brick wall ppName & Shame your nightmare experiences here as all punters have a need to know who the false advertisers are and which shops to avoid!

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9 Responses to WALL OF SHAME

  1. steve says:

    candy or similar has braces on teeth u will know

    • peter says:

      thank steve,, does she give good massage & good service..

  2. Steve says:

    st Ives massage
    2/219 Mona Vale road st Ives NSW
    advertising on c racker ads
    place okay but staff last Sat arvo were young and uninterested
    should add them to the establishments

    • peter says:

      hey steve was thinking of paying this place a visit on late sat arvo,, do you remember the girls name,, so I can stay clear of her,, cheers

  3. Mr hammer says:

    Went across the road elizabeth st redfern and met this propper chick that felt my pain . Not wanting to pull out my credit card i went down stairs and down the road to the atm and came back told the maitre D i was back with some cash and to send in whats her name .all smiles and i turn around as the door opens and this very similar looking thing walks in trying to pass herself off and i protested and said ill wait for the other girl you know the one iwas talking to . She says no one else here that girl busy .i said what no way i was just outside at the atm. So fuck head me had already gone through 1 hour of intense touture ending only minutes ago agrees to see this avaible cunt .
    What happens??? Same shit mechanical operations that are programmed to shut down 2 clicks from take off .launch sequence after launch sequence .the longer you stay the more you pay .untill yoy just get up and leave or get up lock the door and fuckin strangle it and go out and slash the maitre D s throught.as you leave .
    Me i just smiled as the red glow of the lights came over me leaving the premises .

  4. Mr hammer says:

    Went to 666 elizabeth .same deal water boading .:( place needs to redecorated like with flames and petrol .

  5. Mr hammer says:

    Hey guys went exploring last week with some dough after a long absence and here , my recomendations
    Vincent st Marrickville
    Went the once a long time ago was thoroughly absolved of my issues. Floated home . This time i went in and was torched for my money .i got to the door feeling like i wanted to lock it ,turn around and tie up every one in the house and water board every fuckin last one .then leave out the back

  6. spys r us says:

    dear Punter , one of the great things about mobile phones is that fact we can ring up and check out whoever is on at whatever store our penises desire , please let this be known meadowbank massage (not kings) the other one has started storing ll the phone numbers in the phone complete with comments on customers preferences and if you are an arsehole they record that as well this is ok if you want to be known, but it is not discreet for example if you are one who likes going caving then guess who has your number , they even had the council number down there as pre warning for the dumb asian girls who just blurt out everything and can use that against you or the man from Government or anyone else please insist they delete your number and if you have to check the phone at the time you will be amazed what they have recorded against you Now for the record I have recorded a video of all the number in the phone if you would like to see if your number appears go and knock on the door of your fav shop and find out


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