Ingleburn Massage

31 Stanley Rd Ingleburn

P: 9829 4654

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  1. Pogo says:

    went there last monday, Had belinda, Aussie girl in her 30’s. Blonde wig.
    Nice body…but would not stop talking and screaming.
    After a while of her on top, I got on top of her. The next minute she has both hands holding her wig on as I pounded away. A nice kid and a good fuck, but I don’t think I will have her again. This is still the best place in the area

    • Alfred Big Cock says:

      Nice going Pogo. It has happened to me.

  2. Kris says:

    They really need to bring the old Mia back

  3. nathan says:

    Anyone know where Mia the Russian that used to work here went?

  4. cheekyman says:

    anyone updates? anyone been here lately?

  5. Rick says:

    This place has gone to shit, such a shame!!! Mia and Carla were the best two! Bring both back! No point going back such a crappy line up of ladies now!
    Bring both back!!!

  6. Mick D says:

    I’m not in Sydney very often, just called up to find out Mia no longer works here.. Where did she go???
    By far the best lady at his joint for a long time, very disappointing to hear!!!

    If anyone has seen her at another place let me know, she was one sexy lady!!!

  7. Scotty TurboD says:

    Where did Carla go? No one turned me on as much as she did

  8. Sam says:

    What days are vivi working

  9. Richie says:

    Anyone know where Mya went? was told she left to work in a parlour in the city, would love to see her again if anyone knows where she went to

  10. Marriedsimon69 says:


    6 posts
    0 warning points
    Went here sometime in August (when i happened to be in the area) but its taken me a while to get to posting the review. Read about this place on Parlour Pages and gave it a try. Its located opposite the Ingleburn train station which is an industrial area and relatively quiet. Went in and was presented two girls – cant remember the first girls name but when Melanie walked out i knew i wanted her (asian (Vietnamese i think)). Dressed in only a black bra, panties and high heels with a big smile on her face and long hair – she had me hard at “hello”. Paid for an hour and was lead to room (clean and practical but not uxorious) and had a quick shower and was met by Mel as i walked out. Stood between my legs and started necking me for a while and then laid me down and got undressed. Proceeded with a nice relaxing massage with plenty of nipple rubbing on back action which went on for about 15 mins but i could not take much more so i turned around and went for her nice (firm not big but ample) breasts which i loved. She was responsive and made the customary moans and groans while rubbing my now hard as a rock penis with her soft thighs. Slipped on the dom and did the missionary and then went for a variety of different positions – standing up against the wall, with her heels on in bed, scissor, etc etc. Overall a great experience and i will be going back if i am in the area again. Mel works Tuesdays and Fridays.

  11. Beau says:

    Does any one know when Vanessa is coming back from holiday? I have been getting a rub of her for 10 years now she is the best lady the joint has awesome body & amazing root to!!! She gives the best massage blows me away every time. If any one else has seen her and knows of any Asian girls in there now thats worth a try let us know!!!



  12. Sam says:

    Have seen Carla twice at 31, Stanley Road, Ingleburn.Great service.Would like to see her again.

    • Carla says:

      HI Sam, Carla is back at Ingleburn on Sundays, also at Riverwood and at 373 High St Penrith

  13. will says:

    Going to visit a mate in the area in a couple weeks, thought I’d find a quick root in the area while I was there. This place doesn’t have a website so I was wondering if anyone who has been there recently can tell me what the girls are like, what the rates are, that sort of stuff. Is it worth it?
    Is there anywhere else in the area that is good?

  14. Sam says:

    This place is cool had vivi she is in her mid 30
    Biggest nipple I have see
    Went for massage for 1 hr
    After about 40 min she offers me full service
    I swear on God pussy was so tight
    Fucked her missionary and then in doggy style
    She was screaming coz she was also that day
    After 20 min she goes out and closes the shop and
    Comes in again asked me to fuck her more
    This lady is horny I didn’t wasted any more time
    Just started fucking her
    And we were together till 8:30 inside the shop and
    Then we left from back door I took her to Thai restaurant
    In ingleburn and later dropped her at at
    Parramatta where she lives she offered me to
    Come in I said some other day
    Then we exchanged our numbers
    Now when ever I feel like massage and full
    Service I call her and meet her in her house
    So far I have fucked her 6 times
    She gets wet straight aways
    At this parlour she only works 2 days
    Simply love her pussy and the way she sucks
    Me off she is still tight

  15. Daniel says:

    Went there today – there was only two “girls” on – one Thai girl and an older lady. I chose the Thai girl – I’ve forgotten her name though she was fairly hot with a nice ass.

    I paid for 1 hour full service and for $200 it isn’t cheap. About 20 minutes in the manager started talking loudly outside the door saying “He is waiting for ” – I think this was an indicator to her that she needs to finish me up and get me out of there. After 25 minutes of average sex, she dismounted me and proceeded to give me a HJ. I came and then she gave me a quick massage. All up I would have been lucky to have been in the room for 40 minutes before she declared “all done” and went off for a shower while I got ready. At 45 minutes I was being ushered out the front dorr.

    So, long story short, $200 for 45 minutes with nothing special sex is expensive enough for me to not go back there.

    And @Steve D, if your girl is still working there I’d start looking for another girl.

  16. Steve D says:

    Looking for a girl.

    I’ve been looking for a Thai girl named Alita. I have been told that she has worked here previously. Does anyone know if she still works here and if so what days?

    She is short and slim and has huge boobs. She is a very nice young lady and I long to be with here again.

    Any help would make me very happy.

  17. Phil says:

    Saw Melissa this afternoon. Little Vietnamese pocket rocket that was a pile of fun. When it came up that she was filling in for Vanessa today (who i’ve seen previously) the offer was made for a double. No mention of pricing, but when Vanessa is back from holidays in a few weeks this could be fun…

    Certainly a service i didn’t expect to be offered at this place.

  18. Frost says:

    Went in today and saw Carla. Gorgeous brunette. Went for the half hour. I got her fied up amd after that she was a bed demon. Have to say she was the best fuck of my life and ive had a few girls. Both professional and normal, all very good in the sack. But nothing like Carla. So fuckin horny and tight.

    The best part was. At the end when I asked her how she felt it went. She asked me to come baxk when she finished at 9. Might have been because I made her cum 5 times.

    Needless to say ill be going back.

    • Carla says:

      Hi Frost, Carla is back at Ingleburn and at Riverwood, also at 373 High Street Penrith

  19. Jack swagger says:

    I saw Vanessa she works on Tuesday/Wednesday!
    She is amazing, half Aussie & Singapore.
    The best body ever & smile ever! I fell in love with her because she just really makes you feel comfortable.
    She had a tight body all round, best experience ever!

  20. zain says:

    Thanks mate. Much appreciated info.

  21. zain says:

    Visited this place twice recently.
    First with Kelly. Ok service, great bj but overall too mechanical hence not too enjoyable. I guess she is always busy there (according to her) hence the routine treatment. She is a somewhat slim blond aussie with great tits.
    Second visit was with Tanya. Blond, short haired full(voluptuous) yet very appealingly sexy European. Very relaxing experience. If you are into a comfortable experience with a bit of conversation then i recommend her. Bj and conventional sex.
    Any recommendations from others?

  22. Andy says:

    Saw Mia two weeks ago, looks like I’ve caught a STD!! Stay away from her guys…

  23. Phil says:

    This place is an oldie but a goodie. Always busy from my experience but good quality service from many nationalities. Recently saw Monica (indian background). Fairly priced @ $200/hr given the service.

  24. Kinkyboi says:

    I love this place! Went today! Saw an amazing lady called Mia! Only works Thursdays! She sucks great and pussy still tight! I blew so fast she turns u on so easily! Wish I got the reception lady instead who offered herself to me! Oh well next time

  25. Bertie says:

    Visited here once – very clean F/S place but too pricey. $120 1/2 hr, $200 hr. Wide variety of nationalities. Chose mid 30’s South American, excellent service & very friendly. It was my 1st visit to a F/S place & she put me at ease.


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