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Welcome for Vitality Charm Massage located in 227 Broadway Glebe, Sydney.


We are a licensed remedial & erotic massage parlor. We have 7 – 8 cute Asian girls working each day, nice personalities, good manners with professional skills. All girls are around 18 – 28 years old, pretty, friendly and willing to please. We will provide you great whole body oil massage, deep tissue, sensual body slides, cuddling, teasing and nuru happy ending, all contributing to a great girlfriend experience. We dress sexy and have nurse, maid, stockings, school uniforms available to satisfy your fantasies.

We have spacious, modern and clean rooms all with showers and some private waiting rooms, all rooms are fully air conditioned with low light and soft music. We provide fresh clean towels and high-quality disposable bed sheets for each customer as well as water dispersible massage oil.

Our Price:

Full Body Oil Massage, Nude Body Slides & Hand Ending :

$95/30mins, $110/45mins, $125/60mins

(Your shower time is excluded in the hour).

Our Address: 227 Parramatta Road, Glebe, Sydney.

Rear door(By GPS): 2 Grose Street, Glebe. Near the Cross of Bay St & Grose St.

Parking: 2 Hours free parking in Broadway Shopping Centre around the corner. (LG South or B1 South area)

Open Hours: 10.00AM–9.00PM 7 DAYS

Welcome to call : 0402 680 999

Girls’ information please view:

227 Broadway(2).227 Broadway (3)22-227

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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

61 Responses to Vitality Charm Massage

  1. Enrico says:

    These reviews are late but I feel I owe it to the girls.
    ‘Don’t know when or if I’ll be back after my Hosp engagement but I hope this helps you guys to decide where to get top service for your money. I spent a fortune in the last three weeks n some days I spent with my favourites which I’ve already written about. Worth every cent. I’m just thinking why there’s not much reviews/comments or feedback for 227 Vitality Charm when I know lots of gentlemen visit and enjoy what this shop offers. Could it be they don’t want to share this great “fishing spot”?. I don’t blame these gents. It’s not easy for me too n sometimes I think “the less guys know, the better for me”. Hahahh. But that’s wrong. Gotta be fair to the girls guys. They need the clients to meet their funds.
    I still believe 227 is the best value for money. You don’t have to take my word for it. See for yourselves. I just hope it stays as classy as it is even with the growing competition in the industry when “everyone” is trying to outdo each other for less $ making most places sleazy and cheap. Oh my reviews aren’t paid. I do love this place and I do encourage customers to make their comments too. Good or Bad experience, let everyone know. And yes. Tipping is not compulsory. But I think must Tip when you feel it’s deserved.

    Fiona, 5 April
    Had the pleasure of “playing” with Young n playful Fiona…
    First time I booked a size 4 and I was amazed how light (of course), agile and playful Fiona can be. Yes, smooth milky white skin, petite tight body and nice proportional set of very important bosoms. Always smiling, and fun to be with. Not really for me as my type would be size 6 n up. But still had a great time with her. And I really don’t mind trying out managements recommendations. Her English is far from perfect but enough to communicate with a few facial expressions and gestures which is interesting. Her massage skills was amazing. Could not believe such power can come from those tiny hands and small stature. She made good work of my aching and tired body. So I’m happy.

    Ashley, 4 April
    Playful n beautiful, I’d say she’s the bigger version of Fiona. Amazing hands, great massage- probably the best in the shop. If just for the massage, you already got your money’s worth and everything else, body slide and HE are extras. Sadly I heard she might be going. So…. Another girl we’ll be missing I guess. I hope she stays in 227 longer.

    Maggie, 10 April,
    Oh she is so Professional. She’s got a nice sultry bedroom voice, Beautiful face, milky white skin, curvaceous body, great sets of assets and lovely sensuous scent. Good communication skills, Top that up with great massage skills- wow! Oh did I mention the GFE? One word… unforgettable. ๐Ÿ‘. No wonder she’s got heaps of bookings. Can’t say much more.. just perfect. So…take my Tip… make sure you book early.

    Bella, 12 April,
    Very pretty, very sexy, Playful and fun to be with. She’s very hmm conscious about cleanliness she’s got her wipes ready hahaha. You’ll see. I guess better clean than dirty huh?!. โ˜บ๏ธ. Great massage skills as well. And she’s proud of it. And She’s got magical hands. If you know what I mean. ๐Ÿค—… No probs with her english and we conversed so naturally as if we knew each other for months already. Very pretty, very sexy…. oh sorry I said that already I know, but I’m still thinking bout it. Hhhh. Very pretty… haha.

    Overdue reviews….

    Miss Molly, Had the pleasure of her company first was way back Sept 2017. Slim, sexy, and very intelligent girl. Wait til you find out what uni course she’s doing.๐Ÿ‘Œ. Lovely lady to be with, great conversation, playful and not shy even way back then when she’s not even popular. Slight tan then but now milky white… yet skin is still smooth as. Great smile with those small eyes…. She’s soft spoken but not timid and can take charge of the room when I had a double girl session with someone I became an exclusive regular. She’s quite popular now so good must’ve gone better๐Ÿ‘. Money well spent.

    Oh yes. Maybe the only girl in the shop that gives me a daunting feeling. She might be my kryptonite… haha.. maybe made me feel somehow inadequate? Hhh… It’s not a bad thing btw. If anything it made me up my game, respect and appreciate the girls more. AND I had a great time with her. True!. She’s lovely. Great personality, speaks straight to the point and quite open with her views n comments. Yet playful and charming. Very nice modulated voice and near perfect English. Oh… n her body?… just see for yourselves guys. No disappointments there.

    She is so real. I can’t ask for a more real woman. I don’t know where she is…. and missing her. I reckon she still has the best pair of Aces. And I hope she comes back.

    Don’t forget,
    Respect, Enjoy, Appreciate, Tip…. and Feel better about yourself.

  2. Joe says:

    The building is old , the girls are average looking, I will suggest to try other good value and better shop.

  3. Enrico says:

    Greaaat Michelle will be back tomorrow 13 April.
    I saw her just before she had a break late March n I thought I’d write a review before she comes back. But been busy bee. Sooo Here it is. Dreamy eyes… oh yes.. those eyes… can’t stop thinking about them. Seeing her Gorgeous face, smooth skin, sexy slender body, long legs, and a perfect natural “pair” to compliment the whole masterpiece. I was almost speechless. Good thing she can carry a good conversation. Impressive command of English, she speaks very politely and with much respect that I admire so much. Very demure and respectful stature I feel almost unworthy to be in the same room with her. GFE? It was wonderful. I seemed so real. Then she left ๐Ÿ˜ฐ and I just can’t wait any longer. I’m so happy she’s back. In fact, I’ve already booked in advance a week ago. I hope you have too! or you’ll be missing out.๐Ÿค—. BTW, I understand we guys want more for our money. Totally agree to that. But we can only ask nicely. Respect the response we get guys. The job is already tough as it is. Most girls are here merely more of circumstances rather than of choice. So as long as the girls fulfilled the basic part of the deal we paid for, They’ve done their job and really there is no basis to complain.
    Don’t forget,
    Respect, Enjoy, Appreciate, Tip…. and Feel better about yourself.

  4. Enrico says:

    Apple… Seen her twice already. 2 n 8 of April.
    Need I say I recommend her? I’ll see if I can tell you as much as I can without divulging too much.๐Ÿ˜œ. ‘Makes sense? Haha.
    She’s curvy. Nice sets n I’m a T & A guy so she scores well in that department. Smooth soft skin, fair complexion, Beautiful face and I love the “sad” puppy eyes. She’s quite cheerful n has a great smile. Don’t get me wrong. That’s just how I see her. Reserved personality, soft spoken, very polite and hospitable. But She’s does her job well. Good massage and GFE we shared is very special I had to book again after my ops. I hope she’s still with 227 when I come back. Remember…. everyone moves on so… hurry before you miss her.
    Don’t forget,
    Respect, Enjoy, Appreciate, Tip…. and Feel better about yourself.

  5. Vitality Charm Massage says:

    Thanks for visiting us and the reviews. Please note that our shop is all inclusive and there is definitely no need for additional tips, but if you insist on the additional tip, a small $5-$10 tips is more than enough.

  6. DD says:

    Is the shop paying to write reviews..??? Or really with money we spend here .. confused !!!!

    • Enrico says:

      I’m not paid mate. You don’t have to take my word for it. But I love this place and here quite often. Cost me a fortune past three weeks as I’m in nearly everyday.
      See I’m going in Hosp soon n maybe won’t be back. I’ll stop reviews then.
      I can only talk about girls I’ve booked. N Though the girls I’ve booked are all good, I do have my favourites. See for yourself and compare. And do write something about the place. Good or bad. Comment on your experience. Help the girls. Help the industry.

  7. Enrico says:

    The girl with a strong personality. That’s Ivy. Had my second session with her last week 4 April. First was August last year. She’s got a mad “pair” of Aces which I adore. They are natural… perfect size, shape, colour and feel. Would surely help me get thru any winter I reckon๐Ÿ˜†. Love the silky smooth milky skin, Great curvy body, not on the slim side if that’s what you’re after… The most infectious Beautiful smile, lovely face, and she smells very nice too. But like I said, “strong personality”. Not really the miss high school, or next door cutie pie. Surely not the submissive type and some might say she’s in the wrong industry.. hahaha. I don’t blame you. Some might even call it attitude. But hey… She’s someone who won’t take no bullshit from nobody. But that’s not being rude. And that to me is very attractive. I like her and I love that she is free spirited. She’s like a brumby that needed to be tamed.. No. No… not exactly like that ๐Ÿ˜‚ but you get my drift right? If you are in the mood for a conversation and you are interesting to talk too… then by all means…. fire away, carry the conversation and you’ll see how she responds. I always have a great time with her. Lots of laugh n really enjoyable session. She’s a woman who knows what she wants n what she’d give. If you’re being demanding and rude then… what treatment would you expect. Would you put up with a rude masseuse especially when your paying for it? I know we spend our hard earned money… but that’s measly amount to expect royalty treatment and demand lots of things. Management promises “good massage, B2B, touching above waste, n finally HE”. That’s the deal and that’s what I was told first time I visited this place months ago. The girls know their part of the contract and will fulfil that. (Just for some added info new to this scene… Happy Ending is not as simple as what most think it is. I used to think the same way and ask… why pay for a Hand job when I can do that by myself at my own leisure and for free? I even joke with my friends who introduced me to 227 – just to criticise them, ” Why pay 95 for half hour? I’d do it to you for 20 in 5 minutes”. And boy was I wrong!!! I can’t believe a two handed HJ by a naked lovely girl and that’s already included with the booking payment! The “Happy Ending in 227 is an Art” even my GF or girls I’ve been out with don’t do this stuff. Wow. I’ve tried the cheaper shops and even the bigger shops but other than there’s the fact that someone else is doing it for me… like whisking scrambled eggs, no feelings n totally detached… really?.., I’d do it myself at home) But yes… we are men and most times we want more. So… just ask nicely… and take your successes or failures in stride. If you are a well presented customer, good bubbly personality, well groomed with proper hygiene, and a real gentleman, I think you’d have more successes than failures with the girls here… or even OUT THERE for that matter. I know some guys complain about girls working during their period. What’s the big deal? 227 is not a brothel. The tampon is not our concern๐Ÿ˜ฒ. I feel sad for the girls when they have to put up with a customer with bad hygiene and won’t even take a shower. And still they do put up with it. But regarding the extras outside of the “management promise”… it’s really up to them to set their personal limits as to what they’d allow us to do not violating their private space. Respect their answer… and if you have some success.. be very thankful for that. You got whatever that is, not because they were expecting a tip. It is out of their own volition that they think you deserve something. But give the Tip anyway I say. They deserve it after all.

    BTW. Gonna have a heart procedure soon. So I reckon do it “just in case” you know. Been very active last week. 6/7 days been here. Seen Cindy twice n couple more girls have to comment on. Maybe this week would be the last. YOLO.
    Remember… Respect, Enjoy, Appreciate, Come, Tip. You’ll feel better about yourself.

  8. Enrico says:

    Visited my fave place in Sydney. 227 Yeah? ‘Really had a great time with Yomi yesterday. Another smart Uni student. With a pleasing personality and a hot body to match. She’s got this innocent charming smile I can’t get off my mind. She is relatively new to the industry but I was amazed with her professionalism. Barely months here in Australia yet her English seems she’s been here much much longer. It was fun conversing with her. Yes, a few pronunciations n grammatical misses here n there but easily forgiven when she giggles about it. Besides I love teaching and she’s a great student. Her Body? OMG!!! I could be so lucky!? Haha!!! Her vital statistics look good on paper but much much better in person. Her slightly tanned smooth unblemished skin… And the scent of her body whenever she gets close to me… Wow. Wow! I Really had to restrain myself. GFE was something I’d surely come back for. We had a lovely session together and time just flew by. Before I noticed it’s times up already. Will most definitely be back to see her. Sooner than later.
    I think she will be very popular soon if not yet. Book early if you want to see for yourself.
    Just remember… Respect, Enjoy, Appreciate, Come and Tip… you’ll feel better about yourself.

  9. Enrico says:

    Yes! Finally got booking for a long awaited session with Cindy Monday 26th. And I had to book in advance! But well worth the wait…. She’s just awesome. No wonder she is always fully booked. A walk-in customer would have to be so lucky to find her available. Shop is clean as always… but this time I somehow noticed more… the serene ambiance…of the shop… so peaceful… I want to shout… “Honey I’m home!”
    I missed the spacious rooms which I reckon, including bath n shower is almost twice the floor area in comparison to most shops. Wider massage tables too. ‘Guess I appreciated this place more after a recent so.. so.. experiences in 3 similar shop around Sydney in the last two weeks.
    About Cindy… I knew of her since last year but somehow I kept missing out on bookings for various reasons. Yes she is very popular yet I don’t see much reviews about her. Maybe the happy customers don’t want to share her?! Tell you what, the thought crossed my mind too but I have to be fair… “give credit when it’s due”. She deserves a good thorough review.
    I’d rate the session with her a strong 12/10 ๐Ÿ‘. Too much? I don’t give ratings too lightly but Cindy is the real deal. I’d give more but then everyone would say I’m biased. Haha.
    She is classy, demure yet sophisticated beautiful young lady. Not timid, and exudes confidence that commands respect yet very comfortable to be with. It’s like being with someone you already knew for a while. We were just so relaxed and at ease. We talked about a lot of things, shared a few laughs… and then some๐Ÿ˜. She has a slim/tight/alluring sexy hot body. All the right curves in all the right places๐Ÿ˜‰. Top that up with silky milk skin, a gorgeous face, charming personality…. Witty conversation and good command of the English language? … What else would you want? She’s definitely the girlfriend I never had๐Ÿ˜. Or would love to have.๐Ÿ˜˜. I guess I’m speaking for most of her current and would be regulars. Thanks to Vitality Charm I get to share some precious moments with her. Good thing is… I can book her again, and. again, and again…๐Ÿ‘Œ. I’m not a “kiss n tell” guy just to excite everyone reading this review. I have to respect Cindy… or all the other girls for that matter. That’s between me n “the girl”. I believe we guys will get what we deserve. I say, ” Be nice and the girls can only be nice too us”… right? I’m just not into “full disclosure” of what happens during a session. I think “reviews like those” are more or less scripted or should I say “paid review”, or even posted by the owner. But yeah, there’s a market for that too. That’s just my opinion anyway.
    Again, ages of girls here are real – and so are their nationalities. They are all young, beautiful, vibrant, and intelligent. Genuine Uni students so when they graduate… they might be earning more money than most of us. And by then… surely no more bookings and we’ve already missed out on our opportunity to be with this classy ladies… so don’t miss the chance n book while you can. And if you cannot make up your mind which girl to book… tell management what you’re looking for n ask for recommendations. Can’t go wrong there. You can checkout the other shops too n find out for yourselves. Might waste a bit of your money… But hey, free world. I still visit other shop now n again too but only to compare if 227 is still the Best value for money shop there is. And I believe it is.
    Just remember… Respect, Enjoy, Appreciate, and Tip… you’ll feel better about yourself.

  10. Dex says:

    Vitality Charm. I’ll be back for sure.
    Thank you management for carefully screening these girls.

  11. Dex says:

    Enrico. I tried Ginza and Korean Jessie was great. She said she knew who you are. Also thanks for your review of this shop. I didn’t even know about this heavenly place. I used to go to this place in Alexandria and some of the girls are also beautiful but the girls are only nice to you if you choose them. I met a few while waiting in the staff or kitchen and not even a smile. I guess it’s not a happy place to workplace for the girls because lady at the counter always yells at them to hurry which room they are required. Here, all the girls were all smiling and seem so happy. Even the couple I bumped into in the corridor. And boy they are all gorgeous it’s a sin to choose only one. That’s why I asked management to choose for my first time here. Had a great time with Annie last Thursday. Not bad for a newbie. Not bad at all. Beautiful face, gorgeous smile, can’t stop staring at her. Very difficult not to fall in love with. Still enjoyed a great chat even with a not so perfect English. But who is perfect? She can communicate in a very sweet way… that’s what matters. Sexy slim if that’s what your after. Can’t rate the massage – I wasn’t after that. GFE was “awesome”. But you can find out for yourself when you book her. She was recommended by management. So can’t go wrong there. Tell you what… it was so good I was back the next day Friday. This time management recommended Tammy. Pretty face, white skin, curvaceous body, no idea about bust sizes but they’re a great sight to behold. She’s not a small girl, I’d say on the “more to love” side but just what I like… if you know what I mean. Awesome friendly girl who knows what she’s doing and what I want. “Just like the best girlfriend I never had”. If all the girls here are this good? I wonder who I’d try next. I hope this helps guys. I’d be back for sure. Oh yes. You’re right Enrico. Tipping the girls made me feel better.
    Cheers mateys

  12. Enrico says:

    Hi to ๐Ÿ™‹ all fun loving guys like me.
    Had a wonderful 1 hour session with Gorgeous Kathy. Just a quick stress release after work. Good to know she’s back to two days roster. I do miss her. She has a slight tan at present. I really prefer Milky Silky complexion but she’s still as beautiful so not complaining here. Gorgeous face, lovely smile, sensational eyes. This time I asked for a soft to medium/soft massage which was just perfect for my tired back. Had a bit of much anticipated GFE while catching up… very nice and interesting conversation. Cracked a few jokes coz I know she has a contiguous laughter. BTW, her English is improving fast and from a non English speaking background is impressive. Remember she n most girls have to enrol n study English first before they can even start going for their Uni courses. So I welcome the accent. Actually, I love it – feels more authentic… Sexier. She’s still learning. I love to teach… She doesn’t mind being taught…So new words here n there are always welcome. And she can carry a good conversation too. Needless to say, I had a wonderful time. Book her n find out for yourself. FYI… I found out she’ll be off for two weeks after her last roster day Thursday. So hurry up n book her early or you’ll have to wait two long weeks๐Ÿ˜Œ. As I always say… Respect, enjoy, and tip. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  13. Enrico says:

    As usual๐Ÿ‘Œ This shop always live up to my expectations. I booked an hour with Helen last week. Third time with her actually so we’re both very comfortable… Again I’m not particular with the massage (if I am then I’d go get a massage therapist elsewhere) though she gives a good relaxing one. Anyway… GFE… Greatgirl Friend Experience is always something to come back for. She is very pretty, milky smooth skin which I love. Not a big girl but all the “parts” are a treat to the eyes that I just cant stop looking. And her smile… Oh it is just so captivating. Then she speaks with this soft sexy medium tone voice which is a real turn on. What else can I ask for? I always ask nicely. And i won’t tell you what i get. ๐Ÿ˜† or what I don’t. Hahah. But just like with our own GFs… We don’t always get our way. And the “tease” is a realistic part of it. Well you can ask her too n you might just get lucky if you’re nice but pls respect when she says no. Remember what we paid for… and anything else we get is at the girls digression. Become a regular… then you wont be too much like strangers. If you’re after a GFE with a High Quality girl (girlfriend material), looks n personality… She’d be right up there. Enjoy n dont forget to tip. You’d feel better.

  14. Admin says:

    We’re sorry if you are having issues with the other website but we ask you to be adults and sort it out amicably or simply take a breath and move on. lifes too short to be wasted on idiotic ppl so whatever it is LET IT GO MATE.
    you were probably all good friends before so theres no point bad mouthing them.
    We are not affiliated with them nor have we crossed paths before but we dont feel fuelling the fire here is a solution so we have deleted your comments.
    go have a punt and let off some STEMEN!
    thank you

    • Enrico says:

      This is a thorough review so grab a seat.
      I reckon “The Best Value for Money Shop” in its category. I thought I’d visit every other shop in Sydney and suburbs since July of 2017 before I give this review to be fair and unbiased. Comparing standards, nothing comes close to this shop.

      Yes it is an old building but it is very clean. The massage rooms here are tidy, spacious and all of them has shower and bath. The ambiance and soft music is perfect. Unlike rooms in other shops that feels and looks like a medical examination room (small, no decor, basic furniture, bright lights). Most of all, walls are sufficiently built that you won’t hear sounds from any adjacent rooms. Some rooms are even as big as Ginza’s (Which I think is no.1 in its category/price range- if you know what Ginza is).

      The girls here are gorgeous, friendly, and very polite. They are courteous and go about their job in a professional manner. If you like demure, feminine, at best playful type and not the rowdy, kinky, “dirty” type, then this is the place. They are real students, that’s why they can only work limited rosters. 95% of girls are Asians, mostly Chinese, accurate ages – (maybe a few months off just tardy update). These girls can give you a good massage… some can even do as good as “real” massage places. But I don’t care about that! If massage is what I want, I’d go somewhere else. I come here for the GFE. And for the price v Girls, it’s a difficult toss between Here n Ginza. Do I go for full service at Ginza for $180-$200 for 1/2 hour with a seasoned lady i’d rate a 5-7? Or do I spend $125 at Vitality Charm for 1 hr massage/GFE n happy ending with a gorgeous girl I’d rate 6-8.5? 9 out of 10 I would end up at Vitality Charm.
      The Girls here have come and gone… Finished their studies or moved on. I’ve tried most of them – as my budget allows me to. Ones I’ve had a few regular enjoyable sessions and are still here are Kathy, Ivy, Helen, Nancy, Molly, Maggie, Sonny, all gorgeous, really nice, friendly, different degrees of playfulness, conversation, but all worth seeing again if my budget allows. Mind you I still have to try Cindy, Tina, etc… plus new ones when I get the chance. But I am confident I won’t be disappointed.

      Management/reception is friendly and accommodating. They will even assist patrons’ entry so no customers don’t bump into each other – that’s to protect your privacy and anonymity- just ring before your booking. Waiting room here is spacious, they even have isolated waiting rooms for the more “private” patrons. No traditional tea but there is water available if you are thirsty. Owner/manager is honest about nationality/ethnicity of the girls unlike some shops trying to pass chinese for Burmese or Korean, or Filipino just to have a wider, more exotic girls to offer. Management here is not just about making money. At times, but very seldom, there may be a girl or two who are a bit older than the average/standard age (22-23) but this is management stretching their hand to help these students. They also look after the girls’ wellbeing, consulting with them the most convenient days to work so as not to conflict with their studies….providing them with a roomy staff room, and kitchen with amenities, to ensure everyone works in a happy and relaxed environment. So please make sure you respect the girls – Here or anywhere. It’s already a tough job as it is. I know we spend our hard earned money. Yes, but we’re not buying the girls. We know exactly what we are paying for. We can ask politely if we want more but please… be gracious enough to smile if the girls say no. And please tip if you can. I always do. You’ll feel good about it. In a way you will be helping these girls while getting something you cannot get “out there” for free.

      So… ring the shop, make a booking, and see for yourself. If you have questions regarding other shops? Ask and I’ll try to answer as soon as I can.
      Enjoy guys.

  15. Zero says:

    Has anyone been there lately? Use to see Jesse, Vivian and Lisa. They all left. Whos good?

  16. SuperChook says:

    Great place. Had Tammy for 1 hour, good strong massage. As per site she’s on the curvy side and great tits. Interesting they post part2 ratings.

  17. Niki says:

    I used to see Vivian as my regular, but after I had a session with Lisa, I’m definitely now a Lisa convert. The feeling with her is totally mind blowing, words could hardly describe.

    • Zero says:

      I think Lisa left as well. Both of them and Jesse were my go to’s.
      Sad they left

      • ChoksonDick says:

        Any recommendations on best RnT’s in the city, and any personal fav girl?

      • Enrico says:

        Don’t miss out! I met both girls last year but never had the chance to try them. I knew they were good so I missed out. I was too engrossed n loyal to Wennie – not the most popular girl, coz of her not so good massage skills and her a bit conservative GFE. But we had a great rapport so she became my favourite. Sadly she also left last Dec when she finished her studies. So now I make the effort to book a different girl each time so I dont miss out or get too attached. Anyway… if your looking for a Girlfriend,… and not just GFE… this is really not the place.. I always say, these girls are intelligent, beautiful, young. They have to be brave and strong willed just to be in this industry. So to speak… girlfriend material. But they are here to study. So it is a risk you can take. But yeah… miracles happen. Does it? Haha. Just enjoy guys. I’ll post reviews as often, give you insight bout girls I’ve tried n decide for yourself. Cheers

  18. Sam says:

    I feel really sad that their other shop in central is permanently closed, now I’ve have to walk and take a bus to get to 227 Broadway.

    I wanted to see the legendary Lisa but was told she was totally booked out, then was introduced to Natalie, medium long hair with a cute face, so went ahead and paid for 45 minutes. This young lady delivered a fantastic massage and her GFE part 2 resulted in me liking her way too much. I’ve decided it’s best I won’t see her again. She’s a must see girl, however you will have a battle not falling for her.

    I’ve had so many dud punts in other places, now I have realized that to make things easy for me, for R&T I will go to 227 and for FS I will go to Ginza, these two places always give me the well satisfied experience.

  19. Brandon says:

    The manager is friendly and efficient, but it’s too hard to meet all the hot chicks as they don’t offer the line up anymore, especially in the late afternoon time when even the less popular ones are booked… I personally don’t like waiting in the queue for a long time, maybe just me. Good luck with your punting.

  20. Ag says:

    I’m a regular here but never had BBBJ offered or any extras for that matter

    Anyone got any tips on how to get a little extra?

  21. Steve says:

    Hey, anyone know what happened to Vivian the Burmese girl?
    She is no longer showing on the roster after going on holiday

  22. Scott says:

    I spoke to receptionist on phone and found her rude and unhelpful . Has turned me off trying this place

  23. Josh says:

    I am a regular customer here. I try all new girls But Emily she the bast his good relaxing massage.she smiled seductively. I like her smile like a virgin Her body had me spellbound with her sexy body. But when she began to B2B and HJ. HJ. She’s different from other girls She massages my penis and balls her hands wonderful.

  24. mad sak says:

    Whats wrong with Nikole (Chinese) I tried to book her but the women said she doesn’t know about any one with this name. It is strange, probably their name might change after few days.

  25. Dick John says:

    Too expensive and boring visited last week saw Tarah i think her name was. Rude and smelly. Only get one towel ffs you pay top dollar at least provide a couple of towels. Do not go there big Rip off and very boring. Although place is very clean.

  26. Mojoman says:

    Jessie is a busty fuller figured girl, a size 8 to 9. Cute rather than beautiful, more like the girl next door. Firm massage is the best i’ve had at VitalityCharm and the bodyslide and part 2 were amazing. I really like her a lot. She’s super sweet and friendly and goes all out to make sure you enjoy the time with her.

  27. Dave says:

    Went yesterday. Was showed two girls at start – not really that pretty to be honest. Asked if anyone else and was told that a girl would be free soon. Tarah. “One of our most popular”. Well she didn’t disappoint. Only got 45 mins with another booking but was great. Nice hard massage and easy small talk. Tight tight body and very nice set. Nice slow HJ before she straddled me to finish off. Very satisfying. I’ll be back.

  28. maxx88 says:

    Last Monday had a great session with Chinese Niko. I haven had the booking so I had to wait 5/8 min into a private waiting room. Only one girl was available that time so I had no choice, I decided to give it a try to this new place. I paid $120 for one hour all inclusive. She took me to the room, she hold my left arm with her tits starting was good.She said she was 23 I think she was right she looks less then 25. Then I laid down to the bed and started the massage. I asked for medium massage. I have to say really good skills around the whole body. After 45 min she cleaned me up with hot towel. She took her bra and pantie off. Good body tits was small and perfectly fit to her body shape.
    Then part 2 started, she put powder on my back started body slide slowly. It was raining outside I felt rally great. Then she slowly started rubbing my fella, after 5 min I finished with good felling. When I am leaving she gave me a deep kiss wow what an unexpected felling.
    Body 8 slim
    Tits 8 small ( perfect for me to play)
    service 9
    underneath was not trimmed properly

    Overall very good experience slow sensational very addictive might be a regular customer. Much better then many places.

  29. Dave says:

    just wonder if the normal remedial massage includes HJ or only B2B includes HJ

  30. Fnd says:

    Been here 3 times and never been disappointed even once. Massaged by 3 gorgeous lady so far tina, angela, and jojo. Tina is the best so far imo but angela and jojo also give a wonderful happy ending. Really recommended for those wanting to have great massage with HE without FS

  31. sylluva says:

    Came here today for the first time and got massaged by a lady called tina. Damn she fine. Not only is she good looking, she also gave a good massage. She is pretty funny and pretty talkative as well which is good for a quite guy like me. For the second part she knew what she is doing and she lead me slowly to the ending. Thinking of becoming a regular here and will come back for Tina and other masseuses as well.

  32. Jack says:

    Would love to visit this place, but it closes way too early for a place that offers this kind of service. Most places are open to at least 10pm.

  33. Jeff says:

    I’m a big fan of Tara. Petite Thai girl 5′ waxed clean, nice bolt ons. Gorgeous smile. Good massage technique – quite strong for her size. Doesn’t always do body slide but great when she does. 8.5/10

  34. YoungHandsomePunter says:

    I am new to the scene of RnTs and have been in total to about 5 places in the last few months… so far this is the best by far.

    Mamasan over the phone knew the meaning of customer service and was polite unlike other places.

    Walked in and got a glimpse of a bunch of the girls and all of them were young and very attractive. This is coming from a young guy btw.

    Mamasan was just as polite in person and called the girl i booked out. Lily- beautiful 23 year old thai girl with a pretty face.

    There was a little confusion of what room i was in so lily almost took us to a room with a punter already in there. At that point one of the other (super hot) girls that was walking around told her off in a laughing manner.. and they actually were laughing and joking. This is a really different attitude to the places ive been so far… honestly couldn’t believe it and instantly put me at ease.

    Lily took me up to one of the rooms.Rooms are laid out nicely with shower facilities and very spacious. Started with the massage which was actually as good any massage ive had at non RnTs. Lily was very friendly and talkative.

    On to the good stuff- she took her clothes off and had a nice petite body with firm natural b cups and a flat stomach. Body slide was very sexual and her playful hands were working magic on the ol’ fella.

    Turned me over and gave me the best happy ending ive recieved so far. Not sure if i just dont have enough experience… but the technique was great. Built me up slowly with soft strokes and played with my scrotal area and well… you know what happens. Wiped off, too easy, hug goodbye, cya later.

    I really hope this place doesn’t change owners or attitude like ive heard other good places have because they have got a return customer in me ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. Lady says:

    Does anyone know if women are welcome for massages there or is it a men-only massage parlour?

  36. tigercat says:

    It’s been a while I visited 227, thought I drop by on Friday. I was feeling adventurous and wanted to try someone else this time instead of the hourglass with dimples of Venus Vivian, Called Alice and she recommended monica. So I thought ok. Let see what she got. Part 1 was slow and sensual. Firm massage coupled with elbow technique. Nice. I reckon this method is catching on. However all this time I couldn’t fully relax and were preoccupied with her hot body hidden under that dress. We joked and chat a lot. Gfe factor is high with this one. After half and hour mark. It’s time to play ball! She sensually reveal her c cup and sweet chocolate skin with Hour glass body with thumbprint. Just the way I like it. Althought she is not as slim as Vivian, but still a very hot body nonetheless. Her skill is good and worth every penny. Thanks Alice, that’s was a good reccomendation. And will I c her again? Of course.

  37. Andy says:

    Excellent place. Saw Annie on Saturday. Tiny Thai girl. What a joy as her massage was absolutely splendid. Asked for firm massage and she obliged. Went for $120 option 1 hr. If you looking for FS this is not the place, but the normal full body and HJ is really good. The shower in the room for before and after really nice with heater for the cold weather. Great experience.

  38. Stanley says:

    Been here a few times, the masseuses are lovely, top girls in Sydney ! However the receptionist needs to have better sense of time, a few times was asked me wait around 10 mins but I ended up waiting at least double that time, and no eftpos facilities.

  39. Kevin A says:

    Saw Chloe last week. OMG. She was electric. Enigmatic yet cheeky. Aloof yet friendly. Very exciting. At first glance, not immediately ‘pretty’, but instead one of those faces which grows on you by the second… after 5 mins you realise she’s stunning. Highly recommended.

  40. Vitality Charm Massage says:

    Hi Dear All,

    Thanks for visiting our 227 Broadway Massage, all our girls around 18–25 yr old, pretty, friendly, willing to please, do professional whole body oil remedial and erotic massage, sensual body slides, great girlfriend experience…

    For more details please click link to

    Please leave any comments or suggestions , We would like to know your feedback and improve our quality. Thank You !


  41. Frank says:

    Seems to have some young hot girls working here, decent massage and teasing Part two, not the korean style bodyslides, but you would be usually satisfied with the whole package.

  42. Masoud says:

    I Had Cici last Monday, started off a bit rudely (She asked for my ID, since I look fairly young, and I often lie about my name when I go to these places). Then after that with the usual crap (Payment, take off clothes, lay down on back), then a back massage, and it was very good, nice and firm, since I’m generally stressed. Then she took her clothes off and started to body rub on my back, then I flip over, and more body rub followed by hand job. Yeah cummed. She did alright there, kinda made up for the rudeness of the beginning.

    Not bad for $120 for an hour in my eyes. But I probably won’t be a regular, due to me being a student, and I only go like a few months.

  43. Koll says:


  44. Tyreehill says:

    Another Chinese R&T shop, Half hour $40, extra $20 for HJ. Some girls are great looking, some just ok, not sure why this shop so busy, could hardly to get in without booking, should get more ML to join the team, and more choices for their clients.

  45. Momotaro says:

    I visited this shop yesterday. This is a new shop of the same owner who runs Central Station Massage. I parked at Broadway Shopping Centre (2 hours free) at right behind a rear entrance of the shop. Inside of the shop is very large with multiple rooms (including two waiting rooms) located in two levels. Each massage room is equipped with shower and so discrete & clean. I met Vivian (she works at Central too). She is so friendly nice girl with a slender model standard body. Overall I’m very happy with my visit.

  46. Gstartsydney says:

    I didn’t have a booking for a massage and all the girls were busy when I arrived, Alice asked if I wanted to come back another day or to wait for around 30 minutes. I saw a few attractive girls walking pass but rather than wait that long I decided to kill the time in Broadway Shopping Center.

    I met Rebecca, well-shaped figure with nature D, a bit shy at the start but warmed up quickly. Her massage was just what I needed after a hard day work. Her hands were teasing and slow in part two, she moaned softly when I rubbing her perky firm tits till I had a good finish. She had a bubbly personality, made me a happy man.

  47. Naughbob says:

    I Had a great time with a petite long beautiful hair lady called Natty, gorgeous curves in all the right places, she gave me one of the best massages I’ve ever had, deep tissue massage right on target. Then she got naked, body slide me with her perky breasts sensually all over

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