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10 Elizabeth St Burwood NSW 2134

P: 02 9744 1976

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  1. ajay says:

    sarah is legit the best chick to see down to earth and very energetic/ sexuall

    only issue is shes booked a week in advance because she only works one day!!

  2. PhilNSW says:

    I wish I have read this forum before wasting my time and money going to this place. I went there for the first time yesterday and was very disappointed with the service that I got. The receptionist introduced three girls, all of whom looked like they did not want to be there. I chose a girl named Yuna, booked her for an hour. She was the only one who showed a hint of smile, or maybe it was a smirk, not sure. She was very robotic and not friendly at all. The service that I booked included massage, stepped-on massage, hot towel, body-to-body, CBJ, then end with hand job. Most of which were very disappointing. The massage, which took up most of the time, was quite bad. The CBJ was mediocre at best, and she did it very quickly. Long story short, I was shorted on time. When we were showering together she started hawking up phelgm, it was really gross.Then she was hurrying me up to go out saying she was hungry. It was a very bad experience and such a waste of money and time. Guys don’t go to this place and if you do and find a girl who is great, please do share.

  3. Barney says:

    Its a pity brandy is gone now as she gave great service and was as friendly as they come, i hear sarah and lily are good but have yet to have the pleasure. tried plenty of other girls here since Brandy left but they short u on time, don’t get in spa with u and are quite rude and mechanical. Don’t even try to mention to the reception if ur unhappy as ur just wasting ur time and isn’t worth the frustration. I use to see Brandy weekly for about a yr and they just don’t have anyone that works the time that suits me that ticks all the boxes. MIDAS, Romeo’s and Juliets need to all step their game up and not just the prices.

  4. Kiran says:

    Hi…. If any one ask me to describe this place in one word, I would say HEAVEN. Heaven without a doubt.
    I heard about this place from my friends. I never thought this place would really make my rest of the day happy. I was quite hesitant to visit this place at first. But when I actually visited this place, I was astonished with their professionalism.
    If I have to describe the positive points about this place and rate them,
    1) Very easy to find this place – Rating FIVE STAR
    2) Easy Cimmutation – Rating FIVE STAR
    3) Locality – Rating FIVE STAR
    4) Its ambience – Rating FIVE STAR
    5) Hospitality & Staff behaviour – Rating FIVE STAR
    6) The Girls & their Skills – Rating Double FIVE STAR
    7) Rooms & hygiene – Rating Double FIVE STAR
    Everything is FIVE STAR rating for this place.
    I would love to visit this place again and again and ofcourse again.

  5. LN says:

    okay.. this is about an experience in June 2015. I ha d a session with a girl called Barbie. A stunningly beautiful korean girl. She was very pleasant. English was good enough to have a nice conversation going and above all she was very good in what she does.
    Well… I must say the best massage I’ve ever had.. I m definitely going back the next time I’m in Sydney.
    The place is a bit pricey compared to other asian places. But IMHO worth every penny u spend

  6. Guy Robberts says:

    Wish I had read this site before going here. I paid for the hour and a half deluxe package with the spa included. I mentioned when I paid that I was really keen on the spa. Anyway with about half an hour to go in the time, and the spa bath full of water, the girl turned to me and said the spa was not working!!! WTF!! On the way out I tried explaining my displeasure to the person at the front desk but she just ushered me out like she could not have cared less.
    Ripped off…Avoid this place guys

  7. Guy Robberts says:

    Wish I h

  8. George says:

    It is the worst place to go to, very poor service.
    I agree with John “Don’t go there”

  9. John says:

    Yes great fitout but the massage very poor they call the Girl before the time you paid for. Then if you complaint they keep you in mind & if you go back again they remember you & start give excuses like no Grill’s available they not arrived all came later & from what I understand one of the supervisers there have been berval abused at work when she arrived in Australia, & when you said something to her she not allow you said anything she always wanna be on the top of you because she tink it’s OK take revenge on you, because of what happen to her before. Shes Rude uneducated, she descriminate & she don’t understand what descrimination is. If you can AVOID AVOID to go that place that should be close, Lot’s of better places around were they respect you, & treat you with degnity.

  10. Alfy says:

    Avoid to go there crap should be close & a proper licenced full service permisses Open, for everiyone to go enjoy with out descrimination, I never see such a rubbish place.

  11. Meh says:

    Place is convenient with parking out back, and really modern and clean inside. Open to 6am which is cool also. Which makes it such a shame the massage was crap. Paid for 45 minutes with a pretty but deeply uninterested korean girl. 10 of that 45 is a shower which is anything but erotic, then an average massage followed by an even more average HJ. All the while she watches the clock go by. And no touching either.

    For the price there are better options. Avoid.

  12. tenderrub says:

    Great Fitout. very comfortable and high classed feel with customer parking.
    mamasan briefs you about everything upfront and is very friendly. need to book though as they seem very busy. very pretty ladies too but massage was a little ordinary everything else was tops.


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