Thornleigh Natural Massage

Under New Management

Welcome to our clean tidy and private massage shop.

We offer our customers top class enjoyable massage like: Aroma therapy massage , Remedial massage, Soft oil massage, Relaxing massage. You will find the style you like.

Everyday we have different Asian ladies to look after you. They are professional, friendly, gentle to offer you the best massage and relaxing time.

We are open 7 days. 9:30 am-7:30 pm (Open on public holidays)

Rate: $35/30 mins, $50/45 mins, $60/60 mins

Phone: 9446 9766

Address: Shop 2/293 Pennant Hills Rd Thornleigh

(Around the corner on station St. Behind the overhead pedestrian bridge)

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  1. MAC says:

    This is my visit of Pennant Hills Massage on a Tuesday a while ago.

    The building is situation opposite the library on Ramsey Road. You can park in the undercover shopping centre car park just down the street on your left, or the Council carpark beside the library.

    It’s a typical nondescript red brick building that hosts several businesses. There is a couple of carspots facing the laneway for the tenants (not customers).

    Front entry is via the stairs on Ramsey street. The back entrance is up the alleyway pass the car space on your RHS. I prefer the front as the back lane is really shitty (rundown).

    Ring the doorbell and in you go. The mamasan is an old Chinese lady (not attractive, so don’t even go there) and I think she does reception only (thank God).

    Walk pass the living room and into one of the two massage rooms by the corridor. You’ll walk pass the room where the ML are resting.

    The massage room is well decorated with timber floors and various furniture and furnishing. Everything is in good condition, definitely not rundown and dilapidated. It feels like you’re in someone’s home rather than a shop.

    The room was already warm when I arrived and not longer Sophie came in.

    Okay, I tell you a secret, it’s the same Sophie / Sophia as in Marrickville. Read my post there and you know my session with her.

    I kept in contact with her as she provides a top massage and great conversation plus you-know-what.

    I would describe her as a cheeky and fun girl. Great english and can hold a conversation. Attitude is very friendly and genuinely care about doing a good remedial massage and Part 2. I’m going to be discreet and not go into details (Lets just say, we had a good time).

    During the massage, she spoke about the new red dress she’s wearing and getting the hint, I quickly complemented on how good it looks on her. I said it’s classy enough to wear to a dinner outing at a proper restaurant. Kind of… with a jacket outside…. too much cleavage showing.

    As the session came to a close and I was getting dressed, she stood beside me as I checked my reflection in the mirror. She hooked her arm around mine and said we look good as a couple. I laughed with her (and played along).

    In my mind, it’s “Run man, Run”. LoL.

    All in all, a quiet and understated shop in suburbia. Not rushed but attentive service, surprisingly clean as well. Usual rates, check their website.

    The other girl was Amy. Mid-30s Chinese, not a bad looker with nice tits. Interested to try her out next time… next time.

    I must stress that everyone’s experience with Part 2 will be different. What the girls offer depends on how they feel about you and how they feel on the day. If you want FS straight up, go to a brothel. Guarantee to get what you want.

    • MAC says:

      By the way, those typos above were from the auto-corrects on my phone.

      Your thumb slips a bit on the touch screen and the auto-correct just sticks the closest word in there, LoL.

      You get the gist of it. I’m not going to proof read everything. LoL

  2. MAC says:

    Can you create a new blog for Pennant Hills Massage.
    Id like to post a review of my visit recently.

    Details can be found at their website.


    • John says:

      Good or bad review ?

    • MAC says:

      Generally good.
      Doesn’t look much from the outside but inside was nice enough.

      If I have to summarise it, I’d say it’s an understated shop and I had a good time.
      I’ll write a full report later this week.

      • little wombat says:

        let us know who you see & how service was plz mac,,

  3. little k,, says:

    what days does Maggie & Angela work,, any g/f experience or full service here..

    • etcetera says:

      Fucking ring up and ask fool!

    • MAC says:

      Generally good.
      Doesn’t look much from the outside but inside was nice enough.

      If I have to summarise it, I’d say it’s an understated shop and I had a good time.
      I’ll write a full report later this week.

  4. Silly Little says:

    Had a visit last week, Maggie is a firecracker. Firm massage 9/10, roll over for top half body touch, and great HJ.

  5. Star Bogs says:

    Went there 2 weeks ago, the shop behind the walkway. got a 60min for $60 massage which was great and a $20 cbj and additional $20 for nude, little touch. Go see Angela

  6. Cute Sausage says:

    Hey 53 year old.
    Sorry to hear of your experience.
    Yes, that sort of thing has happened to me as well… at times. Just put it down to experience.
    My feeling is to not muck around with Thai shops. You pay top dollar for little service (that we are there for). Most of the time you will however get a great massage.
    What pisses me off also, is that some of these Thai shops leave the door ajar. Once bitten twice shy as far as I’m concerned

  7. 53_year_old_Aussie says:

    Hi guys – I took one for the team.

    I knew that I would be up in the area on the weekend, so I thought it would give this shop a visit. In preparation I did a search on Google streetview and spotted a massage shop at 293 Pennant Hills Road.

    I parked behind Aldi and walked down Pennant Hills Road. Saw the massage shop that I had picked out in Streetview and entered. I was greeted by a lady in her 20’s and opted for the $49 45 minute no oil massage.

    When I undressed, the lady gave me a pair of lightweight cotton pants with a draw string to wear and put a towel over me – that didn’t bode well. I ended up getting a good Thai massage and after the roll over I was offer a HJ, but she made it clear that it was only going to be a HJ. $30 got a rushed HJ and she would only allow me to touch her outside her clothes. It was as if she didn’t want to give extras – almost like it was not an interesting straw type shop. All in all not very good value for money in the extras department but a good massage otherwise.

    When I left, I walked back to the car a different way and that is when I saw IT! IT was the shop that this post is about. While the address is Pennant Hills Road, the shop is actually around the corner in Station Street, hidden behind the overhead pedestrian bridge.

    I had gone to the wrong shop! I had gone to the (mostly) Legit Thai Massage shop at 4/293 instead of the Chinese Massage shop at 2/293. I’d spent my cash and was a bit worn out from the massage, so I didn’t go in, but I won’t make that mistake again and I hope that no one else does either.

    Might be up that way again in a month or two, so will give the Chinese shop around corner a try.

    • John says:

      Go across Pennant Hills rd to the massage shop at 276 on a Wednesday or Thursday and see the Indian girl called Rainy. Very good massage, easy to talk with and a cheeky smile. and if you are nice to her a very good nude happy ending. You need to book she is always busy. 94465851. Be good to her and you will leave happy.

      • ^^^ says:

        Thornleigh Massage
        276 Pennant Hills Road, Thornleigh

        Phone: 02 9446 5851
        Mobile: 0426 180 788

        Price :

        Open hours: 10:00am–7:30pm, Mon-Sun.

    • Clean boy says:

      Yes, some of these Thai shops are purely legit, but some also offer HJ at an absurd price, of say $50. Not good value compared to the Chinese shops.
      Also, yes it can be confusing when shops are in close proximity to each other.


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