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Ashfield 295 RHS THUMBAshfield 295

Welcome to 295 Liverpool Road, Ashfield Tel: 02 9716 9888

We provide best services with lowest prices.

We have variety of choice of girls for you everyday. They are leggy busty, pretty, curvaceous,sexy, juicy, everything. Our girls will give you the most relaxed service.

Come to try us asap and you will never forget our girls’ sweet smile, juicy tongue, sexy body, big bosom, pleasing curves, soft hands and milky or brassy skin.

Service Rate:
Happy Ending (with clothes)
$30/15 mins

Body to Body Massage (clothes off)
$60/30 mins
$90/60 mins

Full Service
$80/30 mins
$100/45 mins
$120/60 mins

Tel: 02 9716 9888

Add: 295 Liverpool Road, Ashfield

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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

22 Responses to Ashfield 295

  1. 52_year_old_Aussie says:

    Decided to give this place a go about mid-day last week.

    Greeted by Chinese lady and I started to look for other girls, but quickly shown into a room.
    They have two price lists – one for nude massage and one for full service. I was after the massage – $80 for an hour.

    Pay the money and off she goes while I get undressed. Very large room, lockable door and sturdy massage table bolted to the wall. In the corner was a shower, which I was offered, but declined. She returns and immediately her gear comes off. I forgot her name, but mid 30’s, a good pair of B tits, trimmed downstairs, with a bit of a 3 day growth and no tatts.

    She allowed some touching and a bit of pussy play, but not too much. What I did get however was a really good massage from someone who knew what they were doing. She had her phone which rang once, but she looked at the caller ID and shut it off. She did however put her towel around herself and disappear out the room a couple of times to have a pee (so she said), but was back within less than a minute.

    The happy ending with vigorously done and then back for some more massage. I got the full 60 minutes.

    Not the total dump and rip off that some reviewers have said, but it probably depends upon the time of day, the girl and what you are after. May go back and try someone else – let’s see if there is a busty pretty little princess next time.

    • ? says:

      so why bother with this excellent bloody review WITHOUT THE GIRLS NAME! useless as a chocolate teacup

      • Fred says:

        “useless as a chocolate teacup” – well a chocolate teacup can be used for iced tea – did you ever think of that? And if it was made of high melting point chocolate (there is such a thing), then it could be used for regular tea. It could also be appreciated simply for it’s artistic value – or eaten.

        A punter writes a considered review – not a fantasy piece or a one line slammer and he gets slammed himself. Why, because he doesn’t mention a name – none of the other totally negative reviews on this page mention a name either, but that doesn’t count does it? Anyway, what is a name – the WLs at these places change every day and change their names as well.

        As for it being a licenced brothel, I doubt that very much. It is in a standard suburban shopping strip. Licenced brothels are situated in industrial areas.

        • ? says:

          Bullshit! 280 pacific hyw hornsby to name just one licensed brothel in a suburban shopping strip, victorias secrets chatswood to name 2.

      • Arlo says:

        The name doesn’t mean anything. Punters want to know and get a vibe for wwhat kind of place the establishment is before visiting. It was a great review which gave me an idea of what to expect.

    • $$ says:

      Good you didn’t reveal the girls name. Only an unethical arsehole would do this. Because what applies to one punter might not apply to another.And there is heaps of utter lies and bullshit on this site. And there is the possibility the cops and council are tuned in. Why would anyone harm one of these women deliberately. Only a nasty cunt.. And there are plenty here. You arseholes know who I’m referring to

      • ? says:

        dipstick $$ try reading 52yo aussies review, he got a good massage fool! thats all. so i might want a good massage too. how is that breaking the law or harming the girl idiot moron fwit fool!!!!

        • $$ says:

          Imbecile he received a sexual service I.e hj that adds a new dimension. You need glasses and intelligence you dim . nitwit

          • ? says:

            moron! this place is a licensed brothel, fully legal! no laws broken! no harm done to consenting woman ! if you dont like it here go to some 3rd world shithole where they burn women with petrol for have sex outside of marriage you will be happy then.

        • Phil says:

          I don’t give a fucking toss whether it’s a legal brothel or not.
          I’m trying to protect the identity of these women….You and your arsehole types are the ones trying to burn them up.
          Tsk tsk you seem angry – be careful with your high blood pressure you will blow a gasket.
          Don’t you like me ??
          No… but why. Why are you so angry and bitter.

          • ## says:

            white knight phil the phuckwit. these women dont need your “protection”. they want customers to pay them, thats why they do this fool. you are the same cunt that defames working women like simone and pip from MH saying their arse and pussy stinks. BTW you are stupid

          • Pal says:

            Relax Phil said you might blow a gasket. Treat these girls right pricko they don’t need arseholes giving them a hard time. You have a fowl mouth . these girls don’t need a simpleton like you to ask as their PR officer. Its a job for them, and they get no pleasure from you miniature 3 inch Frankfurt.

          • Pal says:

            And you are up again at 2.20 am surfing the porno sites. You sicko, demented pervert. Yes up at 2.20 am while the missus is asleep. She kicked you out of bed because of you miniature prick, so you surf the web to look at dirty arsehole stuff you vile creature. Go get help. Vile one

  2. Frequency says:

    Went in here last night. Front entrance along the main road, rear entrance through the back. The ladies here are old, ugly, routinely cut short-time, and give the vibe of just not wanting to be there. Paid for 30 minutes, and it was the biggest waste of money. Just lays there with legs open and after you finish, tries to rush you out despite there being another 20 minutes on the clock.

    Places like these should have a 10 minute “quicky” option, where you pay to bang the girl for like 40 bucks and leave.

  3. GettingBored says:

    Does anybody know any massage parlours where they use strap ons or other toys. The only one I’ve found is Vincent st Marrickville but it’s never open when I go past.
    Preferably in the innerwest area

  4. Xinyuan Yao says:

    Bad place. Girls routinely cut short the time. Last time I went I paid for an hour and go 30 minutes. Complained about it and the escort said I was abusing her (I was yelling at her for cheating me).

    The girls aren’t attractive. Not a worthwhile place to go to.

  5. rahul says:

    these people are so dodgy. when you enter this place, they try to make you pick an old asian woman(50-60 years old). but don’t fall for it.
    just ask you want to see more girls or you will leave. they’ve got the girls on another room. girls are not so cute. the last time I was with a taiwanese girl, whom had wart on his skin. I hope i don’t catch it.
    just spend a few more bucks elsewhere and you’ll get what you like.

  6. me ed says:

    Im totally with you blue…same feeling. It seems the girl dont wn to be there.

  7. me ed says:

    Blue, i do believe you have went there….i got same shit like what blue get…no mouth kiss-no play with clit…basiclly just go in with a hard on give her a bang. Shit ass service..

  8. Ali says:

    I went to this brothel lately. paid $70 for half an hour, the place was shitty. There was an old single bed in the room with hard surface and no mattress. Girls were not so attractive, except a korean chick. she was extremely gorgeous and hot, with tall legs. Didn’t like her attitude though. She was nice but a bit pushy and impatient. I might probably not go back again.
    Remember you always get what you pay for.

  9. Blue says:

    Went there last night with a friend with me. He book a girl for 70$ 1 hour naked massage. I booked lulu for full service 120$ for one hour. Went to room with her and had shower. She start sucking my dick. She gaves shit service in bbj. Everytime she touch with tongue she spit in tissue. She said I don’t like bj. I ask for kiss answer no. Ask for boobs lick answer no. She didn’t take my dick all in her. Didn’t even spend 15 min. Walk out and take half money back. And also find that my left after 5mins because she refused to give naked massage as promise. Shittest place ever visit.


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