Cougar Town

KeyHole Imagecougar town at Riverwood. Phone: 9584-0148.

From a PUNTER:
Have been a number of times. Similar to Amanda Heavens but cheaper. Reading the reviews, quite a few reviewers have mentioned Cougar Town. BTW they have a very good website and photos of their girls. Premises are of a high standard. If you like Amanda Heavens then you’ll feel comfortable at Cougar Town.

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434 Responses to Cougar Town

  1. Sugarfoot says:


    Had a 3some yesterday. Have been with both before but this was the first time together. Got BBBJ off both. Performed DATY with both. 69 with both. Had sex and anal with both. A number of doms were used. When i went from one to the other, they changed the dom. Overall it was a bit clinical. There was no girl on girl action. I was disappointed. I suppose i’ll have to go to MH to get that. BTW there are about 6 or 7 girls at MH who partake in lesbian 3somes. TBH I find it a huge turn on watching girls eating each other’s pussy & ass. If they fist each other then that is a bonus.

  2. John says:

    You guys are being a bit harsh on cougar town. My experiences there have been pretty good. The receptionists are always friendly and the majority of working ladies are the best I’ve seen in Sydney.
    Ive never been to Amanda’s heaven or miss heaven and will never go while my favourite works at cougar town.

  3. Snoop dog says:

    Who has gone from cougars. Chrissie has by the sounds of it gone.
    With this new place opening in artarman there maybe others following

  4. Slammin Salami says:

    I know I will probably just ring and ask but does anyone know if Holly at RCT is the same mad rooter Holly at Miss Heavens ? ……… She is an absolute value for dollars 30′s size 12 which for me is big BUT this one is exceptional in the room guys

    • Honest1 says:

      Gotta agree with your comment bout Holly. She’s my new favourite fo sure. Never met the one at cougars but pretty sure the one you’re talking bout is only at miss heavens.

  5. beli da says:

    With massive tits. Sheridan must of been fat

    • Linford says:

      She was a little. But in good nic. Tits that size were amazing

    • Slammin Salami says:

      April at Victorias Secrets is was just a red hot milf with nice shapely hour glass figure the last time I saw her and sucked like a Dyson vac loved to be taken from behind so she could watch herself getting pounded in the mirror ….. I have to go see her been too long
      Charlie is meaty all over but for some reason I loved hammering her strange as I don’t go the chubbers

    • Tom says:

      Beli da. She didnt have a “belly”. She was not fat. Her body was voluptuous.

    • Rob says:

      There used to be a leb WL who had even bigger tits. Her name was Ruby. She left AH about 8 years ago. Had a belly. LOL. Her specialty was to sux your cock with an ice cube in her mouth or mints. FARKEN NICE

      • Stifler says:

        Yeah I saw Ruby once, JJ cup and nice girl but quite insecure. She used to put a sheet over the mirrors so she didn’t have to see herself during the session. Actually Sheridan was a touch insecure about her looks also. No need to be though.

        • Linford says:

          Where are they now. Just want to play with those funbags. Bigger the better. Any other girls out there with J cups?

          • Legend says:

            To linford. Last i heard she was at A Mature Affair, Harris Park and Maggies, North Parramatta. Like you i miss her gigantic tits. Loved rooting her with her back on tbe bed & i’m standing. When pounding her hard, loved watching those tits shake, rattle & roll. When licking her pussy & asshole, i loved seeing those tits plonked on each side of her body – like a pair of harley davidson saddlebags. BOOYAH.

          • Linford says:

            Hilarious, ah well thats probably too far out of my way. Big fucken jaloppies

          • Legend says:

            Stifler, i look forward to your review on Emma. She most probably also works at AH &/or CT

        • Legend says:

          Hannah aka Sheridan aka April is not at jingle bells. The place is chockablock full of young chicks. Sheridan would be old enuf to be their grandmother. LOL.
          BTW i’d rather spend my time with Sheridan than with any of these young gals.

          • Stifler says:

            Yeah I checked that website and no one fits her description. Any updates on her whereabouts would be greatly appreciated. I’m going to Mature Darlings in Harris park tonight to see the lovely J cup Emma so I’ll ask if they know where she is.

          • Stifler says:

            I’ve known Emma for 20 years way back when she worked for Amanda in Surry Hills. She is getting way up there in age now but still very sexy. Only works one day per week and is likely winding down her career.

  6. Jimmy says:

    Hey slammin.
    Any of the girls at miss heavens this week from cougartown.
    I noticed on the roster Chloe and Claire are working there now.
    As you are probably aware cougars are shut this week

    • sam says:

      charlotte is also working at miss heavens , cbj only

      • Linford says:

        Does anyone know where April went to. She had the biggest titd I have ever seen?

        • Slammin Salami says:

          April who use to work at Amandas now works at Victorias Secrets at Chatswood she is a absolute fantastic fuck with large tits… Charlie a blonde with massive tits use to work at Amandas and Riverwood but she was last doing privates with Skye out of a unit in Wolli Creek

          • Linford says:

            Slammin, she was known as Sheridan at AH and April at CT. Not sure if its the same she you are talking about. If so, im there. She had J cup breast. Best headies ever. Did you ever go to Northshore centrefolds ?

      • Linford says:

        April use to work at cougartown. She was known as Sheridan at Amanda Heavens years ago. She had J cup boobs.

        • Stifler says:

          I’ve never been to Cougar town but saw Sheridan once at AH..she was flawless, one of the hottest women I’ve ever seen. She gave me her details and invited me to attend the swingers she used to frequent at Campbelltown, but silly me i never took her up on it. That was 4 years ago and I don’t have her email anymore and have never seen her again. I’m an idiot.

          • Linford says:

            Stifler, I know. Had her number and never went to the swingers. Best headies ever and those tits were amazing. She loved the cock. Miss her heaps. Great chick too. I think she might be out the Mt druitt way now. Like to know where she works now

          • Bartie says:

            Stifler, that makes 2 idiots. I used to see her regularly & she asked me to join her swinging. Same with a few other WLs at AH. Not my scene. Too depressing. TBH any chick that does that is an absolute skank. Dont care how good they look

          • alex says:

            back to the question. where is she now? this woman has been in the game at least since 1994, i saw her at the now closed Big and Beautiful in waterloo st surry hills back in 1994. she invited me to her home for free sex. saw her a number of times at her place on and off for a year as a casual boyfriend but could not cope with the blatant flirting with other men like i didnt exist. she would display that massive cleavage that went to her belly button to any guy she fancied. i just stopped seeing her.

          • sam says:

            IN a retirement home now blowing all the invalids

          • alex says:

            sam you are probably right, i got to know her a bit back then, she was born in 1966 so she was 28 when i was seeing her. she would be 50 today. if its been 4 years since the other punters here saw her a AH then she would have been in her mid 40s then. i would say that by now at 50 she would not really want to do this job anymore. probably retired

        • alwx says:

          so how long ago since april was here

  7. Kevin Long Prong says:

    Sam, what does Angie do that is “special”?
    Does she do anal, DP, BBBJ, BBFS, lesbian 3somes?
    What about her appearance? Age, body type?

  8. Slammin Salami says:

    I got a question WTF happened to a Bailey !!!!!! she has beefed up bigtime I ended up seeing Brooke the other night awesome body even gave me a BBBJ which is hit and miss with her these days
    Plenty of new faces on tonight I wonder if they’re Miss Heaven defectors I asked about Holly the receptionist couldn’t tell me as she hasn’t met her yet

    • Back Door Johnny says:

      There are too many WLs at Miss Heavens. Heck last week there were 27 ladies on the roster one day. BTW there aren’t 27 rooms at Cleg St. The last time i was there, the WL i was with was whingeing that she hardly gets any work because there are too many good sorts. Maybe that is why so many of the chubbier &/or older ones do anal & bare back for no extra cost. Whoppee

      • Slammin Salami says:

        The line up a RCT on NYE is great I will be treating the salami there ,,,,, I checked Miss Heavens firstly the close at ^ pm and second the roster is Chubber a BB city

    • Honest1 says:

      I’ve seen Holly a few times. Faaaarkin hot! Not sure where she disappeared to but?

  9. Happy punter says:

    I was also wondering if any working ladies at cougars do doubles with straight guys

    • Slammin Salami says:

      Id say 90 percent of the girls will take on 2 straight guys Bailey,Beth Taylor Brooke Danni would be certain starters

      • Ronnie says:

        What about Alex. Do you reckon she would

        • Slammin Salami says:

          I don’t think Alex would take on two straight guys I don’t think she is “slutty” enough She seems to have a lot more class about her Plus she only ever gives CBJ and doesn’t do anal,,, Danni or Bailey on the other hand Id reckon she would handle 2 or 3 easy and love very second of it

  10. Slammin Salami says:

    I went yesterday ………. the roster was really bad it’s amazing I fucked one anyway I think her name was Nina … Nice enough but the tats always put me off bigtime

    • Ng says:

      Your not wrong. Tatts on WL are a turn off.
      I didn’t bother going over after reading the roster on line.
      The only pick was Danni who would of been fucked all day.

      • Slammin Salami says:

        I rang for Alex as she was the only good looker on today but she was busy I reckon she would have cleaned up today as the rest are pretty poor … Am going tonite to stoke either Brooke or Bailey I reckon Bailey as she gives a decent BBBJ and for some reason Id like to try her arse which is always on offer for a price

        • Jack says:

          Slamming, how much extra does Bailey charge for greek? Reason for asking is I’d like to do her up her pretty cute arse. BTW her BBBJs are awesome and she has a nice body

        • Happy punter says:

          What about Courtney. She is ok if she has taken her meds. Gives a good bbbj. Neat body and loves to fuck.
          One of the pretty ones

          Alex is good but once farted and made me a bit sick

          • sam says:

            Courtney needs to spend xmas with bailey the pork chop

          • Happy punter says:

            True she does. But she is a good fuck.
            Nice skin and prepared to be rooted for a long time.
            Next time I’m hoping that she will do a double with my mate.

      • Samir says:

        Ng. Likewise. I never pick WLs with tatts. Only sluts get tatts. LMAO

  11. WartBoy says:

    Who cares if mike or john got anal for nix. These are just common whores. Nothing to brag about rooting some whore who you had to pay so you could get laid. Sounds like you are a loser. LMAO

  12. J3xp says:

    Hey Guyz..i love ladies who squirt like water..any idea who squirts at CT?

    • does she take it up the ass ? says:

      dunno re CT , BUT, go for Paloma at Miss Heavens, squirts – shoots in ya face , and has a huge button clit that gets erect when ya lick it. She’ll photo it for ya too.

    • SurfaBoy says:

      At CT ask for Sophia, Lee or Lucy. They are all squirters.
      If you go to 6 Cleg St, Nicole, Candy, Pip, Kaier, Sarah, Paloma, Bridget, Vicky, Tessa, Hayley, Erika, Justine & Ella are all squirters. The BIGGEST squirters are Ella, Paloma, Nicole & Candy. BTW the last 3 do greek bare back & for no extra dollars.

      • Cougar lover says:

        How disgusting is it that these girls at miss heaven do bareback anal.
        If it is true then they are going to smash the averages on HIV infections in Australia.

      • sam says:

        lee`s head looks like a smashed crab , lucy`s pussy smells , Sophia cant comment never seen her !!!!!

        • Drew says:

          Funny yet so true. Although lee looks like a chicken who needs a feed. And yes Lucy did smell when I saw her. She does look appealing when you meet her but was disappointed with the root. Maybe she been fisted to many times as her pussy was very large and smelly

  13. Slammin Salami says:

    I went today and took a half hour with Taylor What a good root she is top class BBBJ and watching her size enjoying herself while bouncing up and down on the salami was a real turn on She is a small framed lady but can take and get into a solid pussy pounding in any position

    • SurfaBoy says:

      Taylor? Small framed? Well she is trim but she’s a tall sheila. I agree with you about her service. She’s good value. She loves oral & being rimmed

  14. Pecker Head says:

    Just checked CT’s roster for today. Reeve & Stephanie are back after a lengthy absence. Maybe they went on holidays together? Anyway glad to see they are back. They are my two favoutites here.

  15. Slammin Salami says:

    I went and took Haylee for a test drive this week slim size six red hair Her pussy is so fucking tight though !! Nice session enjoyed by both of us Let it be noted CBJ and she is new to the game so it would be best if you lead the way if you see her ,,,, She may be new but she isn’t an idiot so don’t try getting her to do stuff that she isn’t in too including BBBJ

    • plugga says:

      thanks for the tip slammin , give it time & she will be doing bbbj like the rest of them at cougartown

      • Slammin Salami says:

        Well Plugga may not be that easy I know for a fact that Alex,Charlotte and I cant recall if it is Dana ??? don’t do BBBJ but Im ok with it as I think it up to the WL so long as she tells you before seeing her

        • rob says:

          offer them more money & they will do everything unless you are overgrown old chester

          • Paul says:

            I remember getting bbbj from Dana when she first started working at cougars.
            But the next time I saw her approx a month later she didn’t. Her attitude was different as she wasn’t happy and sadly I found her boring.

          • Slammin Salami says:

            I offered Alex a hundred for a BBBJ the answer was NO …. Her reason was the grounds of health and safety … So some WLs do stand their ground

          • Wartboy says:

            Gee Paul. Ever think Dana found you boring? Who ya gonna satisfy with that little cocktail franfurt of yours? Dumbass
            I love SAUSAGE.
            I wanna stick in your ass then cum in your mouth

        • Frank says:

          I always ask them in the Meet & Greet Room if the BJ is BBBJ. If the answer is NO, i dont pick them. i’d say 50% do BBBJ at CT whereas at Clegg St, it is 100%.

    • Paul says:

      Hey slammin. Have you tried candy

  16. Newbie says:

    Hi Punters,

    Interested in some girl. please help me out with reviews.
    hope to hear from you guys soon

  17. Tom Cat says:

    Warning i seen Chrissy 2 week’s ago i now have the Clap stay clear of her

    • Punter says:

      Are you serious. I fucked her bb 2 weeks ago.

      • Johnno says:

        The posts by Punter, Frank & Tom Cat were all posted by the same fuckwit. He uses so many different names but posts the same garbage eg “not another BBFS queen” etc. Bet this idiot has never been to AH!

        • Punter says:

          Jonno you are a dickhead. If you read my message you would have figured out that I was talking about Chrissy at cougar town.
          Yes I have never been to Amanda heaven.
          But if you think I’m lying then go to cougars and pick Chrissy. if you are lucky you might catch a disease.

        • Tom Cat says:

          Well Johnno i am not frank or punter by the way what is your fixation with AH my post was about Chrissy at couger town nothing to do with AH but i suspect you are also Dirty Dave aswell an i am pretty sure i know who you really are you pathetic pice of shit

    • frank says:

      you fool not another bbfs queen

    • Fed Up with The Nonsense says:

      You are just another troll, Tom Cat. I had BBFS with Chrissynon a number of occasions. I’m clean as a whistle.
      Take your BS stories about STDs etc somewhere else

      • Tom Cat says:

        Really thats pretty big coming from you Chrissy seen u were sacked from AH for being a troll. Lol oh an by the way this is the name you were posting about yourself you dumb mole LMFAO cheers RZ

  18. Big Al says:

    Visited CT earlier this week during the day. Some nice birds to choose from. I picked a tall brunette with very big tits. Her name was sylvanna. Got a nice HJ & 69. I also rimmed her ass. Sex was in doggy position & a dom was required.
    She is very attractive & the body is pretty good for a woman approaching her 40s. I’m guessing she’s in her late 30s. She has a great set of boobs and her demeanour is very pleasant. She doesn’t come across a scrubber. LOL. BTW the only downside was the BJ was covered. Other than that it was a good session.

  19. Billydakid says:

    Has anyone tried the new WL Samsara? She seems friendly.

  20. Billydakid says:

    Stopped in at CT and took Anastasia for a test drive after reading the comments here. She was awesome, best I’ve had in ages. Great body and really felt like she was happy to be in the room. Gave the best bbbj after checking with me first, gotta love that! I’d happily take her home.

    • old guy says:

      Don’t you love it when these old boilers have to resort to writing fake reviews about themselves – go PIP, go NICOLE at Amanda’s , go Anastasia at CT. Wanna know why – they’re old and fugly lol

      • PeterWabbit says:

        Was so fake about the review? Why dont you write a review? You cant coz you’ve never been with a WL. You are just another dickhead who criticizes anyone who writes a review. You’re just jealous. Sick & tired of you gutless typewriter warriors.

  21. Kevin says:

    Hey guys, i havn’t seen REECE for nearly 2 months she was great service does anyone knows if she works somewhere else ? Thanks

  22. Jack says:

    Visited cougar town again last week after a 15 year hiatus.
    I noticed the lady who I used to see back then, but this time she opened the door. She didnt come out during the selection so I assumed she was the receptionist. She was blonde and had quite large breasts. Does anyone know if she still work as a working lady.
    I saw a lady called Dana who is semi attractive with a little pot belly. Sex was ok but will see someone else next time

  23. Jimmy says:

    Hey slammin have you tried candy before. might give her a go

    • Slammin Salami says:

      No Jimmy but my plan is to give Annastasia a test drive now that Cowboy69 confirmed it wasn’t that crazy risk riddled old one

      • Kevin Long Prong says:

        Look forward to your review on Annastasia.
        Havent been here for a while. Any recommendations?

        • Slammin Salami says:

          Im here to declare that the new Anastasia is worth a visit small shapely size 6 no breast enhancement she gives a terrific BBBJ and enjoys the salami !! Great find to Cowboy69

  24. Jimmy says:

    Hey guys
    Did anybody try Anastasia out today at cougar town.

  25. Big t says:

    Looking to visit this place soon. Can anyone recommend a WL that is sure to please.

    • Slammin Salami says:

      If you are looking for an impeccably safe clean hot looking slim tall WL who enjoys great sex loves DATY ,really gets into it Alex is the absolute pick.She only gives CBJ but she is very good at it.She only works daytime… If you tell me what you want in your WL Im sure me and the rest of the guys on here could steer you in the right direction

      • Jimmy says:

        Hey slammin
        What about these new girls.
        You been with them.

        • Slammin Salami says:

          No not yet have been working over on Nth Side so Miss Heavens has been getting my business of late.Im going to make a point of getting to RCT … I think Summer may be the same Summer that worked at AH for ages

      • dave says:

        in your previous comments abt alex you said she does bbbj & now you are saying cbj , she aint no oil painting last time I saw her in the line up

        • Slammin Salami says:

          As far as no oil painting well she Alex at RCT does it for me But each to their own ,,,, I never ever said she gives BBBJ I did say the closest I ever got was a tongue of my shaft but she wouldn’t take it from the head down I may have mis written it but I don’t bullshit as well Why would I bother ?

    • Donal Trumpe says:

      Big T. My recommendations are Jillian & Danni. Both are slim, give awesome BBBJs & can hold adecent conversation. Both love DATY & 69ers.

      • brian says:

        ava don’t do bbbj at all , rocking body but that’s it

        • Slammin Salami says:

          The last time I saw her which I admit was prior to when she had a break I received a BBBJ perhaps I was lucky or she has changed her service since her return …. Yes I agree a rockin body

    • Slammin Salami says:

      Good double available there today Ava and Brooke couple of really horny milfs that can take a solid pounding and also give a great BBBJ

      • Jimmy says:

        Hey slammin
        What Ava like on her own. Does she get into it like helena.

        • Slammin Salami says:

          Ava isn’t as good as Brooke but she will give you a decent ride …. Also Taylor may be a more mature WL but she really enjoys cock just be aware she can get a bit chatty so I usually just stick my cock in her mouth ;;;;; There isn’t another Helena anywhere in any Sydney brothel that one was one in a million

  26. Newbie says:

    Hi Punters,
    Heard lots about this place. Great reviews. Never been to the place. Just curious if the girls are regularly tested with STI’s here or can we ask for it?

    • Jimmy says:

      Look the girls that do bbbj and bbfs would have to have something you would think.
      You can ask for certificate proving there clean but it will mean nothing if they have worked after the test.
      Sorry for being a wowser.
      Myself I have been incredibly lucky that I haven’t caught amything.

      • Greg T says:

        well you’re a lucky cunt playing the risk / reward game aren’t you ? personally i have been not lucky. I fucked two girls (B and P) in a 3 some from Amanda Heavens in Artarmon 6 months ago, both bb and both pussy and one of them up the ass. Biggest mistake of me life, got ill, burning piss, blisters on my cock, oozy puss for a few days, hospitalised for 2 days, and now separated. Complained big time to management , nearly had a fist fight with the receptionist chick who also fucks blokes their under the name ‘kartier’ , she denied it could be her girls…interestingly speaking to another lady there (T) told me one of the 2 girls involved also got crook, got mouth and lip blisters, not surprised as she licked the other ones ass and cunt like a bloke. I now only go to rub and tug joints. Its a matter of time for all you bareback demons. hope you go better explaining it to your wives than i did.

        • Jimmy says:

          If you were that certain you got it from Amanda heaven. Why didn’t you report the place to the health authority if one exist.
          Surely they shouldn’t practice hooking if there infected

          • FleaBrownEye says:

            Don’t Feed The Troll,people. You wouldn’t get hospitalised to an STI.

          • eppa says:

            who gives a shit hospital or not flea ? look at the bigger picture – are you saying there is no chance of STI from dirty hookers who fuck anyone, any hole ? you naive dimwit

          • Mister X says:

            I was a long time bareback punter. I’m sure there are posters in this thread that remember my posts on the 235 Annandale thread about catching an STI. I ended up with a Baker’s Cyst after contracting Chlamydia. This laid me up for the best part of 8 weeks. It was an exceptionally painful, debilitating injury that I would not wish on anyone. I even developed a blood clot during my recovery that I’m sill getting over (6 months later).

            It is rare, but you can contract a viral infection as a result of STIs. I’m definitely not preaching as I’d love to be back in the game, but the risk is too significant. If you think that all STIs can be cured with an antibiotic based on what you’ve read, you need to do some more reading.

        • Peter Wabbit says:

          Greg T. You are always peddling these scare mongering tales. Got yourself a new name. You dont fool anyone, you troll!

          • SSTID_1970 says:

            Do you have evidence that he is simply fear mongering and these nasty diseases do not exist in the industry ?

            If so come forth with it as it would be a huge relief not just to punters but to many of the WL’s who genuinely love a good barebacking .

          • Charlie says:

            To SSTID-1970.
            Give it a rest. Are you on a holy crusade or something. Punters know the risks. Do you feel you are on some mission? Are you some sort of religious fruitloop?

        • Lang says:

          To Greg T. You should become a Fiction writer. Full of it! Full if bull shit

    • Donal Trumpe says:

      They all get a fortnightly checkup. They will show you if you decide to ask. Your call.

      • Lara 45 says:

        You guys are completely silly ! Fortnightly check ups ? If you did your reading hiv , hep have a window period of up to 3 months ! And as for other stds they are not able to pick them up for a few weeks either every working lady should be getting tested every 3 months. I used to work here and as some guys have said this place is dirty and girls are sick that work there I know cause I seen it with my own two eyes ! Think what you like guys that these guys are having you on but either way you must know it’s a gamble surely ! It’s 2016 for god sake your not children you must all know these things exsist maybe you just think it will never happen to you I guess

  27. Kayser Soze says:

    During the week i visited this place for a 3some. Both were attractive and mature. Both sucked me simultaneously BBBJ. That was really really nice. Had to restrain myself from cumming early. Then i got both to lie on the bed. DATY on both. Rimmed both as well. Asked one of them to join me in licking out the other. Was hoping!!! Well she did. She worked the clit while i rimmed the ass. Then asked the WLs to change position. They did. Then i mounted the “licker” & inserted my cock in her brown hole. Ended up porking both WLs in the ass. BTW the sex was covered. Had to change condoms when going from one WL to the other. The session was pricey compared to the asian shops eg 12, 55, 78A, 235, 269, 751 etc. but a lot cheaper than Miss Heavens at Artarmon. BTW I had to pay each WL an extra $50. I wont mention their names other than to say that the first letter of their names are the same. That’s my hint. LOL.

    • Jimmy says:

      Ok then let’s try to narrow this down. What time of day was this.
      Day or night?

    • Slammin Salami says:

      I been going to cougartown for ages I been trying to fuck Alex in the arse for near 12 mths and she wont be in it I even offered her money for the pleasure Just wondering if the hole is a definite NO GO zone or has any one else managed to jam it into her hot tight arse

      • Jimmy says:

        I saw Alex last week and found her to be quite pleasant.
        Definitely one of the classy ones and would definitely see her again.
        She did use a condom for bj. Does anybody know if she does bbbj.
        Regarding anal. I just think she is one of the nicer ladies.

        • Slammin Salami says:

          I think her arse is off limits too,as for BBBJ best Ive gotten in 12 mths is a bb shaft licking but wont take the head in her mouth.I know Brooke will take it if you slip her a fifty and she is in the mood …. I see Anastasia is back no worries there ALL holes are for the taking except I find her a little strange plus I feel her practices in the past may be a health risk to me ( ok I know that’s unfounded but its just that uneasy feeling )

          • Slammin Salami says:

            BTW the extra 50 with Brooke is for anal she has always given me a top class BBBJ , Lucy is also a mad little no holds barred root if your on her regular list …. I tell you who I really reckon was the dam best fuck in the place was a WL called Helena … I wish she would re appear

          • Billy says:

            Helena is a sex maniac , the other WLs tell me shes retired !!!

          • Jimmy says:

            Helena is 10 out of 10. The only problem is she does bbbj and also bbfs. God knows what they got when they do bbfs. She also does anal for an extra fee. Don’t know if she does anal bareback.

            Lucy told me once that she does doubles with helena at another location. I found Lucy to be boring and not very attractive and had bad breathe, but will do bbbj and bbfs and like helena will do anal.

          • Billy says:

            bbfs & anal really ??? I must be unlucky or lucky

          • Cowboy69 says:

            Hey Slammin I spent an amazing half hour with the beautiful new Anastasia at CT. I agree with your comments about the old Anastasia she was a bit odd but this is a totally different WL.
            Tiny body, long red hair and a bj to die for. I’m going back for more for sure, give myself an early Christmas pressie.

        • Slammin Salami says:

          Jimmy I knew it was wrong at the time but I constantly fucked Helena’s brains out BB for everything except anal I could have but I used to ask for a dom….she was a really cheap porn slut at the price they charge at RCT any position over any piece of furniture available Hell I had her over the white dressing table a fair few times I even fucked her in the bathroom she was shy to take a big load in the face a few times BUT since she has left its all safe sex for me now only take BBBJ

    • Darcy larcy says:

      Gross just gross this place and Amanda’s are riddled with stds ! Open your eyes guys I used to work here and Amanda’s and I know exactly which girls have what owners cover it up because ( go figure ) the girls that are the sickest are the busiest ! Money talks in this industry and bullshit walks I left ages ago to work in a safe clean rub and tug with extras but all protected if you wanna risk it your taking a50/50 chance really may aswell pay half the price and so natural with a hooker in a side street and the x be careful seriously some shit ain’t curable like herpes ! Don’t fuck your life up

  28. Jimmy says:

    Went to ct yesterday. I saw Danni. Wow 10 out of 10.
    She has the nicest body and the neatest and tightest Pussy you would ever see on a mature lady.
    Oh and I love her freckles.
    If only other ladies at cougars have to same attitude.

  29. Jimmy says:

    Just an update. Haven’t been on here for a while.

    Seen Dana last week. Good looking yet non responsive .

    Always wanted to see Morgan but every time I go to pick her she turns me off with her shit attitude. I wonder if she is the same In the room.

    Courtney was fun. Great bbbj. Although needs to eat a steak or 2. Never the less has a way better attitude and is a better fuck than the other 2 fuckwits I just mentioned.

    Sorry for the negative attitude but when you pay a bit of money for mature ladies you would like them to be more pleasant than the young Asian ladies in other parlours.

    • The Big Lebowski says:

      Jimmy. I’ve seen Morgan once. Pleasant enough and good body (she’s got 5 kids & no stretch marks) but i found her service a bit nechanical. Recommend Jillian and Danni. Taylor is great but as soon as she cums, she loses enthusiasm. Also recommend Stephanie. Voluptuous body & gig tits. Oh, I forgot to mention Reece. Big tits & curvy body. All four WLs provide a wicked service which includes anal. BTW Reece doesnt provide greek to the best of my knowledge. Hopefully this helps & we look forward to your review. Good luck

      • Jimmy says:

        Yeah Danni is fantastic. A little pocket rocket.
        What about Alex. Have you tried her yet.

        • The Big Lebowski says:

          No. wouldnt know what she looks like. Never there when i go. BTW you know Danni provides a greek service. Have you had the pleasure with Danni? FYI there are quite a few WLs at CT who provide that.

        • The Big Lebowski says:

          Brad. For anal at CT, see the following:
          jillian, Danni, Lucy, Lee, Stephanie, christina, holly, skye, simone, trinity, Angela, Helena, Alana, brandy, sarah, sophia & annastasia. Some of these no longer work at CT. BTW you have to pay extra between $50 & $100. A few provide BBFS but i wint disclose their names as i dont want to get them into trouble. Danni wanted $200 from me as my cock is much bigger than average. Danni is petite and has a beautiful body. She is a very nice person. Gives great head. She should put some moisturiser on her skin as it is quite dry

  30. bang says:

    Have anyone seen Charlotte? I don’t see her in the roaster now a days. Does anyone knows when she will be back?

  31. bang says:

    Has anyone banged Ava? i am not sure she is the one with a tattoo on her side.

  32. Francis says:

    Anyone banged Annalise? She’s never there whenever I’ve visited.

    • bang says:

      Analise is an amazing lady. i have seen her few time. She is in her bigger side but man she can move. She gives an amazing bbbj. her pussy is so pink and beautiful. she is playful and great to have conversation. i would definity recommend her.

      • zorro says:

        Thanks for the recommendation. Glad to hear she does BBBJ. Quite a few of the WLs at CT only offer CBJ. Got caught out a few times. Had asked the receptionist who lied. Now i ask when i meet them in the reception.

  33. zorro says:

    Popped in today & introduced to about 6 milfs or gilfs. Jillian caught my fancy. Mature lass with a nice body & very shapely legs. No tit but that is ok with me. Pretty face & well spoken. Not your common slapper that’s for sure. She gave a great BBBJ & i returned the favour (DATY). I pushed her legs back to get better access to her arsehole which i rimmed, kissed, sucked & tongued. Then got into 69 position. Her oral skills are exceptional. Then had sex which was covered. Finished off with anal in doggy position. The anal cost an extra $50. She accommodated my huge slug like a true champion. She was grimacing when i started to poind her arse fast, hard & deep.

  34. Rex says:

    Any of the girls at RC do rimming?

    • Pete says:

      Rex not here at CT. Never has happened to me here. If you want to be rimmed, here is a list of WLs that have done it to me:
      12 Bellevue: Vicky (BBFS, Greek, CIA, ATM)
      751 Hurlstone Park: Monica (BBFS, Greek, CIA, ATM)
      269 Canterbury: Lulu, April (BBFS, Greek, CIA, ATM)
      6 Clegg: Nicole (BBFS, Greek, CIA, ATM)

  35. CamelPharka says:

    My mates & me had a great night watching the mitey Sharks beat the Roosters. Since we all live near Riverwood, we had pizzas. Then we went to Cougar Town. It was a bit quiet when we arrived. About 6 girls were shown to us. One of my mates picked Bailey, one picked Stephanie, one picked Ebony & I picked Reece. Reece is one hot looking woman. She’s got huge boobs and a curvy body. Well it was a great session. DFK, BBBJ & DATY. Well the BJ was really good that i blew in her mouth. She got the shits because i was laughing.
    BTW I’m going back later in the week to see Stephanie. She’s one hot babe.

  36. Jimmy says:

    Hey does anybody know if the following do anal.
    Chloe, Dana, Morgan, Alex, Courtney.

  37. Pat says:

    What happen to Liza? the leb chick?

  38. John says:

    Anyone tried the girl called ebony? What is she like?

    • JackieChan says:

      Ebony’s good value. Her service was excellent. She has great oral skills. Her pussy & arse tasted great. She loved receiving oral. Made her cum a couple of times while tonguing her clit & gently massaging her G-spot with two fingers. Rimmed her arsehole while she was in a doggy position. She was purring with delight. Finished off pounding her pussy – doggy position. Didnt last long as i went hard & fast because i was so turned on. Look forward to your review

    • Horny Bastard says:

      John, Ebony is on tonight.

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