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  1. Sofrevska says:

    I see the one called Kartier at Miss Heaven, i fuck her with finger, cock and her dildo. She fuck me with her finger (i not let her fuck me with her dildo, it a monster dildo). She good value, she go off when we dildo her clit. No squirting but trembling orgasm

    • Flip says:

      What a desperate fool you are. For some old hag.
      30min – $160
      45min – $220
      60 min – $280

      Fuuuuuuck !!!!

      • Flip says:

        Got an idea guys.
        Although this site is fucked as the management doesn’t care and doesn’t censor the lying, ridiculous comments published by a few fuckwits
        So, here is my idea.
        Under no circumstances respond to anyone. Don’t give them any air time. These idiots thrive by attention… so don’t give any. Ignore ALL nonsense published comments that defy reality (you know what I mean i.e (I managed to cum 50 times in 1/2 hr) type stuff. Sooner or later the clowns will leave.
        Management might indeed be responsible for all of this shit.
        Why they want to ruin their own site beats me.

        • Sofrevska says:

          Flip, do you enjoy a finger up your ass ? Yes , well bend over and stick your middle finger up your own ass, and take your stupid comments and nancy boy suggestions with your finger, thanks for listening Flip

          • Flip says:

            Sofrevska ? is that you buddy ? Fuck I thought i lost track of you , how are you matey ? I meant to tell you one thing when we last met … Get a black dog upya you fag loving cock eating homo. Love ya Flip

          • Flipi says:

            You two timing bastard’ i thought you loveme. I Treat you so well with my cock and this is what you do

  2. Stevo says:

    Hello just wondering if anyone knows any good places out west in Sydney with Aussie girls like massages place

  3. yumiet says:

    Been going to a joint at waitara / hornsby – 41 edgeworth david ave, back of house in a little studio, asian older milf, ask for massage – get nudem , ask to massage her – she is nude, i massage her, she loves the fish fingers in her hairy beaver, she blows and squirts like you wouldn’t believe. then its my turn she loves cock in her mouth – gives me bbbj and swallows , $100 for 1 hour – 9482 9962. She aint pretty though :)

    • steve says:

      how old is she and did you ask up front for a BBBJ?

      • yumiet says:

        about 50-52, and she does squirt as she cums. and she cums a lot. believe it or not , i don’t give a fuck. just passing on some info for any punters who want a different experience. i don’t give a fuck if you see her or not. bbbj was unsolicited. she told me she will do a 3 way also.

        • Yeh Right says:

          A woman ejaculating is a bloody urban myth. No such thing. Maybe what you are witnessing is her pissing because of a loss of bladder control friend.
          A three way thing is a sure way of contracting an illness that some other punk is carrying… Hey fellas lets all share our viruses… fool or desperado … which one ??

          • Yeh Right says:

            Also, if you were sucking her pussy at the time she was supposedly squirting then you got a mouthful of her piss heheeh.
            Seriously women don’t have the apparatus to ejaculate.
            Get a book and read how you ejaculate. Educate yourself man… don’t listen to the nitwits in this site … Doctor Yeh Right has spoken.

        • steve says:

          so would you be up for a 3 way with her yumiet? i would like to watch this action , then give her some dick to suck on too

          • yumiet says:

            yes, definitely up for 3 way, I’ve done it before at amanda heavens and it was awesome. Im going there Monday afternoon, around 4pm is when i get there. PS i have a pretty good size cock

          • steve says:

            could you make it 4pm on wednesday? i cant make it monday

          • Bibbo says:

            A word of caution…. watch your arse, during the threesome. His prick might just go there.

          • steve says:

            nah, not a fag like you Bibbo, i just want to watch this horny ML suck down some cum loads, maybe 3 or 4 loads.

          • Bibbo says:

            You are full of fantasies. 3 or 4 cum shots hahah.
            Superman who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel with his bare cock……etc
            Have you considered you may be a degenerate. Can’t you have normal sex with a woman ?? Fantasies of female humiliation ?? yes, I thought so

          • Bibbo says:

            sorry for being a fukwit, im just a dick head i cant help it. i am also stupid, its obvious i am also yeh right. thats how stupid i am.

          • Bibbo says:

            yumiet…Bibbo is right . Is it ok if I give your arse a few cumshots as well ??

          • Bibbo says:

            see i really am a fag, i am Bobby and i am Yeh Right too, a screaming fag, let me tell you about my last fag encounter at the local public toilet beat…..his cock curved slightly up, but it had the most amazing head, which I had trouble fitting in when it came to anal. We fucked for a while, and his stamina was remarkable. I’d say he was 8.5″, maybe 9, but the thickness was great. I noticed he used the large size ‘four seasons’ condoms, and even they seemed almost too tight on him. When it came for me to come, he pulled out, pulled the condom off and came all over my face.

          • Bibbo says:

            you are one hell of a misfit RZ, i know its you trolling again under Yeh Right and Bibbo and yumiet blah blah, a nut case, bet you have trouble holding down a job yeah? the discord you would sow in any social environment would see you constantly fired time and time again. guess thats why you have so much free time to troll on here aye?

          • yumiet says:

            Yes Steve , Wednesday will work , 4pm. Awesome, i will book , see you there , little studio at back of the property. Hope you’re not a soft cock :-)

          • Jack Reacher says:

            To Steve & Yumiet,
            Well what happened at Milf Heaven? Who did you see. Did you spit roast her? What about DP?

    • Yeh Right says:

      Haha….” blows and squits ” ??? That only happens when they have a snotty nose buddy or the flu or a case of diarrhoea… what a keen imagination you have !! Are you her partner ???

      • xlarge says:

        That is funny.

        • Yeh Wrong says:

          Funny alright !!
          I hope they both get a mouthful of her squirting piss.
          At least one of these degenerates is sure to have a sore arse at the end… hahahahh

          • Yeh Wrong says:

            Now pay attention hot cocks: What you clowns intend to do constitutes sexual assault…. all she has to do is scream rape (and then you are both fucked) ….fucking demented idiots.
            Best you both meet up and fuck yourselves.
            I’ll post Long Bay visiting hours shortly… OK

          • Bronson says:

            hey yeh wrong you poofter fag, come along and we will blow down your throat no charge

  4. Big Cock says:

    Don’t you just hate these fucking Asian brothels. 9 times out of 10 it cost more than a good full service brothel. The way they suck the money out of you is fucked. An extra 50 for nude then an extra 20 for blow job then another 50 for a fuck. Oh and please don’t put your fingers in.
    Punters think about it. Is it worth it.
    Plus they stink and the risk of getting TB is high

  5. Angelo says:

    I just moved to Hillsdale. I got really bad sore shoulder and back from the moving. I need a massage badly. Any recommendations?

    • Jason says:

      Try the one on the bunnerong road, next to the shell petrol station. They are friendly and good at get your knots out.

      • Andrew says:

        313 bunnerong road Maroubra
        8084 6610
        I had a good massage there last week with nice relaxing music and a beautiful smile. You will feel like a new man afterwards. When I’m anxious or tired, I feel all clenched up. A good massage untangles my knots. I like the hands-on healing but also the opportunity to power down brain and nervous system for an hour or so. Even if I’m short on money, I still find a way to make it happen.

  6. Pepe the frog says:

    Highly recommended Brianna from Kings court.

    • b Jim says:

      i recommended Mona Indian at Miss Heavens , started blowing me in meet and greet, best ever deep throat and swallow. Also loves being fisted in the cunt. Don’t eat her out though, pussy tastes like a burnt serving of butter chicken with double the prescribed amount of garlic

      • Bronco says:

        She deep throated & swallowed in the Reception Room! What a load of BS!
        BTW she provides anal

      • Yeh Right says:

        Ah Jim
        Hate to say it, but that taste in her pussy wasn’t burnt butter chicken or garlic..
        It was some punks sperm you tasted.
        What risks you twits take !!

        • Bronson says:

          Hey Yeh Right, so you are unemployable , cant afford a girlfriend and sure cant afford a prostitute so you spill your hate for punters on here 24/7 , its obvious you deeply resent the experiences of other punters on here, experiences that you cant afford

          • Yeh Right says:

            Dear Bronson – aka (Steve,yumiet, slammin salami, bronson,bibbo, RZ etc).
            I have no hate for anyone my friend.
            If idiots want to lay down money to below avearge women for a couple of squirts…. up to them. As I’ve stated they come across as desperados to these women… understandably !!
            Why would anyone pay something like up to $300 for a bit of pussy play and a couple of squits… well because they ARE desperate… of course.
            I’ve done my fare share of spending and have come to realise the folly of it all.
            I guess I’m on a mission to save you fools from yourselves.
            Like I said, spend your money if you wish but wouldn’t it be better to make your money work for you insted of wasting it as a donation to a prostitute ??
            I’m now leaving this forum as I don’t like the idea of hurting some fragile ego’s. Bye

          • Bronson says:

            just some fact checking on that Yeh Right , or Bobby, $300? usually around the $90 mark. Desperate? show me a Girlfriend who gives you a massage ,head job,fuck anyway you want it when you want it then doesnt mind when you leave when you want to leave and then doesnt call her for a week. As for investing money opposed to spending money.. Well thats relative to How much money one has isnt it? Back to the unemployable question again?

          • Yeh Right says:

            Well just for this once I’ll indulge your idiotic comments. I have to hurry though as I’m heading off to my office. So don’t expect a follow up. Look I don’t mind spending money like you and the other fools. And I have been a fool as well. You are full of bullshit if you claim to get ALL these extra service as well as massage for $90… effing bullshit !!!!!!
            I ‘ve got dough but I don’t want to throw it away to some prostitute.
            These hookers are great actresses. You may as well fuck a piece of meat… A girlfriend will cum for real and are less likely to carry all manner of diseases.
            The reason you go to hookers is that you have a dysfunctional personality, like to deprave women, and cannot have a girlfriend for long… who would want you ??

            Now I am going to reveal your real name to all.
            Apparently your name is Mr Head… with Dick being your first name.

            PS.. I refer you to comments made by Bob the Builder 20/1/2017 about Adult Erotic , Burwood. It may be you actually … another effing idiot.

          • Bronson says:

            mr no credibility yeh right, funny you think you know me, i have a long term girl friend. unlike you who has no job, no money, no girlfriend, no credibility

          • Yeh Right says:

            Yawn :-)

          • BRONSON says:

            Actually you sound like a female with BIG problems

          • Yeh Right says:

            ” Yawn”…. :-)

      • b Jim says:

        Apologies bronco, bad writing on my part mate, i said she ‘started to blow me in reception’ , which she did, probably lasted 20-30 seconds, of course she continued and finished in the room. Bronco, trust me she is a cum eating machine , even licks the remnants off her fingers. Mona is however not the sharpest tool in the shed, look into her eyes , tell her she is hot and you’re in to any hole, bareback, just avoid the daty, and btw after fisting her she will suck your fingers. I didn’t fist or fuck her arse, it was hairy , there is a snail trail from her ass to her lower back of hair

        • Sofrevska says:

          b Jim, i went miss heaven today, met the one called Mona. You must be sick puppy, she very fat and ugly, her teets hand below her belly button, i ask for head job in reception and she smile and say in room only. But she did take my finger in her mouth and lick it then she put my finger in her pussy flaps, she very wet and sloppy. No way I pick her, too ugly too fat and too much slut for me

        • Jack Reacher says:

          B jim. I met Mona in the Reception Room. Pretty sloppy body. I asked if she does anal & she said yes. Has anyone fucked her ass? I ask cause indians are not renowned for being truthful.
          So you porked her without a condom?

  7. Bond says:

    You all should read this from beginning to end. I promise you’ll be glad that u did, as there’s a lot of things to be learned from this from my experience as a 100% straight guy.

    I was working out earlier today at my gym. So I was at the locker room changing and I dropped my wallet and didn’t realize it and some new guy I’ve never seen before picked it up and gave it to me. I thanked him and we just had a small talk and he told me he’s new at the gym, and since my workout buddy was sick today, I asked him if he wanted to workout together, and so we did.

    In between our sets, we had small talks, and I asked him if he had a gf, and he told me he’s gay. I was like congrats bro… I’m so happy for you, cuz i didn’t know whatta say. I’d never guess he was gay since he acts, looks, dresses, walks, and talks like a masculine dude. He’s also tall, lean, muscular, 3% body fat, just very good looking physique and face. First, I’m a 100% straight guy, and I’ve had sex with at least 35+ chicks so far. Even if you are straight, u sure as hell do know when a guy looks really good [but probably won't admit it lol].

    I’ve always wanted to know why there are so many gay people in the world nowadays. Back then, it was rare to see a gay folks and now they are like everywhere! Growing up, I used to believe in many things that I later rejected (e.g., tooth fairy, santa claus, god, etc) so I wanted to know how gay sex felt like and why many people who never tried it think it’s a bad thing. I mean, life’s too short and there’s so many things to do in life to try out so I decided I was gonna try to hook up with a gay dude with me being str8. So after we finished working out, I asked him if he wanna come over and “hang out and have fun.” He agreed.

    Like I said, he was super hot, 11/10. But since I was straight, I didn’t feel the urge to bang him. So when he came over, I asked him I wanna experiment, and he gave me a blowj0b and it felt totally amazing, better than from all the chicks. It made sense to me, since he’s a dude and know the male anatomy well. I’d never thought I’d ever do this, but afterward I asked him if I can suck his ding dong to see why girls love the cawk so much, and it made so much sense to me once I tried it. To have something huge in your hand and to control someone’s feelings/emotions just by stroking or sucking it gives u an amazing feeling of power over someone. Simply put, it made me feel almighty and king-like without resorting to illegal drugs. Then, he asked me to bang him so I did and it felt very tight, and feel better than a chick’s vag for reasons I somehow can’t explain. Afterward, I asked him to enter me because I’ve always wanted to know how it feel to be a catcher for a change, after pitching all my life. And holy cow, the doctors were not joking around when they said the prostate gland is the male’s G-spot. I was totally in sexual Ecstasy! It turned me into a freak and a monster begging for him to go deeper and harder, and looking back, I laughed at how the human body work. It was simply the best sex of my life, without a doubt. My orgasm felt 100x better, no joke, I swear!

    Like I said, life’s short and after my experience, it opened my eyes and made me less judgmental and a lot less anti-gay. I realized that my bigotry was irrational after I decided to give it a try. Anyways, I wanted to tell u all my experience, and why I understand why there’s so many gay people nowadays. BTW, I’m 100% straight! Feel free to ask me anything!

    • Michael says:

      This is one of my secret fantacies! I would have loved one of my teachers to keep me back for detention and do naughty, naughty things to me (like fcuk me on his school desk whilst slapping me with the metre ruler). Me in my school boy outfit giving the teacher head under the desk.

    • Michael says:

      All my life struggled with being gay. I didn’t like it and hated me.

      One day I went to a public bathroom to pee. There were two guys at the urinals acting weird. I was stupid, and didn’t realize what was happening until I went to wash my hands. When it struck me and my hearth started racing and I started hyperventilating. I ran to a stall just to calm down a little, I was feeling lightheaded. After what seemed like half an hour (but I’m sure was a lot less) I peeked out and saw the same two guys still at the urinals. I said ‘FUCK ALL THE SHIT I HAVE IN MY HEAD’ and went to the urinals again. One guy gave me my first handjob and the other was kissing my neck and grabbing my ass. I think I lasted like one minute.

      After I left the bathroom I went to sit down and think. Unexpectedly, I didn’t feel I did something wrong. After this started a long path to acceptance and LOTS and LOTS of gay sex hehe.

      • WartBoy says:

        Hey i know its you RZ up to your old tricks talking shit. no more ladyboy crap, now public toilet gay bullshit

    • Yeh Right says:

      Hey Bond … no not James Bond.
      Now for a fellow who emphatically says he is straight… and then has pleasure with a gay fellow really has to question his true sexuality.
      Look friend you may be gay.. (if you are aroused sexually by a man) you are gay. OK
      OR this is another stupid gay PR exercise.
      ALSO, why on a men’s site do you want to confess this shit. ????

      I’m certainly influenced by your admission.
      Yeh Right… you are 100% straight ????? sure !

    • 52_year_old_Aussie says:

      Bond, thanks for being brave and sharing. A similar experience occurred to me by accident some time ago.

      • 52_year_old_Aussie says:

        since you shared it is only fair i share my experience too so here goes……We kissed passionately, but before long, I was sucking his juicy uncut cock. After a lot of sucking and kissing, body contact and tit play, I was ready to have him fuck me. He put on a condom, lubed up, and was inside me in instantly. Jose knows how to fuck and stays really hard the entire time. His fucking alternated between gentle and soothing to pounding my ass hard and deep. We then moved to some ass play and deep fingering. We then went back to fucking and after we lay together and chatted for a while

        • Yeh Right says:

          Now look the above mentioned. I guess Bobby has had enough of you poofter nitwits.
          And actually so have I.
          You are all a bunch of cock pullers.
          Sadly it’s men that excite all you poofters
          I hope you get your rings destroyed so you have to wear incontinence nappies because you shit your pants.
          Now listen carefully.
          No matter what you say, I have no intention of giving you a second of my attention. So don’t even bother. I have had the last say hahahah

    • Yeh Right says:


      Don’t spend advertising money here !!
      The administrator/s couldn’t give a shit.

      Most people posting are bogus nitwits.
      You can’t reliably take any credence from the comments.

      The site should be shut down. No-one cares. You are wasting your money.

  8. Adam says:

    I’ve had plenty of excellent normal massages in my life but when I went to a masssge shop near townhall station. I received a normal massage which was one of the worst ever. This was 2 weeks ago and I’m never going back.

  9. George says:

    Visited miranda a couple of weeks ago. Was a little hesitant when approaching the unit as its in an open unit block. Right near westfields. Im a bit shy.
    When entering was greeted by a mid aged asian lady, pretty and slim.
    Very partial to chinese ladys so sbe was a welcome sight. She escorted me into the room where we discussed prices. I opted for 60 min ($60). She also asked if there was anything else I required. Happy ending I asked? She responded ok $20 extra. Sounded like a deal so I happily accepted. Asked me to undress shelf left and came in one minute. She got started. She remains fully clothed.
    Towel massage first then oils me up. She is truly skilled In massage. Fantastic hands. Non hurried and relaxing to the point of falling asleep nearly. Got to the pointy end of things and she started rubbing her hands between my legs and stoking my balls. Trying to get me hard. No probs there. Asked me to roll over.
    There I am completely naked with a thumping boner that would sure look great in her mouth but shes not into that. Slop goes the oil on the cock and her hands follow. Very standard asian handjob with one hand rubbing and the other playing with my balls. Dont expect to last long as shes done this many times.
    Was a faily clinical hj but relieving none the less.
    I blew a fair mess all over her hands. She cleaned up snd continued to masssge the front side. Was very relaxing and un hurried.
    To sum up. Overall if you are looking for a great masssge with just a little extra. Its the place to go. For something more erotic. You are better off visiting the local brothels. Great msssage average hj.

  10. Slammin Salami says:

    A cheater goes unpunished, his team moves on to the next round, he tries to cover up the scandal, and people are being discouraged to talk about this scandal. This makes me not want to WANK anymore!

  11. jones564u says:

    Went to MH this morning .There was not a lot on offer so went with younger one lucy. Very nice lady but not much of a GFE Her lips don’t open when she kisses you & straight on with a dom for BJ and I had to rely on a hand job in the end. BUT I met Alexis as a receptionist and she is gorgeous I hope to see her one day. She asked me my choice and I said her But she said sorry not working to day. She kept coming back to my memory as some one I have seen some where else may be a R&T place but can not remember where. Has any one got any ideas?

    • Slammin Salami says:

      jones564u I cant stress enough how horny Alexis is in the room Make the effort and reap the reward !!!!!

  12. Retro punter says:

    If i had a time machine i would take you back to 2003 to a Mauritian chick i used to see at Impressions and Bliss on Crown. Think here name was Lara . Massive natural boobs, slightly chubby with a stunning face, she was part French also. A true superstar of the business. Miss her.

  13. Bobbigdick says:

    Does anyone know where I can find an exotic Mauritian (Mauritius) girl to have some good time ?

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