Bankstown Massage

KeyHole Image7/1-5 Jacobs St Bankstown
0421 829 895
9708 6689

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  1. Gorgeous George says:

    Does this place do FS?

    • Fred says:

      Full Service?
      I had full service there two years ago, but I have heard that the girl has left and there is new management.

      It is like all rub and tug shops, it depends upon the girl and the day. Some girls will, some girls won’t and for some girls it depends upon how you behave (and look, smell, nationality, hair colour or whatever).

      Just don’t take it that it is your right – it never is.

      If you want guaranteed full service then go to a brothel – there are several at South Bankstown and a couple at Riverwood.

      Why don’t you just go there and give it a go – invest some time and money and you may get lucky.

  2. DD says:

    Hi fellas,

    Is this place still open?

    There WeChat has gone quiet and they haven’t replied to msgs. I last went in June?

    • Massage addict says:

      I wouldnt be surprised if this place has run into trouble as the neighboring shops may have complained! That being said, it’s been there for years.

    • Fred says:

      Not closed – still going strong this afternoon.
      Usual price $35/$45/$55 for 30/45/60 minutes.

  3. Ryan says:

    Ok went to this place on a Sunday afternoon after reading the reviews thought I’d try it out.. managed to find the place easy coz it’s in a small shopping complex and there’s a map to show you which one is 7.

    Anyway got in and place looks a bit dodgy but I’ll give them benefit and then got in a room did the 45 mins and yeah must’ve ugly Sunday coz there weren’t any good looking girls and the one I had I’m glad she didn’t ask if I wanted any extras lol

    Dissapointing place maybe it was just the day and the guy said to come back to try different girl after saying at the start I’ll get a good girl .. whatever lol also in the room I can hear people talking and especially guys waiting, very annoying. Won’t be going back to this place

    • Barney says:

      I’m not a fan of this place as guy that comes out and serves u is a pushy bastard. Wants ur money before even seeing a girl. Then u get a cute girl to massage u but for the ending she switches with women that aren’t really my cup of tea. This place really needs to piss the manager off as he hangs out the back with all his mates as that’s who u would be hearing, it’s not customers

      • Samir says:

        Why do you put up with that shit. If he asks for the money before seeing any of the girls then you are a complete dumb arse. You deserve to lose your money. Fuck me dead. Dont you have any balls to push back? Or are you that desperate? Grow a spine. They change the girl on you? Dont go back!!!! Ever

        • Barney says:

          First off dickhead I never paid before seeing the girls. Secondly I refused the girl they tried to switch with as the girl I chose was a cute slender 20 something and one they try to finish u off with was a 30 something horror lol

  4. Jimo4u says:

    The place I went to that was hopeless was

    • Nerds_of_Goat says:

      Is that the one near the bus station?

      If so than yeah, it’s a total fuck fest. steer clear.

  5. Jimo4u says:

    Last time i was at this place it was great – please no offence to the girls that work there – I got the address mixed up, I take an uppercut for my indiscretion.

  6. Tomminer says:

    Went there last fri.. it’s good atmosphere with excellent massage, for me, I like that kind of style, clean staff and feeling relax ..

  7. cool guy says:

    Went there last week, wasn’t nothing special… Had a pretty cute girl, sadly she did not remove her clothing and only goes as far as HJ (no negotiation, despite offers). Massage was average but ah well, probably won’t go back.

  8. Nerds_of_Goat says:

    Went there today. This place is very well hidden. I must have walked past this place dozens of times.

    I had a very nice young girl (a little chubby but very cute) soft hands, loved to tease around the groin area and gave a great HJ. She loved it when i would suck on her breasts. This caused her to get a little over excited and quivering at the knees.

    Location – Discrete
    Price – Affordable
    Service – Excellent.

  9. monsiervon says:

    First time here, I had a Taiwanese girl name Lala, 170cm tall, slim and good massage but that is far as she goes. 20 mins left for 1 hour massage, lala asked if I wanted happy ending, and when I say yes she told me she only does massage and therefore she brought in another taiwanese girl name Quinnie who is not as tall but has very pretty hair and face. Quinnie told me there are girls go to the next level.

  10. Doug says:

    Hey mate i had elaine for a massge too she was great its a pity she doesnt work anymore do you have any clue where she went

  11. Plate boy says:

    Been there couple month before, it was my first time, the receptionist lead me to the room, it’s a warm and clean place, I paid $85 for half hour, one young girl come into the room, she gave a really relaxing massage, after 15min,start with nu-hj, I was enjoyed, it’s worth for that. I got good remadical massage and nice service.

  12. 51_year_old_Aussie says:

    Chinese Massage Clinic
    7/1-5 Jacobs St Bankstown 9708-6689

    Went there about 6 months. Across the road from Centro Bankstown, but quiet location, but no walk of shame.

    Various prices on display, but basic was $35 for 30 minutes.

    Chinese lady, Elaine said she was 36, may have been older, hard to tell. Spoke English fairly well. Tall, thin, nice A tits and nipples and hairy pussy. Asked if she did extras and answered yes. She said $40 for nude happy ending, I offered $30 and we settled on $35. No massage, straight into cuddles and stroking. I stroked her clit for about 10 minutes and she came twice, then she started a HJ, then a covered BJ. Then a mixture of covered full service and covered BJ until I wore her out.

    Elaine was enthusiastic and I got the full 30 minutes.

    Basic facilities, but the massage bed is sturdy and rooms are not cramped, with full height walls and lockable doors.

    Not bad for a local shop and good service.


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