Amazing Adventure

104 Pacific Hwy Roseville NSW 2069

P: 02 9416 7291

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59 Responses to Amazing Adventure

  1. Stifler says:

    Does Julie still work here ?

    • Steve says:

      Hey i understand Julie bought into business not sure she offers herself but she was always best draw of this place

  2. Wesley says:

    Momo is nothing but a professional time waster she fucks around that much that it’s a turn off. Not interested in providing a decent service, how does she think clients are going to come back and pay money for that crap. My advice is STAY AWAY!

  3. Tom says:

    Hey fellas, been here a few times recently! Had Rose first, petite and hot, cbj and fs. She was fantastic have to say! Held up her end of the conversation and good sense of humour too! Suck, cowgirl then doggie! Went back had Bobo, offered bbbj which was a bit slurpy then offered bbfs, declined and covered up! Saw her again, same name but said she was a different bobo, couldn’t tell really in the dark but bbbj and fuck was alright! Lulu was next, attractive Taiwanese girl with glasses, said she does bbbj but was covered up without asking, cowgirl then missionary and gave her a good solid fuck! Went today and saw new girl Honey… She is a bit bigger (read well padded but definitely not fat! Very sexy, cbj, good cowgirl impersonator and really knew how to ride a cock so not her first rodeo, then into doggie for a good pounding, think she actually cum, then I sat her on the end of the bed and pounded it on home! Have to say it was one of the best roots I’ve had with a WL!

  4. Adam says:

    Saw Mandy, I couldn’t stay the full hour but I still paid for the whole hour. She asked me for a cigarette, then spent the next 10min smoking the cigarette wasting my time, half way through the session she starts asking for a tip for no apparent reason, lost my fat, went to have a shower and she says , still 10min left, told her that I had to go, got out of the shower and she says 15min left darling where you go. Funny that 5min ago there was only 10 left now miraculously there’s more time left. Got dressed to get the fuck out of there then she asked me for another cigarette, like WTF wasting my time throughout the whole session and already smoking the cigarette I already gave her in my time wasn’t enough.

    Total waste of money!

  5. Steve says:

    been back to the Rose
    was recommended Lucy
    I liked hervshe kissed very strongly attractive slim b cups but she was not keen on me going in too big too big butvasvI said you have to get used to Aussie girth
    stayedvhour had fun but Lucy good but not a PSE I was
    told Julia is now the boss so if you after PSE I think try somewhere else but for looks and fun in a clean joint at good prices by his is good I’ve MTV satisfied

  6. Pkmal says:

    The guy receptionist that works here at night is a fucking lunatic. Saw a girl here the other night, wasn’t satisfied with the service, so I decided to try another WL, while I was still in the room after having a shower I asked the WL to get the receptionist to come to the room so I could pay him to see the second WL, I have no idea what the first WL said to him in Chinese but he came to the room rambling on about some random crap and telling me to leave. WTF! I don’t even know what the fuck he was rambling on about. So thanks to that crazy mother fucker that was and will remain my last visit to this shit hole.

    • Jonno says:

      Is there a girl Yuko working here, not so young, any idea on days, there is a girl on the roster called Yoko but says she is young, not sure if same girl,

  7. 3am says:

    Another shit hole that I have now sacked. Have been coming here on and off for the past few years now, seen various WL and I can’t remember the last time I had a good punt here. The quality of the WL has really become rubbish, yes some of the WL are good looking, but the service is shit. TBH I didn’t even want to waste another minute on this place by typing this, but I needed to let you fellow punters know how bad it’s become here.

  8. sam says:

    Hi…Does Cici from Roseville Rose work from at other locations? Thanks

  9. Jackass says:

    Guys, today have advertised on their roster of having a Canadian girl called BROOKLYN and AMIRA- SPANISH GIRL. That’s pretty impressive that in a full asian girls brothel, they are able to get some Caucasian girls, but i think they are charging higher than their usual rates. If someone can go and try them, please write a review here. I am keen to know if they provide BBBJ.

  10. Jolly Rodger says:

    Just a friendly reminder gents, copped chlamydia AND gonorrhoea from here some time ago, yar mateys better watch out. Don’t recall the lady. Careful on the bbbj and obviously you’re at risk if you go the bbfscim path.

  11. Puffy says:

    Anyone know where the new girl “Baby” at Roseville Rose is working now? I don’t see her on the roster anymore.

  12. Tom says:

    I was the 6th one to see ‘popula’ Julie today. She hardly has time to have a shower and a spit between punters.
    Great looking lady, often unintelligible Chinglish. Good service but it made me feel like one in a long line of suckers. Halfway between all the right moves and mechanical.
    But be aware, there’s a long list of NO GO ZONES. Don’t suck nipples on the enhanced tits, don’t touch pussy or a-hole, doesn’t swallow, forever cleaning and washing, no natural sex. She’s good at saying NO
    So no return visit.
    Van anyone reccommend a better girl?

  13. dave says:

    visited and saw Vivien. Have had great experiences here, but this was one of the worst. Bad attitude. nothing allowed, seems to hate sex. not recommended

  14. old punt says:

    been here only twice……nice d̩cor, good reception…price is competitive…girls are just the same girls you find at all the other places (they work around everywhere)….but, I found that here its covered fs…..bbbj though…..

  15. kedi says:

    tried kelly recently
    slim flat stomach, definately 40 , wrinkelled face. First of all she is a clockwatcher, She is not tight at the bottom ,She gives a sloppy bbbj and has covered sex always , whoever said he did bb with her is fibbs.
    I wouldnt see her again, she is for those who like thing mechanical.
    She is a starfish. I would not see her again.

  16. Nasus says:

    Just had a session with Tracey-the worst ever. I opted for $90 for 30 mins, and it wasn’t even 30min session, more like 20 min. I asked her to start with kissing and she refused. After that i asked for BBBJ, she said no again! So she sucked CBJ, which didn’t feel good, for 5ish mins and then i fucked her missionary, to doggy to cowboy. She complained from start to finish, it was like i flushed down my dollars down the toilet, honestly it would have been much better wanking at home. Strongly not recommended. You will only able to fuck her only in few positions and hear her constant complains of “go slowly”. I was expecting a good oral sex with her, but i was wrong.

  17. Dindu Nuffin says:

    Can anyone tell me if the Julie currently on the roster is the same one as circa 2010 ..tall , slim , busty?

  18. Kevin says:

    Had Tracey today. Beautiful but ok service.Poor girl works 7 days. Has to protect herself, I understand that. Not for me.

  19. Hero says:

    I visited this place yesterday and saw Vivian ( K ), all i can say it’s completely waste of time and money to be with cold and offensive attitude like this KPS. Not recommended

  20. Steve says:

    Why I had never been here before I dont know. Good premises good reception beautiful ladies and a price that is rude not to return best on North Shore by far.

    Chose Julia excellent choice will stick to this place as the Private Asian I saw last week was 3 times as much and half as good.

    Julia is a popular girl and a real professional but a beauty also. I had everything I wanted and still time for a chat after before the bell.

  21. kedi says:

    hi guys
    planning to visit today
    any suggestions for an all in one experience,
    by the way its tuesday


  22. Mr says:

    Visited the Rose last week , pre booked the lovely and lively Mimi
    This young petite lady is valued for money, excellent PSE services, if you keep her satisfied she will return the favour 2 fold
    You will literally walked a satisfying customer and keep going back for more 10 out of 10

  23. Fairmont16 says:

    Another fantastic session with Melissa, as per my previous post but better all round. Normally I shot two rounds off in an hour with a bit of effort the second time but with Melissa I am as horny the second time as I am the first. One of my favourite working girls.

  24. roving zucchini says:

    Lazy wet Friday afternoon, gave the Rose a call and talk to Helen to see you was available at the time, 2 choices, first was Gigi at house price or Mimi, I will pick when I arrive
    Upon arrival met Helen, she told me gigi is taken and Mimi is free and provides excellent services on the recommendation and with Mimi saying 1 hour in my ear, outlay $150 for the hour
    Escorted to room and commenced dfk before the shower,
    After a wash, onto the bed more dfk, she slowly working her way down to bbbj, same time she apples the safety gear and on top she lowers herself riding the love prod, she is so petite and light, I pick her up, standing and lay her down on the bed where I continued pounding, as I was about to off load, stripped the gear off,she bbbj and cim
    We both had a quick shower again, and laid back down on the bed, where I commenced kissing her soft subtle body to a shaved moist pussy, daty was delight, Ionce I ready on for round 2, more intense
    Her English is very very little, she only works Wednesday and Friday at the Rose, but I found out she also works at 533 (aka Angelina)
    Cheers RZ

  25. fairmont16 says:

    Saw Melissa on Tuesday afternoon, same Melissa as at Hornsby 142, she’s not the prettiest girl only A cup tits but boy does she put in an effort. I made a 1 hour booking rocked up when she saw me she was very happy, into the room DFK, shower(by myself damn), more DFK tit sucky which she loves onto the bed some DATY at which point she held my head and cum then she looked at me and said you fuck me now, straight in bareback and off we went finished up inside her.
    Round 2 much the same but many different positions left tired and very happy.

  26. yumiet says:

    stop the free plug roving wanker, we don’t need your shite reviews

  27. roving zucchini says:

    Amazing adventure and Chandalay, same address and contact number has been renamed, Roseville Rose with new owners and management, I have visited this establishment a couple times already and found the manager friendly and the some of the ladies on the roster are familiar from other local establishments, the place is spacious and clean.
    I have written several reviews recently, but somehow it has been removed, that ok, I believe the website and management are negotiating to promote the renamed business
    Cheers RZ

  28. blatant advertising says:

    how about knocking off the blatant advertising roving carrot top, too obvious

  29. roving zucchini says:

    Hi, this place has been renamed as Roseville Rose, and I have been a couple times already, friendly management, some of the ladies I seen are familiar from other local establishments, so it was a pleasure to receive quality service,
    I am glad I have found a shop closer to home now, no need to travel up further along the highway saving petrol money, and to spend it on quality service and friendliness.
    Cheers RZ

  30. OldGuy says:

    Brilliant place. Don’t know why. These girls just love to fuck. Be wary though. Some I wouldn’t give a second look in a dimly lit bar.


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