 and was offered a blow job for $50 as well, i took both offers , sucked me without a cover ,licked me like lollipop up and down on my shaft , finally gave in and gave her my load , she was soaking wet as i was performing daty while in a 69 with her.

    Will be back again

    • John says:

      Hi mate ,,, what day did you go there ? And can you share about the girl name ,,, thx

      • Bob says:

        Hey, john, i should say i paid $40 for the 30 min booking then $50 for full nude strip and then another $50 for bj, a bit expensive ,but she was cute, went on monday , cant remember girls name , had a shaven sweet pussy with b cup tits. Going today ,but will only offer her another $20 for bj instead of $50. I might also check out rydalmere as it appears to have good reviews and excellent prices,

        • John.K says:

          HI mate ,,, yeah i was expensive if the total is $ 140 for only 30 minutes ,,, it will be better go to brothel and got FS in one hours instead.Did you go the second time with the same girl too or different girl ?? thx

          • Bob says:

            Hi john k , I did go Monday and the rooms were full with horny punters and 2 more horny punters waiting , I was not going to wait around.

    • Alberto says:

      bud , i have paid $40 for 30min and then $50 for headjob , did not get FS as the girl had her rags.

      generally young girls here at 34 langston place , that are eager to take your cum.

  202. Who’s keen for some straight MMF over the weekend in the parra area, if you have any places/girls in mind let me know :)

  203. What experiences have you had there emo?

    • emo says:

      I popped my punting cherry here. I’ve had rough sex and scratches down my back, grazes on my knees and hickeys. The young ones taste so good and the petite ones, great to throw around the room. One girl was so tight she broke my dick* but only took a week to heal, thank fuck.

      *hard to explain to the wife…

  204. Anyone know of any places around Sydney with 18-20yr old females

    • emo says:

      *Fair share

      I’m all about Liaisons’ and RPM’s weekday rosters.
      Hot youth comes at a cost however. $200++
      Some of the hottest girls in my life.

  205. Phil says:

    You guys watching the new series on Soho called ‘ The Client List’? There’s a movie aswell. About a girl going to work at a massage parlour. It’s good fun!.

  206. waynes world says:

    yer Vlad, i did her real good dog style whilst her other little asian worker played with my balls , just about 2 weeks ago. mate, she loves the sausage :–)

    • GFE LFAGT says:

      Where is this? I am looking for a place in Carlingford.
      Really appreciate any place in carlingford.
      Thanks in advance.

    • craig says:

      How do you get the rocking chair treatment? Have been but only offered massage with h/e, also what does it cost?

      • waynes world says:

        Hey mate, its upstairs shop G 285 Pennant hills rd, little 2 story shopping complex near buntings at carlo , stairs above the hair dresser – tell helen that Watto sent you, she knows me well, and that you will make her cum multiple times if she gets the rocking chair , also ask her re the blindfold, she is a nymph so you will excite her if you have 6+ inches also, that plus $120 for 30 mins works for me and my mates

  207. Prince of Palours says:

    Chats wood in Oscar street now has a Vietnamese show happening no sex just good massage however a lesson in how to tell 1 hour from 1/2 hour would help them especially Natalie she is a gem and you will be happy with her service just tell her you want to teach her English

  208. Prince of Palours says:

    hey Admin the place next door to the old airport HIlton is a bit dodgy it is also called mascot Massage but is closer to Wolli creek
    any way girls are asking $150 for full service they do little for it and are up and out before you can say what happen give it a miss

  209. Plonker451 says:

    Hey Admin,
    A new one for you to put up:

    Address. 34 Langston Place Epping. Phone 9008 2673 or 0426 967 018.

    There was previously an entry for this address but after a brief hiatus it has re-opened under new ownership. Premises have been tidied up with some fresh paint and new floor coverings and better tables. Fairly superficial but an improvement. A rear entrance exit is available in addition to the front door.

    I saw Gigi about 25/27 Thai, good masseuse, did more work on the legs than most girls do. English quite good, friendly. Teasing HE for $20 and nude including HE for $50 extra. I didn’t enquire about any other extras.

    Girls aged 20 to 27, I only saw 2 of the three who were working. Both were attractive and smartly turned out in pink uniforms.

    Generally favourable impression worth one or two more visits before reacing any conclusions.

    Gigi only works Tuesdays.

  210. cam says:

    Does anyone know if, Green Massage at 78 williams st darlo does extras? ive walked past every day wondering.

  211. emo says:

    New place in Bondi Junction called Always 18 Massage. Big rooms, clean and bright with surprisingly hot, young, happy girls. Average massage and limited eroticism but that’s generally the deal with these predominantly Chinese places.

  212. Mm says:


    Im looking for a indian, must goo avg or good looking, for a massage and a bit more no full service…

    Ca anyone reccomend and places?

  213. Foo says:

    Taking a long shot here, but

    Does anybody know where the old staff from ‘Just Relax’ massage at Blacktown went to? (Jenny specifically)
    Gave the best massage and h/e I have EVER had
    The new owners have filled the place with Chinese rejects

  214. Alfa says:

    Has anyone tried new place in Bella Vista called Chalalai. ..and reviews or feedback

  215. jim says:

    I will be stuck down at Batemans bay for a week or so soon does any one know of any massage places down there that look after you with all the extras.

    Thanks in advance guys

  216. jimbo says:

    This chatswood place is under a big investigation. It seems the premises was subject to a ICAC investigation a few years ago. This site and one of the reviewers also got a mention. http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/brothel-operates-on-site-shut-by-court-20140926-10ml9p.html

  217. mikegibon says:

    It would be interesting to know how people feel about tipping the girls when they have received a satisfactory service. I for one do tip in moderation when I see that the girl has made a reasonable effort to please. What about you guys out there?

    • Peter Smith says:

      Generally tip when good service has been given. Only fair :)

    • Handyman says:

      I never tip, but unless it is a new girl, I invariably see them for an hour, which with a nude happy ending means it’s usually in the range $110 to $140. I also tend to prefer a regular girl that I get to know a bit and like. On that basis I generally get excellent service.

      I also find that if you treat a girl courteously and take an interest and chat about her and to her, that can be very rewarding.

      If I have had a regular for a few months though I do give them christmas present, say $100. Works better than regular tips because they remember a surprise but take a weekly tip for granted.

    • Steve says:

      I have at a couple of the Pacific Highway places as the girls are usually very friendly and give good often attentive service.
      But average gets no addition, often if they are young and tell you a little about their plans I give them something extra you work out who plays the game and who just wants to make some money for their future. In the end you have to live with yourself so you make that call.

  218. Styx says:

    Any fellow deviants from the central coast. I was wondering if anyone has tried the new massage parlour called butterflies in Wyong or if anyone had been to the brothel in Tuggerah behind the office supply store. I know it’s still running they on their fairy lights to tell you their open but their website no longer exists and they don’t respond to you on Facebook !!

  219. mikegibon says:

    Does anyone know of a brothel in Sydney that has African ladies working there. I never had the pleasure of trying the exotic taste of black girrls. Cheers.

  220. JustLooking says:

    Just wondering if anyone knows of a chinese lady called Julie or Jenny working privately in castle hill. What services she do now and price also a contact number. Thanks

  221. mikegibon says:

    Has anybody outhere got any comments on Diamonds Forever brothel in Guildford? I have’t seen any so far. Cheers.

  222. cosmos says:

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get a hand job in a massage shop at big shopping centres like Westfields etc ? Cheers !

  223. emo says:

    New Thai Massage joint at 440 Oxford St Paddington. Had one $20 win and one loss here. Worth the gamble in an otherwise gay / legit massage district.

  224. zain says:

    This is slightly out of topic but I guess this is a good place go to ask this question.
    Where do you guys buy your enhancements/ED drugs from? Prescription drug stores or online? I am thinking of trying out some during punting sessions just to get the feel of it and to see if it will help the cause when my gf comes to oz for her annual trip. I don’t have ED thankfully but just want to spice things up hence the thought.Suggestions welcome.

    • Foo says:

      Hey Zain
      I’m a fan of the maxman pills myself (inch bigger and good for a couple of pops). I’d try your local adult bookstore.
      Otherwise you can try some ginseng products, any decent Asian food store has them, usually kinda sweet and take a couple of hours to take effect but work well in my experience. I like the drinks best (the ones with the ginseng root actually floating in it)

      • zain says:

        Cheers foo. I am not sure about adult book stores but Liverpool has about 3 adult/sex toy stores. Will check it there. Not sure about the ginseng though after reading a bit but I don’t think there’s much to lose so will try.

        • Jim says:

          Hey Foo where do you get your maxman pills from, I am very interested


          • Foo says:

            Hey Jim
            I use to get them from my local adult book store, but they’ve stop stocking them, lately I’ve been going to a couple of places in Penrith.
            Most places don’t keep them on display so you may have to ask around

  225. Henry says:

    Any info on a place in the Sydney CBD I heard about – it is called Midcity Bodyworks I think it is in Castlereagh Street

  226. Josh says:

    Anyone know if dannielle(brunette milf) who use to work at 39 rydale, west Ryde works anywhere now? Thanks

  227. RickG says:

    I heard that Castle Hill joints have all gone legit? Is that true? I stopped going once i heard. Anyone got news about that? Ding Therapy and Hills Massage – Legit or still offering any extras?

  228. Tagorian says:

    Does anyone know where i can find a cute young, chubby Aussie or middle eastern girl who does nude massages?

    Need to find… any leads would be greatly appreciated!

  229. Anyone see the young Italian girl advertised in the local parramatta paper as yet? I so share your thoughts :)

    • Peter Smith says:

      Which local paper? I can no reference to any Italian girls in the advertiser or the Sun. Could you post a link?

      Also, is she FS or massage only?

      If full service, I would be interested in trying her out :)

  230. mikegibon says:

    I have not been able to find any reviews or comments about Thai City in Albion st. Surry Hills. I rang them up and they offer full service for $200 an hour. Has anybody out there visited this place? Any comment will be appreciated.

  231. stevo says:

    It looks like all comments about Good fortune @ Waterloo have gone,
    Any reason why ?

  232. Mike says:

    Does anyone have anymore views on Nirvana at surryhills or RPM Rushcutters .Owned by the same people. Would like to hear any reviews on them before I start spending .

  233. mykobo says:

    Quick question everyone, wet mutual masturbation, does it still count as safe?

  234. Anyone keen for a straight MMF over the weekend in the parra area? I’m Aussie late 30′s n looking for a well hung dude to have some straight MMF, if you have any places or ladies in mind let me know :)

    • ibbyturk says:

      Hi man, any success on this ? Me and my friend also trying to find a lady who is keen ?

      Number 8 in blacktown has an aussie girl named Candy. Who does this, but we want to find someone else to try with ?

      • Is Candy the blond Aussie girl with a few tatts? What was the experience like with her n what did she let you both do with her? Maybe a few of us get get a couple of girls…..

  235. bugs says:

    Anyone know of anywhere that there is a pregnant girl working????

  236. mikegibon says:

    Can anyone outhere reccomend some decent brothels, clean and professional without costing a fortune. Willing to pay around $200 for an hour. The inconsistency in this industry is unbelievable. I know a lot depends on the management and the attitudes of the working girls, but really I had a range of experiences from the sublime to the pathetic. Some girls were totally uninterested in their work, some gave more than expected emotionally and otherwise, some were there just to get as much money as possible out of customers. In some places, things changed from day to day and different girls defined the culture of the place. This is totally unprofessional, amateur and dangerous.Are there some places that people can reccomend?

    • LFAGT GFE says:

      I was getting a bit tired of the hit and miss nature of finding a really good encounter. The reviews here did not inspire me. I turned to the local paper for inspiration. I browsed the Northern District Times & The Parramatta Advertiser. I short listed three. One was in Enfield, a bit far for today, but will remember it for next time. The other was in Granville, which was closed by the time I was ready to go. Thus ended up going to the in Harris Park. A unit on Wigram street. A young language student from Thailand. She was very good. That made my day / night :)

      • Phil says:

        Could you tell me the exact address on wigram street? There used to be a parlour in that street but I think it shut. And was it the standard massage plus HJ? Thanks buddy.

        • LFAGT GFE says:

          Page 68 parramatta advertiser 0411 017 409 I saw Anita, early 20s, FS, 90. Working out of a unit at number 47. There were two others available. Not my type.

    • Sophia says:

      I’m lady boy. I can do everything right that

  237. Peter Smith says:

    Hi all,
    Posted this in another thread before I realised there was this “general” one here.
    I have three questions:
    1) Does anyone have any recommendations for a shop that has indian and/or middle eastern (muslim) WLs? I have been pointed to one in Blacktown for the Indian, but none for the middle eastern ladies as yet.
    2) Anyone know of any reasonably priced caucasian WLs that do anal? By reasonably priced I mean about the $200 mark or less per hour (inc. anal).
    3) I wouldn’t mind trying a submissive WL, as in someone who will do what I tell them, when I tell them no questions asked. Light spanking, role playing, humilation etc. Anyone know of any shops that offer these specialties?

    Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Tagorian says:


      Would love to find a Middle Eastern lady too…. mainly for massage but they are very hard to find…

    • Peter Smith says:

      Went to NO. 18 Forge St Blacktown and saw a lovely INdian lady called Rita. She is 28, short (about 5 feet), chubby, but pleasantly so, large breasts, and has a very beautiful face and attitude…

      And oh, that accent! :)

      She was quite enthusiastic and responded well to me and the things I wanted to try. She loves to talk (but I actually enjoy that) and seems to enjoy her work and the independence she gets from it. It was a very pleasant half hour.

      • zain says:

        I forgot to mention it but both Rita and the other African girl you recommended the month before were fantastic!!!
        You have an eye for talent sir!

        • Peter Smith says:

          Thank you.

          And, you’re welcome ;)

          • David says:

            if it is legal to publish phone number, could you please give it here? (I just don’t want to visit to see person re-located or already booked by some one else) thanks.

    • Peter Smith says:

      To add to this request, does anyone know where there are full service latino ladies working? Thanks.

  238. mykobo says:

    New shop?
    Advert I found..
    CBD 378 massage centre is located in the heart of Sydney CBD , chic and immaculate, many of our young massage therapists are uni students and European travellers, they are professionally trained, skillful , very friendly and well spoken ,specializing in remedial and relaxation style massages. We aim to give our valued customer a most satisfying relaxation experience, come see us and have yourself a stress free day! Ph: 0422 272 388 Address: Level 1/378 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 $60 / 60 mins $50 / 45 mins $35 / 30 mins

  239. Brandon says:

    Just to let everyone in the loop. I came across a new massage parlour in the shire.(Cronulla).
    Its a nice little place 130 Cronulla st Cronulla.
    I was greeted by an attractive and polite lady. Who later informed me that she was owner/operator. I then was introduced to 2girls who you might say had the complete package. I picked 1 girl called Wendy.Well Wendy gave me a service that l would recommend to anyone with confidence. I will definetlybe going back for in a couple of days.But the other girl looked like a pocket rocket.l will keep all that are interested updated.Stay tuned .

  240. Josh says:

    Hi anyone know if Danielle (used to work at the west ryde brothel in the alleyway that is now closed down) works anywhere now? Thanks in advance

    • wain says:

      Was the establishment on Victoria rd? I remember her and would be interested in her whereabouts too. That place brings back some memories

  241. Roger 3 says:

    What the call should tell you.

  242. Roger 3 says:

    What the girls don’t tell you.

  243. mike gibon says:

    Dear Admin. I do not seem to find any comments or places for the BEI BEI massage parlour at 99 John St. Cabramatta. Been there twice, a few of my mates told me about it. Got a massage and HE. Does anyone else know about it? Cheers.

  244. danny says:

    Hi guys….. do you know a young chick who gives good anal massage? I knew one in epping, but she gone back to china…… she loved fingering guys in the ass…no extra charge….. cheers.

  245. mikegibon says:

    I dont’ seem to see any comments at all on Nirvana brothel at Pendle Hill. may be some one has something to say about it or I just plain missed it.

    • GFE LFAGT says:

      Have been to Nirvana $90 for FS. Got lucky the firs time I went and saw a beautiful Thai lady. Had her a few times. It was heaven. Went last week. The line up was pathetic. Walked otff without going further.

  246. Jt says:

    Hey Guys. Does anyone know where I can get a ladyboy massage in Sydney?

    • emofo says:

      Maggie’s Gentleman’s Club in Kellett St, Kings Cross.

      • flatfoot says:

        17/ 32-34 Campbell Ave, Cromer NSW 2099 P: 02 9981 4688
        Level 1 / 130 Queen St, St Marys NSW 2760 P: 02 9833 3131
        both provide Ladyboys. Always phone first to see if there is someone available on the day you want to visit though.
        If you really want to spend on a bit of luxury there is also Transcend in Surrey Hills.

  247. Veer says:

    Hey guys, is there any place that offer extras and accepts health funds? Around ryde area or any other area for that matter. Trying to find one but no luck…

    • Kev C says:

      Save your legs mate – that ain’t gonna happen any more. The health funds are onto it and the parlours don’t want the attention from Today Tonight etc.
      Best by far in the Ryde area is My Lucky 7 at 7 Avon Road North Ryde, but no fund rebates.

  248. zain says:

    Hello guys,
    Just wondering if anyone knows of a joint/girl where/who does anal?(references to places like Bellevue, Surry hills will be frowned upon)


    • mykobo says:

      What’s wrong with those places?
      Legit question, I’ve never been.

      • zain says:

        My friend you bring back repressed memories but I shall oblige. Went there once just to see why it’s so talked about. Really dirty, even worse ladies. 50+.everyone smelled like Listerine. Lucky to find someone who is not. Was stupid/too polite not to walk away.the conversation during a painfully long 30 mins was about a. My youth. B.drug use of frequent visitors and their corresponding lack of err…enthusiasm and dentures which the lady was planning to get from Thailand. There, you have it. the only positive was I stopped going to punting adventures for 2.5 to 3 months.

    • eric says:

      Hey, did you find a place? thanks

  249. Styx says:

    Anyone been to VIP69 in the city ? Liverpool st I think. They advertise body to body massage but are also fully licenced for FS. massage rates are reasonable on website just wondering how the shop was. I love a good body slide nothing like feeling a smooth pussy sliding all over you.

    • mykobo says:

      Didn’t even know it existed. The Indian/South American lady could be good….but they have yet to update any pics of any of the ladies on their website.

      • Andrew says:

        I’ve been to VIP69 twice, first time was great (thai girl named May) second time however put me right off.. Everything was fine until Sam asked if it was massage or FS, replied massage and her interest and effort dropped off. Hardly any massage and was over in less than 50 minutes including before and after shower after paying for an hour.

  250. mikegibon says:

    Hi there, I need some help. I’m not so young anymore, I use the good old Viagra 100 for sex and 50 for a massage tug. I love sex and sometime even this is not enough. I have sex once a week. can anyone suggest something that I can safely use and get better results? Appreciate any advise.

  251. don't-lie says:

    Anyone have any thing to say about thai oasis girls

  252. Sound interesting jimmy, what area?

  253. Jimmy says:

    Hi guys,

    Found a young (21) white chick who gives natural blowjobs in the car. She even lets you finish in her mouth. Slightly pricey though , $150. Any interested in doing a double with her ? Let her take both cocks in the same session ?

  254. mykobo says:

    Hey guys anyone know where there’s a good Indian lady?
    Please help!

  255. don't-lie says:

    Hi guys .I mean this comment In a encouraging way.its time to turn away from going to these places. When you realise these girls are human beings and end up hating man you probably would stop.its not go for a man mental physical and emotional wellbeing. Also wallet. Please join me and say this is a thing of my past and has no place in my future.

    • don't-lie says:

      Not good for a man sorry

    • Wobbly Willy says:

      I hear you don’t-lie. But there are mitigating circumstances and I hope that I can speak for others who are worrying.
      Harm reduction or harm minimisation has proven, particularly in drug addiction, to be the more acceptable and initial response in community behavior, generally scorned upon.
      Sex workers are the supply in a market that exists primarily to feed the demand, which is generally men, 40% conservatively latest stats show to be married or living with someone. Exciting sex becomes more difficult after 2 yrs as many married men will quietly tell you, burdened with children and pressing workloads in jobs harder to find and keep. Romance fades into the background of a busy life.
      Sex workers supply historically that magical elixer which keeps him from going off the rails, and her often secretively acquiescencing of this fact.
      Harm reduction, but sure its not right or perfect.
      Middle aged men, divorced, separated, carers of aging parents, disabled in some way,for what ever reason, currently unable to sustain a meaningful permanent relationship find great solace in sex workers.
      Harm reduction, again.
      Men, emotionally distraught, confused, temporarily adrift, or just plain have lost their mojo, find a good sex worker therapeutic.
      Harm reduction, but Sigmund Freud only discovered the ‘complex’ his ghost tells me. He asked me to ask you to work on the solution.
      Look, I am being critical but I empathise your concerns. Until we work out our community’s solutions to this we need to look to organisations that are affiliated with the NSW Dept of Health, Federal Immigration, NSW and Federal Police, etc. I think SWOP is I am told the best place to start checking out. Sex Workers Outreach Project/program I think.
      Australia is built on a proud tradition of equality, and trade unions fought hard back when men worked in dangerous and harsh environments. These girls from Asia are often voluntarily too allowing themselves to be objectified into losing their grasp on what it is to be humane. Tell establishments and whoever gangs up to enforce cruelty that we understand what makes the world go around and that work is work, but give the kids a break every 4 hrs, not job after job after job, so they miss lunch or their dinner. 5 to 10 minutes to freshen up between jobs, and a day a week to visit church, temple or whatever. But most important, cut the crap about scripting them to say they do study when day off, and take them out dancing at a club to have some fun once a week or a fortnight. I don’t think your cattle are going to run away with wealthy Scarlet Pimpernels, Casanova’s nor sweet old sugar daddy’s but may book a cab to the Gap. Lighten up.
      Punters know they need the money, and usually as I’ve found because of oppression in their homeland, and often revered by ashamed but very grateful families of their sacrifice.
      You can’t solve all the world’s problems in a day don’t-lie but I find that asking polite questions of their life for 5 to 10 minutes makes them smile that the ‘other’ person in the room is relating to them, may even care a bit, thank them at the end, and if a tip can not be afforded then wishing they make their money and return home. Mind you, some enjoy lustfully either sex with big white guys or making lots of money. Never sure there.
      And also don’t-lie, I know as a middle aged bloke, and most punters may, experience with doing a job that is boring all day long at some time. Its shit, but usually for some future better good. Life in our grandparents time was often harsh in and around Sydney. 2 world wars, exceptional volunteering and loss of life, a Great Depression hitting hardest of all industrialised countries, Australia’s majority of jobs linked to export of goods to UK and Europe. It left scars, for generations.
      We can’t seem to stop it altogether politically but we can canvass and lobby for more funds for that Sex Workers Outreach Program to send teams around to interview and assist the girls. And keep an eye on where all that money is going, to boot.

      • don't-lie says:

        Thanks for your very thought through answer. I appreciate your time and effort. The thing I want to challenge people about is the effects of doing this stuff habitually .neuroscience .quantum phyisics .psychology and spirituality would all agree with the effects of certain behavior/s are no good for our inner well being. Great book referencing this is called switch on your brain by Caroline leaf. Once you’ve freed your from things and made some strong choices you’ll be a happier better man for it.

  256. mike gibon says:

    Hi There guys. Does anyone know where I can find Vietnamese girls either for massage or brothels? Any help will be much appeciated. I just adore asian pussy. Thanks.

  257. Junior says:

    Anyone know where I can find beautiful thick white girls in the sydney area ? Thanks :)

    • Huge dude says:

      Try Kingsford bodytone on Anzac Pde they got alot of nationalities. Its a RnT. Been there a few times, with an indian and vietnamese girl.

    • zain says:

      From what I have read so far, riverwood cougarytown has a few thick women(not exactly bbw but comfortably chubby). Haven’t been there myself as it’s too difficult to commute there. 230phr. If anyone lives around/been there lately then will appreciate a review otherwise taking an hour train ride is not worth it.

  258. Uigeadail says:

    So halfway between where i work and go to gym just opened a new chinese establish at Meadowbank on Constitution Drive just over the crossing from the station (80216828 or 0449147361) Usual prices 45/$50, 60/$60. Literally 5 days since open so only a couple of girls with 40ish Melissa (ex Eastwood) on reception mucking in when needed. Says couple more girls starting on the weekend.
    Melissa saw to me just before closing Tuesday night. Said could only do 45min but halfway offered to extend for $10 more. The massage started out iffy, chinese style but actually ended up great and still with me the next day.
    Then the rare treat began. Melissa calls out in mandarin and enter Mimi, mid 20s,long hair, glasses, lovely, next to zero English. She has no experience I am told. For about a quarter hour I am unexpectedly getting the 4 handed treatment (massage only at this stage) and with the oohing and pointing out my beautiful parts to each other (I’m not that dumb in the cold light of day but in the moment totally convincing) I was feeling like a king. I (almost!) could have left it at that.
    Melissa left the room and Mimi proceeded to show that she really did have no idea about massage nor much else technique wise. It would have been laughable (or frustrating) if she wasn’t so sweet. She seemed very embarrassed and not sure how to transition. anyway I had gotten a decent massage already so I put her hands in the right place and showed her how to move them and … sorted.
    Sink with hot water + clean flannels in the room. Mimi spent the clean up apologising for the massage quality and by now I was fine.
    Strange experience … even though it was a very mediocre clothed finish I had a great time from start to end and I’ll be back. Hopefully the new girls have some skills and to see how Mimi gets on and Melissa’s massage is worthwhile

    • Lfagt gfe says:

      Thanks very much for the tip. I am a regular at North ryde. But decided to give this a go on Sunday after seeing your post. I am ver happy I did. No FS. one of the best experience I ever had.