The Board Room


27 Clarendon St Artarmon NSW 2064

P: 02 9438 2288

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Keepers of Sydney's Best Kept Secrets! Your one stop Parlour shop for Brothels, Massages, Adult Services, Escorts, Rub 'n Tugs, Body Slides & Happy Endings in Sydney Australia.

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  1. DC says:

    Dropped in this week and meet with Danni, very tight little (I think) Philippines women. Hot little body, great kisser, said she did Greek and will try it next time, one of the best punts I have had in months. Will be back there again for her. I just which they would put up a roster,

  2. Bleh says:

    This place is total ripoff.

    Paid for 45 mins and the girl (I think her name was Chloe) did nothing.

    Tried to cancel 35 mins into but the bitch receptionist wouldn’t give a refund. She told me she’d give me a discount next time a visit.

    I laughed my head off, This bitch must be on drugs or something. I’ll save you the time and money and just avoid this place. You’ll literally have more fun jacking off and you won’t lose 200 bucks either.

  3. Godzilla says:

    Was in my way to AH when i noticed this place. One of my mates is a regular here. BTW it was Friday evening. Walked in. Place is huge. WLs every where. Some absolute stunners. Never been anywhere like this before. Hot hot hot. The WLs come up to you to chat. Picked a nice dark haired girl. Solid build, busty. Guess she was early 30s. There were better looking sorts with better bodies (couple had HUGE boobies) but i felt intimidated by their “hotness”.
    Room was realky big & nice. She joined me in the shower. Soaped my prick & ass. She even stuck a soapie finger up my arsehole. Felt good; boned up. I reciprocated by DFKing & digitally penetrating her arsehole. Got the impression she liked that & that she was horny. After that we towelled each other. As she’s drying my thighs she started to kiss & lick my prick. Very slowly, very sensuous, very gently. Then she asked me to lie on the bed & she proceeded to kiss my chest occasionally biting my nipples. Was really getting turned on. Her hands & mouth finally were massaging my prick which was throbbing & stiff as an oak tree. She then started to suck me off. I asked her to put her pussy on my mouth. She obliged willingly. BTW i have known a WL to refuse that offer. Her pussy tasted & smelt great. My tongue was darting from her clit & back into her pussy. She was really wet. All if a sudden she stiffened and the love juice was gushing into my mouth. Simply sensational. Her oral skills were equally sensational. Then my tongue moved to get arsehole. After a few minutes of tonguing her arsehole (also stuff my tongue in there), i worked my tongue & mouth back to the pussy then back to the arsehole. Alternated like this for quite a few minutes. As i hadnt had sex for quite a while, i blew in her mouth then before she could stop me, i started to DFK. I was still rock hard. She put the dom on & we did it doggy style. I knew i wasnt going to come again as my 30 minutes was nearly up. We showered together. It was a very nice experience but also pricey. She was lovely. Kept complimenting me on my oral skills. I reckon she came about 8/9 times. She “claimed” that doesnt happen very often. I really dont care if she was BSing me as i really enjoyed my time with her. It was GFE. I didnt catch her name. Again that is not an issue as this place is a bit expensive for me. Have a mortgage, car & motorcycle payments to meet.
    Other than the prices, this is the best shop i’ve ever visited. Tiffanys, Black Cat & A Touch of Class (is that place still open?) dont come close. The selection of WLs is simply unbelievable. Even the “dud” sorts were fuckable. Premises are A1. This place is 5 Stars. Amanda Heavens (around the corner) is 3 stars. The asian shops in Artarmon are 1 Star.

  4. Jim says:

    Visited during day for the 30% off special. Now called centrefolds. Beware the 30% special is not so special. Was having a god time without finishing and the girl says ok, you want shower now? I say we still have 10 mins to which she replies that when you go for the special the half hour becomes 20 minutes ! Have not finished yet and after that don’t really feel like it , as hot as the girls are here. Not recommended.

  5. Commando says:

    This place demands a ATM machine in your pocket girls are mostly Aussie hot hot hot 7/10


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