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Description: 99 Forever, one of the best brothels in Western Sydney, we are currently located in Guildford, and offering top class adult service and escort service in Western Sydney. Not matter you are living in Parramatta or Villawood, come and enjoy the best adult service or call for our escort service, you will not be disappointed and all our erotic beauties have been finely selected for their outstanding appearance and professionalism. Our hostesses aim to meet the unique desires of all our esteemed guests.


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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

69 Responses to 99 Forever

  1. Tom says:

    Hey guys, just want to clarified to you, our shops DO NOT have any shemale though 99 Forever is well-known a Asian brothel and some of our ladies are from Thailand.

    If you want to see more about our ladies, please feel free to click the following website, and we offer daytime special before 5PM for full service and adult massage experience before 8PM, come and try.


    • Tony Jackson says:

      Bbbj. Bare back blow jibs. Guys run for your life. What you can catch from their pussies, you can catch from their mouth. Imagine, she just sucks the last bloke, he cums in her mouth and then that gets slopped onto your dick along with any extras – diseases from the last one. Yuk. I’m wanting good clean sex cause i love my dick…
      Bad management who just want the money & don’t care for health. What if she has bleeding gums, or herpes of the mouth, or more bbbj

      • In case you fucking morons on this site didnt realise it but I just posted the above comments under a new pseudonym. Ha ha ha. Love messing with your minds. BOOYAH. KAPOW. KAPOW

  2. Dick craver says:

    Straight guy who’s started masturbating to shemale porn, it seriously makes you cum like a fountain seeing a hot woman flop a long dick around.

    Looking for a normal massage place likes walk in Chinese massage shop that has shemales or lady boys on offer. Married so not wanting to have to enter brothels or meet up one on one.

    Keen for a hot chick with a big cock.

  3. Mike says:

    Visited Nancy tonight for 45 mins. Absolute 10 out of 10 service.

    Very attractive bronze dyed hair Asian girl,

    Started with a 10 minute massage which was great, then offered me a cigarette whilst she sucked me off in order to further relax me. Never done that before and thought it was great. After that she jumped on top for about 10 mins, then I jumped on top for about 10 mins to finish the job.

    After we’d finished, she offered me another cigarette, I showered, she gave me a smal cup of mouthwash and we chatted for a few mins before I left.

    Great body, great service, great price!

    I certainly reccomend her!

    Also I asked the chap at the door about the lady boys, he said he’d had them there once or twice before but nobody likes them and they leave because they don’t get any work. So dunno what the last bloke is on about? Lol

  4. RovingWartSpreader says:

    Seriously. Ladyboys ie chicks with dicks work here. Fantastic. Love sucking a big dick after its been in my ass! Hahaha. Feel so gay!!!

  5. Ladyboy seeker says:

    Hi all

    Anyone aware of a non brothel set up, so, a normal Chinese massage place that give happy endings with lady boys?

    Want to avoid the seedy brother thing, and just receive a relaxing massage by a hot chick who pushes her hard dick into me before we pull each other off.

    Any takers?

  6. Alex says:

    Went there last night.. there are indeed a couple of post op (probably) trannys there so be careful. I booked the least risky girl there. Was very confused as the sites say bbbj but theres signs everywhere warning you not to ask. And hinting to girls that dont speak english is educational. But the place is very clean and girls are very friendly

  7. Alex says:

    Was thinking of going tomorrow. Is there any girls on the BBBJ and anal? Pref aussie but not a must.

  8. Indian Aussie says:

    i usually used to go to 7 cowper. No more from now on. this place is massive with lots of hot girls. atleast 7 girl came in the line up. and price is same as in 7 cowper. &70 for 20 min. but 7 cowper has old girl

    • Guest Allan says:

      Didn’t two girls die at no. 7 from an o/dose of drugs? Isn’t that why the doors were shut cause bad management had no concern for health & safety. And now you offer bbbj, unsafe sex, still no concern for health & safety. Who gets to be diseased or die here?

    • Guest Allan says:

      Not lies Leb girl. At local pub & mates were warning us all that 2 Thai died at No 7. We don’t wannabe anywhere near that shit mate.

      • Churchy says:

        Well it’s all BS. Was never reported either on TV, radio or papers!!! Dont be gullible. BTW regular oub goers are not renowned for their education or intelligence

    • Allan Allah says:

      Leb girl, churchy, asian roger, whoever you wanna call urself. My mates dont lie to us, they’re club members not unreliable people. The news doesn’t list every drug o/dose cause lately there are so many, cause of places like this & there negligence to the girls & customers. We have a right to warn others of what has gone on & what can happen. Clearly youre either a drug taker or pusher who is hiding what really has gone on. Noone wants to hop on a bed where people have died.

  9. kingofkc says:

    Twice I have been to this place. Picked 2 different ladies. There was no BBBJ with either lady. I wont go spending any more money encouraging that sort of nonsense. Unless someone can tell me which lady gives BBBJ, I wont be visiting this place again.

  10. aceguy says:

    Pls don’t lie about bbbj being offered. IV been here twice n no bbbj r offered. N to set something straight IV seen at least 2 ladyboys here.mayb they r post op but still lafyboys. The manage told me there’s no ladyboys but being a person that’s been to Asia numerous times im no dumb cunt. Pls stop telling lies to lure customers. But I was happy with the girls I choose

  11. Kevin says:

    Hi David I visited your establishment sometime ago but was very dissapointed with the service. Can you please advise if things have improved. It was about 2 months ago

  12. David says:

    New shop open in Sydney CBD.

    Hi Guys,

    If you are looking for a massage shop, here is a good one recommend to you,
    our new shop, welcome to enjoy,

    Shop 3/310-318 Harris St, Pyrmont, 2009, NSW
    0409 969 969

  13. David says:

    We upload some new photos in our webpage, if you want to know more about our girl, you can click


  14. David says:

    Hi All,

    There are 2 Chinese and 1 Korean new ladies arrival today, the Korean is really beautiful and 2 Shanghai ladies provide Bareback blow job and full service.

    For more photos please click

  15. mb says:

    Is there only Asians or do any Aussies work here

    • Emma says:

      Aussies know not to do bbbj as they don’t want to spread diseased. Yuk, imagine, some guy sticks his dick in ass, then its shoved in her mouth, and then on your dick, along with a run of herpes. That must be the new term for extras given…. Extra growths.

  16. Tom says:

    Hey guys,

    Please check our new website for more girls information,


    Cheers, have fun

  17. KennieRoot says:

    sorry but the comments section is stuffing up Went to Double Bay massage on the advice of well meaning ( but fucked in the head punter on this site) the mammaries were spectacular but she treated it like hunting season no touch not touch girl was from brazil cost is way to high , cheaper to go to an Asian chop chop and get them to just pull as hard as they can than waste you $$$$ here

  18. Tom says:

    Hey guys,

    Big news for you, we have 5 asian ladies who offer BBBJ to you since today, come and try the huge pleasure by them and have fun.


  19. Big t says:

    Ok so I went to this place, first of its not new, I walked up sat down a few girls came out I asked the guy who he reccomends he got some thai girl called Tanya or Vicky.

    Sounded like a lady boy but looked the part. Went in and decided to extend to have her the money and she said you can get your change when we finish.

    Ok I’m sure she was a post op LB pussy didn’t look right and staring at the body made me even more suspicious. Fi sighed and went to get my change being $70 and guess what they tried to say they had already given it back. After arguing for 20mins they have me $50 and I left.

    Beware guys that run this place try to rip you off, service 5/10 cleanliness, 5/10 would not visit again!

  20. Big T says:

    Drove past this place but entrance is not discreet. Any advice on some busty women here and what times are best to go?

  21. Jack says:

    Emily was all after except for the ball licking. Very glamour presentation, b-cups, very sensitive nipples, she looks amazing in cowgirl, like a model riding your cock, she has the smooth undulating hip movements, back and fwds cowgirl thing down. So wonderful to watch her ,was lie being in movie for me , glam hair swishing around, her face looking gorgeous. She did great deep cbj, ball tickling, beautiful feeling , and she was real keen too have daty, didn’t want try 69 cos she wanted to concentrate on her orgasms. she was keen for doggie and with her butt, who could say no to that. Again awesome feeling and views, her working her clit and staring back at me , she kept demanding not to stop, kept it up for as long as I could, and let her enjoy it as much as possible . After she finished with her fun, she suggested we try flat doggie . That took the last ounces of energy outa me and blew the horn like crazy. Gorgeous, size 8, beautiful skin tone , long dark brown wavy hair,, very attractive face., booty astoundingly cute . enuff said. A line-up of of 15 girls , no scrubbers. Saw at least 6 I wanna try there, no kidding.

  22. Jack says:

    Wet out to my favorite shop last nite about 10pm , and saw Amy. good selection of Thai pus Emily from China , who i have tangled with before, and she is a winner too. Amy, mid to late 20’s, 53 kg, 167 cm tall , non smoker, no tats , elegant knock-out smile and eyes, traditional beautiful Thai style face, very well proportioned figure slim tallish figure, close trimmed pubic hair, nice lips below, lovely legs and her perfect bottom is very obvious even in the intro, as her bikini is very brief. No daty available, but does very good bbbj Extremely good communication in English , versatile in positions. Sex was easy going then hectic as she got me fired with her classy face contorting with pleasure ( i hope ) Very nice style of girl up there with the best of them at this shop

  23. David says:

    Hi All,

    welcome to 99 forever, our ladies are from Thailand, Korea, China, Malaysia and Australia, and they are ready to please you, come and fulfill your sexual fantacy!

    There are many new girls arrival in 99Forever on 1/7/2015, Enjoy and have fun.


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