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thai massageDue to the constant reference to dick & fannys from our readers, some shop owners loath our work. Well punters, list the GOOD & BAD thai shops here and comment away!

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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

11 Responses to Thai Massage Parlour REVIEWS

  1. stephen says:

    hello punters,, ive noticed shop Victoria rd west ryde,, indulgence massage.. any recommendations for a Friday please,,

    • gfe_lfagt says:

      I am a regular at this place. Really good device (No FS if that’s what you are looking for)

  2. Patrick says:

    Hi guys tried Bangkok Thai massage at West Ryde on a Wednesday and a girl called Mam did a average massage but after gave big tip did a amazing hand job
    Only works Wednesday’s
    11 Ryedale rd West Ryde
    02 9807 2282

    • Blank says:

      That’s interesting Patrick.
      *******But everyone pay attention.
      We guys are mugs & the girls know it !!
      Here we go, grovelling to a female and pay for a massage (which we all know is not the intention) and a lot of money to have her stroke the cock.
      Really stupid when you think about it. Afterwards, it’s like eating a Big Mac _ you eat it and then regret it – as it wasn’t that great.
      We go for an hour, with 10 min of cock stroking included _ which we can do much better ourselves _ and part with maybe $110 – $120.
      Now for most of us, assuming we are earning $30 /hr at work it takes us 4 hours to earn that money (that’s right, half a day of slog) … and we are just giving it away. Stupid really. They are getting richer, they are wielding power over us and we are getting poorer … as this lifestyle can get really expensive.

    • MAC says:

      I’ve been to that place twice.
      It’s a legit massage shop.
      Once good, once average.

      For extras, just go to the many other shops on Victoria Road West Ryde.

      Damn, I’m becoming the Google local guide for this suburb.

      My only comment on the response above is that
      McDonald’s is also available on Victoria Road. Next to Shell and opposite the three massage shops.

      It’s so handy for me (pardon the pun). I pick up some petrol for my car, have a massage, feel relaxed/released and then have a Big Mac and Shake afterwards. There’s also two pubs nearby if you need to unwind further.

      Don’t tell me that’s not an enjoyable afternoon. LoL

      • joe says:

        thanks for the tips mac,, which shop would you say has best girls (any names) for best service, don’t mind paying extra $$ for little fun,,

      • MAC says:

        It’s hard to say.

        “Different strokes for different folks.”

        Best to find your ideal girl/woman. Don’t be afraid to ask for a certain type (young/mature, ethnicity, body shape, personality, long/short hair, etc…). There has been times I walked in, had a look, then walked back out. Then there are times I took a punt and it was crap.

        It’s your money, decide who you want to spend it on.

        My write ups are here:

        link to

        link to

    • Patrick says:

      Yes the shop is legal but this girl Mam will only do the hand job if she trusts you as she needs the extra money

  3. happyman,, says:

    hey punters,, want a good clean place for massage & little more,, THAI MASSAGE LYONS ROAD DRUMMOYNE,, opposite the pub & up the stairs,, mirrors on walls & ladies undress at the start of massage to get your pulse racing,, $120 for 60mins,, well worth the $$,, been few times there & left very very relaxed,,,, give it a try,, you wont be disappointed,,

    • joe says:

      hey happyman,, any tips on lady to see here,, much appreciated.. cheers

  4. Charlie says:

    Penrith City Gazette
    Tuesday August 23, 2016
    $20 for a ‘happy ending’ Eamonn Duff
    15 Nov 2008, 1:03 p.m.
    THE Tiantian Chinese Massage Shop operates in much the same way as 600 other illegal brothels across Sydney.

    See your ad here
    It is unique, however, in that it offers clients a range of sexual services, sometimes while the NSW Premier is at his desk a floor below.

    The parlour has no street signage whatsoever and yet the entire local community knows it’s there, including Sanjiv Goyal, who tutors primary school children from his Master Coaching learning centre across the street.

    “It’s under the same roof as the NSW Premier, so I’m presuming it must be legal,” he said.

    “When it started three or four months ago, I noticed a lot of people sneaking around. These days, I don’t pay much attention.”

    The Premier’s own office gave directions to the parlour when The Sun-Herald dropped in on Friday to inquire about the whereabouts of a nearby “massage place”.

    “It’s the door to your right, straight up the stairs,” replied Mr Rees’s receptionist with a smile.

    A journalist was greeted inside the brothel by two Asian women in casual clothes. The premises are basic and feature several massage rooms with beds, towels and oils. There is also a lounge area and television for clients waiting their turn during the early evening rush.

    One worker explained a half-hour session costs $30. With no mention of any extras, the journalist agreed to a back and leg massage. Then, when his time was up, the worker asked: “Happy ending for you?” She gestured with her hands and clarified, in broken English, that she was offering masturbation for an extra $20.

    The reporter declined and left. When the reporter visited again the next day, a different woman offered the same service and revealed full sexual intercourse was also on the menu, but only with certain girls. “Sex yes,” she said. “But you come back another day”


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