Bankstown 12


12 Cottam Ave Bankstown NSW 2200

P: 02 9790 6088

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  1. Harris Sohail says:

    I find the girls here are the best I have ever been to. Yes, it gets popular but seriously, girls are gorgeous and always use up the full time

    I have never had a bad experience here, ever. There is a turnover of girls as Ive never seen the same girl twice. Only advice is dont go when busy, too many lebanese men and you’ll be sitting around with them.

    Best experience was with a girl who I paid 1 hr for, $150 on a Tuesday. She literally danced with me naked as if we were in nightclub, then slowly stripped off and gave me few kisses, sucked my dick and let me hit it doggystyle

  2. Adzi says:

    Anyone been here lately any recommendations?

  3. king kong says:

    Girls are ice addicts, do it get in the mood for sex, scabby lips

  4. Mr. Detailed says:

    Greeted by Prada. Size 6 body, great boobs, slender legs and a really lovely smile. Upon entering the room I asked for 30 minutes for $85, while she left the room to get my change I took a quick shower and emerged with a semi hard-on the same time she came back.

    She latched onto my nipples and started kissing my body all over, I sucked on her tits while she moaned. I indicated that I was ready for a blowjob and she put on the condom with her mouth, I got to experience the back of her throat for a good 7 mins before the fun really began.

    I pull her on board as she rode my dick, moments later I fucked her sitting upright, as I squeezed her tight little body and tits with my dominating hands we locking eyes as we experienced each others bodies. I stared into the mirror as I pumped her, it was pure ecstasy I was experiencing as one arm was wrapped around her upper back and the other on her lower back as I got her to bounce on my cock (its a image that will be my wankback for many years to come I hope), later I brought her into missionary position, with her head hanging off the end of the bed I fucked her intensely as I gripped her hips, she moaned and said “good boy” multiple times, to which I responded, “you’re a very good girl”. I could hold it anymore and I popped in missionary but almost immediately I was ready to keep pumping so I brought her into doggystyle and finally finished in her pussy, condom on of course. We both commented on how hot it was (from that workout :P).

    She started to massage me but I just brought her over next to me, as we laid there watching the pornography on the TV in front, she listened to my heartbeat returning back to normal. We both took showers as the time was coming to an end. I kissed her on the cheek as we left the room.

    I was very happy with her performance, Prada really helped me release my stress after a long days work. There was a communication problems but really I wasn’t there to have deep conversations to begin with. I would also like to mention that the male receptionists are generally friendly and not the intimidating type which does put you at ease at time. Always excited to frequent this establishment.

  5. MrK says:

    Hey, I saw Honey here a couple times a few months back. She is African with amazing ass and tits (guessing they were CC or D cup) Used to work mon, wed and fri but I called up this week and they said she doesn’t work there anymore. Has anyone seen her lately here or at another shop and know how to get in touch with her?

  6. Alex says:

    Tried this place for the first time today which is not bad at all. There is a good number of girl to choose and no one is pushy (maybe because i came at 5 goddamn pm)
    Anyway, the girl i got was Lina, decent face with decent makeup, seem to be at 30s, short hair, big natural tits, 5x waist and not so much ass. She let me played and ate her up as she moaned softly. Passionate at sex but didnt do bbbj which is a minus. The enjoyment is real as i dont think she had much dick in her pussy before me.
    Well the experience is worthwhile for the price. Might go back here for another girl

  7. Peter griffin says:

    10 mins ago.. Just going back home!
    Things to know :
    – They provide a condom
    – No lasting longer pills
    – The vagina looks tight, but once it hits the tip BAM.. Wider than as they gave 10 babies at the same time
    – Remember to look for someone, not random
    – Full service means fucking.
    -She won’t let you finger
    -After sex she’ll massage you
    – She won’t Answer questions like: was it good, was I big etc
    Wgat happened with me:
    Went it, middle aged Chinese named “yoyo” to me in with my hand in her hand.
    Told me to take a shower. After that she told me to relax and she gave me her boobs.
    Played for 10 mins, rubbed her pussy etc.
    Then I asked her to fuck.
    What I had in mind was to double cum ( fuck her twice) (I USED HALF AN HOUR) she said no, only once. Ok.
    Fucked her in 4 positions. She was abit confused when I stop and ask her for another position. Lasted about 3-4 mins.
    She cleaned me
    Then she gave me like a 7 mins massage and
    Then it was over 🙂 she kept calling me good boy lol.
    Was fun.. Would prefer spending 85 bucks on a normal Chick, take her to the cenimas and fuck a tighter girl.. But oh well was fun!

  8. Achilles says:

    I have to say going here was the worst experience I’ve ever had anywhere. Admittedly I only paid for 20 minutes and the WL couldn’t speak English or understand anything, but all she did was give a mechanical HJ so terrible I couldn’t even finish. Then she got all huffy when I didn’t finish and rushed me out before the 20 minutes. Don’t go there.

  9. Peter griffin says:

    Uh I know this might be a stupid question, as it’s my first time going to a brothel… Do they give you lasting longer sex pills or what??

  10. Abe says:

    First time I came here, there was a cute girl about 160cm size 6 b cups. She took me to the room, pulled my pants down and sucked me off BBBJ for 10 minutes, then told me to shower.. As I washed down, she was at the doorway bent over on the toilet rubbing her pussy(not shaved but not too much hair). She put the Dom on and I fucked her for 30 mins or so doggy and mish. Came hard and had no energy left. I tried to take the Dom off and she stopped me, she took it off herself but instead of trapping the cum she let it ooze out before slumping it up and giving me BBBJ again. Sucked me off until I came again and swallowed. I asked her how old she was and she wouldn’t tell me. Washed my cock n left. Nice fuck

    Came back another day hoping to get similar experience.. Instead this chick with huge fake tits comes out in a green see thru top. Instantly I took her hand and was like yes, let’s go! She was 160cm size 6 EE fakes. She looked older tho.. Maybe close to 30? But youngish. Showered and cbj was ok.. I pumped her doggy while grabbing her fake melons.. And on her back.. She didn’t do much but moans and enjoyment were real and something about her was just so sexy. After I came we spooned and talked a little.. I rubbed her body softly as we had a mini rest.. My cock got hard and it slipped in her no condom.. I pumped her sideways like this and her pussy was so wet I came fast.. After I took my cock out she realized I didn’t have a comdom and was like oh no!! She was like its her fault etc. I didn’t mean to take advantage of her n felt bad after but she’s really a sweetheart. Hope she don’t have lil Abe jr running around..

    Would visit this place whenever I’m willing to deal with the traffic. Recommend it

  11. Holein1 says:

    Went there tonight (Thursday) and seen a middle aged Chinese woman name ‘Sky’ ~ great service, easy on the eye (cute homely type), easy going and erotic. Crickey her name should be ‘Hoover’ as she su*ked like a like her depended on her service.

  12. Thewhip says:

    Went there last week, girl came out to the waiting room grabbed my hand and said come with me. No choosing but boy am I glad I got her. In the room, showered and on the bed, she laid me face down and then proceeded to rub her tits over me. Then got me on all fours and licked my arse. First time for me and it was good. Then gave me a BBBJ and let me CIM. She was good looking, good body and great service. Her name was Lucy. I will be back for sure

  13. will says:

    Reasonable price and a reasonable number of girls, quite a few of which are actually decent to look at. But, it gets quite busy at night so you do tend to find yourself sitting in the waiting room for a long time. The time with the girl doesn’t feel rushed during sex but as soon as your done its out the door – my girl was already introducing herself in the waiting room again just in the time it took me to get dressed. Also, when the girls introduce themselves if you don’t pick them straight away they are gone, unless they come back to introduce themselves to someone else.

  14. Paul says:

    A girl Thai (Michelle) works on Monday the best for Anal Sex she can do big cocks you just have to paye her more.I fucking in the ass Michelle fucks better then Sara

  15. Toothpick says:

    Does anyone know if any of the girls here do anal? And how much more do you have to pay?

  16. John says:

    Better to advertise the place as a full service only as massage is terrible, more like spreading massage oil all over the body is what you will get if you go in for a massage only. average girls, genuine beauties use limited make up compared to ones that use a lot of make up. Kiss their cheek and you will be able to tell.

  17. Louie says:

    Management is nice , not pressured to choosing and are relative friendly. Always huge assortment of girls to chose from but the quality is a bit to be desired but hey you can see before you pay. Good rate and good management. Compared to the other Bankstown place this is a lot better and is 24/7 which is a plus.

  18. T says:

    Went here last week during the evening:
    Ladies 6/10
    Service7/10 as i asked her before we went in if she will suck without a condom she said yes then when it came to the crunch all i heard was Money, money give me money so annoying which changed the mood.

    Will give it another go sometime but if the same experience is repeated never again

  19. ellias says:

    been here few times,very busy place ,ladies dont like to massage here,
    first time experienced a real gfe after spend time with victoria,worth every buckss…will go back soon

  20. Mitch says:

    What does the massage here generally involve?

  21. james says:

    im planning on goin here soon. is it very busy at nights?

  22. Commando says:

    Sorry rating is 8/10 will go back

  23. Commando says:

    Visited tonight part of my recon the girls look nothing like the web but come to think of it when do they ever look like the models on the web
    The place has a friendly manager and a good range three hotties worth considering but at the end it is you $ look around there are over $ 50 aces in Sydney

  24. indian punter says:

    Hi all. recently i visited 12 cottam Ave. nice and clean rooms. good service. all the ladies r asians. i picked a lady called SHAZEN. very nice attractive and slim body. first she gave me a nice BBJ. then i fucked her with different angles. she was so polite and cute. and it’s very cheap $85 for half hour. planning to go there again…..


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