Late one Saturday morning I was in the kitchen doing last night’s dishes, alone in the house, or so I thought. My clothes had mostly been stashed in the laundry so I’m standing around in my jockey shorts and a t-shirt at the sink. Down the stairs and into the kitchen comes Nancy. 5’6′, long brown hair,
strong taut legs and ass and small breasts. She’s wearing a very sleek danskin and running shorts. She looks at me smiles and says, “You look much better with your pants off.”

There’s nothing to say. I turn around and we’re kissing. She’s very good, lips against mine, tongues almost immediately
slipping into each other’s mouths. My hands reach behind for her ass, hers around my back. I stroke the crack of her ass, reaching, if I could, to slide completely under her. We stand this way for five minutes until she reaches around and gently
grabs my cock thru my shorts and squeezes. She looks me in the eye again and my knees get weak with her fingers wrapped around my dick. I thank God(dess) for the simple pleasures of assertive women.

Nancy leans against me, I quickly brush my hand across her breasts, she stiffens slightly. We walk arm in arm into the living room. She leads me
toward the couch. She slides my shorts off and throws them across the floor. She takes off her own and joins me on the couch. We sit facing each other, my hand sliding over and over the ass and crotch of her danskin, she slowly pumping my cock. Nancy pushes me back on the couch and slides down to the floor, kneeling between my legs.

She kisses my cock and then takes it in her mouth, sucking and tonguing the head and just below, slowly. She gradually takes more in and I spread my legs further. I can feel her tongue constantly sliding across and over the underside of my cock. I can see she’s moved her free hand down beneath her
legs, rubbing her clit from outside of the danskin.

Its not just the feel of her mouth, not quite the same as a vagina but with the special difference of a tongue. It’s the sound. I’m not one of those
people who finds lovemaking awkward and messy. Its incredible and the wet slurping sound of Nancy sucking me is very loud in this empty house in a quiet town. After ten minutes the sounds and the feeling are getting to be too much. I can feel a load, apressure in my balls. I’m not sitting still anymore and my back is starting to arch. Nancy feels it and sucks a bit harder concentrating on just the spot I need. She’s geeting high too, rubbing her clit, taken up with her long time joy for giving head, knowing that she’s about finish off another.

Just then she starts to stroke my cock with hard long handstrokes tip to balls and I shoot. Cum on my stomach and chest, the rush of feeling it spurt out.
She licks it and sucks, working on me slowly until I’m totally done. She crawls up into my lap, rubbing herself against me, nuzzling, biting my
ears. I reach for the shoulder straps and slowly peel off the danskin.

She asks how long till I’ll be ready again. Five or ten minutes I reply. I’m not sixteen anymore.

Now she sits forward on the couch, heels up on the edge of the seat, spread enough for me to sit by her side, facing her and begin fingering her. She’s
very wet. She responds to just one finger inserted into her wet cunt. One arm around her shoulders, kissing, the other hand in her vagina and softly
stroking her clit. She has her ass planted firmly on the couch next to me but she’s moving against my hand. Slow hand, long fingers, tracing lines up and
down the walls of her cunt, sliding in and out, pulling out sometimes and rubbing over the lips. She whispers for me to go a little bit faster, then
almost immediately asks in a normal louder voice, “Little bit faster, little bit deeper, babe, just keep it goin.”

Now it’s the sound of my finger sliding in and out of her. Faster, she reaches down, close to her end, she wants it just the exact way she needs it, she
holds my hand and makes the extra change she needs.

Nancy’s back arched and she came loudly. There was no one in the house and she was going to take advantage of it. She shook for I don’t know how long in my arms as I held her. I kissed her hair and face and licked off the sweat as she slowly came down. Two finger rested inside her for a long time afterward.

Author Unknown….

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