Babylon Spa & Sauna

Level 2, Market City S/Centre Haymarket NSW 2000

P: 02 9281 8886

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  1. Jimmy says:

    Anyone got a recent review of this joint?

    • lance says:

      TL/DR: if you have the money, give it a go. Its definately an experience.

      First time i walked in, the girl at the front desk didnt say anything just gave me a set of keys for their lockers. Ok… Points me to where i have go… Get to a room full of lockers and a dude. Okay time to strip. Other dudes getting naked around me… whatever i thought it must be a decent joint. Clothes off towel wrapped around me walk into an area with a pool, spa, sauna and showers. Rpughly 10 to 15 dudes from 18 yrs to 60+ some are just walking around naked. I decided to go to the sauna. It was decent. The pool sauna and spa is included in whatever package you pay for. So use this time to your leisure but yeh eyes to the sky so to speak. Once youve had enough of the old white guys dried apricots. You change into a silky robe and wait till a girl is available. I was told a girl was ready. ??? Do i get to see her first or look at a selection of girls. I did not. Maybe i should have asked. Anywho i walk through the door and oh okay another big room with guys.. This time its lounges and a massive tv and a bar. I take a seat. And a lady asks if i want a drink. I declinded thinking im not going to pay for an overpriced drink. Later on i found out these drinks are also included. Damn. Anyways im sitting there in this lounge room bar place and a girl tells me my girl is ready. Ok she walks me out of the room. Past alot of doors. It seemed like the furthest room away. The door opened and it was really dark just a couple red lights on gave off a very cheapbrothel feel. She asked me what package i wanted. I said the kings package. 180 bucks. Not sure what it was supposed to include. Off the top of my head from what i can remember. She was decent looking and i would have fucked her if given the chance. Her massage was aimed at stimulating you, i usually would prefer an actual massage but hey you cant always have best of both worlds. She did a little nuru on my back and then on my front rubbing my cock in between her big fake breasts. Then she gave me a handjob. And uhh like ok it was my first and only time. Yes there was sauna spa drinks included. But 180 bucks for some people is a days work almost 2 days. Overall experience i would say 5/10. I know this is designed and based around a traditional chinese massage parlour, but i guess i prefer a lil more discretion. I.e. not seeing 20 half naked old guys before i go for a happy ending. Maybe i need to go back there to test it out again. If your willing to go to babylon and your in the city. Check out bamboo massage on george st heading towards town hall. Its right near world square. Opposite the cheers bar. Google it youll find it. But yeh i rate this place one because most of the girls look amazing. And they are all trained the same. Some are better then others when it comes to the massage part but they are all pornstars when it comes to the happy ending. Ive been there alot. And have had fun with a couple of them. For 40 bucks 30min. 20 buck happy ending or 50 bucks naked happy ending. So lets say you choose jus a 30 min plus happy ending. Thats 60 bucks. Go to the ian thorpe aquatic centre prior or after and pay 14 bucks to use their pool sauna and shower facilities. And thats 74 bucks.. Give or take. Still you save 100 bucks compared to babylon and you dont have to look at as many dried apricots. (warning you may come across the odd one here and there at the ian thorpe centre) alright hope this helps.

      • The Punters Pal says:

        G’day Lance,

        May I say I thoroughly enjoyed your report on Babylon. Superb reading mate. Well done. Many imbeciles on here could learn from what you’ve just provided the punters. Thanks for the bamboo tip as well!

        Keep up the great work!

      • Roving Zucchini says:

        You’re full of BS, you pharquen wanker. What a load of bull

  2. randyfireman says:

    My first ever experience was in this place and it was fantastic. girl was really nice did a great massage bodyslide and he to finish off. Been 4 times since and it really was hit and miss from there on. ive had 2 great experiences and 2 where i basically needed to get myself excited as the girls did nothing for me either from them not looking interested or tryng to milk me as fast as they could, no teasing or playing no smile. Very hit and miss and for $188 you expect a bit. Ive been to west ryde ausfung massage once, was $60 one hour with he but she was old left clothes on and really reminded me of a mates granma dresses like an old lady just didnt do it for me at all.
    Tried golden touch at Parramatta 2 weeks ago at the temporary unit. Told there was 3 girls available but only one when i got there. She was so skinny fake boobs she tried but massage wasnt nice and she couldnt get me up had to get myself hard price was $150. One thing i liked about this place was that they shower with you i love that. Will try them out again but will ask for a larger boobed girl I think.
    Surely there is a place where its not so hit and miss and good value. I noticed for full service at hornsby 142 its only $150 yet i pay more for only a massage and he I dont want to go fs never have and im trying not too.

    Any good [place

  3. Peter says:

    I just called them. They close at 3am (good). She said 1 hour is $188 – what do you get for that?

    • Mr Lucky says:

      You get exactly what I just described. However every girl is different, but I guess you get the idea.

      • Zack says:

        I hear that the steam room can get a bit ‘hot’ between some of the younger blokes.. Can anyone confirm?

        • Roving Zucchini says:

          Zack, it sure does. Often get a BJ from guys in the steam room. YEE HAA

          • Zack says:

            Thanks for the answer, as graphic as it was.
            Bit of a tough choice then. It’ll be the girls most days if the week, but if while having a steam with the boys things get sweaty enough, I could find myself getting carried away.
            Win – win either way.

          • Roving Zucchini says:

            Zack, you cant lose either way.

    • Italian Stallion says:

      Peter. Are you a dumbass? Read his post for crikes sak. He gave a detailed & excellent description of his session.

  4. Mr Lucky says:

    Okay Gents walked in there 2 weeks ago, it is a must! What you will encounter as soon as you walk in is an establishment straight out of a Hong Kong/Chinese movie. Even the people that escorted me said that (and they have travelled to Hong Kong). The lady at the counter is a killer! She has the bargaining tact of of a flee market trader. All negotiations are hasty but somehow funny. After choosing what you want (and they offer everything, although full service I believe is subject to further negotiations) I was told to go and take a shower.
    Hopefully you don’t suffer from homophobia or cringe by male nudity, as the spa and showers are open plan, so hopefully an 80 year old walking from the showers to the spa every 5 minutes does not turn you off.
    After the showers they give a robe and ask you to wait in the lounge room, which contains about 30 comfortable lounge chairs. Here you can get your feet massaged for an extra fee or you can choose your girl for the session. The madam carries a book with all the hotties. My friend and I chose the wildcard option, meaning we just want an erotic massage and got the madam to choose a girl for us. I got a cracker-jack called Yen Yen. She was a tall girl by Chinese standards but her body I would rate top class. She asked what I wanted and I said the full package which was erotic massage with HE.
    Here you get a remedial massage which was okay and then she proceeds to the body slide etc. Different approach to the Korean definitely. But this particular girl was good value, she was trying to engage in conversation, although her English was terrible at best.
    After the session finished I walked out for another shower and left Babylon with a smile. Highly recommended.

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