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PP Gravatar 2Address: 1 Bonz Pl, Seven Hills NSW 2147
Phone:(02) 9620 8888

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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

30 Responses to Seven Hills 1

  1. Shaft says:

    PAMELA the(ANAL SEX ) specialist is working know on (Friday )in this place ,so if any brother that loves anal sex and wants to dig some Deep Ass,this is the girl for you.I went last Friday there ,and I had a nice time with her , gave her asshole a good pumping .The best Anal Sex .the same girl at 78 Hamden rd Artarmon ,or Kay at 142 George st Hornsby .

  2. Sam says:

    Hi bros can anyone guide me to someone who is good at johnson avenue lalor park. On any day. Thanka.

  3. jack says:

    rude receptionist ,Fake photos on website .All old cunts .Middle aged Asian women .hopeless service .only 2-3 ladies to choose from .Do not waste money .This will close soon for sure

    • Tange says:

      The receptionist has never been rude to me. You are right about the roaster and the photographs. They should update it regularly to hold on to loyal clients.

  4. wartboy says:

    saw linda today, about 30ish, attractive chinese limited english, beautiful arse, round firm just how i like it, buried my face in her twat and arse for a good 15mins before fucking her in mish. cbj covered sex.

    • Jim says:

      Again you useless lowbreed cunt putting up fake reviews.

      • wartboy says:

        what are you, going to do, about it????

      • Dindu Nuffin says:

        Sing it with me Jim

      • Dindu Nufin & Wartboy says:

        Hey 11 year old Jim, meet me at Amanda Heavens tomorrow evening at 6pm ? You can watch me fuck Nicole , you can even lick the juice from her ass when Im finished , bet you’d like that little Jimmy , hahahaha

        • Dindu Nuffin says:

          Is Nicole that skinny bird with short dark hair that grabs you on the cock in the greeting room?
          If so you couldn’t pay me to touch her or even watch.
          I’ll meet you at mature darlings in Harris park for some fun and games with Angelique.

      • Jim says:

        i am so sorry for being a foul mouthed hater but i have a boring life in mums garage , sometimes i attack TyHarden too under the alias of Tony, it really sucks being me, full of hate with no life , no joy, fuck im just a loser

  5. Shaft says:

    Anal Sex I wanted on Monday when I came here ,and that is what I got when the receptionist introduce me to Pamela .Beautiful Thai lady very accomodating analy ,she slipped my hole 9″ er deep in to her ass with no problems .Anal Quen , Anal porno actress,I will come back for sure.

  6. Robert says:

    Went in, saw 2 dragons and said I’ll come back another day. Receptionist was a total cunt, good way to keep customers! Doesn’t surprise me the place was empty late on a Friday night. Yikes!

    • wartboy says:

      so describe the waiting room and prove you actually went there

    • old punt says:

      this is a sister place to Artarmon 116 and 78a…and its a new, purpose built shop.
      the girls are great and the owner is I doubt you even went there…or perhaps they just thought you were ‘unsuitable’ as a customer.

  7. Tunge says:

    Any recommendations and the day of the week

    • wartboy says:

      i have seen 3 girls here all three were a +ve experience, best to drop in and take a punt.

      • Tunge says:

        Seen few ladies. Very friendly and accommodating but all in their fourties. Any one met any younger girl their?

        • wartboy says:

          its a $75 shop! go to a $90 shop to get a young girl who will treat you with contempt then throw you out after 15mins.

          • Tunge says:

            You are right bro. Only if their pussy were a bit tighter and they did not put in so much of lubricants into those holes.

  8. Rambler says:

    So what does your $75 get you?

  9. wartboy says:

    this place has some very cute 40ish milfs that provide a very good service. been here a few times all been good. at $75 30mins brand new fit out big clean rooms with showers mirrors on the wall best value around of late

  10. Jim says:

    When the fuck is this site going to get some type of moderator otherwise I will start my own site if you guys are interested.

  11. Dindu Nuffin says:

    Why does it need a moderator?
    Its a brothel website for fucks sake. ..not to be taken seriously in the slightest.
    Imagine the mindset of someone who takes this stuff seriously.

  12. Donald Duck says:

    Unfortunately this site started going downhill late last year. The Administrator closed down 269 Canterbury Rd. Then it restarted & now it shut again. Why was the BEST thread shut down. TBH it was one of the few threads worth reading. Why cant it be reactivated? If trolls succeed in closing these threads then it just encouages them to close the others. For example, these trolls have now “invaded” Amanda Heavens, Cougar Town, Bellevue 12, 235 Annandale & 24 Railway St plus a couple in Wollongong.
    Best advice is to NOT respond to their moronic comments & pathetic fantasizing.

  13. wartboy says:

    if you want an over moderated brothel forum join xxxau reviews, soon to be moderated into oblivion

  14. Jim says:

    Dindu Nuffin/wartboy are the same fuckin person. Of course this fuckin cretin would not want moderation as this is the same cunt trolling all over this site. Uses multiple names and replies to his own comments to backup his own bullshit. Useless fuckin lowbreed. Most likely never got over the fact his Mum was a whore.

  15. Jim says:

    i confess its actually me responsible for ALL the trolling and every single handle used for trolling, sorry sorry sorry

  16. Jim says:

    wartboy you are just a fuckin turd and why would you use my name? Just goes to show what a deceiving cunt, who uses multiple aliases.

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