Bellevue 12

12 Bellevue St Surry Hills NSW 2010

Bellevue 12

Do you want to enjoy an unbelievable and unforgettable sex? We have the most sexy ladies and top service for you. They are busty, passionate, gentle and considerate. Come to feel their kissing, cuddle, soft skin and enjoy the feeling their gently hands, juicy tongue play around on your body and more more more. They can’t wait, please come to play. You may think some of our ladies are not as beautiful as your girl friend or wife, however, you will never forget the sex and even more. We guarantee price is cheapest in city. We are close to train station, room is well decorated, bed is comfortable and temperature is suitable. We aim to provide you the top service quality for your sex experience.

02 9281 8480

12 Bellevue St Surry Hills NSW 2010

Full Service Rates:

30 minutes $65
45 minutes $100
60 minutes $130

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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

471 Responses to Bellevue 12

  1. jeremy says:

    Went in this morning thinking Vicky or Yoyo would be great, based on reviews. But then i made the stupid decision to chose based on my dick rather than my head, and chose a younger (guessing 30′s), slim, attractive with an absolute ton of makeup, and big fake tits (it was the tits that did it – looked sooo good and its my weakness!). Anyway, what followed was among the worst sex i’ve had – mechanical, no interest, doesn’t like nipples sucked or pussy eaten, and just wanted it over asap. Complete dud.
    So the lesson is, ignore your dick and go with who you expect to be the best fuck!

    • Jack Schltt says:

      Jeremy, sounds like you picked Candy. Great face, great body. A dud fuck! Only saw her once. Never again. My mate had similar experience.

  2. Mitchell says:

    Are there nice caucasians here?

    Any of you know a nice place witch caucasians?

  3. Gaz says:

    I usually see Vicky but wasn’t available when I asked . How old are whores in this place!!!! They all looked mid 40s. I said I would leave… The boss then Brough Mary out. Been very obvious she had finished with a punter!!! Fuck it i though and took her for 30mins. She sucked my dick and then she requested i suck her pussy!!! Are u serious I asked!!! I asked if she did anal and no was her response so I took my tounge were I shouldn’t have!!! I must of fucked her for 5mins when I had to blow my load in her mouth!! No extra cost!!! Still had 10 mins so she gave me a massage with kissing me. I don’t ussaully kiss whores but she was kinda forceful!! Mary is my new fav.

    • Pharquen Good Phark says:

      I only see Vicky at this place. The rest are very average. BBFS, anal, atm, rimming & she just LOVES dildoing your asshole. Fortunately for me her dildo aint that big. Love it when she pounds my ass while i’m sucking & tongueing both holes. She gets really horny. Then it’s my turn to pork her ass. Often she cums when i’m porking her corn hole. Pull it out & it the pussy. Then back into the ass. Backwards & forwards then when i am about to explode i fuck her mouth. Dump my load in her mouth. She loves it. All this for $65 for 30 minutes. See her weekly for the past 5/6 years. Never have caught anything. BTW she apparently likes DPs. She told me that herself. She also does lesbian FFM with
      Mona. BTW Mona also does anal for an extra $50 provided “it” aint too big. LMAO

    • Gaz says:

      Pharquen Good Phark you been seeing Vicky every week for the last 6 yrs! do the maths thats over $20,000 no wonder she “loves it”

      • Jackd says:

        I think (about) $20,000 in 6 six years is nothing for great sex.
        I’d happily take my wife on expensive dinners and buy her great gifts if she can be as great in bed.

        I still do but half heartedly.

        • Gary says:

          $20,000 would buy a new car, or 10 overseas trips its a shit lot of dough , there are another 30 mugs being milked the same amount once a week. if the wife is boring time for a divorce, nothing wrong with serial girlfriends sex can be great, and time spent together is free.

          • Jack says:

            Gary mate.. not sure if you have kids, If you do you’d probably understand. I have two and love them more then anything else.

            They are still young, I can’t even think of divorce for a few years.

          • Andy says:

            I too have seen vicky for 4years on weekly basis, but my visits are for 1hr and each time give her a tip of $40 .She luvs it in the arse and occasionally i blow on her face. I suppose the $40 covers the cum for facial.

          • Jackson says:

            I have never been here so need someone to confirm if the lady in the picture is Vicky

          • Alex says:

            Jackson – Thanks for the photo of Vicky. How did you get it if you have not been here before?

            Does anybody have pictures of the ladies here? The website seems very out of date. I like to plan in advance who to see so any help is appreciated.

          • tojo says:

            alex good question, to the scumbag that uploaded a face pic of vicky without her consent, legal action will be explored. the pic has been removed from the site the link directs to, one more recalcitrant site to comply.

        • Bartie says:

          To Jackson, that is Vicky. BTW she has got fat. She loves rimming your asshole. Make sure you put a soapy finger up your ass to ensure your stovepipe is nice & clean. LMAO

        • Jackson says:

          Found that picture online

          • tojo says:

            we are aware of the pic being on this other site, so far the request to remove it has been ignored. understand customers of brothels have a right to privacy when in a private room with a service provider, so to service providers have a right to their privacy, consent for this publication WAS NOT says alot about the character of those that allow links and uploads without concern for the family and children of service providers

          • Jackson says:

            Yeah I totally agree with you and urge the picture to be TAKEN DOWN ASAP but anyways I apologize for sharing the link as I didn’t know it was published without her consent.

  4. ben says:

    HPV and HSV from sucking bare genital causes warts under the tongue and tongue / throat cancer yuk

    • WartBoy says:

      I love WARTZ

      • Gary says:

        How mature! It is so obvious that the comments posted by wartboy, roving zucchini & hondo were written by the same lunatic.

      • Max says:

        Seriously, havent you morons got anything better to do than write inane comments about sausage, ladyboys & watrs? Your lives must be truly meaningless & sad. You guys or guy (you may even be a female) should go to a brothel, see a WL & write a review. You just hide behind your keyboard. Quite pathetic

  5. Patrick says:

    Saw Vicky yesterday. She used a butt plug on my ass. A little black thing that vibrated. Felt fucking great while she was suxing my cock. Then my turn. The butt plug was vibrating in her ass while i was sucking her clit & fingering her G spot. Fark she came a few times. Her pussy was so wet as was the mattress.
    Ended up blowing her ass. Sex in all 3 holes was bare back

  6. Guy says:

    Saw Vicky last week. A good session. BBBJ, DATY, 69, BBFS, BB Anal & ATM. Finished off with CIM. Gee, she has put on some weight. If she does get her old figure back, i’ll have to find someone else

  7. Sam says:

    Do any of your girls swallow cum ?

  8. Arnold Poopenmyer says:

    anyone know if or when Vicky comes back from holidays?

  9. Dave says:

    Just stick to reviews, & forget abusing each other. If there are people posting “fake” reviews, that’s their problem.. they are just wasting their time. And if you do bbfs, it is probably a good idea to check your dick occasionally!

    I have been there a couple of times, though the last time was awhile ago. I saw a slim girl called Jennifer who seemed quite young, which was surprising since they are mostly MILFS at this joint. Only saw her for 15-20 mins, but she put on some music & performed a little strip show. I bent her over & sucked on her pussy for a minute, before she gave me a nice wet BBBJ.

    I also saw Jenny, who was bit older & a little chubby. We 69′d, & she kept saying “you make Jenny horny”, unit I explored in her mouth. I sucked on her for another minute until she shook.

  10. Neo says:

    What time does this place close? I tried calling but some Chinese lady just kept saying “You come now”. Also after a nasty sesh so does anyone know who the go to girl is on Wednesday?

  11. john says:

    Hey guys if anyone’s keen for a dp session with one of the girls, hit me up on 0468996896

  12. James says:

    Went in last Friday pissed outta Ma faces. They said they only had one girl available, wanted a line up but they said they were busy. The girl I saw was short and Chinese, she looked quite young Got in a shower came out and she started kissing me. I ussaully don’t do that shit but she was ram miming her younger down me. Next thing I know I’m eating her pussy for about 10mins. Was a lil hairy. She squirted a few times aswel!! Ended up bbbj and blew my load within 2 mins. She gave me a massage and them began blowing me. She looked at the time and it was over without me even sticking it in her. She asked me if I wanted longer for another 65 I declined. That’s when she threw me on the bed and fucked me for another 20 mins until i blew my load. Had a shower gave her a 20 tip and left. What’s her name people !!!! She extremely short that’s the best way to describe her she said she’s young!!!

    • Vincentio says:

      What a load of codswallop. Keep dreaming sunshine

      • Neo says:

        Standard bs post here.

        You can tell when they say they “made her cum 10 times” or “she squirted 4 times”(all in a half hour session mind you lol).

        Must beat their meat while typing.

        • LeRoy BrowN says:

          Neo. You’re absolutely right! It’s all BS plus he never mentioned her name. Don’t know about you but if i had a session like that i’d make sure i never what her name was so i could book her for another session

  13. Pissed Off Doggies Fan says:

    I got off the train at Central and walked to Allianz Stadium to see my belived team get beaten. The Dogs were useless. They used to called the Berries. Well they played more like Berries than Dogs. BTW they have got to have the ugliest & fattest forward pack in the NRL. Been a huge disappointment all year.
    Was feeling horny so on my way back to Central i dropped into Number 12 which is just off Foveaux Street. Not much to pick from. Sofia looks nice. She’s young & a good sort too. By far the best sort that works there. I picked Lucy who i’ve seen heaps of times. She gives a great service. Might pick Sofia next time. Lucy is a tall skinny mature chinese woman with bolt-ons. She gives great BBBJs. Sex was good. Asked if i wanted a dom but declined. Asked for anal. She hesitated & then said be gentle. Well i couldnt even get the tip of my cock in. Very tight. Gave up. Have to say she is a good sport. At least she tried. Shame the place is such a dump & the shower i used smelt bad

  14. dave says:

    hi fllow punters, just wondering if there is minimum book time to cum 2x or extra charge? CIM?
    i’m usually with lucy but havent been there since forever

  15. Popo` says:

    I have pics / videos of Vicky and mona from Bellevue, and some of of the chicks from Hornsby 132m and Julue/Monica from Hurlstone 751. If you wanna trade pics email me

  16. Sjoerd says:

    Hi Guys,

    Can anyone tell me what time this place shuts?

    • TomTom says:

      Why don’t you call them ask?

      • GARY says:

        Saw Vicky this week. She loves sucking cock & ass. She always rims & tongues my asshole. Usually for about 10 minutes. She always fingers my ass. Then she dildoed my ass. Then got into a 69 position, put my cock into her pussy. Bare back of course. Then lubed her ass & porked her up the ass. Pounded her asshole for about 15 minutes before dumping my load in her ass. Then she went down on me. Got hard again. Extended for another 30 minutes. We both had a quick shower. Put my soapy finger up her ass. After showering had DATY while fingering her G-spot. She came time & time again. Then lubed my hand. Put 2 fingers in. Over the next few minutes i’d worked my fist in. Was very gentle. Think it was a bit uncomfortable for her so I inserted my cock into her pussy then her ass. Alternated between both holes. Repeated continually. Again she came time & time again. She must’ve been very horny as i usually dont make her cum so frequently. Possibly i was her first customer for the week. Anyway CIA. Was tired. She again did ATM. However my old fella didnt respond this time. Am not a young bloke. LOL.

  17. Ade Bakarde says:

    Went Friday after lunch. Place was very quiet. Picked Vicky & Yoyo. Both overweight but very friendly. They were also very friendly in the room. They were very accommodating. Asian birds just love us Nigerians. A real cock. A good thick 6 inches not those skinny little asian pricks. Plus i’m 6’2″”. I’m the total package, bro. They suxed my rigid cock. Both suxed it a the same time. Then Vicky pushes my legs in the air & starts tonguing my asshole while Yoyo is still suxing me. Then Yoyo sits on my face so Vicky mounts my dick. Finally i stand up & instructed da bitches to bend over in front of me. Theres’s 2 big fat juicy butts staring ne in the face. At the same time i stck a finger in each ass. First i fuck Yoyo in da pussy then moved to ger ass. Vicky was behind me know suxing my ass hole. I pull my cock out of Yoyo’s ass & stick in her pussy then back to her ass then back to pussy to ass etc etc etc. Now it’s Vicky’s turn. She wipes my cock & asshole. I first do her pussy then her ass. Now Yoyo is dildoing my ass hole while i’m doing Vicky’s ass. Blew in her ass. She turns around & starts suxing my cock. Still hard so i move her onto the bed on her back. Insert my cock back in her asshole. After a few long slow strokes, i pulled out & went to pussy. I now went back & forth from one hole to the other. Yoyo was gibbering away in chinese & Vicky replies. So i went faster deeper & harder. She started to wince. That shut her up. I was really doing her ass. After about 15 minutes of really pounding her ass, i blew again in her ass. Well i booked these bitches for 30 minutes but we went over time. Was in the room for about 50 minutes. Total cost was $130. Not bad even though the girls were both chubby. Place is a dive

  18. Vinnie the Poo says:

    Saw Mona over the weekend. Great service as usual: BBBJ, DATY & BBFS. She has a nice big fat firm arse! She cums quite easily when doing 69er.

  19. Ali Khan says:

    Vicky is back from holidays so i saw after 2:00 PM. Pretty quiet. Booked for Vicky for 30 minutes. Have been with her a few times now. Great service. She gave me a great BBBJ then she started to lick, kiss, tongue & finger my ass. She really enjoys rimming me. And I enjoyed it too. She asked if she could peg my asshole. Yea why not. It was a bit uncomfortable at first. She enjoyed doing it. Anyway we finally ended up doing BBFS & anal. I pulled my prick out of her ass & inserted it into her pussy then back to the ass then back to the pussy. Did this quite abfew times. After pulling it out of her ass, i asked could i blow in her mouth. Yep. No worries. ATM. Ended up doing CIM. And the whome session went iver tine. Nearly 90 minutes. All this for $65. Left the premises feeling extremely satisfied

    • BBFS says:

      hey ali have a good look at your cock with a magnifying glass, pay close attention to the area just behind the knob, look for small bumps , the ones with little fleshy tops. also where the pubic hair grows, small dark growths , we are wart brothers now

      • Samir says:

        BBFS or Wartboy aka Riving Z…Johnob etc etc & all the other aliases you use. On behalf of all the other punters using this site, i have a message for you. Tell someone who REALLY cares. You are a NUTCASE

  20. DOC says:

    I’ve been there twice. I have a terrible memory for names but the ladies are something like Munga and Yuku. Both chinese. If anyone can correct me, please do. I have to say they were both fantastic. They certainly made me feel like they were enjoying their work and I certainly enjoyed it. Highly recommend both ladies.
    I had the same room both times, lucky I wasn’t there to judge the decore and personally I couldn’t give a rats about that. I will definitely be returning.

    • tony about says:

      Their names are Mona and Yoyo and they are lots of fun, either seperately or together.

      • DOC says:

        Thanks Tony and they are great girls.

        • Italian Stallion says:

          Doc, if it is your thing Yoyo provides anal. Mona & Yoyo also like to team up for 3somes. If you ask nicely, Mona will eat Yoyo’s pussy.
          Also recommend lesbian 3somes with Vicky & Mona. Mona will eat vicky’s pussy. Another recommendation is Vicky & Yoyo together. No girl on girl action but both provide anal. We look forward to future reviews from you

  21. Italian Stallion says:

    Picked Lucy as my regular root, namely, Vicky is on holiday. Have seen Lucy quite a few times over the years. Tall, skinny middle aged WL who really know how to please. She gave me an awesome BBBJ. Took my manhood right to the back of her throat. I blew. She swallowed like a true champ. She kept sucking me & i got hard again in a few minutes. Finished with BBFS. Very good session.

  22. Italian Stallion says:

    Visited last week to see Vicky. BTW she’s on holidays in China for the next six weeks. First 30 minutes it was a 3some with Mona then next session was just one-on-one with Vicky. As usual i got an awesome session. And extra time at no extra charge. Lucky me
    Well those two sucked my dick & asshole simultaneously. Not bad. Then Mona ate Vicky’s pussy while I was porking Mona doggy style. Vicky started to moan as Mona sucked & fingered her clit & cunt. All of a sudden Vicky stiffened up, arched her back then her whole body shuddered orgasmically. Well i couldnt hold back & blew my load in Mona. Good timing as the 30 min mark was only seconds away. Well Mona showered, dressed then left. The next 30 mins were now exclusively with Vicky. I had a quick shower. Then back to business. Did DATY on Vicky. That got me hard again. Then Vicky sucked my prick for a good 10 mins then went to town on my asshole. She licked, sucked & kissed my corn hole. Also stuck her tongue in as well as a couple of fingers. Then she pegged my asshole with her dildo. First she went slow & shallow then fast & deep. With the other hand she was milking my rock hard cock. Quite liked it eventho it was a bit uncomfortable at first but Vicky really enjoys doing rimming & pegging my ass. Then inserted my pork sword into the pussy then into her corn hole then back to pussy then ass etc etc. Alternated between both holes then mixed it up a bit with some ATM. So now i was alternating between all 3 holes. BTW she told me she loves me. Heck she’s only human. LMAO. Well i finally dumped my second load in her mouth. And she swallowed all of it.
    Even though i only booked Vicky for an hour of which first half included Mona, the whole session lasted nearly 90 minutes as it quite that afternoon. All this cost me was $200. Gave the $5 change to Vicky as a tip. What a generous guy i am. LMAO.
    While Vicky is away will see Pamela & Jimmi at Riverwood. They both do BBFS & anal. Both give awesome BBBJ. Also plan to see April & Lulu at 269. A 3some with them is an awesome experience. Highly recommended. Those two lick each other out as well rim my asshole as well as each other’s. Pharken filthy! BOOYAH!!!!

    • roving zucchini says:

      what a load of bullshit. you dont fool anyone changing the handle from “big boy” ,to “stallion” , bet your cock is more like a cocktail frankfurt

      • Henry says:

        RovingZ, i’ve noticed you love saying BULLSHIT to other punters’ reviews. I can tell you now that what Italian Stallion states is fairly spot on as I’ve done Vicky many times over the past 6/7 years. I think you are jealous coz you get a lousy service. Maybe because you are lousy in the room. Maybe you should ask the girls how they would like “ut” done

        • Johnob says:

          @henry i told you already cocklover! oxford st you will find some cock to munch on

          • OldMick says:

            To johnob. Wow what a mature well thought out response. Nah only messing with your head. Typical gutter talk from an uneducated miserable excuse for a human being. Feel sorry for you. Your life must be so miserable. Sad. Very sad. You cant help being a moron.

          • Johnobw says:

            @Oldmick, or is it oldmike or olemike or whatever enjoy your multiple papillomaviruses

          • Sabine says:

            Johnow. I know YOU. Your that pathetic weasel who used to visit me at Amandas. I remember you well. You were pathetic with your tongue. And your penis is so skinny, i couldnt even feel it in my ass! Yep. One socially & sexually inept punter.

          • Johnob says:

            wrong. never been to amanda heaven. but i do know that all these fwits on here getting bbfs are sharing my warts thats for sure.

          • Sabine says:

            Well done johnob. Your fixated on warts just like wartboy & roving Z – you are the same troll. BTW you seem to be very confused. That thing you call a wart is actually your prick. You cant help it if your cock is microsized. LMAO

          • Tony Abbott says:

            Hey Jobnow. You claim you never been to Amanda (Aug 14). Well how come you have posted so many connents on the AH thread. You’re full of it!!!

        • henry and sabine says:

          sabine is henry the bbfs wartboy, same style of writing such as “RovingZ” and ” LMAO” and “BTW”

  23. Richard says:

    Hi need so advice/ help. Neva been to a brothel… I usually blow my load within 5 mins.. What’s the cum limit in these places. I’m want a nasty girl who is down for anything and will let me dfk her. Also will pay extra to swallow do they do that..? Who sball I see

    • johnob says:


      You pay by time & can cum as many times as you are cable.
      2 seems to be a limit that most men can reach in an hour.

      Check the reviews as to who will DFK, some do & some do not.
      Generally a lot of asians will.

      Research, enjoy & report back!


    • Donkey Kong says:

      Richard, i recommend the following at number 12:
      Vicky – anal,fisting, lesbian 3somes, BBBJ, DATY, DP, BBFS, CIM, CIP, CIA, COF, ATM. She loves rimming & pegging my asshole. Sticks her tongue in DEEP. Pretty face but body is getting pudgy. She loves being videoed.
      Mona – lesbian 3somes, BBFS, BBBJ, DATY. Gives awesome head. Pretty. Body is good
      If you go to to 751, Hurlstone Park ask for Mona. Does everything Vicky does but better service.
      At 269 Canterbury ask for Lulu & April. Both do everything Vicky & Monica do. Recommend a 3some with L & A. Real PSE
      At Amandas, Artarmon, recommend Nicole & Candy. Both do everything Vicky does
      BTW all the above do BBFS

  24. Big Boy says:

    Saw Vicky. Great service as usual but her body has gone to pot. She rimmed my asshole for about 15 minutes. Then she pegged my arse with her dildo whle sucking my cock. Got so turned on I came in her mouth. She kept sucking me till i hardened up. Stabbed her pussy with my pork sword then into her arse. Repeated this process then ATM then back into the pussy then arse then mouth. Kept going from one hole to the other. Finally dumped a huge wad of spunk in her mouth. She swallowed. Service 12/10. Appearance 4/10.

    • Big Boy says:

      just a follow up this morning i cant piss, feels like im pissing fire. i should rate myself after this . morality 2/10 self respect 1/10 intelligence 0/10

      • Big Boy says:

        , Big Boy is an oxymoron, im so small it could be mistaken for a clit, some WLs think i am a a hermaphrodite. i think i shall take your worldly advise RZ and start seeing lady boys, that way i can pretend im being fucked by a woman. after all i do love the dildo up my arse as i reviewed with vicky. so i will do as you suggest and bend over and take a real lady boy 8″ cock while they reach under and wank my miniscule cock/clit

      • Big Boy says:

        The post dated July 16 was not posted by me. Have never ever had an STD. It is obvious that the post was made by the same person using the label “Roving Zuchinni”. Pathetic nutcase & a poor excuse for a human being. Get a life you loser

  25. Chickworm says:

    I found this place horrible because of their attitude although I did one of them today.They look boring to me when I ask their name and just urge me to pick one of them. I did Sophia by BBFS with extra $20(who the hell say it does not charge?)She are old but good at service. Especially skillful licking and sucking my cock leading to my too early cum in 10mins bbbj, (BTW I book her 45mins) followed by 25mins massage and it is excellent! And then, she suck my cock again and try to make it hard.Eventually, she did it and fucked by it in misl position for while then changed to be a cowgirl. Maybe I choose a wrong position, my little bro become soft again.But the main reason I believed is her body is not attractive to me anyway. The rest of time is just repeating sucking and can’t get it back to be rocky :(

  26. Luca says:

    Hey guys, can someone please share with me your video with Vicky, Mona or yoyo? I really want go and funk them. Thanks

  27. PeterPecker - the Original & the Best says:

    Well this thread has been taken over by a troll by the name of wartboy, etc etc etc. To Admin, can you block this troll. Not hard. Simply identify his IP Address. He mist likely is the same idiot who forced you to de-activate 269. He’s ruining this site as well as Amanda Heavens. If you dont, you’ll lose a lot of readers & contributors. If things aren’t fixed within the next few days, i’ll give the website a miss.

    • roving zucchini says:

      Here here
      Why administration has not acted quickly in checking and verifying email addresses of so called rift raft trolling the forum posting reviews in offensive language taking over uses moniker for their sake of gratification
      I posted one comment recently expressing my disgust on some of the writing content , after a long absent from visiting and reading this website
      And I just saw a misc review saying I have photos
      Who cares
      Who ever you are, so called what’s your name
      You have been standing in front of the mirror for too long jeering off and writing Bullshit
      Making this website worthless to read and wasting sponsors dollars in promoting their business because of trolls, hackers and low life like yourself
      There are good honest punters out there writing good reviews and information , and it comes down to one person to ruin it all
      Signing off for the last time again
      Cheers RZ
      ps the next roving zucchini review or comments is not from me you can tell by the literature content of my writing style

    • hey little house under a big tree says:

      that profile pic of the little house under a big tree tags all your posts

    • ET says:

      What a load of BS. Massive tits? Mona? It is obvious you’ve never met her.

  28. Tony says:

    Are there any milfs here with big tits?

    • ET says:

      Tony, there are no WLs here with big tits. They’re all chinese.
      If you want BIG tits check out Marlene’s (Alexandria), Club 121 at Pyrmont (ask for Anita – pharken huge firm boobs), Amanda Heavens at Artarmon, Cougar Town (Riverwood), Black Cat (Surry Hills).

  29. PeterPecker says:

    Had a 3some with Vicky & Yoyo. Double head job. Then Vicky sucked my stove pipe while Yoyo sucked my cock. Felt great
    The porked both in pussy. Alternated. Next stop – the brown holes. Both bent over in front of me. Think Vicky’s cornhole is bigger than Yoyo’s. Did Yoyo’s asshole first. Very tight. Then they wiped my fat cock clean with antiseptic wipes before porking Vicky’s asshole. Not as tight as Yoyo’s. Blew my load in Vicky’s ass while Yoyo was licking my asshole. Pulled out of Vicky’s mouth & she proceeded to suck me. Awesome session. $130 for 30 minutes. Got BBBJ, DATY, BBFS, BB Anal, CIA & ATM.

    • Wartboy says:

      you dirty man. aahhgg! did you have a good scrub and shower after? you cant wash away the STI’s in a shower you dirty dirty man

      • PeterPecker says:

        just went to take a piss just now and my piss tube is burning and blocked damn filthy whores!!

      • PeterPecker - the Original & the Best says:

        Gee what an imagination you have. You saw Vicky in the morning. Funny she started until 3pm.

    • PeterPecker says:

      To Wartboy & the “fake” peter pecker.
      You are so transparent. You criticize my review & then answer using my moniker. It is sooooo obvious. Same writing style; vulgar language; negativity, resentment & envy permeate your writing.
      This is the ONLY time I’ll respond to your pathetic rantings. TBH I don’t think I should encourage an imbecile like you.

      • PeterPecker the Wartboy says:

        there are multiple PeterPeckers and Wartboys

        • roving zucchini says:

          PeterPeckers and The Wartboys
          Sounds like a gay boy band

          There are no lady boys and no receptionist with glasses and all the women are 40 plus years old and majority of them do PSE BBFS

          Cut the crap you lot write about, kerb the offensive language and stick to the rules of the forum and only write reviews that are worth reading
          Cheers RZ

  30. Wartboy says:

    Bullshit you get bareback here you lying cunts. If you want bareback, you should look for the chocolate starfish. I like men’s anuses myself. Or is the pural anii? I can never tell. Anyway, the women at this shithole are slags. Go to Oxford St like I do and get some todger into your gob. Mmmm, mmmm. Delicious!

  31. Franklin says:

    Who’s the best pick here? Any suggestions guys?

    • Wartboy says:

      Bullshit you liar. The ladyboy is all mine! You don’t love man meat half as much as I do! When I get hold of that huge shemale cock, it’s a jism jamboree!

    • PeterPecker says:

      Franklin. There are NO ladyboys at 12 Bellevue

      • Franklin says:

        Hi peter. I’m not into lady boys I was asking about the WLs there

        • PeterPecker says:

          Frank. Didnt say you are; just setting the record straight as wartboy said they are available. His claim is totally fictitious. Look forward to your review if you go. Remember most of the WLs are mature. Recommend Lucy, Mona & Nancy for awesome BBBJ & DATY. All provide BBFS if you want that. Yoyo & Vicky also provide anal at no extra cost. BTW vicky loves rimming your asshole. She will peg your asshole if you like that. She really enjoys doing that. LMAO.

  32. Stiffy says:

    Hi Neva used a brothel before thinking of going to this one as its dirt cheap. Was wondering what the cum limit was. I want an hour session as I cum quick. Also do any girls do girlfriend experience.. I want someone who kisses using the tounge and a pussy I can eat. I know I shouldn’t but fuck it.

    • Camel Pharka says:

      To Stiffy. Except for Candy all the WLs here will do DFK, BBBJ, DATY & BBFS. Couple even do anal at no extra cost. BTW the WLs are mature. In looks, most would be rated about 4 or 5 out of 10. The premises are dingy & the decor is crappy. However the service is top notch. Most let you do CIM, COF, CIP & 69ers. A couple allow CIA.

      • wartboy says:

        fuck off Wartboy

        • Elton says:

          To Wartboy. As for your claim that the receptionist gave you a BJ in the waiting room; well there is no receptionist at 12.

      • Camel Pharka says:

        Are you that dumb, Wartboy? Read my review again. I stated that “a couple do anal”. How does thar correlate to your statement “all anal”?
        To my knowledge only Yoyo & Vicky do anal. As for BBFS, every WL i’ve been with at Bellevue 12 provided that with one exception namely Candy. Just because a dumb cunt like you doesnt get BBFS doesnt mean that other punters are liars! Possibly you crappy attitude is accompanied by a crappy breath!!!!!

        • Cwusader Wabbit says:

          What is your problem, Wartboy? You must be really miserable

        • The ORIGINAL Camel Pharka says:

          To pope. That retard wartboy used my moniker. It’s obvious by the language he used. Totally uneducated, miserable moron is he. He’s very aggressive on this forum to nearly everyone.

      • Richard says:

        To the foul mouthed wartboy. What is your problem? Why are you so bitter & negative? Do the WLs laff at the size of your little prick? Is that it? Or are you impotent? Or is it because they dont like you?

        • wartboy says:

          Wartboy is not me , i am wartboy. this Wartboy cunt is a troll, he uses multiple handles to troll reviews including mine as wartboy. you can tell pick his posts he often starts with “what a load of bullshit” get fucked Wartboy!

        • wartboy says:

          you are an idiot Wartboy! you must have a very boring life to have nothing better to do than troll everyday for entertainment.

      • Elton says:

        Thanks Camel Pharka. Took your advice & saw Vicky. Pretty face, very personable, her engrish is reasonable but is a bit overweight. However got BBBJ, BBFS, BB Anal, ATM & CIA. BTW she rimmed & tongued my asshole for at least 15 minutes. Also put my fat cock in ass then back to pussy back to ass etc. She is an awesome root. Had a great time. All for $65. Next time booking her with Yoyo & have an anal 3some

      • wartboy says:

        camel fucker reply to your own posts with the fake handle Elton bullshit spinner

      • Bartmaan says:

        You are pathetic Wartzboy. Your life must be miserable. No friends, no girlfriend, no job, living with mum, watching porn all day then beating up you little 3 inch weiner. Tsk tsk tsk

        • wartboy says:

          so right bartmaan, that idiot Wartboy must be some bored youngster , just comes here to troll. take my advice, if you ignore his idiot posts he will move on

  33. Jose says:

    Hey guys I was just wondering I’m going to those place and I have a lot of questions. Do we need to bring a Condom or are they provided, actually do we even use them and if yes then is it just during the intercourse and not oral sex. With the 65 for 30 minutes can we add multiple one on one things on it like a fantasy dress up and massage or is it just sex. Finally who is the hottest out of all of them and when is she available .

    • Annoyed says:

      Actually, it is a well known fact that you can re-use condoms. You just turn them inside out and shake the fuck out of them.

    • Fred Nile says:

      Actually true story re condoms… I find most of the girls here require them (e.g. I saw Yuyu thinking aaah that’s yoyo and she required one.) Seen a few others… one who was a bit younger and had bolt-ons required a dom.

      Never tried any of the ones on here. I read their names hoping to see them but when I rock up I’ve never seen any in the line-up. Not saying they don’t exist, but I suspect they are more popular and you need either good luck or good timing to meet them.

      Don’t be scared of this place being all bareback chicks. People on here will say they all do it, but from my experience most require a dom and will definitely have them in stock (ready to be used.)

      • Camel Pharka says:

        Well Fred, i’ve porked nearly all the WLs here & have done BBFS with all except Candy.

      • Camel Pharka says:

        BTW i’ve porked Yoyo in the pussy & ass – bare back plenty of times. Find it odd that they insist you wear a dom.

  34. Dave says:

    hi just asking,

    can we have a massage session first and then sex?

    anyone did this before?

  35. sutu says:

    Does anybody have a cell or a wechat line for this place? I keep trying to book yoyo over phone but the lady can’t understand anything you say and just keeps repeating “you come in we have 8 girl here. you come? yes”

  36. jjasderaa says:

    Anyone want to go in and double-team one of these girls? Or do a double session in the same room? I’ve seen Yoyo, Wendy, Vicky and Melissa (though Melissa is ultra boring). Reckon they’d be up for it. Msg me

  37. seansonnett23 says:

    Who would you recommend out of Vicky Mona and Yoyo?

  38. TyHarden the Fake Reviewer says:

    Geez you must have had an off day cause i been here a few times, always been awe sum, last time did a deal to have a double with lesy action included. Mostly i had to force the lesy action, i finally did get the old one to lick the young one out while after showing her how to do it, gave her a fingering lesson also, i then deep throated the young one, got the old one to lick my balls and ass at sometime before i absolutely and totally fucked them both, hard up the cunt and then up ass, went from ass old one to ass young one to pussy old one to pussy young one, repeated that sequence about 20 times , went very slow for 1 set , then very deep for one set, then went the fucken rat , extremely fast and very hard) for one set. they didn’t seem to mind that at all, old one came about 6 or more times, quivering away every time my cock head touched her clot and pussy, the young one kept telling me to go deeper , fuck me I’ve got a 8″ cock and for a little chick she has a cunt hole that must reach to her that, but got me going, after the 20 sets of 4 i was gunna blow, i pulled out, got the old one to suck me off whist the young one fingered me asshole and i blew 3 weeks worth of a massive fucken load all over the old ones face all thru her hair, all over the pillow, even got some in her nose hole , tried to get the young one to kiss her and lick it up, she wouldn’t, so i did, then i spat it on the old ones pussy, fucken aaa , now you mention it i remember that they offered me to get the lady boy in to fuck me , i thought they were shitting me. So thats my story , take it or fucken leave it, its what happened, about 50 minutes $200 well spent buckaroos for each girl, $400 all up, but no lady b

    • Rudd dadadada Dudd says:

      Pathetic. All BS. There’s only 2 WLs at this joint that provide anal – Vicky & Yoyo. Vicky is in her late 30s while Yoyo would be well into her 40s. Both provide BBFS and have had many 3somes with them. When i go from one WL to the other they always clean my cock with swipes. So you have been caught out. Just another wanker spreading BS. BTW they dont have a ladyboy at 12. Never in the 10 years i’ve going. You even got tbe prices wrong. It’s $130 for 60 minutes not $200 as you claim.

  39. RiskyBusiness says:

    So I went here tonight hoping to see Vicky, but she wasn’t available, so I chose Lucy. Probably on the lower end of the attractiveness scale, but I had a feeling about her. I was very horny, and wanted BBFS. I didn’t ask before hand, and it all just came together. She went down so deep, and the blowjob was just incredible. She was really tight when I fingered her, and she was tighter than most brothel types. The expression on her face was a little of pain during sex, but she kept saying I was big. Also impressed with this being the first time that I pulled out with cum just running out of her pussy (it’s really cool to see that). A very good experience.

  40. Lebanese Cucumber says:

    Booked Vicky for an hour. Well it was business as usual. First 30 minutes was with Vicky & Mona. AweSome DATY on both plus got BBBJ from both gals simultaneously. Then got M to eat V while i was pumping M’s pussy doggy style. Dumped a load in M’s cunt. BBFS. Then M left. Had a quick shower. V then rimmed & tongued my asshole for about 15 minutes. Then pumped V’s ass. Pulled it out & got V to suck me. ATM. Back into the ass then the pussy back to ass then ATM. This cycle continued until i blew in V’s mouth. V’s service is really good but she’s been piling on the weight. Unfortunately

    • satnight says:

      Nice work. They would have loved sucking on your big lebbo cock.

      Do you know if any of these girls would eat my cum out of each others asses or drink piss?

      • LebaneseCucumber says:

        Satnite. Dont think they would do that. Presently there are only 2 that do anal. They are Yoyo & Vicky. Both do BB and CIA

  41. tony about says:

    I went and saw Sophia again last Tuesday and it was another magnificent session

    This WL really had something about her.
    She is a very warm,beautiful woman who always provides an extremely enthusiastic and responsive service.
    The only thing she won’t do is anal.
    Did I mention she has a wicked sense of humour and likes to help me in learning Chinese.

  42. overit says:

    keep poking your bare cock into these whores and al this will be yours son

  43. PinPrick says:

    Booked Vicky last Friday. Upon arrival she’s double booked so i picked Lucy. Tall skinny mature with fake tits & a boney ass. Well the BBBJ was awesome. Then she rimmed my ass for a good 15 minutes before BBFS. Pulled out & dumped all my semen on her back. IMO her BBBJ & rimming is better than Vicky’s. No anal but who cares

  44. Gorgeous George says:

    Well I got desperate & booked Vicky despite the fact i had the shits with her last week when i drove all the way to Surry Hills to be told she had double booked. Well guess what it happened again exactly 7 days later. Stormed out! Really cranky. Wasted my Viagra – got home. Decided not to waste my blue tablet. Watched a bit of porn. Well you can guess the rest …. LMAO

  45. Donell says:

    Went in this Sunday morning and decided to try Amy (new girl different from the Amy on their website) not a spring chicken by any means but she had a pretty face and nice skin. Onto the room for the hour started with a cat bath then some ball licking before she proceeded to engulf my now very erect member into her willing mouth she absolutely had no problems with following orders as she followed every single on of my commands which led to very nice long deep suction from her which ended in CIM. A nice massage soon followed and the little fella was soon ready for round 2. Sex in various positions Missionary, Doggy and finally Side Doggy which resulted in me unloading this time on her breast and partly on her face. Only downside was as the session finished and Im getting dressed another punter had rung th bell she left the room to answer the door and to my suprise when I had decided to leave the room she brought the punter into the same room we were just In no big deal but Im sure the other punter also felt some sort of discomfort as well in seeing the other guy that had just pounded the working lady he was now about about to engage paid sex with haha

  46. Gorgeous George says:

    Booked Vicky. Get there. Double booked. Stormed out. Drove all the way from Homebush. Has happened before. Not going there any more. Might try the Rydalmere brothels.

  47. esos says:

    i have a free place, n im thinking on hosting a party there, maybe gangbang or full on orgy, any of u interested n we can get some girls on

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