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Add: 81A Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest

Welcome to 81A Crow Nest, the most discreet and prestigious Agency in Sydney. Here at 81A diamonds, We provide the top Sensual and relaxing Adult service in Sydney. We offer you services such as Outcall Escort service, Adult service Erotic Massage, and much more. Inspired by the concept of Ancient Asian massage in our Sydney brothel, our masseuse will excite your senses and makes you feel truly special.

Full Service
30 minutesprice: $150
45 minutesprice: $200
60 minutesprice: $250


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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

2 Responses to Crows Nest 81a

  1. roving zucchini says:

    apart from the parking fine I copped yesterday, on the chin but will disputed it
    It was the customer service by the young male receptionist got me fired up
    First was when I rang 20 minutes earlier and was told that there were 6 ladies rostered on and 5 are available, beauty plenty to choose from, when I arrived and was greeted by a male receptionist who escorted me to a smoke filled waiting room (2 waiting rooms, both empty) and was then told only 1 girl is now available and she is young and special price, I saw this notice on the shelf and started to question him,
    Where are the other ladies who are supposed to be available (knowing the venue has 9 rooms, and 2 were occupied), may I see the other ladies, he said they are all busy,
    In the mean time the front door bell rang again and I overheard him saying to the new customer the same thing, that customer no hesitate and left
    when I started to quizz him on the reason of the 2 tier pricing,
    $160 for standard hour FS and $200 for special hour FS
    when I knew in the past there was it a $180 standard flat rate per hour FS (reduced from $250 in the past and when new management taken over)
    his response was quote “management decided to do this now because the girls on the standard rate are ‘not beautiful, older, dumb and you have to ask what service you like’, the girls on special are young and offer a very good special FS and look after you better than the others”
    These are the ladies you are describing and working here, keeping you employed, your comments are disrespectful and uncalled for, you are totally naïve and have no consideration for these ladies, your customer skills needs to be improved or you will lose customers, and if management finds this out, he or she should have harsh words with you and they themselves should review their pricing structure and policy.
    I think all ladies working in the establishments should be treated equally, fair, and with respect
    Personally I found these comments made by the male receptionist and the venue policy sour me.
    But I was ready for sexual encounter, so in comes this gorgeous young petite Chinese lady, wow wow, yeah and why not, so I paid the full fare for 45 minutes, up in the room, ( walked past room 8 it was going hard in there by the sounds of it) into room 9, and this were my encounter begins, heated passionate exhausting, both of us coming and going, and yeah, in the was a satisfying sex, needed it after a poor start,
    Venue is clean, modern and pleasant, a plus for me
    The pricing and receptionist a negative
    Will be going back
    Cheers RZ
    Ps I will pass this same comment onto the management

  2. Mr 光头Z says:

    Hi fellow punters
    I have been visiting diamond 81a recently, and found this establishment refreshing
    After recent issues with 533 booking
    This place runs efficient
    I ring in advance and when i arrived the ladies l request are ready
    They have about 6 or 7 ladies rostered the rooms are modern and clean
    Some of the ladies that work are familiar from other places under a different name
    Chanel and Amy are my favorites, flawless services
    At $160 per hour you cannot complain. at least the beds and towels and showers in every room is far more pleasant than the trip down the road or up the highway
    Cheers RZ

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