Kogarah Massage

imageHello and welcome to Kogarah massage which is the home of beautiful oriental masseuses who have wonderful fingers which will amazed and relax you from the moment they touch your body.

Our masseuses are expert in number of massage techniques which will make you feel completely relax and reaching the heights of pleasure. They will wash away your stress and tension.

Having the hands of a beautiful Asian women is something you have to experience for yourself and only with us you will receive the highest service every time.

Our shop is nice, clean, well decor and located only 2 mins walk from Kogarah train station.
Come to see us you will leave with satisfy and happy.

Our rate for relaxation massage
30 mins ——-$40
45 mins ——-$55
60 mins ——-$65
90 mins ——-$100

2 ladies double price.

Our address:
2/20 Montgomery St, Kogarah, NSW

PHONE: 02 9553 7996 / 0406 255 090
Looking forward to see you.


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65 Responses to Kogarah Massage

  1. Steve says:

    Last week I met Lori. I didn’t check time till I left then realised she cut down time 15 minutes. So disappointed.

  2. Chris says:

    Establishment: Kogarah massage

    Montgomery street


    Date of visit: Saturday 26th August

    Person : Kitty

    Rates: $65 for 60 minutes. $100 for 90 minutes plus tips

    So another AR in my local of Kogarah. Have been to this shop a few times with some good experiences but nothing I wanted to write an AR about- until now.

    Turned up around 6-6:30 with no booking and met a couple of girls but Kitty was the one who caught my eye. IMO Kitty is a very sexy girl. Quite short with a gorgeous little body and great curves. I straight away booked for a 60 minute session and into the room we went. Session started off with a nice chat and getting to know each other a little while sitting on the table together. After a brief chat Kitty asked me to take my clothes off and lay face down. Her massage was really nice and had me feeling great, at this point I knew I wanted to spend more time with her so I extended to 90 minutes. Kitty really has some magic hands and had me melting on the table!

    As good as the massage was I wanted to see more of little Kitty and wow! When that cute little dress came off I had to pick my tongue up off the floor! Obviously everyone has different opinions on what they think is beautiful but in my eyes Kitty is one of those girls I’d give up red meat for! So tiny but such a great little set of tits and that ass – OMG that ass!

    I’m not going to go into too much details about part 2 but I can assure you I left the shop that night with a smile from ear to ear!

    • Gorgeous George says:

      Sounds great. By the way, nice review. We need more guys like you here

    • Jack says:

      Don’t want to Pry but did the part 2 includes full service ?

  3. Alex says:

    I’ve been to this shop couple times. Kitty and other girls massaged for me. Quite good looking, friendly, lovely girls

  4. Dj says:

    What days are jasmine and Sophia on?
    And any extra cost for extras or do the listed prices include all?

    • MAC says:

      Mate, ring the shop number above and they’ll tell you.

      Rates above are for massage as stated.

      Treat the girls nice and you’ll get the same in return.

  5. Don says:

    I wonder if the girls are clean ? no disease whatsoever.

    • wartboy says:

      NOW thats a stupid question!

      • Don says:

        It is but do you know the answer ? Need to be careful thesedays though

        • Plonk Artist says:

          As Wart Boy said… silly question.
          Just to add to your question.. ALWAYS assume a girl you are dealing with HAS a disease.
          That is : wrap up buddy, but still enjoy yourself.
          There are no guarantees in life !!!

          • Don says:

            Good for u enjoying urself. How do u stay safe then ? I assume massage with HE would be pretty safe especially HIV. Looks like no sex in this place.

        • Friendly says:

          Don.. you are a big boy.
          If you are so scared of diseases just stay away from the girls. Crikey a bloody annoying troll

      • Steve says:

        Go for wank, mate, if you are scared.

  6. Calhoun says:

    Well, I have been here a few times (on saturdays) and I recently went on a Wednesday, not good. Vicky (same tip as given on a Saturday) wasn’t as attractive, as willing to get naked or to be touched as the much better looking girls I have previously seen.

    I would avoid Vicky and possibly the whole place when not at “peak” times.

  7. Uhhhh says:

    Went today and saw Mimi. Not a veteran so can someone help explain what the ‘Girlfriend Experience’ is meant to be?

    She was Thai/Laos, tall and skinny, B size cups, spoke decent English, massage was average, but kept asking me to pay money on top for a headjob? We eventually settled on her taking off her clothes and letting me touch her all over.

    Am I missing something? What is the girlfriend experience? Did I just see the wrong girl?

  8. MAC says:

    It’s been a while but here’s my reviews of Rebecca and Michelle.

    Both works Fridays, along with Candy and Cindy.
    Both are in their early 20’s with long black hair and smooth, soft skin.

    Rebecca is the prettier one with a beautiful body and smile.
    She also has dimples which IMO is really cute on a girl.
    Michelle is a bit bigger in body size but still pretty nevertheless.

    Rebecca’s English is quite limited, so the conversation doesn’t flow very well.
    Michelle is fluent in English and IMO is well educated.
    Both are very friendly with good customer attitude.

    Both are relatively inexperienced in massage which is not unusual with young girls in this line of work. Rebecca’s massage is more like light rubs and you sense she need some proper lessons to improve. Michelle’s was a bit better, but far from a real massage where they work the knots and tensions from your muscles.

    Second part (HE):
    Both girls were quite good with their….. err, handiwork.
    Rebecca gave the more sensual GFE, whereas Michelle was more ‘doing her job’.

    I think you will find both to be very nice and will leave satisfied afterwards.
    Just don’t expect the best massage and you’ll be right.


  9. Punter says:

    Good it’s good! Punted at most places in the Illawarra and stopped off here today on the way bacl from the city. Massage ain’t crash hot but you leave feeling a million bucks. GFE as mentioned is next level makes the competition look cold/mechanical and boring

  10. MAC says:

    Well, after many good sessions at this place, I had a crap one with Saya.

    Massage was below average, more like soft presses through a towel than a proper massage. She gave me a cat bath, which was okay but not my thing.

    The extras was mechanical and definitely non-gfe.

    From my chit chats with her, I get the impression she doesn’t care much about the job nor attracting more clients by providing a good service.

    It was like “meh, I dont really care”.

    Her body is the only thing that was a winner.
    Nice curves, firm and fit.
    But you only get so far with your looks…

  11. MAC says:

    I saw Jasmine on a Saturday recently.
    I’ve seen her once before about 6 to 8 weeks ago (see my previous post).

    The boss asked how long you stay, I said 45mins ($55).
    She went off to fetch my change and then Jasmine came into the room.

    What happened next surprised me somewhat.
    We exchanged greetings and a hug, then she just came up close and kissed me on the lips. I’ve only seen her once and was surprised she even remembers me.

    In my honest opinion, and no disrespect to the other posters below, she’s not as fit as Sophia and her looks are okay, far from stunning. I prefer Sophia actually. She has a much fitter body.

    However, where Jasmine excels is in the gf experience.
    10 mins into the massage, she’s brushing my balls , stroking my pole from behind, breathing into my ears and giving me kisses on my back. I was all revved up and took on the offer of nude hj ($50).

    As she was playing with my pole, I was sucking on her nipples and giving her a mutual hj. Can’t remember how long this went on, but afterwards I had like 5-7 mins left to get changed.

    So in the end, I didn’t get much of a massage from Jasmine.
    Whereas with Sophia, the massage was at least 25-30 mins and real good too.

    If you do the maths, that’s 45mins for $105.
    I can get FS for that price with showers included (45mins).
    Guess it depends on what you’re after, HJ massage vs pure sex.

    The prices here are generally $10 more than the competition, but generally, the service is more attentive and sensual / gfe. Plus, the fee goes to pay for the nice fitout and fittings of the rooms.

    I’ll be back again soon and will try the other girls as mentioned below.


  12. Guill says:

    By the good comments I’m wondering if they offer full services?

  13. Gua says:

    Went yesterday, Monday and was pleasantly surprised by terrific Tiffany. Why can’t all parlours be like this place. She is very cute and sweet. I have only one problem, I have to travel all the way from the city to get here.

  14. Calhoun says:

    I stopped in on a Saturday again, I truly got the luck of the drawer and was paired with Riye again. I found out she is over 30! You would never guess it, great body, nice ass, good tits and great nipples.

    Our session was hot, intimate and satisfying. Clearly being a repeat customer made a difference to the service level.

    I’ll be repeating this again!

  15. Samy says:

    This place continues to deliver great gems visit after visit. I was well looked after by Michelle on a Friday and Lisa on a Wednesday. Good attitude, customer centric and a GFE better than. GF can provide.

  16. MAC says:

    I finally had the chance to visit this premise in July and I’m so glad I did.
    Below is my review.

    As described, it’s opposite the Cop Shop and Courthouse. The entrance is semi-discreet as it’s off the main corridor. The reception area is as per the photo above, nicely presented. Around 3 rooms for clients and a lunchroom for the girls at the back. The fitout is modern and clean with tasteful furnishings. Nice place to spend an hour for sure.

    I saw Sophia and Jasmine on diff days, as per previous posts below.
    Both are Vietnamese and in their 20’s.
    Nice body, good conversation skills and great personality.

    Both gave a good massage and HE. Standard industry prices.
    One thing that stood out for me is that they provided a really nice GFE.
    Without going into too much details, the session was intimate, warm and relaxing.

    If I have to be picky, in my opinion, Sophia gave a better massage and HE than Jasmine.
    Jasmine has a mesmerising smile, really sweet girl.
    But geez, I’m just splitting hairs, you can’t go wrong with either girls.

    I did see Saya when I was at reception.
    Tall Japanese girl, about 5’10” with heels.
    Was wearing a sexy outfit.

    Maybe next time…. *Sigh*

  17. Calhoun says:

    After reading about Kogarah massage on here I finally went on 23 July, and I was not disappointed.

    I was met by a gorgeous girl, but told she was about to start a one hour massage for someone else. A less attractive girl, but still ok, then came and escorted me to a room.

    She left and was replaced by an even hotter girl than the first! Her name was Riye (pronounced Rhea). A beautiful thai girl. She was thin with a great ass, gorgeous face, small but mega perky tits and amazingly responsive bullet sized nipples.

    The massage was good, then came the happy ending. Her little hands made even my small junk look huge!

    As Arnold Schwarzenegger said, I’ll be back.

  18. Samy says:

    Just visited (Thursday) and saw Saya, tall Japanese. I prefer Jasmine and Sophie over Saya. DATY was available I was not interested. Clean shaven.

  19. Kan says:

    Went last Thursday and met the lovely Sophie, definitely worth seeing. Amazing to chat to and have a laugh with, also provides a really good happy ending.

    I want to go back but not sure who to see next. Jasmine, as someone as previously mentioned. Anyone else can give me names and descriptions?

  20. John says:

    Went there today and met Kelly who only works friday.
    She didn’t really appear to want to be there and was very half hearted
    Could do a lot better

    place was very neat and clean

  21. MAC says:

    Thanks for the reviews below.

    I will definitely drop by when Im in the area and writeup a report on my experience.


  22. Samy says:

    This is a Gem of a place. I have been here a few of time. The prices are standard and as advertised. $40 for 30 minutes and $65 for 1 hour. I took the 1 hour option. $50 for extras. No FS. No BJ. Definitely money well spent.
    It’s clean, looks new and the decor is great.
    You walk in and you are greeted by a Vietnamese beauty. Unfortunately she is not is the receptionist and is not available. I have asked a few times. She does know what customer service means. Once you have been a few times and tell her exactly what you want she will tell you when to come and who to see. Remember to give feedback to the receptionist and tell your name so that she knows your needs and makes the correct recommendation when call the next time.
    Last week she recommended Sophie, works Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. A very good recommendation. Started off with am enjoyable experience and finished off with a very professional relaxing massage. I will be back asking for a different person, there’s is a great choice and don’t want to have missed any of them. :).
    Punters please share your experience with the other ladies at this place.

  23. Gary says:

    I paid the $40 up front and this beautiful vietnamese girl started to massage me then asked if i wanted more $50 for nude & hj.
    Nice place, no attitude. Only trouble, two – three girls… Hard o make a decision, you want them all.

  24. Darko says:

    and do they offer only HJ or also BJ or BBJ? Any idea? Thanks

  25. johnboy says:

    Used to be a semi-regular back when this was a massage-only place. Was in the area in December and decided to drop in, not realising there’d been a change in owners. Boy was I pleasantly surprised! My massuese was very classy, cute and friendly, gave a good massage, and signalled her intentions with kisses up my back and a nibbling on my ear. Before long she was nude and sliding her way across my body. Needless to say I was very happy with her handiwork. And as a bonus it’s still a damn nice place. A whole different world from the competition, while costing about the same. Yes I have been back. More than once.


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