Luxsana Thai Massage

logo99 Cann St Bass Hill NSW 2197

P: 9743 7669

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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

19 Responses to Luxsana Thai Massage

  1. Dude says:

    I think rabi is correct. Got a half hour massage today and yes, the hands of one massuese were very masculine and the voice was also. They did a switcheroo about 10 mins in and i was finished by a lovely young girl. It was very busy so i think that is the only time you might run into a ladyboy. For the future i am going to request certain girls and make sure they are the ones massaging before it starts.

  2. Hardyakkaz says:

    Went here about 3 to for weeks ago. My body was aching so i had a really nice remidial massage as my my body embraced it from rhe hands one of the girls there. Her name is jon yes she extras bb hj. She looked like she was friendly speaks good enough english. Gave her 40bucks it. Im good at controlling myself so i didnt cum. She stroked it for a good 15mins will be going back maybe tonight if shes available

  3. Tikut says:

    how would Mario and CO. know if they are lady boys or not, does someone touch their crotch and feel for a dick ?

  4. Mario says:

    I go to this Massage shop quite often (every 2 weeks), because the girls in this place give great massages. In the 3 years I have been going there, NOT ONCE HAVE I EVER SEEN A LADYBOY THERE. All the girls that have massaged me have been very polite and welcoming, and nearly all of them are young beautiful ladies.

    • Big guy says:

      Do you receive any sextras here? I’ve been once but didn’t get any. What’s the protocol?

      Can you recommend any girls? I’m a bit scared due to Rabis comments

  5. Rabi says:

    Walked in..saw an old guy with a smile on his face having tea, he was accompanied by the ladyboy that massaged him, I counted three ladyboys that day…I walked back out.

    Always look at hands…hi five them, if hands are big as If in doubt then just have a look at where you are..

    • Big guy says:

      Are you sure they are ladyboys? Any other way of knowing other than hands? Lucky I wasn’t offered a happy ending then

      • Rabi says:

        yes..100% sure, I lived in Thailand for 19 months. Besides hands, look at feet.

        Otherwise, ask them to say some words in Thai like “how are you ” etc, if their voice in Thai is very croaky like a woman who smoking ciggs for 50 years..then ladyboy.

        • Sam says:

          In the last 4 day we try to get the ladyboy… But they have none just very tiny woman and big girl there we try to give something difference . Are u sure they there? (Can you tell us the day them work) …. Hopey!!

    • Baz says:

      I didn’t see any ladyboys today, there were only two tiny Thai girls. Got an excellent massage and got offered extras but declined. The massage was brilliant though.

      It was a Saturday though, very quiet. Not sure what day you went so can’t say if Ladyboys work during the week.

  6. Big guy says:

    Tried this place a while ago. I saw the site on the internet and it looked really nice with a little garden out back and located in a quiet, secluded street. Was hopeful about sextras, but after a nice and thou rough massage, wasn’t offered any and left unfulfilled. When I got home, I checked this Page, and it looks like you may or may not get sextras, depending upon which girl you get. Anyone have any recommendations in regards to the girls? Was left feeling like a shmuck.

  7. Bob says:

    went a few weeks ago, great massage, extra’s were offered for $40. A+

  8. Dude says:

    I got 1/2 hour massage and extra for $70 total. Depends which girl, the better looking girls charge more for extra

  9. charlie says:

    Good massages some old guy runs it they dont give customers extras only the boss by the looks of it

  10. JG says:

    I suppose one of us should go in and see what they have..

  11. Mohammad says:

    Call me on 042 2996 3 plz

  12. Hmm says:

    Hi, what was the rates?

  13. Jack says:

    Are you sure they do extra’s.? I have been plenty of times but never given or asked for extra yet.?

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