Lalor Park Massage

6 Freeman Street Lalor Park NSW 2147

P: 0431 889 751

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  1. Angus Young says:

    My regular place at 28 Hope Street was booked out so gave this place a go.Met at door by lady probably early 40′s. Gave her $55 and she said we can play.She got her gear off straight away and after 2 min massage had her hands between my legs and into the tackle play.After 10 mins it was time to turn over.She said for another $20 I can have the works.Knocked it back this time but might go back soon to take up her offer..HJ was good.

    • punter333 says:


      Mobile: 0469 224 098
      Address: 11 / 4 Solander Rd, Kings Langley NSW 2147 (Near Seven Hills, Bella Vista and Blacktown)

      Checked out this place because of their convincing advertisement marketing Uni students who are in their early 20s. Arrive on a weekday afternoon to find a couple of 50 somethings lounging around on a sofa watching TV.

      Massage: 4/10
      H/E: 4/10
      Looks: 2/10

      Would I go back? In most cases .. possibly. Wouldn’t be my first choice though. However, in this case.. I probably won’t go back because I’m sick of the false advertising these places have! Don’t advertise 19-22 yo girls if you don’t have any working there! Just be honest. It will get you further.

      • rambler says:

        I’d have to agree that I’ve never seen Uni Students at this establishment but then again never the 50s brigade !! It’s an unusual ad and I’m certain that the massage room pic in the ad is not this place. By and large all the girls are Chinese and late 20s/early 30s by my reckoning although I have never been midweek. Welcoming and friendly place with standard prices for HE and body rubs.

    • Punter333 says:

      Has this place closed?

      • punter333 says:

        Went to this place last week. 2 ladies on. Mine was about mid 40s. Looks 4/10. Massage 5/10. No offer of HE at all? I left confused.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Went there recently. Saw an attractive Asian woman. She would not do extras, nor take her clothes off. Kept saying the boss doesn’t allow it. The boss (an older Aussie guy) was sitting in a room a couple of doors down talking to two other guys and a girl. Really off putting. Won’t be going back

  3. punter333 says:

    Anyone got any action from this place?:
    Tong & Lin Massage Centre
    Office 102, 69 Holbeche Rd

    Arndell Park, NSW, 2148

  4. Tom says:


  5. steve says:

    Visited for the first time
    Nini (Knee-knee?)
    Older lady, perhaps 40′s
    Attractive and sweet.
    Best massage ever… full hour 50
    Extras $40 – good happy ending
    will go back
    there is a back and front entrance, reasonably clean and tidy.
    10am to 7pm 7 days

  6. Tom says:

    Do you go through the back of the shop or walk in at the front???

  7. Roger says:

    Checked this place out recently.

    I was greeted enthusiastically by an Asian lady in her 40′s. I got the impression that she was the only lady that worked there since I didn’t see or hear any other girls. Massage was $30 with the HE being an extra $20. She initially intended to perform the massage fully clothed but obliged when I told her I thought she would be wearing less. She only stripped down to her underwear but did not object when I gently adjusted her bra towards the end of the massage to reveal a very nice firm pair of breasts (which I’m pretty sure were natural).

    HE was enthusiastically done. No shower was required before the massage or offered afterwards. This was a bit disappointing since the HE left me a bit sticky.

  8. paul says:

    Have been there a few times. After the first times i asked for extras and of course they do them even had a threesome. Nice tight pussy and tits. I ate one out while the other sucked me off. would recommend them. Go there when it is quiet and you will get the works.

  9. Wanderer1 says:

    Was as expected – reasonable price and good service.
    $20 for the extra happy ending but that is pretty standard.
    Have been back.

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