Japanese House – St Marys

15 Queen St, St Marys NSW

Near Railway Station [Front & Rear Entrance]
P: 02 9833 0360

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128 Responses to Japanese House – St Marys

  1. jesters brothel says:

    Seiko is back in queen st at well selling cum spiced chicken at jesters or st Mary’s food mix near the com bank and lights

  2. Off says:

    Bella works 5 days a week at another place nearby her number is 0452050955

  3. jason p says:

    If you look across the road there’s a place called jasmaines everything is on offer over there at good prices

    • Mookstar says:

      What are woman like there mate average or just the norm?

  4. Fred says:

    Had a visit yesterday – all closed up – both front and back.

  5. Offroasjunkie says:

    I went here the other day to find the back entrance closed then walked around the front to find the shop looking like it wss being dismantled any info?

    • Phil says:

      I went past on Wednesday 19th and it was closed. So was the ove around the corner at 25C Nariel St.

  6. Terry says:

    So the place is closed where did they move to

  7. shagga says:

    THIs place has new owners now some older maddam abit rude it’s $70 for half hour only Bella working. Keep saying another girl there but it’s empty as everyone that’s goes there ask for Bella any way she use to go bb with me
    This time it was a no no. Lol not sure why she said been long time since I came seen her.

  8. Tommygunn says:

    Just had a brilliant one hour with Bella, fourth time with her, was my longest booking, she is a bit of a chatter box but she has great fake tits her body is nice and has a great ass and smooth as fuck pussy,

    Strandeled me, nice deep french kissing pushed me.down and sat on my face before turning into a 69,

    We fucked bareback didn’t even get a chance she just got off my face and jumped on reverse cow girl,

    Cummed all over her tits after a quick shower massage round two, just worshipped her ass and she asked me to fuck her ass, lined up and slid it in bare and then nutted on her back,

    Loved it will be back for more

    • that guy says:

      Make sure you get tested after 3 months buddy.

  9. Jamie says:

    Ok, so here it goes, now I know I said I more than likely would not return here again…i did.
    So I went to see Bella again mostly because it’s cheap and she isn’t really that bad of a root but most because it’s cheap. I called ahead to see if she was working and was told she was so I made the trip however once I arrived was informed that she was busy, nevermind there are two other ladies working who’s names I may be wrong with Lisa and Tina, now in another story I had already seen Lisa before (not quite as good as Bella but an ok alternative) so I decided to go with Tina.
    Now, Tina is on the older side kinda short but with her clothes on I though…..how bad can it be?
    HOLY SHIT! it was bad…..i mean nasty bad, I won’t go on about how bad, just think ‘The Shining’
    It was enough to turn me off this place FOREVER though I do advise If you must go here it’s Bella or the highway……ok maybe Lisa……NO ONE else…….no…..one…..else……no…….one…..

  10. Pete says:

    What’s Bella like now? Does she do natural or covered?

  11. Jamie says:

    Went there for the first time purely out of some kind of mix of curiosity and disgust Bella was the only working girl on and paid $60 for 30 minutes not the best looking but has nice tits the thing is I mean she wasn’t a bad root she was actually decent kept it safe the whole time covered for everything no kissing but the whole time she wouldn’t shut up about how hot the weather had been…. I asked if she did any extras and she immediately lubed her ass and said push it in it very today yes and I just couldn’t overall an OK but bizarre experience probably wouldn’t go back

    • Pete says:

      Matey – this experience just doesn’t make any sense. You went there, paid 60/30 had a root, she doesn’t kiss and you asked if she does extras ?? Why did she lube her ass up automatically ?
      Sounds crazy to me matey.

      • Matt Mowendown says:

        Sounds fucking awesome to me. Got hornee just reading Jamie’s review

      • Peter says:

        Matey, I get horny with a real woman not with some crazy depiction of someone else.
        Also, I read the review of the big pig.
        He may have a point – the last two reviews I notice are separated by a few minutes. Although I am relatively new to reading the stuff here – my conclusion is that people or persons are very lean with the truth. I don’t know the reason but I can’t believe what’s printed here. So I will explore other reliable sex pages in future..

  12. Daniel says:

    Do any girls besides Bella do anal?

  13. Peter says:

    Any new girls here anyone been recently.

  14. brothel stalker says:

    I love this place methodone clinic becomes a church with a brothel above your head

    I hope the mowns and banging beds above on a sunday morning ain’t believed as god’s miracles

    St Mary’s just a screwed up place

  15. pete says:

    Anyone been here lately any new girls worth visiting. Cheers

  16. SHAGGA says:

    Ok boys went here Tonight saw a a older lady named
    Tara said I would get a few boys come n visit her nice big
    Tits. Nice booty smooth pussy
    Taste good to
    Very talkative but she sucks and loves a mean fuck
    Go visit here well worth the visit. Works most days
    She is very clean so safe sex even no bbbj
    Even extra $$$ won’t get u the extras lol

  17. Pete says:

    Anybody been here lately. Is there any new girls working. Thanks.

  18. petep says:

    Thanks john trouble is she only works days during the week. Any other Asians around st marys penrith area recommend.

  19. pete says:

    is bella the best girl here now. or do they have new girls. its not the same since nikki retirerd.

  20. 2 sogs says:

    can anyone tell me if nikki still works here..
    I havent been to sydney for a very long time.
    Hope you guys can help..by for now..

  21. Pete says:

    This place still opened ? I see constructions around the area

  22. Benny says:

    Her. Name was Jessica befor now Lilly doent work in the shop much any more I hear she see’s old custermers at. There houses or motel

  23. Fred says:

    Anyone seen the new girl Lilly?

  24. mozz says:

    Bella is great. BUT…. be careful she is not very clean. STD’s are going crazy at this place.

  25. Jonny says:

    Does Jessica still work there?

  26. Kedi says:

    What days does bella work. How old is she. What are the working hours of this place. Does she do bb anal ,cip.

  27. jimmy says:

    Seko was like fucking a Kmart clothes mannequin

  28. st marys brothel king says:

    You would be better off saving your money and going down the adult shop down the road and getting a blow up doll than walk up to this place

    Filthy place filthy girls who don’t shower and a waste of time walking up them filthy steps of the st Marys coffee bar

    This place should be burnt down with the girls in it

    It almost did in the 80s with the old fish and chip shop went up in smoke down stair

  29. Jonny says:

    Does Jessica still work there. .does she go by another name as well

  30. kedi says:

    Who is the best fuck here these days? Which girls on the roster will do BBFS & CIP?

  31. 2 sogs says:

    Can anyone tell me what happend to nikki…
    Dose she still work here?
    Thank you .

  32. Fairmont16 says:

    Finally stayed with Bella for an hour after 2 failed bookings and I must say it was worth the wait, love her breats a little chubby but ok with me, BBBJ, DFK, lots of different positions if you are up for it. Great value I will be back. Bella likes to talk too and you have to listen as her English is not great. Only downside I got there at 10am with a booking and she did not arrive to work until 11am, lucky it was my day off but still.

  33. Ben says:

    How does bella compare to Monica at 269 ?

    Nobody has actually described her looks

  34. Fairmont16 says:

    Went here today, got introduced to Nikki and Bella but Bella was busy for an hour, no way was I staying with Nikki, old, saggy everything. I left.

  35. Young Gun says:

    Bella was drunk as a skunk today…… Good deep throat session, pussy to ass, ass to pussy, nice pair of fake tits too.

  36. Bonker says:

    Been there couple of times! Had Bella: below average face,late 30s or early 40s,5.6, very fit,hard tits( felt kinda uneven), cute wannabe hair style, over exited, fantastic ncbj, does give wild sex experience, good part of the show is, nothing is impossible ( I mean nc intercourse, anal with no extra cost), very friendly and massage is her speciality too! Now comes Lisa: average face,late 30s, 5.1,bucksome, soft belly, fantastic tits( my guess D cup), nice hair( smells awesome), very talkative, gentle, friendly, ok bj with cd, throughly enjoyed 69, always safe practice. Hope this helps.

  37. Micheal says:

    Can someone describe what Nikki looks like? I went the other day and asked for her, the woman the pimp brought out was so ugly, old and wrinkly that he would have to pay me to have sex with her!! And I’m not at all fussy. I just left. I’m sure that wasent her after reading these posts

  38. DoubleTrouble says:

    I can’t wait for next double with Bella and Nicki. It is amazing what they do to each other. Worth paying the extra. Let me know what you think if you have had double with them

  39. john says:

    is CiCi – Chinese girl still there? Ive been here about 3 years ago. I miss her

  40. Phil says:

    Yes Nikki is back but not everyday. Jessica is a newer girl there. Middle-aged and friendly. Must use protection at all times. As for the others well I have no reason to lie Skippy, it’s the truth because I’ve done it myself

  41. skippy666 says:

    So is nikki back there now ?
    I was told she left ?
    why would she let people have sex with her without protection.
    that is so silly ?????
    I don’t think so ..

  42. Phil says:

    Been going here for about 8 years on and off. Visited over 50 times and slept with about 15-20 different chicks. They offer blowjobs without condoms and Nikki lets you slip it in without protection for no extra cost. Bella takes it up the ass and Seiko whilst she is the youngest and sexiest, is boring in the sack. Cheap and dirty

  43. Jordan m says:

    Why don’t you guys go pick up normal chicks, instead of waiting your money on junked up prossies! Waist of money…. Get a life

  44. bob says:

    Dirty place!

  45. bob says:

    Hi I heard this place is good are all the girls clean there?

  46. David says:

    Every time I ring to book Nikki she is booked out does anyone have reports on new girls thanks

  47. Country Man says:

    Missed a good time skip as I saw Nikky today wow

  48. skippy666 says:

    Where are you mate still waiting
    To hear from you…
    Im in sydney this weekend and I
    Intrested in nikki from what you say ?
    Come on brother dont let me down
    Fill in the blanks ……hope you leave
    A comment for me this time ?
    See ya ….

  49. skippy666 says:

    I still havent seen nikki yet is she still there ?
    are you still seeing her
    Let me know mat ?
    coming to sydney on the 23-07-2013…
    would like to call in ?
    Hope to hear from you soon Dave cheers…

  50. Davo says:

    Hey Skippy, I think David is pulling everyone’s chain! If you read his other comments on this place he is not exactly consistent. (all those extended visits)
    Have a look at the posts below from Darren on May 4th and 5th. Sounds like he got a big, big surprise!
    I’m afraid David is leading you guys along.

  51. skippy666 says:

    David …
    You havent yet answerd my question.
    I asked you because you would be the one person that would know .
    seeing that you spend so much time with nikki.
    Your answer was [When Nikki get to know you well she look after you] That is a very vague answer ..
    It sounds to me that yous are very close For you to see her for so many hrs
    she must be very good at what she dose.
    If you dont want to answer my questions ? Thats ok just let me know and I will stop asking you ,
    Thank you David for your time I hope to hear from you soon..

  52. Davo says:

    Gentlemen please!! Nikki is a man, just like you, supposedly!

  53. Yeah Right! says:

    I think David must have 2 to play with at home! 15 hours??

  54. skippy666 says:

    Hi David It seems that you and nikki have a thing going..?
    thats a good thing to have someone that you care for. But Im not quiet sure what you mean by [she will look after me ] so you are saying that she may do the things I asked about over time , And what about the other girl Bella you diddent give feedback on her . or would she be a wast of time ,, looking forward to your reply david thank you ,,

  55. skippy666 says:

    I thinking of going to see one of the girls talked about here bella or nikki
    nikki seems to get a good rap ? can anyone tell me dose she give oral without cover or sex without cover . also dose she do anal ,,,,,
    dose either of them do these things ????
    Waiting for a reply,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Thats if there still there,,

  56. David says:

    Nikki is the best have been checking out other more beautiful girls but keep going back to Nikki

  57. mitcy says:

    hi everyone, dont know if this is the right place to post this but been reading lots of comments and u guys seem to know whats around. Im looking for a place around the parra to penrith area that does couples massages and extras. Anyone know any?

  58. darren says:

    Beer goggles or no beer goggles Nikki the Tranny is fugly! David he is all yours!

  59. darren says:

    David just come back from the pub near there and ducked in to see the talent at this place and Nikki was on and it is a “TRANNY” frigin ugly and scarey. Just thought i would let the punters know if thats what you like when u are being bent over by Nikki the Tranny just tell him David loves him!

  60. David says:

    Hi all why go to the rest go to the best and see Nikki and let her know how much David loves being with her

  61. Pussy hunta says:

    The guy that saw niky mate were u drunk and came across from the pub ?
    She looks like a tranny but hey good on u
    If she gave u a good service
    I saw some random average service rooms stinks

  62. SilverFox says:

    I saw Nicky, Middle-aged Japanese Lady, 5/10. OK Massage – willing to take instruction and always aiming to please. Excellent BJ. I paid $100 for 60 mins – left extremely happy.

    Oh and for you punters out there – always give the girls a compliment or 2.
    I Always end up with a much better experience when I do….

  63. David says:

    Hi I just want you to know I am not rich but Nicky makes me rich with happiness. I told Nicky last week that I would see her today but will only be able to see her for 4 hours. The 4 hours was so good and went fast so I had to extend an extra 3 hours. I have seen many girls over the years but none better than Nicky and if no Nicky will not see any other girl SERIOUS

  64. Old man says:

    Was there on Friday and saw nicky and was great

  65. Jim says:

    To me Your above comments equate to $900 in two days, now you claim you are going to spend another 4 hours at $100 per hour. Now to me that equates to $1300 in one week.
    David if you can afford that good luck to you, however if there are positions vacant at your place I want a job there.
    $1300 on pussy then enough money to live through the week, fuck me I want a job there.

  66. David says:

    Hi,Just want everyone to know about a great girl called Niky I spent 2hours with her on Tuesday and 7 hours with her on Wednesday would have loved to have spent more time with her but I am not that rich. I will be spending 4 hours with her on Tuesdays. Please call in and see this girl (not on Tuesdays) I am sure you will be happy as I am

  67. Shero says:

    (1) Thought about Anger Management,
    (2) Do you lack a cock to go enjoy these places yourself and your enraged with jealousy? See (1)

  68. Daniel says:

    Prob told all your wives you sick cunts
    How bout yous your fucking hands…. Dirty fucken cunts

  69. Maxwell says:

    David, this is in stark contrast to your first post here about Bella being the one to see. Obviously something has happened since, and it would be good if you expanded further.

  70. Shagga says:

    Hi I went saw bella bcoZ of the good review
    Well bella is average
    She also work at another place but told me not
    To tell she is chatty gives good head
    And when u fuck her squeez her tits she loves it
    This grl loves to get pounded

    Now for another quest for Asian massage lol

  71. Shagga says:

    Myt have to visit this place on Monday

  72. Maxwell says:

    Hey David,

    Is this place Rnt or FS?

    This is the first ive heard of a thai in the St Marys area.


  73. David says:

    Bella (Thai) is the girl to see here. She works Monday to Friday day time and is the best I have ever been with she knows what a man wants. I have seen her for a couple of months but yesterday 1 hour was not long enough with her I ended up staying 4 hours


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