Bellevue 12

12 Bellevue St Surry Hills NSW 2010

Bellevue 12

Do you want to enjoy an unbelievable and unforgettable sex? We have the most sexy ladies and top service for you. They are busty, passionate, gentle and considerate. Come to feel their kissing, cuddle, soft skin and enjoy the feeling their gently hands, juicy tongue play around on your body and more more more. They can’t wait, please come to play. You may think some of our ladies are not as beautiful as your girl friend or wife, however, you will never forget the sex and even more. We guarantee price is cheapest in city. We are close to train station, room is well decorated, bed is comfortable and temperature is suitable. We aim to provide you the top service quality for your sex experience.

02 9281 8480

12 Bellevue St Surry Hills NSW 2010

Full Service Rates:

30 minutes $65
45 minutes $100
60 minutes $130

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548 Responses to Bellevue 12

  1. Bloke says:

    Heading to bellevue on the 3rd of june, any of you blokes keen for some dp action? Reply to this comment and whe can organize something.

    • Larry says:

      Ok Bloke. The 3rd June is a Saturday. Which WL do you have in mind seeing that to my knowledge only 2 of the gals here do greek? And neither of them work on the weekend.

  2. Lucyforlaif says:

    Anyone know where lucy go? the last time i go 13may the girl said lucy stop working there. if anyone know please tell me

  3. Joey says:

    Have tried 12 Bellevue twice.
    First time I saw Lily and wasn’t disappointed. She’s not much to look at but she loves what she does.
    Deep French, BBBJ, Bareback, asked to rim me twice, CIP.
    Great BBBJ and very enthusiastic rimmer, even entered on a few ocassions.
    No lube needed, she was very wet.
    Didn’t ask for anal but it wouldnt suprise me if she was up to it as she got very excited as my mouth gravitated from Y to munching arse.
    I gave her some of that because she was going to town on my arse at the same time.
    Went way over time and I left very satisfied.
    Saw Sarah on a different day and was disapointed. She is pretty if you like a bit of a chubby woman (I do) but teethy BJ, dry pussy , time watcher and generally boring.

    • Slamming Salami says:

      Joey, I’ve tried to do anal with Lily. Too big. She wanted me to do it but got in about 1/2 inch. LOL. You might get lucky. Last time i saw Lily (about 6 weeks ago) she had really bad breath. A real turn off.
      Try Lucy. Tall & skinny – great service.

      • Kim Dim Sim says:

        Agree. Lily’s breath is really BAD. And i’ve also tried anal & only got my head in about 1/4 inch before she pleaded for me to stop. BTW i’m average size – 3 inches – for a chinaman

        • Cute Sausage says:

          Wow.. you Larry the Lamb & Bloke are real men aren’t you ??
          Stickin cocks up girls arses..What fucking men you are.
          Why don’t you three pair up and take each others cum shots up your arses.

      • Larry says:

        Cum & join in Cute Sausage. Blokey & me can take turns porking your ass while tugging your dick while you eat out the WL’s pussy & arsehole. KAPOW bro! KAPOW!!!

        • Cute Sausage says:

          Nah… not into that you un manly fool !!
          Anyway all three of you can play with your 2.5 ” cock
          Bunch of mini penises… that’s why you all like arse.

  4. Da Silver Fox says:

    To ?. Tell someone who really cares! You are a sick fuck who considers bagging everyone & everything to be “productive”. Not going to respond to you anymore cause it is sad to see a “special person” like you making a spectacle of himself.
    Seriously, if you think the reviews are fake why waste your time reading them? Answer: “i got nuttin betta to do except bat my little frankfurt. I’m such a miserable c-nt! I’m ugly, dumb & fat. My dick is puny but my gut is huge. Am unemployed; have no friends; live with me parents; my only means of transport is an old skate board; & i buys me clothes from Lowes. I’m so sorry for being a nasty prick but i cant help it! I’m so bored. I watch porn all day. I just dont have a life! I’m jealous when i read the exploits of Slamming Salami, Roving Zucchini, Lebanese Zucchini, Italian Stallion, Bronson, Kevin Long Prong. Oh i wish i was like them! Boo hoo hoo. I’m sorry for being nasty & mealy mouthed. I’m a crass, uneducated, bigoted, aggressive c-nt. I suffer from SMALL MAN syndrome. I’m only 5’6″ & i have a tiny cock frankfurt. It’s about 2.5 inches on the rise! Boo hoo hoo. Boo hoo hoo. So sorry”

    • ? says:

      OK Harsh words.
      Now IF Admin don’t want me here say so…. ADMIN.
      Not someone posing as them.

      Think carefully with your response. This site can become dreadfully boring without the likes of me.
      It will be relegated to a bunch of bullshit postings, for the sake of self aggrandizement by a few fuckwits.
      Go for it.

    • johnb says:

      He was telling people who cared.
      You can just fuck if if you are not interested.

    • johnb says:

      He was telling people who cared.
      You can just fuck if if you are not interested

  5. Italian Stallion (arse licker poo eater) says:

    was here the other week, She went to work on my cock & then my ass pipe. Her tongue was in & out. She did this for about 10 minutes. Then had sex in both pussy & ass. Finally came in her ass – CIA. She let me throat fuck her, had my dick rammed down her throat ,My tongue was on her clit & pussy. Then went down her pussy & arse with my tongue & fingers. Rimming, sucking, licking … got hard again. Then I inserted my cock into her pussy, Great value. DFK, BBBJ, DATY, BBFS, CIP, CIM, CIA, ATM, anal. do her anal which was a bad idea because while I was doing her anal a bit of poo came out, SO I LICKED IT UP! then open my mouth wide and she craps a huge load into my mouth and i swallowed the lot !

  6. Spectator says:

    I reckon ? is just plain jealous of the italian stallion. BTW thanks to ? for your wonderful, incisive, entertaining & informative comments. We always look forward to your fantastic reviews. Hahahaha.
    TBH idiots like you are pathetic, miserable excuses for a human being. Get a life. Better still get a root. Stop wanking yourself over porn & tell mummy that when you cash your CentreLink cheque today that you are going to lose your cherry. Gee your mum will be so happy that her son is finally going out of the house.

    • ? says:

      Yes Italian Stallion (arse licker) and Spectator. ..same idiot.
      Punters beware.. This idiot thinks you are goin to get excited and go to see vicky. She will tell u to fuck off. Wasted money. Italian Limp Dick is her pimp.

      • Bronson says:

        To ?. Why not visit Vicky & find out for yourself. You can then check out the veracity of punters’ comments about Vicky’s service? You wont go because you’re an unemployed poo puncher still living with mummy

        • ? says:

          Hey Bronson…. Is your first name Charles…. Charles Bronson…. That ugly movie star… R U as ugly ?? Sure you are. That’s why you need to visit these imaginary women in your dreams.

          Not interested in visiting fictitious women.
          Con Man extraordinaire.

          Need to log out now or the boss will catch me so F/O

        • Bronson says:

          Well ?, what a cop out! Your response demonstrates what a meally mouthed grub you really are. You are a bully. An aggressive sociopath who “thrives” on negativity. You must be really miserable. We all feel sorry for you. I see you also post under various aliases such as Fred, Fly Swatter, Pal, Phil, Wartboy, LZ, RZ etc etc.

          • ? says:

            Nasty , nasty !!!
            Someone else has noticed that 10 supposed punters = 1 prick on this site.What are your aliases ??
            Sociopath ? them’s is harsh words … are you a Psych ?? Actually I’m a loveable, happy, kindly fellow who doesn’t bear fools lightly. Especially liars, when it comes to their sexually exaggerated female exploits.OK
            If you are going to call me a “XXXX’ mouthed grub at least spell it correctly.
            MEALY.. OK??

  7. Italian Stallion says:

    Saw Vicky last week. Fark she is a farken hot root. A genuine slut in tbe room. Started off with a 69 then she proceeded to rim then tongue my ass hole. Then porked her pussy before porking her arse. Then back to pussy then arse. Kept alternating between both holes then she did ATM. Dropped my load in her gob. BTW all bare back. 9/10

    • ? says:

      Boola – shit… Pezzo di merda

      • Italian stallion says:

        To ?. Are you really that stoooopid? Can you read? Read my comment again. Where does it say that i rimmed her ass. You are just another keyboard warrior sniping at everyone’s comments. So you say i write stooopid shit …. really? My review was concise. If you dont like reading it & the rest of this forum, dont read it. Or maybe you can write a review and demonstrate your exemplary writing skills. Oh, that wont happen because trolls like you never write reviews. It is just so much easier to screech & scream. Go on, write a review when you finally do tbe deed

        • shitty breath says:

          yeah read you comments. you did a 69, with all the arse to pussy and back again transfering the shit from arse to pussy you still get a mouth full of shit, BTW you also get a mouth full of other punters shit , sperm, warts, herpes, worms, etc etc that also did her arse to pussy. yeah baby spread that shitty mouth breath all over town, do you kiss you mum? daughter? urgh!

    • ? says:

      You and Vicky — 2 boring bastards.

      • Italian Stallion says:

        To “?”.
        Why bother making such an assinine comment? I’m not writing for you. This forum is about providing information. I guess if i had made a detailed report, you’d still complain. How about writing a review about a “visit” instead of being negative & critical?

        • ? says:

          No of course you’re not writing to me, but I am one of the general audience.
          Assinine ?? negative because I don’t agree with you. How sensitive you are my fellow.
          If you don’t want to attract criticism don’t write stupid shit. You are seriously paying money to lick an ugly prostitutes arsehole ??? You have no taste ahahah.
          As if anyone is interested in you licking a prostitutes arsehole.
          Are you Vickys public relations officer ?? trying to get dopey punters through the door at Bellevue.
          What punters need to be aware of when getting the idea
          of licking an arsehole is: a few minutes earlier she may have been hanging a big, fat, green, slimey smelly turd.
          OK go for it if you like.

  8. Ben says:

    Would be happy to dp vicky, anytime

  9. harry says:

    Anyone down to dp Vicky soon??

    • Bloke says:

      Im keen mate, will be there on the 3rd if you keen. Reply to this if your down and we can organize something!

  10. FleaBrownEye says:

    Does Sophia still work here. I am in Melbourne currently and will be back in Sydney in 2 weeks. Thanks in advance

  11. dave says:

    I used to see a lady called Jessica at Bellevue12. Does anyone know what happened to her ? is she still working?

  12. RiskyBusiness says:

    Went here yesterday and saw Coco. Do not see this woman. She felt physically cold, it felt awkward touching her, she didn’t open herself up to touching. She gave a blowjob with teeth. I absolutely regret this, never again.

  13. Paul says:

    Anyone know where Tiffany works now? She used to work here 4 or 5 years ago

  14. jeremy says:

    Went in this morning thinking Vicky or Yoyo would be great, based on reviews. But then i made the stupid decision to chose based on my dick rather than my head, and chose a younger (guessing 30’s), slim, attractive with an absolute ton of makeup, and big fake tits (it was the tits that did it – looked sooo good and its my weakness!). Anyway, what followed was among the worst sex i’ve had – mechanical, no interest, doesn’t like nipples sucked or pussy eaten, and just wanted it over asap. Complete dud.
    So the lesson is, ignore your dick and go with who you expect to be the best fuck!

  15. Mitchell says:

    Are there nice caucasians here?

    Any of you know a nice place witch caucasians?

  16. Gaz says:

    I usually see Vicky but wasn’t available when I asked . How old are whores in this place!!!! They all looked mid 40s. I said I would leave… The boss then Brough Mary out. Been very obvious she had finished with a punter!!! Fuck it i though and took her for 30mins. She sucked my dick and then she requested i suck her pussy!!! Are u serious I asked!!! I asked if she did anal and no was her response so I took my tounge were I shouldn’t have!!! I must of fucked her for 5mins when I had to blow my load in her mouth!! No extra cost!!! Still had 10 mins so she gave me a massage with kissing me. I don’t ussaully kiss whores but she was kinda forceful!! Mary is my new fav.

  17. ben says:

    HPV and HSV from sucking bare genital causes warts under the tongue and tongue / throat cancer yuk

  18. Patrick says:

    Saw Vicky yesterday. She used a butt plug on my ass. A little black thing that vibrated. Felt fucking great while she was suxing my cock. Then my turn. The butt plug was vibrating in her ass while i was sucking her clit & fingering her G spot. Fark she came a few times. Her pussy was so wet as was the mattress.
    Ended up blowing her ass. Sex in all 3 holes was bare back

  19. Guy says:

    Saw Vicky last week. A good session. BBBJ, DATY, 69, BBFS, BB Anal & ATM. Finished off with CIM. Gee, she has put on some weight. If she does get her old figure back, i’ll have to find someone else

  20. Sam says:

    Do any of your girls swallow cum ?

  21. Arnold Poopenmyer says:

    anyone know if or when Vicky comes back from holidays?

  22. Dave says:

    Just stick to reviews, & forget abusing each other. If there are people posting “fake” reviews, that’s their problem.. they are just wasting their time. And if you do bbfs, it is probably a good idea to check your dick occasionally!

    I have been there a couple of times, though the last time was awhile ago. I saw a slim girl called Jennifer who seemed quite young, which was surprising since they are mostly MILFS at this joint. Only saw her for 15-20 mins, but she put on some music & performed a little strip show. I bent her over & sucked on her pussy for a minute, before she gave me a nice wet BBBJ.

    I also saw Jenny, who was bit older & a little chubby. We 69’d, & she kept saying “you make Jenny horny”, unit I explored in her mouth. I sucked on her for another minute until she shook.

  23. Neo says:

    What time does this place close? I tried calling but some Chinese lady just kept saying “You come now”. Also after a nasty sesh so does anyone know who the go to girl is on Wednesday?

  24. john says:

    Hey guys if anyone’s keen for a dp session with one of the girls, hit me up on 0468996896

  25. James says:

    Went in last Friday pissed outta Ma faces. They said they only had one girl available, wanted a line up but they said they were busy. The girl I saw was short and Chinese, she looked quite young Got in a shower came out and she started kissing me. I ussaully don’t do that shit but she was ram miming her younger down me. Next thing I know I’m eating her pussy for about 10mins. Was a lil hairy. She squirted a few times aswel!! Ended up bbbj and blew my load within 2 mins. She gave me a massage and them began blowing me. She looked at the time and it was over without me even sticking it in her. She asked me if I wanted longer for another 65 I declined. That’s when she threw me on the bed and fucked me for another 20 mins until i blew my load. Had a shower gave her a 20 tip and left. What’s her name people !!!! She extremely short that’s the best way to describe her she said she’s young!!!

  26. Pissed Off Doggies Fan says:

    I got off the train at Central and walked to Allianz Stadium to see my belived team get beaten. The Dogs were useless. They used to called the Berries. Well they played more like Berries than Dogs. BTW they have got to have the ugliest & fattest forward pack in the NRL. Been a huge disappointment all year.
    Was feeling horny so on my way back to Central i dropped into Number 12 which is just off Foveaux Street. Not much to pick from. Sofia looks nice. She’s young & a good sort too. By far the best sort that works there. I picked Lucy who i’ve seen heaps of times. She gives a great service. Might pick Sofia next time. Lucy is a tall skinny mature chinese woman with bolt-ons. She gives great BBBJs. Sex was good. Asked if i wanted a dom but declined. Asked for anal. She hesitated & then said be gentle. Well i couldnt even get the tip of my cock in. Very tight. Gave up. Have to say she is a good sport. At least she tried. Shame the place is such a dump & the shower i used smelt bad

  27. dave says:

    hi fllow punters, just wondering if there is minimum book time to cum 2x or extra charge? CIM?
    i’m usually with lucy but havent been there since forever

  28. Popo` says:

    I have pics / videos of Vicky and mona from Bellevue, and some of of the chicks from Hornsby 132m and Julue/Monica from Hurlstone 751. If you wanna trade pics email me

  29. Sjoerd says:

    Hi Guys,

    Can anyone tell me what time this place shuts?

  30. Ade Bakarde says:

    Went Friday after lunch. Place was very quiet. Picked Vicky & Yoyo. Both overweight but very friendly. They were also very friendly in the room. They were very accommodating. Asian birds just love us Nigerians. A real cock. A good thick 6 inches not those skinny little asian pricks. Plus i’m 6’2″”. I’m the total package, bro. They suxed my rigid cock. Both suxed it a the same time. Then Vicky pushes my legs in the air & starts tonguing my asshole while Yoyo is still suxing me. Then Yoyo sits on my face so Vicky mounts my dick. Finally i stand up & instructed da bitches to bend over in front of me. Theres’s 2 big fat juicy butts staring ne in the face. At the same time i stck a finger in each ass. First i fuck Yoyo in da pussy then moved to ger ass. Vicky was behind me know suxing my ass hole. I pull my cock out of Yoyo’s ass & stick in her pussy then back to her ass then back to pussy to ass etc etc etc. Now it’s Vicky’s turn. She wipes my cock & asshole. I first do her pussy then her ass. Now Yoyo is dildoing my ass hole while i’m doing Vicky’s ass. Blew in her ass. She turns around & starts suxing my cock. Still hard so i move her onto the bed on her back. Insert my cock back in her asshole. After a few long slow strokes, i pulled out & went to pussy. I now went back & forth from one hole to the other. Yoyo was gibbering away in chinese & Vicky replies. So i went faster deeper & harder. She started to wince. That shut her up. I was really doing her ass. After about 15 minutes of really pounding her ass, i blew again in her ass. Well i booked these bitches for 30 minutes but we went over time. Was in the room for about 50 minutes. Total cost was $130. Not bad even though the girls were both chubby. Place is a dive

  31. Vinnie the Poo says:

    Saw Mona over the weekend. Great service as usual: BBBJ, DATY & BBFS. She has a nice big fat firm arse! She cums quite easily when doing 69er.

  32. Ali Khan says:

    Vicky is back from holidays so i saw after 2:00 PM. Pretty quiet. Booked for Vicky for 30 minutes. Have been with her a few times now. Great service. She gave me a great BBBJ then she started to lick, kiss, tongue & finger my ass. She really enjoys rimming me. And I enjoyed it too. She asked if she could peg my asshole. Yea why not. It was a bit uncomfortable at first. She enjoyed doing it. Anyway we finally ended up doing BBFS & anal. I pulled my prick out of her ass & inserted it into her pussy then back to the ass then back to the pussy. Did this quite abfew times. After pulling it out of her ass, i asked could i blow in her mouth. Yep. No worries. ATM. Ended up doing CIM. And the whome session went iver tine. Nearly 90 minutes. All this for $65. Left the premises feeling extremely satisfied

  33. DOC says:

    I’ve been there twice. I have a terrible memory for names but the ladies are something like Munga and Yuku. Both chinese. If anyone can correct me, please do. I have to say they were both fantastic. They certainly made me feel like they were enjoying their work and I certainly enjoyed it. Highly recommend both ladies.
    I had the same room both times, lucky I wasn’t there to judge the decore and personally I couldn’t give a rats about that. I will definitely be returning.

  34. Italian Stallion says:

    Picked Lucy as my regular root, namely, Vicky is on holiday. Have seen Lucy quite a few times over the years. Tall, skinny middle aged WL who really know how to please. She gave me an awesome BBBJ. Took my manhood right to the back of her throat. I blew. She swallowed like a true champ. She kept sucking me & i got hard again in a few minutes. Finished with BBFS. Very good session.

  35. Italian Stallion says:

    Visited last week to see Vicky. BTW she’s on holidays in China for the next six weeks. First 30 minutes it was a 3some with Mona then next session was just one-on-one with Vicky. As usual i got an awesome session. And extra time at no extra charge. Lucky me
    Well those two sucked my dick & asshole simultaneously. Not bad. Then Mona ate Vicky’s pussy while I was porking Mona doggy style. Vicky started to moan as Mona sucked & fingered her clit & cunt. All of a sudden Vicky stiffened up, arched her back then her whole body shuddered orgasmically. Well i couldnt hold back & blew my load in Mona. Good timing as the 30 min mark was only seconds away. Well Mona showered, dressed then left. The next 30 mins were now exclusively with Vicky. I had a quick shower. Then back to business. Did DATY on Vicky. That got me hard again. Then Vicky sucked my prick for a good 10 mins then went to town on my asshole. She licked, sucked & kissed my corn hole. Also stuck her tongue in as well as a couple of fingers. Then she pegged my asshole with her dildo. First she went slow & shallow then fast & deep. With the other hand she was milking my rock hard cock. Quite liked it eventho it was a bit uncomfortable at first but Vicky really enjoys doing rimming & pegging my ass. Then inserted my pork sword into the pussy then into her corn hole then back to pussy then ass etc etc. Alternated between both holes then mixed it up a bit with some ATM. So now i was alternating between all 3 holes. BTW she told me she loves me. Heck she’s only human. LMAO. Well i finally dumped my second load in her mouth. And she swallowed all of it.
    Even though i only booked Vicky for an hour of which first half included Mona, the whole session lasted nearly 90 minutes as it quite that afternoon. All this cost me was $200. Gave the $5 change to Vicky as a tip. What a generous guy i am. LMAO.
    While Vicky is away will see Pamela & Jimmi at Riverwood. They both do BBFS & anal. Both give awesome BBBJ. Also plan to see April & Lulu at 269. A 3some with them is an awesome experience. Highly recommended. Those two lick each other out as well rim my asshole as well as each other’s. Pharken filthy! BOOYAH!!!!

  36. Richard says:

    Hi need so advice/ help. Neva been to a brothel… I usually blow my load within 5 mins.. What’s the cum limit in these places. I’m want a nasty girl who is down for anything and will let me dfk her. Also will pay extra to swallow do they do that..? Who sball I see

  37. Big Boy says:

    Saw Vicky. Great service as usual but her body has gone to pot. She rimmed my asshole for about 15 minutes. Then she pegged my arse with her dildo whle sucking my cock. Got so turned on I came in her mouth. She kept sucking me till i hardened up. Stabbed her pussy with my pork sword then into her arse. Repeated this process then ATM then back into the pussy then arse then mouth. Kept going from one hole to the other. Finally dumped a huge wad of spunk in her mouth. She swallowed. Service 12/10. Appearance 4/10.

  38. Chickworm says:

    I found this place horrible because of their attitude although I did one of them today.They look boring to me when I ask their name and just urge me to pick one of them. I did Sophia by BBFS with extra $20(who the hell say it does not charge?)She are old but good at service. Especially skillful licking and sucking my cock leading to my too early cum in 10mins bbbj, (BTW I book her 45mins) followed by 25mins massage and it is excellent! And then, she suck my cock again and try to make it hard.Eventually, she did it and fucked by it in misl position for while then changed to be a cowgirl. Maybe I choose a wrong position, my little bro become soft again.But the main reason I believed is her body is not attractive to me anyway. The rest of time is just repeating sucking and can’t get it back to be rocky πŸ™

  39. Luca says:

    Hey guys, can someone please share with me your video with Vicky, Mona or yoyo? I really want go and funk them. Thanks

  40. PeterPecker - the Original & the Best says:

    Well this thread has been taken over by a troll by the name of wartboy, etc etc etc. To Admin, can you block this troll. Not hard. Simply identify his IP Address. He mist likely is the same idiot who forced you to de-activate 269. He’s ruining this site as well as Amanda Heavens. If you dont, you’ll lose a lot of readers & contributors. If things aren’t fixed within the next few days, i’ll give the website a miss.

  41. Tony says:

    Are there any milfs here with big tits?

  42. PeterPecker says:

    Had a 3some with Vicky & Yoyo. Double head job. Then Vicky sucked my stove pipe while Yoyo sucked my cock. Felt great
    The porked both in pussy. Alternated. Next stop – the brown holes. Both bent over in front of me. Think Vicky’s cornhole is bigger than Yoyo’s. Did Yoyo’s asshole first. Very tight. Then they wiped my fat cock clean with antiseptic wipes before porking Vicky’s asshole. Not as tight as Yoyo’s. Blew my load in Vicky’s ass while Yoyo was licking my asshole. Pulled out of Vicky’s mouth & she proceeded to suck me. Awesome session. $130 for 30 minutes. Got BBBJ, DATY, BBFS, BB Anal, CIA & ATM.

  43. Wartboy says:

    Bullshit you get bareback here you lying cunts. If you want bareback, you should look for the chocolate starfish. I like men’s anuses myself. Or is the pural anii? I can never tell. Anyway, the women at this shithole are slags. Go to Oxford St like I do and get some todger into your gob. Mmmm, mmmm. Delicious!

  44. Franklin says:

    Who’s the best pick here? Any suggestions guys?

  45. Stiffy says:

    Hi Neva used a brothel before thinking of going to this one as its dirt cheap. Was wondering what the cum limit was. I want an hour session as I cum quick. Also do any girls do girlfriend experience.. I want someone who kisses using the tounge and a pussy I can eat. I know I shouldn’t but fuck it.

  46. Jose says:

    Hey guys I was just wondering I’m going to those place and I have a lot of questions. Do we need to bring a Condom or are they provided, actually do we even use them and if yes then is it just during the intercourse and not oral sex. With the 65 for 30 minutes can we add multiple one on one things on it like a fantasy dress up and massage or is it just sex. Finally who is the hottest out of all of them and when is she available .

  47. Dave says:

    hi just asking,

    can we have a massage session first and then sex?

    anyone did this before?

  48. sutu says:

    Does anybody have a cell or a wechat line for this place? I keep trying to book yoyo over phone but the lady can’t understand anything you say and just keeps repeating “you come in we have 8 girl here. you come? yes”

  49. jjasderaa says:

    Anyone want to go in and double-team one of these girls? Or do a double session in the same room? I’ve seen Yoyo, Wendy, Vicky and Melissa (though Melissa is ultra boring). Reckon they’d be up for it. Msg me

  50. seansonnett23 says:

    Who would you recommend out of Vicky Mona and Yoyo?

  51. TyHarden the Fake Reviewer says:

    Geez you must have had an off day cause i been here a few times, always been awe sum, last time did a deal to have a double with lesy action included. Mostly i had to force the lesy action, i finally did get the old one to lick the young one out while after showing her how to do it, gave her a fingering lesson also, i then deep throated the young one, got the old one to lick my balls and ass at sometime before i absolutely and totally fucked them both, hard up the cunt and then up ass, went from ass old one to ass young one to pussy old one to pussy young one, repeated that sequence about 20 times , went very slow for 1 set , then very deep for one set, then went the fucken rat , extremely fast and very hard) for one set. they didn

  52. RiskyBusiness says:

    So I went here tonight hoping to see Vicky, but she wasn’t available, so I chose Lucy. Probably on the lower end of the attractiveness scale, but I had a feeling about her. I was very horny, and wanted BBFS. I didn’t ask before hand, and it all just came together. She went down so deep, and the blowjob was just incredible. She was really tight when I fingered her, and she was tighter than most brothel types. The expression on her face was a little of pain during sex, but she kept saying I was big. Also impressed with this being the first time that I pulled out with cum just running out of her pussy (it’s really cool to see that). A very good experience.

  53. Lebanese Cucumber says:

    Booked Vicky for an hour. Well it was business as usual. First 30 minutes was with Vicky & Mona. AweSome DATY on both plus got BBBJ from both gals simultaneously. Then got M to eat V while i was pumping M’s pussy doggy style. Dumped a load in M’s cunt. BBFS. Then M left. Had a quick shower. V then rimmed & tongued my asshole for about 15 minutes. Then pumped V’s ass. Pulled it out & got V to suck me. ATM. Back into the ass then the pussy back to ass then ATM. This cycle continued until i blew in V’s mouth. V’s service is really good but she’s been piling on the weight. Unfortunately

  54. tony about says:

    I went and saw Sophia again last Tuesday and it was another magnificent session

    This WL really had something about her.
    She is a very warm,beautiful woman who always provides an extremely enthusiastic and responsive service.
    The only thing she won’t do is anal.
    Did I mention she has a wicked sense of humour and likes to help me in learning Chinese.

  55. overit says:

    keep poking your bare cock into these whores and al this will be yours son

  56. PinPrick says:

    Booked Vicky last Friday. Upon arrival she’s double booked so i picked Lucy. Tall skinny mature with fake tits & a boney ass. Well the BBBJ was awesome. Then she rimmed my ass for a good 15 minutes before BBFS. Pulled out & dumped all my semen on her back. IMO her BBBJ & rimming is better than Vicky’s. No anal but who cares

  57. Gorgeous George says:

    Well I got desperate & booked Vicky despite the fact i had the shits with her last week when i drove all the way to Surry Hills to be told she had double booked. Well guess what it happened again exactly 7 days later. Stormed out! Really cranky. Wasted my Viagra – got home. Decided not to waste my blue tablet. Watched a bit of porn. Well you can guess the rest …. LMAO

  58. Donell says:

    Went in this Sunday morning and decided to try Amy (new girl different from the Amy on their website) not a spring chicken by any means but she had a pretty face and nice skin. Onto the room for the hour started with a cat bath then some ball licking before she proceeded to engulf my now very erect member into her willing mouth she absolutely had no problems with following orders as she followed every single on of my commands which led to very nice long deep suction from her which ended in CIM. A nice massage soon followed and the little fella was soon ready for round 2. Sex in various positions Missionary, Doggy and finally Side Doggy which resulted in me unloading this time on her breast and partly on her face. Only downside was as the session finished and Im getting dressed another punter had rung th bell she left the room to answer the door and to my suprise when I had decided to leave the room she brought the punter into the same room we were just In no big deal but Im sure the other punter also felt some sort of discomfort as well in seeing the other guy that had just pounded the working lady he was now about about to engage paid sex with haha

  59. Gorgeous George says:

    Booked Vicky. Get there. Double booked. Stormed out. Drove all the way from Homebush. Has happened before. Not going there any more. Might try the Rydalmere brothels.

  60. esos says:

    i have a free place, n im thinking on hosting a party there, maybe gangbang or full on orgy, any of u interested n we can get some girls on

  61. gonorrhoea by Overit says:

    try this one if you have never had it b4, blocked cock cant piss bursting bladder puss oozing out of cock. been there done that overit

  62. Lucy'sLover says:

    Came in for a third (and best) time. First time with Nancy, second time with Mona, third time with Lucy. When I walked in the ladies were friendlier then usual, they all said I was handsome (flattering as all hell). I decided on Lucy, because I vaguely remembered from on here she was good. Bad ass, hairy pussy but amazing tits. Started off with a BBBJ, which was quality (she even tried deepthroat). When I started groping around her pussy, I was surprised to see she was wet without lube (unlike Nancy or Mona). After 10 minutes of quality sucking, I decided I wanted to fuck her hard, and when she went over to the side table she didn’t grab a condom, but instead lubed herself up some more. When she asked if I wanted one, I said no, and after inspecting my dick one more time (and confirming that she had in fact been checked the day before [medical note provided]), I went in. MY GOD, she is an amazing fuck. What a wet pussy. Some may see it as a downside that she struggles to take cock all the way, but every time she moaned when my ball slammed against her asshole I got a little bit harder. Doggy style could have been better, she couldn’t quite take it deep enough. After 20 minutes I hadn’t busted yet (after cowgirl she hopped off and sucked my cock while she rested her pussy), I was nervous she would chuck me out. However, after some of the most intimate and intense missionary of my life, I came a gallon right into her pussy (balls deep thrust got it right in there). Slightly turned off by her joke that she had so many babies in her now (what a milf she would make but what a downturn my life would take), I watched her creampie before we shared a shower and I helped her scoop some of my spooge out. Sorry lad, but if you fucked Lucy after 10.30 on Saturday that wasn’t her pussy juice, but a square half litre of my cum you were enjoying. That’s all. Lucy’sLover

  63. Piddles says:

    all one way traffic. Only myself & a handful of other punters ever write reviews about pros we

  64. tony about says:

    I saw Sophia last week and I would have to say that she is the best WL I’ve been with

  65. RovingCucumber says:

    Saw Vicky this week. Seen her plenty of times before. She loves sucking cock & ass. She always rims & tongues my asshole. Usually for about 10 minutes. She always fingers my ass. First i didnt like it but now i enjoy it. Occasionally she uses a dildo on my ass. Copped it this time. LOL. After a while we got into a 69 position, put my cock into her pussy. Bare back of course. Then lubed her ass & porked her up the ass. Love BB anal. Pounded her asshole for about 15 minutes before dumping my load in her ass. Then she went down on me. Got hard again. Extended for another 30 minutes. We both had a quick shower. Put my soapy finger up her ass. After showering had DATY while fingering her G-spot. She came time & time again. Then lubed my hand. Put 2 fingers in. Over the next few minutes i’d worked my fist in. Was very gentle. Think it was a bit uncomfortable for her so I inserted my cock into her pussy then her ass. Alternated between both holes. Repeated continually. Again she came time & time again. She must’ve been very horny as i usually dont make her cum so frequently. Possibly i was her first customer for the week. Anyway CIA. Was tired. She again did ATM. However my old fella didnt respond this time. Am not a young bloke. LOL.

  66. LonelyDesperado says:

    day 2 of applying the wartkill. instructions say keep applying daily till warts are gone

  67. LovelyDesperateRanga says:

    Decided to change my ways & join you sinners. Rocked up with my mate Jonny. Met all the lovely girls. We told them we wanted DP ie a PORK SANDWICH. Also wanted BB. Well they gave a WL. Jonny & I showered. Started to get a bit steamy in the cubicle. We were showering together to save water. LMAO. Jonny being the sick whacko he is, started to soap my arse. The prick stuck his finger up my ass. Five minutes later I asked him to stop coz the WL walked in. She was laffing her head off.
    After towelling each other, the prostitute started tugging us off. Then she got on her knees. Started suxing us both off. She took both our cocks in her mouth at the same time. BTW Jonny has a tiny member which explains why he likes sucking. Little Jonny grabs the pro from behind. He works his way down to her ass; kissing the ass cheeks then starts rimming & tonguing her asshole. I started to bone up watching my best mate. She really works her magic with my mastiff using hands, mouth & tongue. I turned around & bent over. She started to tongue & rim my corn hole while stroking my prick. After a few minutes, i turned around. She puts my cock in her mouth. Little Prick aka Jonny puts his little franfurter in her ass. As Jonny’s stroke rate increases, she becomes more frenzied on my cock. We work our way to the bed. Little Jon is on his back. His little weiner up her khyber. Looked good. Got my iPhone out & started videoing. Like looking. Then i pushed her legs apart & straddled Jonny. After some effort got my cock into her pussy. She groaned with pleasure. She loved it. Started thrusting. Couple of times i extracted my prick & after pulling Jonny’s cock out of her ass, i inserted my manhood into her ass. After a few thrusts i pulled it out & got her to sux me off. Then Jon & I stood up. Jon grabbed her legs so that his arms were under her thighs. My hands were under her ass cheeks. Both her holes were filled. She came a few times. Jonny who is as physically weak as he is mentally feeble put her down. Changed possies. Spit Roast. We’re all standing. Jonny’s micro dick is in her mouth. I’m chock-a-block up her corn hole. Hon blew his load in her mouth CIM. Then i motioned her to get on all fours. Straddled her. My knees near her chest. My cock was going in DEEP & HARD. Picked up my stroke rate. Blew. CIA. All this was BB. Fairly cheap. Jonny the Tight Ass paid $65 & I gave her $70. Told her to keep the change. When I got home, i watched the video. Got horny. Have had of “warm up” sessions watching it. LMAO

  68. esos says:

    anyone wanna team up to double penetrate on of the girls
    let me know

  69. PeterPecker says:

    Saw Vicky after reading all the sensational reviews. I’ll be brief.
    1. BBBJ was better than average
    2. Rimmed & tongued my arsehole. Sensational. She kept doing it for at least 10 minutes.
    3. Fingered my arsehole. Very nice
    4. Fingered my arse while suxing my prick. Very stimulating
    5. Sex was BBFS. OK
    6. Anal. She came a few times. Think she genuinely enjoys it
    7. Went from ass to pussy to ass to pussy etc eyc
    8. ATM & CIM
    Overall a very good session. Her pussy & ass tasted good.
    Highly recommended
    Cost was $65 plus i let her keep the change from $80. Tip
    was $15. Very good value. She’s very friendly & speaks reasonable english. Guess she’d be in her late 30s

  70. LoneRanger says:

    Rocked up & picked Vicky & Yoyo for an anal 3some. Have had 3somes with them before. BBBJ, BBFS, anal, rimming, CIA. Only cost $130 for 30 minutes. It’s OK but both have put on a shitload of weight. Would rate the session as fairly tame. No comparison to 3somes with Lulu & Monica (269). No comparison. If i rate L&M 10/10, then my romps with Vicky & Yoyo get a 4. However 3somes with Vicky & Mona get a 8 star rating. Real girl-on-girl action. Would love to try someone new for a 3some with Vicky. Any recommendations?

  71. PeterPecker says:

    After reading this thread, I thought I’d give it a try. Booked Vicky for an hour. Quite pretty but body is sloppy. Started off with a great BBBJ. Then she rimmed me. Then she inserted her finger. Not bad. She asked if i wanted a dildo. OK. She went to town on me. Felt OK. Not my thing. Anyway had BBFS then anal. Put it back in her pussy then into her ass then to her mouth. Kept porking all 3 holes. CIA. Still had 20 minutes left. More BBBJ. More BBFS. Blew in her arse with seconds to spare. Rating: 7/10. Comment: PSE

  72. Piddles says:

    Hadn’t been here for a while. Booked Vicky for an hour. Typical “filthy” session. BBBJ, dildo in her pussy & arse, her fingers in my arse, her dildo in my arse, BBFS, anal, swapped holes without cleaning ie from ass to pussy to ass to pussy to ass to mouth etc etc. CIA. As i’d cum early; there was nearly 30 mins left we had a 3some. No anal with her but she gave me an awesome BBBJ & BBFS. Blew the second time in Vicky’s arse. LOL

  73. RovingCucumber says:

    Saw Vicky this week. Seen her before. Pretty face but she has put on a stack of weight. Service is 11/10. She loves sucking cock & ass. She rimmed & tongued my asshole for about 10 minutes. Then she started fingering my ass. First ine finger. Then 2. She was getting up some steam. Then i asked her if she would like to dildo my ass. She obliged. After a while we got into a 69 position. Then put my cock into her pussy. Pushed her legs back to get a nice view ofmy cock going in & out. Then lubed her ass & porked her up the ass. Love BB anal. Reckon i pounded her asshole for about 15 minutes. Blew. BTW have had a number of lesbian 3somes with Vicky & Mona. IMO Mona’s BBBJs are amongst the best I’ve ever had. Mona loves eating Vicky’s pussy & Vicky loves rimming Mona’s asshole.

  74. Ben says:

    I have only been to this place a handful of times. I saw Serena maybe 6 months ago. She only works random shifts but I thought she was spectacular. Awesome service really takes her time. Petite probably early 40’s, great skin, pretty face.

    Has anyone heard of her or lucky enough to try her services.

  75. Bartman says:

    Visited Vicky just before lunch on Friday. See her regularly. Her service is unbelievable. One hour session for $130. Great value. DFK, BBBJ, DATY, BBFS, CIP, CIM, CIA, ATM, anal. Satisfaction guaranteed. She let me video her dildoing her pussy & arse. She then used on my ass. First times was painful. In subsequent sessions it was unconfortable. Now i love it!!!! She goes deep & hard. Was on my back, legs in air, dildo in my ass, her mouth sucking my huge rock hard cock. Blew in her mouth. Then got into 69 position. Then she pushed my legs back so her tongue could abuse my ass. She loves rimming a clean arsehole. Sticks her tongue in as far as possible. Made her stop as my arms were getting tired from holding my legs up in the air. My cock was still was rock hard. Then porked her pussy then into her ass. Pulled it out & she sucked me off. Then into her pussy (1 stroke) then into her arsehole (1 stroke). Withdrew my throbbing rock hard cock & penetrated her pussy then withdrew & back to her arse. Kept going from P to A then back to P. This went on for quite a few minutes. She came a couple of times. She loves anal. Then i went down on her pussy then moved onto her ass. She loves being rimmed. Then went to her ass. My stroke rate picked up. Was going fast & furiously. She came quite a few times. Was having trouble coming so i went even faster. She was really getting off. She cam quite a few times. BTW this doesn’t always happen. Finally i blew in her arse. Was spent. Exhausted but satisfied. Next time I’m having a lesbian 3some with Vicky & Mona.

  76. fooled once46GF says:

    I should have checked first
    Candy is a trickster, clock watcher and dead root
    Avoid her

  77. Dipstick says:

    I had Nancy a few weeks ago. She is a lovely lady, great GFE. Trouble was, I blew my stack too early. No way I could get hard again. Nancy was so disappointed. I tried to explain it is one of the problems of old age. We just cuddled for the rest of the session, she loves DFK. She said, ‘next time you tell me I go slow’. On leaving she said: ‘next time I gunna fukka you, you need get Kamagra.’ Well guess what, I got some Kamagra Super now. Tried one at home alone the other night. OMFG what a boner I had. My dick was about 2″ longer than normal and rock hard. Could have drove it into a block of hardwood; could have clipped it onto a jack hammer and cracked concrete. Look out Nancy, I’m coming for ya.

  78. Not Hondo says:

    Don’t be fooled by CANDY
    The best looking but the worst value
    10 mins of mechanical oral
    10 mins of ‘better hurry times nearly up”
    10 mins of why did I bother

  79. DodgyLuver says:

    Am a regular at AH. After reading all the reviews, i decided to visit this place last week. BTW Cougar Town, 269, 751 & 235 are also on my bucket list. Selected Vicky & Mona for a 3some. Had read the reviews of these two milfs doing lesbian threesomes. $130 for 30 minutes. This is quite reasonable. BTW premises are on par with most asian brothels. I showered and Mona walks in. She’s about 40, chunky build, pretty. She undresses and i grabbed her around the waist so that i could perform a standing

  80. jason says:

    Haven’t been to this place yet, been to 269 canterbury rd with Monica and now 751 (as monica moved there). Just curious about the service. Vicky , Mona are they better than Monica ? Are they as nasty as Monica? Love Monica’s service though.

  81. Kraig Thomas says:

    Veni Vidi Vici. After another arduous & gruelling ciurt case, I was in need of some sexual healing so i wandered down to 12 Bellevue. Place is a dump, prices are low, WLs are MILFs with a smattering of a few young ones. All asian. Some attractive, some a bit ‘hard’. BTW paid using my OWN credit card. LOL. Selected Mona. Bit overweight, pretty face. Short & dumpy.
    After showering Mona towelled me down then starting sucking my cock BBBJ. Very nice. Eventually i moved to the bed. She was working my knob then i pulled my legs back so she could rim my arse. She did! I asked her to insert her finger into my arsehole while sucking my rock hard prick. Wow what a feeling! As her finger picked up momentum, Mona upped the pace on my cock. I EXPLODED! CIM. Then DFK. Then went down her pussy & arse with my tongue & fingers. Rimming, sucking, licking … got hard again. Then I inserted my cock into her pussy. Mona moaned as I penetrated her wet luscious pussy. Really slowly then pulled it right out then back in again. After doing this about a dozen times her whole body tensed then shuddered. A turn on. As there were only a few minutes left on the clock I upped the pace – FAST & FURIOUS. LOL. CIM then pulled out my cock & inserted into her mouth. Asked if I could extend another 30 minutes. No problems. Asked for a 3some. She said wait. Came back with another WL. Paid $65 for first session & $130 for 30 minutes for 2 gals. I never caught the name of the second gal but she was short, average build, small tits, shiny black hair.
    Well I’m glad I extended. Got both to suck my knob. Then Mona got on top. 69 er. Her oral skills are exceptional. She loves being licked & rimmed. She came about 4 times. Meanwhile the other WL was rimming & fingering my arse. Then i stood up while holding Mona. Her legs were up in the air. Her mouth was on my cock. My tongue was on her clit & pussy. Asked other WL if she wanted ro lick Mona’s arse. She did! WTF is going on. Then i asked them to get into ’69 position. They did! Started penetrating Mona’s pussy. Boy was she wet. Asked if she did greek. “NO WAY, JOSE”.
    The other WL said she did. OK. Got them to change positions. Mona on bottom. ’69. My cock in the arse of the WL on top. Blew in get arse! BTW all this was bare back. Unbelievable. I’m returning to this place. Frigging awesome

  82. LooongJohnSilver says:

    Visited Vicky last Thursday. Mona joined us for a 3some. Hmmmm. I’ll be brief. Vicky was lying on bed. I was standing near her head, my cock in her mouth. Asked Mona to lick Vicky’s pussy. She went down on Vicky’s pussy & arsehole. What a sight! Then stuck my cock in Mona’s mouth while Vicky’s mouth & tongue was working magic on my arsehole. Niiiiice. Then porked Mona’s pussy. Pulled out my cock & Vicky started sucking it. Back into Mona’s pussy. Asked for anal. Reckons i’m too big. No anal. Got Vicky onto her fours so i could do her arse doggy style. Mona got underneath to lick Vicky’s pussy. Blew in Vixky’s arse. BTW this was all bareback. Total cost for 30 minutes $130

  83. Silver says:

    Went in last sunday around 7:30,
    i chose Jenni (no sure if this is the famous Jenifer) who was short and slim (not too slim) nice body (only the face was milfy, body was tight and smooth)

    she gave me a great time, gave my balls a good warm tong massage, did multiple positions for an hour and cummed twice,

    Pros : great manners, neat and smells good, good body, understanding what is required and acts accordingly

    cons : very bad English .. this was the only turn off for me

  84. esos says:

    anyone up for a threesome??

  85. JayJay says:

    hey all, im just wondering if this place is still good because its havent been a post for a long time now :/ just asking if you know anyone there does good service please tell me thanks πŸ˜€

  86. Jase says:

    Who’s the ones to go to for bbfs and anal!

    Heading this way Thursday Friday and wanna get some
    Bbfs πŸ™‚

  87. Dugong says:

    Went to Bellevue last Monday and chose Lucy. Wanted to creep her arse and lick it but suspect she’d just dropped a dog because there was a bad smell wafting around the room. Backed out of arse work and got a rusty trombone off her instead. Sensational !! Will be back for more.

  88. PPunter says:

    Saw Yo Yo yesterday this lady always has such enthusiasm when she sucks dick! She also rimmed me for a bit followed by bbfs with cip .

  89. BungHoleBuster says:

    Booked Vicky for a session yesterday afternoon. Contacted Vicky via her mobile number. Got there 5 minutes early only yo be told that she’s not available for another 45 minutes. Was extremely annoyed. Left immediately. Won’t be back. Been a regular there for the past 8 years. Well not anymore. Bad communication. Have lost me forever. Will NEVER go back. Plenty of other places from which to choose.

  90. Asianpussyluva says:

    Hi all. I’m going here next Tuesday and would like to ask who here works on a Tuesday and who’s best for cip? Thanks.

  91. Bung Hole Booster says:

    On Wednesday made a booking with Mona. As usual her oral skills are exceptional. Should call her Slurpy. LOL. As a side notie, she is putting on weight. As usual I asked for anal & offered her an extra $50. Response was a definite NO. She says she NEVER does anal. Straight from Mona’s mouth.

  92. Matt says:

    Dropped by today with the excitement of a kid on Christmas morning, and that sadly is where the excitement end. I stepped in to be greeted by two ladies, surprisingly busy for early afternoon however Mona was available to whom I had been recommended out of three and also from the reviews I had read she was one of the top ladies to chose from. Wrong. Taken upstairs to a tiny single bed, I’m almost 6ft and work out on a regular basis, I lay down on the bed and before I know it she is sitting on my face going down 69, mind you on positive note she has an absolutely lovely pussy! Now the interesting thing is it seems by many online reviews that Mona is well known for providing anal hence the reason I asked and chose her, when I asked her she seems pretty adamant that this is something she does NOT do…..ever! Anyway things got on the way and she wrapped the ol’fella up and began the ride, she proceeded to ask every 5 mins ‘you come yet?’ which is rather off-putting so I flipped her over on all 4s and ride her hard until I blew, I would have still had 10 minutes left when she quickly showered got dressed and went back downstairs leaving me in the room wondering what the fuck do I do now? At the same time of dressing myself back up with the door wide open and ladies bringing new clients up was also a first in my experience here. I’ve never so much had a bad experience here but this left me with a sour note and I wonder if ill return

  93. Ppunter says:

    The strangest thing happened today! I rocked up there at 4pm and the front door was closed ? I have been going here for 6 years and I have never seen the door closed.

    Rang the door bell 4times and no answer, even tried calling and went straight to message bank.

    Hope they aren’t shutting up shop πŸ™ great value for your money and fulfilling all your sexual fantasies at this place.

  94. NakidNinja says:

    Hi All,
    Long time reader, First time contributor.
    Just wanted give you guys my take on some of the nice and not so nice ladies Ive been with.
    Top rated…
    1. Monica 269 Canterbury… Fuck me what a gem, Best 1 hour spent here, dont want to spoil myself too much, so I make this a quarterly visit.
    2. Lucy Bellevue 12…Very tight little pussy, every thrust, she gasps for air, loves all positions, came 3 times, first on pussy, then inside pussy then in mouth in a one hour session. Fantastic.
    3. Michelle 55 Bridge… Very god service, a bit old looking, but she is one of my regular visits, I get a special price here for my regularity, $70 for cumming twice, usually in here for about 45mins.
    4. Nancy Bellevue 12, Good service, but not so pretty. but when you wanna cum, you dont care, right. no CIP, had to cum outside.
    5. Lilly 55 Bridge, Nice, good service.

    Sorry, cant be more detailed, These punts have been from the last 3 months.
    Some of the worst and scary… well, the one that sticks in my mind is
    Sasha from 55 Bridge, the BBW… I felt like I took one for the team here.

    I do BBFS with all girls, Have quarterly testing, all good so far.

    I want to try Mona B12, Lucy 55B, and loose my virginity at Hornsby… never been here, any good lookers with nice small tight body and does bbfs?

    Some honourable mentions of bbfs had in the past couple of years,
    Waterloo 647, Penrith asian parlour…

    on the hunt today, probably want to try hornsby but dont want a bad punt, it will spoil the place for me.
    any suggestions.

  95. Medium Meat says:

    Decided to pop in between lectures at uni. After sneaking in, trying not to get noticed by any passers by I was ushered into the ‘living room’. I barely had a minute to catch my bearings, the two women just stared at me, waiting for me to make the first move. I asked for Lucy, I heard good things about her (anal), they said she wasn’t there even though they confirmed she would be in on the phone yesterday. I just took it on the chin, when I asked their names they said Candy and Nancy. Even though Candy was FAR more attractive I’ve heard bad things on here (thanks guys), and vaguely remembered good feedback on Nancy. Went upstairs, requested half an hour, asked whether the shower was in the time, she said yes. She then left for quite a while, I wasn’t sure whether she was coming back or not. When she got back she started feeling me up, very nice but she started moaning in pleasure too early, I usually prefer for the escort to start moaning when I’m actually giving it to them :). She went for BBBJ, I was quite surprised I didn’t need to ask for it, she did it without asking (although she did inspect me for signs of STDs). She let me throat fuck her, had my dick rammed down her throat (very nice). Asked her for anal, she said no, should have offered her cash. Got some good pounding done, then went in for another BBBJ. She was obviously trying to get me to cum at the end, she was saying “finish finish”. She wanked me off for a bit, sucked a bit. When she had me almost there with wanking I told her to suck and I blew a load in her mouth, amazing experience.

    GOOD: BBBJ, enthusiastic, quick in and out, good pussy feel
    BAD: Not particularly catering, clearly fake and too early moaning
    WORST: Bad english, took a minute of awkward sign language to ask her for a towel and for anal

    All in all, Nancy is definitely worth a try. She’s no beauty but her big lips and well practiced BJ is great. She’s also a good root, however it may take a bit of gesturing to get your point across :p A well spent $65, HOWEVER ANYONE GOING JUST GET THE $50 20 MINUTE, SAME SERVICE IN MY OPINION, THE EXTRA 15 IS A WASTE OF MONEY ITS A 20 MINUTE SERVICE EITHER WAY.

  96. Nick says:

    Hi guys, I have a preference for chubby girls, and also prefer them hairy down below
    Anyone like that at Bellevue?

  97. darren says:

    Folks fronted here the other night and two women to choose from i chose Sophy. Now she had a ok face but she had a little belly. Onto the bed and put wand into her hairy honey pot. She was rather tight and could only get half of it in. Every time i pushed in her upper lip on her face would quiver kind off turned me on a bit so i drove it in harder and lip would flicker more. Asked her to sit up while i give her the man sauce down her throat. All in all not a great body a little rushed honey pot needs a trim place still smells but will e back for something better next time

  98. Norton says:

    Taking a look at this places website & from all your comments might need to take a look at this place. 2 questions, do the ladies that provide anal charge extra ? if so how much & from the website, this seems to be an Asian shop, The photos & roster usually give the ladies nationalities, but none listed for Mimi, Mona & Yoyo. Can anyone fill in the blanks ?

  99. SwordsMaan says:

    Last week saw Vicky & Mona together. Got a wonderful ass rimming from both WLs. Then i laid on my back. Mona got on top into 69 position. She loves oral on her. She gives one hell of a head job. She came a few times. While this was going on, Vicky was sucking my ass pipe. Then i suggested sex. Was in doggy position while Mona was eating Vicky’s mutt. What a site. Pulled out & blew all over her back. My 30 minutes was up. Then had 30 minutes with Vicky solo. She went to work on my cock & then my ass pipe. Her tongue was in & out. She did this for about 10 minutes. Then had sex in both pussy & ass. Finally came in her ass – CIA. Recommend these two WLs for 3somes. Another recommendation is Vicky & Yoyo. They like eating each other. Yoyo also does greek

  100. Ppunter says:

    Saw Mona again for an hour this time. DFK followed by DIY. She started licking and sucking my cock, a really great blow job experience.
    Started doing her bbfs and cip. Second round did did Anal for an extra $40

  101. darren says:

    Thanks for that Swordy i just have to remember all the names if there are a few woman waiting to be picked. What i found on the other night was that when i got home and had a shower i still can smell that funny musty foot odour awful smell that this place had. It was a bit like 269 and 55 bridge, I remember when last time i went to 55 and got home and piss head said Darren you stink where have you been. I made up some bullshit that i went for a fuck and had a good time. He didnt think that was possible but i scrubbed for 30 mins still couldnt get that strange smell out it was in my hair skin im still smelling it now from fridays visit.

  102. darren says:

    Folks finished my working week at this place tonight. Rocked up and had the choice of five ladies. They said their names and i heard the name Candy. She has been mentioned a few times here so i picked her. She had glasses on so it was unusual to see one off these ladies with them on so i thought what the heck give her a go. Now she is not good looking but body not to bad with the fake puppies on. Upstairs we went and around the right to the bigger room. I will call it the King suite sadly i wasnt treated like a king at all. Showered onto bed for blow job it wasnt too bad she went down on the wand quite well. But before you new it she throws the party hat on and says you fuck me.On top i went and drilled her and shes saying you come soon time nearly up. There was no way my time was up shes just a greedy thing who doesnt really care if you come back or not. I will make another guest appearance but Candy will never ever take my cash again.Folks dont pick Candy cause she will SHAFT you good and proper you have been warned have a good weekend and go the SHARKS!

  103. Swordsmaan says:

    Mona and Nancy – Mona is late 30

  104. darren says:

    Folks finally made an appearance at this place the other day, Had a few schooners down near Central and ventured up the hill to see what all the fuss was about. The hotel on the corner had a few tossers yelling and making a noise as i walked past bet some of them new where i was going so i headed west along Bellevue then snuck across the road and up the stairs hoping no one had busted me being a dirty bastard. Press the door bell and in i went lady told me to turn to the right where i proceeded to park me arse on the couch. No sooner had i sat sown when i looked up to see 10 women looking at me.They were about ten to fifteen feet away and one said you pick girl. Fair dinkum not a great feeling being put on the spot had to make up my mind pretty quickly not easy at all. One said you pick me the others had a look of hurry up get it over and done with.So anyway i chose Wendy only cause she had a black skirt on with stockings while some were still in dressing downs Wendy said follow me and up the stairs i went she wasnt hanging around to see if i was catching up. Most times this would tell me that im in for a shafting. Not caring whether a punter is with you or not tell tale sign she wants it over and done with and she can go and get another idiot to fleece.Up into room and into the shower while Wendy heads out with $65 for a halfy and gets me a towel for the shower. Now the shower works thats good cause i like em hot and flowing. Out onto bed lay down for a half reasonable blow job accept i keep hearing this lame ass excuse that im too big and they have a small mouth.They need to put more than four inches in it just isnt as nice if they dont. But to her credit Wendy licked the pouch and then went on to lick the starfish like there was no tomorrow Prodding licking slurping not a bad job at all.After that i mustered up the energy to driil her.Didnt really take long for the man sauce to come screaming out. She had got my rocks off pretty well. So folks she is a little older like early fifties all the same things most of the other ones have at that age sagging tits floppy asses but the thing she did was that she made an effort cause their was nine others down stairs who would of come up stairs if they could. So these gals seem like they will make sure they look after you. The room was a bit bare a bed a massage table shower not much else and Wendy wanted the light on maybe she was admiring my good looks. Not a bad start here will go back for another visit got to be better value then some of the competition. And i did catch up with Admin folks put down a few beers let me tell you he may be short frigin hell he can drink. We have agreed i will pull my fist out and get back on the case of reviewing some of these venues. Has fixed to next page thing and he is working hard behind the scenes to to keep this site at the top.See what some of the others sites are doing and how bad they are doing then you will straight back to get your punting info here. I enjow all your comments regarding these places hell saved me a whole lot off dough and frustration not picking some off the shockers out there who just want to rob you blind.And to all my fans out there keep on firing in those reviews ITS IMPORTANT now drop your strides and enjoy what you just paid for.

  105. Ppunter says:

    Saw Mona for the first time on Friday and boy what a little pocket rocket ! Started with DFK and then into a great blow job.
    She started rubbing her pussy on me before I slid into her and shot all over her belly.

  106. Fairmont16 says:

    Stayed with Nancy last night, likes DFK, good BBBJ when she reached for a condom I said no, she put it down and slid me inside and said cum outside I said how much to cum inside, she said no I said $30 she said ok, not the prettiest girl but loves sex and for half hour plus extra coming $95 it was good value.

  107. Mr says:

    Popped in last Friday night late after work, middle aged working lady answered the door and was the only one available at that time
    Her name lucy, mid 40s, 5.5 high good looking, paid the funds and up to the room
    Comenced immediately with dfk prior to showering and undressing me at the same time, no holding back with her tongue
    Quick shower and wipe down. on her back slow kissing up her thighs and into the honey pot, daty delight.
    Slow kissing up her smooth silky body, applied safety gear and into the Mish,
    What can I say. she exhausted me all positions, until I ripped the dom off and blew over her body
    Quick clean and shower
    Lied and light massaged
    Value for money, yeah
    See her again yeah

  108. LUCAS says:

    If you like BBBJ, i advise you mona or nancy.. both are really good !!
    But same questions guy, which one between Jennifer or Candy do you advise me ??

  109. LUCAS7 says:

    If you want a good bbbj try mona !! The best for me.. Nancy is also good.. But yeah same questions guys !
    Candy or Jennifer ?? Thanks !

  110. FrenchY24 says:

    Hey guys !!

    I would like to have advice to choose between 2 girls. Candy or Jennifer.. there photo looks really good.. Some of you have already tried this girls ? Which one is the best or could be ? I like especially bbbj. And are they offering some extra ? like anal ?

    Thanks !! πŸ™‚

  111. FrenchY24 says:

    Hey everyone,

    Anyone has already tried Jennifer or Candy ? I love Big boobs that’s why i ask.. Which one is the best ?? In what are they good ? Any extra ? Anal or something else that i could like ??

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  112. DownToLick says:

    Any one know which girls do anal? And how much they charge and are the girls here slim? Slimish

  113. Ppunter says:

    Saw Mala today but wasn’t very impressed with her service ! Things started OK with bbj but after a while would not Finnish the job and allow cim.
    This place’s reputation was built on bbj cim so I won’t be picking her again!

  114. MrBrown says:

    I’ve been here a few times, mostly with Yoyo, have had Candy’s amazing lips around my cock twice, and been meaning to see Jennifer. Some of these chicks are down for anything.

    Any punters interested in a 2 on 2 or 3 on 3 session? Reckon seeing some of these girls together in a room would be a great fun, especially since they’re more than happy to play with each other.

  115. SmoothOne says:

    Had a 3some today. Picked a busty milf. When we got into the room she asked if i wanted a threesome. Yeah sure why not? Second one came in. Have no idea what her name was. Other one was called Mona (?)…. I think. Well Mona asked me to kneel on the bed. WTF? Well i soon found out why. She started tonguing my asshole. Swirled her tongue in & out & about. The other one was sucking my cock. Was in heaven. Changed position. Asked one to sit on the massage table. Started to tongue her pussy & ass. Cheekily i Asked the other to join me. And she did!!!! Didn’t expect that. We worked both holes together. What teamwork. We then mived to the bed. Started doing doggy on one while she was licking out her friend’s pussy. Then asked them to change positions. More doggy while licking pussy. Note that sex with both was bare back. What a surprise having a lesbian menage-a-trois. Only the second time that has happened. Will be definitely picking those two ladies again.

  116. Derrick says:

    Anyone knows the different of 20 minutes and 1 hour service? Does 1 hour gives 2x shots? Since i only did 20 min before. Thanks

  117. Ben says:

    I have only been to this place twice but I went the other day and saw serena. Petite, nice butt and fairly pretty sweet looking face. Had a great time.
    She gave a great bbbj then followed with a quick fuck with her riding me, very nice and snug pussy too. Will definitely see again.

    Can anyone recommend a wl here with very good service and that is above average looking for this place ?

  118. kedi says:

    Who is the best fuck here these days? Which girls on the roster will do BBFS & CIP?

  119. Mr says:

    Hi, have been dropping a last few Fridays nights after work, Upon entry always been greeted by 3 or 4 middle aged women, not once i met the infamous Nana , but Wendy was available
    I enjoy seeing this lady, delightful and pleasant lady for services, Always start with Dfk prior to showering together, on the bed and commence the passionate and sometimes intense session
    Overall walking away a satisfying customer
    The establishment is average but for value for money reasonable
    Cheers RZ

  120. Fairmont16 says:

    Rang this place after seeing there roster on anther site, the following conversation took place.
    ME – can I book Vicky please
    SHOP – sorry Vicky not here today
    ME -ok can I book YoYo please
    SHOP – sorry YoYo on holidays
    At this point I was getting frustrated as these girls were on today’s roster
    ME – ok then can I book Sofie
    SHOP – sorry Sofie not here back on Sunday
    ME – what about Nana
    SHOP – sorry Nana on holidays
    ME – are there any girls working today, then I hung up.
    Piss poor effort by this shop to put up a roster were half the girls are not there.

  121. Calvin says:

    I was horny as fuck a couple weeks ago after a night out so I went to this place after reading the reviews but mainly because it was cheap. One of my worst experiences. There was only one lady available who was about 50. She was fat and ugly but since I was already there and I couldnt be bothered looking for another place I gave it a hit. The place is very unhygienic. I was scared to stand in the shower as the tiles were filthy. She started with BBBJ and then I did her missionary with a dommy. I gave her an extra $20 to do her anal which was a bad idea because while I was doing her anal a bit of poo came out lol. Scarred for life! I have come to the conclusion that you can not any longer get a decent chick at cheap joints. A couple years back there was always at least 1 or 2 good ones at most cheap joints, and every now and then you would get lucky and score a 7 or 8 out of 10. I will never again go to a joint that is under $120 for full service.

  122. Ppunter says:

    Saw Sofie last week. She seemed new and not such a bad face. Gave a great blowjob and was really keen for bbfs.

  123. Ben says:

    Have never been to this place. Have been a lot to 269 and am after a similar service. Can someone describe what Vicky looks like and her services ? Also which other ladies do anal

  124. John says:

    Has anyone tried Nancy?

  125. Mr says:

    Popped in last Friday night after work about 1 am, and was greeted by 3 middle aged women, in the end I picked Wendy
    She is in her late 30s good body and fairly good English
    Up to the room and commence with dfk as she was removing my clothes, quick shower and onto the bed where she bbbj, and in process applies the safety gear and into the cowgirl, riding like a trooper, then flipped her over, and pounded her like there is no tomorrow, stripped the dom off and off loaded over the lightly cover pussy
    Value for money yeah
    Wendy good service, will see her again
    The premises average
    Cheers RZ

  126. ben says:

    Does any one know what happened to Lilly. And has anyone been with Lucy is she any good.

  127. Dan says:

    Do you guys know of any WL who enjoys a good arse licking?

  128. BBF says:

    Guys are any girls from the website actually working at this joint? What do the girls usually wear? Is it lingerie?

  129. Rodg says:

    is Lilly still working in this establishment?

  130. Caleb says:

    Will the girls here allow me to perform oral on them? And would they charge more? Anyone had this service here?

  131. BBB says:

    Will the girls here allow me to perform oral on them? And would they charge more or would it be in full service?

  132. Caleb says:

    Does anyone know who would be the best mature women here Fridays? And preferably someone whose open to doing more things for a good price!

  133. Bareback Fucker says:

    Went back here after a long absence yesterday. Booked Vicki for 45 minutes. she is not the best looker, but more than makes up for it with enthusiasm! Proceeded to fuck her pussy, then into her ass before she took me in her mouth followed by her giving me the best rim job I’ve had. Finished off with CIP. Need to see this little minx more often!

  134. BB says:

    Who is the best fuck here these days? Which girls on the roster will do BBFS & CIP?

  135. Caleb says:

    hey guys what’s included in the normal service cost? And will I pay the girl or some guy at the reception? I’m an amateur lol

  136. j says:

    I’ve heard a few girls here do anal. Can anyone tell me who??

  137. Caleb says:

    what extras do you have to pay for here, will they do foot fetish and kissing included in the cost?

  138. roving zucchini says:

    What can i say
    Read the rereviews, check the website
    Attractive ladies providing good service, I thought I will give it a go.
    Went there last night, greeted by 3 middle age women all eager to get my business, I decided to go with lala, little over weight but keen on GFE, ok with that, slurping bbbj ok with that, dom on into the mish, ok with that, blow the load, quick shower, ok with that.
    The massage follow, Nah, not to my liking, but to the GFE and bbbj, prepared for round 2, on with the safety gear and back to pounding the pussy, doggy and mish, strippedtthe gear off and blew over the pussy, quick shower and left to my device to get away.
    Establishment ok
    Service average
    Choice of ladies selection at the time and compare to the website photos, needs improvement
    Overall, I will go back there but I will not rush in the meantime
    Cheers RZ

  139. will says:

    reakon any of the girls would be up for DP?

  140. PT says:

    Can anyone who’s seen Lulu here confirm if its the same lulu from 269 canterbury?

  141. AJ says:

    How many WLs do they usually have rostered on during day shifts? Which WLs have hairy pussies?

  142. Billfreeman says:

    Well I just went there today, so it is open. Didn’t get the girls name, but she was lovely, we came together and the bj was great. I will be back again

  143. Red Devil says:

    I plan on going here sometimes if it does reopen. I was wondering if any guys that have gone here can tell me which of the ladies has the best looking feet. I’m just interested in playing with some nice tits and feet; So if anyone can help me with that thanks. If not here though where else should I check out that will meet my needs and be affordable.

  144. will says:

    Place was on fire the other day, literally. Bunch of half naked asian women and a couple disappointed/nervous looking men evacuated on the street.
    Probably won’t be open again for a while, if ever

  145. Fpunter says:

    Picked Candy the other day. Although she allowed CIM, wouldnt allow CIP. Any recommendations for BBFSCIP?

  146. Kiko says:

    I got a chinese lady called Lucy (She said she’s usually there Fridays & Saturdays), she was sexy (with a nice pussy) and eager to please. I was happy with my choice of brothel, wouldn’t have been much sense in paying significantly more to get someone younger.

    Main downside was difficulty communicating because she’s not a native speaker. So I had to ask questions in simple terms, for example “where does it feel best?” was answered with “yes, it feels good”.

    Admittedly, this was my first time. But, I’ve seen enough porn to know a nice pussy.

  147. Cesaro says:

    Can anyone tell me if the majority of the women here will offer anal? COF? not been here yet but planning to go next week.

  148. Jaxon says:

    Saw Candy last night. Fairly attractive Asian. Pretty good massage (back walking and all that) then a good BBBJ before covered sex

  149. Hope says:

    Micheal or any other guys who’ve been here lately, any other opinions or recommendations for who’s good? I’m planning on giving this place a try this week.


  150. Micheal says:

    People may winge bout this place but $65 for bbbj and bbfs is good value. Girls are middle aged but very eager to please. I had a grt bbfs with Mimi and nancy, well worth the money. Will be back

  151. Percy says:

    I visited again on the weekend and the selection wasn’t great this time, I have to admit. I chose Lucy who was OK looking and quite tall and skinny amd offered a GFE. After a shower she kissed passionately for quite a while and I was horny. She told me to lie down then gave me a BBBJ which was excellent. I sucked her tits for a while then plunged my rod into her pussy. It felt great and I was able to last for ages before spurting my load.

    I was a bit dubious at first but it turned out to be a memorable fuck.

  152. Peter says:

    Despite the negative comments, this place is the best value for money you will find. C’mon … $65 for a BBBJ and FS. If you want some relief, this is the place to go. I’ve been a dozen times in the last 2 years and every time there has been at least one good looking, young girl to pick.

  153. peter says:

    This is really a shit hole with unly old woman over the age of 45 or even more !!!
    I just visted there this afternoon and the whole situation was so horrible, crap attitude. Of course I didn’t do anything and left the second I recognise this was a mistake. Trust me going there will only make you frigid for the rest of your life !

  154. Freeman says:

    Also had a twilight zone experience here. Walked in off street in afternoon. Inside was like a rabbit warren. After standing in the hall for a few minutes, some of the ladies came out to greet. Felt like I was visiting Villawood Detention Centre. Most over 45. Sorrowful picture. Chose one anyway. Sat in the hall for another 10 mins. Strange convo in room next door between 2 old guys that spoke like they were the owners. Got to the room finally, and had an experiene you probably prefer to forget. IMO the risk (ie STIs), isnt worth the reward by a long shot. Bit of a wake up experience.

  155. Mod says:

    Well, where do I start?

    I suppose, to give some credit to this place they don’t mislead all that much in their advertisement, ‘cheapest in town’, ‘not as good looking as your girlfriend/wife’ so those red flags should give you a clue as to what you’re in for.

    Reviews on this place are very mixed, but feeling horny and in the mood for some dirty sex I focused on the positive reviews and thought I’d give this joint a go. I don’t mind going for the odd late 30s, highly experienced Asian girls so I reckoned this place was just what I needed.

    One thing, until today, I have never done is walk straight out of any of these places. Even if the girls have been ordinary I have always thought, “well I’m here, I have cash, that one’s not so bad” and gone through with the deed.

    Not today though. Of the half dozen or so girls I reckon the youngest would’ve been in her 50’s. But even that wouldn’t have bothered me so much if they were half decent, but they weren’t. Walked straight out and glad I did!

    Walked round the corner to 206 and had a much better time.

  156. Peedee says:

    holy crap what an experience.

    First walked inside and there was about 10-15 middle aged Asian women sitting around eating noodles, etc etc…I thought I had stepped into a family gathering.

    They all stopped and stared at me like something from village of the damned.

    I chose the best of a bad bunch, I could see the disappointment from the other ladies, so I’m guessing the lady was chosen more often than not. Started with bbbj, which I quickly stopped due to fear of sti’s, but in that short time I was ready to blow. Great heady. Proceeded to various positions (with dommy) then finished on big fake tits. Wasn’t keen on any ass play. Had a shower then left

    $65 for 30 mins

    There is a reason why this place is cheap because the women are a little nasty, but hey you only live once.

    Overall, I never say never in a return but I will definitely have to have a big think about going again. As for recommendation my only advice is wear a condom. Any working girl that straight up sucks cock unprotected would have some demons lurking.

    Also there condoms are cheap and shit

  157. Paul says:

    Does anyone know where Tiffany is working now?

  158. AJ says:

    Does anyone know if the ladies there offer bbfs?

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Ashley Madison - Have an affair. Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital Affair
Ashley Madison - Have an affair. Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital Affair