Rooty Hill Massage

Rooty Hill NSW 2766

M: 0406 588 669

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  1. Fred says:

    The address is actually Shop 6 30 Rooty Hill Road South.
    It is the last shop in the row on the corner of Barker St and Artornish Lane.

  2. poper says:

    whts address for this place in rooty hill

  3. happy boy says:

    Has anyone had the boss Coco. Dose she give sevice

  4. happy boy says:

    Been going to Cocos in Blacktown and Maryong lately. Had most of Cocos women . Always left after a head job then into the pussy. They always want condom.

  5. borko says:

    Went here. Greeted by older chinese lady with glasses on. Paid for 45 mins massage $40 plus took $30 for h/e. Really knew her way around that area, took her time. Will definitely check it out again. The room was kind of crap though.

  6. blehh says:

    Real hit and miss place … older asian women here. Last action went okay, got a skinny old chick with bob cut. Paid $50 for an hour massage got massaged for 45 mins told to flip over light touches all over plus on c&b got universal signal for hj, paid $20 for chick to get clothes off and tug. Good technique went slow sensed cum good grip squeezed every drop out sprayed everywhere. She cleaned up went out gave bottled water then left.

  7. JAY says:

    has anyone tryed this girl? Angie 0449696151 she post her number. Just want to see of she telling the truth

  8. Hornyone says:

    Hi fellas!
    Well.. What an absolute cluster fuck.
    Went here again thinking ” hmm easy handjob and massage”. Well fuck me. Popped in this avo, had a different girl, well she looked different. Anyhow she drags me in the room, literally. I flick off my things, the bitch is pulling my shirt up over my head! I pull it down and say “its alright, I’ll do it.” She leaves. I lay down, nude, she walks in,starts massaging, better than the first girl I had then boom, pfffft, someone does a fart( not me by the way) I laughed and popped my head up. “$50 40mins.” I’m little taken back, chuck her a fifty, away we go. 10min in she says flip over, I’m not ready, I flip anyhow. Grabs my cock, asks for $20 more. I say it’s been 10mins. She walks out comes back with an older lady, they starting speaking Chinese, the original girl is trying to get me hard, old lady here is rubbing my nipples. Fuck knows why. I stop the old bird, grab my cock out of the coldest hands ever from farty mcfartpants. I look at the old girl and say ” handjob?” Young bird leaves, old bird asks for more money. End of the story, ended up getting $10 back, look I’m not a Fabio, but I’m clean, trimmed, and polite. First time was the best, second time.. I’d rather fuck a rose bush! Thanks for listening/reading. If anyone knows a good massage joint around the rooty hill area( I tried the Linda lady, but she says she doesn’t do it anymore) please let me know.

  9. Hornyone says:

    Hi all, married man here wanting a massage, googled it blah blah blah, ended up here. Saturday avo, got a girl with glasses, shit massage.. But… Turned me over ( I’ve only paid her a $50), jerks me off, I’m semi hard, as there was no build up, I rub her snatch, she moves. I thought I’ve wasted money on a first time event. She yells out in Chinese (guess??) other girl walks in, with her in the room, asks for $20, I say I don’t have, I say check my wallet. They checked… Alarmed. Looks at me and says” next time you pay”. No condom, two girls, new girl uses both hands, other girl strokes my nipples and balls. Honestly, about 10 seconds til I cum, they both leave, she pops head through towel on the door. “You dress and go”. So I did.
    All in all, best fucking handjob ever! Was happy to wipe myself off! Will be back this weekend, would love to try a prostate massage if anyone knows what girl to see

  10. SamT says:

    Best to stay away from this place. They don’t change the sheets on the massage table between visits and most the ladies are old as. I saw Mimi recently who is around 50 yrs old. When i refused extras she kept trying to rub my cock through my undies to turn me, which obviously didnt work as I would never be turned on by someone with her looks. Definitely never comming here again. If you’re looking for FS your better off going to a brothel or if you just want a massage with h/e i recommend the place at Johnson st in seven hills

  11. Jay says:

    Went on Saturday around 11, had a bird who wore glasses, brang me in, usual stuff, $35 for massage I gave her $50, massage was acutually good, really got into it, lost train of thought and enjoyed the massage, until she tickled my balls, said flip, said I keep change for h/e I said bj? She says $20. Gave her a twenty, rubs my chest then engulfs my cock no condom! I was worried but enjoyed it, sucked my whole length a few times, when I was cuming, first shot in her mouth, rest on me, so
    Massage 7/10
    H/e 10/10

  12. Megaman says:

    Has anybody here ever tried full service with cindy and does she offer bbfs?

  13. Davo says:

    I have been going to this place for a number of years now. Mimi always offers a full service, she is on Fridays and Sundays nowadays. This is not a legitimate brothel but they try and do it under the table. Please be aware, Mimi will scam you an she even offers full service without condoms, who know what she’s got. If you are gona have sex with her then make sure you wear a condom. I have have always refused full service.

  14. Badboy55 says:

    To Paul, what day did you go and did you get her name. Was she friendly enough and seem interested.

  15. Paul says:

    Went here & asked for a full service they said no full service $30 for half hour massage & $20 extra for a hand job and extra $20 if you want her to get her titties out, after using some charm & a laugh I said no $70 full service? she agreed but wanted $90 for it in the end I decided not to go for a full service just paid the $70 for her to get fully nude & give me a happy ending, An older Chinese woman about 45-50 small tits but nice figure 7/10 massage 6/10 looks 8/10 happy ending

  16. Striker60 says:

    Happy or not so happy . What was everything else and why Zero?

  17. Happy says:

    Went today Thursday mimi was busy and only cindy was available. She wanted $70 for the works. Massage was good and that was the only good thing. Every thing else was 0/10. I could hear mimi’s moan from the next cubicle (wall stops short of the ceiling.)
    Will not be going again. Definitely not with Cindy, she works Thursday & weekends.

  18. Striker60 says:

    Open 9.30am-6.30pm 7 Days. 0406 588 669

  19. Striker60 says:

    Pistol Pete $60 for how long and were there any other ladies available.

  20. Pistol Pete says:

    Went there on Sunday just gone. $60 bucks full service. Her name was Mimi and she was keen as fuck. Older lady, probably 40. But slim and petite and willing to get laid. Not bad

  21. punter333 says:

    Anyone tried the new shop in the same centre (on the other side facing the train station/ opposite the supermarket). Let me know if the new shop offers xtras.

  22. Sam says:

    I went there on last sunday. A family is occupying a property now

  23. Cliff says:

    I drove past this place and saw a for lease sign there, 6 Barker street Rooty Hill?? Anyone know if they are still there?

  24. Private says:

    I tried the number and no answer. Are they still running? Also do they provide an address? Or anyone know?

  25. Karl says:

    Went to this 2 weeks ago. Paid for the 30 min massage with a H/E for $50 all up. She said they don’t do full service there.

    Anyone else with the same result recently?

  26. Phil says:

    If you pay extra you get sex. They are paranoid middle aged Chinese women who tell you to not tell anyone and make no noise. They will settle for $70 full service. 2 of them without condoms. It’s a quiet shop located at 6 Barker St Rooty Hill. They give good massages

  27. Jeff says:

    Hopeless, don’t bother wasting your money or your time!!!

  28. tony says:

    Massage basic but had sex every time for a bit extra


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