Macquarie Fields Massage

2/71 Saywell Rd Macquarie Fields

P: 9829 3830

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  1. jim says:

    Well i went back. I have run this place down a few times because I have had shit service and some have even tried to rip me off, an d the place looked like a dump,however today I thought I would give it another shot after a particular review I read. The room had been redecorated and looked great, there was no pressure as I walked through the door, the lady was polite and accommodating. I had rang a few minutes earlier so she expected me and took me straight to the room, $55 for the hour. During the massage, which I might add was the best in a long time, she asked me where it hurt, and worked on those areas, it was great. Then it was time to turn over, for $50 extra she fucked and sucked my brains out. This place really seems to have picked up. I WILL BE BACK.

    • cheekyman says:

      who was the lady?

      ive been going and seeing lucy after reading a review, and she gives fantastic service

    • cheekyman says:

      who was the lady?

      i got similar service as well from lucy. keen to try others.

    • Curious George says:

      Great review mate. Any idea if they have a website with pictures of the girls?
      Also, I’m habibi ng a bit of difficulty finding the exact location online. Are they next to the Asian restaurant?

  2. jim says:

    I am going to have another crack at this place this afternoon, I have had a few bad runs here, any advice guys, any particular woman i should ask for.

  3. Sam says:

    Any suggestion
    As Iam new to all this
    Can u pls guide me
    Who and what to ask for
    And how much to offer

  4. Asstroman says:

    I am a semi regular at this parlour and would highly recommend two of the ladies that work there. Lucy, who works on Mondays and Tuesdays is hot in a dirty sexy way and well worth it. A 40ish Chinese lady, she loves horny guys and knows how to handle a cock. She has a good body, good tits & loves to get down and dirty. Fifi, Who works on Thursdays is a petite 30ish Singapore lady with a super tight body and perky tits. She has a very nice manner and is very hot. Both of these ladies i’m happy to get the gear off and will see right if you are looking for a hot time.

    • cheekyman says:

      Saw lucy after your recommendation for FS. A nice tease, wonderful personality and great massage. Fantastic!

      Keen to try Fifi. Can you provide more detail on her so I can look forward to more.

  5. ryan says:

    i wouldn’t bother with this place, went during a weekday got some old bag and she was disspointed that i didn’t want a HE – hell no lady i got out of there quickly

  6. monster says:

    went there a month a go meet helen she striped me down I layed down few minutes in asked if I wanted suky said said yes but need more more money I gave it she sucking me while I finger her pussy she dropped panties I got up n she layed down got to pound her pussy I pulled out layed down and she wanked me off over her tits mmm and ive still got her panties

  7. AnonymousM says:

    Went there last week
    I had fun
    Was offered full service straight away

    Got a 1 hour massage with BJ/hj finish

    Not too bad 🙂

  8. 52_year_old_Aussie says:

    Went there last week.

    Fairly big shop and rooms are big. Looks like 2 massage rooms, with walls to the ceiling a lockable doors. Rooms are BIG and massage tables sturdy.

    Met by Helen, Chinese – mid to late 30’s, so no problem there. Fairly good English.

    $35 for half and hour and when she came back into the room I offered her $30. Her clothes came off straight away. Nice tits with small nipples and bare downstairs. Helen was asking if I wanted full service or sucky sucky, so that was available.

    The massage was just random rubbing, but it filled in some time until the turn over. Helen didn’t mind me “copping a feel” too much. Whenever her hands went for the old feller, I’d bush them away and give her another feel.

    Not too bad a session, but didn’t have the real spark of a few ladies at other places. I might go back there when I am out that way again, but there are a couple of shops at Ingleburn to try out as well.

  9. Jimo4u says:

    Well guys I took the plunge and went yesterday.
    I was met by a little fat Gobledock who came running to meet me while the other one laid on a lounge under a doona watching TV.

    I got into the room and was told $55 for one hour, I handed over the $55, She then went on to say, that If I pay more ($60) she would take of her clothes and give me sucky sucky, a thought that grossed me out. I played the game and said I would go and get more money but trying to get the $55 back another drama, I had to physically take it from her.

    She did not want me to leave so then she tried to negotiate the price, as I tried to walk out with the money clutched tightly in hand she yelled in Chinese so the other one got off the lounge, then they both tried to block my exit, the other one saying I could have her if I wanted, great idea I said,I will go and get some more money. ( NOT )

    I had to actually push past them to get to the back door, what an experience, never again.

    I must say, nothing has changed,this place is still a dump, stay away guys and save your money, there are better places in the area with the same pricing and a hell of a lot nicer

    I think I will need some counselling !

  10. jimo4u says:

    Has this place been up graded like advertised or is it still a dump. I would love to go there today some time

  11. Kevin says:

    This place is cool had vivi she is in her mid 30
    Biggest nipple I have see
    Went for massage for 1 hr
    After about 40 min she offers me full service
    I swear on God pussy was so tight
    Fucked her missionary and then in doggy style
    She was screaming coz she was also that day
    After 20 min she goes out and closes the shop and
    Comes in again asked me to fuck her more
    This lady is horny I didn

  12. stevo says:

    Went there last week, had Helen, 1 hour full service $100, what a looker, top body late 20’s, works Tuesday, will be back for more, place has been upgraded now and is worth a go

  13. pogo says:

    went there last weekend, got F/S straight up, 30 mins $70, girl was thirty, nice tits, bit of a tummy. She was not enthusiastic, just layed there in a coma and let me pound away, I lost interest and left after 25mins. Place is a bit of a dive, should have read this site first

  14. msb says:

    This place is so dirty…The room they sat me in while waiting for the girl, I could hear the male before me getting a handjob, it was feral…The room was disgusting and I could see brown hand impressions where client had their hands on the massage table…

    I left before even getting a massage…Much better places such as Mays asian massage clinic

  15. john says:

    What time do these guys close and any recent experiences ? Thanks

  16. David N says:

    Visited last Wednesday, saw Melissa. 30’s, nice smile with a decent massage. Has a biggish tummy with huge tits.Had FS in the end. Awesome tounge and mouth job and pounding her in the end.
    Was good

  17. Matt says:

    Only seen mature ladies late 30’s the youngest I’ve seen

  18. mountainking says:

    Went there yesterday. Full service offered straight up. I think her name was Katie. Big natural but no looker to be honest. It wasn’t too great as well. Does anyone know if there are younger ones here.

  19. msb86 says:

    No full service offered. I went on a sunday n got a rub n tug… I wouldnt go here again unless I was super horny and nowhere else was open on a Sunday.

  20. Matt says:

    Tried this place out recently for the first time, two older asian ladies on shift. Was offered f/s straight up for $70, wasn’t in the mood went for cbj and massage instead $60 h/r. She was certainly no looker mid 50’s little bit chubby had a great set of dd’s tho natural. Good attitude sucked the little fella straight up an gave it her best, finished off with massage for remaining 15 mins. Will probably go back again. Marlisa was her name works tues, wed and sun.

  21. Bertie says:

    Another good massage joint – very good oil massage. Middle aged Asians, normal rates $20 for handie. Can’t seem to get F/S or women to strip off, but I did get to rub a hairy pussy on one under her dress while getting the H/E. Will keep trying.


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